Can we stop concern-trolling Matthew McConaughey’s weight loss?

These are photos of Matthew McConaughey from this past weekend, and from the weekend before, all of the photos from Austin, TX. People keep covering photos of MM and asking, in faux-concerned voices, “OMG, what’s wrong with him?” And we’ve tried not to cover the photos at all. Because I think it’s really unfair to MM, oddly enough. He’s been losing weight steadily and dramatically for the past few months because he’s going to be playing a man dying of AIDS in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. He’s doing a dramatic physical transformation for a movie role. Stop concern-trolling him and acting like he’s sick! It’s for a movie.

He’s half the man he used to be. Matthew McConaughey looked like a skeletal shadow of himself jogging outside a gym in Austin, Tex. on Friday. In several layers of workout clothes, the actor, 42, looked alarmingly gaunt and haggard — even more than than he did just five days earlier on a stroll with his mother, Mary.

As previously reported, the usually muscular star’s body transformation is all for an important new film role in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, which tells the real-life story of Ron Woodruff, a drug addict in 1980s-era Texas who contracts HIV, and became one of the first AIDS activitists.

“I’m playing a guy who was sick and would have loved to have been healthier but wasn’t. For me, it’s more of a mental thing than a physical thing,” McConaughey told Us in August of playing Woodruff, who launched one of the first-ever AIDS support groups.
Eating “small amounts” of high-protein, low-carb food, the star told Us “I’ll get down to the weight I need to get to. I’m on my way, and it’s what I need to do for the job.”

Still, despite the star’s commitment to his craft — he’s lost about 30 pounds — a recent online poll at Us Weekly suggested that most fans think he’s gone too far: With 90 percent of nearly 18,000 votes expressing concern for McConaughey.

[From Us Weekly]

Stop doing polling on MM’s weight loss! That’s my take. Does he look unhealthy? Of course he does. Does he look like he’s dying? He’s SUPPOSED to look that way. Matthew is probably going to get an Oscar nomination (if not an actual award) for this role and for this physical transformation. And I feel fairly certain that when the film is over, he’ll gain the weight back.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Brown says:

    He looks like a completely different person. It’s crazy how weight loss/gain can totally transform your face and all of your features.

  2. Emily says:

    MM seems like a guy who’s pretty into his body and keeping it healthy, so I’m sure he’s doing this under the guidance of a medical professional. Plus, I’m sure he prefers looking all buffed out the way he normally does. I don’t understand why people are freaking out. It’s for a role – when that’s over, he’ll go back to normal.

  3. Micki says:

    He looks like he’s dying all right.

  4. Hautie says:

    Oddly, when I first saw the pictures I thought he looked like Rock Hudson. (in the last year of his life)

    But I suspect McConaughey is counting down the days till he gets to eat solid food again.

  5. Amelia says:

    There have been plenty of physical transformations done for films before (Christian Bale, The Machinist) and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future.
    I’d be willing to bet he’s got a small army of doctors and nutritionists keeping an eye on him (and rightly so).
    He’ll be fine. Just let the man do his job.

  6. SusieQ says:

    At least he’s been doing the weight loss gradually, rather than crash-dieting which is so dangerous.

    That said, I don’t think he needs to lose any more weight – he’s plenty convincing the way he looks now.

    His mother looks like she’s holding him up in those pictures.

  7. Madpoe says:

    He’s just on that Oscar diet, he’ll be back to himself soon.

  8. Birdix says:

    So many have seen a friend or family member transformed that way from illness, and somehow it hits a nerve. It’s like seeing a shark in the ocean, something in the deep ancient part of your brain responds.

    • Boo says:

      You are exactly right, and the way you phrased it was perfection.

      It’s deeply unsettling to see anyone waste away, even if it is by choice or for a role.

    • jani says:

      Excellent point. If you’ve seen a loved one become shockingly emaciated due to any terminal illness, comments about MM’s appearance do not seem at all like “concern trolling”.

      There are also those, like me, who were there during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. I was living in SF then and saw so many young men for whom drastic weight loss equaled certain death. Since these pictures of MM began unexpectedly popping up I’ve had a few flashbacks. I know that it’s only a movie, of course, and I click away asap, but it’s still genuinely disturbing to me.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I agree, it can trigger bad memories (but that’s the reaction they’re going for with that movie, or am I misunderstanding?) and what upsets me the most is that they keep talking about how exactly he’s losing all that weight. Who cares?

      But I think the “concern trolling” Kaiser mentioned was not in reference to people responding to the pics but to the blogs and other media outlets who keep posting them just to get hits. He’s been doing this for months, enough already. We really don’t need to monitor his scary weight-loss-progress. At least that’s my take on it. We can watch the movie if we like. Although I’m not sure I can stomach it, this already looks like they’re going for tears.

  9. Joanna says:

    for a role or not, he looks horrible! if i was his mom, i would be worried sick about him. bad for your health losin and gaining drastically like that.

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This is great advanced publicity for the movie. Well played, CAA.

  11. n says:

    It’s great that he is willing to sacrifice his health for the role but he’s not the first one who’s ever done it – Christian Bale

  12. Amy C says:

    All this for a chance in the award? I hope it worth it. For me this is a little too much. But they should tell their way of losing weight I mean for those who are overweight. It might help.

    • Erinn says:

      First, it’s not JUST for the award. It’s to tell a story in a realistic way. Yes, it’s shocking, and probably not the most healthy, but he’s being true to the story, and showing the pain and appearance of someone dieing from AIDS.

      Second, no he should not share his way with fat people. Do you honestly think it’s healthy to drop weight extremely fast? The healthiest way to lose weight is to do it gradually with diet and exercise.

  13. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This is similar to when Mila dropped the lbs for ‘Black Swan’ …she said it was unbelievable bc it took her 3 months to loose the 20 pounds and 4 days (after shooting) to put it back on…only difference is she was never quite this skeletal!

  14. lulu says:

    Tom Hanks played a man dying of AIDS and didn’t go to such drastic measures. And he won and deserved his Oscar for the part. MM can’t touch Hanks’ performance.

  15. dooliloo says:

    Well… That’s what I call striving for a performance.. Or should I say starving for the Oscar…?

  16. roxy750 says:

    It’s just a movie? Really? All this for a ….movie?

  17. Jegede says:

    Words I NEVER thought would wont meet in a serious sentence.
    ‘Matthew McConaughey’ and ‘Academy Award’

  18. effy says:

    Me in my faux-concern voice: “Oh God what did they do to my MM?”
    he will be fine. :)

  19. India says:

    God, he looks older than his mother.

  20. mercy says:

    Is it possible to concern troll over the concern trolling to promote a movie? MM an Oscar? Bale is a better actor and he didn’t get one for his physical transformation. DeNiro did (he gained a lot of weight for Raging Bull), but his performance deserved it. Hanks won an Oscar for his portrayal of an AIDS victim, but he didn’t lose a ton of weight to do it. MM isn’t as respected as any of these actors. It will take more than weight loss to get him recognition. This is great early publicity for his film.

  21. jess says:

    This can’t be healthy. The repercussions to his body in the long run can’t be worth a little trophy. Plus i can’t help wondering how freaked out his kids (who cant understand or care for his weigh loss motives)must be to see their dad looking so sick.

  22. mOOsey says:

    WTF kind of scarf is that? Looks like a big red question mark around his neck

  23. Seagulls says:

    He looks like some of those men who survived Andersonville.

    I worry about his little kids – this has got to be kind of unsettling for them to see. Maybe they’re older and I don’t remember?

  24. SolitaryAngel says:

    The reason this drastic weight loss worries me is because it can severely harm a person’s heart. I don’t doubt that Matt Damon suffered health issues for years after he dropped that weight; I worry for Christian Bale too, he’s gained/lost large amounts of weight quite a few times. I hope that MM IS seeing a doctor, but all you have to do is look at his eyes; he looks like he feels awful. THAT is worrying too.

  25. A says:

    Method acting=awards. As terrible as he looks, I’m sure he has a team of professionals and it’s not quite as bad as Bale…who went overboard for the Machinist. It’s interesting how Matthew started off as a serious actor, morphed into the male version of Jennifer Aniston, and now is back trying to be a serious actor.

  26. Bubbaang says:

    Going from his muscular, buff “Magic Mike” role to this new character is a bit shocking.

  27. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Anything to try and win that gold statue huh.

    I think it’s good he is going back to more serious roles however.

    • Aotearovian says:

      I agree. He showed such a lot of talent in A Time to Kill and I was really disappointed to see him waste his time with so much romcom dross.

      He’s had really good reviews for his performances in Mud and Killer Joe recently, so hopefully this is a sign he’s moved out of that phase for good.

  28. Jana says:

    He has aged 20 years…for God’s sake finish this movie and go have a cheeseburger!

  29. Yup, me says:

    There are actresses in Hollwood who spend their entire careers in varying degrees of malnourished/underweight. I’ve heard more than one speak in interviews about the fact that they fit into sample sizes and get attention by being willing to be perpetually hungry. Going skinny for a role is only fractionally as harsh as doing it for an entire career.

  30. Christina says:

    I know he is doing this for a role, and since he is a smart, normally health conscious guy, I am sure he has medical supervision, however it is still hard to look at him. I think I need to go watch Magic Mike and let those images of his perfect body wash out my eyes from these. I wish him the best with this and the role though and plan on checking out the movie. MM is one of those guys you cannot help but love.

  31. jacque says:

    I get that this is for a role and he’s getting into character. That being said, he is clearly severely underweight. He has a pretty good chance of having very serious and possibly permanent health problems even after he returns to a healthy weight.

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