The Janet Jackson pregnancy saga continues

Earlier this week, Janet Jackson’s long term boyfriend Jermaine Dupri did an interview with Us Weekly in which he emphatically denied that his girlfriend is expecting. Just two days later, Life&Style is saying that Jackson is indeed with child, and has been spreading the news to all her friends and family. So, which is it?

After a series of canceled concert dates, Janet Jackson finally pulled the plug on her Rock Witchu tour in early November, setting off a flurry of rumors about what could have gone wrong.

Now, an insider close to Janet tells Life & Style the real reason she needed to back out: She and longtime partner Jermaine Dupri, 36, are getting ready for a baby!

[From Life&Style]

I’m going to take a guess and say that Janet IS pregnant. Call it a feeling I have. Remember when “Discipline,” Janet’s new CD, was first released, and Miss Jackson came out looking all super buff and svelte? In the latest photos of her, she looks like she’s gained a little weight – but then again, that doesn’t mean anything. Janet has lost and gained weight many times over the years. Of course, what’s going on with Janet Jackson’s womb is her business entirely, but it is getting tiresome that all these alleged news outlets have a different version of the story. I would normally tend to go with Us Weekly, since they are a bit more reputable than Life&Style and in this case, they have word straight from the alleged father of this possibly non-existent fetus. But with Janet, you never really know. She’s managed to get married and divorced twice completely under the radar. Maybe her camp is issuing all these different stories on purpose?

Janet Jackson in a publicity photo from her “Discipline” CD taken earlier this year. Photos of Janet on her “Rock Witchu” tour back in November, before it was canceled and photo of Janet with her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri in September courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Ellen Smith says:

    And will she give birth to a nipple?

  2. Leandra says:

    You’ll still be saying these aging stars are pregnant when they’re 50.

  3. Amy says:

    Man, she looks like LaToya now! What happened?!

  4. kellyg says:

    hmmm…i am curious as to whether or not janet’s pregnancy is the answer to that post on blind gosssip about a female celebrity who is pregnant. if it is janet it’s pretty wild to think that this is actually her second child.

  5. brista says:

    From the cover:

    She’s overjoyed, but will a baby stop the fighting between her and Jermaine?

    Uhm…I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say NO. No, a baby will not fix a relationship. Historically, anyway, staying together for the kids hasn’t worked out so hot.

  6. Tia says:

    poor janet, she is really going to be
    H U G E after a baby.

  7. Dingles says:

    Not that this has anything to do with…*scrolls up*…Janet Jackson being knocked up (or IS she), but does anyone else here see a post about Jolie, Pitt, or Aniston, note the insane number of comments, and skip over the post completely?

    I do. Because some people on this site take those peoples’ lives waaay hay haaayyy too seriously and I already know what every comment thread says before reading it.

    *looks around* I think it’s safe in here.

  8. Amy says:

    @Dingles — Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Admittedly, though, I just posted in an Aniston entry. Meh, I took the bait.

  9. Sue says:

    “Man, she looks like LaToya now! What happened?!”

    Amy, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’m a pretty big JJ fan and to be honest I don’t think she’s had anything done on her face since her final nose job in the very early ’90s. Not even botox–see how big her cheeks still go? That’s just because she’s black… black women stay youthful for a very long time.

    Why does she look like LaToya (barf)? The orange wig and trannylicious makeup don’t help matters. It sets off her skin tone oddly, for one thing. I think her current look can be best described by this video:

  10. Smiley says:

    well it’s about damn time ……who the hell waits until there 42 to FINALLY have a baby…..i just hope the baby comes out healthy