Victoria Beckham & Harper go shopping in NYC: the cutest thing ever?

I am your baby-photo enabler. I will give you your fix of Harper Seven Beckham, always. It’s gotten to the point where even I – a person of general ambivalence towards children – squeal whenever we get in new photos of Harper Seven. These are new pics of Harper and her mom in NYC yesterday. Look at how long Harper’s hair is! I like that Posh isn’t cutting her daughter’s hair. Yet. I mean, I’m sure that when Harper gets a haircut, she gets a proper baby-blowout at some fancy salon and the whole thing costs $700. But I’m just saying, it’s cute seeing such long hair on a baby.

I love Harper’s blouse too – can you see the detailing on it? There’s some puckering and pleating on the front which is absolutely adorable. Actually… maybe it’s a mod little long-sleeved shift dress? Because I think Harper paired it with black tights and black ankle booties (of course, so fashion-forward!) and no pants. So this might actually be a dress, which somehow makes it cuter. *takes style notes*

Fame/Flynet says that Harper and Posh spent the day together, shopping in NYC. Apparently, they hit up Prada, Baby Gucci (of course!), Miu Miu and then got some groceries at Grisedes. I think Posh must be having the time of her life these days – she’s got this adorable baby girl to dress up day after day. This is what she’s always wanted. Harper is her doll! And Harper is a doll. She’s gorgeous!

PS… OMG Harper is wearing a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness month. Stylish and socially conscious! Harper is THE BEST.

PPS… Posh’s heels are cray. I wouldn’t be able to walk in those damn things.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. marie says:

    those cheeks, those little chunk legs-gahh, she’s adorable!!

  2. JudyK says:

    Yes, the cutest baby ever!

    Victoria is gorgeous…why does she always look so sour and serious.

    • Trek Girl says:

      She may look sour and serious, but she really isn’t. Her face just looks that way naturally, but she’s also not making much of an expression at all, and why would she be? She’s just going about her business.

      • StephanieMarie2685 says:

        You’re so right.
        I wouldn’t smile and wave and make pretty faces for the men and women photographing me and my child while I’m out for a stroll/shopping.
        Maybe she thinks if she looks bored/bland/and generally “over it” the paps’ll leave her alone because she’s not that exciting?
        A la Danielle Radcliffe who wore the same outfit for weeks on end to discourage paps from photographing him.

      • drea says:

        Actually shes smiles a lot more when the cameras aren’t around. Also, she doesn’t usually walk around like she’s on the runway and H7 is an accessory. Oh, and she wears flats! This whole serious sourpuss persona is for her “fashion” image, which I understand, but I wish she didn’t try so hard to look like that for the paps.

    • j.eyre says:

      She once said she did not like how she looked in photos when she smiled.

  3. ddl2002 says:

    Whenever I see Posh carrying H7, it always looks so precarious. I mean, the baby probably weighs close to 20% of Posh’s body weight, and it always looks as if Posh will tip over any moment from all that extra weight. Plus she wears ridiculous heels. I always wonder how long she can possibly stay upright.

  4. Silk Spectre says:

    That baby dresses way better than I do.

    (I mean, of course she doesn’t dress herself, but you know.)

    And she’s adorable.

  5. Cathy says:

    She is a little cutie, love the outfit she’s wearing. What’s with Poshs shoes though, they look very uncomfortable. I couldn’t walk in them. Hell I wouldn’t even try.

  6. Lemonade says:

    aww she looks like her daddy and brother cruz. VB has grown on me and I think she’s pretty cool

  7. len says:

    I can’t help feeling like she ‘wears’ Harper like a fashion statement. Casually putting her hand in her pocket, not carrying a diaperbag. She just seems so ridiculously self-conscious all the time.

    • momoftwo says:

      Really? My impression is that Posh and Becks waited so long for their little princess and they know how fast she will grow up that they can’t stop holding her and lovin’ on her (or maybe i’m projecting since I’m having baby pangs since my youngest is in school now)

      But you are right in that she does seem to be so aware of how she’s posing with her

      • Trek Girl says:

        The three of you can’t possibly be serious. She is walking with her daughter in her arms. How on earth are you getting “posing” out of that? How on earth are you getting anything negative out of that?

        How, pray tell, is she supposed to carry her? Should she have a nanny holding her? Should Harper always be in a stroller?

        Everyone thought Victoria was going to dress Harper in gaudy clothing, and, as you can see, she hasn’t done that at all. From what we’ve seen of her parenting and how she is with her boys, I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone jumps to the conclusion that Victoria is going to make Harper have an eating disorder or force her to be skinny. I mean, it’s like you people don’t actually pay attention to what she does, you just glance and then jump to a conclusion based solely on what she looks like, not on how she’s interacting with her children.

    • Melissa says:

      I totally agree, Len. This poor girl – her mother is going to push her weird weight/eating issues on to her. Above all, you must always look perfect!

      • Sachi says:

        That’s some powerful crystal ball you’ve got there, to be able to predict what would happen to Harper in the next 10 years and how Victoria will treat her.

        For all of this, “Victoria is damaging her child and is going to lead her to anorexia” accusations, do her sons display any sign that she’s a bad mother?

        All of her sons seem well-adjusted and well-behaved. You don’t see them pitching tantrums, screaming, or fighting. They all look healthy and happy.

        Besides, David is there, isn’t he? Are you saying he will allow Victoria to abuse their daughter? Because you’re practically saying that Victoria will gladly bully Harper into starving herself or limiting her food intake.

        Over at Popsugar there were photos of Victoria and Harper watching Brooklyn’s soccer game a month ago, and Harper was eating some snacks that looked like potato chips. Victoria didn’t look like she was stopping her daughter from eating.

        I read an interview about her growing fashion label, and in it she described her routine when she would fly between LA, NYC, and London for her meetings: she never leaves Harper for more than a day. As much as possible, she brings her daughter with her so she can take care of her baby herself. If Harper is back in LA, Victoria would fly to and from her main office in NY the same day. She always has to be there for her kids.

        She doesn’t sound like a neglectful, abusive mother to me.

        There’s nothing to indicate that she would like to pressure Harper to stay thin all her life. Nothing has shown she is a nasty mother to any of her children.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @Sachi: Exactly, Sachi. I couldn’t have said that better myself.

      • Ruby Red Lips says:

        Firstly Harper is a little ball of chubby cuteness ;) Love love love chubby babies

        Secondly, How the heck any of you know how Victoria is raising Harper and how she will raise her as she grows up into an adult is amazing…

        Unless you know her personally then there is no way to tell – whether Harper picks up on mums ‘starvation diets’ only time will tell – a lot will depend on Harpers personality and attitude in life

  8. Katyusha says:

    Jesus Christ, what a beautiful child.

    • Karen says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s a beautiful child? It’s not that I think she’s ugly. She’s not. She’s just not what I would describe as beautiful. She kind of has beady eyes like her dad. On him, they work. Not so much on a little girl. She’s sort of ordinary looking to me.

  9. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I have to admit, even though Victoria Beckham is skinny, her arms are pretty strong. Carrying a baby in just one arm, walking straight in style at the same time…is not so easy. I tried to walk like her while carrying my 2 year old nephew in one arm resulted in pain. Lol.

  10. taxi says:

    Harper has eyes like her daddy’s.

  11. Pandora says:

    In that first photo is someone holding up ‘devil horn’ fingers over Posh’s head? Kinda looks like it!

    My daughter is the identical age/size as Harper. I guarantee Victoria would not be holding her one-armed for long, however strong her arms. That’s just a go-to pose for the paps.

  12. dcypher1 says:

    I luv h7b she is too cuute. I luv the way posh dresses her she always looks stylish for a baby. I bet her outfit co$t a fortune though. Luv the shoes too. She makes me want a baby too.

  13. Samantha says:

    I don’t care much for Victoria well at least not since her Spice Girl days but I’ve to say her daughter looks absolutely adorable!

  14. emmie_a says:

    I don’t think Harper is the cutest thing ever – but she does have the cutest shoes ever.

    • shixa says:

      I don’t think so either. She’s GETTING cuter, and of course will be gorgeous one day but not the cutest. I’m just not a fan of chunk babies. But VB does dress her to perfection.

      I think Jessica’s baby is more “pretty”. H7 still looks kinda squinty.

  15. Jayna says:

    Harper is the cutesy celeb baby I have seen.

  16. Cidee says:

    I’ll say it yet again – THIS is what I want my celebs and their babies to look like. H7 could make an ADULT best-dressed list. I love the Beckhams and this little one is the Queen of them all.

  17. Christopher says:

    LOOK at the last picture! WTF has is wrong with Victorias right knee?

  18. Nicolette says:

    Beautiful baby, simply beautiful :)

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    Too bad England in a monarcy; otherwise Harper (and Zahara) would be Queens.

  20. SleepyJane says:

    I cannot handle this much cuteness! BRB….going to adopt a baby.

  21. kpist says:

    The shoes are platform wedges, probably much more comfortable than they look

  22. JH says:

    Harper is one mellow baby. Shopping with my babies was always a nightmare. Maybe I just didn’t do it as often as VB!

  23. RTR_Girl says:

    Harper is absolutely precious (almost as cute as my little girl! ;-) ) I would love to nibble those chubby cheeks and legs – OMG, soooo cute!

  24. april says:

    I like her shoes, her watch and her baby.

  25. Denver Danni says:

    When I saw these on CBS – my first thought was: ahhhhhhhhhhh DON’T CARRY A BABY IN THOSE SHOES! SWEET LORD! Granted, I can barely walk in flats… ;-) when I have my niece I even look at the floor in front of me, use hand rails, I love kids but when carrying babies I’m a nervous nelly.

  26. Sachi says:

    Harper is so adorable. I love the little booties!

    She looks exactly like Cruz who, IMO, is David’s mini-me. :D

    Also nice that Victoria put a pink ribbon on Harper so they can both show support for breast cancer awareness.

  27. j.eyre says:

    I think H7 is lovely and I love her expression.

  28. Christina says:

    Miserable looking mother in ridiculous shoes. Average looking baby being toted around like a fashion accessory.

    Maybe I’m overly cynical but I don’t see any unbearable cuteness going on here.

  29. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Studies have shown that women who wear high heels a lot damage their bodies by shortening the calf muscles, and causing the Achilles tendon to thicken and get stiffer. They actually suffer pain when the heels are taken off.

    It’s like Chinese foot binding, but in the West and in modern times. To me, it’s alarming that women would put themselves through this just to be fashionable.

    Even worse, her hairline has really receded due to malnutrition (starving and/or purging, probably). When I see her, I feel sorry for her because I truly believe she has health problems that have resulted from some type of emotional problem that has driven her to this extreme. But I also feel alarmed that society in general turns a blind eye to it (and apparently, even her so-called “loved ones” don’t give a crap about her health, only her looks), and young girls look at her as a role model. It’s both sad and scary.

    • Aud says:

      I no longer feel sorry for Victoria. She has chosen this and she even says it.
      The one I feel sorry for is Harper, because there is no way she can avoid her mother’s vanity as well as her mother’s (stated) sacrifices to ‘wear whatever’ she wants.

  30. bej says:

    Harper is THE cutest thing I have seen for donkeys!! I’m not a huge baby fanatic. Love my own, and don’t mind seeing pics of friends & familys bubs in moderation. And I rarely get gooey over other babies that I’m not emotionally involved with. But this kid, boy is she adorable. I just want to pinch those gorgeous chubby cheeks & squeeze those fat little feet. She looks so healthy & seems so well tempered, placid, that I’m fast becoming a total H7 fanatic!!

  31. skuddles says:

    Harper is quite cute but her Mommy sure isn’t.

  32. Stacia says:

    WTH (where the hell) is she going with those clunky Frankenstein shoes?

  33. Matty Strom says:

    Please, back off.

    The child is – like Casper Smart – facially challenged to be honest.
    Open your eyes.

  34. Aud says:

    Her daughter’s upper arms are larger than hers.
    I feel sorry for the baby though. She has a few eating disorders to look forward to, with a mother so vain. I read a few recent comments from Victoria about her thinness and she basically stated that she likes fashion and that’s how she wants to be. I can only imagine her response if her daughter is chubbier than her as a teen.
    The poor kid will probably end up like Donatella Versace’s daughter.
    Unfortunately daughters with these sorts of overly vain mothers grow to to have their confidence shot to pieces.

    • lower-case deb says:

      she looks happy, healthy and chubby so far.
      babies who are starved by the mothers don’t look like that, i don’t think.
      and her other kids look happy, healthy and well-adjusted too. (of course they are boys, so not quite apple-to-apple comparison, but they’re still her kids).

      also, wouldn’t the dad share the responsibility of raising her? between the both of them, they seem to have raised happy healthy kids.

      i think they have enough sense that what’s good for them might not necessarily be good for their children. or at least i hope so.

      i mean, she likes to be thin because she’s into fashion, if for instance say that their daughter decides to become a pro athlete, like dad, i doubt mum would starve her child.

  35. Suzie says:

    Why does Victoria always have her mouth in a goldfish pout, and look like she has received dreadful news? Is that why the only color she ever seems to wear is black? The ring she’s wearing is very similar to Jennifer Aniston’s. Those boots are ridiculously impractical, and dangerous for carrying a child. Does Victoria really need such a huge wristwatch with so many functions? Not my style at all.

  36. mln89 says:

    harper is SUCH an adorable baby. i seriously want to nom nom nom on her chubby cheeks all day, lol. victoria on the other hand…well her dress is baggy and generally unflattering on her gaunt, praying mantis figure. would it kill her to gain 10 to 15 lbs already? she looks sick and she’s had four kids for christ sake. does she eat?