The “Human Barbie” girl: her choice, creepy and exploitative, both?

These are actual, supposedly unaltered photos of a woman named Valeria Lukyanova, a 21 year-old model from the Ukraine, who is being dubbed “Human Barbie” for obvious reasons. A Youtube video below shows (alleged) photos of this woman before her plastic surgery transformation and she’s clearly had so much done that she’s unrecognizable. I see a nose job, some very obvious bolt-ons, an eye lift, perhaps buccal fat pad removal in her cheeks (it’s amazing the things I learn as part of my job) and some lipo. She’s probably using corsets to achieve that tiny waist, and may have had ribs removed as well.

Here’s the YouTube video of her “before,” although it’s hard to verify that this is the same person:

This woman is as strange as you would imagine, and claims she spends her time traveling outside her body through astral projection or something. She has a new photoshoot with V Magazine, which you can see here. She looks like a Real Doll. Here’s part of the story, from Radar:

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, 21, is showing off her unnaturally tiny waist, large breasts, porcelain doll-like face, and long, flowing blonde mane in a new photo shoot for V Magazine, where it is hard to tell whether she is real or fake.

Following speculation as to whether she is even human or a result of careful photo editing, Lukyanova proves she is in fact a living, breathing person despite her out-of-this-world beauty regime.

“In the morning I work on my face and I get a massage, then I spend some time on the Internet. I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym. I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love,” said the girl from the Moldavian city of Tiraspol, who calls herself “Amatue” after the goddess of the sun.

“Then I spend some more time on the Internet, do some reading and meditating, and go to bed.”

When asked if she considers herself to be a singer, model or an artist, she described herself as “a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel.”

As expected, there has been an outpouring of negativity directed against Valeria over her controversial body image, but she claims she only basks in positivity and light. “If people care about me, then I am on the right path. In real life, I never hear bad things,” she claimed.

“People don’t understand that it has nothing to do with looks. There are many good-looking young women, but why are they completely unknown? Because looks are just a bonus. If you spend time working only on your appearance and you forget about your inner self, people will not be interested in you because they will not feel anything,” she said.

“Many people think you need only good looks to be successful, but it’s not true—only spiritual work can bear tangible results.”

While the outlandish model aspires to benefit people, she has been slammed for spawning a “Barbie flu” and inspiring other girls in the Ukraine to adopt fantasy, fairylike looks and lifestyle, reported

[From Radar]

As for the other women she’s supposedly “influencing,” she’s also friends with a 19 year-old woman who calls herself Anime Girl, real name Anastasiya Shpagina. This is an actual photo, from Facebook, of the two of them together. CREEPY.

This is Valeria with a girl named Dominika 777, like a robot.

And here’s what she supposedly looked like before. She looks like Paris Hilton, right? I bet Paris wishes she thought of this.

Here’s what I’ll say about this, and I said it about Heidi Montag too. This is some crazy body modification. This isn’t like an impulsive ankle tattoo or a nipple piercing. This woman will be stuck looking like this for the rest of her life. I used to be goth when I was 19. Thank God my style evolved and I’m not stuck with more than a couple of dumb tattoos to permanently remind me of that period of my life. It’s one thing to dress funky and use makeup to achieve a look, it’s quite another to commit to it so thoroughly that there’s no takebacks until you die. Maybe she can look “normal” with different styling, though.

Photos from Facebook except for Header photo, which is credit V Magazine

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  1. dorothy says:

    Bless her heart. This poor girl needs psychiatric help. This is very sad.

  2. Nicolette says:

    Just as creepy a blow up doll look as Courtney Stodden.

  3. Riana says:

    WOW…its kinda fascinating in a bizarre way.

    To look at her and think “That is a human being, same as you.”

    She really has done a better of achieving her ideal than the other Barbie woman.

    I’m not trying to be rude, but why is this a story? I do agree its shocking, but it doesn’t seem as if she’s hurting herself/anyone else/or publicly seeking attention or making crazy claims.

    She’s just…stunning to look at in a mildly unnerving way.

    • sally says:

      I absolutely agree. Yeah it’s a bit shocking but she looks unconventionally beautiful. Without the makeup, I’m sure she looks like a normal girl. And exactly..she’s not hurting anyone, promoting her lifestyle or participating in dangerous activities. She meditates most of the day!

    • j.eyre says:

      I am glad I am not alone. I would be horrified if someone I knew did this but I can’t stop staring at her. She is… fascinating and it is exactly as you say – unnerving.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Totally. She actually looks more like an anime character to me than Barbie.. I’d really like to see video of her since these images are clearly airbrushed. But yeah-she is mesmerizing and somewhat scary at the same time….

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I disagree with your sentiments. This is dangerous. As mentioned in the post, the looks of this girl are being so glorified that other girls are now trying to achieve a similar look. If you click on her facebook page, one pic alone has over 800 likes..this is clearly becoming a subculture in the Ukraine…and with photospreads, and other ringing endorsements, men and women alike will glorify it as a new level of beauty. Quite disturbing…

      • Lucinda says:

        Sadly that’s exactly it. Lots of people who would never have thought of doing this might be more inclined to consider it once it receives a lot of coverage. And those who were already considering it now have validation of this as a choice. This phenomenon has actually been studied. Read “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. He talks about increased suicide rates when a suicide is highly publicized. It’s fascinating in a terrifying way.

      • jaye says:

        I kind of think that is a bit of an overstatement. What has she done that people haven’t been doing for decades now? Breast implants, liposuction, nose job…she’s not the first. I don’t think her look as it pertains to her body structure is that extreme. And she gets the doll look with make up. There will be people who latch on to this and want to emulate it for whatever reason, but I think there are worse things for young girls to latch on to.

      • gg says:

        @ jaye – the look she’s actually going for is “Sex Child”. This is dangerous and recruits girls to emulate her. Do we really want a bunch of child-doll sex robots walking around all over the place in every town? Don’t think so. Very psychologically unreal and ergo, harmful.

      • Riana says:

        At a certain point what a child grows up to be is the responsibility of the parent. The odds are very slim the world will make a large swing towards a more modest mode of operation, so parents need to find a way to raise their children that they’re not simply helplessly allowing them to turn out anyway they wish.

      • Really? says:

        Dear jaye who asks “What has she done that people haven’t been doing for decades now? Breast implants, liposuction, nose job…she’s not the first.”


        What has she done that hasn’t been done?

        Isn’t it patently obvious? The girl looks like a freaking live blow-up doll. Most women who have artificial enhancement still end up resembling humans. The obvious difference with this approach – which totally refutes yours – is they are artificially enhanced to look INHUMAN, as in completely ARTIFICIAL.

        Whatever turns you on. There’s no denying she is a walking freak on a leash, and there are plenty – like yourself – who will go gaga for her, tongues wagging, tossing money in her plastic Barbie van for tips. Freaks have their part on the scene, i mean, look at Marilyn Manson. I don’t mind him so much though, it’s just makeup and eye contacts, but he still looks human.
        I’d love to know his take on this!

      • jaye says:

        @gg…I hear what you’re saying, but the message that you’re saying this girl is sending (and I’ve read up on her…there are other things she represents that are FAR more offensive and dangerous) is already present on tv. Women are enlarging their breasts and sculpting their bodies into freakish proportions and have been for quite some time. I guess my argument is that it didn’t start with this girl.

        And my dear Really? Have you seen Joan Rivers or her daughter, or Jenna Jameson, or Priscilla Presley or Lisa Rinna or Lil Kim or any number of those BH housewives?? Those faces are pretty unnatural looking. And if you look at them, they all have the same scary mask face. Unnaturally smooth and taut skin over plump, jutting cheeks, capped off by overly plumped lips. And people are starting to alter their faces at younger and younger ages. Megan Fox ruined her already beautiful face with surgery. Is she even 30? Again, all I’m saying is that body modification didn’t start with this girl as outrageous as her look may be. And really honey, don’t put words in my mouth or assume that just because I posed the question that I’m going “ga ga” over this girl. My observation is that, in the grand scheme of things, she’s not done anything that hasn’t been done before. I see a lot of plastic surgery where the end result has made the recipient of said surgery look less than human. And we’d have to agree to disagree about Marilyn Manson. I don’t think he looks human, either.

    • Diane says:

      I agree. It’s creepy but pretty darn amazing.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Totally agree. Yes I know this woman is, likely, a sad shell of a human being with no self confidence and body image issues, and all. But, I’ll admit, this is fascinating to look at. Kind of cool, really.

      But the redheaded “Barbie” should demand her money back, ug!

    • jaye says:

      I agree. I’m assuming that the pic w/the guy is the way she normally looks and she achieves that vacant, doll-like look in the eyes with contact lenses and make up. Same w/the anime girl. She gets that look with make up. There are youtube tutorials to show you how to re-create the look (if you are so inclined) but the girl looks pretty normal without the make up. The way they look is…I don’t know, I guess fascinating IS the right word. Fascinating and more than a bit creepy.

    • what says:

      I have to say she looks amazing. Plastic Surgery gone right? Very interesting and beautiful – however, at the the same time not normal. But fascinating just the same.

  4. Riana says:

    I also have to say…in the photos of the two blonde women I can’t actually tell which one she is. Wow…

  5. BW says:

    Quick, someone convince Mattel to change how Barbie looks.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      You’re onto something here :) It never hurts to write a well crafted letter to the president of the company – perhaps readers of this site could do a letter writing campaign. Mattel could make a barbie who looks like Robert DeNiros wife Grace – who is gorgeous and looks warm and intelligent rather than cold and vacant as these barbie chicks do.

  6. marie says:

    wth is wrong with people?!? when I was younger I wanted to live in the Barbie house and drive the Barbie car but I didn’t actually want to be Barbie-that’s ridiculous..

  7. RN says:

    I can’t help but think of the immense financial cost and tremendous amount of time that this woman spends on her physical appearance and for what? How does it actually make a difference or better the world in any way? I guess some would call it “art” and I think that’s a huge leap.

    There are so many other things I want to do every day other than spend hours putting on makeup and doing my hair. It just seems so meaningless.

  8. Erinn says:

    Oh god… it’s early. I was just about to write my email to a client about website mods into this text box. But it’s ‘my friday’ today so phhht.

    These photos creep me out so much. But they’re also incredibly sad. I had seen pictures of her a few months ago.

    I think she’s probably had her bottom ribs removed to get that figure… it makes my ribs hurt just looking at her. There HAS to have been some photo manipulation in the first image of her with the red head… either that or some sort of weird optical illusion. Their skin looks plastic. Like actual Barbie plastic.

    I don’t know… I think the whole thing is just a mess. It’s one thing to do your eye makeup to look like Barbie eyes, or anime eyes, or whatever. It’s a whole different thing to make yourself (which was actually relatively pretty to begin with) unrecognizable.

  9. Koko says:

    Mh,whatever works for her, I’m just curious, what does she look like without the all the pounds of makeup?does she still look doll like?Did she actually have plastic surgery and she looks like that when she wakes up in the morning?

  10. Cathy says:

    Well, she’s the one who has to live with it. I think she needs help though.

  11. Becky says:

    Hi CB
    How do you feel about your goth tattoos? Is there a reason why you don’t get them removed? I mean a non esthetic reason. just out of curiosity…

  12. lem says:

    They did a story about her on GMA yesterday. Apparently she’s only copping to a breast enhancement. Allegedly there are youtube videos of her showing how her makeup is done and how her face looks like entirely b/c of makeup, not plastic surgery (I don’t buy it). Also, she admits she lives on an entirely liquid diet to keep her frame and waist that small.

    Question: is she wearing contacts? How in the hell is she getting her eyes to look THAT big? I doubt it’s makeup and/or plastic surgery….more likely voodoo.

  13. Jane says:

    But how did they get the eyes so big?? Contacts for the color, but is there some plastic thing that holds the inner eyes wider? Doesn’t look like makeup alone could make the actual structure look so different. Maybe the skin is just super stretched. CB needs a resident plastic surgeon to explain :) just curious. Imagine going through all these surgeries. I am worrying about Novocain shots at the dentist.

  14. serena says:

    There is nothing beautiful about them. If barbie or anime are fake there must be a reason, because it’s a fantasy. If you turn fantasy into reality the result would just be ugly, creepy and so on.

  15. Madpoe says:

    Wasn’t Chernobyl over 20 years ago?
    The aftermath. Makes me sad.

  16. spinner says:

    Beyond creepy. Just another attention starved…well…you know.

  17. Jazz says:

    The eyes just look creepy.

    “travel in my astral body” & “a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel.” – sounds like a future $cientologist if I ever heard one.

  18. emmie_a says:

    What are they doing to get their eyes to look that large?? It’s alien-like creepy.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    Creepy!! Question of the day — where is Ken and what does he look like!!! (ha ha – just a joke folks!)

  20. oliveo says:

    wait. wait. you can have ribs removed?!

  21. Tazina says:

    It’s her body, her deal, whatever.

  22. someone says:

    If those pictures are truly untouched, how do you think she gets her eyes so big? It’s creepy yet amazing, if it is real.

  23. teehee says:

    Oh no, I bet this is gonna be the next trend. First it was the hilton thing, then the kardashian thing— the look, the clothing, etc- and now this thing comes on the scene— so now girls will want to look like this??
    Christ. And all them psychologists arguing that barie aint bad for kids… LOL

  24. Nessa says:

    Wow. Just… Wow. They certainly achieved what they wanted. They all look like dolls.

  25. sarah says:

    Yes, it’s weird. Yes, it’s creepy. BUT I can’t help but find myself mesmerized by her pictures. She is oddly beautiful.

  26. jani says:

    I thought Japan too. She’s clearly an Anime Hooker and she could make a fortune there.

  27. Jackson says:

    If she ever needs money she could probably make a small fortune as a prostitute. Imagine all the dudes who have a Barbie doll/anime fetish. Ugh.
    The eyes are contact lenses to make the iris look larger, as posted above…but what is most creepy to me is her nose. It’s just a teeny, tiny point with two pin holes. Can she even breathe through that thing or is it purely cosmetic at this point?

  28. spugzbunny says:

    The anime one has had a lot of press as well. She’s even wierder I think! I think it’s her that claims she eats only droplets honeydew

  29. e.non says:

    she’s getting the attention she craves and that’s all that matters…

  30. Ana says:

    Wow, and yet she looks incredibly sad somehow.

  31. Alexis says:

    She wants to look like a creepy, vacant, thing that people treat like an object.

  32. Tifygodess24 says:

    I wonder in 10 years hell 5 what kind of shape her health will be in. This can not be good for internal organs , her eyes etc. has she even considered the future?!

  33. Holden says:

    So creepy, look at the way she poses too – she positions herself like a doll.

  34. Jess says:

    Her nose is probably really fragile. One bad bonk and it will be crushed.

  35. some bitch says:

    I used to think Japan produced the weirdest things on the planet, but I’m wrong, it’s actually the former Soviet-bloc countries that export all the weirdness.

    Her waist scares me. Does she have all her ribs?

  36. Eleonor says:

    This woman doesn’t need a plastic surgeon, this woman needs a shrink.

  37. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Major Photoshopping done on those photos especially around the nose area…and ears..and the shinning has been utra-smoothed ….LOL….
    This girl had to have had some serious self -esteem issues to do this to herself…..
    Creepy as hell…makes me want to go up to the doll room and take out off those Barbies I saved from my girls….UGH !

    • dagsohyoumeandogs says:

      Yeah, major photoshopping. People should seriously zoom in on that one with her and her blonde friend with the blue background. The lines around her nose look like they were done with MS Paint and she accidentally shrunk sections of her hair when she digitally altered her chin and neck. It’s laughably bad.

  38. nancy says:

    The public is so fascinated by her looks that they forget that she is a racist nazi. Don’t believe me look her up.

  39. PeaSoup says:

    The hair on the back of my neck stood up while looking at these pics. Creepy, yet I can’t look away.
    I do agree with her statement:
    “People don’t understand that it has nothing to do with looks. There are many good-looking young women, but why are they completely unknown? Because looks are just a bonus…”
    How true that is…

    • Minty says:

      Hardly true in many cases. Did it ever occur to her (and perhaps you) that there are beautiful people in the world who don’t desire fame, who don’t wish to single-mindedly pursue it? Being beautiful doesn’t automatically mean being an attention whore.

      I can’t call her beautiful, just strange. Nature on her best day wouldn’t create such disproportionate features. Valeria’s interview and how she presents herself strongly indicate she’s all about the superficiality of appearance. There’s no real depth with this one.

    • what says:

      Yes, I agree. Scary looking. But at the same time eerily beautiful.

  40. WOM says:

    I have noticed on this site and others that when a young woman makes terrible choices the debate often revolves around a question of exploitation. But when young men do stupid ass shit (ie everything done or said by Chris Brown) the debate is very different. To me this smacks of sexism because it’s predicated on the idea that young women need to be protected from external influences leading them astray. These two women look awful and they’re fully to blame for their own idiocy.

  41. salamanca says:

    I’m sorry for those those girls. They’re probably mistresses of… better not.

    They won’t be in such good condition in few years.

  42. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I wish manufacturing of dolls should be banned. Why does society think little girls can play with just dolls? Why not football or other games that are played outdoors? I have seen many lil girls who wants to look like Barbie. They want to look ‘perfect’ like a doll. I find it sickening. And here is the proof.

  43. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m not buying those as real pictures. It looks like something from the SIMS.

  44. Amy says:

    I learned about these two girls a few days ago, I think it might have been on Gawker. So strange to think you spend all your time on a beauty regimen in order to look like something else. I would never be able to recognize the two of them without all the make up, wigs, and clothes.

  45. oliveo says:

    I have been thinking about this story all morning, and I’ve been wondering… if this is really and truly what she wants to look like, isn’t that her choice? We’re all affected by cultural values of beauty and sex appeal, but if she’s really and truly happy now that she looks like this, isn’t that alright? Maybe she feels more like herself like this.

    Sometimes I feel like women should support other women’s choices to do whatever they want– as men can and do– even if it’s something that we might not agree with. Assuming, of course, that this was all of her own doing.

  46. Francesca says:

    she’s been influenced by too many video games…

  47. Bread and Circuses says:

    For me, she hovers between being strangely beautiful and a monster sitting on the edge of the uncanny valley.

    I haven’t watched any videos of her, because I’m afraid seeing her in motion would provoke a pretty deep, knee-jerk horror in me. In still images, my brain is fooled into thinking she is just a doll, and thus not terrifying.

  48. Kellie says:

    I actually love it. I think she looks great. Would I do it? Nope, but she does it very well. I wont speculate on her mental state- we are all flawed.

  49. mollination says:

    Anime girl is freaky looking.

    The barbie girl is kind of oddly beautiful despite the scary eyes and the frail nose.

  50. truthful says:

    She recently got married to a hippie looking guy.

    A friend sent me her story and then I went to a site that is ANTI–against her.

    very telling

    her boobs are almost out in most of her pics.

    she looks creepy.

    She claims that she has to hold her head like that because her neck hurts and her head is so big, LOL!!

    like Barbie…

  51. Grace says:

    I hate to say it but she’s really very interesting. She doesn’t lie and pretend to do the modifications for anything other than money.She’s okay with it and I like her for that.

    Americans have so much lying BS involved when they constantly modify. A nose job every few years, tons of makeup, a boob job every few years,endless face work, endless exercising, starving themselves, removal of ribs, etc. Porn and prostitution are common paths for “celebrities” in America.

    Yet people are angry with Valeria for telling the truth about what she’s done? Okay then.
    She’s honest about what she has done. Americans are just irritated that it worked for her. She probably looks perfectly normal facewise without the maekup and contacts.
    I like her. She doesn’t bullshit around about her choices. Foreign women are awesome in that way.

    • Minty says:

      Ding ding ding! We have another one: a commenter making sweeping, stupid blanket generalizations about Americans on an American website. You don’t even have the presence of mind to realize you might be insulting your hosts.

      “Americans have so much lying BS involved…”

      “Americans are just irritated that it worked for her. “

      “Foreign women are awesome in that way.”

      Oh GMAFB. Really? Have you visited all 50 states and met 300+ million Americans that you feel qualified enough to write such lofty either/or, black or white, us versus them pronouncements? Who appointed you spokesperson for how ALL Americans feel?

      Newsflash: bottom-scraping reality tv culture can be found in all parts of the world. Europe has plenty of famous porn “stars”. Plastic surgery obsession is globally widespread. Among “celebrities”, ever heard of England’s Katie Price? Spain’s Duchess of Alba? In fact, in the past some South American countries have been #1 in frequency of breast implants and nose jobs, so much that it’s practically a prerequisite that their beauty pageant contestants get “enhancements” before entering the competition. But I’m not going to stereotype the English, Spanish, and South Americans based on the behavior of a minority of its inhabitants.

      You seem to get your idea of the average “real” American mainly through movies and tv – mediums based on scripted fantasy. The only way to get an honest handle on a people and their culture is to live among them. Even then, you’re only seeing the culture of a particular region, not the whole country. That’s why your comment sounded so presumptuous. The plasticized women in Hollywood and Beverly Hills are but a tiny segment of the population. And Valeria’s no different from them because she’s hiding her insecurity behind an anime facade courtesy of makeup, contact lenses, and heavy Photoshop. She’s received criticism from non-Americans as well. Yet again, unlike some, I’m not going to use her as a representative of all Ukrainian women.

    • Minty says:

      Incidentally: in 1987, a famous hardcore p0rn actress from Hungary (Ilona Staller, aka “Cicciolina”) was elected as a member of Italy’s Parliament. LMAO!

      I seriously doubt that crap would ever happen in America. Jenna Jameson, United States Senator – fat chance!

      • Really? says:

        Sing it, Minty!!! You are no unsung hero, i hear you LOUD AND CLEAR, and i, too, can’t stand those freaking bigoted idiots!!!

        It’s actually quite remarkable, most of the responses and comments on this freak (yes, sorry for her numerous fans, but this chick is a certified FREAK, which may be celebrated and revered world wide, just not by me, however, that being said, ahem)MOST of the comments on this freaking freak of de-nature have been rather (and surprisingly) POSITIVE, you don’t see any Ukranian bashing, just some general astonishment and curiosity…and maybe some associating with the sex slave industry, but, i mean, due to globalism and internet, this is no longer a well-guarded secret, THANK GOD.

        But? back to the idiots that you quoted, what is it about them that feels they have to attack? Ahhh, because they’s getttin’ all defensive and sh!t, so they gotta be like the bully in the playground and start the childish name-calling, WTF, grow the F up people! We’re talking about freaks of nature, walking blow-up dolls, so tell my why they got to go and get all prejudice and tossing this kind of bullsh!t backwater bigotry?

        FFS that is so archaic and boring,they need to check themselves before they wreck themselves, like these plastic priss pouts!


        THANK YOU for what you said, i feel ya, and i’m agreeing with ya, and you know, just keep KEEPING IT REAL – unlike these freaks.


  52. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Gah! Her FB page is such a time-suck. I can’t help but notice that in all of the pictures, she’s not smiling. Not one pic of her smiling a genuine, happy smile. She looks very sad to me.

  53. Memphis says:

    I’m fascinated by her face.. I can’t stop looking at it. She’s crazy and it’s creepy as all hell, but I can’t stop looking.

    Without make up I’m guessing her face can appear somewhat normal. I did the Anime look for Halloween with the big eyes and circle lenses and it’s amazing what makeup can do…I creeped my husband the hell out :)

    But really…How the hell do you remove a rib!? That is just so wrong!!!

  54. Cirque28 says:

    Although I really do think people can and should do whatever they like with their bodies, still, I can’t help it. I want 21 year old girls to swim and hike and dance. And travel the world with backpacks. And read books. And be inappropriate and unladylike.

    But this… pose like you’re on a beach having fun, pose like you’re at a picnic having fun, pose like you’re a stiff armed, vacant eyed, frozen faced doll who has been carefully placed by one of those messy humans in this position… it’s so depressing. Do they understand that a life spent going to the beach to surf and winding up with photos where your hair looks like shit but you had a great time (or even no photos!)… do they understand how much more satisfying a life spent doing might be?

  55. fabgrrl says:

    I just watched a video of her putting on makeup. Quite interesting actually. She looks mostly normal, and quite pretty, without the extreme make-up. Yes, probably had a nose job, but she does a lot to narrow her nose with makeup. She keeps that weird, vacant expression on her face the whole time.

    Obviously shes had some work done on her body. But Nature gave her that long, thin neck and lanky arms – so she is working with what she has. At 21 she probably doesn’t have to go to extreme measures to stay thin. I don’t really think she’ll have any “health problems” when she decides to stop doing this.

    Look at this as Performance Art. This is her “thing”, her work. I don’t believe she looks like this every day.

  56. kate says:

    Her dead eyes in every picture are scaring me. SCARY!!!!

  57. cynicalsmirk says:

    My daughter showed me photos of her a few months ago. We agreed that she is all kinds of f-ed up. Ewww…imagine what she’ll look like in 10 or 15 years when all that “work” starts showing signs of its age?

  58. Klue says:

    To each their own? I get why people are creeped out by it. But it is her body. I guess I live by the philosophy “As long as ye harm none, do as ye will.”

  59. Katija says:

    Check yourself, Devushka. Good God!

  60. Mira says:

    She’s a pretty girl outside of her Barbie-self. That said, this is unnerving but fascinating at the same time. What I don’t get is, why Barbie? That stupid doll still exists? I thought it was obsolete. Well, in my world I guess.

  61. skuddles says:

    This disturbs me on so many levels. The standard for “beauty” just keeps getting more and more freakishly unnatural and inhuman. It’s all about jamming as much plastic and fillers into your body as you can, destroying every hint of natural beauty, and turning yourself into a fake, misshapen, soulless thing.

  62. Patrice says:

    Am I the only one who looks around and is really starting to feel like parts of the world are rapidly turning into The Capitol?? (read: The Hunger Games. The movie didn’t do any of the “grotesque”, extreme body modifications stuff justice.) I’m not kidding either. Has anyone else been to the L.A. are recently??ALL of the older women look just like Taylor Armstrong (scary!) and the younger girls are well on their ways with all the teen boob jobs AND teen botox?! Is this where our future is headed y’all?? It genuinely terrfifies me that in about 2 generations young men and women might no longer have a concept or point of reference of what a totally natural female form looks like. Makes me :(

  63. LeeLoo says:

    I really think there’s something artistic about her choice to do modify her body in such a way. Don’t think for a second that I am complimenting her. I think it is a sign of the times and how shallow and superficial many people have become.

  64. Lexi says:

    Oh my god, she is very creepy and barbie like, her and her friend scare me

  65. supervisor says:

    seeing her and that other girl together both depresses me and gives me the creeps at the same time. one must be seriously messed up in the head to want to look like some kind of anime creature.

  66. apsutter says:

    That’ a real person?! Gross

  67. Claire says:

    What did she say she did for a living in order to afford the surgeries and Barbie clothes?

  68. tabasco says:

    5150!! if there was no permnanent modification involved and this was just showing somebody’s makeup skillz used on their anime halloween costume, i’d be impressed b/c that IS freakishly doll-looking eye makeup (and contacts), but that is all. and her idea of inner development or whatever???? girl needs a straightjacket.

  69. Norm says:

    How is this any worse than photoshopped-to-hell celebrities on the covers of magazines that everyone worships? People are always going to glorify stupid shit, if your little girl won’t look up to this girl, she’ll look up to airbrushed taylor swift… or others…. i think it’s really up to parents to educate their children and instill self confidence in them….not go on forums and attack this girl for her choices that don’t really affect anyone but herself. Reality check, all she has are fake boobs and contacts… so she looks like Barbie? So what?

  70. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    This is terrifying and really disturbing. How will “Human Barbie” age? Do you think we’ll be seeing a “Human Ken” anytime soon? Please no!

    If she doesn’t need psychiatric help now, pound to a penny, she will in the future.

    The plastic surgeon(s) should be struck off.

  71. Lisa says:

    Is she from Moldova? There is a lot of sex trafficking in that area… more than any other area in the world. There are a lot of orphans there that get kicked out at age 16, are given a bus ticket and are basically never heard from again. As somebody who is from that place and is aware of what is going on this girl really needs to let the sex doll look thing go (too late). I’m actually really disgusted by this woman because she is just playing into the sex industry. You can’t tell me that this is what she looks like on the “inside” and has nothing to do with sex. It has everything to do with sex! Shame on her…

  72. Jane says:

    I think these photos are Photoshopped regardless what anyone says. I’ve seen another girl who’s obsessed with her looks and she admits to Photoshopping her photos. Anyway, her YouTube videos of herself look nothing like the Photoshopped photos. When I looked at the photos, she looked too “drawn” and anime-like to be real. These “dolls” are not real. If they are, at least tell me how they can get such super clear, flawless skin like that. :p

  73. The Original Victoria says:

    Some how Barbie the Doll looks realer than this idiot. I mean, just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all crazier shit happens in this world. My questions is, how do they get those big ass eyes! Are they contacts?

    It’s a shame because she was naturally a pretty girl. Why would she do this to herself?

  74. Steph says:

    Can’t wait to see this one at 50 years of age.

  75. levosity says:

    Their eyes are so creepy!!!

  76. HotPockets says:

    There is a strange conspiracy behind this girl. I heard about her several months ago and she keeps a blog. This girl has been all over the world and someone accompanies her wherever she goes, that’s who is taking the pictures. I’ve heard it’s a male handler who is behind this and yes, it’s more than just her appearance that is disturbing, it’s alleged that there is a group of people behind her image and her career. This isn’t some random girl who went out and decided to have a bunch of surgery for attention. Also, the way she looks is done through makeup application. It’s amazing. Everything is very contoured, here is her video of her makeup application process.

  77. A Fan says:

    The amount of plastic surgery here looks to be far, far less than many of the freaks in Hollywood.

  78. darth says:

    I like to think that nothing can shock me. Sometimes I’m wrong.

  79. pierrot says:

    A lot of it is make-up. There are some videos of her putting make-up on. At the beginning she looks more normal.

  80. Mandy says:

    I am so creeped out right now.

  81. gg says:

    I just saw a piece on Inside Edition. She says she lives on mostly a liquid diet.

    Anything that encourages anorexia is bad.

  82. COCO says:

    Does anyone else read what I read in there???? she is not only trying to look like barbie she is also trying to live a barbie life,meditate ,then cook for the love of her life,this woman(sorry child) thinks she is in some sort of fairyland livinga fairy tale.

  83. Kiki says:

    photoshop!!! look at the pictures closely!

  84. Ashley says:

    I actually think she’s really pretty. I wouldn’t do that to myself, but more power to her. And it’s not her responsibility to be a role model for girls. It’s the parent’s responsibility. Tons of people do body modifications to themselves, like the lizard man and the cat people. I think it’s really cool and fascinating. I’m sure they all had to spend a lot of money to get that way so they probably put a lot of thought into it before doing so. I think people like that have inner peace and are comfortable with who they are- i envy them. I wish I was that comfortable in my own skin. Yes, maybe they’ll end up regretting it one day, but you only live once.

    And I think her friend, the anime girl is prettier. I used to be a big fan of anime, and let me tell you, anime fans are some of the nicest, loving people I’ve ever met. At least American anime fans, because they know they’re unique and they embrace other cultures more easily than some.. shall I say, ignorant Americans I know.. edit: On second thought, maybe that’s an ignorant and naive thing for me to say. *shrugs*

  85. Djinn says:

    OK this girl is a moron but so is anyone who thinks these photos haven’t been manipulated. There is no surgery or make up in the world that can make your eyes and particularly your iris THAT big. her nose is altered in most photos as well.

  86. She’s weird-looking and attractive at the same time… “who would’ve thunk it was possible?”

  87. Adrien says:

    She could date human ken doll, Bruce Jenner (see earlier CB post).

  88. Mew says:

    She actually does her makeup – the “flawless porcelaine skin” can be acquired with good foundation and/ or proper way to apply it. She applies hers normally with fingers at least in one of her videos, so it’s just really good foundation.

    The eyes are contact lenses and the nose is just countered with dark brown and white. Even I could do this look with makeup! It’s just very good stage makeup to make it look like something else.

    Here’s a video to her makeup:

    This is not so different from Kim K fake katface. They both even over exaggerate their eyes!

    But most obviously, for her figure, she must’ve had surgery. I’ve seen before pictures and in those she looked just normal, not some extra thiny waisted huge boob doll.

    Also, she makes some “spiritual music” etc. From what I read, she’s been known in Russia for quite some time.

  89. kitty-bye says:

    Was there a reason someplace that she doesn’t smile?
    Amazing makeup art… unreal. I don’t know how they learn to do that so well.

  90. GossipG says:

    Is it because of the lazy eye?
    Paris wished she looked the same. In the normal Pics she looks like Nicky Hilton, with a ‘Paris’ lazy eye..

  91. Oi says:

    This is what I imagined the people in the Capitol in the hunger Games looked like. As plastic as possible.

  92. skeptical says:

    Anyone understand Russian? I think that’s Russian? I think that’s her mom who sits by her later?
    She actually looks pretty close to her pics. Are we sure it’s photoshop? Could be a great makeup job too.
    Just watching this girl’s face.. is she really aiming for Barbie specifically or a doll look like a small porcelain doll? Becuase she doesn’t remind me of Barbie that much.. i guess below the neck. But her face makes me think of the old fashioned porcelain and china dolls I’ve seen in antique shops and at old relatives’ houses.
    How often is Barbie brunette?

    Sidenote: if the music on those makeup vids posted upthread are hers.. then I kinda like her singing. It’s interesting to me.

  93. s says:

    I wonder if, as she ages, will she end up looking like Joan Rivers?