‘Breaking Dawn Pt 2′ scores $141.3 million on opening weekend: did you see it?

Robert Pattinson

The long national (and international) nightmare of The Twilight Saga is is finally over! That is, unless Taylor Lautner gets his wish of a Twilight musical, which he’s only probably suggesting because these movies have given him more success than the rest of his career could possibly carry. Poor kid.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened to set a bunch of foreign box-office records while also scoring a merciless $141.3 million domestic gross this weekend, which is a good $3 million more than BD Part 1 but only second overall in the entire franchise with New Moon taking the top prize in 2009 with $142.8 million. Of course, this makes no sense at all since New Moon was easily the worst movie out of all of the Twilight films. What gives? I guess back then people really wanted to see Taylor Lautner with his shirt off. I don’t know.

So the question remains whether or not Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s real-life (or real-life staged) romantic drama played any part in this financial success. Honestly? I don’t think the Twihards let any of the shenanigans dampen their enthusiasm for seeing the last installment, and Summit may very well think that RPattz and KStew getting back together helped their movie, but I seriously doubt that most of the Twihards would have consciously avoided watching the movie if the two had stayed apart instead of (fake or not) making up and then making good for the publicity tour. Even my daughter, who is still disgusted with Kristen Stewart, really wanted to watch this movie even after the whole cheating scandal. Although I did notice (and yes, we watched it on opening day) that there was some booing from the audience when KStew’s name appeared in the opening credits. Read ahead for my thoughts on the movie, which I actually enjoyed a lot more than the rest of the series. Don’t get me wrong — this was not a “good” movie at all, but it was a lot better than the rest of them.

******SPOILERS FOLLOW*******

Kellan Lutz Nikki Reed

Okay, the main reason why I sort-of liked Breaking Dawn 2 was that the big confrontation between the “good” vampires and the Voltari was entirely different than the non-event at the end of the book, which mainly revolved around Bella using her silly, impenetrable mind-shield to protect the Cullens’ side from the bad guys’ offensive forces. In sharp contrast, the movie used Alice’s visionary powers to create a pretty awesome fight scene that lasted several minutes, and when the first head came off (those who have seen it know what I’m talking about), I crowed in glee. Naturally, the Twihards in the audience all freaked out and some even started crying as Cullen and wolf losses started to rack up, but they all got over it (and largely laughed) as soon as Alice’s vision came to an end. This was a great way for the book’s ending to be preserved but to also satisfy an obvious need for an all-out, climactic battle. Kudos to Bill Condon for going with this tactic.

Another contributing factor to a lack of insufferability for this last Twilight film was that this part of the story wasn’t all about Edward and Bella; and when these two were on screen, they weren’t moping about as usual. Yes, RPattz was still pretty wooden as Edward, and KStew was plain awful as the lip-biting, eye-rolling Bella, but the movie had so many other things going on and several new characters (mostly the Cullens’ vampire allies) on display, so Edward and Bella didn’t get nearly as much screentime as during the other movies. The Amazon vampires were pretty cool, Michael Sheen was just so damn lovely with his creepy ass laugh, and Kellan Lutz was epic in his Lutzy weirdness. Kellan Lutz will never go anywhere else, but Kellan Lutz is quite amusing because Kellan Lutz is so obviously a legend in Kellan Lutz’s own mind. Also, I’m glad that Charlie (Billy Burke) was finally got a girlfriend. He deserves to get some, especially after watching Jacob strip and turn into “a very large dog.” Oh Twilight, your corniness shall never be forgotten.

Michael Sheen

Billy Burke

Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart

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  1. Bowers says:

    I’m 61 and have no desire to read it, and I wouldn’t have read it 30 or 40 years ago. I am a retired English teacher who reads constantly.

    Never watched the movie(s) either.

    • Lipsy says:

      I am ashamed to admit that I read the first two books. Reading the first one, out of curiosity, is fine, but why the h- did I read the second one?!????

    • Liv says:

      I’ve studied literature. I read the books and I actually liked them, especially the first and second one. They are not brilliantly written but Meyer’s style is okay, you can easily read them, no hard stuff. There are many books which are similarly written and get much more credit.

    • susannej says:

      And your point is?

      Given that you had not READ these books.
      Given that you did not SAW these movies.

      You are able to judge them – because?

      Sigh. This might not be your cup of tea. It is not mine. But I do not get a kick by bashing people who like this kind of stuff.

      • noi says:

        and your point?
        you got your panties in a bunch over nothing no shade is being thrown at anyone who likes this. just stating their views on it. you do know ppl can learn about something without seeing right?

      • susannej says:

        … after reading the other comments, especially No 28. by jermsmom:
        “Always funny that people who disdain the books and movie franchise feel the need to let everyone know.”

        - it seems that that Twilight-Bashing is a new, safe smalltalk topic, where it is totally pc to hate on something. Everyone can join. Further or previous knowlege is not requierd. Which is way better than some of the old topics.

        Haters gonne hate. But they need something to hate on.

        [And I should really read at least one of these books. :-) ]

      • susannej says:

        @noi: Yes, people can learn about something without “doing / experiencing” it themself. Murder anyone? But if they feel the need to communicate about it, they give mostly a bit more information on the “WHY” than “I am a retired teacher, so I know!”.

        But honestly:
        Serious question to all the smart people who hate about this without reading/seeing Twilight,
        WHY do you hate this so much, that you take the time to write a comment?

      • MonicaQ says:


        Most of us (myself included) have friends or people we know explain this story or have looked up what the story is about. (my mother in law loves this story, I don’t see why) It’s bad. It is quite bad. I didn’t believe it was this bad until I went and watched the 1st movie doped up in the hospital after being hit by a car so I barely remember it and have not watched anything past that.

        Everything that a vampire is, everything that a werewolf is, Meyer takes and says, “Let me pre-package this to pre-teen girls!” The problem is not all pre-teen girls are *that*…I’m going to use the word “gullible” to fall for a story like this.

        Kristen Stewart can’t act. Robert Pattenson can and is probably the only thing holding the movie together. Wolf dude spends most of his time that I’ve seen running around shirtless and brooding. It’s shot through a blue filter that it didn’t need (but used because it’s so “artistic”) and it’s one big Don’t-have-sex-before-you’re-married subtext that drives me insane.

        Not to mention that apparently Bella’s *nothing* without a man. Edward leaves and who does she immediately start after? Wolf dude! Because who said a female can stand without a man at her side? Not Meyer. And then Wolf dude and Edward have face off over her like a piece of meat and oh my god what in the world is happening. This isn’t a love story. This an abusive relationship.


        tl;dr – I hate it because it’s bad. I’ve seen one movie heavily medicated and read no books and it’s bad. I don’t have to drink milk past it’s due date to know it’s bad–I can just smell it or even just look at the date.

      • Pippa says:

        Honestly if you want to know why people hate them just read this tumblr http://reasoningwithvampires.tumblr.com/ Hate to break it to you but it’s not because they’re jumping on a bandwagon, it’s because it’s awful.

      • susannej says:

        Thank you for your kind reply and explanation. I think I can understand this now a little bit better;
        “Not to mention that apparently Bella’s *nothing* without a man. Edward leaves and who does she immediately start after? Wolf dude! Because who said a female can stand without a man at her side? Not Meyer. And then Wolf dude and Edward have face off over her like a piece of meat and oh my god what in the world is happening. This isn’t a love story. This an abusive relationship.”

        This makes sense. Sad. But I know several woman, girls, woman-who-defines-themselfes-as-girls
        - who define themself totally through their boyfriend, husband, possible-boyfriend and so on. It is exhausting.

        If this whole Twilight-Franchise is a glam-wrap-up of the old story (that a female being can not exist without a MAN in her life)
        - than it IS a lot of crap. Really. I can smell it now. :-)
        I might read it myself – because I finally got curious – but the whole cry-out is more understandable for me now. Thanks.

        BTW: I have a daughter myself and I really try to steer her away from this whole post-feminism-crap.

        And finally OT:
        I enjoyed a number of popcorn-movies with friends lately, but these were Skyfall, Prometheus, Expandables II – not the best taste. I know. Not Arthouse. But Fun! Therefore I’m more relaxed when it comes to simple entertainment, but less relaxed when it comes to “condemn movies as not worthy because they are entertaining and nothibg else”.

        With Twilight, I stand corrected. My bad.

      • susannej says:

        @Pippa: Ummm .. I’ve just read “Reasoning with Vampires: An overview of opinion” but not everything on this site in its entirety…. and if the whole books(s) is written in this particular style … it is really bad. Indeed.

        Thanks for the Link.

      • Just Me says:

        Suzanne – wanna know why? Because Twihards are effin’ crazy! How have you been online these past 4 years and not ever been attacked by a mob of Twihards for saying something completely unbiased about either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson? Do you have any idea how many people have unwittingly stumbled upon the wrath of a mob of rapid Twihards??? Just for stating their opinion, or even, in some cases, stating absolute facts that didn’t agree with stan mentality. Twilight is a relatively benign series. It’s the fans that have caused the most of us to absolutely hate and/or mock anything Twi related. Thank goodness the series is over, and good riddance to the crazy fans, too.

        Oh, and no. I did not go see it this weekend.

      • susannej says:

        @JustMe: Point is that I really enjoy Celebitchy because it is not related to anything in my personal or professional life! As I experienced some nasty shitstorms/candystorms:
        - in the office: Mac-[Developers/Users/follwers vs. Microsoft-[] vs. Linux-[]
        (… and Nerds can get nasty if they want to…)

        - at the kindergarten /child care: Rabid Stay-at-home-Moms vs. Rabid Working-Moms

        and so on. But I never met a Twihard as fundamental and missionary as some of my day-to-day-challenges.Therfore I might have underestimated them. [Plus I read only Celebitchy and Lainey, some time back Dlisted, so my basis is not that deep going.]

        So – in the end – I did not understand why Twilight provocated so much hatred, but I get it now (more or less: 1.) Chauvinist Message 2.) Bad writing 3.) Crazy Fans). Thanks for enlightment.

        Maybe we can agree that gossip is for fun, an exhale between serious tasks and a small window into another world … may it be into how a celebrity should behave or how living in another culture with another apperience could feel like ..

        Celebitchy is great. With a great comment section!

    • Jean says:

      I am a retired bank manager who reads constantly and this was my guilty pleasure…try it, you will like it.

  2. Nessa says:

    I can proudly say that I have never seen one second of that Twilight crap!

  3. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Saw it, can definitely say it was the best Twilight movie ever, the twist was great too because I read Breaking Dawn a while back and the ending was beyond disappointing so yeah, actually quite a good movie, and I went with two people who could not stand the books so that’s really saying something. All in all, so glad this series has finally come to an end (feels like it’s been way more than four years) but it was a good way to go.

  4. truetalk says:

    I only saw the first twilight by mistake months ago. I was never sucked into the whole madness;just didn’t care.

  5. truetalk says:

    I only saw the first twilight by mistake 2 months ago. I was never sucked into the whole madness;just didn’t care.

  6. hairball says:

    Sadly, I’ve seen the other movies. However, Breaking Dawn Part One was so f*cking horrible – THE worst of all of them and that says a lot – that I refuse to watch part two.

    SO f*cking sick of these two and *if* they are dating or not. Seriously, just GO AWAY.

    • V4Real says:

      Hairball you’re absolutely right; BD1 was complete trash. I found it quite boring but I will go see the last installment only because I feel a need to finish out the series.

      I’m so glad it has finally come to an end; now only if we can find a way for the same thing to happen with Justin Bieber’s career. Damn those screaming teenage girls with no taste in music.

  7. gloaming says:

    I only saw the first twilight by mistake 2 months ago. I was never sucked into the whole madness;just didn’t care. :-)

    Nah, I had to take my teenager to it last night. Thought of the Honest Trailer’s all the way through. Had to stop myself sniggering a few times.


  8. CF says:

    I’m not a lit snob, I’ve read some bad books. Ive never read twilight but knew they were “bad” but tnt was running the movies the other day and holy. sh*t. were they bad. At first i thought i was watching one of those scary movie spoofs like vampire movie. and i like bad movies! i guess i am ok with bad plot (like transformers or something) but NOT ok with how bad rob and kristen are at acting.

  9. smiley says:

    i saw it ,i dont think u can categorize breaking dawn as a movie but as a bunch of videoclips,the battle clip was alright though

  10. Miss Kiki says:

    I can’t believe that at some point in the next few weeks I’ll be handing over my hard earned money to watch this. For shame on me.

  11. DebraSam says:

    I saw it – I have teenaged daughters. This one wasn’t near as bad as the last with malnourished Bella – yuck, and the worse than usual acting! I actually liked the final battle scene.

  12. Samantha says:

    I saw it. It didn’t take itself as seriously as the other movies seemed to, which made it much more tolerable. And Michael Sheen is so damned wonderful. He just balls-out hammed up every scene he’s in.

  13. toto says:

    lip biting doing the dragon nostrils

  14. Lulu says:

    The books are trash, but if you are willing to give yourself over to fantasy and La-La Land, the movies can be fun with their beautiful vampires and scenery. I still admit to being mesmerized by KStew’s unique fragile beauty.

  15. Mia 4S says:

    The backhanded compliments from audience and critics have been hysterical. It all sounds like this: “It’s the best one of the series!…I mean it’s a bad movie and an embarrassment for those involved…but best of the series”! LOL!

  16. Apsutter says:

    Thank god this trash is over and done with. Now we can only hope that K.Stew disappears for good. I’m sick of looking at her perpetually open mouth and dead eyes.

  17. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    LOLOLOL! @Jacob stripping spoiler. I already knew about this scene as I have read the book.
    @BEDHEAD… Thanks for the spoilers.
    . I have decided not to watch this movie as I am really disgusted by KStew. I’m so glad to know that people booed when her name appeared. LOL! I wish Kristen would witness it herself.

    • Nicolette says:

      You were glad when people booed her? You wish she could witness it herself? For someone referring to themselves as “FreeSpirited” that’s pretty mean spirited.

      As I’ve said before, it’s enough already with the hate fest going on for her. At this point Summit should come out with an official statement that the whole “relationship” between her and Rob was nothing more than PR cooked up to increase revenue for these films. I know they never will, but they should. She is taking so much heat for “cheating” on a relationship that never was.

      • Stormy says:

        Whatever,Kristin does suck.I read the first book(awful) and watched the first movie,(awful) and I also think its funny people booed her,and you can bet your a** she has heard plenty of booing.Between her acting,and her red carpet style(lol),her ego will never recover!Boooo!

      • ORLY says:

        “As I’ve said before, it’s enough already with the hate fest going on for her.”

        Ummm, who made you the boss of the internet, ma’am?

      • Nicolette says:

        “The boss of the internet” REALLY? That’s the best you can come up with? I’m not entitled to an opinion? YOU certainly are though right?

        Yes, I think it’s F****D up how she is being treated. That’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to it just as you are yours.

      • ORLY says:

        No, it’s not the best I can come up with, but it’s an apropos response to your comment, don’t you think? The whole “as I’ve said before” “enough already” is very reminiscent of someone being scolded. Around here, we don’t appreciate once-in-a-while posters popping in to slap our hands, then heading back to Robsessed or where ever you came from.
        “Boss of the internet” works very well for me, thank you. :)

        PS: No need for the caps, I can see the words just fine. If it’s for emphasis, it’s all kinds of wrong. I wasn’t giving an opinion, I was commenting on your tone.

      • Just Me says:

        Dear Orly, I big fat puffy heart you. That is all.

  18. Erinn says:

    We went to see Wreck it Ralph this weekend. I couldn’t believe the lines for the twilight movie. And I live in a small town.

  19. LadyMTL says:

    Add me to the list of those who have never seen any of the movies, but I unfortunately read the first two books. (Maybe that’s why I never saw the movies? LOL). Anyway…it’s never going to be my cup of tea and I am glad that it’s over for now. I’m just curious to see what, if anything, will happen to the careers of the actors now…aside from Michael Sheen, ofc.

  20. Boo says:

    Yep, I saw it. I am an English professor, and I read all the books and saw all the movies.

    I loved the twist in this last movie. Really great way to end the series.

    • jermsmom says:

      I read all the books (more than once) and enjoyed all the movies. I read for pleasure, escape, entertainment and sometimes edification. I guess I am just not cool enough or educated enough to hate being entertained?

      • Boo says:

        I have a Ph.D. in literature, and I liked the books because I found them entertaining and engaging. It doesn’t make me feel better to crap all over books that don’t make me “look smart.” i don’t care–I liked them! Now, I loved the Potter movies, but the books bored me. To each his/her own!

        That said, KStew’s chiclet front teeth are a terrible distraction.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I don’t think it’s a “cool” factor or anything like that and I read for the same reasons you do. I’d just like the characters and story not be so…candy? Cheesy? Bland? Weird “don’t have sex before marriage overtones”?

        I don’t know, to each’s own–people still laugh at me because I read comic books/graphic novels so do what you do and roll with it :D

    • Victoria1 says:

      Same here, I like to read to escape real life, and I did enjoy these books because it reminded me of my high school sweetheart. You know that crazy passionate love? So I looked at it that way and of course I needed to know how it ended. The movies… I had to watch because I just needed to see how it would be interpreted. The final installment was the best because it was light hearted and the fight scene was kick ass. And for some reason I found K-Stew to be hot? Whoever did her hair, makeup and Wardrobe should win an award.

  21. Janet says:

    Hold up… you mean the big battle scene at the end was just “visionary”? As in FAKE?? That does it. I’m not spending a dime to watch this movie. What a cop-out.

    At least we should be spared any more stories about Weasel-face and her boytoy for a while. If we’re lucky.

  22. DeltaJuliet says:

    Interesting that half the comments on here are from people who either didn’t read the books or haven’t seen the movies. Even amongst “non-fans”, people can’t stop talking about it.

    I admit the books are not well written and the movies aren’t great either, but every now and then I like to be entertained, purely for entertainments sake and the Twilight series succeeded at that.

  23. Jenna says:

    Hells to the no I didn’t see it. But I am SO freaking happy that it is over!!! :D

  24. Lilalis says:

    You guys have to watch these movies in a group of friends and with a lot of wine, it’s incredibly funny! Since I’m currently pregnant and can’t get drunk we postponded the hammered Twilight night to next summer, I’m already looking forward to it! :D

  25. epiphany says:

    I object to ‘Twilight’ on the general principle that vampires aren’t supposed to be sweet, kind and heroic. They may be sensual, compelling, charismatic… but to be vampires, they have to dangerous and evil. A restrained evil, perhaps, but evil nonetheless. That’s part of their attraction The ‘Twilight’ vampires are whitebread.

    • Micki says:

      Don’t you mean “Diet Coke”? LOL. They are.It’s such a shame to think of vampires in such a bloodless way. There is the vampire lore after all.
      Mayer created an abomination.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I had a class (now 5 years ago since I’m done with college) on monsters and pretty much said that vampires are supposed to be “Victorian embodiment of sexual repression while representing the violence of the time period”. So pretty much all vampires up to this point have been violent, angry, beings though the pretty part started with Ann Rice which I’m ok with.

      But the whole, “She took vampires and made them her own!” or “There’s no defined vampire myth!” is bad and incorrect. There is literary extension there but it has to keep the core values the same. Thor is a big muscly dude with a hammer lacking initial compassion and grows into it. His weakness and strengths are the same in the Marvel Comics as a traditional Thor even if OG Thor had red hair and 2 goats that ate people.

      But these miss the core elements; Vampires are supposed to hate sunlight/die in them. Vampires generally have a disdain for humans except as a food source and when they don’t, it’s only as a curiosity, as one might regard and ant farm. And vampires are generally sterile.

      Anyway, tl;dr, Meyer’s vampires are terrible.

  26. Melly Bee says:

    I read the books because so many friends were saying how great and romantic they were. I read them, and I kept reading them because I absolutely could not believe how horrible they were!! Shockingly bad! So poorly written! And the movies! Good Lord, I can’t wait for it all to go away.

  27. Tiffany says:

    Did not see the film, saw Lincoln instead. And that showing was just as packed. I wonder how many people saw that becaise they could not get into BDII.

    • SLM says:

      We saw Lincoln as well, and our show was packed too. But I don’t think there were many in the theater who were hoping for sparkling vampires, and settling for our Civil War president and the tense history behind the 13th Amendment.

      Lincoln was incredible. Like a near-perfect film, imho. Everyone (12 and older) should see it.

      • Tiffany says:

        First. Great comment, HA!!! And yes, Lincoln was fantastic. Like I would sit through it a second time fantastic. The the theatre I went to has multiple screens for Twilight and lines were insane, and I went to a noon screening of Lincoln. And the line was not full of exciting teens, but everyone but.

  28. jermsmom says:

    Sure are a lot of people who saw the movie “by mistake”. Always funny that people who disdain the books and movie franchise feel the need to let everyone know.

  29. BengalCat2000 says:

    I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies, but I have to say that Michael Sheen is one of my favourite actors. Saw him several yrs ago in Frost/Nixon in NYC & was blown away. And I find him extremely (sp?) attractive in a uconventional kind of way.

  30. Tig says:

    I agree it’s easy to hate/ridicule. I have seen the movies, and will see this last one as well.

    Get ready for the next wave of YA -inspired movies- “City of whatever” is out this summer, and the pub has already started. Curiously enough, one of the Volturi is the “Edward” character in this movie.

    What will always separate T’lite from all the others is Robert Pattinson- he really brought the character to life- and his charm and humor off-screen were icing on the cake.

    I will be following his career and hope its a long one.

  31. mia girl says:

    I saw it and it was better than expected.
    Maybe it was because there was no romance angst… Edward smiled alot, Bella no longer moped and Jacob wasn’t so intense. That triangle narrative was so tired.

    The movie was more relaxed and funny (intentionally btw). It was still a Twilight film, but It had some momentum, and the battle was fun to watch. The moment Michael Sheen appeared onscreen, the movie got 10 times better.

  32. hayley says:

    the problems with these movies/books is that NOTHING exiting EVER happens in them. the fight scene was all a vision, so if you take that away, literally NOTHING happened in this movie. the good vampires and bad vampires got together and talked out a misunderstanding and then everyone went home. that’s literally all that happened. I don’t understand how anyone finds them entertaining.

  33. Obvious says:

    I only saw it because the theater we went to serves alcohol and we had free tickets to that section-that expire next week, and ONLY Twilight was playing. pathetic.

    However after a martinis and a bottle of wine it was a good movie-however i had my head buried in my boyfriend’s arm half the time to keep form giggling and snickering too loud. the woman on my other side was throwing me dirty looks. bwhahahaha.

    I will say this may have been the best in the series (not hard to do) but my boyfriend and i DID enjoy the ending credits. It was a nice way to end the series and pay hommage to every actor who had the (mis)fortune of being connected to it.

  34. Isa says:

    Normally I don’t click on twilight crap, although I did enjoy reading about the biscuit eating scandal. (Horrible, I know. Those poor kids!) But I have seen the previews and they make me giggle every time. But honestly if I were a twilight fan I would be pissed. They make SO MUCH money off this stuff and yet they spit out these horrible movies with horrible effects and acting. (Based on the first movie and the previews of the others I’ve seen.) I think the books could have at least made decent movies. But it’s like they didnt even try! They all just showed up and collected a paycheck and I don’t feel like that’s fair to the fans.
    Oh and one other thing, my little redhead needs that outfit that girl is wearing!! Love it so much but I know I couldn’t afford it.

  35. truthful says:

    uhh yeah, never saw it and never will

  36. Flo says:

    I went to see the movie and I enjoyed it. Michael Sheen was having so much fun with the ridiculous over-the-top stupidity.
    I watched it for the lulz and trust me, when you’re with friends and booze it’s so much fun.
    I hadn’t read the fourth book so when the “epic” battle turned out to be a vision, I was so amazed that I let out a “WTF?” and a lot of people in the theater apparently felt the same because people giggled a lot.
    It’s just so unbelievable to me because Stephenie Meyer (besides her crappy writing style, her poor vocabulary and her antiquated views regarding sex and women)has just NO IDEA how a story works. Like, there’s no tension, no climax, no drama, Bella does’nt sacrifice anything. It’s fascinating to me how utterly clueless she is about writing fiction.

    Oh and the most giggle-worthy moment for me was SPOILER!: at the end when Bella shows Edward a compilation of moments between Bella and Edward that looked like a video a twihard made on youtube. I laughed and laughed at that.

  37. erika says:

    Gawd…..please TELL me this is the LAST, absolute END, LAST, buried Twilight/edward/jacob/mini cooper cunn***l****us debacle….PLEASE.

    the end. no more.

  38. lucy2 says:

    It’s over, it’s over!
    I have a few FB friends who have been posting about it like they’re 12 years old, I’m talking stills with hearts and nonsense – they’re mid 30s.
    I had other friends who raved about the books – so I listened to the audio books while doing a home improvement project – horrible. Needless to say, I do not take their book recommendations anymore!

  39. Katija says:




    I am desperately looking for like-minded people on this, cause NO ONE seems to agree with me.

    That “it was all a vision! None of it really happened!”… that’s MEGA SUPER ULTRA BS, right?! I thought “it was all a dream” plots were generally considered to be a huge “F*&% You, Audience!” No one else seems to share my pissed off-edness about this.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I thought there was supposed to be some magical bubble shield of love like in the books that little Chia pet baby casts? (I can’t say for sure because I never read the books or saw the movie but I’m going off of what people are telling me)

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      I’ve never seen any of it, so I got no horse in this race. But I agree, “it was all a dream” is BS. If they really did that, after everything… wow. Just wow. It’s an incredible lack of imagination, if nothing else. It was funny when Little Nemo did it, but that was over a century ago!

      Shitty writing! It ruins EVERYTHING! :-(

      Also, who is the dude in the second to last pic? He looks like he’s been hit in the head with a skillet. He makes KS look thoughtful!

      • Katija says:


        Here’s what happen: Big prep for a battle scene that, if you’ve read, you know doesn’t happen, and everyone just talks it out Oprah style and then goes home. So you’re watching this movie, and suddenly, Peter Facinelli, AKA the beloved patriarch character, has been decapitated, in an actually quite masterful shot. And all of a sudden characters start dying (not our main Tiger Beat trio, but peripherals who are beloved by super fans), and you’re like… OMG, Twilight. I actually care. Wow. My heart is actually racing.

        Then cut back to twenty minutes ago. The Ashley Greene vamp *showed* the vision to Michael Sheen’s evil vamp. It was like one of those “not even once” meth ads. She says something horrendously stupid to the effect of, “Do you see what your future could be if you didn’t choose a better path?” So he goes home.

        It was a MASSIVE “screw you, we’ve already got your money!” I hate movie talkers, but I couldn’t control the volume of my “SERIOUSLY?!” (Thank God no one really expects a quiet theater during the opening weekend of a Twilight.)

  40. Tig says:

    To obvious- no intention here to disparage your taste or judgement- but the MI series got bogged down with what ails so many “series”- looking at you Soonie Stackhouse-too many characters, totally impossible plot lines, and a loss of narrative focus. I gave up on the 4th or so book of MI for just that reason. Both MI series and T’light would have been greatly improved by better editing.

    On another note- whatever happened to just writing a book? No sequels, pre-quels, etc!!

  41. MonicaQ says:

    I took my my brother who was being forcibly dragged by his girlfriend and it was the best people watching experience I’ve had in a long time. Weeping people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, terrible t-shirts, signs, even Bella contacts. It was amazing.

    Nope, didn’t see the movie though my brother described it was “Ratchet as hell and that lady can’t act.”

  42. aang says:

    Saw Lincoln instead, pretty sure that was a good choice. All I have to say about Twilight is “Anne Rice.”

  43. kay says:

    I had avoided Twlight for a long time because of the screaming teenage girls. One day I got bored and decided to see what the fuss was about. That was 2010 and I have been a Twlight fan ever since. No I don’t feel guilty, there are a lot of bad movies out there. Resident Evil anyone. Haven’t seen BD2 yet, I am waiting for my sister to come over this Thanksgiving and we will both watch it together.

  44. Ari says:

    I semi-liked the books. I semi-liked the movies. I am one of those people who watch things as background noise and this is a series that I did that with whilst editing manga. I have to say though this last part got me GOOD in the end. And I do hate twilight for making me say that.

  45. Egla says:

    All my life i had to digest Dostoyevsky (wrong writing, sorry), Tolstoi etc etc so Meyer anytime just fur fun. I read the books first but only because i heard of them by other people. than i saw the I movie. my mother was like “Oh this movie with children, one is a vampire i think”. The first was ok, II-bleah i felt as a pedophyle watching naked Taylor. III- ok,IV- ahahahhaaha no real sex enventually, V i heard no sex again so i’m gona let my 5 year old niece watch the fifth also (she saw the first 4 with me and was like-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING AUNT). But they are so light and…light. Don’t hate them pelase, if you really want some really shit story 50 Shades of G…. you will hate sex eventually.

  46. Kosmos says:

    Nope, since I don’t like Kristen Stewart anymore, I probably won’t see the film because of that. I’m also not a huge fan of the Twilight films anyway. I think they’re average as far as appeal and acting, but if you’re a fan, I can understand. Since I think KS is a bit of a spoiled child, I now refuse to see them.

  47. Morgan says:

    I went to see it to finish out the series. Twilight was so-so, it had its moments, New Moon had potential with a good director but the scripts have been awful. Robert Pattinson is the one that drove those movies. And no I’m not a Rob girl.

  48. Betty b says:

    Who knew :-) ? *Twilight* is a great conversation piece for those who Love the movies and the books and those who Hate them…and those who have no clue. *Perfect :-)

  49. aquarius64 says:

    Made 141 million but still didn’t beat the top one, New Moon. As the last movie it should have had a higher take. The last Harry Potter and the last Star Wars (Revenge of the Sith) has higher takes – 35% higher. The Robsten is Unbroken campaign help staunch any potential bleeding at the box office, but you know Summit execs are grumbling now saying BD2 would have had bigger numbers if Kristen didn’t go Mini-Coopering with married Rupert.

    • Ann says:

      Actually, Summitt was projecting in the $130 mil range, so they’ll be quite happy with the opening weekend. New Moon was at the height of Twilight mania; the books were all still on the best seller list. They only missed beating it by $1 mil, so that’s a win for them. And you can’t truly compare the two until the total run is complete.

    • Ann says:

      Actually, Summit was projecting in the $130 mil range, so they’ll be quite happy with the opening weekend. New Moon was at the height of Twilight mania; the books were all still on the best seller list. They only missed beating it by $1 mil, so that’s a win for them. And you can’t truly compare the two until the total run is complete.

  50. lisa2 says:

    Sorry if this is already posted

    but I don’t see the deal. It seems to me they had the exact same numbers. That they really have not added any new fans of the series. I have to admit I have never seen any of the films. Just could not get into them. But anyone with a brain knew that the fans would see the film. Most of them more then once. But outside the fanbase is the film really winning over new fans/viewers. I don’t know anyone that is not a fan wanting to see the film.

    and again the test for Rob/Kristen and all of them will be what will they be outside the film series. Taylor was not successful on his outing, and neither Rob or Kristen have either. Not counting SWATH.. but their next films will show the fans will follow them in mass. I’m not sure they will.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Yes Rob, Kristen and Taylor face the acid test: can they have careers after Twilight? From what I’ve read Rob will be the one with the career according to experts. Kristen and Taylor made some dumb choices that have dinged them professionally and they both have to seriously have to grow up if they want to move past Twilight.

  51. MJsinAustin says:

    You know you ALL secretly read the books, saw the movies and wanted to bang edward. lol. dont be ashamed – its a fairy tale – stop taking yourselves so seriously. You dont have to read hemingway 24/7

  52. MJsinAustin says:

    I will say, I was disappointed the decapitation of various Cullens was all a vision. The should have offed a few of em.