Bruised photos of RHOBH’s Adrienne Maloof released: ‘Beaten. He is a beast’

The photos we’re referring to are here and here. One is below.

We’ve seen Adrienne Maloof and her now estranged husband, plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, bickering on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before they inevitably filed for divorce. They had a contentious relationship, although they tried to play it off on the show like they enjoyed that dynamic. It looks like the truth might be a lot more ominous. New photos of Adrienne have emerged, posted on her personal chef’s Facebook, showing some horrific-looking bruises on Adrienne’s back and sides. Her chef, the humorless Bernie Guzman, included captions that leave no doubt as to whom he considers responsible. He writes “Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. It’s a secret I have kept….he must be stopped.”

Bernie is of course referring to Paul. In late September, Adrienne was granted a temporary restraining order against Paul after she alleged that he choked one of their sons. Both Paul and Adrienne have also accused each other of physical and verbal abuse. The press played down Paul’s alleged abuse of Adrienne, although it may have been very serious judging by these photos. Here’s the report, thanks to Radar:

Shocking photos of Adrienne Maloof with multiple bruises on her back have surfaced and has the shots that show the dark marks on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

The photos of Adrienne are taken from behind and show her nude from the waist up with red welts on her arms and across her back.

She is wearing her hair in a pony tail and the large marks are visible in several places on her back.

The photos were posted on Adrienne’s personal chef Bernie Guzman’s Facebook page and he wrote “Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. It’s a secret I have kept….he must be stopped.

“Adrienne did not put me up to this…..I feel everyone needs to know. I’m sure she will be relieved everyone knows.”

Adrienne and her estrange husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, have been locked in a nasty divorce battle and Guzman claims that the pictures were part of the court documents submitted two weeks ago.

“Now you know who and what he really is,” Guzman wrote and said “Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. He is a beast.”

As previously reported, Adrienne claimed in her court documents that she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband.

Maloof said in her sworn declaration: “Paul Nassif has often shoved me to the ground, pulled my hair and yelled at me. Most recently, in July 2012, he shoved me to the ground with enough force that I hit my head on the floor when I fell. I immediately jumped up because I knew that if I stayed down I could be kicked. He grabbed my hair and pulled. I grabbed his hair, trying to get him off of me.”

In the documents Guzman also alleged that he observed “Paul drinking large amounts of alcohol and in particular, scotch on a daily basis. While at the residence Paul had a nightly habit of drinking one-and-a-half highball glasses full of scotch without ice or water…..When Paul drinks, Paul tends to fight with Adrienne. I have overheard many arguments between Adrienne and Paul and during some arguments I have heard Adrienne say, ‘Get off me. Get away from me.’”

[From Radar Online]

It’s possible Adrienne told Bernie he could post these photos, but I’m thinking she’s probably embarrassed they got out. She has the facade of a woman who has her life and businesses under control and who isn’t easily rattled. I don’t see her wanting these photos to get out. I feel for her. What is it with these abusive relationships on RHOBH? Taylor Armstrong went through some horrific abuse at the hands of her husband, who went on to commit suicide. I never thought that Paul was abusive to Adrienne, he seemed like too nice of a guy, but I believe it now.

Paul’s lawyer. Marty Singer, has responded to these photos by saying “Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication. No physical assault ever occurred. I can’t speculate how these marks occurred. I know the woman does martial arts.” Why would she ask her chef to take photos of her injuries if they were just from kickboxing? Who gets injured like this from martial arts?

Paul and Adrienne are shown in April. Adrienne is shown on 8-21-12 launching her shoes for Belk at an event in Las Vegas. Credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. Jessica says:

    Something about her reminds me of Christina Applegate.. her eyes maybe?

  2. MrsB says:

    Ehh I don’t know. Honestly those don’t even look like bruises to me, more like some sort of skin rash. Also, she already tried to accuse him of abusing their children, which CPS investigated and said was fabricated. I have a hard time believing her.

  3. Bella says:

    I get that viper-mega-bitch vibe from her. I think there is something wrong with her. She seems to be control freak.

  4. Cam S says:

    NOT to make light of domestic abuse, but are we sure those bruises aren’t from lipo/surgery? I work at a MedSpa and they kinda look like the bruises patients get from that and cellulite treatments.

  5. NeNe says:

    I hate to say it, but I call BS on this story. At least, on the show, she was always the one with all the balls. It appeared that she could kick/beat his a**, not the other way around. Something sounds fishy about this.

    Regardless, abuse of any kind is just plain wrong. Abusers should be locked away for life.

  6. Cel says:

    Yes, you can end up covered in bruises from martial arts, particularly if you get thrown down on a thin matt – but those marks don’t look like bruises, more like a rash.

  7. Lauren says:

    I don’t understand why she has bruises like this and the pictures are on Facebook and not in the possession of the police department. If she wanted so badly to keep Paul away from her children this would surly be enough evidence to do so. I’m not saying that it couldn’t have happened but I’m not buying this at all. I see her kicking Paul’s butt before I see him laying a hand on her but I could be wrong.

  8. mst says:

    She looks so fake. Why do these women think getting all that surgery and starving themselves looks good? It just makes them look haggard and older. And she has a really flat azz.

  9. Co says:

    I saw her doing her martial arts thing on the show. Doesn’t she has like a black belt or something?

    I doubt she would get beaten up by anyone.

    • Bluedog says:

      I wonder about that, too. On the show, they showed her flipping large men to the ground and Paul is not very big.

      If this isn’t true, it’s so evil of her to make these accusations because who would want to patronize a doctor who beats his wife? She’s destroying his livelihood.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    NOW do we see how abusers get smarter and know where to hit so the marks/bruises don’t show?

    I’m not commenting on the legitimacy of her claim, and I refuse to comment further. Don’t count on seeing me back on this thread, unless I have a few drinks later this evening.

  11. Pix says:

    I’m trying to remember her reaction to Taylor’s domestic violence claims and if she seemed supportive. I seem to remember her saying she would never allow that to happen in her marriage. I dunno. This just doesn’t seem in charachter with her tough facade and his goofball antics.

  12. aims says:

    I believe her. If she saying she was beaten, and she’s black and blue, then yes, she got hurt from her husband. Just because you have money doesn’t mean your immune from abuse.

    She maybe controlling, she maybe cold and plastic. But that doesn’t mean she deserve to be hit, afraid of being in her home and having her kids around abuse as well.

    • ashley says:

      what kind of sense does that make? If she says she’s black and blue, then yes it came from her husband? Please.

      • aims says:

        What I mean by that is, when a women finds her voice and leaves an abusive situation it becomes a he said she says game. And a victim becomes a target of shame, judgment and bashing. I think that if someone is saying, “my husband is abusive.” And she has marks on her body to validate her claim, then she should be heard, and taken seriously. I’m not making any excuse for her as person. What I’m saying is, abuse should always be taken seriously.

    • Bluedog says:

      I broke a bone; does that mean my husband did it? You’re being illogical.

      Maybe Paul did it, but none of US, including you, know the truth of the matter.

    • Sassy says:

      This chick tried to make trumped up charges that Paul hit their kids stick, and they didn’t. If she really had evidence of abuse by him she would definitely have pressed charges and submitted the pix to police. And why the HLL is her male chef taking naked pictures of her and posting them on FB. Everything sounds very fishy to me.

  13. Blannie says:

    She’s sketchy on the abuse issue, particularly with her personal chef posting these on Facebook. Facebook????

    I find it hard to believe with her martial arts experience that she’d just quietly let him knock her around. I call BS.

    • karley says:

      If she doesn’t release a statement condemning chef Bernie on this then u know she is involved in the release. As a staffmember of her house u know he has to sign a non disclosure agreement and he is violating it with this post unless she gave him the ok. It’s funny how Paul is suddenly this horrible evil man when a divorce involving a lot of money is involved. I’m not buying it. Especially given her active martial arts routines.

  14. Shitler says:

    This is horrible. What I don’t get is why these women think getting on a reality show when they have all these issues & pretending that their lives is a good idea. G_d knows my salary is probably their change after shopping but I wouldn’t switch my life for theirs. Ever.

  15. oliveo says:

    I don’t know if her claims are true or not, but if she’s faking abuse, that makes her absolutely vile. How horrible would you have to be to use a serious issue like this in a very public, very nasty divorce with KIDS involved?

  16. april says:

    Adrienne treated Paul like crap on tv so it’s hard to believe anything she’s saying now. If he abused her, she probably also abused him. She’s no shrinking violet. She’s one that would fight tit for tat. I think she’s fighting dirty.

  17. ashley says:

    CB, I know you didn’t watch last season, but Bernie is disgusting, and so obviously Adrienne’s little puppet that it’s not even funny. Coupling his weird attacks on Lisa for Adrienne’s amusement, and her claims that her 5 year old twins could take Paul, I think it’s pretty obvious that she’ll try to play the embarrassed victim (the same as she did last season) and it’s all a part of a smear campaign against Paul. She’s also the first one to speak out against Taylor and say that if it were true, she should have left him.

    • lin234 says:

      I was just about to write the same thing about Bernie! His attacks on Lisa suddenly came out of nowhere. Just around the same time Adrienne was pissed at Lisa for not promoting her casino with her daughter’s bacherlette party.

      Didn’t Paul have his nose broken twice supposedly by his kids?

      I find the whole thing on facebook to be so see-through on Adrienne’s part. Her chef just happens to photograph her back half-naked and has the audacity to post it on fb without her knowledge? Let’s just say Bernie knows who is signing his checks.

      I’m not saying it’s not possible for Paul to beat her but I’d believe it more if she went to the hospital or police station to have her bruises documented. She’s already airing her dirty laundry through the courts so why shy away now?

  18. Ellie66 says:

    I don’t know it looks like she would beat the crap out of him. She seems like a really tough lady and she works out a lot…I don’t see her getting beat up.

  19. B.S. says:

    Nope, I don’t believe it either.
    And Bernie the Cook is weird. I wouldn’t trust him not to add something extra to the main course.

  20. OXA says:

    She claimed to be a blackbelt. why is she only bruised on her back?
    If a woman with the money Adrienne has got these marks from Paul she would have Cops or her brothers at her house within 5 minutes. It is not passing the smell test, especially after Adrienne repeatedly asked why Taylor would put up with her husband. I think Adrienne is losing the PR war and has become unhinged and desperate. I remember her throwing people over her shoulders in the 1st season and I think those marks look like rug burns to me, plus who strips for the help?

  21. Lukie says:

    God forgive me but I don’t believe he beat her.

  22. Nikster says:

    It’s a rash. In some of the photos it looks like she has a tan/burn line at her waist.

  23. Brenda says:

    I find this hard to believe as well. If she was going through this, why did she have such a hard time believing Taylor?Not to speak ill of the dead, but Taylor’s husband had a creepy vibe. She seemed like a mouse around him. It was completely believable that he hit Taylor. Adrienne was always the abusive one in this relationsihp. She always belittled him in public. This is a ploy to get custody of her children and media coverage.

  24. nikko says:

    She just took her corset off.

  25. ms. heart says:

    f.. famewhores airing their dirty laundry for attention and damaging their kids. digusting!

  26. carrie says:

    does she not practice Karate in the show?
    didn’t her future ex-husband have a broken nose twice?
    did she accuse him to abuse their kids and her then it was untrue?

  27. hoya_chick says:

    I don’t believe her, for all the reason everyone else has already said.

  28. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Maybe the color doesn’t come through right on my screen but it looks more like vitiligo than black & blue to me.

  29. LittleDeadGirl says:

    It’s possible. If he did it I hope he get’s what he deserves. If she is lying I hope she get’s what she deserve, this is a really serious issue, and should never be made light of. From the show, I’m skeptical, she was always very intimidating towards him. It was not the same dynamic as the other abused wife who I bought was being abused right away.

  30. Lindsay says:

    I don’t believe her either.
    I watched her show and she was abusive toward him, not the other way around.

    I think you can tell a lot by a person’s eyes. Adrienne is a snake. Paul, not so much.

  31. Kat says:

    None of you have to like her for this to be true. Obviously I don’t have any information that the rest of you don’t know, but it’s not hard to see, from the comments above, how abusers get away with abuse and victims are rarely believed.

    For some reason, the comment about the size of her bottom (or ‘azz’, as it was bizarrely styled – if you don’t want to say ‘ass’ just find another word), seems particularly odd.

  32. Kat says:

    None of you have to like her for this to be true. Obviously I don’t have any information that the rest of you don’t know, but it’s not hard to see, from the comments above, how abusers get away with abuse and victims are rarely believed.

    For some reason, the comment about the size of her bottom seems particularly odd.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      I’m sure some of the comments are out of line but I also think more people are skeptical of celebrities claiming abuse than regular people. Very few of us would doubt a regular person. Celebrity PR is a whole different world. Also being skeptical to some degree isn’t a bad thing. I take abuse and rape very seriously and would love to see much harsher punishments for abusers. But that’s also why I take anyone making false claims seriously because it diminishes the pain real vicitims feel. Again, not saying she’s not abused but I don’t like being acused of supporting abusers because I’m a little skeptical of a grainy photo.

  33. Kosmos says:

    Hey, I get that ‘viper’ look from her, too..this appears to me to be a woman who can more than hold her own and take care of herself. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman a guy would want to mess with and certainly not strike without grave consequences, so what gives? Is this for real? If this is for real, then I stand corrected; otherwise, I’d say she is so bitter and she wants to take the guy down with as much bad press as she can muster.

  34. Yasmine says:

    Please,who the hell get naked behind a chef to get pictures of his personal drama..and pictures posted on facebook,come on : s