Robert Pattinson looks sparkly in Sydney: ‘I hate people but I love dogs’

Yay! We finally got some of these photos of Robert Pattinson in Sydney, Australia. These are from the red carpet “premiere” of Breaking Dawn Part II yesterday in Sydney. Sparkles wore a decent suit and an absolutely bizarre shirt. His style is cracking me up… he’s so tall, and he has those lovely shoulders, so he could really bring it, style-wise. But he looks like he’s wearing that shirt as part of some kind of dare.

Anyway, it’s being widely reported that while doing press in Australia, Rob refused to answer questions about Kristen. From the assorted quotes I’ve seen, I think Rob asked reporters to avoid direct questions about his relationship with Kristen, but he seemed okay with mentioning her as he discussed BDII. Here are some highlights from his press:

He wept like a baby at ‘Marley &Me’. “I was so surprised that I was devastated. It was awful. I never want to see it again. I can’t take it. I hate people but I love dogs.”

Going back and watching the first Twilight, and describing the scene when his character Edward, first sees Bella, played by Kristen Stewart: “Whenever I see it I’m making the most ridiculous facial expression. I was so serious when I was doing it. Looking at it now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you were on another planet!’ It looks like she’s farting when Edward walks past. Terrible.”

Rob doesn’t like the “Team Edward” aspect of it: “That’s the one thing I’ve been annoyed about by the whole thing. The kind of ‘team’ aspect of it. It’s strange. I think that’s what has created a very strange atmosphere around how the movies are promoted and stuff. It’s making it like a sport or something. People can’t really watch the films any more because they’re thinking about all this other silliness.”

Bitching about the press: “It’s not. I mean, yeah, it’s hard because people have kind of made this media culture…people have kind of made this assumption that anything is fair game, but it’s really kind of not. It’s just impossible to fight against. Half the time, what people are doing is entirely illegal, and you just can’t do anything about it. It’s a weird sort of thing.”

[From Hollywood Life & Entertainmentwise]

Obviously, my favorite part is when Rob jokes about his performance in the first Twilight, which yes, is not good. It’s not good for any of the actors, and Billy Burke should be ashamed! But I love a good fart joke, especially if it’s aimed at Kristen Stewart. I might have to go back and watch Twilight again to see if I can make out all of the “farty” expressions. Maybe that’s why Kristen does so much lip-biting? She’s gassy. And Rob is gassy. And she bites her lip whenever the stank gets to be too much.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Riana says:

    I’m sorry every single picture in this post is hilarious. He looks like a young man trying to take a serious school photo with his friends egging him in the background.

    LMAO…oh what happened here Rob…some men never learn how to dress themselves.

    Overall I like his interview, he is right that there’s a culture of everything on the table all the time…but with the psycho movie he signed up for it was bound to happen. What a horrible piece of literature.

  2. virginia5 says:

    he is so greasy looking.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    that might be the ugliest shirt on earth

  4. marie says:

    his shirt seems very “Revenge of the Nerd-y” I’m sorry, it might be in fashion (I dunno) but it’s a very ugly shirt..

    And all of these photos look like he either just farted or is smelling a fresh one..

  5. Micki says:

    What was this half-a$$ bitching about the press? He is on the radar exactly because…” people have kind of made this media culture”

    He may hate people and I may hate his shirt.Donate it to a dog shelter Rob.

    • Annie says:

      I’m so over these hipster comments of his and Kristen. Oh the media! Omg I hate it! Please be grateful you’re employed and became incredibly rich. And don’t bitch about Twilight. It gave you everything and Ryan Gosling you are not.

      What does he want? Twilight is the only role he could get after a year in LA. He should be thankful.

      • giddy says:

        This^^^. Weary of both. Whether its the hipster, lip-biting, angsty-artist, fauxmance — whatever — its all crap. Nothing against him. Seems like a nice chap. Rather polite actually. But when he’s connected to Kristen, he’s less appealing. On his own he’s palatable.

        There are so many one-dimensional actors what’s one more or less. No reason he shouldn’t have work. But a great actor he ain’t. And the more the shills try to force him into that slipper, the worse he looks.

    • kc says:

      except he didn’t actually bitch about Twilight – he bitched about his performance in it. At least he owned that it wasn’t his best acting *shrugs*

      And he was asked about his thoughts on the media – what was he supposed to do, refuse to answer? He’s actually been very laid back about the craziness. He’s very private so of course he doesn’t like it. But I think he’s learned to live with it and not bitch and moan about it all the time – unless he’s asked.

  6. alons-y alonso says:

    I have nothing against Robert Pattinson. I like the interview but thank whatever deity or force of nature that may be, Twilight is well and truly, limping toward its end.

  7. mommak918 says:

    He can be so attractive…but its like sometimes he doesn’t want to be?

    The shirt is awful and his neck scruff is bad.
    And I don’t care for his suit either. To me it doesn’t look like it fits.

    I think he generally could careless what people think of him. And that’s kinda a nice quality to have compared to most hollywood types.

  8. Danny says:

    How can anyone call this man hot is beyond me. He looks gross and so immature.

  9. Anname says:

    Re the shirt, I posted this yesterday, but here it is again –
    I like it better on Rob than on the runway.

  10. Sara says:

    As soon as you started agreeing to photo ops with your “girlfriend” you lost all right to complain about what’s fair game in the media

    • Anname says:

      Perhaps he didn’t agree to photo ops with his girlfriend, then his comments make a bit more sense.

    • JS says:

      Agreed if true. But that’s an accusation, not a conviction. Don’t you think you should at least allow for the possibility that he might be innocent until proof is obtained otherwise?

    • Annie says:

      The nerve of complaining about the media when he’s over there agreeing to staged pictures to ease the twihards and please her sorry ass girlfriend.
      Just stop bitching about the media. You benefit from them. They’re not gonna kiss your ass 24/7.

      • JS says:

        Like I said, you don’t know that he staged the pictures. At this point it’s an accusation, no more, with about as much proof as the claim that the moon-landings were faked (you know, you can tell by the shadows that the Apollo 11 photos were all taken in a warehouse at Area 51, LOL). Kidding aside, I’m not ruling out that they set up the shoots, by any means, but it seems a grossly over-elaborate and cack-handed way of achieving a very simple goal, if all they wanted to do was give the world the impression that they’re back together! Why burgle an upstairs window when you can just walk in through an open front door? I know their PR people aren’t very good, but are they so bad that they’d sanction that level of stupidity? Especially when anyone with half a brain could predict that people like yourself would immediately start shouting “Fake” and get listened to by enough of the fans to make the whole exercise self-defeating!

      • Diana says:

        Oh, JS, do not waste your time trying to reason with Annie; She’s on a rampant roll of criticism ever since it was reported Rob got back with she-who-shal-not-be-named. She can post multiple times on any thread about either one of them and repeat herlself ad nauseam. It gets really tiring and you could seize your time to something a lot more productive.

      • JS says:

        @Diana. Thanks for the tip. Annie does seem particularly offended that Rob has failed to drive a stake through the heart of the Dark Princess and may instead have been key to raising her from her Trampire grave! LOL. Whatever, I still don’t like to see an apparently very decent man subjected to guilty-unless-proved-innocent justice, on the basis of some extremely questionable charges.

      • ORLY says:

        To be fair, JS & Diana – Anname post just as much if not more than Annie from the other perspective. She repeats herself as well.
        Really who cares? This should all be in good fun, because in the grand scheme of things, none of what we say matter.

      • Diana says:

        @ORLY: maybe I’m biased, cuz’ I still like Rob, but I find that although Anname does have a lot of posts, her arguments are very much well reasoned and respectful towards both the readers of this site and the famous people she talks about and also, she has never denied the fact that she’s a fan of Rob’s. Annie on the other hand has claim, in the particular case of Rob, that she has been let down by him and is no longer his fan and no longer cares about him or his career, yet she comments on everything about him just to bash him or she-who-shal-not-be-named. For someone who has stated she no longer cares, that’s very much contradictory.

  11. len says:

    You know, I think I’m starting to figure it out. He is not as cool as he seems. He is a bit of geek. Suddenly I see it in these pictures. An insecure bit geeky boy, who thinks he can’t get any better than Kristen.

  12. G says:

    You know how people show off their “revenge” look after a break-up?

    His “look” says to me-keep your hands off me. I’m making no effort to clean up and be attractive to you, KStew. Take a hint.

  13. deb says:

    Looks like kshrew is being his stylist now as well as the keeper of his balls. Two overexposed famewhores. Ugh, hopefully they both disappear after this last twi crap movie is done with.

  14. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    ROFLMAO @ fart quote. There are some hilarious Bella-farting videos on youtube. I almost died while watching them. Rob’s quote reminded me of one video where Bella is screaming and farting in the bed dreaming about Edward. Lol lol!

  15. Lb says:

    Wtf happened? He was looking so good right after the scandal came out and he went on Jon Stewart. Now, he’s all gross and unwashed again.

  16. Apples says:

    Suit and shoes OK, but, I can’t stand that Kenzo shirt. Hate it.

    I like beards and love scruff. Pattinson does look cute with scruff, but, here he is more in beard territory.

    RPatz with a beard makes me think he’s a member of King Henry VIII’s court- and now I can’t unsee it.

  17. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Oh I finally got the scene where he sees Bella for the first time and quoted it looked as if Bella farted while he walked by..

  18. Gabby says:

    It’s weird how when he was apart from Kristen for that short amount of time (sigh) that I really noticed he was lookin good. Better than ever. Now that they’re together again, he looks awful here to me. Terrible suit and shirt and his hair is all crazy and gnarled again. But I do admire the fact he can admit Twilight sucked. I think for all the money it got all of the actors and fame, there is a tiny bit of regret in their minds when they think of how much crazy the franchise has brought them!

    • Ann says:

      It’s actually like this all the time with him, has been for years. You’ll see him on a red carpet looking all groomed and fantastic, and then the next time you see him in an airport pic or something, he’ll look like a frat boy that just rolled out of bed and put on the first clothes he could find on the floor.

      I don’t think he really gives a hoot about his appearance, he’s definitely not vain, I’ll give him that.

      I’m not a fan of beards in general, a little light scruff is okay. Neck beard is never okay. But a man who has a jawline like Robert should show it off, imo. Clean shaven wins.

  19. Nev says:

    Love the shirt and jacket combo!!!

  20. KT says:

    what happened? He look so good after him and Kristen broke up then just like magic he runs back to her like the pus*y whipped little weak whimp that he is, and he looks like death. She sucked the life right out of him…I hope he realizes what a fool he is. Dumba*s

    • Apples says:

      He looked so good after he and Kristen broke-up (allegedly) because he was promoting Cosmopolis, a great movie that he really cared about.

      Now he is promoting Twilight. He has been tied into Twilight films for 5 years and could give 2 sh!ts about making an effort for the red carpets. He appears to be in countdown mode until he reaches freedom.

  21. Reece says:

    That is a 180 shirt. It’s so bad it’s good. It’s old man-ish. ha! I don’t love it but I like it.
    Btw you lost your “Media Complaints” card when you started playing the game with your gf deary. Sit down.

  22. Evelyn says:

    The fact that he loves dogs makes me like him more, dogs are my favorite things in the world. But he really needs to groom himself, the ability to dress well and take care of ones self is tantamount to loving dogs in my book

  23. Mia 4S says:

    So that five minutes he looked good promoting the Cronenberg movie was a fluke? Good to know, moving on. If he is happy to fade to indies that’s fine though. Leading man in Hollywood? Doesn’t look promising.

    I wonder if Stewart will let him have his balls back for premiere night. ;-)

    • Anname says:

      He isn’t attempting to be a Hollywood movie star. I would not say “fading” to indies, instead that is what he is choosing now. I hope he does a few big movies down the road, but now he has the freedom to do the movies he wants. That is hardly fading.

  24. booboocita says:

    The last photo is definitely a “Who farted?” look.

  25. Madpoe says:

    Too bad dogs don’t buy $13-14 movie tickets, nor do they director movies.

    I have nothing against Lestat’s toothpick

  26. Annie says:

    He doesn’t look happy. While Kristen is glowing in Japan he looks depressed. Dude, lighten up. There’s fans dying to see you and cheering for you. Do you think this love will follow you forever? Passionate fans like that are very fickle. Enjoy it while you can and smile. Get over it. People have worse jobs that pay close to nothing. You’re not suffering through anything.

    This is why this people have emotional break downs. They have everything in life and when things don’t their way they freak out. He hasn’t been through real hardships. They’re all spoiled brats dep down.

  27. Listerino says:

    He needs to shave really bad. Neck hair is never a good look.

  28. TXCinderella says:

    Rob’s suit looks like it’s almost too tight, and that shirt is so fug, just aweful. It must have been a bet.

  29. Jocelyn says:

    Is it a coincidence that he gets back with Kristen and he starts to look dirty, grungy, and bad again?

    He looks horrible. Take a bath. Wash your hair. You can still be cool and look clean.

  30. Tig says:

    Not his best look at all. Re the beard- it appears he is one of those guys with very fast growing facial hair who hates to shave. I agree- he needs the Cosmopolis grooming/styling team back STAT. I also agree that he’s so dreading what’s to come back in the States- someone is going to call him on those photos – Cabana Rob anyone?

    • Perplexed says:

      I don’t think London will be very pleasant either.

    • Adeli says:

      I legit laughed out loud at Cabana Rob! Those totally not staged photos were 2nd hand embarrassing. Here love, don’t exert yourself going into the house to get your coffee. Can I get a cookie now?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he blamed himself for the fact that she cheated. I think he’s just that insecure. He’s admitted as much, many times.

      • Anname says:

        I don’t think he is insecure. He knows what he wants, you may disagree with it, but that’s not insecurity. I would argue he is taking the harder road, and it takes more courage to do that.

        The self-deprecating thing comes partly from handling the super-fast rise to fame, I think. How do you handle it when suddenly everyone thinks you’re the next big thing? It’s seem like he’s protecting himself from buying into his own hype with that sort of thing.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Mr. Pattinson had said himself in interviews that he is insecure. He’s also admitted that he used to be fearful and that he wasted a lot of time being afraid. It seems that in some areas of his life he has confidence and in others he does not. Just like everyone else.

      • Adeli says:

        Anname, I think you are conveniently forgetting the many times that Rob has described himself as insecure. It’s not just simply my opinion. I guess I don’t understand why he’s choosing this “hard road” It just smacks of martyrdom. He looks downright miserable in most of the pics coming out of Australia. Maybe he’s just tired of the twilight circus. Or maybe it’s an outward reflection of inner turmoil and stress.

      • honeybee says:

        Adeli – I think he looks miserable here and like you said its probably the inside turmoil reflecting outside.
        Or could be jet lag too.

        Regards to insecurity – he has said he felt insecure before. That could be about his profession, acting. He never felt comfortable calling himself an actor till he finished Cosmo. He said that that movie experience has given him tons of confidence to go after the roles he wants instead of shying away from them.
        We cannot project that ‘insecurity’ he has in acting to his personal life and the dynamics he has with women.

  31. Freya Magritt says:

    The look is the reflection of what he feels. Summit made him responsible for the success of the final installment. He has the franchise on his shoulders and tons of insulting comments – no wonder he’s extremely unhappy.

    • Anname says:

      This is true, he has said he was afraid to do an audition, and regrets it. No doubt he has fears like everyone else. I was objecting to the comment that he is SO insecure, I don’t think he is anymore insecure than anyone else ( better way to phrase it).

  32. original almond says:

    Sparkles, honey, when you stage photo-ops with your so called girlfriend, you no longer get to complain about the media.

    And we get it, you hate twilight. You’ve been singing the same song for years now and it would be funny and endearing if it were volunteer work, but you’re getting payed massive dough for it. So maybe STFU and be grateful that you have millions in the bank; you’re part of an infinitesimal percentage who can say that.

    And also remember this bit of advice: never take a sh*t on a past job; potential employers don’t like that. But since you’re taking a big one on your current one, maybe you’re past instruction.

    P.S. Your shirt is fugly as hell and you need some serious grooming. Fix that nastiness.

    • Anname says:

      He doesn’t “hate” Twilight, he is just like every other guy who doesn’t understand why anyone would go this nuts over it. He finds the entire situation absurd – the popularity, the screams, the fervor. He can find the humor in it, and not use it to feed his own ego. This doesn’t mean he isn’t grateful for it all.

      His job is to sell the movie, his interviews are engaging and funny, and when he talks about how ridiculous it was to film chewing out the baby from Bella (for example), it doesn’t really hurt ticket sales.

      My favorite comment was a few years ago -he was asked if he would be a fan of Twilight if he weren’t in it. He said he would probably mindlessly hate it like every other guy. True! I enjoy Twilight for all it’s goofiness, but I have the same feelings as Rob does about it’s “quality” or lack thereof. When Taylor Lautner is asked these types of questions, he talks about how great it all is, and it is boring and sounds studio scripted. I’ll take Rob’s funny honesty.

      • giddy says:

        Here you are! Back at the salt-mines! Shilling, shilling and shilling some more for Rob. Hate to disagree with you again — your efforts are impressive — but “Original Almond” made an excellent point. Pattinson earned HUGE sums from the Twilight series. Those of us with taste and discernment may call it crap. We may complain because we didn’t suck from the Twilight teat like Mr. Pattinson. But the ever-petulant Rob twitches and fidgets and complains as he laughs all the way to the bank. He’s happy to take the Twilight money — but doesn’t want the stench of its mediocrity to attach itself to his “person”. There’s that “fart” again. The Twilight fart that will follow them throughout their lives and careers. Sadly for Rob, it’s the way fame and money works.

        When he complains about Twilight he sounds like an ungrateful prat who needs to man-up.

      • Anname says:

        Hi Giddy – and you’re back too! How is your paycheck this week? Just remember, I find you as completely ridiculous as you find me…

        If Rob lied his way through promo and talked about how much he respected the series, he would catch way more sh_t than he currently does. Would that be “manning-up” enough for you? He isn’t complaining, he is responding to interview questions, and trying to be entertaining.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Like everyone else with a brain and some taste, Mr. Pattinson finds Twilight ridiculous and stupid. I admire his honesty.

  33. Madriani's Girl says:

    He lost a bet, right? That’s the only explanation for that outfit.

  34. Alexis says:

    I get it…you and your girlfriend don’t care….moving on.

  35. Madriani's Girl says:

    I don’t see the attraction at all. He has an acorn-shaped head, he has publicly admitted he has less than ideal hygiene (teeth and body), his beard looks awful, and he has strange eyes.

  36. Bunny says:

    Boy, there’s that charming british wit surfacing again.

  37. Scarlett says:

    God, he’s gross. What a loser.

  38. Chickie Baby says:

    This has got to be one of the funniest diatribes you’ve ever written about Sparkles. Darn near caused a spit-take all over my computer.

    Maybe that could be a drinking game—every time it looks like “smell the fart” acting, take a drink! Might make the spectacle that is Twilight easier to stomach.

    I agree with Anname, though. The goofiness is part of the stupid charm of these flicks.

  39. Anon says:

    Only seen ‘Water for Elephants’ and the one having to do with 9/11, I enjoy his interviews–think people should give him a chance to grow–and am thankful Kristen is gone. Not all get his sense of humor, oh well.

  40. Diana says:

    If you could see the pics for the interviews photocall, you would see how hot he is still looking. This set of photos, not so much.

  41. Scavenger says:

    Well. I really liked him and his acting in Twilight, so much so that I watched it a bunch of times. Also, I really liked him in all his other movies too, particularly Remember Me and Cosmopolis. I continue to look forward to his photo ops just to see what he wears, what his mood his, what he happens to say. Bottom line, he’s compelling and interesting to a lot of people, as evinced by the constant heavy hits and commentary on any post involving him on this website, and a whole helluva lot of others.

  42. LittleDeadGirl says:

    He is an ok actor but he really is very fun and likable in interviews and that’s most of his appeal. Fart joke made me laugh.

  43. Mi says:

    I don’t understand people why are you so harsh?He had enought sh..t on his head for last 3 months.He has all promotion on his shoulders and has to answer all those private questions(some journalist asked him about being father in real life etc.)He’s very intelligent and doesn’t dismiss Twilight,he defends himself being funny,maybe some Americans don’t understand his sense of humor,like many times in the past(Details interview about vaginas).He’s a human after all.

  44. Mew says:

    This guy might actually do it one day – give him 10-15 years like Leonardo DiCaprio needed before becoming something worth taking seriously. Currently, he just needs to mature, learn and do smart career moves like learning to act better and get the heck away from anything such as Twilight or K-Stew.

    But yeah, I understand why he hates people and loves dogs. Dogs understand what respect and trust means.

  45. Nan209 says:

    He was a young budding actor when the first movie was being cast. Nobody knew who he was at all. He was thrilled to be cast. Now he has a lot of exposure (too much some might argue) and has been able to do different movies.

    Kstew really does have a farty face all the time. She, unlike RP, hasn’t improved her skills much.

  46. Milk says:

    I am not a big fan of his but I actually like the neck scruff and shirt. I’m probably the only one in the world. I do not like the suit however.