Samantha Ronson’s lawsuit may expose private details of life w/ Lohan

Samantha Ronson has been involved in a malpractice lawsuit against her highly respected lawyer, Martin Garbus, who represented her during her unsuccessful slander trial against blogger Perez Hilton. Garbus has countersued Ronson because she still hasn’t paid him the approximately $140,000 in legal fees she owes. As a result, some very private details may come out about her relationship with girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Garbus has requested all sorts of highly personal documentation, and it’s likely Ronson will have to hand most of it over. It also sounds like Ronson doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Now the fight between this solicitor and this celebrity — he’s appeared before the Supreme Court; she appears in Us Weekly — threatens to expose information about Lohan and Ronson that Perez Hilton could only dream about.

Garbus’ attorneys have identified Lohan as the most critical witness in the case besides the two litigants and have requested information concerning their relationship, finances, possible drug use and alleged rehab stays. In one measure of how far his defense plans to go, they have asked for copies of every text message and e-mail between the women over the last two years.

A trial is scheduled for May in Los Angeles. The parties spent the last few months squabbling over procedures for deposing Lohan and Ronson after lawyers for the women raised concerns that videotapes of the pretrial Q & As would be leaked to the media.

“Totally acceptable worry. It’ll likely happen,” Hilton squealed on his blog.

A judge issued a protective order for Ronson, making confidential the time and place of her deposition, and limiting the number of video recordings and transcripts. Attorneys told the judge they were negotiating a similar arrangement with Lohan.

At the bottom of the failed libel suit and the pending malpractice action is a one-car crash: Lohan’s Mercedes-Benz versus some shrubs in Beverly Hills on May 26, 2007. Police reported finding a small amount of cocaine in her car. The actress eventually entered rehab and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence.

[From the L.A. Times]

It might also come out that Samantha really did do some of the things Perez claimed in his blog, like create embarrassing photo ops with Lindsay for the paparazzi. Perez said Ronson got paid for this and was responsible for many of the mortifying Lindsay photos a few years ago. Garbus’ legal team is now trying to prove that Perez’s claims are true – or reasonable enough that they weren’t malicious. If they can do that, they can show that the case was essentially unwinnable from the start, and there was no malpractice. So Ronson’s former lawyer may essentially humiliate the crap out of her.

To defend the attorney, his lawyers must portray the defamation case as unwinnable, and in court papers, they have indicated they are searching for evidence that suggests that if Hilton’s report wasn’t completely true, it may have been close enough to not be malicious.

“Plaintiff would have had difficulty proving that reports that the drugs found at the accident were hers harmed her reputation if she had, in fact, been treated for substance abuse,” an attorney for Garbus wrote in an August letter to Ronson’s lawyer.

[From the L.A. Times]

The L.A. Times goes into great depth about the case, and it’s clear that Samantha had such a grudge against Perez that she refused to do what was sensible legally. There were several points where she could – and should – have settled, but she refused to do so unless he apologized. Because of that she lost the case, and was responsible not just for her $140,000 legal bill for Garbus, but also for Perez’s $85,000 legal bill. Considering her stubbornness, I seriously doubt she’ll settle with Garbus either, which means a lot of embarrassing details may soon come out.

Here’s Samantha and Lindsay leaving Bungalow 8 nightclub in London on November 18th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Kate says:

    It was a onesided article by the LA Times.Samanthas side wasnt even reported,she refused to answer back.Perez keeps on calling her names on a daily basis and he accused her as being a drug dealer.Why she should back down again?Her ex-Lawyer tried to get huge money from her and he didnt tried to win the case,now he even threats to reveal things?Isnt this unprofessional?Samantha supposedly has proofs that he has threatened her by talking to the press before they even went to court. :(

  2. meme says:

    SaMAN is going up against Martin Garvus? Good luck, beeyotch, you’ll need it.

  3. meme says:

    LiLo is that you? “Samantha supposedly has PROOFS”

  4. Amy says:

    Meh, who is this non-entity again and why should we care? As for Lindsey Lohan, she was a child actor in a few Disney movies. Why the hell are we still hearing about her life? I’m not ragging on Celebitchy at all, just the media’s obsession with her in general. I would love to see her fade quickly.

  5. Judy says:

    It will come out that this thing was using LL and setting her up. Maybe this will get LL straight?

  6. Feebee says:

    Why is Perez and what he says relevant anymore? I have a high tolerance for internet crap but even I have tuned him out. He was once King but there are so many smarter bloggers out there now.

  7. Tina says:

    Why all this hating against Samantha Ronson? 8O

  8. Shingles says:

    You never know in a relationship like this who is manipulating who. I used to think Sam was leading Lindsay down, but now I’m less inclined to see wide-eyed Lil’ Miss Linds as a misguided yet innocent lamb. I think she is like her Ugly Betty character. A narcissist to the marrow, who serves herself, and who will use anyone to stay in the public eye.

    Her skill is at playing the underdog you root for when she is really a master manipulator. She’s always mistreated by her mom/dad/Sam/boyfriends/the press/the film industry. Yet they all come and go, and she remains famous, and will most likely be famous until the day she dies.

    Sam probably thought she was using Lindsay but now Lindsay is sucking her dry. Sam will be like a vampire that bit into an even stronger vampire, choked on the bad blood and died.

  9. sasha says:

    I read the LA Times article and found myself on Ronson’s side on this one. The things Perez said about her were outrageous — are there any limits to the accusations bloggers can make? Is it all right for them to call anyone a drug dealer or drug addict without knowing the facts?

    Garvus may be a great attorney in other cases; in this one, he seemed incompetent for not mentioning that Perez has a team of lawyers and always wins first amendment cases. He should have let her know there was a slim chance of winning the case right from the start.

  10. enchantress says:

    What an unfortunate camera angle…. Samantha’s head looks like it belongs on an Alien :lol:

  11. LondonParis says:

    FeeBee: You hit the nail on the head for me.

  12. mark says:

    Samantha is a drug addict parasite.

  13. yay says:

    That is absolutely beautiful.

    I hope that lawyer puts that bitch through the wringer.

  14. anonymous says:

    uhmm yeah i think samantha is definitely a drug dealer she is friends with lindsay, mary-kate, nicole richie, and paris hilton they are all definitely using that nose candy hahaha, but for real i knew as soon as i heard that lilo and her were dating that she was a dealer, look at the bags under her eyes and anorexia nervosa body image,
    it makes perfect sense to be gay all of a sudden if your dealer is your girlfriend!!!

    think about it.

    …idk i could be totally off, but i’m just saying, if they aren’t in love and sober, than there is definitely some shady shit going down!!!