Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber are totally never ever getting back together

On Friday, I discussed all of the rumors about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and their breakup. I even included some of the more outlandish ones, like that rumor that Justin proposed to Selena (twice!) and she turned him down (twice!). I wrote the whole thing up before I saw that Selena and Justin had spent the night together on Thursday. Which just made me roll my eyes and say “Whatever… this too shall pass.” Now that Selena has realized how awesome it is to have power over Justin, I knew she was going to continue playing with his little heart. And she has! So, they spent the night together on Thursday and everyone was like “OMG, they’re back together, HUZZAH.” But not so much. Not 24 hours later, on Friday night, they tried to go out to dinner and it became a screaming match. Excellent. Not only that, Selena stormed out, Justin followed her home, she locked him out and sh-t just got epic.

Tensions are still running high for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Temporarily going their separate ways after an Oct. 31 breakup, the couple reunited for a tense dinner date Friday at Japanese eatery Yamato in Encino, Calif. Arriving separately — Bieber came from the studio and Gomez from the Beverly Center shopping mall — the pair couldn’t even peruse the menus before beginning to bicker, a source tells Us Weekly.

“They had just sat down and didn’t order when they started to fight. Ten minutes later, they stormed out without speaking and she drove off in her car,” the insider reveals of Bieber, 18, and Gomez, 20, who is said to have initiated the couple of two years’ initial October split.

Stunned when Gomez stormed out of the restaurant, Bieber carried on “swearing and yelling” outside the eatery before following Gomez to her home and begging for her to allow him inside, according to the witness.

When Gomez wouldn’t allow Bieber to pass through her gated driveway, the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer started yelling her name over the fence to no avail. Once Bieber realized he was being photographed, he began “swearing and yelling and lost his temper,” adds the source. Gomez later made her way outside — but left Bieber out on the street, refusing to open her gate once she realized he was the cause of the commotion.

Though the new issue of Us Weekly reports that Bieber is “texting other girls constantly,” the singer — whose car was parked outside of Gomez’ home on Saturday morning, hours after their ugly spat — is determined not to let Gomez go.

Hinting that their split wasn’t final during a Nov. 10 radio interview, Bieber later sang Justin Timberlake’s breakup anthem “Cry Me a River” at his concert. “They’re young,” sums up one insider. “They’re always on and off.”

[From Us Weekly]

Please tell me there’s video. Please? I want to see Justin calling Selena name outside of her house and then throwing a hissy when he realized that photographers were following him. I can’t believe Justin waited outside of her house too… when you’re that age, is that considered a grand romantic gesture or do you think it’s stalker-ish and weird? Do you see why I’m Team Selena? Girl’s got game. She’s got that poor boy coming and going. Also: Justin was tweet-crying about it too! That night he tweeted, “Things arent always easy. there is alot of pressure. im figuring it all out. im trying. but i care, i notice, i still hear u. #Beliebers” GOMEZ THUNDER!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Amelia says:

    Bwahaa, take that Bieber brat. I really hope there is a video, I can’t imagine many people out-tantruming him.
    I had to do a double take at that first photo. When you just scroll over it quickly, it looks like his flies are seriously udone.

  2. rdhed says:

    It is so upsetting that these two will never get back it was so deep and so real. What will their publicists do now? Most likely these two poor little rich kids will have some pre-arranged “soul searching” photographs taken, and within about 6 weeks one will be seen with some glamourous older star… or perhaps a few more photos of one of them licking their wounds….only to find love again. So, since they are only in their teens…that means we the public get something like 30 more years of reading about these two child stars. All I can say is I hope they don’t end up like Lindsay Lohan….but it is possibly they will crash and burn. I say better to say “who cares” then care…for their own good.

  3. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Lol! These kids!
    I have seen those pics. Biebs is looking terrible. Poor boy!

  4. Ally8 says:

    Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift really need a coffee klatsch about dating the challenges and hassles of dating these barely legals.

  5. Kiki says:

    I feel really sorry for him, although I’m no Bieber fangirl. It’s probably his first more or less serious relationship and then he got played so hard. He will be traumatized for the rest of his life…

  6. Sara says:

    some source said that she wanted to see his cell phone, and he didn’t give it to her.

  7. truetalk says:

    i just can’t. they both look like 10yr olds especially selena in that top pic

  8. Blue says:

    I really hope there’s a video. It sounds hilarious.

  9. Riana says:

    This constitutes game?

    That term loses more meaning everyday.

  10. Shitler says:

    You need to go over to the dailymail & see Bieber’s outfit. Seriously it will make your day

  11. SmokeyBlues says:

    If the paparazzi had followed me around at that age they would have gotten some good relationship dramz from me, too. Only my bf would be standing outside a little house in the suburbs, not locked outside a mansion hahaha. Just kids being kids.

  12. Eleonor says:

    I hope she is really over the Bieb and his stupid diaper-trousers.

  13. Relli says:

    Maybe shes tired of being seen someone who is always dressed like the 2nd coming of vanilla ice. Like everyone above, i find the the diaper pants ridiculous but the tNk shirt and hat have secret fu!k buddy written all over it. Plus shes wearing hwr glasses which says to me not a serious date for her. I cant wait for the dance off!

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      He always reminded me of Vanilla Ice, too. My son says nobody at his high school likes Bieber; suburban, “All-American” school…so does my nephew and niece at their schools. I don’t know where his fan base comes; I have a feeling it’s mostly 12 , 13-year-olds. One thing I will give them , though, is that when you’re young and have a crush, or have puppy love, to the one who has it, it feels real.

  14. Mew says:

    The more he stalks, the less she bites.

  15. Turtle Dove says:

    Well, I guess that’s what he gets for publicly humiliating her with the Victoria’s Secret models. Especially, that one, Barbara Palvin, who had been tweeting that she liked him.

    I hate myself for knowing this.

  16. laura says:

    She looks like 11!!! They both looking like babies…

    • ViktoryGin says:

      I know, right!!!

      I could give a rat’s ass about these two, but I clicked on the story just so I could say that she looks like jailbait.

      I honestly thought they were papping some celeb’s kid until I looked at the headline.

      She’ll be grateful later. If she manages to steer clear of the drugging, boozing, and whoring she’ll look much younger than her years for a long time.

  17. Lizbet says:

    This reminds me so much of my douchecanoe ex. Sounds like his ego can’t take being dumped, so he wants to get back together long enough for him to get to dump her.

    This is why I am a firm believer in the Celebrity Maturity Stasis Theory, which holds that celebrities are frozen at the maturity level they had when they achieved fame. This explains why Bieber will always be 16, even when he is 30, and why the Cracken will forever be 4.

  18. Bird says:

    It’s always a shame when two young ladies break up.

  19. rtms says:

    It seems it didn’t last for long. His Ferrari was in the driveway the next morning, so it looks like they just waited until the paps left and he came back. Silly children.

  20. stephanie says:

    that picture where he’s picking her up is just ick.

    • svlover says:

      I completely agree and have felt that way since the first time I accidentally saw the pics. Something very creepy about an almost fully physically mature young woman with her looong legs and body wrapped around a boy who appears about 12. I know they are similar age, but still …. She looks bigger than him and am amazed he could even hold her up. Just a creepy-looking scene ….

  21. Thea says:

    He looks like a child next to Selena! He is a child! I definetely think she could find someone better.

  22. Holly Hobby says:

    She can do so much better. Selena find a real man, not a man child.

  23. Amy says:

    Somebody mentioned above Selena and Taylor going out for coffee and talking about their boy troubles… well that’s exactly what they did according to People! They had dinner together and were gossiping and giggling.

    Also rumor has it Taylor Swift has already moved on with (another 18 year old) one of the boys from One Direction… She is like the gift that keeps on giving.

  24. EmmaV1 says:

    I’m always surprised at the huge amount of support S. Gomez gets from the public….Bieber is the best thing that’s happened to her non-existent outside of Disney career.

    Without Bieber, she’d have dropped into obscurity by now…like Demi Lovato did before she got publicity for her breakdown and same with Miley…who is fading away into nothing so she has to resort to her gluten-free diet, new haircut, twitter tweets about her relationship, etc. to get attention.

    Problem for Selena is that her reputation is based on being a good girl so if she did any Miley/Demi tactics, she’d lose all her fans.

  25. erika says:


    now Taylor swifty can write a song about it! sort of ‘selena’s my friend and she’s never ever ever getting back together!’
    she’s all about love you know..

    good! justin’s got to learn that at 18, you don’t get everything you want, lesbian boy, just because you’re justin beaver and you got ‘swag’ and a smooth hairless body. his 6 yr old fan/girls are now turning 13 yr and will shed hteir beaver/fever for no more shame..

    good. now we can all go back to a good night’s sleep knowing that these two bunny kids won’t be grinding/humping together anymore…that’s the thing that creeped me out the most. babies having sex

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    So, my comment about “We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” was spot on?

  27. s says:

    This is so damn delicious. It has all the drama of a highschool play and the beginning of an acne commercial all rolled into one.

  28. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Interesting comment kellyinseattle;my son and friends just saw the Who – at their age Roger and Pete and co. can still rock the joint the Beibster and Selena can only dream of that type of longevity – really, Selena seems to be a decent girl, by lalaland standards, but she really has very little talent, and can’t sing live to save herself – without Disney she would be just be another cute girl singing at local music gigs.

  29. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    LOL I stopped taking these two seriously a while ago, I don’t even care if they get back together or not, somehow it just doesn’t matter

  30. bigorexia says:

    I find the picture where they are swimming together and he is carrying her disturbing. I really feel like I am looking at child pornography.

  31. Kosmos says:

    They are barely growing out of being kids, so even they cannot take their relationship seriously or think that it will become long term, at least not at this age. Both are deep into their musical careers, cute that they were able to connect and have puppy love or real love, but they will definitely move on because of their ages, and life will go on and be happy for each of them.

  32. Makk says:

    I luv JB. Wish S&J not get 2gether.

  33. aquarius74 says:

    Well, in French “bieber” is very close phonetically to “biber-on” (biberon) which means… feeding-bottle.

    Selena, go on with your life, be happy with a mature man !!!! Talented ladies don’t need being dragged down by lesser men.

  34. destiny camille allen says:

    like omg everybody know that they r ment for each other this is so late . they just need to go out cuz they kno they r perfect for each other . it will just make perfect sense to that . so just go out