Hope Solo married NFL star Jerramy Stevens the day after their domestic dispute

Hope Solo

Ugh, this story is an utter mess. To begin, did anyone else realize that Hope Solo was engaged to be married? Well, she was, and she is now married to Jerramy Stevens (an NFL tight end who is formerly of the Seattle Seahawks and is now a free agent) after they dated for a mere two months. You can see a photo of Hope and Jerramy together here, and in theory, it sounds like a good match for an Olympic soccer goalkeeper to end up with a football star. However, this coupling sounds like a terrible idea in reality because their planned Tuesday nuptuals were thrown into disarray when Jerramy was arrested for allegedly assaulting Hope.

According to Us Weekly, police were called to the scene on Monday and arrested Jerramy, who had dried blood on his shirt, “on suspicion of fourth-degree assault” in the aftermath of a wild party. Further, court documents show that Hope and Jerramy were arguing over where to live (Washington or Florida) after the wedding. Even though most of us would take an argument (let alone a physical assault) over where to live as a sign not to marry someone, Hope decided not to press charges against Jerramy. What’s even more disturbing is that they went ahead with the wedding on Tuesday. Uh … congrats?

Hope Solo

The wedding must go on?

Though he was arrested Nov. 12 for allegedly assaulting bride-to-be Hope Solo, NFL star Jerramy Stevens and the gold medal-winning goalie went ahead and tied the knot just one day later, Sportsradio 950 AM and 102.9′s Dave Mahler report. (“Events of yesterday morning didn’t change plans,” Mahler wrote on Twitter.)

Solo, 31, kept her plans to wed Stevens mostly secret; she and Stevens had been dating for two months before they applied for a marriage license Nov. 8. Though details about their somewhat-impromptu nuptials are unavailable, Solo’s teammate Jillian Loyden sent a tweet implying she may have been present for the ceremony.

“Happy to witness such an amazing celebration of real love #selflesslove #fewandfarbetween,” Loyden wrote Wednesday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, on Monday, police responded to a disturbance call at a private residence in Kirkland, Wash. Officers arrested Stevens, 33, on suspicion of fourth-degree assault. (He was discovered “hiding” upstairs, with dried blood on his shirt and signs of a fight around him.)

Solo appeared in court Tuesday; following her fiance’s court date, the charges against the former Seattle Seahawks player were dropped.

[From Us Weekly]

I hate to sound skeptical, but this kind of sounds like the setup for a future reality show. I mean, why else would Hope marry a guy who (allegedly) assaulted her the day before their wedding? That’s just me hoping that maybe the entire thing is a fake-out because it’s preferable to thinking that Hope knowingly entered an abusive marriage. Us Weekly’s intitial story about the alleged assault says that multiple parties were involved in the scuffle, which also sounds weird if the actual charges were that Jerramy assaulted Hope. Any way you draw it, this sounds like a nightmare. Maybe Hope will come to her senses in a few days and annul the marriage.

Hope Solo

Hope Solo

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  1. Anonny says:

    Dated for two months, alleged domestic violence, married him anyway…

    I’d say she’s taken too many balls to the head but she’s a goalkeeper.

  2. OhDear says:

    Uh…congratulations? Good luck to them – Lord knows they’re going to need it.

  3. Jackson says:

    Yeah. This is going to end well.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Wtf with the spelling of his name? (yes, I am that petty. I refuse to even address the assault thing, and you know why.)

  5. Holden says:

    Just wanted to point out that Jeremy Stevens is not a football star, he’s a former player that drink and drugged his way out of the league. I think Hope is beautiful and very talented, but meeting this guy and deciding to marry him after two months is a terrible life decision and one she’s going to regret for a long time.

  6. claire says:

    Hmmm…if there were many involved, and he was charged with 4th degree, then it’s very possible that she was injured by a wayward hit, or hit with something that was thrown during an argument, but not intentionally to injure her. Fourth is the lowest degree of this crime. I imagine Hope is viewing this not as a serious DV thing where he attacked her, but as her unintentionally getting hit or what-have-you during this fight involving many people. None of this is a good sign, but without knowing more about the actual incident, I would gather this is why she isn’t blaming him or seeing him as a threat.

  7. SportsGal says:

    Jerramy Stevens is no stranger to physical abuse, as well as sexual abuse.

    He’s been arrested for assault and battery, drug charges, hit-and-run, DUI (multiple times) as well as raping a 19-year-old coed at University of Washington.

    She could have any man in the world and she chooses this d-bag?

  8. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Nothing says love like a domestic assault!

    I predict hearts and flowers for these two. NOT.

  9. Kate says:

    This guy is a real creep and if I were her I would run far, far away from him. Read this: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2004147460_rbstevens270.html

    • notsoanonymous says:

      I was just scrolling through to see if someone had already posted this article.

      For those of you who don’t want to read a 4 section mass article about the coverups / lack of charges against Stevens and other members of the UW Rose Bowl team, I’ll summarize.

      This guy is a sick rapist – specific details of the things he has done to woman are in that piece, could be triggers for some – and many other members of that team/era got off SCOT-FREE after paying a couple hundred bucks to a local attorney.

      Hope comes from a destructive background and is only setting herself up for a destructive future. Incredibly sad.

  10. L says:

    Well while she’s a good player, she’s crappy teammate and a loud mouth idiot (see her twitter rant about Brandi Chastain during the olympics) I’ve never liked her-she relies way to much off the field on being pretty.

    That said, I wouldn’t wish this guy on anyone. Hopefully she will be safe and okay, but it’s just a sad situation all around.

  11. ssa says:

    this guy hasn’t played since 2010, I would hardly describe him as a football star. also, I think his last team released him because he kept getting arrested on drug charges?

    • notsoanonymous says:

      He’s a ‘free agent’ because no one wants to touch this train wreck with a ten-THOUSAND foot pole. Sorry, I’m a huge football fan, both NCAA and NFL here in WA state, and we have been hearing about this guy and the horrible crap he has done for years. With Hope being a local as well, it’s not like she has never heard of him or known of what he has done. I can’t help but wonder what she is thinking…

      Also, about the reality show topic brought up in the post? I can’t imagine that Stevens would be insurable enough for anyone to green-light a show about him.

  12. Chell says:

    I seriously can’t stand this girl & the fact that she married this loser after 2 months AND there are domestic violence allegations…makes me dislike her even more. This marriage will last about as long as their courtship.

    • Cazzie says:

      The sooner you get married, the longer the ‘marriage’ is….and so you get a larger settlement at the divorce. Obviously I don’t know either of these people, but I am getting a serious money vibe out of the situation.

      She may have married him for the money. After a year or two, she can give him a quickie divorce in exchange for a few hundred thousand dollars and a non-disclosure agreement.

  13. Blue says:

    I was reading about this last night and apparently this guy has a lot of drug arrests. He was supposed to be charged with rape and got away with it. Also a commenter implied that his college girlfriend had died under suspicious circumstances. Is that true? Either way this girl is crazy to get involved with this guy. If a guy I was dating had such a background I would be long gone.

  14. Blue says:

    I was reading about this last night and apparently this guy has a lot of drug arrests. He was supposed to be charged with rape and got away with it. Also a commenter implied that his college girlfriend had died under suspicious circumstances. Is that true? Either way this girl is crazy to get involved with this guy. If a guy I was dating had such a background I would be long gone. Too scary

  15. Kate says:

    The guy is a real winner. Don’t forget he also raped a girl in college … allegedly.

  16. The Other Katherine says:

    Who the hell are these people?

    I mean, the whole thing is disturbing, but I’m not sure they hold up the “Cele” end of “Cele|bitchy”.

    Or maybe I’ve just been living under a rock….

  17. francesca1 says:

    She should have stayed Solo.

  18. Vermilion812 says:

    Didn’t she accuse her Dancing with the Stars partner of physically abusing her…only after her book came out? She’s clearly got issues. Not saying she was fabricating anything, but she definitely wants the spotlight, whether it’s positive or negative.

  19. Jack says:

    She seems one of those womens who are desperate for love, no matter how douche her partner is. Divorce Ahead – and she needs self-esteem help.

  20. Angie says:

    They’ve known each other for a long time – they went to school together at the UW. She knows his history and anyone who would get involved with him is a lost cause!

  21. Chicago Girl says:

    I saw some of her on Dancing With the Stars here and there, She seems incredibly immature for her age as well as emotionally very unstable. (Not to mention he Olympic time comments about the age of, well, older and retired players who’ve had successful careers.) On DWTS, I was expecting a tough athlete quite used to rigorous coaching. Good lord, Kirstie Ally (for whom I do not care at all) is able to keep up with that Maks jerk despite obvious physical and emotional issues she’s openly shared. But Hope is a mess in both areas? And how long are soccer careers really? She’s probably not made as much in endorsements as Mia Hamm, but I would portion a large part of that to her personality. Most of these soccer players will not make much at all, but Hope comes off as such an immature brat. Mia was really seen as all about her sport and encouraging girls to join sports. Hope wanting the quick money from a reality show over a respected athletic career isn’t an unreasonable thought at all.

  22. Carolyn says:

    I’m a Star Wars tragic. I saw her name and thought “oh, Han & Leia have a daughter”. Being non-American I have no clue who these people are.