Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner step out in Paris: transparent photo op or sweet?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were in Paris yesterday for the French premiere of Argo. (Only one of our agencies had those premiere photos and they were exclusive so we can’t use them, but the two of them were there. They did pose together inside the venue, but not outside.) In case you’re wondering how these two roll, The Daily Mail has photos of them getting into a private jet on Sunday. They left the kids at home to take this quick romantic jaunt together.

Yesterday these two were seen out shopping at exclusive boutiques like Chanel. They’re very much a show of togetherness despite their unwillingness to pose together on a red carpet. Look at how much Garner steps up her style when she’s in Europe supporting her husband. She’s wearing Louboutin pumps, smart tailored trousers, and a stylish fuzzy striped cardigan with a jaunty scarf. I would love to have that sweater! This was a well planned look, and she’s game for this outing with her husband. They even posed with fans.

Later, Ben took his wife out to a restaurant called La Fontaine de Mars. She’s wearing platform pumps, a very sexy black miniskirt paired with a blazer and another gray scarf. This woman is stunning when she puts forth a little effort. In this close up shot below, I get the impression that she’s had a little Botox too, but it’s perfect. Give me what she’s having.

Of course this is all about Argo and Ben’s Oscar campaign. It was second at the box office this opening weekend to Taken 2, which was in its second week. It’s not just about the numbers, which were solid. Ben is likely to get nominated in both the Best Picture and Director categories, and he’s campaigning hard. Part of that involves perhaps inadvertently revealing his lackluster feelings toward his wife, but he’s reigning it in and doing couple-y photo ops with Garner. I’m actually rooting for him and for the two of them as a couple. I like this family and I think Ben is a talented guy. He makes great movies, and he’s busted his ass for this comeback. I want to see him take home another Oscar. Do you remember his Oscar acceptance speech with Matt Damon in 1998? I just watched it again, and it made me so happy. He’ll be much more polished this time. Where is Matt’s follow-up Oscar?

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  1. tar says:

    A sweet transparent photo op. They look good.

  2. Jess says:

    It’s a campaign stop for sure, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not in love and having fun with his campaign. It must be exciting, and Paris is a blast. Nothing wrong with any of it.

  3. ladybert62 says:

    Interesting. She is not pretty and needs a decent haircut. Her clothes are not very attractive either.

    He looks scruffy and awful.

  4. MoxyLady007 says:

    Her body is and has always been amazing! She just doesn’t bother to dress it day to day which is fine. :) sigh. I love her. I just do. I don’t need my celebs to be skanky and scandalous.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Unmm…well if you don’t like them skanky and scandalous don’t read up on her past, whatever you do. Actually no, even her scandals are pretty vanilla.

      Of course it is for the campaign, but hate the game, not the playas. ;-)

    • Kasey says:

      Agreed. I just don’t think she’s this pretentious mastermind like so many perpetuate. What I love about her is she is someone in Hollywood who is married with kids that hasn’t let her job dictate or negate her role as wife and mother, she’s enjoying those roles and working hard at them while letting her job and Hollywood lifestyle conform to them. And yeah, the paps love this family and I think she goes to lengths to accept that and try to make it as normal as she can for her kids. She’s a normal wife and mum who dresses for comfort and ease as a wife and mum but steps it up to look appropriate for events and outings with the hubs, just like the rest of non-celeb mums try to do. She’s cute and likeable and I wish her marriage and family the best!

  5. abby says:

    so if I had to compare JLo to JG…JG wins hands down. and I lOVE JLo’s look and style. she is beautiful for any age but the problem with JLo is that her effortless look takes TONS of effort! JG is absolutely naturally beautiful. and you forget because she’s way underdone all the time but in these pix of her out with Ben to dinner, wow!! really really stunning.

  6. Sirsnarksalot says:

    She looks like an idiot wearing stilettos with pants in the daytime BECAUSE this look is no where near her authentic one (schlubby). I hate that they are trying so hard all for his ego and lust for a gold statue. And this may just bother me but anyone who is too good to fly first class and has to fly private is grotesque. I booked this type of travel for a previous employer and a flight to Europe and back cost in the neighborhood of $150K. Not to mention the carbon footprint…

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Parisians dress up more than Americans do, for their day-to-day business. She would look like big slob there if she were wearing her regular gear.
      And they’re on a special trip! If you don’t dress up then, when do you?

    • taxi says:

      It’s only “grotesque” when it’s done by our elected lawmakers on taxpayer money, imo. When a studio or corporation owns or leases a plane, nothing wrong with avoiding all the wait times at crowded airports. It’s more convenient & doesn’t have anything to do with being “too good” for first class.

      • Me Too says:

        The convenience angle makes sense, after all they’re famous and busy people… except that Snarkalot is right, the carbon footprint from their roundtrip is huge. Convenience is the argument we all use to continue to f%CK mother nature and it doesn’t and shouldn’t cut it anymore. No one should fly private, and excuse me, if flying first class for celebrities is so difficult, perhaps they should think about a different line of work. I’ve flown first class a couple of times with upgrades and it’s not so bad, believe me!

    • lola says:

      Wow seriously? It’s PARIS, everyone dresses up a little!

  7. Mandy says:

    I love her hair. Dont ask. It’s just always so shiny…

  8. Pepper says:

    I love Jen Garner! You don’t have to dress like a slut and wear tons of make up when going out. She has 3 children to take care of so I am pretty sure she has more things in her mind than worrying about her hair or a toyboy. You can be sexy without being raunchy!

    • LeslieM says:

      I agree. I think she looks great but wonder if the skirt is a little to short for her long legs. I’m glad to see them out together looking happy and hope it’s not just for show. I hope he realizes how badly he came off last week and turns it back around. I had forgotten about that acceptance speech it was great. Hope he gets another shot at it.

  9. Tifygodess24 says:

    I wish her pants were an inch or two longer , they are an awkward length.

  10. Sunnyinseattle says:

    I have a feeling he loves her in his way, but he also seems like the type og guy that now since he is getting all this attention, it will go to his head and he will be a conceited ass and probably leave her for someone “better”. Hope I’m wrong though cuz I like her. :-(

  11. Amy C says:

    They look happy but they never did this before like I don’t remember her traveling to promote movies overseas with him like ever. Why do they got to be very obvious like this? hmmmm

  12. Green_Eyes says:

    I don’t know… But w/ the display that went down w/ Cruise & Holmes on their last outing & knowing now what we all do (the cameras caper, separate rooms, planning to leave him, he scheming to send lil one to sea org)…. I am suspicious of any celebrity that has sudden displays. Especially if they haven’t had them in a long time, comments were made about one by the other, a sex scandal or allegations were made public, etc..etc…

    They are after all actors & as Katy proved when absolutely needed for PR, they can act… Though I do hope they are seriously together. I do like them as a couple & they do love their children, so no don’t want this to be another PR move.

  13. Mara says:

    He must be proud cuz his wife is so beautiful and a very good mother to their beautiful kids.

  14. The Truth says:

    What does Jennifer Garner do aaiin but be Bens door mat

  15. G says:

    She’s gorgeous and I like that she doesn’t dress like a diva when she does her family stuff. Jolie too. You can say they are schlumpy or are wearing sacks but they’re not burdening their kids with their sex appeal.

    I can’t imagine JLO showing up at soccor practice.

  16. dooliloo says:

    LOL! So transparent the photo op!

    • V4Real says:

      Speaking of photop op; there’s another Chris and Minka sighting at Casa Vega Restuarant.

      • Eve says:


        It’s totally ovah between us but the wound is still very fresh. I’m still going through that “crying at the ocean” phase, girl!
        :cry: :cry: :cry:

      • V4Real says:

        He don’t look too happy but that bitch is smirking all the way. Note how you hardly ever saw paps around Chris before Minka. Oh well, I guess he’s getting what’s coming to him.

      • dooliloo says:

        @ Eve *hug* I feel you mana I feel you :-(

        @ V4Real for someone stating out loud that he was looking for a challenging girl who isn’t impressed with his acreer and all… Captain America has certainly proved that he has the IQ of a ravioli when he recycled a fam-ho-ho-ho! Oh she is intelligent in some way I give her that, the b!tch studied him in silence whilst he was getting places and bam she got him back; he said he prefers girls in jeans and t-shirts and bingo the next day she’s wearing it all that right! He says he likes big asses, she’s probably hitting the gym and othe pilates classes all that right!.. anyway now look at him being pissed by the paps, what did you expect Captain Ravioli? Still not kicking in your head the obvious she-called-the-paps eh?
        Indeed ScarJo is single as one pointed out in the comments, but she’d probably run up the opposite hills when she witnesses one of his nervous wrecks like “WTF? Bye!” :-D

      • Eve says:

        @ Dooliloo:

        *sniffs* Thanks! *sniffs*

        I’m going to stare at Cumberpictures for a while so I can recover from seeing those pictures V4Real so cruelly linked to.

        Staring at his nice, muscly legs now:

        And at his surprisingly conventionally cute face here:

      • dooliloo says:


        Eve…sorry but I had the naughtiest thoughts within 10 seconds on that legs pic… I just…… *saves picture as “Que Putaria E Essa?”*

        The second one well…imagine you come home tired and walking up them stairs, you just hear a velvet mellow “hi I’m your new neighbour.. do you need help with the groceries?”, then you look up… alrighty I must stop with these fantasies… not! :-D

        EDIT: Imagine him saying Brad Pitt lines in the Chanel No. 5? Just his voice…

      • Eve says:

        “Que putaria é essa”? Are you Brazilian too, perhaps?

      • dooliloo says:

        No but I’m fluent in both Brazilian and European Portuguese.. How so? My ex was a mix of both countries… And that is the *only* good thing I got from him and to say about him.

      • dooliloo says:

        From the Garfleck topic we came to talk about Evans, Cumberbatch and Portuguese.. :-D

        Ohhh may I throw in Hiddleston? Have you seen him in Iceland in his shiny yellow pants in the very last update? Boy is he fairly slim… the proper tall and thin Brit!

        But these links you posted.. aye for the win, never saw it before!

      • Eve says:

        Yes, I saw them. I also saw a picture of him pointing to a sign that read “Loki” (a pub or bar, don’t know). He’s dorkiness is endearing sometimes.

        But then…on the same tumblr page I saw these pictures, I saw that girl (or maybe it was somebody else) — you know, the one who set her cell phone to receive his tweets — talking about him not tweeting for a while, and how she missed seeing his messages on her cell phone, that when she saw that “(1)” (message) she knew it was from him. I got creeped out and left the site.

        About a hypothetical Chanel 5 ad featuring Cumberbatch…please, don’t ever let that happen. He’s a better actor than Pitt, and his voice is delicious, but no, it’d still be too much second-hand embarrassment for us to handle.

      • Eve says:

        Sorry, forgot to comment on the “coming home tired, then looking up and finding that cute face staring at me” fantasy.

        I’d soooooooooo love that. You know, I fantasize about a number of celebrities, and each fantasy is different than the others. I don’t know, but I have the feeling sex with Benedict Cumberbatch would be “cosy”. I have the feeling he has a tender, careful touch. I mean, being with him would be sexy but also very comfortable.

        Does that make any sense?

      • Eve says:

        Eesh, I meant “HIS dorkiness is endearing”.

      • dooliloo says:

        @ Eve sorry for the late reply a nasty headache kept me away had to lay down, and well slept until the morning..

        Haha oh my the telephone girl.. Never been really into tumblr, but like I said I’m just waiting for the day he has a girlfriend and I make popcorn so watch Apocalypse Tumblr *ride of the Valkyries* ;-)

        And I saw his deep self-pondering Iceland tweet… I could see his army good “woaaa yes master Tom yes *-*” and I shut it down.

        Well Chanel No. 5 with Cumberbatch, he doesn’t even need to appear in the ad, just his mellow voice over would make any woman rush to the first shop and buy the perfume!

        Haha well makes sense! But I don’t know why I think he’s also pretty kinky, but that’s just a hypothetical fantasy eh. Hiddleston can’t help it but think that actually it’s the woman who’s going to be teaching him a thing or two in bed, since he’s dorky awkward at times, it’d be like “not here, not yet, too fast, go slower here dear” :-D

        Alrighty back to Garfleck, he’s pimping out that marriage real hard for the Oscar!!!

      • Eve says:

        I NEVER ever ever ever check his Twitter account. I only know what he tweets sometimes because his obsessed fans printscreen everything he posts, then reblog it endlessly.

        P.S.: I think Cumberbatch may be awkward too — given that he does not have a conventional look, I don’t think many girls used to hit on him before he was famous. BUT I said sex with him would be comfortable, NOT that it would be plain (under white sheets, in the dark) and boring.

        The kinky would be there, girl! It’s just that there wouldn’t be the rush (like I think it’d be with Parker Hiddleston). I think that’s because of his voice…it’s so melow and he always look so calm while giving interviews that I have the feeling that particular characteristic translates into confident, calm, experienced sex.

    • V4Real says:

      @dooliloo & Eve, I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who admitts to having celebrity fantasies.

      One last thing I kinda have a crush on Hiddleston and fantasizes about him quite often.

  17. mk yarwood says:

    My parents have a marriage like theirs. I have three sisters, and we were all afforded a lot of opportunities growing up. I was 5 when I first knew my dad stepped out on my mom. My youngest sisters, 18 at the time of their discovery, were absolutely shattered. I don’t ask my mom about it, but what I do know is everything is in her name. All assets including their real estate. My dad loves my mom. She gave him healthy, productive children and she is the other half of his business. But he’s got at least one extra on the side at any given time. That’s what businessmen or powerful men feel entitled to.

  18. Jackie O says:

    someone really wants an oscar.

    look out, they are going to be everywhere all loved up until the nominations come out.

    people magazine will run a bunch of sentimental stories, etc.

    • mom2two says:

      Agreed. It’s how they are playing the game…
      These two are not papped together often. All the sudden they are EVERYWHERE. This is for the push to the Oscar nod, make no mistake about it. And Ben has learned from the best: The Weinstein Brothers.
      Him posing with the wife is basically him telling the world: I got my stuff together, I am on my A game professionally and personally.
      I do think Ben is a much better director than actor. There is going to come a time where he is not going to need to work the press so hard to get a nomination.

  19. Olivia says:

    I love Jennifer Garner. I’ve always loved Jennifer Garner. But this is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen her and thought, “Good Lord, Ben, congrats on your wife.” If you can’t dress up for a nice dinner in Paris, when can you?

    It’s obviously partly for show, but they’re having fun with it, and they look happy. Ben wants his Oscar, Jen wants it for him, and if the price is… heavy sigh… having to go to Paris and look happy, by God, they’ll suffer through it. :)

  20. Mira says:

    Platform pumps….they still exist!!

  21. XOGAMI says:

    He’s a hunk, I hope she realizes how lucky she is, she’s so average, from looks to talent.

  22. Merman says:

    Ah photo ops in Paris …très romantique !

  23. Christine says:

    It’s just sweet! Not part of the Oscar campaign at all! They ALWAYS go to Paris together and then pose with fans for the paps…. oh…wait…

  24. bros says:

    who cares, but Argo was fantastic! He has totally redeemed himself in my eyes and now I actually really respect him as a filmmaker and actor. the movie was brilliant.

  25. TheOriginalKitten says:

    They look awesome together but I always get the sads when I see pics of people enjoying my beloved Paris :(

    Ben looks hot in these photos-I don’t GAF what anybody says.

  26. Jayna says:

    People say she should wear more makeup during everyday activities. Many guys, and I have dated some, love their woman best with no makeup on. My ex-boyfriend used to bring up all the time when I had no makeup on how much prettier I was. I have a feeling Ben likes her that way, too.

  27. Claire says:

    Why would anyone think their Paris trip is a photo op? Wouldn’t it make sense that Ben is promoting his movie and what a nice place to take the wife and maybe family? Look, I am a stay at home mom. I do it to keep order in the house and give my husband full reign to bring home the bacon. Just because Ben admitted she does most for the kids does not make me in the least bit suspicious that he has waning interest. There is obviously more to him than shopping at the Brentwood Mall. Oscar contender.

    Edited to say, I love Jen’s American style. She is the original fresh faced gal. So normal looking by day and approachable at night in Paris.

  28. Madison says:

    It would be sweet if it wasn’t all staged for the cameras, it looks fake. I’m sure she’s happy to be flying on private jets and shopping at Chanel the price she pays for turning a blind eye to his cheating, whatever she’s as shallow as any other hollywood actress. It’s just another photo op for Ben and his Oscar campaign, he has never taken her overseas on his promo tours before the last time for the town he was flirting all over the red carpet with rebecca hall.

  29. Jayna says:

    Unbelievable. So many of you talking about his cheating, turning a blind eye to his cheating like it’s truth. There isn’t one shred of credible evidence he has ever cheated on her. Will he cheat during the length of their marriage? Probably. Maybe some of your husbands will, too, or mine. I feel certain not, but many wives probably say the same thing. I am shocked by the men on cheat on their wives in my town and in the legal community I work in Maybe for some it’s just a one-time thing, not a habit. Most of the wives wouldn’t believe it if told. Who knows what will happen in a 30 year marriage?

    One of my older brothers cheated on his wife years ago. I only know because he tried to use my other brother’s house, who was offended and said no. My brother who cheated adores his wife and 16 years later they are still going strong. Sadly, sometimes men look at hooking up with another taken person as a little fun on the side. Some women feel the same way too in a long marriage.

    In celebrityland you’re away too much with lots of temptation, so it makes it much easier. But I highly doubt he has cheated yet.

  30. bgirl says:

    Body is amazing but girlfriend needs a stylist. This is Massachusetts Housewife Trying to be Hip.

  31. MediaMaven says:

    must be breezy in Paris – he’s wearing his windy weather wiglet.