Katie Holmes wears a figure hugging LBD in New York City: lovely or tired?

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes attended the Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl’s launch in New York City last night, and she looks fantastic. This little black, ruched dress fits her figure perfectly and highlights her lovely, post-Tom waistline. Katie and Suri are doing well in the big city, and Katie always does the daily school run to Suri’s new school, which is located very close to their Chelsea apartment. Still no sign of Tom after more than ten weeks of absence, but whatever.

As for this look, Katie not only looks good in the dress did very well in the makeup and hair department as well. Those long, loose curls lend her a very youthful appearance, which is also aided by that dewy complexion once again.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Here’s Katie posing with Narciso Rodriguez himself. Now there’s a man who owns his height with no lifts required! Katie should get on that.

Katie Holmes

Emma Roberts and Julianna Margulies were also at the event, and it looks like they drew the short end of the stick with these color-blocked dresses. To make matters somewhat worse, Julianne got stuck with a black and white “illusion” dress. Oh how I wish Stella McCartney had never started that trend.

Julianna Margulies

Emma Roberts

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. tru tru says:

    Katie looks good, I like her dress–not too much and too matronly-perfect for her.

    • Jenny Kellstedt says:

      I almost always like the way Katie Holmes looks, and I have a problem with everyone giving her trouble. She’s a caring mother and often doesn’t care how she looks, like most normal mums, is that such a problem? I like her approach, far from the Glen Steffani et al kids out-there…so many new mums fighting for space, and Katie is only looking for space in a different arena, just to keep her daughter secure and OK

    • Lauren says:

      This is best Katie has looked in months..but why is shy always pigeon-toed? She is tall, but has horrible legs. Love her face and hair extensions, wish her well. She fought for Suri, so i admire her, even if she is a boring actress.

  2. eileen says:

    Her skin is gorgeous…me thinks she is ingesting more than just barley water now! :golf clap:

  3. Micki says:

    I hate it when women take the first posture. Why would you stay like a fettered horse ?

  4. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Hair and skin/make-up look fantastic. She does however need a shoe intervention.

  5. hoya_chick says:

    I actually don’t like the dress. Her hair and make up look great though! The ruching would be great for a maternity dress or something. Idk, I don’t love it on Katie. I like the colors and fit of Emma’s dress. I have loved Narciso Rodriguez ever since her designed Carolyn Bessette’s wedding dress. So simplistic and elegant.

    • Apples says:

      Narciso is a lovely guy, but, I passionately hate ruching- reminds me of Target clothes from the 1990′s.

      This is the most flattering color I have ever seen on that Emma girl- her face looks almost flushed and actually alive.

      Katie’s hair is beautiful.

  6. Karen says:

    These dresses look cheap. Is that the point? I’m Canadian, so I don’t know what Kohl’s is.

    • suhon says:

      Yes, you Canadians DO know what Kohl’s is! Come to Michigan in the lower peninsula! They haul in bus-loads of Canadians into Michigan for shopping, especially for the holidays. I worked there, I’ve seen it first hand. More east coast, east of Wisconsin I would think. Check it out. Canadians love Michigan shopping, try Birch Run.

      • Karen says:

        I didn’t say CANADIANS don’t know what Kohl’s is. I said I don’t know. I don’t live anywhere near Michigan. I’ve gone to Washington to cross-border shop but never to Kohl’s. What kind of shop is Kohl’s? Can anyone suggest a Canadian equivalent?

    • Bluedog says:

      Those dresses DO look cheap. Cheap and not even “designed” at all. Heck, I could design those dresses and I’m no designer.

      Kohl’s is a terrible store. I’ve only been in it once, but that was enough. Cheap, shoddily made clothing, rude salesclerks and a filthy bathroom with overflowing toilets were more than enough to convince me never to return.

  7. Starlight says:

    Simply beautiful. Amazing.

  8. ladybert62 says:

    (1) She needs a haircut – she is too old for such long curls

    (2) She needs to stand up straight

    (3) She needs to rearrange that half-of-the-face smile which always seems like a smirk

    (4) Changed my mind – I DONT like the dress

  9. Audrey says:

    Dress looks like it’s from Target and she is pigeon toed. Great hair, thought!

  10. Roxy says:

    Whats with her smirk? Jeez, it looks like she hated being there. Maybe she did? & her big feet, posed pigeon toed looks stupid. She’s not a small person but she should stand tall & proud. Not slouchy and dumpy. I didn’t even notice the dress, her smirk and feet got my attention. What does it mean when a woman has big feet? I love how she got away from Tommy girl. But I am not a big Katie fan. Although, I did enjoy her in The Kennedy’s.

  11. Blue says:

    I love her hair. So thick and shiny. I don’t like the ruching at the front. It makes her mid section look weird.

  12. bella says:

    katie is lovely…truly.
    but as mom would say – the girl has the most unfortunate legs!

  13. Katyusha says:

    Why does she stand like that?

  14. Minnie says:

    Hair and face-gorgeous. Dress-cheap

  15. Anguishedcorn says:

    Why such poor posture and pigeon-toes?

  16. carol says:

    to Katie Holmes: S T O P pointing your toes inward. please. Other than that, you’re perfect

  17. marie says:

    I really like her hair, looks good-I’m kinda jealous..

  18. ds says:

    I think Katies dress looks cheap and it’s horribly designed

  19. Christine says:

    The stupid pose with the toes pointing in and the smirk in every single picture ruin the entire look for me. Does she not have a mirror? Does she not look at photographs of herself? The slouchy smirk makes me insane.

  20. Nicolette says:

    I think she looks great! Freedom is working for her. That vacant stare is gone and there is life in her eyes again. Good for her :)

  21. Christine says:

    The idiotic pose with the toes pointing in and the smirk in every single picture ruin the entire look for me. Does she not have a mirror? Does she not look at photographs of herself? The slouchy smirk makes me insane.

  22. Dirtnap says:

    The hair reminds me of another Kate’s hair that we like to dissect around here…although Holmes hasn’t gone completely “sausage curl” on us just yet.

  23. imabrat says:

    Katie looks great. She’s so pretty!

  24. ygly says:

    I’ll be dressed better than her even if I have clothes from the Salvation Army store! She have NO fashion sense whatsoever.

    And those backward knees/legs… they look like the alien ones from District 9.

  25. Ranunculus says:

    I wish she would go away and take that annoying smirk with her!

  26. lower-case deb says:

    i dig Emma Robert’s clutch.
    what is it?
    i need to find out to see how many shades of 50 i need to start churning out.

  27. kct says:

    She looks tired but I suppose she’s entitled. From what I’ve read, she’s busy these days.

    I agree with the smirk and pigeon toed look. She should stand up straight and smile! What good press that would stir up.

    Nothing here looks designer. You could go to Ross or another discount store and likely find the same looks for $19.99 or less.

  28. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    She looks so pretty – agree with everyone about her lovely skin and hair. She just looks tired. A few more hours of sleep, and she might be close to perfection once again.

  29. blonde on the dock says:

    That dress is doing her no favours.

  30. dorothy says:

    She looks lovely. Now that she’s around sane people she smiles more.

  31. cw says:

    i love the fit of this on her
    but boy does she have some weird legs, no? they look double jointed?

  32. Reece says:

    Dear Katie,

    You don’t have to hunch down anymore.
    Stand at your full height woman! Not sure about the dress either but one at a time. Just a little constructive criticism.


  33. lower-case deb says:

    btw, upon further consideration,
    i find this toe-pointing-inwards pose less annoying than the i-need-to-pee crosslegged pose.

  34. Memphis says:

    The dress looks budget but Katie looks great! I just wish she would stand tall and own her height!

    As a shorty myself, if I was that tall no one would ever catch me slouching and trying to appear shorter!

  35. NeNe says:

    I think the dress makes her look frumpy. I still cannot understand the fascinating with her. I just don’t get it!

  36. haha says:

    The news im reading right now:OVER THE PONT, says that none of here old friends like her anymore…they dont want to ‘connect’, like before TOMKAT!

  37. La Calabaza says:

    This is the best look/style I have seen on her in years. No kidding! Go Katie!

  38. Samigirl says:

    Is it just me or is there a stain at the bottom of Emma’s dress?

    I think Katie looks great, but needs to work on her posture. Also, I LOVE her hair! It’s so pretty and shiny.

  39. Amory says:

    When her hair is the only thing going for her, she needs to step it up!

    I think her clothes are often unfortunate, but her real problem is that she has no poise or confidence. Not sure that either actor or designer is really the career for her. She always seems like she is in over her head in anything she undertakes.

  40. Enn says:

    Enough with the smirk comments! She had Bell’s Palsy, FFS. She can’t help that.

  41. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Her posture is bad and I don’t like the dress. But why criticize her for something she can’t control — the way her mouth pulls up on one side? You can see her mouth pulls up on the same side her eye slightly droops, which seems like a nerve/muscle thing and NOT something she’s doing on purpose. Get off her back about it.

    Btw, Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, Olivia Munn, and other celebrities seem to have the same condition, but to a lesser degree. I don’t think it’s something they can control. Why be mean about it? On the other hand, I think it’s fine to criticize hair, make-up, posture, clothing, spouses, and things that are voluntary choices.

  42. d says:

    You know, if you want to be taken seriously, you don’t pose like that.

    I’m glad she got away from CoS, but apart from that, I just can’t with this woman. There is something extremely irritating about her and/or the way she presents herself that it’s just … “Aaaarrrgh. Stop it.”

  43. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Her hair and make up look gorgeous. The dress is OK, although I don’t love it.

  44. Gin says:

    Oh look! A man shorter than Tom!

  45. Starlight says:

    There is nothing wrong with her hair. That’s her signature hair. Katie don’t cut your hair pls.

  46. Hmmm says:

    The dress in some weird way makes her head look really big – strange. And she looks like she could need some sleep. But nice hair.

  47. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I have started to wonder if Cruise has had any secret, off the radar visits with Suri. MissCabbage and CO$ dictate so much of his life: Maybe $%^# hit the fan so hard from parishioners forced to disconnect from family members that he was ordered no more media spectacle outings with her.

  48. Amy C says:

    She only look good from far in the dress. The closer pictures makes her look hedious . I like her hair it is thick but it that all her hair?

  49. sam1925 says:

    I hate Katie’s dress, specifically the bunching. It doesn’t look nice.

  50. Suzie says:

    I don’t like anything about that dress at all, never mind on Katie. The dress’s color does nothing for her, the design on the front looks like a bad replica from another era, awful overall. She is standing like she should be in hipster jeans and T shirt.

  51. BIGT says:

    Don’t like the dress. Makeup looks good, maybe more red lipstick. Hair ok. Overall better then she has looked in a while. She NEEDS to stand up straight and not with the pigeon toes.

  52. xoxokaligrl says:

    Why is it she can never pose right, or even make a decent face.

    Skin looks amazing, the dress does not do anything for her. Sorry it makes her look straight up and down no emphasis on the waist.

  53. piggy says:

    Is the left side of her face paralised?

  54. Maritza says:

    Kate looks beautiful but I agree, she needs to work on her posture. I think she looks kind of sad.

  55. Milk says:

    I don’t dislike or like her. She’s very bland to me. However in these pics she looks very… askew.