Jennifer Aniston allegedly wrote Brad Pitt a note saying she “forgives” him

Jennifer Aniston is HAPPY. Doesn’t she look happy? Don’t you believe she’s happy? Don’t you believe that she never, ever thinks about Brad Pitt ever, or do you need her to mention his name in an interview and talk about how she’s over him? She’s HAPPY. And everything else to the contrary is just a coincidence, a dirty, homewrecking coincidence perpetuated by The Leg and Heidi Bivens. Anyway, in that vein, Star Mag has two stories about Jennifer and how happy she is. These are the tabloid equivalent of a forced smile, but whatever. I’ll take ‘em.

The first story is just a little blurb about Aniston being obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey (eh), and how she and Justin Theroux are “trying for a baby” by finding inspiration in that horrible book. A source says, “They’ve acted out some of the scenes. They’re at it like crazy, and she said they’ve been having wild fun with feathers and blindfolds and dirty talk.” I like to imagine that she makes him wear the feathers. And then there’s this:

Jennifer Aniston can’t stop beaming! She was grinning ear-to-ear on the set of We’re The Millers, and she was flashing a dazzling smile at Justin Theroux while on a romantic date at the Chateau Marmont a few weeks later. Of course, the reason for her through-the-roof mood elevation isn’t just because of her engagement to Justin – it’s also because she finally feels she’s over Brad Pitt,

“Jen still can’t believe such an amazing relationship has finally come her way,” says a friend. “She really wasn’t expecting to fall in love, and it took her by surprise.”

Jen has tried to forget Brad over the past seven years, but friends say their tumultuous relationship still weighed heavily on her… until recently.

“She used to think about Brad all the time,” the insider confirms. “But these days, he barely crosses her mind. It’s like, ever since she met Justin, she has really finally started to get over Brad and what happened in their marriage.”

Jen even wrote Brad a note, telling him she has forgiven him for the past and hopes they can be friends… she doesn’t hold any grudges against him and Angelina. She’s only looking forward to her future with Justin.”

Jennifer and Justin share “incredible physical chemistry” according to sources and “Jen’s been bragging about Justin’s impressive equipment and says he’s the most sensual, erotic man she’s ever dated. She says Justin is way better in bed than Brad!”

“Justin makes her feel special and treats her like a queen… she definitely wears the pants in the relationship, and Justin is happy to let her have her way. He does everything he can to keep her smiling. Jen always says how ‘authentic’ Justin is. She truly admires him.”

“Jen thinks Justin will be an amazing father. But she’s telling friends she wants them to get married before they start a family. It’s like she’s starting her life all over again with Justin. Jen has never been so happy!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Sigh… I remember tabloid stories about Aniston bragging that Vince Vaughn was better in bed than Brad. Then it was that rent-a-date model dude. And then some other guys, and then John Mayer. There were others. Each time she got a new boyfriend, magically a tabloid story would appear about how “hot” the sex was compared to boring old Brad. I mean, it’s an obvious coping mechanism if it wasn’t so petty and dumb, especially seven years out. But sure, happy, happy, happy. She’s never felt like this before. He treats her like a queen! She doesn’t even think about Brad anymore and that’s why she compares every man she’s with TO Brad! She even allegedly wrote Brad a note saying that she finally, seven years later, FORGIVES him. Star is making it like she’s Mother Teresa with tweaked nipples and a copy of 50 Shades. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Jason Thomas/Filmmagic.

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  1. Ranunculus says:

    Why the hell do I even need to know this?

  2. carrie says:

    zzzzz….in 10 years,the tabloid again will write on Brangelina/Aniston trial story

  3. Agnes says:

    “I like to imagine that she makes him wear the feathers.” hahaha!

  4. teenydj says:

    Is that a banana hair clip on the strap of her purse? Are we in my sixth grade math class or something?

    Seriously, is it that hard to open the purse and put the clip inside?

  5. Lucy2 says:

    The tabloids are never ever going to let this go.

  6. Viv says:

    I have been jealous of that Tom Ford bag ever since she got it, but she can’t seem to take it off, can she? She has worn the heck out of that purse. Girl, you’re a gazillionaire. Even Tom Ford thinks a second handbag option would be an improvement!

  7. anom says:

    manison puts the “man” in that fo sho!!

  8. lisa2 says:

    I don’t get why there are still stories about her and her ex. I just don’t they don’t have children. They don’t have a business together. yet constantly there are stories that put her in his life. Jen invites Jane to the wedding. Why are there no stories of Jennifer and Justin’s mother meeting or getting together. I mean he is the man she is marrying. I don’t believe this story, but the point stand. I don’t see Brad needing forgiveness. He has not lived his life in a way that says he did anything wrong. I know that there will be load of comments to the contrary. But it is going on 8 years. Why is there a need to keep her connected to this man. I see comments on some sites from her fans going on and on about how they are still in contact. DESPITE her father saying no, Brad’s brother implying NO and not ONE picture of them together in all that time. I just don’t get it. Reese W and Ryan have 2 children she is married with new baby. I don’t recall seeing ONE story about Ryan and her. NEVER and yet there are always these stupid stories about Jennifer and Brad.. Damn the man is in a relationship with 6 children. Does anyone think he and she are still connected. NO. Gosh let the crap go. And I’m sure there will be comments about Brad is whatever and Angie is whatever. But thing is they are together and have been so long past what many thought they would be. If Jennifer is happy good. now move on.

    • carrie says:

      thank you for your frustration

    • Gigi says:

      She’s still relevant ONLY because of Brad and Angie. That’s the answer on your question

      I’m sick of this woman

      YOU’RE an actress PROMOTE your movies, not your personal life and relationships!

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      But being a part of the triangle is the only way for her to stay relevant, because nobody cares for her movies or the future Mr Aniston and his mum. That is why her PR-Team work very hard to keep her attached to the Brangelina brand. So whenever Brangelina do something she is around the corner, ready to sell water, shampoo, happy baby/engagement stories full of sunshine-rainbow-kittens or whatever it is that she is selling.

    • lucy2 says:

      The tabloids have made more cash than we can possibly imagine off of these stories, and as long as there are people gullible enough to believe it and buy them, they’ll continue printing it.
      I believe all of them moved on ages ago and are happy, and that’s great. But the tabloids are never going to give up their golden goose.

    • Janet says:

      @lisa2: Wow, excellent point. All the tabs spewing bullshit about Aniston inviting Jane Pitt to her wedding and not a word about inviting Justin’s mother to the wedding. Will she be in attendance? Has she even met Aniston yet? The tabloids are so fixated on Aniston’s dead relationship with her ex-mother-in-law that none of them have printed a word about her relationship with her future-mother-in-law. Interesting, to say the least.

  9. Anon says:

    I think Jennifer and Huvane are trying to save face for all the BS and stalking they have pulled over the last 8 years, yeah sounds exactly what 2% responsibility taker Jen is doing. This is the 2nd time Jen pretty much admitted to stalking the JP family, now she has forgiven Brad?!
    Yep…Kate Gosselin, Taylor Swift and Jen Aniston are 3 of a kind.

    • Sal says:

      +1 Total co-sign. Her, Huvane and Handler have stalked and trashed and smeared the JP family for 8 years, now she has decided that *she* has the right to forgive him?!!? The absolute cheek and nerve. This bitch has more hide than Jessie. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in this thread, there are still some tabloid-believing gullible morons who can’t see through this manipulative sociopathic and psychotic bitch.

      Edited to add that Aniston reminds me of a more savvy and manipulative version of LeAnn Rimes. They both have a lot in common. Both homewrecking sluts. Both abuse children. Both are manipulators who cry the victim all the time when they are the instigator. LeAnn might (might) be more evil, but she is too transparent. Aniston is more successful at her smoke and mirrors and manipulations. People see through Rimes’ evil agenda, yet too many people have drank the Anistontown coolaid they can’t see through her. Rimes could learn a lot from Aniston thats for sure.

      • Ellen says:

        I don’t really know why I’m replying to you cos you clearly have issues but did you just accuse Jennifer Aniston of abusing children??!
        And calling her “an evil slut bitch”? Seriously? It’s offensive. And yes, I would also find it offensive if it were used to describe Angelina.

      • videli says:

        Oh my, Sal, do you think we can play nice here or shall we call the nurse?

      • Sal says:

        Er, she hired handler to attack children. What do you think I meant? Did you read something else into it, Ellen/videli/nate etc? If you read more into it than that, YOU’RE the one with issues.

      • Snowpea says:

        Um @Sally, I NEVER click on these AJP stories because they are always full of an insane level of vitriol, hate and plain old crazy…

        You DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE! Why do you invest so much time and energy into painting a complete stranger in such a bad light. Have you spoken to Aniston directly? I doubt it. EVERYTHING in Hollywood is spin and no one is either devil OR angel but a mixture of the two.

        I find it unbelievable that you come on here and spew such hideousness. You should take up volunteering or yoga or something to take the edge off ; )

      • Elle Kaye says:

        Sal, this is what you wrote…”Edited to add that Aniston reminds me of a more savvy and manipulative version of LeAnn Rimes. They both have a lot in common. Both homewrecking sluts. Both abuse children.”

        How exactly would you expect people to take that? Those are your words, and your words state that both, (in this case, LeAnn and Aniston) abuse children. You did not say that she had someone else do it for her. You said they both abuse children. Those are very strong accusations. One would hope you have proof when you say such things.

    • Sugar says:

      can we add LeAnn to your list?

  10. Alisha says:

    Jen has a good heart because if it were me I wouldn’t have forgiven him with the way he publicly cheated on her.

    • carrie says:

      Pitt never cheated her publicly.They divorced and 2 days later,he was with Jolie and adopted her kids:it’s different!
      it never was public

    • Sal says:

      Aniston has a rotten black heart and her cheating with Justin on Heidi so publicly shows it. Brad never cheated on her, Brad was the victim, as was Heidi Bivens. Aniston is a homewrecker and if Heidi ever forgives Aniston for stealing Justin she will have a good heart.

      • nate says:

        mm..brad was the victim? sure…
        so this is where all brangeloonies are..
        sal darling you’re kind of way too invested in their lives. just calm down.

      • Sal says:

        He certainly was the victim of her lies and smears, its a pity gullible loonistons like you are so brainwashed that you can’t see through her manipulations. Wake up! I feel sorry for you loonistons. She is playing you morons for a fool. Go back to FF and/or IUC, Dlisted and JJ where you brainwashed Jenloonies have your covens.

      • Dani says:

        Oh Sal, I have major LOLS from you right now. Brad is the victim? So interesting. Don’t care for Jen but Angelina clearly manipulated her way into Brad’s mind/heart on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, which is why they got together right after he dumped Jen. Which is not to say what Jen did to Heidi was okay (because it wasn’t).

        Maybe if you click your heels a few more times and pray to the Brangelina gods, they’ll adopt you too!

      • floretta50 says:

        Poor Brad Pitt, he is never going to get rid of this witch, Jennifer Aniston. The more she speaks you begin to see how manipulative and sick Jennifer Aniston really is. Believe it or not this is another attention getter from the press and Brad Pitt. How sad that her fans cannot see it for what it is. JA, I am so happy now, everybody remember Brad Pitt the hansome super star who did this horrible thing to me some 7 or 8 years ago. But what about Heidi whose man she stole?

      • Dani says:

        Oooookay….I’m brainwashed? Then I really wonder what you are, besides a little crazy.

        You’re really way too emotionally invested in this garbage. Everyone just comes on here at work or when they have spare time to laugh and give their two cents. But you seem to have made it a priority to lash out at everyone who disagrees with your ‘Jen is an evil troll’ conspiracies. At the end of the day, their lives don’t effect ours. You need to take a step back and just relax.

      • Sal says:

        A new nick? Funny how there are suddenly several different nics on here, all replying to me under different handles. Clearly the one person. (yes. It is that obvious Troll much? Why the need for the multi-nics, Bird/Dani/kosy/nate/kat. But the Anistonloonies from FF are truly deranged and psychotic, and infamous multi-nickers. One of the coven at DListed even admitted to the multinicking on JJ and here. Classic Anistonloonie M.O)

        No, it is NOT “clear” at all that she manipulated her way to Brad on Mr and Mrs Smith. In fact, on the CONTRARY! Brad himself said he was the one that chased her. You too, have bought into the hype of the tabloid myth of Mr and Mrs Smith that the tabloids concocted. Your really are giving me the lols yourself, what a brainwashed fool you are. Angelina clearly did nothing to Brad, he did it himself unless you think she ‘cast a spell’ to get into his mind/heart, because its simply not possible to MAKE a man have you in his mind/heart. You poor gullible fool. Its very clear that nothing happened on set and Angelina did nothing. This also is clear in the FACT that Brad and Angelina DIDN’T get together until MONTHS after the movie ended, BUT Aniston moved onto Vince Vaughn after she dumped Brad and BEFORE Angelina and Brad moved on together. Maybe if you click your heels or cast a spell you’ll believe your tabloid bullshit you are spewing. Maybe you should simply just pray to stop being so manipulated by the tabloids, when the evidence of the truth is overwhelming to anyone with an open mind who doesn’t read tabloids and doesn’t drink the Anistontown coolaid. Or, maybe, you’re just too far gone with your conspiracy theories to ever be able to see straight and think for yourself?

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Alisha, who wrote … “Jen has a good heart because if it were me I wouldn’t have forgiven him with the way he publicly cheated on her.”

      How about the way Jen and Justin publicly cheated on Heidi?

      Just two weeks after her last ‘happy couple’ date with Justin, Heidi discovered (probably from a Tabloid report) that her man had not only been knocking boots with Jennifer Aniston, but that her relationship with Justin had ‘supposedly’ ended three months prior to their last ‘happy couple’ date together.

      So again … how about the way Jen and Just publicly cheated on Heidi Bivens?

    • Holleran says:

      Do you know who was cheated on PUBLICLY? Liberty, Rob Pattinson, Sandra Bullock, Elin etc.
      Brad and Jen separated and he moved on to be with Angelina just like JLo and Casper, Christina Aguilera and her fella, Eva Longoria and Eduardo and not forgetting Jen herself and Vince Vaughn.

  11. Granger says:

    Oh come on. I’m not an Aniston fan, but this is just ridiculous.

  12. Cathy says:

    The rest of the world has gotton over this Brad/Angie/Jen triangle. The magazines should get over it to. Give it up, they’ve all moved on.

  13. ahoyhoy says:

    ‘I’m so over Brad, that I just have to write him up a letter to tell him, right away! And Justin (Vince/John/Random) has a bigger dick than Brad, and is better in bed than Brad. But I don’t even think about Brad anymore! Isn’t that a miracle? Now excuse me while I go tell Brad, that I’m NOT thinking about him.’

  14. Micki says:

    I’m duly impresed! SO happy, huh?

    I’ll be SO happy after she receives her “forgive you” note from Heidi Bivens

  15. Starlight says:

    I think Brad had already fallen out of love long before Angelina. It’s not fair to blame Angelina for the break up. Meanwhile I hope that letter thing is not true. If it were true that means she is not over Brad yet and still hoping to get him back. Her current BF is only a front. Poor guy allowed himself to be manipulated. I like Jennifer too.

  16. Naomi says:

    Brad Pitt replied back ‘Sorry, who are you again?’

    Never ending saga Chapter 632

    to be continued…

  17. Amanda says:

    This story reminds me of Justin’s turn on Six Feet Under and the role playing with Brenda.

  18. Esmom says:

    Zzz is right. I call BS on every aspect of the story. Come on tabloids, time to move on!

  19. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t believe this story. She maybe wrote it during the John Mayer phase but not since hooking up with Justin.

    I will say, I think she is legitimately happy with Justin. I still think she’s a spoiled and shallow human being but I do think she has genuinely found happiness. I also think that Justin makes her happy because he realizes everything must meld with her busy PR schedule and he is willing to cater to that.

  20. Sal says:

    Oooohhhhhhhhh this lowlife piece of sh*t Aniston has some NERVE! The IRONY! How dare she! She of ALL people!!! *IF* this is true, which, considering the flowery descriptions of Aniston is Huvane’s m.o, so he clearly sold this story to the paps, so it seems to have been done by Huvane her own publicist, then Aniston just got lower than I thought the evil homewrecking tramp ever could go.

    Why should Aniston forgive Brad? Its the OTHER WAY AROUND! Aniston should be BEGGING Brad’s forgiveness considering she betrayed Brad. And how about how she betrayed Heidi Bivens when she stole Justin from him? Aniston should beg forgiveness of Brad for lying about him and manipulating the public into thinking she was the victim instead of the cold, ruthless and manipulative instigator she was. She should beg Angelina’s forgiveness for lying about her and creating a vendetta against an innocent woman for 8 years. She should beg Brad’s children’s forgiveness for her racial abuse of them and her attacks on them for 8 years. She should beg Heidi’s forgiveness for seducing Justin on set, and stealing him from Heidi.
    Lastly, she should beg her trashy insipid brainwashed little fans’ forgiveness for manipulating them and duping them into feeling sorry for her when the WHOLE TIME, *she* was the one who destroyed her marriage and was the bad guy. And because of how public she made all this, how vicious and spiteful she and her fans made this campaign against Angelina, Aniston should get NO FORGIVENESS. She deserves to never be forgiven by any of the participants. Ever.

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate this evil, manipulative, racist, homewrecking slutbag any more, she goes to new lows. Even for her. I CANNOT WAIT for Justin to cheat on her, so she will experience what she did to Heidi. Nor can I wait for this evil slut bitch to be exposed for who and what she is; her downfall will be delicious. Oh does Aniston ever deserve to experience the pain and suffering she caused Brad, Angelina, innocent children, Heidi Bivens et al, she is long overdue for her comeuppence, bad karma and pain. Aniston is pure scum.

    • Josephina says:

      Acutally, Aniston should forgive her Daddy for leaving her and her Mom Nancy. Issues much? Write the letter to your Dad, the FIRST man who left you. Apparently she has not been made whole yet. Still. SMH.

      This woman-child has yet to learn at age 42-43 that everyone that you choose to love is not promised to you for life. You will NOT keep every relationship until your dying day, no matter how hard you try. You just have to learn, sooner or later, that people will enter and leave your life… and sometimes they exit, for various reasons, without your permission and complete understanding.

      This girl has gotta grow up soon…

      She is expected to marry again. If she has not learned her lesson in the first marriage then she will carry the luggage into the second marriage.

      Please, ladies, do not be so naive to think the main reason for the Brad/Aniston split was due to Angie. Incompatibility is usually impossible to overcome in any long term relationship.

      • Kat says:

        You’ve obviously never met her and are just parroting what you read in tabloids (which you’re apparently stupid enough to take as gospel and infallible). I’m just going to be blunt: You sound like a moron.

      • Sal says:

        No you are the moron. You’re the one who believe what you read in the tabloids about the fictitious tabloid-manufactured hoax of an affair. Despite the fact that Aniston, Brad, Angelina, Courteney Cox etc etc all DENIED the hoax, you clearly still believe it. Why? What will it take for you to stop believing the tabloid hoax? You conveniently believe the tabloids when it suits you, and disbelieve when it doesn’t. That makes you a hypocrite, and you do not just sound like one, you ARE a moron. Get your head out of tabloids and get into reality you fool. Just because the tabloids say something such as an affair happened, DOESN’T mean it was FACT. You are a moron.

      • Josephina says:


        Calm down, lady. You are too emotional over nothing…

        No one here parrots anyone else. Often opinions are expressed not ever concerned with any popular opinion.

        That said, the opinion I expressed today has been a longstanding opinion birthed about her 7-8 years ago when Aniston childishly ranted about how, while in a relationship with Vince Vaughn, she did not want Brad to leave the marriage, that she was responsible for 2% of the breakdown of her marriage. Then she lost it and cried when the interviewer smacked her in the face with news that Angelina could be pregnant. THAT was when it was time for Aniston to let go. NOT TODAY. Or Yesterday or last year or the last three years. And THAT has been the problem.

        Aniston’s brand cannot stand on its own without the mention of Brad and Angie… or some other A-list male star. FACT.

        How’s her perfume sales doing at Walmart these days? She starred in a movie earlier this year called Wanderlust? Ever heard of it? Oh, you forgot about that too, huh?

        She is an actress whose movie BOMBED (once again) this year because people like you hawk and spit on the websites for free but can’t find $20 or the time to really support her brand. Fake fans.

        Maybe you will spend $5 to buy a magazine with her in it and gaze at photoshopped pictures of her…

      • Sal says:

        Thank you Josephina, you slam-dunked it.

      • MW says:

        I do not believe or parrot everything in print, either. However, I do remember Aniston’s quote that “she never expected her, or anyone’s marriage, to be happily ever after” due to her parents’ fiasco. I remember her refusing to call BP the love of her life, too. I think they ultimately (and obviously) did not have the same goals and called it quits. No harm no foul. The press jumped onto “Angie the home-wrecker” and Aniston and her PR team latched onto to that pity-party/distorted the truth, when they noticed it was keeping her extremely relevant. As it has for the last 8 years. JMHO.

    • Esmom says:

      Wow, so much hate for someone you don’t know. And in regards to a story that’s so obviously fabricated. Seems healthier to maybe laugh it off and move on. And breathe.

      • Sal says:

        Considering it is Huvane’s m.o., the flowery words of praise describing Aniston and her happiness is VINTAGE Huvane, it seems that Huvane created and sold this story himself. Whether its true or not, this clearly came from her publicist. Look at the idiots on here who still smear and lie about Brad, and people wonder why the more I read these idiots who still believe the affair lies, the more I hate Aniston? Well, duh! The Jenloonies sure do a good job of inciting and perpetuating this hate I feel. The more people come on here and perpetuate the tabloid hoax of an affair, the more I hate her. Because, it proves how insidious her brainwashing is of these people.

    • Kat says:

      When you commit adultery and leave your spouse for someone else, that is a betrayal. The betrayal was his. Get your brain out of your ass. And really. Aren’t you a little overly invested? Go get a hobby. Volunteer somewhere. And buy a dictionary and learn the definition of the word “betrayal,” Brainfreeze.

      • Sal says:

        Stop being such a tabloid-believing brainwashed fool. My post obviously went right over your brainwashed dopey little head.

        He DIDN’T CHEAT! That was proven. So he DID NOT commit adultery. Look up the word adultery. In a dictionary, not your little tabloid bible. Its when a married person cheats. Brad clearly didn’t cheat, moron. So how was the betrayal ‘his’ when SHE was the one who betrayed him and gullible idiots like you who despite my post, STILL believe an affair happened, when IT….DIDN’T. Are you slow, retarded, or just so stupid that you don’t understand that just because you’ve read it (the HOAX of him cheating) in a tabloid DOES NOT mean it is true? You’re a fool. The ONLY one who has betrayed anyone is Aniston. Wake up!! She betrayed Sandra Bullock when she stole Tate Donovan from him as well. She certainly betrayed you into believing an innocent man did something which it now turns out did not. You’re a brainwashed and gullible sheep.

      • Opie needs a ... haircut says:

        I keep hearing about “how it was proven” he didn’t cheat.

        How exactly does that work? Did Pitt have a webcam attached to his peen that Aniston was monitoring all the time? A GPS dong-ring crazy glued to his man-bits, a male chastity belt with a tamper-proof lock?

        Hearsay doesn’t count, so how exactly does one go about “proving” fidelity unless you are being watched 24 / 7 and that in such a manner that it precludes your “minders” from sleeping with you and lying about it? I’m curious…

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        @Sal, how do you know it was proved he didn’t cheat? I know the guy who hung out with him on the set and I’m not going to re-hash the whole story-I already did a couple months ago, I am pretty darned certain an affair happened.

        I’m not an Aniston fan at all, I stay out of the triangle, but I’d love to hear how you know what you say you know without a doubt.

    • Bird says:

      Oh my God, psychotic much? Are the walls of your room plastered with pictures of Brangelina and their kids? Holy crap, you are frightening.

      • Tara says:

        Seriously, right?! I thought the CB comments section had transcended the crazy and we could all just enjoy making photo assumptions and feeling generally better that we weren’t as boring as Jen Aniston. Guess not. So welcome back crazy!! Ie. Sal and your various personas.

    • Dani says:

      Ohhhhh my GOD you need to just sit down and breathe into a paper bag. You’re allowed your opinion but seriously one time is ENOUGH. You’re seriously starting to freak everyone out.

      “She should beg Brad’s children’s forgiveness for her racial abuse of them and her attacks on them for 8 years.” When did this EVER happen? Jen has never said anything about Angelina’s kids, no one has. Just for one second get yourself together and remove your mind from the little fanfiction world you live in. They shouldn’t matter to you that much.

      • Josephina says:


        In an interview, Aniston was asked if she speaks with Brad/Jolie family. She sarcastically responded that she vacations with them in the Hamptons, with Pax in one hand Zahara on her hip. This was a dig at the blended family. Aniston coudl have simply said no or no comment. Furthermore, in the same year she called Angelina “uncool.”

        The point that others have already made (here and on other posts) is the questionable NEED for Aniston to comment publicly at all on ANYTHING related to Brad or Angie. You do not have to participate when asked a question. Furthermore, she and Chelsea Handler have brought them up without being asked. Why? Because Brad and Anige are on their minds.

      • Dani says:

        Josephina – I had no idea about that, so, now that I do, I take it back. She could have taken the higher road and said no.

        Sal – Why do you think it’s one person changing names? More than one person is allowed to rightfully think you’re a little nuts/overly invested in people who don’t know you.

      • Sal says:

        lol its so obvious, it happens with Anistonloons all the time on here and the styles are identical. I also must say its so interesting how you seem to be invested enough in the triangle to believe Angelina ‘manipulated’ Brad (despite all evidence to the contrary), but anyone who tells the truth about Aniston is a little nuts or overly invested? Also that you seem to know all about Brad and Angelina, but don’t seem to keep track of the things Aniston has said, things that everyone knows she has said that have been so publicized you couldn’t have missed it. Rather, er……convenient. To say the least.

      • Opie needs a ... haircut says:

        Wow Josephina! Mis-remember much?

        You say: “In an interview, Aniston was asked if she speaks with Brad/Jolie family. She sarcastically responded that she vacations with them in the Hamptons, with Pax in one hand Zahara on her hip. This was a dig at the blended family.”

        The article itself says:
        “Four years after she split with Brad Pitt, GQ editor Mark Kirby asks Aniston why she thinks people are still interested in the story.
        The actress cracks a joke.
        “The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends,” she snipes. “No. But can you imagine? That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox….”

        The only thing she was making fun of was the tabloid fixation on the so-called “Triangle”, and that they knew diddly squat. And her response was not in reply to whether she was still in contact with Pitt. No one in their right mind would bother taking on the “Jolie” to that as you’ve done since it’s a complete no-brainer that she’s probably never been in contact with Jolie, post-Pitt.

    • rebecca says:

      Wow. You sound like you have issues.

      • Sal says:

        With unfairness, and manipulators who bully an entire family, yes, you bet I do.

      • Esmom says:

        Sal, seriously, unless Brad and Angie are related to you I don’t know why you are so enraged. And actually I’d think actual relatives of these celebs don’t get even half as worked up over tabloid nonsense, because that’s what it is. Nonsense. Maybe it’t time to step away from the computer.

      • Sal says:

        Ok, who says I’m ‘enraged’? I find it quite hilarious that you think you can read my mood through text. Simply because I speak out, and return fire with fire, doesn’t mean I’m enraged, angry, sad, happy, or any other emotion. Its a common tactic of the Jenloons on here; to attempt to silence someone with ‘calm down’ ‘take a chill pill’ etc. Its so boring in its predictability. Try thinking of something different to silence me.

      • Esmom says:

        I think words can be a fairly strong indicator of one’s moods, especially when they’re bold and in all caps, but if you’re not enraged I’ll have to take your word for it. I stand corrected.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      Sal, Jolie said herself that she and Pitt fell in love while making Mr and Mrs Smith. Yes, he was married, they fell in love. She is no saint. He is no saint. Aniston dated a guy whose relationship with his GIRLFRIEND was no the rocks. Life is

      “Nonetheless, she said, she looks forward to the day when she can put “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in the DVD player for the children; “not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.”

      Yes, he was married, they fell in love. Aniston dated a guy whose relationship with his girlfriend was no the rocks. There is a difference between marriage and dating. Breaking up because you were cheated on hurts, yes. But the betrayal of being cheated on in marriage is far worse. A vow has been made and broken. But you know, life isn’t pretty sometimes. Breakups aren’t always neat. People make mistakes and bad choices. The parties involved either forgive and move on or they don’t. This isn’t a fight for anyone else to take up.

      • cs says:

        She was talking about the characters in the movie. Not real life. Did you watch the movie? They fell in love and also wanted to kill each other.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Elle Kaye, who wrote: “Sal, Jolie said herself that she and Pitt fell in love while making Mr and Mrs Smith. Yes, he was married, they fell in love. She is no saint. He is no saint. Aniston dated a guy whose relationship with his GIRLFRIEND was no the rocks.”

        See, this is my problem with you Jen-Hens. How hard is it to comprehend that ‘falling in love’ with someone does not automatically mean ‘we were having an affair’? I mean, you also must have read or watched interviews where both Angie and Brad say that nothing happened before Brad and Jen separated and Jen filed for divorce, but ‘these’ words are burned in your head?

        Brad and Jen announced their separation on January 6, 2005. In March 2005, Jen filed for divorce. In April 2005, Brad followed Angie to Africa. At the end of April 2005 and the whole month of May 2005, Angie and Brad did re-shoots for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” When asked about Jen’s ‘uncool’ comment, Brad said “We were still filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” after we broke up.”

        By the time the Paps got a hold of this story, Brad and Jen had long broken up. Jen just played along with everyone’s assumption that it happened over the summer of 2005. When, I might add, she and Vince Vaughn began ‘their’ affair.

        Do you also remember Jen saying in a print interview that Brad told her he wanted out of the marriage because he wanted to explore his feelings for someone else, and when Jen told him to just ‘go ahead and get it out of his system’ he told her that he couldn’t do that and still be married’?

        And just think about this …the whole time Jen was building up ‘pity’ points and playing the victim (crying and drinking champagne on “Oprah” and telling Diane in a TV interview that Brad was missing a sensitivity chip and the first thing she did was buy a ‘comfortable’ sofa), she was screwing Vince Vaughn.

        But at least Jen knew what was going on before she and Brad broke up, because Brad told her. Poor Heidi didn’t have a clue that her 14-year relationship with Justin Theroux was on the rocks until two weeks after her last public date with him. The fact that Heidi’s mother told reporters Justin said he and Jen were ‘just friends working on a project together’ indicates that Justin ‘lied’ about the fact that he and Jen had been humping each other since they met on the set of “Wanderlust.”

        And finally, how in the world can you belittle a 14-year commitment between two people? At some point they ‘both’ had to make the vow to be exclusive and committed to each other, didn’t they? Other than the piece of paper, how is ‘that’ vow different than getting married? Even without a priest/minister/rabbi/judge present, a vow of love between two people is ‘still’ before God.

      • Lauren says:

        Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith recently..for the 3rd time. The undeniable animal attraction between Brad & AJ is obvious. They are not acting. Jen must have known that Brad was banging AJ.
        We all age, but AJ was so ravishing & sexy in that movie! AJ looks emaciated now, unhealthy.
        Jen was crushed-no doubt-but the worst part was AJ giving birth to 3 of Brads children in 2-3 years..which strongly resemble him. Plus their lovely adopted children as well. No woman can compete with that instant family.
        Glad Jen has found love, watched her and Justin in Wanderlust last night…some of it was weird; the funniest scenes were with Justin & Jen together…Flick it! Flick it!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lauren, who wrote: “Jen was crushed-no doubt-but the worst part was AJ giving birth to 3 of Brads children in 2-3 years..which strongly resemble him. Plus their lovely adopted children as well. No woman can compete with that instant family.”

        (Blinks) How crushed ‘was’ Jen, she began an affair with Vince Vaughn four months after she filed for divorce? I don’t believe the Aniston-Pitt marriage was working out for either one of them.

  21. DenG says:

    Aniston is forever grateful for her association with Brad. Were it not for that, no way in hell would she be tabloid prominent. Amen.

  22. Sara says:

    I am truly happy for her. And if she wants a baby, I hope she gets one, whichever route she chooses.

  23. Madpoe says:

    Who still watches soap operas anymore?
    I wonder why no known celebrity has purchased a rag mag and then run it into the ground. Why are these tabloids still pumpin’ out this crap Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Sugar says:

    Justin really does know what Jen likes. I had to go back in time where Heidi Montag is concerned & in an earlier story she was so upset that Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t let her do an appearance for a movie- the picture of Jennifer has her hand up by her face with a huge diamond on a gold band while apartment shopping in NYC (interesting timing) as she wasn’t with Justin…or was she!?!

  25. Kat says:

    Brad now looks like a haggard lesbian with a goatee. If he wasn’t “Brad Pitt,” you would be mentally ill for finding him attractive. He also seems extremely narcissistic and like one of those insufferable faux-artists who wants everyone to think everything he does is so sophisticated when, in reality, he’s still the guy who oiled his chest and puckered through the film “Troy.” He’s revolting. He seems like a weak personality who takes on the persona of whatever woman he is with (Gwyneth Paltrow: Fashion Guy! Jennifer Anniston: Laid-back Hollywood Cool Guy! Angelina Jolie: Globe-Trotting Do-Gooder Guy!). I have no trouble believing Jen is over that pretentious fool.

    • Sal says:

      Considering Justin is an ugly, greasy, balding troll-doll, you’d have to be mentally ill to find him attractive. He is effing ugly! I find it laughable that anyone thinks Brad is pretentious, considering that slimy greaseball faux hipster intellectual Aniston is with. He is a REAL pretentious fool. As well as a cheating douche. And if anything, she is still moulding men to fit her style. Making Justin shave off his beard, adapt to her style… Aniston cannot have a man who she can’t manipulate and change to meet her own ends. I doubt she even loves him, as 8 years of spurring on a vendetta against an innocent woman and her children is PROOF POSITIVE she is not over Brad and is merely using Trolldoll Theroux to make Brad jealous. Aniston will never be over Brad. Theroux is an intellectual wannabe and hipster wannabe, a pretentious fool just as Aniston is. They both are pretentious stuck up jerks who deserve each other.

    • Josephina says:

      Relating to Aniston: Delete the “Laid-Back Hollywood Cool Guy” and insert “Non-Productive, Un-Involved,Spud Potato, Drug Infested, Bored, Listless Guy”

      Relating to Jolie: Ditch the “Do Gooder Guy” and use “Passionate Father, Award-Winning Producer and Actor, Seasoned Humanitarian, Biggest Male Star in Hollywood, Still Sexy as Hell Guy”

      At the premieres and red carpet events, ONLY Brad and Angie’s mega star wattage can bring in the press and the very large, worldwide fanbase to watch or attend.

      Brad has beauty and a film track record that no one can deny. And this is why his name is dropped so often off the tongues of many.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      @ Kat:

      “Brad now looks like a haggard lesbian with a goatee. If he wasn’t “Brad Pitt,” you would be mentally ill for finding him attractive.”

      Being a lesbian is NOT about looks and lesbianism is NOT a mental illness. But thank you for your assholery of the day, try to be a decent human being next time.

  26. cs says:

    I don’t care for JA either. I just don’t get why the tabs keep conecting her to Brad and Angie. Like someone said, they have no kids or business together. Even if Angie and Brad were to break-up; they will always be connected through their children.
    Her father and Brad’s brother said they don’t speak. Brad’s brother was quoted as saying that shite was so long ago “7,8,9 years “. JA’s mother’s first husband (her half-brother’s father) said this relationship with JTX will last because he’s less famous. That was telling sign about the nature of her marriage to Brad since he was the megastar in that relationship.

    But on the flip side, the drunken BFF keeps talking about Brad/ Angie. Her co-star in Horrible Bosses said JA was “shocked” that he didn’t know she was once married to Brad Pitt.
    Obviously she was talking about Brad for that to come up in a conversation.

    She keeps it going, so maybe that’s why the tabs keep writing about it. She keeps milking it for all it’s worth.

    That’s why I hope she marries this dude.

  27. mln76 says:

    Meh I doubt this is true…Honestly at this point she’d need to write the letter to Angelina since it’s been her that she’s been warring with via surrogates. I’d say if they wanted to end the perception that they were feuding they should just do a joint photoshoot and give any proceeds to charity. As much as people are bemused that people hold onto the grudge 8 years later. There is a reason people have already stopped talking about Jessie James and Sandra Bullock…Bullock made it very clear that she wasn’t going to feed the tabs the exact opposite of Jennifer Aniston who fed the beast because her career was dying and it was her only way to stay relevant.

    • Sal says:

      There is a reason people have already stopped talking about Jessie James and Sandra Bullock…Bullock made it very clear that she wasn’t going to feed the tabs the exact opposite of Jennifer Aniston who fed the beast because her career was dying and it was her only way to stay relevant.
      Exactly! Sandra is a true sweetheart. Aniston knew and admitted the truth that no affair happened, as did her bestie Courteney. Yet Aniston saw a pr goldmine is manipulating the morons who believe the tabloids and threw Brad under a bus for her own selfish purposes. No one hardly remembers about JJ and Bullock, and what JJ did to Sandra was absolutely horrible and evil. Sandra has dignity and class, unlike Aniston who created and fanned the flames of this fictious affair and with Handler and her lil ‘Team Aniston’ witch hunted an innocent woman in Angelina, allll because Aniston the master pr manipulator and opportunist saw a way to stay famous. And because of her machinations and manipulations, there are still morons and fools who believe Brad wronged her as we can see by the offerings of the brainwashed sheep on here. Aniston is pure evil to do that to an innocent family. Lets hope she paid off Heidi Bivens well enough so that Heidi won’t do to her what she did to Angelina.

      • mln76 says:

        There are no saints in this story and no Aniston isn’t pure evil…She’s just an actress trying to stay relevant…People who are actually evil are serial killers,murderers, and dictators.

      • Sal says:

        I disagree. They are both evil camps. Simply because one is an ACT, ie murdering, doesn’t negate the reasoning behind it is evil. Its the *intent* that makes the act evil. In Aniston’s case, her passive-aggressive to outright aggressive digs at Jolie and her children, her fanning the flames of ‘Team Aniston’ (by firstly signing one of the shirts), her doing that ghastly Vanity Fair interview where she threw Brad under a bus, her calling Angelina ‘uncool’ after deliberating on it for a few days before calling the reporter back with that, her hiring Handler and befriending her and egging her on to say the most vicious, the most evil and the most unspeakable things about Angelina’s children and Angelina, her egging this on with all her continual references in interviews and her outright attacks and aggression shows that she is an evil psychopath. Whether it manifests itself in murder, or in hiring a woman and using the public to destroy a family, both are PHYSICAL ACTS of the evil intent. Whether you murder someone or do something else underhanded and evil ie framing, its the physical response/manifestation of the “intent”. People can be evil and not murder. But do other things. You don’t just have to be a murderer to be evil. Aniston’s determination to destroy a family is an example of evil.

      • Genevive says:

        Are you really comparing killers to an actress?

      • Cirque28 says:

        If only we had laws to protect society from the evil lurking below the surface of a relatively vapid blonde actress. As long as Aniston continues drinking margaritas and starring in mediocre romantic comedies, how can any of us be safe? Where are the Thought Police when you need ‘em???

  28. TwoHearts says:

    As with most stories about JA in the past decade, if this is coming from her people she needs new people. Yes, her marriage ended badly which must have hurt her deeply. No one likes being rejected or replaced so quickly and it’s an awful pain. She has every right to be sad/angry about it, but basically this story is saying that she could not move on from a long-dead relationship until she’s in another relationship she considers to be of equal ‘worth’? I mean, she doesn’t need to be all girl power, but a person who can’t be happy in their life outside of who they’re rooting is not an enviable thing and it infuriates me that people like JA continue the myth that it is. Grrr.

  29. spinner says:

    I can’t believe the number of people that believe this shit. You just have to laugh. From the pics that I’ve seen…Jen & Justin seem very happy together. She doesn’t even think about Brad anymore.

    • Opie needs a ... haircut says:

      Exactly! By his own admission, he was a pothead couch potato who spent his time hiding away from his fame. By his own admission, she was actually making more than he was. It’s public knowledge that she was at a hot point in her career where, if she wanted to transition to films, it was the time to do so.

      What kind of husband says “Oh, here you are at the cusp of something you’ve spent your whole life working towards, I want you to quit at exactly the time you shouldn’t because I can’t wait a couple more years for a baby” rather than standing by his wife and supporting her when it counted?

      One that’s she’s lucky to be rid of and I’m sure that she knows that.

  30. Sandip says:

    Does this come after she hooked up with someone else’s boyfriend of 13 years. How kind of her.

  31. Amy C says:

    The only reason I came here is because I saw Brad name attached yet again.
    Stop just live your life. Brad doesn’t need your forgiviness or anything of your attachement next to his name. You want him to be free , then get the h*ll kill you assoication for anything with him. Anything!!!!And leave his girl alone and tell your evil friends to do the same leave his love alone. can you do that? God 2005 that she wants again. I just can’t stand her.

  32. bns says:

    The comments in Brangelina/Jennifer posts are always more ridiculous than the stories themselves.

  33. Paloma says:

    What in the world would JA and BP talk about now? I don’t think J wants to hear anything about Angie and the kids, I wouldn’t . It would still hurt. Brad would not want to hear about Justin because he wouldn’t give a flip. Jen’s little fantasy world about Brad; she has never blamed him because the truth would hurt too much.

  34. Janet says:


  35. Jocelyn says:

    I almost feel bad for Jennifer because she really doesn’t have anything to promote besides her personal life.

    She is never going to be accepted as a real actress. She will never be in the same category as Meryl Streep, a serious actress.

    And unfortunately for her, the only way she can stay relevant is through this stupid triangle or by talking about her relationships.

  36. Jocelyn says:

    “Sal says:

    October 26, 2012 at 10:09 am

    There is a reason people have already stopped talking about Jessie James and Sandra Bullock…Bullock made it very clear that she wasn’t going to feed the tabs the exact opposite of Jennifer Aniston who fed the beast because her career was dying and it was her only way to stay relevant.

    I think this is a GREAT point and something that is very true.

    I think she is the main person who kept this going. She played victim for YEARS and it made people feel bad for her but it also kept the triangle alive.

    I also think Jennifer has her BFF Chelsea Handler attack Jolie instead of doing it herself so she isn’t the one who looks bad.

    BUT every time Chelsea attacks Jolie in the press, it does make Jennifer look bad. It makes her look desperate and kind of pathetic. We all know it is coming from Jennifer.

    IMO, if Jennifer truly wanted the press to let go of the triangle and was genuinely happy, she would tell her BFF Chelsea to stop talking about Jolie. Stop bringing up Brad and Angelina. I’m happy now and that is all that matters.

    But notice, she never does!

  37. Bowers says:

    I don’t believe it unless she feels sorry for Brad because of his embarrassing Chanel commercial. hahahahaha

    • Rena says:

      $7mil for an ad campaign, Brad is laughing all the way to his bank. Chanel sales for #5 are already up world wide. JA wishes some high end couture brand would come calling her with such a payday. Lol

      That said this tab lie is same old crap generated by a fading actress for her cabal of forever Friends fantasy believers.

      8 years and counting until infinity for this non story to elicit repeats of lies alleged by tabs and fanatics of cheating that never was. Sad sad sad

    • Janet says:

      Meanwhile, whatever happened to Aniston’s perfume? I have not seen a single ad in any magazine since she launched it three years ago and I’ve never seen a single bottle on sale in any store in NYC. Looks like nobody wanted it.

      • Opie needs a ... haircut says:

        Can’t be doing that badly if Sephora is carrying it, Boots is carrying it, Nordstrom is carrying it, Macy’s is carrying it.

        That being the case, perhaps not needing to advertise is a sign of good sales, not poor ones. The reviews on Amazon are almost all complimentary.

        I can’t say I’ve ever seen an ad for a Britney Spears perfume, yet she’s racked up over $100 million in sales.

    • Kim says:

      Yeah. Brad reportedly paid more for a few days of work than his B list ex receives for working on a film for three months .hahahaha

  38. Sugar says:

    just heard on the car radio on my way to work that tomorrow is national forgiveness day so until then everyone carry on;)

  39. kityafey says:

    “I like to imagine that she makes him wear the feathers.”

    I will never look at Justin Theroux the same again. I will always think of him in feathers, ROFL!

  40. SleepyJane says:

    Angelina and Brad used the note when they ran out of rolling papers. And laughed and laughed.

  41. Kate (newer one) says:

    I have to say, I’m not convinced it’s Aniston lacking imagination on the angles. I think tabloids trot out this adolescent garbage (he has a bigger dong! Angelina hates her kid knowing Brad was married before! Jen wants a reunion!) every time anything happens in their lives, because the media works by focusing on celebrities from scandal to scandal, whereas most people actually live their lives focused on the long productive stretches in between the (thankfully almost always brief) truly horrible times.

    Maybe it is her. Maybe the people in that Triangle are all still enmeshed in it. But Brangelina have six kids and a lot of other interests, and Aniston has done a lot of other things (and people) since, and I can’t help suspecting that they’re far less interested in what happened almost ten years ago now than the tabloids are. They’re all completely different people from the ones they were in 2003/4, surely?

  42. Lady_Luck says:

    To be fair, after seeing Brad Pitt on that *cringe cringe cringe* chanel no.5 ad (lol) I would believe it. Justin looks like he’s better in bed than Brad. Brad and his muffling with odd philosophies beyond the grasp of any sanity seems to indicate he has finally lost the plot whilst under the thumb of countess el vira (suck my blood). He honestly looks like he has been smoking too much weed or something. He looks really really scruffy, scraggly and too thin, he looks like a homeless guy at times. Bitchy but true!

    • Sal says:

      Rolls eyes. Anistonloonies are stuck in the past still comparing Justin to Brad. Countess? Suck my blood? Proof postive the loonistons are stuffed in the head. Oh, and LL? Justin (JUST – ‘in’) (who calls their son ‘justin’?) looks like he’d be lucky to get it up with viagra, or he’d a one minute man. *JUST* in. pmsl And over in a minute or less. I prefer ragged and rough and ready to a greasy balding short man. Any time. Especially if that short, greasy balding looking hobo is named “Just in”. Ew, shudder.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      “He honestly looks like he has been smoking too much weed or something. He looks really really scruffy, scraggly and too thin, he looks like a homeless guy at times. Bitchy but true!”

      And Olivia is back again!

  43. ct4224 says:

    Why do her people keep putting out these lame stories. Their marriage broke up nothing to forgive. It takes two to make it and two to break it. Just like the next marriage she will end in breakup and Justin will be blamed by the media for that too.

  44. Well says:

    Does Jen even realize no one would give a dam* about her if she was not once married to BP almost a decade ago???

    Without that marriage/divorce she would be as talked and cared about as the other Friend’s cast. That is a fact because she has neither the looks or talent to be interesting on her own.

    Her Pr team made her the scorned ex wife and bought her years & years of undeserved sympathy.

  45. Saema says:

    Hmmm… Don’t buy it for even a minute…. If Brad suddenly walked in, all oiled up and smiling towards her with open arms, she’d turn to him in a heartbeat! She has and always held out for that ‘maybe one day if’ situation…. And I’m sure Brad also fantasizes about Jen time to time..

    • Janet says:

      You sound like you’ve been holding out for that “maybe one day” situation. What in the world would Brad fantasize about Jen? He’s already on record as saying the time he was married to her was the lowest point of his life. He probably looks at Angie and the kids and realizes what a lucky escape he had from that vapid airhead.

  46. Well says:

    She sure is lucky Heidi Bivens does not have a publicist like Huvane to make her America’s #1 victim.

    I would just LOVE Heidi to do a Vanity Fair interview like Aniston & cry, whine, have her friends bash Aniston (like Aniston’s friends bashed AJ). Give her a taste of her own medicine.

    But I think Heidi has way too much class and self respect to sink so low.

    • Janet says:

      Heidi is a class act. She’s kept her head up and her mouth shut. She would never put on a pathetic crying act to garner sympathy like Aniston did. That VF interview was the worst mistake Aniston ever made. She is never going to live that down.

  47. Mac says:

    “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

  48. Janet says:

    I don’t get it. Where in hell is Huvane? Did he know Star was going to run this story? Was he okay with it? As her PR person he’s supposed to make her look good. Does he have any idea how ridiculous this story makes her look? A 43 year old woman bragging about her fiance’s equipment and talking about how much better in bed he is than her ex? Is Huvane so desperate to keep her in the spotlight that he thinks any kind of publicity is better than no publicity at all? Aniston needs to dump this clown and find another rep. She’s made him rich while he’s made her look like a pathetic loser.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Janet, who wrote: ” A 43 year old woman bragging about her fiance’s equipment and talking about how much better in bed he is than her ex? Is Huvane so desperate to keep her in the spotlight that he thinks any kind of publicity is better than no publicity at all?”

      There was an story a couple of days ago about Brad saying that Angie is still a bad girl, but in a good way, for him … do you remember seeing it? I think this might be a ‘tit for tat’ story, which is why I believe her people are responsible for it.

      • Janet says:

        The question is why do she and her people feel a need to riposte to every tabloid story about Brad Pitt that they feel touches her, however tangentially. Let it go, for pete’s sake. Her continual tit-for-tat only points up how her life revolves around being the ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt. I don’t know how Justin stands it.

  49. G says:

    I’m happy she’s happy.

    But this:

    Jen has chosen between being a tabloid star and a tv/film star. Tabloids it is, instead of box office.

  50. blonde on the dock says:

    The comments on here are always more entertaining than the subjects themselves.

  51. marie says:

    anyone else find Sal as entertaining as I do? anyone?

    • Sal says:

      Oh really. So entertaining that you have to post under a dozen different nics. I really do find your desperation entertaining, lol.

      • marie says:

        umm, yeah I only post under one name. and I could really care less about the triangle, I do find the comments extremely entertaining though..

        so I come for the comments but stay for the crazy apparently..

      • Josephina says:

        Sal has been able to back up every word, unlike the “other” posters who want free reign to slander in front of JP fans. They try to mock Sal, hoping that she stops speaking the ugly truth about a woman who coattailed her ex-husband and new family’s life.

        These “other” posters are on the same level as Chelsea and Aniston, but want adoration for their behavior, not correction.

        It is clear that Sal has a no nonsense personality and cuts through BS rather quickly, leaving a lot of you sad JenHens open for repeat smackdowns.

        Aniston has unfortunately provided 8 YEARS of guffaws and poorly timed and inapropriate statements for MANY bloggers to call her out. When you have news pundits and celebrity shows questioning your motives, time to watch what you say.

        But Aniston loves the limelight more than acting and so Aniston is the gift for many wisecracks.

    • Cirque28 says:

      @Marie: Well, I particularly appreciate the way loon can be inserted freely throughout one’s post. It’s the best! Fits in anywhere!

      Anyloon, I gotta loonie back to workaloon now, you Celeloonies.

    • videli says:

      After a little cringing, I do, actually. And also useful. Sal only emphasizes how normal and well adjusted I am. So keep it up, you and all the loony-rats following the blasted Triangle.

      • Sal says:

        How amusing. Oh, how cute! awww. pmsl The multi-nicking troll thinks its “normal and well adjusted”. Oh its so sweet how those who are most unstable fail to see it in themselves. pmsl. marie/videli/nate/kat/ etc, honey, if you think you are “normal” and/or “well adjusted”, you seriously need a psych intervention and meds my friend. Because trolling a board with multiple nics is not a sign of normal, or well adjusted. And replying to oneself with another nic is especially sad and pathetic. Sorry to burst your bubble. rotflmao! :D

      • Esmom says:

        Sal, I hate to break it to you but a lot of people here are regular posters and the responses you are getting are not from one person using different names.

        We love a debate but your thoughts on this post have taken things to a new level of…not sure of the right word…let’s just say “entertaining.”

      • Sal says:

        I hate to break it to you Esmom but I’ve been here longer than you, at least 3 years (as far back as Cheyenne). And I am quite capable of picking a ‘regular’ poster from these random newly created ‘nics’. I hate to break it to you, but these nics I am outing as being sockpuppets, are NOT (capitalization for EMPHASIS or highlighting) regular posters. The bullying and ganging up of a poster certainly has taken things to a new level. You will note (or not, as is common with hypocrites) that I didn’t start name-calling the other poster/s until they started calling me and another poster a moron and other names. Defense is natural. But, I guess facts get in the way of your bandwagon.

      • tlc0113 says:

        @ Sal

        I was having a lovely time reading this thread (WAY more interesting than the tabloid garbage, btw) until I came across you calling people out for being hypocrites’ saying that you didn’t start by calling the posters here any nasty names. Hello Pot? Meet Sal the kettle. This is from your first post in this thread today. I was offended by your tone and comment and I don’t consider myself a Jennifer fan.

        “Lastly, she should beg her trashy insipid brainwashed little fans’ forgiveness”

        I am pretty sure that there are J.A. fans who post here who might call that name calling.

        Have an opinion, great. Be bitchy about it, excellent! It’s highly entertaining and why I come here. But to be so rude, condescending, and aggressive? It’s uncomfortable and kind of disturbing to read, Sal.

    • Janet says:

      There are fans and there are fanatics, and Sal clearly falls into the latter category. It’s not entertaining, it’s fatiguing. And ultimately boring as hell.

      • Sal says:

        Ah I remember you. You’re the one who confuses posters and accuses them of supporting/not supporting someone merely because you couldn’t understand how to differentiate between an op and a person quoting the op. Your inability to attribute the quote to the right poster is fatiguing and boring as hell. Too bad you were wrong this time, as well. I’m neither a fan or fanatic (which is the same thing; fan is SHORT for ‘fanatic’) of anyone. I am merely a person who stands up for injustice, no matter who it may be. I’m pro-Brangelina, but am not an actual fan of her or him per se. One doesn’t need to be a fan to stand up for what is right. Given your confusion with something simple as a poster quoting another poster, I don’t expect you to be able to seperate fan from defender, either. smh

    • wild flower says:

      Yes. I find myself now scrolling through looking for Sal. Most entertaining in a weird way.

      • Madame says:

        I kinda like Sal. Keeps the comments flying. How boring these comments would be without him/her.

        Must be hard for Aniston constantly seeing how productive and interesting Brad’s life is now. All that humanitarian work he does, being a dad. That would drive me nuts. Knowing my ex was sitting on the couch getting high all day when he was with me, and now look at him.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Madame-

        Agreed. It’s a perpetual itch for Aniston. It simply rubs her the wrong way and it is difficult for her to exist in the same world. If she was a good actress she could “act” as if it didn’t bother her. What other dimwitted actress allows a girlfriend to repeatedly bash her ex AND his family, whom she has never met?

  52. anom says:

    lol every dong manny has had these 8 years is better,bigger, hotter than brad. so why the hell is brad even a factor anymore???? because he is BRAD PITT and aniston fans know she will NEVER have a A++++++ lister ever again. JT is Dlist.

  53. Grace says:

    Uh-oh. Did Jennifer just tell Brad that all is forgiven and to bring the kids and come home?

    Angie girl you in danger. Brad loves doing drugs with Angie but he’s getting tired of the drama in front of the kids.
    Jennifer may be a barren, boring shot of wheatgrass but she’d take care of those kids better than Angie(physically anyway).

    • opl says:

      Is this post serious??? Jen’s fans have serious problems.

      Loves doing drugs with Angelina?? Proof please. Drama in front of the kids??? proof again please, not just the trash you read.

      And how exactly could Aniston take better care of the kids? She is the opposite of motherly, her smokers voice and scary face alone would scare a kid for life. She does not seem to have a maternal side at all. Also the Jolie-Pitt kids seem pretty happy and are being kept away from the paps.

  54. Amy C says:

    She doesn’t feel “sorry” for Brad. And he don’t got anything for her to feel sorry for him.
    But if Brad ever come not aligned with fame and other things, that would touch her in a way because her fame is depended ( no matter how much they deny this)Upon HIM BEING BIG. She remained famous because she was taken a vicim of him and Angie union( where are the rest of friends cast) Her fame has no spark without him and Angie.

    Again, I can’t stand her I can’t stand her methods and I can’t stand how they keep enabling her by being like this time and time again espeically him.

  55. Emma says:

    I am so sick of people blaming Angelina for they’re breakup and saying she went after Brad when all evidence shows otherwise. He admitted he chased her, fell in love with her and was attracted her on the MAMS set . He was the one giving interviews to Diane Sawyer in Africa where Angelina was doing HER UN work and promoting ONE with Bono, he was in the fields around HER U.K. estate playing with HER son Maddox, he was the one traveling to Ethiopia with HER to adopt HER daughter Zahara. I never saw Angelina hanging out in Malibu with him during the time. He chased and followed her around the world not the other way around.

  56. dooliloo says:

    Here is the note she wrote to Brad :

    “It’s not a journey, every journey ends but your perfume ad goes on. The world turns perfume and we bloody turn with it. Plans appear, yet perfume takes over. So wherever I go, there you are. My ex husband, your perfume, your perfume…
    I forgive you Brad your crap perfumance.

    Signed : Cuckoo Mademoiselle No. 5. Inevitable.”

  57. Bird says:

    Sal, if that’s not you being enraged, I truly shudder at the thought of what that must look like. Please get some help – you are not well.

    • Sal says:

      pmsl. Perhaps you could do us all a favor and take your own advice, as its not normal to multinick spam like you do. You’re the one who is unwell. You clearly are a very sick individual, and you need help. That sick unhinged individuals like you roam free is a real concern. Please. Please get help. You and your dozen ‘personalities’.

      • spinner says:

        @ Sal

        How proud you must be…you have utterly & completely shit all over this thread. You have called people names & offended regular posters far & wide with your unending charm. How do you find the time? You must be exhausted.

        Time for bed.

      • Sal says:

        Coming from you spinner, a poster who spins their shit all over these threads, thats rich. I have not called anyone names until I was attacked first.”offended regular posters far & wide” Oh the dramatics! Oh the hyperbole! The only poster(s) I have offended is the poster with the multiple sockpuppets. And that is after being offended first for simply putting my opinion on. But how do you sit there on your chariot, all high and mighty, judging me? You are one of the main shitstirrers and agitators, and posters from both sides (ok, not your side since there are no honest ones there) will attest to this. You spin your web of snarky comments and shit all over both the Jolie and Aniston threads on a regular basis so you’ll have to excuse me if I take your latest dropping and stirring with a bag of salt.

    • Esmom says:

      @Bird. Agreed. This is not the Celebitchy I know. I love this site because of its general civility and sanity and humor. But today, with this post, it’s like I logged online and entered some crazy parallel universe taken over by trolls.

      • Sal says:

        Lol, now I KNOW you are a relative newcomer despite seeing your nick for around a year. This is how Celebitchy is. A pro-brangelina poster pushes back, gets ganged up on despite the stirrers and agitators starting it. You’ve clearly never been around for past fights on here. Talk about epic! But again, the facts are inconvenient to you so you make up your own reality and version of celebitchy. Be careful not to become one of the trolls yourself as you appear to be on your way to being one.

        Edit: yep, just went back and scanned my posts and the timestamps and if you read, others personally attacked me first. I made a scathing post about the subject of this article, said things about her that are not said by Jen fans about Angelina every day on many gossip sites, but in return people were making personal judgments about me. Until then, it was only about Aniston. Until posters made judgments of me. So I fight back twice as hard, as I do, yet I’m the bad guy? Uh huh. Hypocrites.

      • Esmom says:

        I’m not sure why I feel compelled to reply but I’m not a newcomer. I don’t, however, click on most of the Angelina, Brad and/or Jen posts. Now I remember why.

  58. skuddles says:

    Say this were true (which I doubt), why on earth would Pitt care if she “forgives” him? The whole idea is just so laughable.

  59. Lizi says:

    Somebody please take the bathsalts away from Sal! You’re way out of your element Missy! Be respectful! And don’t go all “you’re an aniston fan” on me because even though I have nothing against her i am very fond of La Jolie. You know what you should do to get that energy out of you? Sing petitions against bullfighting, I need some help with that.

  60. Lizi says:

    oh and here’s one of the petitions by the way.

    I’d be truly thankful if you signed Sal,honest. This is a terrible tradition in my country, can’t tell you how much it bothers and saddens me =(

  61. kellyinseattle says:

    She should be thanking Brad over and over for making her “oh so famous”…blech.

  62. David says:

    Consider that she didn’t actually compare her last BFs to Brad – it was probably “a close friend to the star” that reported to a tabloid that she did those things.

    • LAK says:

      oh honey, sorry to be the one to tell you that ‘a close friend to the star’ is usually the star themselves or their PR agent or the star’s friends given permission to put this information into the public arena but still give the star plausible deniability. ditto ‘sources’. ditto ‘friends’

      Welcome to the world of celebrity tabloid PR game to stay relevant!!!

  63. Goopy says:

    Jenny has a desperate need for a new job …….. therefore she has to connect herself in the public’s mind (especially film producers and TV execs) with her only meal ticket. And trust me his name isn’t “Justin.”

  64. Ginger says:

    What the note really said was: “Dear Brad, I forgive you for forcing me and the rest of the world to witness that ridiculous pretentious piece of crap Chanel#5 ad. I mean wft were you thinking…oh nevermind I forgive you. Love Jen. PS. Please wash your hair, I remember how much you used to stink when we were together but it seems like it has gotten a lot worse now. Shampoo and soap are your friends…please use.

    • Janet says:

      That ridiculous piece of crap has already earned Chanel a big pile of cash and made Brad $7 million richer. He made more money from a two-minute commercial than Aniston makes from a two-hour movie.

      • Ginger says:

        He damn sure better have gotten paid good for making such a fool out of himself, although it was unintentional. Since his image shattered into about 7 million pieces he should’ve gotten paid that much in dollars, although the money isn’t going to make him any less of a laughing stock. I’m sure that as he was gazing off into the distance trying to sound intelligent he had no idea that he was going to be taken as a pretentious fool and launch a million parodies across the internet and tv talk shows. So yeah, a piece of crap is a piece of crap and don’t think that Chanel isn’t embarrassed by the public reaction, they edited most of him out of the second version right quick, and they didn’t make “pile of cash”, they got a pile of ridicule.

      • truthSF says:

        Damn Ginger, WTH did Brad do to you. If his commercial irritates you so much, don’t watch it. I swear he won’t lose any sleep over your desperate attempt at insulting him.

      • Janet says:

        What did Brad do to Ginger? Same thing he did to all the Loonifers. He destroyed their fantasy of the Golden Couple when he kicked the ball and chain to the curb. Even if Aniston forgives him, her fans never will.

      • Opie needs a ... haircut says:


        The Chanel commercial is indeed cringe-worthy. I’m trying to imagine what the artistic director had in mind with this, but whatever it was, he didn’t get the point across. No idea whether Pitt had any artistic input or not, I would hope for his sake that he didn’t because he comes off as a bit of a pretentious *ss spouting nonsensical gibberish.

        Chanel often comes up with unusual but cheeky/witty ads. This isn’t one of them. This isn’t going to make anyone run out and buy Chanel No. 5 because the ad makes no sense. The whole point of an ad is to motivate you to buy the product.

        I could see an ad with Pitt (even though I don’t personally see the attraction) in a rumpled bed, tousled sex hair and the flash of an elegant evening gown going out of the door, perhaps shoes in hand, the scent of her perfume on a pillow, the scent of Chanel 5 anywhere in the street making him look for her etc… Odor is a big memory trigger and for the Pitt fans out there, the subliminal message that this perfume would trigger Pitt to notice you in the street, follow you, want you like he wanted that woman would probably be a much bigger motivator to buy than “The world turns and we turn with it”…

        I quite frankly don’t understand how these commercials are supposed to make anyone want to buy the product. And I’d hate to think that Lagerfield has gone down the road of Paris Hilton / Kardashian “anything that gets you noticed is a good thing” and deliberately trashed Pitt to generate the sort of publicity these ads are getting.

      • Janet says:

        Opie, I don’t care how ridiculous that commercial is, and I’m sure Chanel doesn’t. The bottom line is, if it sells, it sells. And Brad just got $7 million richer for two minutes work, so I don’t think he’s agonizing over the lack of artistic content.

      • Opie needs a ... haircut says:

        @Janet: my point being, there is nothing in that ad that is actually creating the desire to go out and buy the perfume. Hard to see how that’s going to increase sales. Because really… Who wants an almost 50 year old man with surfer dude hair and a goatee to be following you down the street spouting soap opera titles?

        No offense, but most of the big name actors do commercials abroad and not at home for a reason. Pitt may have been paid 7 million for this but it sure didn’t do his reputation and / or image 7 million dollars of good. And yes, even Pitt cares about his image, just like every other actor.

    • cs says:

      Brad Pitt biggest Movie star in the world.
      He has the power to force people to watch his commercials. and no Chanel didn’t edit the second spot.

      The Power of the JP’s!

      • Ginger says:

        It’s funny how if someone criticizes Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, they’re automatically Jennifer Aniston fans or “Loonifers” or “Jen Hens”. Did it ever occur to you that people might genuinely dislike them independent of Aniston? Newsflash – I’m not a Pitt fan nor a Jolie fan nor an Aniston fan (gasp!). I call it like I see it, Pitt made a fool out of himself.

        I don’t have anything against Pitt, I just don’t consider him anything special, he’s a guy who basically got by in Hollywood on his pretty boy good looks, and kudos to him for trying to break out of that mold but he was never able to successfully stop his looks from overshadowing his acting. Even now that his pretty boy good looks are gone, he’s still referred to as “hunk Brad Pitt” or “heartthrob Brad Pitt”, etc., whereas other hot, great looking actors like Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Ralph Fiennes, and Christian Bale were able to have their acting overshadow their good looks and they’re known as some of the greatest and most iconic actors in film history regardless of their looks. I think Brad Pitt is a decent actor but he’s not on the level of Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, etc.,

        And as far as him being a father and humanitarian, well, so is Matt Damon, so is Denzel Washington, so is Tom Hanks, so is Savion Glover, so is Christian Bale, the list goes on. The majority of celebrities are involved in humanitarian work, and they have their pet causes and no one cause is more important than the other. So I don’t think Pitt deserves to be treated like he’s somehow special just because he’s a celebrity involved in humanitarian work when most of them are.

        So there you go, I don’t think he’s anything special and just because I make fun of him when he so graciously gives me the opportunity, it doesn’t make me a Jennifer Aniston fan. And yes I did make fun of Angelina Jolie quite a few times too, and the same goes for Jennifer Aniston. And I don’t believe this ridiculous story about this supposed forgiveness note for a minute, it sounds like pure tabloid BS.

    • manly says:


      dear heidi bivens,the ring belongs to me,i just want the world to know that somebody wants to engaged my needy A-Z-Z my fast men………

      true to you.jen.

  65. anom says:

    chin hagiston has gotten a thread because of Brad. Dlizst fiancee Who??????????????

  66. Midnight says:

    Why is her face so much lighter in the picture with the Tom Ford dress? Her make up artist should be fired, for that is a look that does nothing for her, dress included.

  67. ClaireB says:

    The day a post like this have 3 comments will be the day the tabloids stop writing about Jennifer and Brad.

  68. stinkyman says:

    Brad still looks like a creep in that ad no matter how much you insult Aniston. She moved on years ago why can’t you?

  69. karen says:

    one of the ones that keep milking jennifer aniston and brad pitt for what it’s worth has written this article. because people tend to click and celebitchy gets sponsors for clicks -.-

  70. Lori says:

    How old is Jen now? Is she still young enough to have a baby with her own eggs?

  71. cutelittlehappything says:

    Oh, Sal. You don’t know me, I’ve never posted under another name. I don’t communcate with other commenters, and seldom comment myself. I like Friends, but I’m not a huge J.A. fan. But bottom line? You give me the creeps.

    Also, you DO realize that people who don’t feel the way you do aren’t “brainwashed”, right?

  72. Overrated says:

    Jenny should be sending thank you notes to Brad every day as she would be as famous as Lisa Kudrow if he didn’t marry her.

  73. Auj says:

    When is she getting married????
    She may have “moved on”, but no one is MOVING.
    I don’t see a wedding ring.

  74. Louise says:

    Urgh, I hate to be a wet blanket here but she really needs to chill the hell out. She’s driving him insane. On the DM site today are pics of them together, she’s beaming with crazy eyes and he’s looking like he wants to find the nearest exit. She’s always grinning at him, groping him, manhandling him etc he is gonna be gone asap if she doesn’t just CHILL. I am reading screaming insecurity from her in every picture. It’s a shame.

  75. Ravensdaughter says:

    A bit self-righteous, isn’t she? So much time has passed and so many kids have been born acquired by/to the Jolie-Pitts-Jen should have let this go on her own long ago.
    I am five years out from a very acrimonious divorce-I would never dream of writing something like that to my ex. Forgiveness is something you should do for yourself, and in this case, keep to yourself.
    I wonder if the wicked Angelina had a nice chuckle with the letter; just in time for witchy Halloween-bwa-ha-ha!