Brad Pitt’s second Chanel ad features same script, more chicks: still awful?

I’m including some of the press-kit images that Chanel sent us for Brad Pitt’s campaign. The black-and-white images are by Sam Taylor-Wood (Sam Taylor-Johnson, really), and the color images are by Mario Sorrenti. I prefer the ones in color – Brad looks more like a dude who is slowly taking off his tuxedo because he’s coming to bone you. In the b&w images, he looks like the dude operating a backroom weed shop. I flat-out LOATHE the image they chose for the official print ad too – it looks poorly Photoshop’d, and for the love of God, Brad really needs to close his mouth.

Anyway, Chanel released their second commercial – it’s basically the same commercial as before, only this one has more chicks.

Compare it to the first ad – same bulls—t “script”, but this one is just Brad:

Meh. I guess I like the one with the chicks more? It gave me something else to concentrate on other than the dumb script that Brad is reciting. I really don’t understand this new Chanel tagline either – “Chanel: Inevitable”. RLY? It is “inevitable” that I’ll wear Chanel No. 5? No, it’s not. I asked for Ralph Lauren’s Safari for Women for Christmas, thank you very much.

PS… The Guardian has a funny story about how Brad’s Chanel ads are awful, but that Chanel ads have a history of being kind of awful.

Photos courtesy of CHANEL.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    I like I and I liked the first one. I love the sound of his voice. The people that don’t like him were hardly going to be influence anyway. Some people hate it others like it. Such is the case with any ad..

    He is still a very beautiful man. So whatever.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I have a bottle of Chanel 5 that my mam bought me in Paris from the Champs Elysees a couple of years before she died. I love it. Nothing to do with Brad Pitt, though.

  3. Eleonor says:

    I’m a DANCER!I love to DANCE!

  4. lower-case deb says:

    the top picture, looks like Brad Pitt is trying to Professor-X Levitate the perfume bottle.

    And I find that the ad with chicks is great because you can mute the the Pitt Soliloquys and play Epic Movie Music over it.

    I’ve tried several. Chariots of Fire is still my fav.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Agree the ad is better because the visuals distract from that awful, non-sensical script, but wow, still bad. Really bad.

  6. T.C. says:

    This campaign is full of so much comedy. Can’t take it seriously.

  7. Ranunculus says:

    This guy is as sexy as a cold soggy pancake – sorry, dumb guys just don’t do it for me.

  8. Jackie O says:

    it has given people some good laughs over the last few days.

    even my local weather man presented the daily forecast in a spoof of the commercial.

    thanks, brad. you’re a great blockhead.

  9. dee says:

    He doesn’t look good with that ‘clean’ hobo look

  10. pretty says:

    He looks like a hobo with that beard and long hair.
    He would look way better with short hair with clean jaw(?).

  11. bowers says:

    It’s bad. I have nothing against him. It’s bad.

  12. Em says:

    I like it ok, with time it will grow on me more. I feel we’re supposed to think of his love, Chanel brings her into the ad without having to use her name or her image.

  13. Joyce says:

    I am fan but I have to admit that Chanel (not brad) should have used the color image prints of Brad to do the commercial. That would have been more sexier. Why blame him? He is not the one who came up w/that idea.

  14. Jane says:

    If only he would shave his head and his beard, we could see his handsome face. He reminds me only of Fabio now, especially in the last two photos with that hair.

    And why can’t Chanel ever be inventive?! They are one of the top fashion houses in the world yet they make unimaginative budget ads like these, and rely on regurgitating the same style in every collection instead of taking risks and innovating. With Joe Wright directing I thought this was going to be some kind of grand production..I mean how hard is it to put a high school photograph background up and keep wobbling the lamps? Not very.

  15. brooke says:

    Ugh! I can put those pesky Oscar rumours to rest now. He could not act his way out of a paper bag, and this Chanel drivel kinda solidifies that. He should stick to what he is good at – licking those pouty lips and saying nothing at all.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    Goatboy – looks dirty and smelly (as in stinks). I would not take a bottle of this if it was free.

    Goatboy: wash and cut your dirty hair and shave off that nasty goatee and mustache.

  17. rosalee says:

    pure comedy gold – I have to watch SNL this weekend to see the treatment. Who thought of these gems..the poor uncreative soul should be sending their resume to Terry Malick deep prolonged silences..the tone, the visuals of unimagined depth, toss in a dinosaur or two and we’ve got Oscar gold.

  18. Lindsey says:

    The first makes a lot of sense….but it’s not inevitable that I’ll Chanel No.5: it is stinky to me.

  19. Rhea says:

    I like the second commercial better. Still think if they gave him a different look than his daily look, people would find it more tolerable.

  20. Jollytr says:

    Haven’t been a huge BP fan for quite a while but … wow … that second black & white pic (leaning against the wall) under the ad links is yummy :-) He has a bit of that old magic in that one ;-)

  21. bns says:

    Ridiculous and pretentious. He looks really good, though. I think he’s much more attractive as he gets older and I’m digging the long hair. He was too pretty before.

  22. Green_Eyes says:

    Reaching here… But is Brad using Chanel #5 as a metaphor for the woman in his life & the luck the fate like being created & meeting Chanel #5 was inevitable? Just a perspective

  23. JH says:

    Inevitable is just a funny sounding word. It’s a clunky tag line.

  24. blonde on the dock says:

    Watching this made me feel embarrassed for him. Oh well I’d embarrass myself for 7 million too.

  25. Shelly says:

    I think Brad is hot, especially when he’s scruffy like this (yes, I realize I’m in the minority with that opinion, lol), but these ads make him suddenly not hot. They are ridiculously embarrassing.

  26. Josephina says:

    Damn!! Brad is sexy as hell… He looks good in the white shirt and I like how the black pants fit.

    Ooohhh…that voice of his. (Swoon!) I would buy a bottle of Chanel No. 5 if I did not already have one.

    There is no one else like him or better than him.

  27. anya says:

    How 90s does this look? Reminds me of Legends of the Fall.

  28. CarrieUK says:

    Just watched these for the first time and jeez come on Brad you’re better than this! Well saying that he probably got paid loads….dude it’s not inevitable, I won’t be wearing it thanks

  29. vvy says:

    It makes me wonder about his acting skills….has he always been this bad? No….i don’t think so. I don’t get why he’s so bad in these ads. It’s just funny to watch…..makes me cringe too a bit. He’s hot and always will be, but this ad does nothing to convey that.

  30. G says:

    These ads are terrible. I’m surprised that NO ONE, from the director, to the ad agency, to Chanel could see what we all see. An expensive mistake.

    It won’t do any real damage to Brad or Chanel, though.

  31. Fleur says:

    He’s still sexy and there’s something about the single camera delivery that reminds me of the old-school Chanel/ Catherine Deneuve ads where she’s jsut talking to the camera.

    I don’t mind the script. It’s a perfume ad, when are those supposed to be ironic? (am I the only one tired of snark? It’s so easy.) I think my only problem with this is that it look cheap and like Brad gave them about an hour to film this and nothing more. That background reminds me of the Precious Moments school photos where you got to change your background to match your outfit (red, blue, purple). I guess I expected Chanel to come up with something more sophisticated. They couldn’t have put him in a Paris high rise? Or at a beach, the desert, a valley, etc?

  32. Devyn says:

    It would be nice to have a bottle of Chanel No. 5, if only to admire it sitting on the counter. I want the Bottega Veneta fragrance to actually wear tho. Unfortunately it costs an arm and a leg.

  33. Justaposter says:

    I just can’t with any of this.

    What in the hell was Uncle Karl thinking?!

  34. dooliloo says:

    Ohhh Brad…your bafflingly bad ad is inevitable indeed! It kind grows on me now them lines :-D

  35. I Choose Me says:

    I agree the ad is appallingly bad. But what’s with a lot of you ladies’ aversion to facial hair? Since when did a beard = gross, dirty stinky etc.?

  36. savedbykittylitter says:

    Is this for real??? looks fan made omg , it’s SO SO awful

  37. Flora says:

    I just saw this commercial on the telly. Had THE ultimate facepalm moment.

  38. lindi says:

    I really like both ads – I think there is something spare about the first one – and he is reading the script the same way you would if you were at a play : it is very theatrical and poet. I also like the words and I think it is good branding for the perfume

  39. Amy C says:

    what is wrong you? This is a commercial not an oscar worthy performance. So in commercials it is good to say something the most relatable to the Brand. Which in this case is being around 100 years ( while many come and go in the long period of it) Invietable is great discreption for it. I don’t understand why people are like this? Is this competion and that you just have to hate on it becasue you have to favour another thing?

  40. Amy C says:

    What is happening it have me answering to myself?

  41. dj says:

    He still does it for me. I am getting the sense of Brad becoming more European though. Again, still doing it for me.