Did Liberty Ross tip off Us Weekly about Rupert Sanders’ affair with K-Stew?

In The Great Mini-Coopering Twihard Meltdown 2012 story of the year, some details and questions have been left by the wayside. When the scandal first broke in late July, it was Us Weekly who broke the story by publishing an extensive paparazzo shoot of Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart looking and being loved up all over LA. The process story behind it was that Us Weekly’s editors had gotten a juicy tip that Kristen was fooling around on Robert Pattinson, so Us Weekly hired a paparazzo to basically follow Kristen around for a week, with Us Weekly picking up the tab for a flat-rate cost of the paparazzo, then buying the scandalous photos exclusively. But here’s the real question: who gave Us Weekly’s editors the tip? It would have had to be someone very close to the situation, right? Well, Hollywood Life (I know, I know) has a theory! What if Rupert’s wife Liberty Ross was the leaker?

Liberty Ross was disgusted to find out that her husband Rupert Sanders was cheating on her with Kristen Stewart, but now new details are coming out about how she potentially shamed her husband in public once she found out!

Liberty, 34, may have used a friend to catch Rupert, 41, and Kristen, 22, in the act, HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source close to the situation.

“Liberty had her friend tip off the photo agency that Rupert was having an affair with Kristen,” our source said. “Liberty wanted Rupert to get caught in the act so he would be humiliated. Liberty told a friend in London that she heard rumors that her husband was having an affair with Kristen. She knew her friend was going to leak the info to a photo agency. Liberty wanted Rupert and Kristen to be caught in public because she wanted him to be humiliated!”

[From Hollywood Life]

As many people have pointed out, it does seem like Liberty knew Rupert was fooling around before the Mini Coopering photos came out. She could have just suspected it, or Rupert might have confessed his “momentary indiscretion” weeks beforehand. So, I guess this is possible. Liberty told a friend she knew to be a gossip, and Liberty wanted her husband and his mistress to be publicly shamed. It makes some kind of sense.

Meanwhile, Rupert Sanders still has a career. Snow White and the Huntsman has made $400 million, so Hollywood know wants Rupert for all kinds of projects. First up for Rupert (according to Deadline) is The Juliet, a “sci-fi flick based on a short story by Alfred Bester.” Rupert is also allegedly in talks to do another Van Helsing remake, this time with Tom Cruise. Will Tommy and Rupe end up together in Xenu’s embrace?

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  1. Jag says:

    Van Helsing with Tom Cruise? Say it isn’t so! And I bet she did tip them off. Smart way to get photo evidence for the divorce.

  2. Saphana says:

    i wouldnt be surprised and i wouldnt blame her for that. i think lots of people would do that if they could.

    • Milla says:

      You are forgetting the kids. If RL had no children, I wouldn’t care if she leaked the pics, the story, everything. But the kids will learn about all of this in a near future, so if this is true, they will not feel betrayed by the father only.

      • Chellez says:

        Why do ppl always cry “Think of THE CHILDREN!!!”?

        Kids are way tougher, smarter and more perceptive than most adults credit them for. I should know: I ratted my dad out anytime I had a *feeling* he used me to flirt with women 20yrs ago. And I was glad my mom dumped him. These rich kids will be fine, esp if mom’s happy.

      • Kasey says:

        I’m with you on this. I remember being out with my mum somewhere and getting this feeling that this guy was hitting on her (I doubt I knew it was called that) and being angry and indignant (on the inside) about it. So I got all lovey dovey with my mum and when there was a pause in conversation said to the guy, “my mummy is married, to my daddy”. I couldn’t have been any older than 5.

        THis sounds bad, but I doubt that years down the road when they’re conscientious enough these kids’ peers or friends are even going to take note of their parents. Unfortunately, cheating and other tomfoolery in marriage have become so commonplace, not to mention the traditional nuclear family is being replaced these days. I think a day will come when kids are shocked to know they have a friend whose parents live together and are married AND are a man and a woman.

      • MW says:

        The kids are going to figure it out. It doesn’t matter if was in all the headlines, the kids will probably be more appalled that their friends and family all know. What is important is how the adults handle it. The worst thing would be if Liberty took her anger/frustration out on her kids. Trust me on this.

    • mom2two says:

      Can’t say I blame her. If the kids want to be upset, be upset with him for cheating on Mom with a woman half her age, not at her for tipping the press (if she did). I cannot say that I feel sorry for him or Kristen Stewart at all. It’s what you get for acting like two immature horny teenagers.

  3. Eleonor says:

    that would be an hell of revange!

  4. dooliloo says:

    Oh whatever… the cheating truth is out anyway, doesn’t change anything.

    I got very much distracted by the Van Helsing with Tom Cruise… What??? He’s and the hat are the same one size!

  5. Nanz says:

    If this is true, it is AWESOME. Please let it be so.

  6. marie says:

    meh, I ain’t mad at her-that’s an EPIC burn..

  7. mln76 says:

    Liberty is just awesome…I think she should teach a master class in dignified revenge.

  8. Green is Good says:

    Tommy Girl wishes he was as dead sexy as Hugh Jackman. And sane.

  9. Kim says:

    I’M sure her kids will love seeing pics of their dad having an affair when they Google his name

  10. mercy says:

    But it would hurt his career and future earnings. If she was planning to divorce him and get a percentage of those earnings in the settlement, that wouldn’t have been a smart move. She could have hired a PI to take pictures and still have used them in the divorce proceedings. Maybe she did and the PI realised there was more money to be made from a tabloid than her so they tipped off Us.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Perhaps she was thinking emotionally, rather than practically. It probably felt better having a hand in humiliating him than having a couple more bucks (particularly when you’re already wealthy).

    • T.C. says:

      Mercy-I agree with you. The private PI would be my guess. Making it public would only humiliate her too in public. No wife wants everyone to know her husband is cheating on her.

    • giddy says:

      She doesn’t need his money… His fidelity was all she was after.

      Not everyone is a calculating money-grubber. The English have a different perspective of wealth and happiness. Liberty is fortunate in terms of having sufficient wealth to live as she chooses. Her husband’s behavior was NOT new. Just the last straw perhaps. She’s really smart. And oozes dignity.

      The biggest head-scratcher is since K-Stew is a lezbo, so why would she “do” him?

      • Rumorhasit says:

        I really like her, and hope this story of tipping off paps and/or PI are true. This way she has a leg to stand on, and public sympathy when she does file for that divorce. Which I hope she takes a page from Vanessa Bryant’s brilliant game book, and waits till Rupert’s career peaks after the sequel of SWATH and other movies he’s in negotiation to direct. After that, and being entitled to half…then serve him those papers, Liberty, and get yours.
        One last thought, about the pics…what if Liberty felt her husband pulling away, and acting odd when he was there, he wasn’t where he said he was going to be. Not home to be with the kids when he said he would, and they are asking questions. Money was spent and she can’t account for it. Upon questioning, the husband says not to worry about the money. He has no excuses for his MIA behavior. Caring about him, and out of concern, she asks if he is ok. He says he’s ok, and she can tell he’s lying. She asks again, and he replies that everything is just fine.

        Trust me, no one can continue to play the “everything’s ok” game for very long, when you know for sure it’s not, and your competitor is lying to you. Nothing will strip your sanity from you faster.

        Perhaps this was a case of knowing something, even if its awful, is better than not knowing anything, inventing conspiracy theories, guilt for not trusting your SO, and doubting your gut. It’s a terrifying way to live, maybe Liberty was tired of guessing, and gaming, and she wanted answers one way or the other, cause not knowing will kill you. Plus the pics help her with the divorce proceedings, she can ask for everything she wants, and he pretty much has to capitulate.
        Maybe this is how and why it went down.

    • Elizabeth says:

      It’s unlikely she would have any right to his FUTURE earnings if they split. Unless she was arguing that she helped him on his way up when he was broke and she was supporting him. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  11. HotPockets says:

    I didn’t like SWATH. They definitely showed all the best parts in the previews, so the rest was filled with generic dialogue and KStew furrowing her eyebrows and grunting..I guess she retired from lip biting?

  12. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I will not blame Liberty. What she did, any other wife/lover would have done the same if they got a slight hint of their spouses having affair. It is just that here the people involved were celebrities, that is why it got blown up in public.

    • geekychick says:

      IDK, maybe it’s the cultural difference, but as my mom always said: “There is nothing more low-life and vulgar than airing your dirty laundry”-that was said, for the first time, when Oprah (theme:infidelity in marriage) was on TV. I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now: don’t tolerate, do what you want, but the whole world doesn’t need to know. There are not many in my country who understand that aspect of going on TV and talking about indiscretions, all sorts of family secrets. No, just no. Why would you do that? There’s nothing to be ashamed if you were done wrong, but why all the need to world o know and validate you? For everyone to always whisper, even when you’re in a work setting and trying to be taken seriously? So, if she did-that’s not classy. And I wouldn’t do it.
      Change the locks, burn his stuff, get a divorce lawyer, call my girlfriends. Never go back, no matter what he says. Yes.
      Tell the whole world my husband is cheating on me, and then continue to give statements about it? Definitely no.

      • Audrey says:

        Agreed. Talk to the man and tell him you know he’s cheating. Don’t air your dirty knickers out in public.

      • Jezi says:

        I get what you’re saying but here’s the thing…when people are going through a betrayal they feel so alone. Often times you want to know that others have gone through what you have and that your feelings are natural. When my husband had an affair, I searched for support groups, I wanted to hear from other people who had experienced what I had. I dealt with a huge emotional rollercoaster and I wanted to know that I would be ok at some point. It’s very easy to judge people’s decisions when you are on the outside looking in, but when you are going through it, sometimes you do things that you never thought you would. I hope that makes sense.

  13. Jo says:

    Waiting for kstew to be cast in Rupert’s new movie.
    What? Stranger things have happened…

  14. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I don’t think I can take Tom Cruise seriously in any roll, let alone Van Helsing.

  15. Ann says:

    I don’t know. Would you want to publicly advertise to the world that your husband stepped out on you for some young startlet? I wouldn’t. Why advertise your own pain and humiliation?

    Also, she has two young kids. I can not imagine creating a mess like this for my kids to see, and be able to access via the internet forever. Liberty is smart enough to know that the media would hound and follow her family in the aftermath. If she would willingly do that to her kids, that’s nasty. If no kids were involved, that’s something else.

  16. serena says:

    Oh god Van Helsing doesn’t need another remake..and above all not with Tom Cruise!!

  17. Newyorking says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Good for her. I would have done the exact same thing.

  18. Newyorking says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Good for her. I would have done the same thing.

  19. geekychick says:

    …and the man who betrayed his marriage goes on, his career takes off. Wonderful. Where’s all slut-shaming now? Where are the low and vulgar jokes and puns? So encouraging to see sexism is alive and well in this day and age, and the moral pearl-clutching is still in.
    Disgusting. All of it.

    • Chelley says:

      What are you talking about? Kristen’s career won’t be hurt by this. Only her reputation, and his reputation too. You don’t think people are going to question whether he’s sleeping with the main actresses of his films?

      • geekychick says:

        I care about the representation in the media and the comments on blogs like this. I agree with Lainey that in HW (come on!) infidelity and affairs are not such a deal-breaker as in our lives. I care about the fact that I, as a young girl, didn’t feel comfortable with all the hatred and name-calling on a girl, while the male gets with a slap on the arm. Stewart will be fine or won’t, I don’t think it will depend on Sanders-affair(and I won’t lose sleep over it); but I will still ask myself how is it possible that we live in 21st. century, in a liberal world-and sexism is still alive, well, rampant, even in the media. Ashton Kutcher is poor baby, bc Demi must have been crazy, but Stewart must burn in hell. Don’t get the logic, sorry.

      • Rob fan says:

        Ya but Rupert will get high fives for nailing his actresses in the movies by his piers and Kristen will just keep getting hate from stupid girls and robsessed cougars who can’t let this go. I would never subject my kids to leaked pics of their dad no matter what, henismstill their dad and they love him scum or not and for her to do that makes her just as bad as him sorry JMO! For the record I don’t buy that she did that though!

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      ^ THIS! So much this!

    • A says:

      @geekychick. +1. I don’t get how people excuse Jude, Russell, Ashton etc. and write it off as a mistake but Sienna Miller, Tiger, Kristen Stewart are evil whore/bitch/slut. People are so eager to make things black and white….sometimes, people make shitty, terrible decisions. Doesn’t mean it’s just a simple mistake, but doesn’t mean they are evil/horrible/etc. either. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it was a man or woman, the vitriol is way out of control in regards to this hot mess of a scandal which has been going on too long. For fuck’s sake, it’s October and the mess happened in June or July.

      • marie says:

        I get what you guys are saying but let’s be honest about a few things. Ashton gets called douche on the regular, and that with Demi happened over a year ago. Sienna slept with at least 2 married men, so that’s a pattern and not a mistake. And seriously, Tiger-you wanna use him? He caught flack for the sheer volume of cheating. It wasn’t one or two with him and he had mistresses-that is not a mistake that’s a damn lifestyle.

        And as for this mess with Kristen and Rob, they want this/anything talked about because there is a premiere in less than a month and they are promoting a film and keep throwing themselves in every one’s faces.

  20. Ming says:

    The only thing I believe is, that KStew actually slept with Doctor Who to travel back in time, become Liberty Ross and bang two dudes at the same time.

  21. Merman says:

    Her(ex?) husband and KS are of course the only ones to blame but IF she did that then there’s nothing dignified about it.She could’ve done it privately for the sake of her kids not her.
    Either way I’ll save my praise for someone who has actually done something worthy of it.
    Also TC as Van Helsing…i’m thinking 5″ high heel boots no?

  22. Audrey says:

    I’m starting not to like Liberty. Not that I don’t think what she did (if she did it) isn’t awesome, but there’s something about her that’s making me not feel sorry for her…can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the fugly fur?? Or that hideous blue lace dress?

  23. Jayna says:

    I have no doubt she did it. I always thought maybe she did. I understand the anger, but I would have had the photos and dealt with it privately. I am a private person to begin with, but the deciding factor is I would never do something to embarrass or hurt my children by making this so humiliating and public, no matter how much I wanted to get back at my lyin’, cheatin’, husband.

  24. Malificent says:

    If Hugh Jackman’s general likability and fabulous pecs couldn’t save that godawful Van Helsing CGI-fest a few years ago, I have serious doubts about Tom.

    And am I the only geek who is more excited that they are making a movie from an Alfred Bester story?

  25. megsie says:

    HollywoodLife has a theory? lol No, no. Kristen Stewart’s fans have a theory. Kristen’s camp has been out on the corner selling this craziness since day 1. These are the same people who accused Liberty of cheating on her husband because her children are blonde.
    Although a great part of me would love this revenge story to be true, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Exposing such intensely private and humiliating secrets to the public would be entirely uncharacteristic of Liberty. I don’t believe even the cold, manipulative, plastic LA set she’s somewhat fallen prey to recently could convince her to involve the paps. More to the point, her own childhood was spent in a loving, close-knit, yet in her words “chaotic” family environment. This is a sore spot for her. She would do anything to give her children stability, up to and including remaining in LA where they were born and raised rather than returning to London where she’d much rather be.

    • Beth says:

      Liberty is intensely private, Meg? She sure didn’t have a problem letting people know her marriage had been troubled in that interview during swath. Giving her children stability? Well then I suggest she keep her intensely private feelings about the affair (glad to know she isnt mad at Rupert ;) but at Kristen instead) herself and not go sharing them with tabloids,  even on her birthday. THAT is not how you keep your children safe. Does she think about how her children will be able to google her comments when they get older? Especially since she has a problem with embellishing  the truth (as if she hadnt stepped out of the house before NYFW) Like I said, liberty could  take note on how classy people handle their affairs from Michael A. I am sure he was approached by many sites to give his story on what happened with Kristen and Rob, yet he hasn’t uttered a word. It was a hot story. Intensely private Liberty doesn’t look so private compared to him. And if she goes back to London, who will Simon and Jason hang with ;) ? I say she should head back to London, Rupert will be mighty busy with all the films he has lined up, she will be a single mommy once again, so it shouldnt really matter.

      Btw megsie, you sound a lot like liberty in that the focys is more on kristen than her husband. I mean, your insults for kristen are plentiful, but what about rupert? Oh thats right, liberty gave an interview where she said she wasnt mad at him. How perfect!

      • megsie says:

        Beth! We meet again, my friend. How are you, dear? You are an interesting one as you ask many questions but do not want answers.

        Liberty never trashed her marriage. She admitted to having a hard time adjusting to LA and her new, mostly stay at home mom lifestyle. Big difference there.

        Yes, Liberty said she wasn’t angry at Rupert. When she was questioned, it had been over two months since the incident. As she said, why hold a grudge? They’ve been partners for 15 years. There’s really nothing to do but move on the best you can. Apologies to the blood suckers looking for a tasty story.

        Don’t fool yourself into believeing Liberty hasn’t been offered big bucks and more to tell her story to a mass media outlet. The situation is considerably more high profile than that with Kristen’s old boyfriend. Yet she hasn’t taken the offer. Doesn’t quite fit your scenario of a famewhore sacrificing her children for a high profile, does it?

        She won’t uproot her children and move them away from their father, no.

        Oh, I have plenty of choice words for Rupert, Beth. Plenty.

        You know, I like you Beth. I shouldn’t but I do. :D

      • Beth says:

        Oh Meg, I knew when liberty made it back into the news I would find you here.

        Thank you for proving my point that liberty never trashed Rupert. BUT she had no problem trashing Kristen, did she now. Don’t you find that odd, her husband cheats on her and she goes after the woman (after her shopping spree, of course ;) , she looked giddy with all her purchases, guess she knew she would have some events to attend and of course she needed new outfits for the papps.). I often see you here trashing Kristen but so silent when it comes to your friend Rupert. Tells me everything I need to know and more.

         Oh she said her marriage hit a rough patch, her words.

        I am sure Liberty has been offered big bucks but since she had no idea, what could she possibly have to say. She was blindsided, correct? 

        Anyway, We already know libertys  life after the affair, it consists of staying homebound for 7 weeks until fashion week, right? I kid! We know she went to big bear with Simon and the kids, she shopped,  she visited some law offices, she shopped, she drank coffee, she shopped, she ate lunch, she shopped, she went to a premiere, she shopped, she went to fashion week, she shopped, she went to London, she gave an interview on her birthday, she hangs by the pool, she attends concerts. You get the picture. Frankly, I don’t think anyone would be that interested in her “after Rupert” story. She’s just another pretty woman.

        Although the fact that liberty has suddenly made a grand appearance in the tabloids again tells me she isn’t through.  Maybe the closer the twi premiere gets, the more we will hear about libertys hard time. It will be as convenient as her sad story right before the swath premiere. Set that stage well! Although she’s gonna need to be more consistent with her story, please pass that along.

        Well,Meg, like Liberty, you are saving all your choice words for Kristen. It begs to be asked, why not Rupert. Since you are close to them, why don’t you share your thoughts on him. Unless you know Kristen S as well as Rupert. Are you judging Kristen based on tabloids because earlier today you dismissed tabloids as rubbish. Maybe Liberty wants to save her choice words on Rupert for the big reveal or maybe Liberty knows it is best to keep her mouth shut about him since he has a job that she would like to draw money from.  I completely understand. ;)  

        Rupert is going to be a busy bee, he has several projects lined up, I expect liberty to be single parenting it again, why not move back to London where she has support. I am sure they can get rid of the Malibu house and buy liberty a place in London. Bicostal living works, plenty of actors do it.

        And how do you know this story is bigger than Michael A story?  Guess we will know in a couple of years because that situation lasted quite a while.

        Like i said, meg, i woyld believe you more if you were casting the blame equally on rup and kristen but the fact that you are, like liberty, intent on only shaming kristen publicly tells me all i need to know.

        Thanks for at least confirming that it is kristen that is y’alls focus

  26. megsie says:

    “And am I the only geek who is more excited that they are making a movie from an Alfred Bester story?”

    I’m very excited. Some eyerolling that the murderous android is apparently now female, but, hey, that’s Hollywood!

  27. Jess says:

    What mother would put their children through such a public humiliation for their father and family? Even is she hated the bastard, her kids will have to deal with this for the rest of their lives.

    I’m not sure I believe this. And if true, how could Kristen so blatantly call it a momentary indiscretion?

  28. Beth says:

    Is it possible to be vengeful while still being classy? Anyway, liberty is free to do as she wishes but i do wonder if she leaked the info to the papps, does she realize she got her vengence but her children will suffer becuase of it? Sure rupert cheated and it is wrong, but splashing the pics all over the internet for the children and their friends to see seems mighty wrong as well. Does she get a pass because she was cheated on. If anyone put of this twisaga deserves any credit, it is kristens old boyfriend. He was humiliated by robert dismissing him (what ab the bfriend?) and crushing on and eventually getting his woman and yet he said nothing. THAT is classy

  29. Janet says:

    I always said it was Liberty who spilled the beans, and God knows I don’t blame her a bit.

  30. Mayday says:

    Not defending either of these two (I was indifferent to Stewart before now I really don’t like her), but can sites PLEASE stop using that pic of them in the restaurant? It’s from a video still and between them is actually Charlize Theron and when you watch the video, its clear stewert is actually looking at her and not that creep.

    I know it’s stupid but it’s pretty misleading.

  31. gg says:

    She’s really naturally pretty, but she looks like a martian with her hair slicked back and the flap ears. I have em and if I can help it, they don’t get featured like that.

  32. Al says:

    Uh, they wore matching outfits to a premiere while they embraced each other.. DUH!! Of course she knew.

  33. Apples says:

    I don’t think it was Liberty Ross.

    Maybe that jealous assistant or something with the funny expressions on the SWATH promo carpets.

    Actually, that pap followed Kristen Stewart for SEVERAL weeks. (For all of those who wanted to believe the hilarious “momentary” thing…)

    • Ann says:

      Then something is really off. Because Sanders and Ross were in Hawaii for a couple of weeks just before this went down. She had pictures on her blog about it. And one of the interviews that came out later was done while he was in Hawaii, the interviewer referred to it. So if the paps knew she was with Sanders, why would they trail her when he was out of town for an extended period?

      • megsie says:

        You’re correct. Lib and Rupert were in Hawaii the week of July 1st.

        “So if the paps knew she was with Sanders, why would they trail her when he was out of town for an extended period?”

        Because the story they were given was Kristen was cheating but they did not know who the other man was. Rips apart the Liberty told the paps theory, doesn’t it?

    • Beth says:

      The paps werent following kristen for several weeks, it was several days so actually liberty isnt off the hook.

      Oh please, they knew kristen was cheating? I would assume the person who tipped them off would have told the papps that the guy was out of town.  Rupert hadn’t been in LA for almost a month. I call BS megsie,  but I do appreciate your loyalty to liberty. Liberty has shown me in plenty of her actions that she is vengeful enough to do something like call the papps. She attacks not her husband but kristen, she lies in interviews and she continues to give interviews while claiming she wants to be left alone. She sure does smile for papps a lot. Good to see she is happy!

      Just because liberty had something tragic happen to her, doesnt give her a pass on everything. Life isnt like that. She lacks class

  34. Embee says:

    She took a calculated risk. The affair was going to come out eventually, and the kids hurt by it, so she took control and exposed it on her terms. We didn’t see the kids, they ostensibly weren’t in school for the fallout and peer comments and so she likely had them ensconced from as much as she could. She undoubtedly was influenced by her feelings but this looked like a tightly managed revenge.

    And as for classy vs. not classy, I don’t know. She wasn’t cursing or commenting and being ribald. She simply lifted the veil on the truth and stepped back. I find that very classy. Why should she carry her shame alone? Why should he so much as receive an ounce of the benefit of the doubt in the publiic’s eye? Her career is one of PR too, and perhaps she was unwilling to play the role of meek, cheated on victim, and so she took control. She’s hardly Britney Spears wielding an umbrella for what she did.

    • Beth says:

      The scandal is still news so i doubt her children are all that protected from it. Liberty has a right to do what she wants but that doesnt make it classy, imo. Especially when she embellishes the truth in all her interviews. Plus the affair may have come out but what purpose did it exposing it to the world do for her. She could have had pi take photos and then blackmail him for lots of alimony, guess it was more important for intensely private liberty to share this news with everyone. How thrilling for her children

  35. MissA says:

    If this is true then I would like to know how did she find out about this.I’m sure Kristen and Rupert were sneaky as hell hmmm so maybe she read a text message or something.

  36. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I doubt it was her. Yes, it would humiliate him to be “caught” publicly, but it would also humiliate her and her kids. It’s like Vanessa Bryant or any other cheated-on wife: the whole world knows your husband doesn’t love you, and he’s up for grabs whenever some pretty thing comes along. Why would any woman want THAT put out there publicly?

    Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods, and others handled it in a very classy manner when it happened — but I doubt either of them would have instigated a public “shaming” of their husbands. I don’t think Ross leaked this, but if she did, she sure ain’t in the same classy league as those other women.

  37. Anna says:

    I don’t know if I buy Liberty as the scorned wife who only wanted to get back at her cheating husband. How many events has she been invited to since this broke? Where was her profile before? The affair gave her status and fame. I would believe that she tipped off US Weekly if her goal was to get a little more notoriety. Husband’s fame goes up for cheating on his wife, everybody wants to know about the wife, increased profile for Liberty.

  38. megsie says:

    I just want to point out the obvious – this story was first reported (and I use that term loosely) by Hollywood Life and their obligatory “unnamed source.”

    ’nuff said?

  39. Andrea says:

    I must say I agree with the above who stated if there were no kids involved go after him no problem. But with kids invoolved, their mother is going to look like a woman scorned who wanted to humiliate their father. Awful all around. I feel sorry for the kids because it looks like imo, their mother is vindictive and a famewhore (she is always in photos now conveintly)and their father is well you fill in the blank.

  40. Amy C says:

    I think the kids will find out he cheated on her with the photos or not so if she did that while angry as most people be in her postion, I don’t see the problem. He shouldn’t be out there like that in public knowing what being a public figure means. Put the blame where it deserve not on her.

  41. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    If Liberty did it I think she did it for revenge on Kstew. She had to know that this would ruin Kstew but it wouldn’t really hurt Rupert’s future.

  42. Kristin says:

    Liberty Ross is like the bourgeouisie in the French Revolution – she is the only one that seems to have won something in this. As crazy at it sounds …

  43. karen says:

    Actually I sorta remember her from when she was a hot model when she was younger. She looks like she’s had a lot of work done since those days.