Does Sean Penn want to get back together with his ex-wife Madonna?

Madonna has issues. Sean Penn has issues. Why not let them get back together and work out their issues? Probably because they’ll only get much, much worse, right? Sometimes, two awful people get together and it becomes magical, and they are more than the sum of their parts. Sometimes two awful people get together and it just creates more awfulness. So it would be with Sean Penn and Madonna. For whatever reason, they just can’t quit each other, though.

It seems Sean Penn is still “Hung Up” on ex-wife Madonna. Standing front-row at her Oct. 11 MDNA show in Los Angeles, the single actor, 52, couldn’t take his eyes off the iconic star, to whom he was married from 1985 to 1989.

“Their chemistry was off the charts,” a fellow concert-goer raved in the Oct. 29 issue of Us Weekly. “Madonna seemed to be performing entirely for Sean. And he was saying things like ‘Amazing!’ and ‘She’s so hot!’”

The pair, whose constant fighting throughout their brief marriage earned them the nickname “the Poison Penns,” met on the set of the music video for the singer’s hit “Material Girl” in 1985 and wed just months later. In 1986, the pop star released her third album, True Blue, which was inspired by and dedicated to her new husband, “the coolest guy in the universe.”

The relationship was far from perfect, though, marred by hot-blooded outbursts and arguments. In 1989, they called it quits and divorced. Penn went on to marry actress Robin Wright, and Madonna wed director Guy Ritchie — but the former loves never could let go of each other completely. In January 2010, they broke bread over a three-hour dinner at Adour Alain Ducasse, sparking rumors of a reconciliation.

“They’ve remained close friends,” a pal told Us. “But they are fire and fire together romantically. She can only be with someone she can control.”

That’s certainly not Penn. And in any case, Madonna already has a boyfriend: Brahim Zaibat, 26, whom she has been dating for the last two years.

“Madonna’s friends wish she’d get back with Sean,” the source said. “He will always be the love of her life.”

[From Us Weekly]

Considering Sean Penn usually dates 20-something models, I kind of think his current feelings for Madonna are probably pretty douchey. My guess is that he wants to mindf-ck her. Not sexually. He just wants to be around a powerful woman so he can mess with her. Doesn’t he seem like the type? Anyway, Star Mag says that Sean was definitely at the concert too, and that he came backstage after the show “hoping for a reconciliation.” After that, they allegedly went back to her LA home. Star Mag also says that Madonna is almost done with Brahim Zaibat. Ugh. Even though I don’t give Madonna credit for much these days, I really hope she’s too smart for this. Madge and Sean were like the Chris Brown and Rihanna of their day, you know? It’s gross.

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  1. dorothy says:

    Why would anyone want Madge-Vadge?

  2. Cherry says:

    OMG, I totally didn’t see that last picture coming! Gross!

    Re: the story: I call BS. They’re done, and have been for decades. It’s just the tabloids trying to make something happen.

  3. haha says:

    @this point? probaly, yes!Midlife crisis @his best..

  4. Amy C says:

    She is tooo much for me. He is the same. But this will be cute than the 3 times younger than their age men and women they both have been doing.

  5. roxy750 says:

    Oh yes, this is perfect, they are so fitting. Two of the biggest mouths that spew A-hol”y” stuff they are SO PERFECT!

  6. Talie says:

    Weren’t there rumors that he hit her? I mean…

  7. Maritza says:

    They are too much alike to make it work. Both controlling and dominant.

    • nadineK says:

      well here’s a hope that these crazy kids would get together again..i mean i’m all up for some explosive batsh**t crazy drama…and i do believe that Madonna have a tiny weak spot for him..since she didn’t file a police report or spoke publicly about his abusive ways.

  8. Lem says:

    I have been waiting for this. Seems to me that this is exactly where we’ve been heading lately. I am so ready for that mess.
    Here’s hoping he doesn’t lock her on a closet for days this time… Then again ;)
    Exclamation point! Exclamation point! Let’s do it!

  9. vixo says:

    OMG! Imagine if Kim K takes a picture just like this last Madonna one!

  10. jinni says:

    I love how the article turns: tying her up, holding her hostage, beating her, and only letting her loose because she promised to preform a sexual act on him which then allowed her to get away and call for help as having arguments and being hot-blooded.

    Yes I know she forgave him, but it doesn’t seem as if his attitude has changed after all of these years. I hope this is a lie. Go get a sexy Puerto Rican and leave that man in the past.

  11. Cirque28 says:

    I actually think it’s possible and not just for Sean (admittedly, a total douche) to mess with Madge’s mind. Why? Because you never completely forget people with whom you had really hot sex. At least I don’t!

    • Dredz says:

      I remember their wedding was EPIC!. He actually tried to shoot a paparazzi’s chopper down. Anyways, this time around it might work. None of her men after Sean, with exception of Warren Beatty and Guy Ritchie can match her status and success. Sean is an Oscar winner too, remember?.

  12. Jaded says:

    Oh god can you imagine the combined insufferableness of those two?? He’d be constantly bloviating about Haiti and she’d be constantly pontificating about everything (mostly herself). The two of them could go on a world tour of insufferableness and arrogance. A real concert sell-out….

  13. Suzie says:

    Maybe they will be right for each other next time round, with some of the stuffing knocked out of both them, now over 50, and established in their careers. Less to fight about, and less energy to waste doing so. It might work.

  14. Flor says:

    He was seeing and Argentinean actress called Calu Rivero. She even got herself fired from her soap opera job so she could be free to go to New York and be with him.

  15. lisacuddy says:

    Eww, what a downgrade for Sean Penn! He must be really desperate.

  16. A says:

    Hell no. Have people forgotten that she had to call the cops on him and he abused her? Stay far, far away Madonna.

  17. Jayna says:

    Nah. She will always love him, but like a love from the past, not present. She does like a strong man, because there is one part of her that is submissive. But the other part of her would toss him out when his temper took off on her bigtime or him her. She has kids and knows Sean would not be healthy around her children with his nasty temper. I always loved Lola’s father, Carlos. he’s a hunk in his forties now. He dated/live with a redhead for a long time but they seem to be broken up. But there seems to be no chemistry with Madonna and Carlos anymore, just good friends.

  18. storyteller says:

    Would not be surprised by this. They were married 25+ years ago and there have been many, many partners for them both since them but they always seems to circle back around each other. They have a Burton/Taylor quality about them in a sense. Penn’s as unlikeable as they come and Madonna isn’t all that far behind. The douche and the desperate diva. Sounds like a perfect match to me.

  19. Lem says:

    I’m very sad Madonna has become what Madonna has become. She was fabulous. She was epic. She was a force of nature, all piss and vinegar, reinvention and master manipulation.
    She was interesting when she had to claw and fight and work the scene.
    I mourn the Material Girl – this modern Madge Mum is pathetic. Penn stoked the fire. (He’s an ass, given) At least the Madonna of the past had spirit and spunk (she’s an ass too) this Madonna has been phoning it in, poorly at that.

  20. Eleonor says:

    I disagree with the Rihanna comparison: Madonna between 1985 and 1989 was ruling the world.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Actually I can see why that comparison would be apt. Madonna’s Oh Father video came out when I was a kid and after watching it, I wondered if her father was abusive. If you take that video at face value, it’s easy to assume so. I know she said in an interview that she and her father had never discussed the song or video, which also made me think that there’s some real-life issues of that sort for her from her childhood, just like with Rihanna.

      But Madonna has never badmouthed Sean and she said he was the love of her life (up until her daughter was born and then she said Lourdes was the love of her life).

      And another weird thing. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a picture of Madonna’s father when he was young but he looked exactly like Sean Penn! The resemblance is uncanny. Even her brother Christopher pointed that out in his autobiography. It may be true that women marry their fathers, so to speak.

      This is the link to the Oh Father video.

      • Eleonor says:

        I don’t like the comparison because Madonna has always been smarter than any other popstars out there (like it or not 30years after she’s still here), probably she has/had her issues (too bad people who live abusive relationships have similar stories), but even at the time she wasn’t nearly as dumb as Rihanna. When Sean Penn beat the hell out of Madonna, she filed for divorce and never tried to take him back. Even if she has admitted Sean was the love of her life.
        And professionally she was literally ruling the world at the time.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        Oh no, on the professional point of view, you will get no argument from me. Unfortunately there are probably girls of a certain age that view Rihanna as their generation’s version of Madonna. Ugh.

  21. Maxx says:

    This story….
    Boo- Happy Halloween
    Nothing was scarier than this

  22. Stacia says:

    This broad is over 50 and still thinks she’s 25 doing these types of antics. No one wants to see her old vadge.

  23. SleepyJane says:

    Doubt it. It would be kind of cool. But, I think she said he was very abusive.

  24. Nancy says:

    I wished this was true because it would truly be EPIC but Madonna and Sean unfortunately would never get back together.

  25. Lillian says:

    I saw the MDNA show and it was amazing. I guess it doesn’t translate that well in pictures.

  26. Rux says:

    Good Gawd Kaiser, I just ate my FREE Big Mac from McDs and it’s coming back up slowly. Why da crap would you put that pic up of Madge and her Buns of Doom. ***SHUTTER***

  27. truetalk says:

    MY EYES!!!. Kaiser,you should have warned us before showing that last pic!!

  28. mememe says:

    Madonna has had a substantial career but I am tired of the 50yr old cheerleader bit. It don’t look good on you!

    Grown and sexy is fabulous when done right.

  29. myTbean says:

    What the heck is going on with her butt? It confuses me. Even if it was flabby, it would stretch out while she was bent over… right? But she’s Madame Gristle. So – are those bootie implants embedded in her upper thighs – refusing to move regardless of her position? ???

  30. FendiInc says:

    He’s comfortable with and well suited to playing serial killers looking for sex and forgiveness.

    If these 2 crazy kids can’t make it how can the rest of us mere mortals find a Mr. Right to hit us again?