Brad Pitt covers People Mag, refers to Angelina Jolie as ‘Mama’: hot or try-hard?

It’s hilarious to me that People Magazine used this nearly year-old photo of Brad Pitt for this week’s cover! On Monday night, Brad attended the NYC premiere of Killing Them Softly, so it’s not like People didn’t have completely new pics to choose from. Instead, they went with a W Magazine photo from the February 2012 issue. To honor People’s choice, I’m including more shots from the old W Magazine shoot, just because. I love “Heartthrob Brad”. He turns 49 years old in a few weeks, and he’s still capable of pulling the “Legends of the Fall” Card. Anyway, here’s more of Brad’s People Mag interview:

Thinking back over 2012, Brad Pitt acknowledges it’s been a big year for his “familia” since proposing to Angelina Jolie – whom he affectionately calls “Mama” – last April.

“It’s been a family type of year, a down-home type of year,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Mama’s worked more. And quite frankly I’ve really enjoyed it.”

The actor, whose Mob drama, Killing Them Softly, hits theaters Friday, chatted with PEOPLE between bites of his dinner with 4-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, at their rental home outside of London. While he stopped short of confirming a wedding date, he did reveal what the couple have in mind for their big day: “Just family,” Pitt says. “Keep it simple. Keep it simple – really.”

For now, the actor is looking forward to being reunited with the rest of his brood – Maddox, 11, Pax, 9, Zahara, 7, and Shiloh, 6 – who were in Cambodia working on the family’s foundation with Jolie.

Has fatherhood made him a better man? “Absolutely,” Pitt says. Being a dad “takes you right off yourself.”

As for turning 50 next year, the actor insists he’s taking it all in stride. “This is what I think about: ‘Okay, you’re way over the mid-point [of your life]. You don’t know how much time you have left,’ ” Pitt says. “I want to enjoy this year more than ever.”

[From People]

So much wonderfulness in one short interview. Brad calls Angelina “Mama”? Amazing! Mama Jolie. Does she call him “Daddy”? That just made me kind of hot. I know, I know, it’s about their kids. But I bet she calls him “Daddy” in other areas too.

Brad also has a new interview with Good Morning America, although we don’t have any video from that (yet). Here are some selected quotes from his GMA piece:

For actor Brad Pitt, life changed completely when he had children.

“It turns everything on its head,” Pitt said in an interview with ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas that aired today on “Good Morning America.” “I love it. I love it.”

Pitt, 48, and actress Angelina Jolie, 37, have six children. Ensuring a sense of normalcy for their brood — Maddox, 11, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, 6, and 4-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne — is very important to the recently engaged pair.

Asked what city the family called home, Pitt said they had several “base camps.” They spend a great deal of their time in New Orleans, but Pitt said they also have a home in Los Angeles because he and Jolie work a lot there, and they’re trying to establish another base in Europe, primarily for their children.

“They get more sense of normalcy there. We’re not as hounded at certain places there,” he said, speaking of the media attention on his famous family. “France, especially. They have rules about … photographing kids. And I think they’re more sensitive to it after the Diana incident,” he said, referring to the strict regulations governing paparazzi in France after Princess Diana was killed in 1997 in Paris, the victim of a high-speed car crash as her driver attempted to elude photographers.

Pitt also said the French “think they’re as cool as anyone else,” and allowed his family members to get on with their day. “We’re not being bothered” there, he said.

The actor turns 49 next month, and he’s already thinking ahead to the big 5-0.

“I’ve given a lot of thought to it,” he said. “You become very aware of time. I think also being a father, you become very — everything’s time allocation for me now … spending my time wisely and doing the things that are important to me.”

[From ABC News]

Apparently, Brad didn’t get the memo about Duchess Kate’s Crumpet-gate, which went down in France. But yes, the French (and to a lesser degree, the Brits) have rules and laws and editorial policies in place so that celebrity children aren’t as photographed. Whatever, dude. Brad and Angie will let their kids be seen at certain times because it helps their agendas too – just like every other celebrity parent.

Photos courtesy of W Magazine, cover courtesy of People Magazine.

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  1. Jessica6 says:

    Am I alone in thinking this guy has always been very overrated? I just never saw the appeal of him from word go – both acting and looks wise. He just never did it for me.

    It’s the same for me with that other overrated douche grease ball, John Hamm. Ugh.

    • Chatcat says:

      Your not alone. Brad Pitt = yawn for me…always has always will. The only reason I posted is to agree with you! :)

      Oh and same with Hamm. Now just don’t go after my Fassdong and we’ll be good!

    • LeslieM says:

      I agree completely! He was “Wow” in Thelma and Louis and after that dry as a bone! I am bored to death when he’s on screen. I can’t think of a worse actor.

    • Val says:

      Same here.
      I can tell he’s a good looking guy, but he’s just very ordinary and meh to me…

    • Caroline says:

      AGREED (except Jon Hamm)! Everything about Pitt gives me the skeeves … what I don’t get is the housewives who don’t realize what he is SELLING to them: I’ll tease about my “wedding” because I have a film to sell.

      Does anyone else find it ironic he is so “protective” of having his kids photographed in this country when he and his baby mama trot them out like some sort of catnip every time they have a movie to sell? he is the worst kind of hypocrite, and the farthest thing from hot. Ick.

    • Ranunculus says:

      Terribly overrated indeed. He is a dumb and boring pretty boy, nothing more. And on top of that he is a bad actor. How the hell he got to be an A Lister is completely beyond me.

    • Ann says:

      Agree. He never did anything for me either. Didn’t care about him when he was with Jen. Disliked the way he dumped her for Angelina. Doesn’t do anything for me now.

      And that Chanel ad is now burned into my brain. It was so pretentious and douchey. I just can’t find him remotely attractive.

      I do think he’s become a good actor over the years. He really wasn’t early on.

      • holly hobby says:

        He is not aging well. I think he will look like Bob Redford in a few years (melted candle).

        He has never done anything for me either. Very overrated. When he started dating Jenn A. I actually groaned because up until that point, he was a serial dater and I thought it would not end well. I was right, give or take 5 years.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Holly Hobby, who wrote: “When he started dating Jenn A. I actually groaned because up until that point, he was a serial dater and I thought it would not end well. I was right, give or take 5 years.”

        Man you guys really do wear rose colored glasses where Jen Aniston is concerned, don’t you? Brad got together with Jen on a rebound from his long-term relationship with Gwyneth Palthrow, to whom he was engaged. How is that ‘serial dating?’

        Just saying random stuff doesn’t make it true, especially when it is so easy to check facts.

      • Lana says:

        He didn’t dump Jen for Angelina. Brad and Jen split months before that. And are you going to dislike Jen for how she homewrecked and stole Justin? Be fair.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Just because someone is a “housewife” doesn’t mean they’re without a brain….
      I think it’s hot that he calls her mama. I can think of two couples I know; one who has been married for 50+ years, who call their woman, “Mama”, and I think it’s cute and hot; I don’t think he’s using that to be noticed. I think he’s called her that before. I don’t think he walks on water or is the hottest thing on the planet, but I do think he’s talented, a good guy and a good dad.

      • Molly says:

        Wish he’d call me “Mama” sigh….

      • jk says:

        I like Pitt and Angie, I never cared much for Anniston it is always the same crappy movies she makes. My brother who was hot called my SIL Momma and I don’t think he meant it as Mommy either lOL Too sad that all the bitter women in here are still believing that BS that he dumped that “virgin Jen”for Angie lol..The crap they spew about AJ is a joke. SHe has an eating disorder, she does heroin and on and on. Meanwhile Jen banged all of her leading men and some other nasty things but she is a saint lol even after she was banging the gnome she is with now while he was living with his fiance of 13 years LOL Brad was a pretty boy once but he has aged nicely and has more of a rugged look almost alot like robert redford. It doesn’t really matter if the bitter Bettys in here don;t like him I can damn well bet and win too, that they have no looks at all like AJ and no body like hers and they are eating big macs with diet cokes and their husbands want the light off if they are naked lol..Have fun ladies chew away on you doggie bones.

    • Heather says:

      No! Have you seen Inglorious Basterds? He’s hilarious!

    • JPC says:

      100% overrated. I didn’t even squee over him in Thelma & Louise…he was too pretty. (I was, however, swooning over Michael Madsen.) I wouldn’t with Brad Pitt if he offered me $1000. Gross.

    • Bowers says:

      Not alone. He’s not an architect; he’s not a philosopher; he’s not clear when he’s talking;and he’s an ok actor.

    • lucy2 says:

      I kind of agree – I don’t think he’s a bad actor or anything, and he has had some good roles, but I see him more as sort of a mid-level talent with A-list fame. There’s a lot of actors I find more interesting and talented.

    • bns says:

      You’re not alone. He annoys the crap out of me. Unattractive and an overrated actor whose thirst for a Best Actor Oscar is embarrassing. Angelina could do so much better.

    • cs says:

      Are You kidding me? Brad Pitt is the only actor in my NYC office that Black, Hispanic and Asian women think is Hawt..I’ve heard more Black women raved over him more so than Denzel.. They say he’s the only white actor that actually has lips and an A**.

    • Miss M says:

      I agree too! Never got his appeal and I don’t think he is a talented actor either.

      An overrated try-hard.

  2. Esmom says:

    Ick on “Mama.” But I agree “Daddy” is kinda hot. Lol.

    He may not be the brightest bulb but you can tell he’s a great dad and head over heels over his kids. Very sweet.

    And while I didn’t love the W photos at the time, I like the People cover shot. Especially after seeing how he looked the other night at his premiere. Good choice, People.

    • Jennipurrr says:

      LMAO at the second-to-last picture: wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

      He’s not my preferred look but he could definitely eat crackers in my bed. PLUS, he’s hilarious and that ups his appeal in my books. Totally blocking the lame Chanel ad.

  3. mln76 says:

    Love it!

    But I can’t help but think it must really piss Halle off that she can’t the cover of People or Us Weekly (haven’t seen the others yet) Why is it when real gossip goes down it always gets the sidebar?

  4. littlestar says:

    49 or not, he can eat crackers in my bed anyday. Love the picture of him doing exactly that, even though he has a slightly stunned look on his face haha.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Absolutely! One of my forever dongs, for sure. I never saw T & L, but have loved Brad in everything else~Fight Club and Snatch, come ON-he should have won an Oscar for one of those! Legends of the Fall~Seven~so many memorable roles.

      • Anon says:

        Love all of those movies too. Really there isn’t much about his career I don’t like. He has no problem being ugly, crazy, cool, off-kilter, a jerk, etc.

        But my husband always likes to say that he can see Brad laughing in Troy because the movie is so bad. Of course, that’s the movie Brad shows his bum…so it has it’s redeeming qualities. ;)

      • Esmom says:

        “Forever dong.” Yes, for me, too. When I was pregnant, I slept with a long body pillow. My husband called it Brad Pitt, always with a tinge of resentment in his voice.

  5. True Dat.... says:

    He looks good.
    I like Brad.
    Unlike some peers, he’s not and has never been the eternal frat boy and does not seem to be going through a mid lfe crisis.

    • flan says:

      Yeah, good point. At least he does not drive around with a blow up doll like Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Johnny Depp.

      Google it and you’ll think you’re back in fratboy land.

      • jinni says:

        Hunter’s been dead for seven years and that picture was from at least over 10 years ago, you act like it was a couple of months ago. While Tarentino has talked about rolling/smoking joints with Brad at Brad’s home as recently as a couple of years ago (2008 I think). Some people could say still smoking weed after becoming a parent is rather college/frat boyish behavior.

      • Anon says:

        Well, Johnny Depp’s movie about Hunter was on HBO a couple of days ago…so that’s probably why the reference came up. And a couple of docs about Hunter have been on tv within the last few months.

        So I guess, based on your criteria, that makes your Tarantino reference old news.

        Of course, maybe just maybe, both references are ok, considering this is a gossip site.

        Oh and smoking a joint compared to suitcases of drugs or hanging with junkies isn’t really in the same ballpark of frat boy behaviors.

      • jinni says:

        @Anon: Both aren’t/weren’t perfect and are guilty of drug use/questionable behavior, was my point. Besides, do you really think that Brad hasn’t hung out with junkies? He’s been in Hollywood for about 20 years I’m sure he’s been friends with plenty of drug users in his life as well as done harder drugs than weed. The only difference is the Hunter, being a fringe/anti-establishment writer, could be more open about his drug use and junkie friends than an actor who’s reputation/image is that of an All-American Golden Boy and now family man.

  6. Ming says:

    OMG at that “When I think about world peace, I eat my crackers like this” photo.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    him and Angie strick me as just weirdos
    I can’t place my finger on exactly what it is but they are just odd ducks

  8. Harpreet says:

    I wish everyone would realize how good Brad is at the PR game, I mean, his movie is coming out, and all of a sudden he talks to People, proclaims he’ll marry Ange soon, etc. You never see this with other actors like Tom Hanks or Denzel.

  9. kinda hot says:

    Brad’s called Angie “Mommy” or “Mama” many times over the years, so it’s not part of the KTS promo- you are always looking for the worst with him & Angie- so sad! My husband uses “Mommy” when the kids are around, i.e., “what did Mommy say…” or “where’s Mommy?”- with so many kids, Brad & Angie probably do the same thing. I can HARDLY EVER recall my own Mom or Dad using 1st names with each other or us- “go ask your Mother!”. I think Brad saying it is hot, bc I think pretty much anything Brad & Angie do is really hot!!

  10. Ann says:

    I would smack my husband upside the head if he called me Mama or Mother to my face or while talking about me to anyone other than the kids. It sounds like something from the 50′s, like on Leave it to Beaver or something. Ick, ick, ick. NOT hot.

  11. Thiajoka says:

    Yuck for either calling the other Mama or Daddy–it’s so freakishly weird. When I was a kid and my parents were still married, I never heard my father call my mother by her name at all and I used to wonder if he knew her name. They’ve been divorced since I was in my mid-twenties (I’m now 49) and he still refers to her as “Mama”–so, double-freaking-weird.

  12. kinda hot says:

    Daddy :) & I are DEFINITELY seeing this movie on Saturday- I think he’s more excited than me about it!

  13. Jen says:

    I would beat my husband if he ever called me “mama” when not talking to my son. ;)

  14. RobN says:

    Drags out girlfriend and the kids to promote a new movie. Classy.

    He won’t know what to talk about next time he releases a movie if they ever actually do get married.

    Crackers in bed picture? Stupidest ever.

  15. jacquie109 says:

    Personally I think its cute. I always thought it was weird when my parents or grandparents used their names.

  16. aston martin says:

    I like it when Jay-Z or, back in the day, Tupac, called their ladies “mama” in their tunes. I guess a lot of singers do that, actually, and I looooove it in that context.

    I like what you posted of this article, Kaiser. He is so damn likeable, raggedy aged or not. And he and Ang together still seem smokin hot to me together, even after all those kids. Anyone remember this shot from Angie’s Vogue spread a long time ago? HOT HOT HOT

  17. Wilma says:

    I’m getting tired off the gushing about fatherhood. Dude, you’ve had kids for a while now, please don’t act as if they’ve just been born and everything is new to you.

    Love Angie, always felt she’s way too cool for Brad.

  18. EmmaV1 says:

    Mhmm AJ seems to be the only one for the past 6 years who doesn’t talk about marriage, pregnancy, brad and Jen do during promotions.

    I think the mama word usage is totally fine….my dad says that a lot

  19. jinni says:

    I don’t see what’s so creepy about calling the mother of your children Mama; it’s sign of affection. In Latin cultures calling someone by these titles is normal (ex. papi chulo, mamacita, etc.) Besides is it any creepier than calling your significant other your “baby”? So many popular songs use the word “baby” to indicate the person that they love/are in love with, doesn’t mean their attracted to real babies. Just like people who use “Mama” and “Daddy” don’t necessarily think of the that person in a paternal sense. It’s just a term of endearment.

    • Samigirl says:

      I feel the same way. My husband doesn’t exclusively call me “mommy,” nor do I exclusively refer to him as “daddy,” but we do call each other that in public and in private. It’s something we started for the kids, (bc we don’t want them calling us by our first names) and not something we can just shut off, ya know? I don’t think it’s “freakishly weird,” or anything like that. Of course, I’m in the South, and we do things a little more differently. To each their own.

  20. Sandy says:

    My Japanese in-laws always refer to each other as Mama and Papa, I think it’s very common here in reference to the stage of life that person has achieved. Perhaps in private they use each others’ first names but I doubt it. For many cultures such terms are common, perhaps less so in North America. However, I don’t see it happening with myself and my husband. To each their own, if the parties involved don’t mind then who cares?

  21. Hello there says:

    Why on earth am I not able to believe that they are a real couple??!!! It upsets me so much, everything would be easier if I could!

  22. Amy C says:

    Calling eachother mama/mommy and dada/daddy/pappy is a kind of hot for couple especially the ones who has kids. I personally think Brad is the hottest guy. Mostly looks are overrated I go by the guy overall apea. His overall thing is what makes him yummy/ sexy and that is what Brad is. There just is something about Brad that is rare. He looks great in these photos . Luv him. :D

  23. Madriani's Girl says:

    Ugh. He is so not hot. Those squinty eyes, the grey beard, the long and greasy hair. The fact that he bangs The Leg. Blech.

  24. judyjudy says:

    HOT. I gasp anytime I see him on screen. He just does it for me.

  25. Sweet Dee says:

    Is it bad that when it’s a Brad post I skim through all the words as fast as possible and just stare at the pictures?

    MMMM feed me the saltines, Brad. And then I shall be your dong puppet.

  26. Yumm says:

    Always was hot, will probably always be hot. First several posters, wth is wrong with your vision? Probably a buncha JenniLoonies.

  27. Josephina says:

    Brad is still hot.
    Brad looks yummy in these pictures.
    Brad still has his swagger.
    Brad just has very good genes. We have seen him with all kinds of hair cuts with different hair color. He looks good in EVERY form. It’s the genes, baby.
    Brad is still sexy and it doesn’t take much movement.
    Brad calls his woman “Mama.” Imagine his voice as he says it. Swwoon!!!
    Oh yeah, I got it bad for Brad!

  28. Happy21 says:

    I have always loved him and I love him more now that he is a father and is aging accordingly. He is a hot, hot, man! I don’t see all of his movies but those I do, I usually enjoy :)

  29. spinner says:

    Not hot to me at all. He just seems so contrived & totally empty — blank even.
    He calls her Mama?? Baby Mama??

  30. Starlight says:

    I want a prequel of “The Legend of the Falls”. The Chanel ad is better. He does not look misplaced anymore.

  31. blonde on the dock says:

    This cover reminds me of the one that Jennifer Aniston was slammed for. What was it? Five Years after Brad and Loving it or something. He’s done some really good work but he’s not above playing the game. I watched the video where he was asked about the wedding. I thought he appeared to be sooo uncomfortable answering the question. Perhaps because it’s a publicity stunt only???

    • spinner says:

      I think a lot of people are wondering if it is a stunt. I love the title Angie, our kids & the wedding — but he knows nothing about the wedding as to when or where or even why?? Then why splash it on the cover?

    • tyh says:

      You and Spinner are permanently stuck in B&A posts. You two post more then the fans!

      Publicity stunt??? Is that what helps you sleep at night? A marriage will not get him more roles or make his movies more money. Ugh.

      Your face when they get married will be pure horror.

      You would think after 8 years, you all would stop being so bitter.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Relax. I’m only stating my opinion. If you dont agree with it that’s fine by me. Have enough confidence in your own opinion without attacking someone else for theirs. And frankly I could give a rat’s ass if they ever got married. This is entertainment for me. When I start becoming emotional over these ppl time for the couch. What makes them any different from other HW ppl? Because they donate? So do others…..on the same level if not more.

    • Janet says:

      Are you two still at it?!

      Good lord, you and your alter ego need to repeat to yourselves 5,000 times or until it finally sinks in, whichever comes first:

      “My name is not Jennifer Aniston”
      “The man who dumped me is not named Brad Pitt”
      “The woman he dumped me for is not named Angelina Jolie”

      • spinner says:

        Oh, just stop it. You’re always whining & whinging about ancient history. Poor thing — just can’t let it go. Face facts…not everybody worships your idols.

      • Janet says:

        @spinner: Honey, you’re the one whining about ancient history, not me. You still can’t accept that he dumped whats-her-face and is happy with Angie and the kids. Why should you mind so much anyway? It wasn’t your marriage and it wasn’t your divorce.

      • Sal says:

        Why do you comment on these stories spinner? It seems like you are so obsessed with 2005 and can’t move past ancient history yourself, or else you’d leave them alone and stop posting here. Why would you post on Jolie and Pitt articles unless it was to stir up trouble? Vindictive? Why don’t you just stay out of JP posts?

  32. Lmao says:

    I don’t believe his good daddy image. Angelina and the kids have not even been with him a lot this year. He says she worked a lot more. Wrong! She made one movie to his 3. He is a liar and full of botox. :-)

  33. Fallon says:

    I never found him attractive until he started aging. Now he’s just DELICIOUS. But I don’t think much of his acting. I prefer him as a person, if that makes sense.

  34. gennline says:

    Minivan America will probably be shocked by’Killing them Softly’ it is not a hearthrob film. It is not kind to America.
    You have to love dirty,bloody,violent crime stories.
    The People magazine cover probably has more to do with the owners keeping in with him in case there is a chance of a wedding picture.

  35. Sandy says:

    He’s sexier to me now than earlier, when he was just a pretty boy. A man who adores his family and his baby mama is hot! I like that he called her mama…. He is from the south originally after all. I love e film choices he’s been making and love that he’s so cooly confident without being obnoxiously macho about it. Hot, hot hot!!!

  36. Esmom says:

    I just realized, shouldn’t this week’s cover been of Larry Hagman? Geez. They could have used Brad’s recycled photo next week but Hagman’s death was actual news. And he just got a small square. Boo. At least the entertainment shows went through the motions and gave him decent tributes.

  37. JoanneBanane says:

    Please. They haven’t had sex in years. It’s textbook staying together for the kids and our long gone careers. And from his greasy face and hair, could you blame her?

  38. mk yarwood says:

    My husband calls me ‘mama’ sometimes. I like it ‘cos it’s usually if we’re seeing each other for the first time after a busy day. Kinda funny, kind of cute.

  39. Lisa says:

    It is funny and scary how up in arms people get just because he calls her mama!!! He has refereed to her as this many times in the past.

    I think it is sweet.

    • Stephie says:

      Sweet? She is not his “mama”! It wreaks of hillbilly and is so classless, I can’t even begin to comprehend anyone calling their wife/significant other “mama”…..

      I saw him on GMA this morning and I have to say, he looked awful. What happened to the gorgeous Brad Pitt of Legends of the Fall? Yes he has aged, and not well, but there was no excuse for the greasy, disheveled hair, and wrinkled clothing! None!!!

      So, I will continue to call him, “Pittiful”, because he is. And I pity his children… Base Camps? Please!!

  40. Quinn says:

    Yeah, well..that’s what he called Juliet Lewis’ character in Kalifornia. When he played a deranged hillbilly killer. That seems about right.

  41. Alexa says:

    Never understood what was so hot about him. He doesn’t do it for me . . . AT ALL! And he seems like he believes he’s really hot too. None for me, thanks.

  42. leya says:

    Mama…not hot…thats weird and ew…I just hate when people have names like that for each other. And Brad Pitt is not hot and this family is overrated

  43. MonsV82 says:

    Wish I could call her “Mama” and I’m a woman!

  44. Joanna says:

    HE IS SO F*CKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  45. lisa2 says:

    I love Brad.. and yes the man to me is ALWAYS and timeless..

    I have to say I find the cover so funny in a way when you consider last weeks cover was Channing T as the Sexiest Man alive. And that People actually had him dressed like an old picture of Brad..

    Like him or not this would have made a great cover for that last week issue.

    I’m posting for the fans; other can skip. I saw this in his interview in
    USA Today

    And what about the obsession with crayons or markers? Yes, Pitt’s been there.

    I love cute stories about kids. My siblings and I did a similar thing.. I think our parents were too angry to even talk, much less do anything..

    “Oh man. One of them ended up with a Sharpie. I walked into our room and am washing my hands in the bathroom. I look over. What’s that on the sink? I trace a line across the wall, across the shades, the bathtub, into the bedroom, along the wall, up over the bed. Someone had covered the entire place and ended in big scribbling at the end,” he says, not naming the culprit. “It was a she. It was two shes. One inspired the other to keep going.”

    (I see Shiloh and Viv/ or Zee and/Viv)

    I think it was cute.

  46. Catty says:

    Funny how nobody is commenting on how long it has been since Brad & Angie have been seen together. Why hasn’t she done a red carpet with him since the Oscar debacle?? And so funny how he never mentions her name in interviews – now she is “mama” – please. How long are they going to drag out this “wedding” when nobody cares. Three marriages between them and 6 kids and people should be excited that he is finally going to marry her?? He should have done it a long time ago but he doesn’t want to – that is obvious. They are over – it’s so apparent to anyone with half a brain – that excludes you loons.

  47. floridaseaturtle says:

    Really? In any other relationship, any of us caling each other mom, momma, daddy, is so completly normal. For gosh sakes let’s hope that he has enough respect and that endearing affection to call her something like that. Shoot, that is her title after all. And his is ‘daddy’, they say it all day long in their house ..duh. I call my husband daddy all the time without realizing it probably. Actually, I have worked with my husband at the same company more than once (different companies), been totally so appropriate at work that people still to this day do not realize that we are married unless I connect the dots for them. But I still refer to my husband as daddy in casual conversations without even thinking twice. Intelligent people understand the difference. It is like wearing two hats in business, it is easy to do if you are professional and not a tramp or an idiot. Anyway, IMO, it was a smart move on his part that they went ahead and moved far away when he and JA broke up, because no one was going for that back then, or even now so much. I remember I was upset for some reason, but I got over it. Because .. sometimes when we marry for the first time, although it looks and feels sweet, it just doesn’t work out. It just is..that..way. Stop being mad. (and yeah, not so sure if he calls her momma “those” times, not so sexy. I don’t call my hubby daddy then just doesn’t come up, duh).

  48. Zoe says:

    He needs to cut his lame hair. His hair style is so dad rock. Him an johnny Depp both.

  49. Lana says:

    I’m lukewarm on ‘mama’ but my dad has always called my mom, mom.

  50. loudval says:

    mmm Tristan. I go back and rewatch Legends about once a year… this photoshoot keeps it real. I like him and Angie together. They’re not perfect, but who is? I appreciate that they choose to trott out the kids like other celebs do, but I think it’s within reason. The dimple parade annoy me, but I don’t like either of their parents so that’s another situation. I may not be a loonie, but I do love BrAngie’s kids. Empress Z is too cool. I can’t wait til they grow up.

  51. darkladi says:

    I would slam into him at a 100mph