Heidi Montag appears in Vegas after a year away: sad or not that bad?

The last time we wrote about Heidi Montag, it was September 2011. So, it’s been more than a year since an image of Heidi Montag has graced this site. Have you missed her? Not so much, right? I had actually forgotten about her completely. In 2010, and at the age of 23, Heidi underwent more than a dozen plastic surgery procedures, for literally NO REASON. Like, she had her “back scooped” and she had breast augmentation and a crazy amount of Botox and on and on. What was sad/ridiculous about the whole thing is that all of the surgeries made her look rather freakish and weird – go and look at my last post about her, which I wrote 13 months ago. She looked AWFUL. Like her body was rejecting all of the surgeries and Botox, and everything about her just looked swollen and toxic.

Well, these are some new photos of Heidi in Las Vegas over the weekend. She hosted the “Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club’s three-year anniversary party at Playground.” She still looks… off. I swear, her bolt-ons look even bigger, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had gone in and gotten bigger implants at some point in the past year. As for the rest of her… she doesn’t look so puffy and sickly as she did last year, but she still doesn’t look like the picture of health or anything. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Spencer Pratt was at the event but he didn’t walk the red carpet. They also say that Spencer is currently enrolled at USC for a degree in political science, which is news to me.

A few days ago, Heidi did an interview with Access Hollywood which got some attention. When asked about all of her plastic surgery, Heidi said: “I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone. I was definitely way in over my head. I’m glad it worked out and you can’t really reverse time. I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it kind of got out of hand. I wasn’t told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.” She said she hasn’t had anything else done since then and now she’s “focused now on being healthy, alive and strong. If you’re not beautiful inside it really doesn’t matter what you look like outside, and I think I kind of lost track of that.”

Heidi also talked a bit about her money situation in the interview too, saying that her “one regret” about being out of the spotlight these days is that she “only misses the money… If we would have saved our money, it would have been better. I’ve never really counted, so I’m not sure [how much we lost], a lot… over a million or so.” You can read more of the interview here. She actually sounds kind of… over the Hollywood thing, maybe? Like she’s spent the last few years learning how to be less of a famewhore. She and Spencer have been married for four years and together for six years in total. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    She looks horribly. The poor, poor girl. It makes me wanna cry.

    • CamColty says:

      She looks like spencer now since she had surgery. It’s weird.

    • Lizzie says:

      The first episode of The Hills was on the other day, and watching it just made me sad for her. She was so so pretty.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      In that first pic, if that’s not an implant ridge (so soon?) it’s very unflattering bronzer or a scar.

    • Lily says:

      She is like walking bad ad for nip/tuck. She looks like stoned porn star, totally fake and overdone. It’s just too much.

      • Ashley says:

        How is she a “poor, poor girl”? She chose being a plastic mess over being average and boring, so it’s her fault she looks like this. Yeah, she looks horrible, but I have no pity for her.

      • Vesper says:

        I agree with @ Ashley.

        Heidi was 23 when she had the surgery, old enough to face the consequences of her decisions. At her big “reveal”, about four months post surgery, she raved that she loved the results and indicated she would have more procedures done in the future. She didn’t start talking about regret until after her plastic surgeon passed away.

        I think her only regret is that the “enhancements” didn’t help her career. She had plans of being a singer, and compared herself to Britany Spears. When that didn’t pan out she talked about being an action star.

        As for her lack of money, in one video from about one year ago, she complained that all her money had been spent on bodyguards. She whined that she couldn’t go out any more because she no longer had the money for security. In the video she demonstrated her boxing “skills” that she insisted were necessary to protect herself. The entire video was a joke.

        This girl has always been and will always be a drama queen. The only reason she is no longer a famewhore is because she realized nobody cares.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      I am crying with you. Miss Montag is the poster girl for how Hollywood can f**k with a young woman’s head and ruin her life. Such an unfortunate choice of husband as well. The first thing she should do when her finances improve is remove those ridiculous breast implants. If there is any money left over she can purchase herself some clothes that don’t make her look like a porn star.

  2. tru tru says:

    but she said she misses the $$$$, which in part means–if they offered…

    she’d be back, LOL

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    When I think I how beautiful she was when she first came bouncing onto the scene on The Hills, I want to cry for her. I think she was unstable for a while and now she is left with the aftermath. She looks terrible especially compared to the natural beauty she once possessed.

  4. Erinn says:

    I caught some of that interview on tv the other night. I couldn’t believe how much more normal, and adjusted she sounded. She did seem kind of over the whole fame thing. At least in comparison to the previous fame whoring.

  5. D. says:

    She looks so tacky with her fake boobs, fake nose and fake everything. That outfit only emphasizes her tacky appearance.
    Besides that it is very hard for me to believe that we are the same age.

  6. some bitch says:

    I feel really sorry for her. She seems like a lost soul, and it’s a pity she squandered away all her cash like that.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I would feel worse for her if so much of their money hadn’t gone to her plastic surgeries, her “music career” (I think that was like $2M right there), them living so FAR outside their means, and Spencer’s craziness (crystals, guns, and his “security team” comprised of like 4 or 5 former Special Ops guys).

      • Charlotte says:

        I never watched their show, but I read about them in coffee shop mags and saw the things that Spencer was spending money on. I thought it was all a joke; I literally thought these 2 people were complete fabrications and not real at all because, well, how could they be real???
        I had the same reaction to the Stodden mess. I’m still in shock that they’re actual people.

  7. only1shmoo says:

    For the first time, I actually do feel somewhat sad for her. I feel that she’s done so much unnecessary damage to her body, damage that is irreversible and that clearly looks artificial. If she actually has learned from this, then more power to her, but I never found her to be much of an intellectual heavyweight, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe she’ll use her experience to help other women who are suffering from body dis-morphia.

  8. MG says:

    It’s unbelievably sad. I feel sorry for her mother. Can you imagine watching your beautiful YOUNG child destroy themselves with plastic surgery and God knows what else. Such a shame.

  9. Blue says:

    She’s kind of annoying and kind of an idiot. I can’t believe these 2 are still together.

  10. DumbistheNewBlack says:

    She wears her hair in that style a lot…I would hazard to guess that she is hiding scars from surgery.

    She looks cheap IMHO. A savy and naturally curvaceous woman would tell her that we learn early to let our bodies telegraph sex and let our clothes stay simple with clean lines so to avoid of being looking like a street walker (no disrespect to those ladies intended). But Heidi is new to this so overkill is to be expected…by the way she should have bought an ass for her back to match the one on her chest. lol

  11. Shitler says:

    Ugh. Please go back to obscurity along with the rest of the reality tv trash like Paris Hilton. Hopefully Kim Kardashian will be joining you soon

  12. serena says:

    She looks horrible. And anyway it’s too easy now to say ‘being beautiful inside is all’..Bitch please!

  13. Cheryl says:

    Still, kinda surprised she hasn’t gone the druggie, boozer, overdone Hollywood scene route. So, good for her. She could be in a much worse place right now (cough #lilo# cough) Maybe she can get a degree, and a real job, and we”ll all see her on “where are they now” 20 years from today, and she’ll be ok. I hope this for her.

  14. SallyBee says:

    Too much Botox! Lay off the Botox and please get a haircut! A short ‘do would take 10 years off of her over-aged face.

  15. la chica says:

    If he hadn’t died, that doctor should have had his license removed like the one who impregnated Octomom. Sometimes patients are simply mentally unwell and need go be refferred to psychologists instead of being given the surgical procedures they are requesting. Yes Heidi was and is pathetic but that doctor’s behavior was unethical.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Oh please! Don’t give me that “no one told me how much it would hurt” blah blh blah…I fail to believe that. Unfortunately, her surgeon is dead so he can’t refute that. I’m sure he had staff- I’d fall over laughing if some of them came forward with a “Bitch, please- you were warned and warned and warned that you’d feel like death walking if you got surgery on your entire freaking body in one damn day”.

    And she’s hosting a party for a strip club in Vegas. What a surprise.

  17. Ellie66 says:

    She looks like a porn star now. It makes me wonder if the surgeon and Spencer talked her into having so much work done she doesn’t seem all that bright and I bet the manipulated her into looking like a Barbie stripper doll. What is she going to look like in 10-20 years? It’s not gonna be pretty.

    • Jayna says:

      Actually, Spencer was totally against it and they fought a lot about it she has admitted. I remember her interviews afterward. She actually wanted even bigger boobs than what she got and her doctor refused. She stated at the tiime she would probably find another doctor to give her even bigger boobs. Heidi’s issues are her own.

  18. Rianic says:

    Ok. I have lordosis – I’m swayback. It gives you a poochy belly and causes you to slouch of you dont teach yourself to tuck your pelvis and stand w proper posture. I do exercise for it every day – since I was diagnosed at 18. WHY SCOOP YOUR BACK? I’m serious. What is that supposed to do? I’m lucky mine isn’t severe. Just causes me to have a belly pooch and my butt to stick out. When I’m tired it’s obvious, though.

    I feel sorry for her – I think she or caught up in an idea and was insecure.

    • Ashley says:

      Actually, “back scooping” is just liposuction around your hips and waist. It’s not even an actual plastic surgery, just a name her surgeon slapped on a lipo procedure. However, unlike lordosis, it does not alter the curvature of your spine. Having back fat removed is not the same as having a genetic deformity.

  19. G says:

    I’m not a fan and can’t stand Spencer, but I can’t help but find her growing self awareness and regret touching.

  20. Hautie says:

    I am surprise Heidi has not had those implants removed. They are 2 sizes too big for her tiny frame.

    Her face looks settle in now. It’s not bad. And that actually looks to be her own hair. Very blond. But still looks like she grew it herself.

    And I am still puzzled by the nude lip thing. If you are wearing a face full of makeup. You need a little color on your lips. It just makes your face look off to have no lip color at all.

  21. tmbg says:

    I agree with Hautie – a little bit of color on her lips would go a long way. It would instantly brighten her face.

    If she cut the hair, had it colored a slightly darker shade and got the boobs deflated, I think she’d look OK. I remember people saying she looked like a horse pre-surgery and making fun of her chin. If you have a few flaws, they’ll laugh at you. If you have surgery, they’ll laugh at you. No one in Hollywood can win. The Hills ruined this girl. She probably never would have touched her face if not for that show and the fame it brought her.

    PS – And I do feel bad for her. She made these major decisions at such a young age and has always seemed a little naive and easily controlled.

    • Jayna says:

      Her first round of plastic surgery she looked fantastic, a smaller boob job than the one she has now and a boob job. She was just a fresher, prettier version of herself. She has mental issues.

      • tmbg says:

        That’s why I can’t snark on her – she probably does have some issues like body dysmorphia. She was horribly insecure and probably still is, and she was a really pretty girl but apparently couldn’t see that.

        It can take awhile for your face to settle so with time I think things will flatten out a bit, but she’s not a freak. Her boobs and hair are not working, but both are fixable.

        I feel bad for this girl. She let Spencer run her life and lost her best friend because of it. I think she probably wouldn’t have done this if she had LC as a support system and sent Spencer packing. JMHO.

  22. Cam S says:

    At least her extensions are on point.

  23. Canda says:

    She looks like a man! Well, more like a tranny with a bad fashion sense, but the surgery brought out all her masculine features!

  24. RN says:

    I will be very surprised if this woman makes it to age 35. She already looks dead in the eyes.

  25. rep says:

    I remember them being on some celeb competition Show where they were on an island. spencer kept complaining because according to him the other celebs were not famous enough/worthy of his time. I remember him saying, “I’m too rich and to famous” to be here and they left, but came back the next day. I think it was celebrity survivor. He caused problems and got into arguments with the weaker celebs. He never argued with former 6’11″ Lakers forward John Sally. Heidi was sooo pretty on that show. No glitz, no glam, just cute jungle attire.

  26. Cathy says:

    I think her face does look better. But she needs to get rid of the boobs, they’re way to big for her.

  27. tuva says:

    Can’t she just remove those huge breast implants? She would look much better without them
    I feel sorry for her. I wish her well

  28. Amanda G says:

    Meh, I don’t believe a word of her changed attitude UNLESS she’s finally talking to her mother and sister again. The last I knew she completely cut them out of her life.

    • Vesper says:

      Not only did she cut off her mother, but she talked trash about her on tv accusing her of being jealous of her “fame”. At some point her mother paid her and Spencer a visit, and they called the police.

      She deserves whatever comes her way.

  29. Sonia says:

    I don’t know who she looks like any more, but she doesn’t look like herself…or any of her previous selves. Sad.

  30. A Fan says:

    Another girl/woman who has irretrievably ruined her face (and body).

    Sometimes, one learns and becomes humble from hard lessons and bad decisions. Seems like she has…but who really knows.

  31. bettyrose says:

    I remember following the surgeries she said that she couldn’t run or anything. Her body doesn’t look any more athletic now, so I wonder how she manages to exercise. I guess she’s still at an age when one an stay reasonably thin from diet alone, but I really do feel sorry for her as she ages.

  32. Seagulls says:

    She’s blandly pretty now, but she was pretty before, and in a more meaningful way since that was her actual face.

    I was at a fragrance counter recently looking at something when I was greeted by the attendant; I hope I didn’t visibly ract to her startlingly altered face. She was waxy and puffy and pinched and had on vey severe makeup, too. Too much is never, ever an improvement and it telegraphs to all, “Hello, I am completely insecure and don’t like myself very much.”

  33. MrsBPitt says:

    Mark my words, she will be making porn movies very soon…

  34. Gracie says:

    I’m very cynical and I don’t pity many people, but,

    Heidi is no exception. No one forced her to do or any of the things she’s done, and, IMHO, she was never that pretty to start out with.

  35. J says:

    She’s shiny/sweaty, pale, and sickly=she looks like she’s on heroin. Regardless if whether or not she actually is, I’m pretty sure “drug addled prostitute” wasn’t the look she was going for when she got all of that surgery.

  36. TheTruthHurts says:

    She looks disgusting. She should reduce her boobs down to a B/C and cut her hair to just below her shoulders & get the same style before she changed her whole look when she still looked like a human being. Sad.

  37. moon says:

    she looks nice,her boobs are way too big though…how come they’re still together?!

  38. Annie says:

    I actually think her surgery is technically good for such a drastic change – like, if I hadn’t seen her “before” pics, she wouldn’t scream “whoa, bad plastic surgery” to me. I’d peg her as a rather overbleached and overbotoxed 35-38, rather than “plastic”. With different styling though I’d say she’d look closer to her real age. It’s more the fact that we DO know what she looked like before which makes it a bit un-nerving. She has a *very* different more mature look going for her now wheras before she looked more like a cute, outdoors-ey girl next door. I would honestly never have recognised her. I hope she managed to achieve the look she was after and doesn’t get any more surgery. There’s always a bit of luck involved with plastic surgery, and if there’s a next time, she probably won’t be so lucky.

  39. Riana says:

    ” If you have a few flaws, they’ll laugh at you. If you have surgery, they’ll laugh at you. No one in Hollywood can win”

    Truer words have never been spoken, ist the way the system is set up.sometimes it’s hard road to go to learn a lesson, seems like she found that out. Good luck to her this is how fame is, best to get the money and keep a low profile.

    • atorontogal says:

      I can think of a few “huge” actors who never changed themselves physically and have done very well for themselves. Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sean Penn..just to name a few. If you have genuine talent there is no need to butcher yourself to “fit in” to the weird Hollywood stereotypical look.

  40. giddy says:

    This is like rubber-necking a car wreck. She looks terrible. Sickly. She married her “best-friend” (gay guy Spencer) to create a back-story. Two young “sexy” popular stars. It was all so very very transparent. When the PR campaign didn’t yield the payoff as hoped, they shifted strategy and kept upping the ante. More surgery and the like. More pap-opps. While its hard to blame others for her bad decisions — there were lots of enables around to support the crazy.

    Think about an industry that sifts through thousands of fresh-faced kids — all pretty much the same — select a few hundred to be in commercials, on TV or in a movie. Then those kids spend all their time trying to stay in the cut. Nothing else matters. Not their education, health, family, happiness or safety. The entertainment industry perverts those without real talent. (And perverts the ones with talent as well — just not as easily.) It takes kids with marginal skills and turns them into something which no one finds compelling.

    She looks as if she’s on hardcore drugs turning tricks. Assume that’s what’s happening.

  41. atorontogal says:

    She looks so sad to me. Like she knows she f’d up but must pay (monetarily) for her mistakes. Her husband is the biggest d-bag walking and I think she would be well rid of him. I don’t shed tear 1 for either of these idiots. They had money and blew it all. What I wouldn’t give for financial security for myself and my children!

  42. aloejuice says:

    I think she’s gained some understanding and wisdom in her time away from the spotlight. Her face definitely has that look of maturity she didn’t have before. Honestly, I think she looks good and I was probably one of the few wondering what the hell happened to them.

  43. Missykitten says:

    It sounds to me like she & Spencer have learned from their mistakes. It sounds like she has had some therapy, which is good, if true.

    It’s really been said enough now — she ruined her lokos and acted the fool– don’t know why people feel the need to keep talking about it. Let her be!

  44. ZenB!tch says:

    $50K on surgery and I still see cellulite and leg acne. OK, lipo doesn’t remove leg acne but when someone does something this ridiculous, every flaw is fair game.

    I’m glad her worst half was not photographed. He makes me barf.

  45. KelBear says:

    She shines just the way plastic does…

  46. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Lile you’re take giddy on hollyweird;Not to get political, but if right wingers want to blast hollyweird this is the line of attack, not the lame cliched hollywood lib bs;
    Btw, A year away from WHAT? It wasn’t like she was away improving her mind/intellect – there are just too many deserving people to have empathy for; I guess she could do porn, staring at yourself in the mirror all day would eventually get boring, even for this twit.

  47. Meanchick says:

    Looks like a cheap Vegas hooker. All of that surgery and she looks sad and very cheap.

  48. Memphis says:

    Crazyhorse Gentlemans Club, huh? This is just a guess…but I’d say she’s totally over her “I’m a mega-Christian” phase she was in a while back…I guess Jesus and beads just didn’t get them enough press.

  49. mln89 says:

    i thought she looked ugly before the surgery and i think she looks like a grotesque plastic surgery experiment now. with tacky, whoreish clothing. she tried so hard to make herself look like the typical playboy platinum blonde and failed: her huge implants look phony and make her look fat and her fake plastic barbie looking extensions look stiff and unnatural. she can’t even find clothing that properly fits the disproportinate size of those basketballs on her chest with her skinny body. if i was her, i’d lose the cartoonish breast implants, the overbleached disgusting hair, and the whoreish clothing. if she insists on keeping those disgusting breasts she should ask kim to where she got her butt implants from, she that she doesn’t constantly look like she’ll fall over.

  50. Shelley says:

    Two things she can change immediately to look and feel 1000 times better – get the painful distorted implants removed – they will rupture, they are not lifetime devices and they hurt like hell, especially when contracted as hers are. And secondly, stop bleaching her hair – let it be whatever color it’s meant to be. That too is painful (scalp burns) and damaging – and also expensive to maintain.

  51. Kristin says:

    She was such a beautiful young woman. I would be very interested to know what was going on with her psychologically, that made her think all that … “dental work” was a good idea.

  52. Stubbylove says:

    Looks like somebody got their comeuppance.

  53. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Oh! boo freaking hoo! No sympathy from me at all. She, along with that sociopath she’s married to, made the choice to have all those procedures done to what seemed to be one segment on Access Hollywood & a People Magazine cover. These two are the lowest form of parasitic fame whores who did absolutely nothing with all the perks that were handed to them for being nasty people. She also badmouthed the idiot that performed all that un necessary surgery on her after he died. She deserves to look like a freak. This is what she wanted for herself. LIVE WITH IT.

  54. Stacia says:

    TRY-HARD! Trying hard to make it in H’wood and no one cares. She tries to capture an audience, but no one will pay her the attention. She need to give it up.

  55. natalina says:

    Looks good but it allll is fake.

  56. SamiHami says:

    Well, she does look better than she did a year ago at least. Her face seems to have settled somewhat. She really should get rid of those ridiculous oversized boobs, though. They just do not work on her at all. And as much as I love long hair, it just does not look good on her. She doesn’t need a short cut necessarily, but she could lose several inches and tone down the color a bit and she would look much better.

  57. Francesca says:

    Looking for attention and see where it got her…weird is the only word for her now.