James Franco is a college professor now, of course: nauseating or cool?

James Franco

James Franco really thinks the world of himself. Most recently in his academic travails (which includes concurrent enrollment in no less than three prestigious graduate programs at no less than three prestigious universities), James got an NYU professor fired for giving him a “D” grade after Franco missed 12 out of 14 scheduled class meetings. Not only did Franco cost this guy his job, but Franco continued to trash the prof while doing his red carpet rounds for Spring Breakers. Thankfully, that professor is now suing him for defamation because Franco had the audacity to tell journalists (among other things), “He is not going to be hired at another institution.” Tool. Of course, this all rich coming from a guy who was photographed sleeping in class at Columbia.

Somehow though, Franco still manages to convince educational institutions that he is completely worth not only schooling but also employing as well. Franco has been hired to teach a class at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Make that “School of Cinematic ARTS” where Franco is concerned:

James Franco

The registrar’s office at the University of Southern California is about to get very busy.

James Franco, the actor-Oscar-host-soap-star-artist-poet-novelist, is set to teach a film production class at USC next spring, according to an email sent to USC film students from the School of Cinematic Arts. The class, which will be co-taught by Franco’s business partner Vince Jolivette, will require students to direct a short film of no more than 10 minutes. Eventually, the eight total shorts produced will be combined into one longer film.

The movies created in the class — referred to as “The Labyrinth” — are meant to explore “the unknown, the unexplained and the unimaginable,” the email said. Franco’s publicist did not return a request for comment.

The actor is no stranger to academia. The 34-year-old has attended various institutes of higher learning, including Yale University, Columbia University and New York University. At NYU, he taught a class about turning poetry into film.

There may be one hiccup in Franco’s teaching schedule, however: His next film, Oz: The Great and Powerful, is set to hit theaters in March. That means he’ll likely be busy promoting his role as the Wizard for at least a couple of weeks during the spring. But, hey: Maybe his students can persuade him to give them tickets to the premiere in exchange for any absence?

[From LA Times]

Man, I can’t wait until the student evaluations come out on this guy. Do you think James will even bother showing up to teach more than two classes, or will he leave all the work to his “business partner” and co-teacher? Obviously, he will also make any material that he teaches err slightly on the phallic side. After all, this is a guy who considers his own butt to be art and whose student film was called “D*cknose.” And yes, that means exactly what it sounds like it means.

Incidentally, James now counts himself as a “director” (in addition to actor, musician, intellectual, and ARTIST) too. Here is some of his recent work in the form of commercials (he calls them “short films”) for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Franco is so bloody obnoxious.

James Franco

James Franco

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46 Responses to “James Franco is a college professor now, of course: nauseating or cool?”

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  1. marie says:

    I didn’t realize “How to be a pretentious douche” translated to a full course, or that anyone would want to take it.

    He’s so up his butt that he doesn’t realize he’s a freakin gimmick to bring in the money. Gah, he makes me punchy..

  2. Charlotte says:

    I liked him in that cover picture where he was in drag. That’s more to do with my own kinks than him personally. I hope the guy suing him makes him cough up. And shut up.

  3. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    Remember when he was fuckable? Me neither, it was such a long time ago…
    Ever since he opened his mouth I’ve been turned off by him.

  4. lucy2 says:

    He has become truly obnoxious. I hope that REAL professor wins his lawsuit against him, that was so over the line.

    Co-teacher definitely means he won’t show up. It’s sad he took a place in those graduate programs but didn’t bother to go to class or do the work – he probably took the spot of another student who would have.

    • JustJen says:

      And now he’ll take the job of a legitimate professor who’s actually bothered to study more than just his own body of work. One who might show up to class and actually teach something instead of just collecting the ph9one numbers of the hottest studdents. n ,./Really truly sad that these institutions continue to feed his obviously massive ego.

      It’s not like it’s Spielberg teaching this class.

  5. Lulu says:

    He is such an arse, i really dislike him and i hope that professor he disgustingly got fired for no reason other than his own self importance wipes the floor with him!!

  6. Brown says:

    It’s almost like he is actively trying to seem as unlikeable and pretentious as possible. Literally something new every day that is off-putting and eyeroll worthy from him. Do you think maybe all of this is some kind of social experiment and we don’t even know it, but he’s doing and saying outrageous things constantly and studying the world’s reactions and then is going to blow all of our minds when he reveals the behavioral and societal implications he has uncovered through his meticulous undercover study? I think we may be getting ARTed by the Franco as we speak…

    • Mira says:

      His undercover social experiment ART will get more negative reactions that Joaquin’s I’m Still Here when and if it’s unveiled.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I don´t get that impression, his problem is that he takes himself way too serious and therefore can´t handle (even constructive) criticism well, remember the tweet with his dick for all those who dared to critize him for his weak hosting at the Academy Awards and how he is always trying to put blame on others? It´s the producers` fault, his non-attendance is the professor`s fault, the bad reviews are the critics`(“they have prejudices because he was in Spider Man”) and our fault because we don`t get him.
      He wants to be liked and adored, he wants to be considered the genius, he thinks he is, he doesn´t have that inner confidence to intentionally act like a jerk to put people off. He wants the public and the critics to think he`s the greatest film maker, actor, novelist that ever lived.
      The problem is he lacks talent.
      And Oz is going to bomb.
      And no, he won´t attend all the classes, he likely will be teaching, if he is teaching at all, via skype.
      Does anyone else think he and Vince Jolivette are more than business partners?

  7. Catk says:

    Wow, he “attended” universities! Now he can be a professor! I’ve given birth four times. I think I’m going to perform a c-section tomorrow.

  8. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Whaaaaat? A college professor?? Oh no! He’s gonna have a lot of college girls drooling around him.

  9. Missy says:

    First of all, he didn’t get that professor fired, he was fired because he went to the press and told a students grade which is against collage rules, and is now trying to sqeeze some money out of him.
    And second, do none of you see that his work is supposed to be HUMOROUS???? Just chill out for Christ sake

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      The chronological order doesn´t make any sense, the professor went to the press AFTER he got fired for giving Franco a D. But let´s just pretend what you said is true, why didn´t Franco told the press, that he got fired for giving out student informations instead of he was a bad teacher? Besides that, I saw an interview in that Franco tells the reporter he was given a D.

  10. andy says:

    Franco has been employed by NYU as a professor since last year.

  11. dooliloo says:

    A professor? Where? At Douche University to teach “Me Me Me Me” sciences?

  12. Boo says:

    Nauseating. I hate him so much.

  13. catt says:

    God that shoe commercial was atrocious and super irritating. No visual sense whatsoever and no sense of space and color either. Fail. What a dick. When is everyone finally going to call him out on his non talent (s) so he goes away?

  14. dcypher1 says:

    Is he teaching a class on how to be a pretensious douche. I bet the usc is gonna regret this. Im dissppointed that its usc hes teaching at becsuse it really is a good school. I could never take him seriously as a professor that a joke rite. I think he justpaid his way thru school. Bought and Paid grades.

  15. Jackie O says:

    those who can’t do, teach.

  16. Lari says:

    So, I did 4 years of a phd and still can’t find a professorship position…but this douche opens his mouth and photocopies his butt and he lands himself a job?

    I guess I went the wrong way…I should have gone through the Franco route!

  17. Honey Poo Poo formally known as beyonce's bump says:

    whatever, I like him. I tried to hate him but I just can’t. He will forever be one of my first (of many) crushes. I guess I like douches…I am not sure if it is the environment I am constantly being exposed to or if my douche-meter is slowing waning. But I just don’t have enough evidence that would enable me to not like him. All I see/hear are allegations. Also thinking your “butt” is art might be stupid but not douchey to me. *shrugs*

  18. bns says:

    What a joke. I can’t believe I used to like him.

  19. ol cranky says:

    Teaching a class at the college level does not make one a Professor, it makes him an instructor. He’s the kind of pretentious douche hat would use the title “Dr.” if he got an honorary doctorate.

  20. flan says:

    I really HATE him for what he did to that professor.

    And NYU is totally lacking credibility for pandering to a snotty little boy.

  21. melanie says:

    Wow, the Stuart Weitzman commercial was TERRIBLE. Not even going to bother with the Samsung one.

  22. iloveretro says:

    Ugh, such a pretentious, narcissistic jerk. I hope one of his students is kind enough to return the favor he bestowed on his ex-professor. What goes around comes around.

  23. Drdeb says:

    1. How do you register for a face to face doctoral class (45 hours) and only attend 6 hours (2 days) and still get a “D”? Either the prof was generous or was forced to give Mr. Franco this grade.
    2. Is he writing a dissertation? If so, I’d like to see who’s on his committee and what his proposal looks like.
    3. Yes it’s true. He is a visiting lecturer, only needs a masters and will teach by proxy or online. If its face to face and he’s not there, shame on the institution for not disclosing that. Most doctoral students could give a rats a** who teaches the class. Courses are usually seminar in nature and require that students engage in their own discourse with the professor as a guide. My bet is that the students will eat his lunch.

  24. Str8Shooter says:

    Advanced Smug Douchery 101

  25. lola says:

    I kind of always thought he’s cute and a genuine guy but the more stories I hear from him, the more I think that he’s a douche.

  26. samantha says:

    Maybe he could try to be great at ONE of these arts, instead of trying to be mediocre at a bunch of them. Just a thought.

  27. the cassinator says:

    Just shoot me. I thought the Samsung commercial was pretty good. Long, but pretty good.

    I agree that the shoe one was dumb though.

    This guy reminds me of my ex in college. I feel dirty every time I think he’s cute. **shudder**