Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio say they’ve always just been platonic

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio gave just about the cutest interview ever to Entertainment Weekly. The two are promoting their film “Revolutionary Road” but ended up talking much more about “Titanic.” What was so adorable is the way they act like brother and sister around each other. Kate pecks a bit over Leo and he has to ask her to recall what films he did and when. It’s very cute, but you can tell it’s also very platonic – which they say is what they’ve always been.

A few excerpts from their interview:

On how lucky they are to work together:
”The thing that is amazing for me is they started off on equal footing and they’re still on equal footing,” says Winslet’s husband, Oscar-
winning director Sam Mendes, who took the helm of Revolutionary Road. ”If you think about Star Wars — there’s an example of a movie that was seismic in the culture at the time — there’s a big difference between what happened to Harrison Ford and what 
happened to Mark Hamill.”

When Winslet talks of luck, DiCaprio bends toward her and barks in a creaky patrician 
accent: ”Key word, dear. Lucky! Keep using it.” She elbows him as if he’s her rascally little brother, and they’re off. Enjoy their banter while you can. ”I think they’ll go on doing a movie together only once every 10 years,” says Mendes.

On their success after Titanic
DICAPRIO: Honestly, it was so bizarre. I just didn’t work for a couple years. I think I did one small cameo? [Looking at Kate]
WINSLET: You did [Woody Allen's] Celebrity.
DICAPRIO: Then I did Man in the Iron Mask, but that was before Titanic had been released. I think?
WINSLET: Yes, you did Man in the Iron Mask and then you did Celebrity.
DICAPRIO: Thank you, Kate! [Laughing] I think it’s hilarious that I need to ask her.
WINSLET: May I? [Reaching over and rubbing her finger over DiCaprio's nose] You’ve scratched the top of your nose! Oh, no, we’re literally doing everything we said we wouldn’t do.
DICAPRIO: I know, this is a little too cute. It’s like out of one of those —
WINSLET: Don’t say it!
DICAPRIO: — one of those scenes from When Harry Met Sally… with the old couples. ”And I met her in the park in 1992! And she was…” ”Eating a hot dog!” ”And I was scratching my butt!”
WINSLET: Oh, my God, and look at me fussing over your face. I’ve literally turned into a combination of your mother, your sister, and, I don’t know what, your wife!

On their relationship:
Speaking of your private life, do you ever look at Kate and just think, ”Damn, she’s the one who got away.” [They look at each other and burst out laughing.]
WINSLET: Say it!
DICAPRIO: [With a weary groan] We’ve always been completely platonic.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

The thing with Leo’s bleeding nose was pretty funny. At one point later in the interview Kate scolds him not to pick at it and tells him he’s rubbing his skin raw. You can tell they’ve remained close friends all these years, and it’s pretty clear they’ve always seen each other in a platonic way. It’s nice to see a case of a man and a woman who can be good friends and nothing more. It’s clear Winslet’s husband respects DiCaprio but definitely isn’t threatened by their friendship. They do have great chemistry together, both on screen and off. Hopefully they really will make a film together every ten years.

Here’s Kate and Leo on the set of “Revolutionary Road” in New York City in February 2007. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Amy says:

    I’m sure that’s true. He’s into vapid models he can feel intellectually superior to. Kate, on the other hand, is both beautiful and intelligent. Not his type. ;)

  2. Ling says:

    WHAT ever. They’re both actors… quite generously lauded ones, at that. You can’t tell jack from how they act in interviews.

  3. doodahs says:

    This is so Kate. What a down to earth girl she is… Leo is very serious and a little introverted in real life – she brings out the silly in him. Cute :D

  4. Megan says:

    I’ve always loved these two, I wish they were a couple, but they’ve got longer durability as friends.

  5. MoJo says:

    Sure, Leo’s attractive, and Kate is one of the finest specimens if women ever, physically and mentally, but damn it, this just makes me want to be bestestofbestfriends with them!

    I’ve heard stories of her scolding him for spoiling her kids by buying them gifts from “Uncle Leo.” Scoff all you want (especiall you, Ling ;) , but there is something very genuine about their friendship.

  6. Sarah says:

    I’m serious when I say, I can’t stand one of them, but they are very cute together, indeed. I’ll give you that! In fact, they are so cute, that I might even change my thinking about each of them. LOL!!

  7. doodahs says:

    Sarah… how can you not love the Kate! ;-)

  8. Samantha says:

    So should their new name be Keo or Lake? Or DiWin? Or maybe WinCap? Come on, someone has to think of a name for the two of them, even if they aren’t a ‘couple’.

  9. IMO says:

    Kate is the most sanctimonious actress and it always blows up in her face.

    As for her and Leo- the onlt reason they were never a couple is that HE didn’t want her.

    Kate really wanted him, but he wasn’t into her, so she played the “platonic friend”.

    It might be true though, that he cannot date a woman in her own right and is a bit insecure in that sense that he is easily threataned by women who are self made and on their own right.

    HE always goes with gold- and fame- diggers who use the relationship with him as PR prop to their modeling career.

    Kate is the kind of woman that would do it on her own and won’t piggyback.

  10. Lila says:

    sanctimonious? I don’t think so.

  11. manda says:

    yeah, how is she sanctimonious and how has it blown up in her face?

  12. barneslr says:

    I was going to ask the same question. When has she ever been sanctimonious, and when has it ever blown up in her face? Please do explain that one.

  13. geronimo says:

    Kate Winslet is the least sanctimonious person around. Very talented actress, funny, intelligent and all round good egg.

    Such rubbish, IMO. Kate really wanted him? Based on what, where’s your evidence? Saw an interview with her last night and she said they became friends immediately when they worked on Titanic together and she was really surprised and happy, considering they were in their very early 20s at the time, and Hollywood being Hollywood, that they’d managed to stay such close and genuine friends ever since. Opinion is not fact. :roll:

  14. daisy424 says:

    Kate Winslet is the least sanctimonious person around. Very talented actress, funny, intelligent and all round good egg.

    I couldn’t agree more Geronimo :wink:

  15. Amy says:

    She’s always been down to Earth — perhaps you are confusing her with an Ice Queen like Paltrow?

  16. I Choose Me says:

    How about DiCaprilet? JK.

    Leo’s a fine actor but takes himself a bit too seriously and is a little bit too pretentious for my tastes, nice to see he has a silly side. Love Kate Winslet – she’s always been one of my favourite actresses and always will be.

  17. AnonymousDiva says:

    I have to wonder if you’re truly sure of the word’s meaning. “Pretentious” is the last word that could be used to describe Leonardo DiCaprio.

  18. Aspen says:

    I adore her. She is still SO beautiful. Can’t wait to see Revolutionary Road.

  19. Eva says:

    How do you know she wanted him and he didn’t?

  20. Ronella Hopkins says:

    hi i love Leonardo Dicaprio, it dose’nt matter if his famous, its cause of his Personality, he cares about the Earth and the green land, his not like those Actors who go on drugs, he is not even shy, if he is Reading this I’ll will be Saprized if any one reads this i have a few files that i said about him just go to Google and then type in my name Ronella Hopkins and no im Not realated to Anthony Hopkins or Brednerd Hopkins they are From USA im from Australia
    so there is my story i hope some one send me some thing

  21. Anony-mouse says:

    omw leo is so good-looking its not even funny. from a few interviews it looks like he has a great personality too. Kate is beautiful, down-to-earth and inspiring. They would make an adorable couple, but obviously Kate wouldn’t cheat on her husband which is right of course. Ah, well… I’ll have to keep day-dreaming it! Leo+Kate 4eva! =] :D

  22. kate and leo been in 2 movies togther. If they got married then i will be happy.

  23. GB-Joy says:

    Im still hoping for the two of them to be married someday! :) I love the bond that they have :)