Jesse James engaged for 5th time after 2 months of dating: what could go wrong?

Jesse James has been married and divorced three times. He’s been exposed as a serial cheater on both his famous Oscar-winning ex wife, and his less famous, tattoo-artist fiance, but he’s not giving up on true love! James is engaged to his latest girlfriend, a drag racer named Alexis Dejoria who also happens to be the daughter of Paul Mitchell haircare founder John Paul DeJoria, meaning she’s rich, bitch! The first mention I can find of these two together is in a late October article in Radar saying they’ve been together a month at that point. That means they’ve been dating about two months and are already engaged.

Hollyscoop broke this story about a week ago, but this is the first I’m reading it. I find it mildly interesting and thought you might too:

Following his high profile breakups with the likes of Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D, Jesse James has set his sights on a lesser-known vixen: drag racer Alexis DeJoria. And it turns out the couple has wedding bells in their near future.

Hollyscoop has learned exclusively that James and DeJoria are engaged. Insiders from the drag racing circuit confirm the news.

This will be Jesse’s fourth marriage, and fifth engagement, and, no…we are not making up those numbers.

Along with Bullock, women that Jesse has been tied to via wedlock include both Karla James and adult actress Janine Lindemulder. Also, the West Coast Choppers CEO has three children between the latter two women.

If you’re not familiar with the name “Alexis DeJoria,” it’s probably because you’re spending more time watching E! news, rather than Spike TV. But, other than racing very fast cars, Alexis is also the daughter of John Paul DeJoria, aka the co-founder of hair care giant Paul Mitchell.

[From Hollyscoop]

Well maybe he just gave her a promise ring but it’s not official or something. I checked both of their Twitter accounts, and they have been tweeting each other and tweeting photos of themselves together. They didn’t deny an engagement, and James tweeted the photo above less than a day ago. You can’t see Alexis’ ring finger, but in a photo he tweeted two weeks ago she’s wearing what looks like an engagement ring so this is probably true. Also, Jesse has a Tumblr account. It’s called But Pee. I’m not kidding. (I have to say that he has the cutest pit bulls. I love that breed so much. It humanizes James a little for me, but not much.)

I guess there’s an unlimited supply of women who refuse to believe anything negative about the douche they’re dating. Will Alexis ever wise up? She retweeting stuff likeBelieve none of what you HEAR, and believe only half of what you see because Looks are deceiving. THAT IS OPEN MINDED.” No, that’s naive and delusional when you’re dealing with someone with such a well documented history of screwing women over, and who admits and justifies their bad behavior repeatedly. Good luck!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    This chick clearly doesn’t own a teevee.

  2. atorontogal says:

    Who are these idiot women who think they will be the one he will be faithful to?

  3. truthful says:

    he would find an heiress, his type always does, smdh.

    Can an heiress have low self esteem and be desperate??? YUP

  4. Blue says:

    But she can change him, he’s really not like what people say, they don’t know him like she does etc. I really wonder what BS he is feeding her. I really don’t know why women, especially women who have so much settle for douchey guys. It’s not like she’s sticking around because they have been together forever and she needs him to survive. I doubt they will marry but if they do, she better have an amazing pre nup.

  5. OhDear says:

    How does he manage to snag so many women? The guy’s … not relationship material (to put it lightly) and seems more and more like a golddigger to boot.

  6. Chatcat says:

    Wow…what a catch! Catch a disease that is. I-hate-dumb-people!

  7. ms. heart says:

    Oh dear God, she looks exactly like her father. not an attractive woman, betcha she is gonna stick around.

  8. Stuart Horsely says:

    Ewwwwwww. Times ten.

  9. Madpoe says:

    a promise ring? an engagement ring?
    What the hell can this man promise or engage in other than cheating on the woman he’s with? Maybe any ring from him is a gift to soften the blow. Call it I-warned-you-I-was-no good ring.

    • TrollyDolly says:

      Maybe he’s really good in bed? I’d hazard a guess those SS uniforms were used as a prop for some kinky carry-on (and Sandra B. knew ALL about it too)
      He was married to a very famous “adult entertainment star” so no doubt picked up some techniques along the way.

  10. Roma says:

    I cannot stop looking at his tumblr and I have no idea why. But so far, I’ve discovered she enjoys shooting guns with him…

  11. Chickie Baby says:

    I think your question should really be: What couldn’t go wrong with such a love match? It’s perfect! It’s kismet!

    It’s a really dumb idea, is what it is.

    But then again, without the Bucket Heads of the world, we wouldn’t get nearly as much entertainment from this site.

  12. Cathy says:

    LOLOLOLOL…she better have a iron clad prenup in place before they marry, or else he’ll take her to the cleaners when they divorce.

  13. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m glad Sandra got rid of him….
    Elizabeth Taylor was married 5 times (??), but she’s on a far grander scale than Jesse, and people liked her – I know I did.
    Maybe Jesse found her on since in person he’s such a creep.

  14. Theresa says:

    James is probably quite charming, the bad boy that some women are drawn to, in fact the more negative things said about him, the more he can ply a new woman with the “misunderstood” schpiel.

    Some women want to be fooled, they love the idea of turning a bad boy good, like it makes them more special than other women. She and James appear to have a lot in common, so in each other’s minds they probably seem like the perfect match.

    I say live and let live. If it goes south everyone can say told you so, if you like. If they end up happy, well, what’s so bad about that?

  15. roxy750 says:

    I look at him and I see STD’s (All and/or some). I mean, I hope these women who are with him realize his past and who he screwed and who they screwed. Ick, again, not for all the money in the world.

  16. DreamyK says:

    Why would a serial cheater keep insisting on getting engaged?

    Dude is WHACK. If she signs up for that rodeo, she deserves every single thing coming along with it.

  17. LouLou says:

    Okay, lady, that’s fine to have an open mind, but what’s the rush??? It’s like these dimwit girls feel they are so superior because they “get” him in a way the other ladies haven’t. Barf. She’s going to “get” the same treatment they all get.

    Also, he has a type, clearly. Rat von D, that Bombshell McVomit, and this gal look similar.

  18. ZigZagZoey says:

    I truly belive that JJ is one of the MOST INSECURE people on this planet.
    LMAO ~ Even my husband hates him and thinks he is the biggest douche around.

    And I guess that would make this chick one of the biggest idiots on the planet. WHY would anyone ever marry him?

  19. Kim says:

    It’s easy to say these women are all stupid, and maybe some of them are, but I actually feel really bad for whoever this creep inflicts himself upon.

    Realtalk: I’m pretty sure I just spent several months of my life pining over a guy who’s exactly the same way, and I didn’t realize it until I sat him down and got some answers. He lovebombs in such a way that even a smart woman thinks “there’s no way this isn’t for real,” but none of it is, and he’s actually probably a psychopath. No one wants to believe they have feelings for someone like that. It’s amazing the excuses you can make, and it’s scary (and sad) when you see that person for who they really are.

  20. Bobo McFadden says:

    Her Dad is also behind Patron tequila and worth about 4 BILLION, which she is the heir to. As long as Jesse plays nice, he will be set for life.

  21. Kosmos says:

    Gee, how lucky can one girl get? What a total catch…scary but true