Has Aniston realized the ‘triangle’ keeps her relevant? (update)

Jennifer Aniston has a history of quiet indignance regarding the demise of her marriage to Brad Pitt four years ago. She made a couple comments immediately following, and then years of absolute refusal to discuss it, and it was working for her. She has a legion of fans who have made the jilted party of the infamous triangle almost a martyr. But something recently changed and the adoring throngs lauded Aniston finally speaking up and out about the “other” woman.

And yet, sometimes, what starts as commendable can quickly sour when you don’t quite know when to zip it. Just ask that other woman. And if Aniston isn’t careful, she’s going to wish she wouldn’t have fixed what wasn’t broken.

(The interview comes out days after Aniston told USA Today that her personal life is none of people’s “(expletive) business.” She also recently attacked Vogue for being a tabloid for running her Jolie “uncool” remark on its December cover.)

Four years after she split with Brad Pitt, GQ editor Mark Kirby asks Aniston why she thinks people are still interested in the story.

The actress cracks a joke.

“The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends,” she snipes. “No. But can you imagine? That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox….”

[From Us Magazine]

Is it just me or is Jen trying to out-manipulate the masters? The bad news is, you can’t be so obvious about your manipulations and expect everyone to fall in step. I get that there’s PR to be done for at least one upcoming movie, but I would have gone with the “happily dating John Mayer” angle and left out the “acid-tongue ex hits back” one.

Maybe it will work for her, but it’s risky. People go to Jennifer Aniston for characters that are quirky, fun, sweet, girl-next-door types. Naked and snarky in GQ just isn’t complimentary to that image. Finally speaking up was bold, then decrying the tabloid turn it took was iffy, now turning around and sensationalizing further is just duplicitous. You can’t feed the dog table scraps, then smack his nose for begging at the table just to turn around and feed him table scraps again.

Note by Celebitchy: I think Aniston was just making a joke and it seemed like a kind of benign one to me. Is she supposed to say “no comment” every time? I think she was trying to sidestep the subject without being sour about it so she cracked wise. Of course US is going to make it into some big move on Aniston’s part. If anything she just seems more comfortable with the subject and I wouldn’t blame her for making light of it.

Update by Celebitchy: OK, I read more of Aniston’s interview and now I agree with Ceilidh’s assessment. It was more than just a throwaway comment, and Aniston did go on at length about it:

For starters, Jennifer called stories related to herself, Brad and Angelina the “insane Bermuda Triangle.”

And later, she admitted she does not speak to Angelina.

“No. Nuh-uh,” she told GQ, who asked if the two actresses talk.

Jennifer hinted that future conversations might be a bridge the two won’t be crossing any time soon either.

When GQ writer Mark Kirby asked Jennifer about Angelina’s October 2008 comments in the New York Times, where the “Changeling” star said she is eager to show her kids “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” because that was the movie “where their parents fell in love,” Jennifer took some time to answer. After all, Brad was still married to Jennifer while filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

“Well, you know, that was definitely a confirmation for me of something that wasn’t quite confirmed at the time,” Jennifer told the GQ scribe. “But listen… You sit there and you… No. No daggers through the heart. I laugh. Am I surprised? Well, how do I say this?… Considering the source, nothing surprises me.”

While she has no relationship with Angelina, Jennifer said she still – on special occasions – speaks to Brad.

“We don’t not talk. When there’s something to congratulate or celebrate, there’s always an exchange,” she said. “But there’s no charge on it.”

And they even go away together – Jennifer joked.

“The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends,” Jennifer said completely tongue-in-cheek.

“Can you imagine?” she continued. “That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox…”

While she may joke about spending time with her ex and his family, Jennifer grew serious when GQ asked about her relationship with “Gravity” singer John Mayer.

“We care deeply for each other,” Jennifer told the mag. “And we’re just trying to figure it out.”

But as yet, she is not expecting a little Aniston-Mayer.

“I am not having his baby. And I have not popped the question,” she added.

[From OMG.Yahoo.com]

Here’s a scan from inside the magazine, thanks to Popoholic.

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  1. mel says:

    that picture of her is soooo fake and unattractive. yuck!

  2. RAN says:

    She was making light of an awkward situation – it was a lighthearted joke… CB has it right.

  3. wtf says:

    OMG, I’m embarrassed for her! WTF, is that. GQ is turning into a sleazy mag.

    Hag, when you talk about your previous relationship & her new love will you please refrain from talking about their kids. Is that too much to ask?

    I know she’s promoting the dog movie but WTF is up with that hands, is she pretending to be a dog? Woof

  4. Terry says:

    No, Ceilidh, it’s not just you. Except one thing, she realized it in 2005. But now, she’s trying too hard, and crosses line. Maybe it’s middle aged crisis?

  5. Lucinda says:

    I agree with Celebitchy and was glad she commented because I was a little confused by the analysis of the article. It was a joke as far as I could tell and a funny one at that. If reporters are going to bring it up, she’s going to say something, anything. So I think humor was a good approach.

  6. Shar says:

    CB, it doesn’t matter if it was a joke or not, she still comes off as a loser with that comment, and as a mother, if I have no relation to you, i’d be damn if my kids name comes out of your mouth (even if it’s just a joke). Children should be off limits. If you have beef with the parents, attack them, don’t make snide remarks about their kids, They have absolutely nothing to do with this “triangle” bullshitt!!!

  7. Lilou says:

    Even it it’s a joke, it’s a bad one… Speaking of some else’s children is just WEIRD!!!!!

    I get why Brad talk about Angie: she is the mother of her children… It’s the PRESENT. Maybe it’s too much, but it’s legit that he talks about the women who shares his present life… He never talk about Jennifer (because it’s the past).

    On the other hand, Jennifer talks ALL THE TIME about the past when she talks about Brad… It’s a huge difference between Brad and Jennifer. I get why Brad talk about Angie. I don’t get why Jennifer talk about Brad.

    This whole “if Brad talks, then Jennifer can talk” is just stupid and wrong because they don’t talk about the same thing: Brad talk about his present wife, whereas Jennifer talks about her previous husband!!!

    So it’s just weird to read Jeniifer talking about her ex’s children… Even if it’s a joke!!

    When she kept it quite, she seemed desperate and unable to move on, but at least she was taking the high road!! Now, not only she is still desperate and unable to move on, but she also seems bitter and childish!!!!

    I don’t know what’s happennig to her… The way she talks (mother****ers, f***ing business), the way she is trying to get the attention… Plenty of actresses get divorced, but she is the only one who has this pueril attitude!!! She really starts to get me on my nerves!!

    hope Angie marries Brad and get an oscar for her movie, just to see Jennifer eating the dust ans see with what kind of PR loop Jennifer comes out with… Go back to your silent, please :wink:

  8. Tereza says:

    Something about bringing the kids into the discussion even if it was only a lighthearted comment just rubbed me up the wrong way. It felt off. Was it really neccessary?

  9. cee says:

    She continues to ride the Brad and Angie gravy train. She need to be careful though. Sounds like Brad is getting sick and tired of her dissing Angie and his family. If he starts talking about their divorce she may be in big trouble.

  10. geronimo says:

    Well this thread should be fun!

    My 2p worth? She should stick to talking about her movie and her own love-life if she wants to maintain any credibility at all.

    Ah what the hell, can’t resist. Didn’t her fans castigate AJ for appearing in a series of intimate pics in the W shoot? Sanctimonously protesting that their beloved Jen would never stoop so low? Or is this tasteful because JA let a complete stranger photograph her rather than her partner? So many Qs, so much to ponder…. :mrgreen:

  11. vdantev says:

    Makes her and breaks her in the same moment.

    Is it just us or is JA getting hotter? GIVEMEAF*CKINBREAK ! Who paid how much for that headline? She’ll always be cute, but that’s about all.

  12. jennifer says:

    she s so lame and

    Jennifer Aniston isn’t done talking about Angelina Jolie.

    In a new interview with GQ – one which finds Jennifer in nothing but a necktie on the magazine’s cover – the star of the Christmas-due film, “Marley & Me,” once again tackled questions about her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s partner, Angelina.

    And Jennifer’s got even more revealing than last month’s Vogue feature, which found her calling Angelina’s year-old remarks about working with Brad on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” “really uncool.”

    For starters, Jennifer called stories related to herself, Brad and Angelina the “insane Bermuda Triangle.”

    And later, she admitted she does not speak to Angelina.

    “No. Nuh-uh,” she told GQ, who asked if the two actresses talk.

    Jennifer hinted that future conversations might be a bridge the two won’t be crossing any time soon either.

    When GQ writer Mark Kirby asked Jennifer about Angelina’s October 2008 comments in the New York Times, where the “Changeling” star said she is eager to show her kids “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” because that was the movie “where their parents fell in love,” Jennifer took some time to answer. After all, Brad was still married to Jennifer while filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

    “Well, you know, that was definitely a confirmation for me of something that wasn’t quite confirmed at the time,” Jennifer told the GQ scribe. “But listen… You sit there and you… No. No daggers through the heart. I laugh. Am I surprised? Well, how do I say this?… Considering the source, nothing surprises me.”

    While she has no relationship with Angelina, Jennifer said she still – on special occasions – speaks to Brad.

    “We don’t not talk. When there’s something to congratulate or celebrate, there’s always an exchange,” she said. “But there’s no charge on it.”

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’ve stayed off the Jen boards long enough; I just didn’t care before, but she’s crossed a line now. NEVER mention another’s children–you guys are right–they should always be off-limits!
    It doesn’t matter whether JA thinks all this keeps her “relevant” or not; it’s been more than 4 years now–get OVER it already. What a loser. Also, I didn’t like that snide remark she made awhile back about her still being hot–this is said by an immature woman who has no idea what real love is; having a child (to most women) is one of the most beautiful, selfless experiences ever, and the wealth of feelings after the baby comes as compared to before is incredible. I don’t like her one bit, but mostly I feel sorry for her. She will NEVER be an A list actress–she doesn’t have the depth of emotion to act in anything but romcoms and sitcoms–and she’s wasting her life by looking behind at things she can’t change, and losing what could be a great chapter in her life, if only she’d let it.

  14. Jann says:

    Maybe just not the clearest image…but where is her upper lip?

  15. elisha says:

    I disagaree with Ceilidh, totally agree with C|B. I used to HATE Jennifer Aniston, and I’ve totally warmed up to her as of late. And guess what, this article (and totally HOT GQ cover) is WAY HELPING!

  16. Bros says:

    great. JA has to get naked, at the ripe age of 40, and keep talking about her ex to be relevant. if your movie is good and your are a great actress, you dont usually have to haul your naked 40 year old ass down to GQ to talk about old relationships to promote a movie. also, if i were jolie and pitt, and I heard this desperate naked hag speak the names of my children in an interview? i’d knock this snarky bitch the fuck out. she’s hit a new low for me.

  17. Kim says:

    I am glad she is talking back. Have you noticed that when she talks back more and more people hate Brangelina? When she says nothing, people think it is OK what they did to her and as time goes on they hate Brangelina less. But this way, people hate Brangelina more. Just check out the blogs I am absolutely loving it.

    Why are Brangelina apologists hypocrites? Angelina brought up the children talking about how they will see the movie where their parents fell in love. Have you forgotten that Maddox called Brad Daddy- obviously after being told by that manipulative wizard of OZ-

    Give Jen a break, badass Angelina deserves all the hate she gets. Wait till her children visit the blogs and wonder why their mother is the most reviled woman on earth.

  18. neelyo says:

    To paraphrase the GQ cover, is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston getting more photoshopped and airbrushed?

    She didn’t even look like that when she was 21. She’s got a face like an Okie in THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Unless she’s wearing a bag on her head, she’ll never be hot.

  19. boomchakaboom says:

    Hate the photo. Really wish she would start to shut up about her ex-husband because it’s boring.
    Isn’t there anything else in her life – besides men – to talk about?

  20. Shar says:

    “Angelina rbought uo the children talking about how they will see the movie where their parents fell in love.”

    Kim, are you fuucking serious? Of course Angie brings up HER KIDS in interviews, those are her fucuking kids, not Aniston. You must not be a mother, or if you are, you must be missing a sensitivity chip, like Aniston. If Jen wants to talk about Angelina & Brad, she has every right to, but their children should remain off limits. She has absolutely no relation to them, never met them, and she don’t know them. And lastly, they are innocent children who have never done anything to her.

  21. lio says:

    Talking about other people’s children is a weird and a bad thing…Yeah, and nobody never do that on celebitchy. Ever.

  22. Jann says:

    Angelina can talk about her children. They’re hers to discuss. Has JA even ever met them? I doubt it. Joking or not, the comment was inappropriate.
    Oh, and have you met Marla?

  23. Kim says:

    Calm down you Bradagnelinaloonies. Now you are clinging onto a throw away joke as an excuse. If Jen does herself a disservice when she talks about her tormenters, why then do you her haters want her to shut up? You would think you should be encouraging her to dig her own grave. But the truth is that I have never seen so much anti Brangelina sentiment on the blogs like this last month. Brad’s comments in Rollingstone only served to salve the public hate towards these now former saints. Just a couple of months ago, they could do no wrong, now after the NYT article, they are public enemy number one. I am loving every part of this fall out.

    I wonder what they will do next for damage control.

  24. Len says:

    She reeeeaaally needs to shut up about her ex. She KNOWS that even a little joke will get completely blown up. She knew that going into this interview, which means she’s deliberatly seeking attention. I was starting to like her, but I’m back to square one. Plus: whats up with her weird upper lip??

  25. Susan says:

    Watch the fur fly! The post sums it up. Jen was quiet for years following the divorce. It really didn’t do her any good at all. She was seen as a women scorned, made fun of for not being able to move on, so sad about Brad having children, poor poor Jen. Even with no movies coming out and no interviews she was talked about in a rude way all the time.

    Now the new Jen, well, there is little doubt now that she is so over Brad and is like whatever. Here you see a Jen who really doesn’t care. She just doesn’t care at all. About what people think, how they take her, etc. She will lose fans over this no doubt but I don’t think that bothers her at all. Joking about Brad/Angie is actually a good move. Making fun of a situation that the tabloids have taken so seriously is the best thing to do. If Jen had continued to say “no comment” bloggers and tabloids would have said Jen can’t even talk about the split still she is still so hurt and sad and lonely. If she talks about it she is bitter etc. She can’t win. She played the no comment role for years didn’t help her at all. Now she is playing the other role we will see how it works. I have to say though that the tabloids must be a bit upset – what are they suppose to say now. That poor lonely Jen thing really has to go. And US hates Jen so their story is no surprise. Very interesting to see the “new” Jen come out. Time will tell how this all plays out. But this is hollywood that is why we are interested.

  26. Jann says:

    Kim…it’s Brangeloonie…if you’re going to call us out, please have the decency to get the name right…

  27. wtf says:

    Kim, I think you should have the read the comments for the NYT article, because the readers actually handed their @sses to them. And WTF what blogs are you reading the usual hater blogs? LMFAO

  28. Syko says:

    When did GQ get so damn tasteless?

    This female is pitiful. She got a little attention for saying Angelina was uncool, so now she’s going to talk about them more, to get more attention. But she needs to leave the kids out of it ENTIRELY, and she better be careful, because if Brad starts talking, she might lose her niche as “America’s Sweetheart”.

    I think she’s had a boob job, who’s with me?

  29. Shar says:

    Kim dear, I am not a Brang-what ever the heck that is, but I do believe children should be off limits if you have no relation to them, like being their parent(s). But you are clearly obssessed with her life, defending her as if she gives a shitt about you. FYI, she dosn’t know you from a turnip.

    P.S. Syko, either a boob job, or it’s because this picture is photoshopped to hell.

  30. geronimo says:

    If the aim here was positive PR, whoever is advising JA needs to be shot. If this is JA all on her own, and it actually sounds like it is, then she is even dumber than she already comes across as in interviews. Her ‘nice’ mask is slipping and beginning to reveal a really unpleasant person.

    Rather than someone who has moved on with her life, I’m seeing someone who has been brooding over her failed marriage and the woman she sees as ‘causing’ it for the past 4/5 years. That’s why there’s no ‘uncool’ rejoinder for ‘amazing’ Brad. Pathetic. :roll:

  31. Terry says:

    Syko, I think she’s hardly photoshopped.
    Funny thing, she talks about sexism in article, and the same time posed naked on men’s mag cover. :mrgreen:

  32. HallieB says:

    She is not helping her career. Howard Stern was laughing about her this morning on his show, this is not the reaction you want if you are trying to be taken seriously as an actress.

    No Nos for Jen-

    It’s been 4 years, stop talking about the ex or members of his family. Brad has now said exactly what Angelina said, that he fell in love on MAMS, are you next going to say about him “well consider the source as well”. Say no comment, or as Brad just said when asked about a John Mayer concert “I do not discuss 3rd parties that I am not related to or have no connection with”.

    Never talk about anyone else’s kids with who you have no relationship or no connection. You can talk about your godchild or relatives, but no one else’s kids. This is not well perceived by parents. Leave the kids out of this crazy PR you are now doing.

    Some of you are saying go Jen because of your own life trials and tribulations, but Hollywood is a small pool, and her career is in a period of transition. No major studio is hiring her, only independents, and that is not a good sign. Whoever her PR is not givng her good advice or maybe she is listening to John Mayer these days. Actresses nominated for awards her age are not posing naked on the cover of GQ.

  33. Susan says:

    What I think is so funny is that the Brad/Angie fans have said for years (when Jen said nothing at all) that she needed to get on with her life. Now that she says somthing they say the same things. What exactly should she do to get on with her life. Not mention them or mention them. Because whatever she does you guys say the same thing. Too funny. Don’t you worry this article shows fully that Jen has moved on with her life – when an ex can openly talk and make fun of her ex then they have moved on. However I feel that during the quiet period she hadn’t moved on because she really was still raw. what is funny is that I think you guys also believe that she has moved on and that actually makes you upset. Because if the triangle is not alive then what is there to talk about.

  34. HallieB says:

    By the way Kim, just telling the truth does not make one a Brangie anything. This PR is hurting her career. What other actress is still ranting over a divorce 4 years later for publicity. Not Uma, Not Nicole, Not Reese. Jen appears desperate, this cover confirms that thought for many people. She is even saying in this interview that she would consider being on 30 Rock permanently if asked, this says her movie career is not doing well. Can’t always spin a negative to a positive.

  35. tinabobeana says:

    Personally, I think this is all extremely amusing. Lately, I’ve been baffled as to how Angie can rehash “stealing” another woman’s husband and somehow no one sees that as a personal attack upon the other woman! Then when Jen responds with what I consider to be a mild statement (“uncool”) SHE gets slammed for bringing up the past! This girl can’t win. But I want to hug her right about now (even though before a few months ago Angie was my fav) for finally throwing out some barbs that sting. I agree that bringing up the kids is dangerous territory but I just wish I could see Angie’s reaction. Jen might not be able to make people think she’s spouting flowers when she’s really throwing dirt (like Angie can) but i give her props for finally dishing out some of what she’s been getting for years now. How does it feel to have the tables turn Angie?

  36. HallieB says:

    Susan, neither Brad nor Angelina mention Jen’s name or discuss her in their recent interviews, as she has nothing to do with their lives. They discuss themselves, their projects, their family. That’s it. I do believe she has moved on in part but that she is an inflexible person who has a low self image. No woman with any self confidence is still going on about an ex and now his family members 4 years after the relationship is over. Jen is still trying to ride Brad’s coat tails which is pathetic in my view. She has money, had some sort of career which she is throwing away in this stupid PR campaign of hers. Enough of this wronged woman act of hers. Real women do not act like this. JMHO

  37. Lem says:

    I’ve made a good run at staying out of the triangle comment section but WTF did they do to her face?

    ENOUGH ALREADY with the airbrushing. it’s beyond out of hand. I don’t buy any tabloid type glossies prefering to get my fix here and there but if they started selling a non airbrushed mag I’d pony up for the script, no matter the subject!

    Also, god help me two thoughs in one post after 2 years with no post but your right. She better watch it. Use the kids and even the pity party pals will turn on her quicker than her nipples to a papp’s flash

  38. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Alright I couldn’t even read all the way down the board because I just had to stop and say something (so I’m sorry if I’m dupilcating something someone else said): 1st – I LIKE the new Jennifer Aniston!! Everyone complained when she admitted she was in pain over her divorce and made her out to be this pitiful loser. Then everyone complained when she stuck up for herself and outwardly said she doesn’t appreciate Brangelina’s exploitation of the beginning of their relationship at her expense, completely disregarding her feelings. Now she just doesn’t give a f*** and I think it’s great! She knows she has the body, so she plays that card. She’s happy, lighthearted and fun. She’s not pity partying anymore!! 2nd – Why is everyone freaking out that she used the kids names? You people do it all the time!! Everyone in the world probably knows those kids by name and it’s to no one’s doing but Brad & Angelina themselves. Why is it a big deal when she makes a joke about them – using their names (shock! gasp!) – when everyone else on earth does it on a daily basis?? C’mon, I’ve laughed a number of times with the jokes on this site regarding Zahara ruling the world and stuff. It’s funny! And a joke!! But no one lashed out at the people who cracked the jokes saying the kids were “off limits”. Kids are off limits when people are ripping them apart, saying mean things, or critizing them when – as children – they don’t know any better. She’s not saying anything mean about the kids. She’s tired of answering the same questions in the same way and made a joke. You all need to drink some eggnog and chill the hell out folks!!

  39. daisy424 says:

    The title is BADette, not Brangeloonie. 8)

    It is bad form to bring the children into her web of woulda, coulda, shoulda. My ex-husband’s wife does the same thing with my kids, jealous loser.

    Syko, boob job. I can clearly see the roundness of the outer edge on the implant in her armpit. :wink:

  40. Jann says:

    whoops…meant to say what the haters call the BADettes…

  41. Amy says:

    I couldn’t care less about either party, but the comment about the kids struck me as totally weird. How does she even know their names if she doesn’t pay attention to tabloids and why does she think it’s appropriate to bring them up in conversation?

    Oh, and appearing naked on GQ is soooo tacky. It looks like a Playboy cover! She’s almost 40, too. Kinda pathetic.

  42. LondonParis says:

    Kim- Like them or not, Brad and Angelina don’t give a crap about what you think. And if you really think that her children are going to be trolling boards for nasty comments about her (the way that you obviously seem to do, as that is all you’re finding and… well, look at this thread alone, that’s definitely not all there is…)I doubt you are a mother. Which means you couldn’t possibly understand why someone would be upset about a woman who has never met any of your children joking about them in a national gentleman’s magazine next to a suggestive nude shoot. Though then again, you’re the only fighting your fight, so…

    Syko- I thought that as soon as I saw the picture. Plus, it looks like they completely skipped airbrushing and just used a “blur” tool on Photoshop. I mean, it looks like a WATERCOLOR! :lol:

  43. cara says:

    Her body looks great for her age, BUT she is sans kids-so she has a better palate. And, although I’m not a fan of her acting chops, after seeing the promos for Marley & Me….this b*tch will most surely be there 12/25!

    God for her for cracking jokes about it.

  44. geronimo says:

    @aaaaaaa – It’s not the using the names, I agree with you, that’s not a hanging offence lol! – it’s more that she continues to talk about things in interviews that, whether she privately thinks about them or not, make her look as if they’re things she, despite protesting otherwise, still thinks about and broods over.

    She can’t have it both ways. She accuses people of not letting the past go but yet she can’t let it go herself. No comment would have been 1000 times more efffective here. Bottom line: who’s talking about Marley & Me here? That’s right, no one. Who’s talking about Mayer here? Again, no one. Not a single person talking about anything to actually do with Aniston’s actual life now. Is this what she wanted? Is that what she hoped to gain from this interview? I think not.

    It backfires, THAT’s the point!

  45. Susan says:

    So HallieB was Jennifer acting right for the last 3 years then when she never mentioned Brad/Angie? And if she was why was she getting all the bad press. You cannot have it both ways. When they asked her about the birth of Shiloh when promoting The Break Up she said no comment. She got huge flack for that – she isn’t over it yet, how rude is that, etc. For three years she said no comment and individuals (you included) had nothing but bad words for her. Now she says something and she shouldn’t.

    And remember that Brad and Angie have both used Jen to promote movies in the recent past. In fact Jen is responding to what they have said. If they had never said anything then Jen would be out of line – but they spoke first. And if you want them to look perfect by saying they never speak about Jen – then good. They are perfect Jen is not. Jen is working her way through life having a good time and doing what she thinks she needs to do at that time. Brad and Angie are perfect – they never do wrong so go ahead and think that and don’t worry about Jen she is working it out like the rest of us poor mortals.

    But you got to admit no one can get people talking like Jen!

  46. Codzilla says:

    I really don’t give a rat’s turd what JA says about AJ/BP, ATT, the FBI, or even A&W, but that cover photo is pathetic. She looks ridiculous. :roll:

  47. Susan says:

    “She’s almost 40, too. Kinda pathetic’ so it is Ok for a young person to bare their body but not an old one. Really I would love to see Helen do this. Old women are beautiful and we are taking back the image that only young women look good. If for nothing else I love Jen for this. I hope she does it when she is 70.

  48. nina says:

    Of course she is joking about it. I am sure that she is embarrassed that her ex husband’s life turned into this pitiful circus, which somehow reflects on her as well. I would be so infinitely embarrassed if an ex of mine would have made all the dubious choices that BP did. Imagine – probably all her friends were asking her what did she do to him that he ran off with the “resident weirdo”.

  49. Shar says:

    “But you got to admit no one can get people talking like Jen!”

    Susan, you forgot to mention Jen gets ppl talking only when she brings up her ex and/or his current flame. and while she’s talking about her Ex and his current family, they’re busy being recognized by their peers as great actors,and getting nommination for their acting, something I think Jen has been trying to prove since her “Leprechaun” days.

  50. G Unit says:

    She is so desperate for attention. She plays the girl next door image up but she is just like every other desperate attention seeeking hollywood ho.
    she should shut her trap and put her clothes back on and start acting like an adult.

  51. HallieB says:

    Susan, How have Brad and Angelina used Jen for their movies? Brad has not uttered Jen’s name in 4 years. Angelina was asked if she would meet with Jen 2 years ago, and she replied I would welcome that if that is what she wants. That’s it. Brad and Angelina talk about themselves, lots about their kids, and about their movies, their careers. That’s what people talk about. Or have I missed something.

    I have never said any of these people are perfect. How could I say that when no one is perfect, and I don’t even personally know these people. Everyone makes mistakes. I do not go on the defensive or offensive about either of these people like you do for Jen. That you feel some affinity for Jen is obvious, that’s your right to do so. But no one’s life is all black and white, lives are mostly gray, a mix of both the good and bad.

    I certainly never castigated Jen for saying nothing, if anyone did that it was people who had their own agendas. But all this talk about Brad, her EX, and his family, is too much. I do not think it is needed, and if Jen truly wants to be disconnected from the Bermuda triangle as she says, then don’t talk about it. Talk about what is going on in her present life, don’t keep giving the tabs material for their covers.

  52. Susan says:

    Shar – no this cover alone is huge! Jen took a big step by posing almost nude – she will lose fans over this and it will be interesting. Why do you think any actors do this. Why did Angie pose breastfeeding? For attention of course. Jen plays with the best of them. If you really found her boring and uninteresting, pathetic etc you would not even be posting her.

  53. Ranna says:

    I really think Jen is flushing her career down the drain. She had some talent as a rom com actress, and now who is talking about her career anymore. Posing naked like Pam Anderson is not the way to go.

  54. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    geronimo: she did the “no comment” for SO LONG and got ripped apart repeatedly. she talks about mayer with major passion and admiration and tries to just brush off the brangelina stuff, so she cracked a joke. the rest of the article does talk about marley and me and john mayer, it’s just not the clip that this post pulled out (see other websites). I know you’re just not a fan, and I totally respect that… my point was more that everyone FREAKED out about her using the kids names when she really didn’t do anything that millions of blog commenters don’t do every day. i’m sure it’s the reporters that bring the crap out of Brangelina too, asking a million questions about the kids and then their comments are torn up on the blogs later. Celebs truly do get screwed in this respect, especially these three because they’re nothing but a “cash cow” to the gossip world. but it is what it is, right? Who’s changing anytime soon? no one!

  55. Kaiser says:

    :lol: Agree with all of those who think Pity Party crossed a line by mentioning the kids. Disgusting.

    And as far as The Patrol’s excuses for this most recent hissy fit… please don’t ever use that old “she’s so over it” bs ever again. She is still the same bitter, pathetic, self-absorbed loser and fraud that could never and will never take responsibility for her own train-wreck life.

    Honestly, though, I don’t think she’s had a boob job. But it seems like she’s either had more work on her face or she’s been photoshopped within an inch of her life.

    Sidenote: Is it possible for a photographer to take a “good” picture of her without her hair covering at least half of her face? :lol:

  56. Ranna says:

    A woman posing breastfeeding her child on a magazie cover in which you see only a beautiful mom and her tiny child’s hand and no complete nudity is a far cry from posing nude for Playboy, er, GQ.

    I do not see this as a positive for a woman who wants to be seen as a serious actress. I see this as desperation.

  57. ami says:

    Well there is a way to attract attention and a way not to attract attention. This is not a good way to do so for Jen in my opinion, and frankly, she is not the person I thought she was. I do not like this cover, it was not a good move for her to make.

  58. Trace says:

    In a way, I am glad she is shedding her nice, girl-next-door image. Now everyone can get an honest look at her. This is the real Jen Aniston – unpleasant, bitter, inappropriate, willing to go to any means to stay famous. Using your ex’s kid’s names for PR, that’s just bad taste whether or not it is a joke. And for Pete’s sake, she’s using sex to sell a Christmas family dog movie!

  59. Susan says:

    HallieB – Not true last year when promoting his movie Jesse James he talked about Jen and their “deep friendship” and how his new life in no way made his time with Jen less. Don’t you remember that? It was posted on US website if you want to find it.

    Angie also talked about Jen and said that she would welcome meeting her. Even as a fan of Brad/Angie you have to admit that was pretty rude. Angie at that time should have said no comment.

    Both have recently talked about how they fell in love when Brad was married. Although Jen’s name is never said the everyone knows that they are reffering to a time when he was married to Jen.

    HallieB are you saying then that during the last 3 years when Jen was quiet you prasied her for being that way and respected her for not commenting? I certainly have not gotten that idea from your posts. If Jen was acting as she should have for 3 years why was she getting all the hate she was?

    “Everyone makes mistakes” – I agree so to show that you do not think that Brad/Angie are perfect as many of their fans make them out to be. Please state one thing in the past year that they did that was not really good? Just for interest sake I would love to know what you think. I am not trying to be rude but it would be interesting.

    I honestly think that Jen is between the devil and the deep blue sea. She has not said anything for 3 years and during that time she was hated and talked about horribly in tabloids and on blogs. Names such as maniston, chinnifer ect. She is trying something new. Could it back fire yes it could. Tabloids stated things she was thinking about them. Perhaps she believes it is better to say what she really thinks and then everyone can move on.

  60. Syko says:

    I think the big problem is that she’s socially inept and does everything at the wrong time, or inappropriately.

    “Ms Aniston, your ex-husband and his partner have a new baby girl, what do you have to say?”
    “No comment.”

    That sounds rude and bitter. The appropriate thing would be “congratulations to them” or “I wish everyone the best.”

    And then when they want her to talk about why people are still interested in the story, she gives out that big fiction about how they go away for the weekends and she carries their kids. That would be the time to say “no comment” or “I don’t know why they’re still interested, it’s the past.”

    As for her fantastic body. Yes, she looks good naked. I’m not sure it’s a good thing to do the Playboy type pose on a GQ cover, but hey, I’m not the editor or the model, what do I care? But that’s a perfect little body (plus fake boobs) that’s never borne a child, and that makes a difference. Even if you lose the baby weight, sometimes the bones don’t move back to where they were before. It also helps to have time and money for a personal trainer.

    In my mind there’s just something sort of pitiful about her, and it’s not because ZOMG BRAD CHEATED, it’s because she’s missing some critical personality pieces.

  61. geronimo says:

    @aaaaaaa – understand the point you’re making but, as I said, it not the name thing that bothered me, it’s her complete lack of judgement. Everytime she opens her mouth, she takes two steps backwards. We’ll have to agree to disagree on her motivation, which is fine! 8)

    @Syko – missing some critical personality pieces or just woefully insecure and not very bright or mature?

  62. Susan says:

    So syko – you know the times when she should say no comment and when she should not? Should she consult you. No matter what Jennifer did – if she had said no comment in this interview you guys would have said- Oh look now she is feeling foolish for saying something in the vogue interview. Right. You would have said that she can’t face the music and now she is back to her whiny self. In your eyes Jen can do nothing right – at least admit that. whatever she does it is wrong. In fact she has done nothing in 3 years and she was wrong.

    As for Kaiser “And as far as The Patrol’s excuses for this most recent hissy fit… please don’t ever use that old “she’s so over it” bs ever again. She is still the same bitter, pathetic, self-absorbed loser and fraud that could never and will never take responsibility for her own train-wreck life.” Exactly – when she says no comment same thing from Kaiser – when she says nothing same thing from kaiser – when she talks about it same post from kaiser. Really Jen could say anything and you guys would post the same junk. She has totally changed her image and you post the same stuff. Now if she went back to no comment you would still try to amke her look bad.

  63. Kaiser says:

    Susan, you have a rare good point. When Pity Party was getting her Goddess Circle friends to do the dirty work and talk smack about Jolie, Pitt and Mayer, so as to maintain her “good girl” image, I once said that I would appreciate it if *for once* Aniston would do her own dirty work.

    And now she has. So I’ll give her props on not going through her Goddess Circle and being a raging bitch openly. I appreciate the change in PR tactics, but I agree with Syko, you can’t change the bitter, pathetic sentiments behind the PR strategy.

  64. Terry says:

    more from the interview:

    She also says she’d never sell her baby photos to a magazine, unlike Jolie, who fetched $14 million for shots of twins Knox and Viv.

    “That just doesn’t feel right to me….” Aniston says.

    (To further end any questions about what Aniston thinks of Jolie, the GQ editor writes simply: “How Jen feels about Angelina is pretty much exactly how you’d think she’d feel.”)

    Aniston’s remarks about Jolie aren’t the only thing to raise eyebrows: The actress, 39, poses naked, wearing only a tie, on the cover.

    “It felt really good to be that comfortable with myself — and to lie on men as furniture,” she says.

  65. Trace says:

    Kaiser – I’m glad the “raging b*tch” is finally coming out for all to see. But, I really doubt this new image will keep her famous and relevant. For all the old and new Aniston supporters out there, are you really going to go out and drop $10+ to see her mediocre movies?

  66. vdantev says:

    Syko, I think she’s hardly photoshopped.

    Right, people just have naturally perfectly smooth skin and glow like that. :roll:

    *Martini anyone ?*

  67. Ana says:

    She is making herself look stupid. And I was thisclose to feeling bad for her.
    But she does have a new movie out so I guess you do whatcha gotta do.
    Is it me, or did they try to blend her nose into her face to make it less obvious. And her hands are horribly positioned.
    I expect a comment from Angelina now. I think she’s just like she described her own mom–fierce when it comes to her kids.

  68. Cinderella says:

    She was just throwing some humor out there. Big deal. People take this stuff way too seriously.

  69. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    haha geronimo, i’m glad you see “posting arguments” to be as silly as I do!! yes, agree to disagree :)

  70. Terry says:

    vdantev. I mean she’s very much potoshopped, I smell photoshopped a mile off.(c)

  71. Amanda says:

    Of course I’ll drop $10 to see this movie! The book was touching and I’m sure the film will be as well.

    I really don’t see the harm in cracking a joke about one of the numerous Pitt children. If you put your children in the spotlight the way the Pitts do they’re going to be targets.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    Well this is interesting. What’s going to be her next PR move to counter the Jolie-Pitts — a Playboy centerfold?

    She not only can’t keep Brad’s and Angelina’s names out of her mouth, now she has to drag their children into it. How low-class can she get?

    Somebody stick a fork in this rancid turkey. She is DONE.

  73. Hmm says:

    It’s funny how some women rally around Aniston considering that her sharpest jabs are not aimed at BP but at AJ. Wasn’t it last week that Jen said she’s not catty and this week her new quote is “considering the source”. She goes out of her way to say something nice about him but takes every cheap shot in the world at AJ. I guess she meant she’s not catty, she’s bitchy.
    It’s funny that today people will be talking about BP and AJ’s Golden Globe nominations and JA’s pathetic nude posing on GQ which will only focus on her age. Should they be nominated for Oscars should we expect to see a naked billboard or perhaps a sex tape with Mayer.
    And someone mentioned how Brangelina suffers when Jen speaks and I have to disagree. Over the last few weeks the comments on this board and several others have been skewing in the opposite direction as Aniston is starting to be viewed as a pathetic famewhore. (And please can we stop saying that she has refused to discuss it over the years because it is patently false.)

  74. Jann says:

    Well I would think that whole implant debate can be put to rest now.

    She certainly doesn’t look comfortable in the 2nd pic.

  75. Eka Allen says:

    All this yakking is making her look pathetic. She is promoting a movie yet all we hear about is the brange. Joking or not she just revealed that she consumes all those tabloids, she portends to hate. Reciting the kids names just shows shes way into the Jolie-Pitt family news which makes her appear sad. Women know that after a break up the thing to do is pretend the guy never existed. You never ever talk about him to the national media no less (thats what girlfriends are for), no matter how much it hurts. Besides with time the pain fades. Its been four long years, I really dont think she has any feeling for him its just a way for to keep a high profile. Look at all the other friends cast they dont get half as much visibility as she does. Its all about being tied to the Jolie-Pitts. She is actively engaged in keeping the bermuda triangle going.

  76. Rosanna says:

    Everything that JA is doing/saying goes to prove that the ones who thought she wasn’t over the break-up were indeed right. I’m really sorry for her… there was no contest between her and AJ before all of this, but after what she’s been saying, not only JA sounds like she’s Cinderella’s ugly step-sis, but also quite as ugly inside.

  77. Bros says:

    god the more i think about it the more I cant stand her. all she does is pose tan in these stupid bikini by the beach, see my body? im so cute stupid photoshoots.

    i have never, not once, seen a picture of her doing anything other than (A) posing in a mediocre cliche (and now desperate) photoshoot (B) paparazzi shots of her on vacation/on set/on vacation on the set/ or (C) at a premiere or coming out of the latest trendy restaurant or going to a party.

    that is all this rotten egg does. you never see her speaking at any foundation, like AJ, nicole kidman, reese witherspoon or even sharon stone, and im missing countless others she never does any good will missions for anyone, nothing charitable if it requires anything other than dressing up in some lame boring outfit with her lame boring makeup and hair. her freaking hair is driving me nuts too. cant she ever pull it back? do something with it? its such a safety blanket for her and if she pulled it back i guess it would put emphasis on that horrid chin face.

    she just tans, vacations, makes bad movies, whins, takes pot shots at people (I dont believe this attention hungry medusa wouldnt sell baby pics-are you kidding? a baby from the frigid womb of aniston? that is tabloid gold! she’s sell. trust me.) doesnt ever get over stuff, makes backhanded comments, and has bad relationships. what a loser.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    Ana, I very much doubt that either Brad or Angelina will dignify Aniston’s total lack of class with any comment. They have ignored her for four years now and I’m fairly certain they will go on doing so.

    The more Aniston shoots off her mouth, the more rope she will make to hang herself with. It can’t happen soon enough.

  79. Syko says:

    Easy enough to say you’d never sell your baby’s photos when you’ve never had a baby, don’t want a baby and probably never will have a baby.

  80. Cheyenne says:

    I have to laugh at Aniston’s apologist who insists that the more she badmouths the Jolie-Pitts, the more fans she gets. Outside of the usual hate sites, she is losing fans in droves. Delusion may be pleasant, but substituting fantasy for fact is just plain silly.

  81. keira says:

    brangelina are adulterers, manipulate the press from day one and they were the ones whoring their babies all the way. Is the real -ethical- problem that Jennifer MENTIONS them? Didn’t think so.

  82. lynn says:

    there are so many things wrong with this whole situation. firstly, AJ is not a homewrecker; JA and BP’s home was decidedly wrecked long before AJ came on the scene. If they are “in love” or not through the test of time remains to be seen but they appear happy and committed for the moment. yes, i sometimes feel badly for JA — if i got divorced and my ex’s “successful” relationship was constantly in my face i would not be happy but the cardinal rule of breakups is if someone cheated on you, you NEVER, EVER mention that person’s name again to show you care. with that being said, JA is coming off as extraordinarily immature and petty (something she recently said she wasn’t) — trying to stay “relevant” by cursing, posing nude and dating JM (who i think is insanely talented) but pretty much an attention-seeking frat boy. whether or not JA “talks back” unfortunately she does come across as desperate and pathetic. if you have something to say, confront your source. comments to every mag is passive-aggressive and sad.

  83. Zoe says:

    NOW I am starting to actually pity her for real. :(

    I bet Brad is embarrassed and wondering what he ever saw in her.

    I think Psycho totally hit the nail on the head pointing out that Aniston just says the wrong things at the wrong times and it comes off as bitter and stupid and contrary to what she’s trying to present.

    I really wish she had more to talk about than men. I used to think she was innocuous and cute and kinda funny. Now, it’s just sad.

  84. nina says:

    Maybe having a nude shot was just something she wanted to do before she turned 40. Big deal. Portraits of naked women have always been part of art. Living family life (involving kids) in the public eye – is tacky, classless and outrageous. It caters to the same public who watches the reality tv shows featuring unusually large families. Do BP&AJ actually teach their kids anything other than pose for cameras? Many kids already read at 4ys or earlier. How about quality other than quantity?
    As for dropping her ex’s baby names – so what? These poor kids were publicity tools from day one.

  85. Granger says:

    I’ve tried not to comment too much on the last few JA posts because things just get SO out of hand here! :lol: But this article has me rolling my eyes so far back in my head I can see my shoulder blades. I could care less that her boob job is showing — it’s the fact that her insecurity is on such lurid display that kills me. That quote about how she liked the feeling of lying on men like they’re furniture? To me, that statement just smacks of someone with low self-esteem, who, because she’s been “wronged” by men in the past, now feels a desperate need to dominate and take control over them. And appearing nude on the cover of a men’s magazine, while at the same time spewing lines in every recent interview about how much she hates films that only show women living for men… It’s such a ridiculous irony, I can’t stand it.

    I keep hoping JA will do something to make me admire or respect her. But after reading this article, I like her even less than I did before.

  86. Cheyenne says:

    Susan, please stop kidding yourself. No rational person could read that interview and say that it shows she’s over Brad. If she’s over him, why can’t she stop talking about him? And now she drags his children into it?

    Being a mother myself, I am totally with Shar on this. Unless Aniston knows the J-P children personally or has some kind of connection with them, she should have the decency to keep their names out of her mouth.

    This interview does not prove she is over Brad. What it proves is she will do or say anything for publicity. I realize it’s been a terrible week for her fans, what with Brad and Angelina racking up heaps of GG nominations for CCOBB and Changeling, Jane and Bill Pitt appearing on the red carpet with Angie and looking like they are all three on the best of terms, and Brad declaring his love for Angie in Rolling Stone, but desperately insisting that this GQ cover and interview are helping Aniston is ridiculous. The only thing left for her to do now is disappear, quietly and permanently.

  87. I Choose Me says:

    “I used to think she was innocuous and cute and kinda funny.”

    My sentiments exactly Zoe. I’m a fan of the Jolie/Pitts but I saw no harm in Jen. I didn’t have a problem with her calling AJ uncool either, as nobody in this triangle is a saint here or perfect in anyway (xcept Empress Z of course ahem)but she’s starting to rub me the wrong way. The horse, he is dead and moldy bones why’s she still beating it, why is anybody? I don’t have a problem with self-promotion they’re all actors and its part of the deal but I don’t like cheap shots and this smells like a cheap shot to me esp. the comments about not selling her baby photos and ‘consider the source.’ She does not need to go there, she claimed on Oprah that she doesn’t go there so wtf? If Brad cheated how come she’s still acting like his sh*t don’t stink. It takes two to tango sweetie. She needs to sh*t or get off the pot. Either she’s above all this ‘Bermuda triangle’ nonsense or she’s not. If she’s above all this then she needs to stfu. Hell they all need to stfu.
    /rant over.

  88. MGG says:

    Even naked she looks like a horsey faced boy. UGLY – she’s an attention seeking loser. Get over the break up already. You got served, deal!!

  89. nina says:

    AJ would also have appeared naked on the cover if her body was worth looking at.
    JA’s career was doing very well before that weird woman interfered in her life. On the other hand, AJ’s career improved after she started dating BP and collecting babies. Sounds like one of them succeeded because of hard work and another – for using her own body and bodies (and souls) of innocent babies. It sounds dramatic, but that’s what it is.
    As for JA babbling away – so what? Everyone says stupidities every now and then.
    As for everyone criticizing JA’s looks – I would like to see what you look like naked, photoshop or not.

  90. ff says:

    Someone made a point on another blog that Aniston has to remain complimentary to Brad in order to not get dismissed in to relative obscurity. I think that’s true.

    All of this digging at Angelina – whether some people see it as reasonable or understandable, or even not there, is only going to do one thing: alienate Brad. It’s inclining him more and more to public defense of Angelina – and if Aniston doesn’t watch it she’s going to find herself on the end of a not-so-complimentary soundbite from his quarter.

    She might want to stick to talking about her own life and movies.

    And for heaven’s sake leave other people’s children out of it. Seriously.

  91. Kristin says:

    Damn her body is great. The only bad thing, is, it looks like she has had implants. I don’t think breasts are supposed to be looking like thy are bolted to their chest.

  92. SMDH says:

    She should stop focusing so much on being liked in the press and start focusing on her acting. Talking like this will sell mags but it won’t win her any award nominations. I don’t see Merryl Streep or Helen Mirren keeping up these kinds of tabloid antics.

  93. aleach says:

    how did i know that thos story would have the most comments?? :lol:
    all the brangaloonies are out in full force today! :lol:

  94. MB Travis says:

    I think it’s interesting that many posters here seem to focus their aggression on her body — how dare she go semi-nude at that age, the boobs must be fake, airbrushing etc… — and the fact that she has not had children.
    Aniston’s public image is setting off very socially specific negative reactions. The anti-Anistons sound threatened.
    And I agree that they should all just shut up. This tragic triangle is overrated all around.

  95. Lilou says:

    That’s so funny!! You can tell she has crossed the line big time, because, in other gossip website, most of the comments are angry ones against her :lol: Usually, except for JustJared, people are protecting her. Even for the Uncool quote, people were “no big deal” “she speaks her mind”…

    But this time, most of the people think she is just desperate and is ready to talk about her ex’s children, just to be in the limelight :roll:

    Is it just me, or lately she has been REALLY REALLY weird??? I mean, she is just no like herself lately!! It’s not about opening up… It’s more like she is trying to be someone she is not :? And, may I remark that she has been like this since she has been with Mayer??? Isn’t it Jessica Simpson who said that she has lost her selfesteem when she was with Mayer????

    Aniston new behaviour is so weird that there must be something behind all this!!

  96. monica says:

    hahahaha… well, she looks great and has us all talking…

  97. Lilly Kane says:

    dragging kids into it – how tactful.

  98. MSat says:

    Jen is looking seriously buff these days. I’d like to see her play against type and take a butt-kicking role for a change – although if she did I’m sure she’d get slammed for trying to be like Angelina.

    She really can’t win, no matter what she does.

  99. Ally says:

    The interview is endearing. The photos are needlessly OTT, though.

  100. whatevs says:

    I think so too, MSat. She needs to play a tough chick holding a gun or kicking ass. It might not go over too well, but I think if Ange tried to do comedy, it would be as equally pathetic as Jen trying to play a femme fatale. I don’t know, interesting to see, but I doubt it will ever happen.

  101. Cheyenne says:

    Actually, both Brad and Angie showed a very nice sense of comedy in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Check it out.

    The last thing Aniston should do is try to play a femme fatale. She tried to play a sexy woman in “Derailed” and the results were disastrous. One film critic said that Angelina could have nailed that scene where Aniston tries to seduce the guy on the train in 1.5 seconds just by raising an eyebrow, whereas poor Aniston just managed to look like constipated.

  102. bros says:

    what else does she do all day besides work out and think about herself M-Sat? of course she is going to look buff. its her full time job. if she didnt look buff and tanned and toned, she would be out of work completely. because she certainly insnt surviving on her acting chops.

  103. debra77 says:

    I’ll start by saying I am a Brange fan..

    That aside, I just don’t understand how Jennifer can speak so nicely about Brad.. A man that many of you have said cheated on her, yet she is a little attack happy about Angie. If Angie is guilty of something, is Brad not too. Why is she not attacking the Pitt, just the Jolie. This is why I am angry at her. She is sending mixed signals. Angie Bad.. Brad Good. I don’t like the photos. Some of them look (nasty). She should be beyond this. Brad and Angie are being recognized for their work… Jennifer is being recognized for tits and ass… Is this her career?

  104. E.Marie says:

    Im goin to start off by saying that it is very hard to be famous and live ur life in front of millions…. Can you imgaine loosing your husband so “publicly’ to another woman whom which is also famous. Of course she’s still hurt! :cry: This man lied to her, and cheated on her! I remember it all too well, the rumors, the denying and finally the truth and seperation. :( Just think, how hard would it be for many of you to find that your husband or other left you for another woman and you have to constantly hear about them. How do you move on, how can you? My heart goes out to Jen.

  105. Ana says:

    Cheyenne: Yes you could def. be correct. I just figure she will say something because of the children brought into it. My husband’s ex-wife (who actually looks like JA) wanted to see pictures of our baby after she was born and I remember how angry I felt after that I can only imagine how Angelina will feel.
    She needs to move on. It was four years ago and she’s making it obvious that she is still hurt. How embarassing is that?
    She should’ve said something along the lines of “it was a long time ago and I don’t care!”

  106. NotBlonde says:

    Bros: Jennifer Aniston does a lot of QUIET work with Children’s Hospitals. She raises funds for them and talks at fundraisers and goes to hospitals to spend time with the kids there. She just doesn’t get all LOOK AT ME about it. I’ve seen one commerical with her and some other celebrities talking about Children’s Hospitals and how they need funding. Don’t think all she does is lay around on beaches. She’s trying to help sick kids. Kindly put that stupid lie to rest.

    To all naysayers about her posing nude: This is not the same as playboy. Not in the slightest. Jennifer Aniston has always been comfortable with her body, as was clear a few years ago when she posed topless for some other magazine (might have been the same one though…) and she has a right to be. She probably works very hard to keep her body looking like that.

    It isn’t cheap, slutty, sleazy, gross or anything of the sort for her to pose “nude” in GQ. Everything is covered, you don’t even see so much as a hint of an areola, so what is the problem?

    Is it because she’s *gasp* 40?! 40 is not old, people. I don’t know what planet you live on but my mom looks 30 and she’s 52. She certainly doesn’t look like a 40 year old woman to me and even if she did, what is so wrong with her doing a nude photo shoot? Americans are such prudes.

  107. Kristen says:

    To All the Aniloonies ~

    You condemn Angelina for posing nude but when Jennifer does it it’s fine.

    And seriously – dragging their children into. That’s really low.

    I think she should let her work speak for itself. If she is such a great actress like you say she is – she shouldn’t need to resort to using children (who aren’t hers) to get attention.

  108. live life says:

    I like Jen but who the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF cares about all this other STOOPID C-R-A-P!

    There are BIGGER ISSUES in this WORLD people!!!

  109. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    She needs a COMPLETELY different interest that has NOTHING to do with Brad or Angelina and certainly nothing to do with THEIR kids. She needs a different interest that has nothing to do with men in a romantic sense, period. That has nothing to do with movies. She seems very flat and one-dimensional to me. Can she talk about anything else? Does she have any gd hobbies, for crying out loud? Has she read anything interesting lately? Anything but the same old usual crap and drivel she goes on about.

  110. Cheyenne says:

    Ana, I completely agree with what you just said. I’m sure Angelina is furious that Aniston is throwing her children’s names around so casually. She must be thinking, what’s with this woman? But — unlike Aniston, Angelina is a lady. She is a class act. She has endured the most vicious insults from the Aniston fans — directed not only at her and Brad, but at their children as well — without ever once lowering herself to noticing them, let alone responding to them. She knows who she is. She is Brad’s soul mate, his life partner and the mother of his children. Next to her, Aniston is nobody. She knows that. More to the point, Aniston knows it too. And so do her fans, which is where all the hate and vitriol is coming from. All Angie has to do is continue to hold her head up. Aniston can’t compete with her on any level, and she might as well stop these pathetic attempts at trying to. She’s just making herself look worse and worse. I have a feeling that sometime around her 40th birthday, a couple of months from now, Aniston is going to have a serious meltdown. And it is not going to be pretty.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    E.Marie, you move on the same way Nicole Kidman moved on. Tom Cruise kicked her to the curb and kicked dirt in her face for good measure. Nicole picked herself up and carried herself like a lady ever since. She has never mentioned Tom or his wife. And when Suri was born she sent congratulations. Now that is a class act. Jennifer acts like a whiny, spoiled brat who thinks she is the only woman on the planet who ever got dumped by a man. It’s not enough for her to feel sorry for herself, she has to throw a world-class pity party so everybody else will feel sorry for her. If she had carried herself with class and dignity like Kidman did, I’d feel sympathy for her too. But she’s brought all this ridicule on herself, and she richly deserves it.

  112. SMDH says:

    You loonifers keep bringing up Brad and Angelina as if she is the only Hollywood star that’s had to deal with a public break up. Nicole Kidman dealt with it, and she moved on and won an Oscar. To this day we still do not know why their marriage dissolved. And Reese Witherspoon had to deal with the same thing after she won her Oscar, but you couldn’t pay her to talk about her ex husband. They proved that you can move on and be happy again and be successful, so why is it so hard for her?

    She needs to work on her acting chops and transcend this whole triangle business because at the rate she’s going, she’ll never be the next Merryl Streep. What was the point of her crossing over into movies if she wasn’t going to take it seriously? Maybe winning the adoration of her fans is more important than winning the respect of her peers after all.

  113. Shingles says:

    I thought that “triangle” referred to something else at first.

    Aniston is in danger of becoming what she pretended to hate. A manipulative shameless hussy, as well as a passive-aggressive verbal bully. Of course, she always was underneath. She wants to marry the Adonis hunk, and then when he leaves, she wants to be seen as the sweet and wounded “girl next door” that everyone can relate to. But girls next door don’t marry Brad Pitt — don’t people realize that? Insanely ambitious Hollywood starlets marry Brad Pitt.

    Pitt himself is just a cipher at the center of all this. A man totally devoid of any personality or brain, scrapped over by two fearsome jungle cats. Because Aniston and Angelina are really sisters under the skin. You don’t get that famous without being ruthless.

  114. NotBlonde says:

    anastasiabea: she does a lot of work with Children’s Hospitals. That and domestic abuse centers. She’s talked about her charity work in Marie Claire I think…Just google Jennifer Aniston charity work

  115. Lynette says:

    I love the fact that she is speaking out. It shows that she’s human.
    Also, if the reporters are going to keep asking her questions about her ex and his familiy, than why shouldn’t she use it to her advantage with the PR.

  116. ami says:

    Anyone saying it is OK to talk about kids not related to you in any way is sick or just a child. Jen has gone too far in her never ending quest to grab Brad’s attention. She does not get it, Brad is a grown man who left her of his own free will for someone he has now told the world he fell in love with. Which says to intelligent people that he was not in love with Jen.

    Jen is a sorry example of a woman to me, she attacks Angelina who was not married to her and praises Brad who was married to her. No woman with any self esteem is publicly talking about her ex and his family 4 years later. This seems like total stupidity to me, especially at a time when Brad is loudly proclaiming his love for Angelina and defending her. Jen appears incapable of seeing a truth, that Brad will strike back in support of Angelina one way or another. Brad sees Angelina as the mother of his kids, the kids he so desperately wanted for years that Jen declined to give him.

    Brad has mentioned Jen 1 time in 4 years last year in Details, saying that they had shared a friendship and did not refer to her as a love in his life. Angelina mentioned Jen 1 time in 4 years by saying she would visit with Jen if Jen wanted that in 2006 VF. In contrast, Jen has now mentioned Brad and Angelina at least 3-4 times in recent interviews and on Oprah, she just needs to stop. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I do wonder if there is really a romance with JohnM.

    Didn’t see any of the GG nominees today posing naked on GQ.

  117. Sylvi says:

    Ok enough already about this woman. I know women who have just lost their jobs and now have no health insurance for breast reconstruction after breast cancer, women who have 4 kids whose ex also lost their jobs, women who are taking care of moms and kids and grandmoms, they are CLASSY women, not this whiny woman who is bemoaning her very good secure life.

    I can’t stand her, I am honest, she makes me so angry with this long drawn out fake divorce drama made for the tabloids. I am divorced with 2 kids, ex ran off with a close friend, yes I was mad, yes I was miserable, but after 3 years time it is a part of my life that happened and that’s that. Life is too dam short to act like this stupid woman. She is not appreciative of all the blessings in her life.

  118. aleach says:

    funny that you all get in a tizzy because she mentioned the jolie pitt kids.
    you all are obsessed and talk about them all the time. i wouldnt be surprised to find Zahara shrines in your houses…. :roll:

  119. SMDH says:


    Funny that her fans think that looking hot and talking shit about an ex is the equivalent of being taken seriously in Hollywood.

    Uma, Nicole, and Reese went through the same things with their marriages and you don’t see them blabbing about it in the press. They are proof that success is the best revenge.

  120. jane says:

    “Never explain. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

  121. Susan says:

    WOW look at the posts! No one but Jennifer can ever stir this type posting. Like she really cares about what you are saying. Jennifer was critized for so long for doing nothing that she probably thought why not? Well here is the new Jen. The Brad/Angie fans were certainly not happy with the old Jen – the one who kept her mouth shut and said nothing. For three years they made rude comments and kept on and on about the “triangle” – so welcome to the new Jen. The new Jen really doesn’t care what anybody thinks, – actually she is now like the old Angelina (with no blood vials and drugs).

  122. Susan says:

    You call Nicole a success. Ever since Tom left her the press has been horrible to her. Her movies are doing poorly, she is considered a curse in hollywood. People talk about her face and how tight it is call her granny freeze etc. That is doing well? And Reese did not go through the same things. Did Ryan have his new girl pregnant before the divorce was final, has his new girl in a national magazine said she would love to meet with Reese? Has Ryan openly admitted that he fell in love while he was still married. No to all questions. Jen did do this with dignity but Angie kept on until she answered back. Don’t worry if Ryan’s new love had called Reese out you bet that their would have been fireworks. Reese takes nothing lying down.

  123. chick says:

    she’s desperate to sell “Marley & Me” and this is the only surefire way to do it. without the Brange, she is irrelevant.

    another point, doesn’t this kinda make her a stalker? :?:

  124. Cheyenne says:

    “Angie kept on”? Kept on how? Angelina has never mentioned Aniston’s name. She was asked two years ago in a Vogue interview if she had ever had a sit-down with Aniston and she said she would welcome it but it would be Aniston’s decision. Apart from that, Aniston has never even existed for her. If by “keeping on” you mean she said she loves Brad, she has every right to say it. He is the father of her six children. Aniston needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow the hell up.

    I had to laugh at you saying “Nobody but Jennifer can stir this type of posting”. It’s like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t stare, but you can’t help it.

  125. Susan says:

    No actually Angie kept on. She talked about Jennifer in vogue. How she was married to her best friend (like she would know how their marriage was – and if Brad told her than he is not much of a man), she talked about how she would like to meet her, just a few weeks ago she talked baout how she fell in love (and if you cannot see how that was not directed at aniston then you are truly not to smart). If Angie had kept her mouth shut I would agree that Jen should not have talked but Angie could not seem to do that.

    And the whole train wreck thing. That is just so – well crazy. Jen is a beautiful woman, has wonderful friends, is one of the richest women in hollywood, has her own production company, a partner, does charity work (obviously she doesn’t talk to the press everytime she donates a dollar she does it more quietly). that is no train wreck. Poor Heather Locklear she struggled after her husband acted like Brad. that is a train wreck – Jen is coming out fighting and it makes you so mad – well good for her. Let her use them for publicity if she wants. she just doesn’t care any more.

  126. nina says:

    I wish everyone stopped bringing up how they have six children. Seriously. Having unprotected sex and keeping the baby or deciding to procreate is really not something admirable or unusual. (Ok, they adopted a few in addition to breeding, many other people do as well). People have been breeding for thousands of years. Dogs have six puppies every litter. Do we talk about that infinitely? What difference does it make whether BP and AJ have six kids, 2 kids, 1 kid or no kids?

  127. not says:

    A trainwreck would be = Psycho Britney, Amy Wino, Courtney Love, valtrex Hilton, Sarah Palin, etc… but not Jenn.

  128. Cheyenne says:

    Susan, if you are going to quote that Vogue article, at least quote it correctly. Angie was asked about how her relationship with Brad started and she answered honestly. Being your spouse’s best friend is not a put-down. Some of the most successful marriages occur when a lover is also a friend. She said the relationship between her and Brad developed slowly as they discovered they both shared a similar outlook on life — which Brad obviously never shared with Aniston, and which is why he no longer wanted her in his life.

    You have a right to your opinion, of course — but IMO, any moderately attractive woman sitting on $110 million who has trouble getting her movies released, gets dumped by every man she dates, has to resort to posing naked in a guy’s magazine to promote a family film, runs back to a man who disrespects her and publicly humiliated her, and can’t keep her ex’s name out of her mouth, is a prime example of a train wreck. Her flailing efforts at relevance don’t make me mad. They amuse and disgust me at the same time. She’s good for a few laughs, but at the end, she just sad, washed up, and very, very boring.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    A trainwreck would be = Psycho Britney, Amy Wino, Courtney Love, valtrex Hilton, Sarah Palin, etc… but not Jenn.

    Give her time. She’s getting there. When she turns 40 in two months, I’m predicting she’s going to have a major meltdown. And it is not going to be pretty.

    Ditto on Sarah Palin. Eeeewwwww.

  130. MB Travis says:

    @Cheyenne: Both Aniston and Jolie are guilty of saying inappropriate/less-than-sensitive things. What don’t you understand about that? Snark is supposed to be light and fun. You sound like you want to tar and feather this woman. What she said was NOT THAT BAD. Aniston is not a train wreck. As has been established by her box office, mag cover count, and bank statements, she is a successful celebrity. Arguing that she’s a train wreck is just kind of weird. (And Jolie is not hurting either; she’s even MORE famous.)

  131. Cheyenne says:

    I just flashed on something CB said: “Has Jennifer realized the ‘triangle’ keeps her relevant?”

    If that’s what’s keeping her relevant, that says it all. Forget her fame, her looks, her money. Take away the triangle and she’s nothing.

  132. Hmm says:

    Nina, many people view having children as a beautiful thing and I’m only sorry that you can reduce/compare the miracle of creating a family to the “breeding” of puppies. I also think that it is amazing to adopt children in need and provide them with love and security.

  133. aleach says:

    @ chick- haha, i think it makes some of YOU all stalkers, actually… :lol: (joke)
    i just loooove reading these brange/aniston posts! they are so fun.
    i truly am sick of all 3 of them, but the comments are just toooo good to pass up so keep em coming CB.
    as long as these 3 keeping making jackasses out of themselves with their stupid interviews, ill keep reading these goofy comments :P

  134. Kim says:

    I am really loving this. Bradangeloonies think Jen is putting a foot in her mouth. You would think they would sit back and let her kill herself but what do they do? They come out lashing and crying. Scared for their hero? Me thinks. No other time has Angelina recieves such bad press. Not even in the initial stages of her affair with Pitt. Jen should go down this path more often. It gets her air time and most imprtantly, more and more people are hating Angelina and Brad Pee pee.

    Cheyenne, you are the most delusional poster on this site. I am sorry to say that. Your posts are a bit desperate. Jen a train wreck? Now thats taking desperacy to w whole new level.

    Atleast be thankful that you have a job as the official damage control blogger for Angelina. Thank Jen that you have a job during this credit crunch!

    Susan, Bradangeloonies have selective memory. But let them delude themselves. Soon Angelina and Brad will be confessing their se x ual tyrists during MAMS. Who knew that they had fallen in love on the set. Brad told Larry King that the emotions came later after all. There is a liar in this room and it is not me!

  135. Bodhi says:

    Having unprotected sex and keeping the baby or deciding to procreate is really not something admirable or unusual. (Ok, they adopted a few in addition to breeding, many other people do as well). People have been breeding for thousands of years. Dogs have six puppies every litter. Do we talk about that infinitely? What difference does it make whether BP and AJ have six kids, 2 kids, 1 kid or no kids?

    Really? REALLY?! Breeding? Pathetic, truly pathetic…

    Edit: Kim, your “arguments” might be more effective if they were coherent… Just as an FYI…

  136. Cheyenne says:

    Bodhi, you should know by now, Kim and coherence do not go together in the same sentence.

    “Desperacy”… GMAFB.

  137. NotBlonde says:

    Just to make this clear because no one seems to be responding to this for reasons unknown: Jennifer Aniston does plenty of stuff in her free time when she isn’t being photographed. She isn’t photographed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you have NO IDEA what she is up to on a regular basis. She goes to the beach. She goes to a pool. She’s leaving the gym. Those are tiny snippets of her life. I bet you all leave work. Enter your home. Go to the pool. Go to the gym. Can you imagine if someone cherry-picked moments from your life and sold them? How would you look?

    About children: Kim is totally right in that regard. Choosing to make babies isn’t new or unusual or admirable. People do it all the time and have been for thousands of years.

    It may have been special for YOU, if you’ve had a child, and for your family members. But that person who just walked by you on the street couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether or not you’re having a baby.

  138. roller says:

    maybe the interviewers need to stop questioning her about her ex and his new life. i mean, she’s just answering their questions. she’s been saying no comment for the past few years and people will say she’s not over him. now, she’s just giving her honest opinion and they ask her to shut up. seriously, its a lose lose situation for her.

    its sad that the brangeloonies feel compelled to say something nasty about jennifer aniston. it’s either her face thats not pretty enough (wtf kind of argument is that?) or the things she say. no one’s perfect! look, if you have nothing nice to say just dont say it at all.

    i have always been a jen fan and i despise angelina jolie. i used to say nasty things about angie. but recently, ive stopped. maybe u guys should do the same? how about not opening a jennifer aniston thread? now, wouldnt that be easy :)

  139. whatevs says:

    @ Cheyenne, I acually did watch most of MAMS, I just didn’t really find her very funny. I must have missed her funny parts, I don’t know. To me, she’s just too beautiful and stiff all the time, almost like a statue, I just can’t see the funny. She does great in the serious pouty rolls, holding an uzi, or whatever else shoots bullets.

    I do agree about Derailed, though. That movie was almost painful to watch at times. Not some of her best work.

    Hmmm, maybe if they’d swapped rolls none of this would have ever happened? :D

  140. nina says:

    “Miracle” of family is in the eye of the beholder (the person with the family). It is personal choice. The significance of a relationship and the commitment level are not in direct relationship with the number of non-terminated pregnancies and adoptions associated with it.
    “Breeding” is term often used for human procreation and does not necessarily reflect my personal opinions at all times.
    It is too bad that some posters here find any type of logic that is more evolved than straight A-B linear to be beyond them and incoherent. They would rather just be exchanging insults.

  141. Cheyenne says:

    @ roller: If they don’t ask her about her ex and his new life, what are they going to ask her about? It’s not as if she has much of a life of her own.

    As CB said in the title of this thread, the “triangle” is the only thing that is keeping her relevant. It’s taken on a life of it’s own and it’s reached the point where it’s practically defining her existence.

    If that isn’t pathetic, tell me what is.

  142. Bodhi says:

    If thats “evolved,” I’d rather my knuckles dragged the ground.

    I’m perfectly aware that the term “breeding” is a commonly used term; I personally find it offensive when applied to humans. Whatever, this is all so damn pointless

  143. Vampux says:

    Jeeze what’s all this crap about Jen saying that homewreckers kids names’ BIG DEAL!

    We should all just let the insane Bermuda triangle die a peaceful death.

  144. E.Marie says:

    @ Live Life:

    Your not too much better, u took time out to read blogs and respond as well :P

  145. Ana says:

    I agree with you Cheyenne. She had her time four years ago to be respond to it. She decided to take the “high road” but fell off four years later before a movie premire. Go figure. haha.
    And to everybody mentioning Uma, Reese, and Nicole those are very good examples of what to do.

  146. NotBlonde says:

    Bodhi: Then you are really easily offended because you, like all humans and myself, are animals. And we breed. Big f-ing deal.

  147. Cheyenne says:

    Shingles: I thought that “triangle” referred to something else at first.

    Get your mind outa the gutter. :lol:

  148. Sickitten says:

    I love this and yet I cannot believe this. People are squabbling back and forth over cybespace about AJ & JA.

    Think about it. People squabbling over two big faced women. Gigantic heads and gigantic faces!
    All because BRAD PITT has chosen them.

    Wow. Brad Pitt must be one hot mofo. A dumb one, but boy does he pull a lot of weight.

  149. Kashew_Nutz says:

    listen its just a damn joke…and i think jen’s entitled to atleast a little bitching…we can all talk but jen;s played good and been the bigger person….we know we all would have bad things to say about another woman if she stole our husband….

    plus angelina doesnt make it hard….so i guess the kids are not off limits…all’a fair in love and war

    gooooooooooooooooo team aniston!

  150. Jinx says:

    I just wanted to say I don’t like any of them but I do like reading the battles. It passes the time.

    I don’t like Brad because he seems like the high school quarterback that pits two cheerleaders against each other to claw it out over him and then tries to act all innocent like he had nothing to do with it. Except in this case, it’s preppy goody-two-shoes vs. artsy gothgirl cutter. I wouldn’t call either one of them cheerleaders. Jen’s perfect hair would get messed up in a flip and Angie just don’t seem peppy enough for me.

    Brad also seems incredibly insecure and demanding of constant praise by his women. Maybe it’s just Pretty Boy wanting recognition for his intelligence. Or maybe he doesn’t require it at all but they continue to harp on in hopes of keeping his heart although it seems to be devoid of romance as he prefers utility. He is also incredibly lazy and draws off the women he dates which is why he has to have a strong-willed (if stupid on some occasions), bossy woman to tell him what to think.

    But you can tell he struggles with some of his lady’s decisions. He wants privacy and she just keeps right on yapping. All I’m hearing is “Mine, mine, mine. You jealous ole biddies can suck it. Mine, mine, mine. Oh Brad! You truly are the greatest!” If he didn’t have so many adoring fans, I wonder if she’d be all that interested in him? Possessive much? Now which one of his ladies am I talking about here? Former? Current?

    I don’t like Jen because she insists you look at her. She’s all the time playing with that shaggy head of hair, scratching it like she’s got the lice. “Look at me, look at me!” It gets old, Jen. We see you, we see all of you now and we’ve seen it before. Put it away. She never struck me as the girl next door. She just looked like an ice princess and still does. Something about that harsh look in her eyes.

    … which can also be seen in the eyes of Ms. Jolie. Admitted, hers can look softer when she is looking at her family (save Mama Pitt; she REALLY needs to work on that), but in general, she has that harsh, mistrusting look in her eyes. Paranoid, given to crazy outbursts of anger, an us-against-them type of look.

    Personally, I don’t like to think people are out to get me all the time. It’s not healthy and makes you treat otherwise nice folks like dirt. Glad I’m not Hollywood and glad I know not to care one way or the other what somebody that doesn’t even know me says… excuse their ignorance and move on.

    If you are all the time looking for someone to fight, it doesn’t make you a likeable person. Unless you’re me… 8)

    And don’t mention the kids of an ex. BIG BIG NO-NO!

  151. bjf says:

    You people are crazy! All this anger about talking about other people’s kids, did you even read her comment? She doesn’t call them ugly or spoiled. All she says is their name. She made absolutely no commentary on the children. You people really need to lighten up.

  152. Give me a break! says:

    I think Kim is right. In the blogs/magazine there was statement that Jennifer will met Shiloh. 8) We all know that wasn’t going to happen but some people believe it. :roll: I think Jennifer was just saying that she will never met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt children with sense of humor. :lol: Angelina Jolie could have told her children in privet. :oops: Instead going public is wrong. :twisted:

  153. trx says:

    Yes, she mentioned their names. And, so what???
    Where is this rule written, that one cannot mention kids’ name?
    What on earth are you talking about??
    Does it hurt anyone?

  154. monica says:

    people here just like to hate on her…this is one of those sites where certian people are like minded and friends and kill anyone else who isn’t like them :P

  155. Joe the Toiler Flusher says:

    Obvious boob job there, 40 year old boobs do not look like that sadly. Hell, 20 year old boobs dont look like that on someone with such a thin frame.

  156. mizliz says:

    The only thing that this women milks and feeds is the press and her childish ego (not the hope of future kids). Jen’s out of control and on the verge of real “aging” which begs the question- what happens when she can’t hide anymore?
    When she needs to feel in control, she takes it off-
    When she feels out of control, she …? What? Sneers at a family? A family that’s trying to make it?
    This is beyond sick. She’s not in love with John Mayer, he puts up with her crap trying to help her “get over it” – but obviously it’s not working, which is perhaps why he never is photographed smiling any more…Sad on all fronts.

  157. Annie says:

    In today’s society and popular culture, we just love worshiping or hating celebrities. It’s our thing. Breakups can take years, it’s old news to us, but she was the one married to a man she considered her best friend. To lose your husband to a drop live gorgeous woman, one of the most desirable and a younger woman isn’t easy.

    As for her GQ pictures, she’s not desperate. Women 40 and over in Hollywood are treated with great disparities compared to men. The scripts offered are going to slow down and she’ll have to really fight for good leading roles, as with most women actors over 40. It’s so unfair when men can still perform with beautiful young leading ladies and get great roles.

    This latest move helps her with casting directors, studio executives, building a new public persona as she turns 40.

    What would you do?

    As for Brad and his family…I don’t think she’s being obstructive. Just as Angelina and Brad can talk about their courtship, she has a right to say what didn’t feel good.

    Stop condemning people!

  158. wosandals says:

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