Eva Mendes takes Ryan Gosling’s poor Mohawk’d dog George to the vet

Here are some photos of Eva Mendes out and about with Ryan Gosling’s poor, Mohawk’d dog George on Saturday. According to Fame/Flynet, Eva took George to a Westwood animal hospital for a check up. I just have to say… my dog isn’t nearly as well-behaved as poor George. When exiting the vet’s office, my dog acts like he was just released from prison, and he wants to investigate EVERYTHING. He goes around sniffing everything, marking his territory like a gangster, and he suddenly has an overabundance of energy. Of course, my dog probably wouldn’t let me give him a Mohawk either. So… George is mostly a good dog. And it’s nice to know that Eva has access to leashes, considering she seems to half-choke HER dog when she takes him out.

Eva and Ryan are still together, obviously. Ryan is in LA right now too – he and Eva were spotted out separately on Thursday, spending time with friends. Days earlier, however, they were in Brooklyn and that’s where they chanced upon a newborn baby and Ryan turned on the baby-making charm:

On Nov. 26, Eva and Ryan were spotted on a flirty date at Pies N’ Thighs restaurant in Brooklyn — and fawning over the owner’s two-week baby girl!

Ryan ”held the baby and patted him while talking with pals,” an onlooker told Life & Style magazine.

“He was a natural! He and Eva took turns holding the little one,” the source added. “It was so sweet to watch!”

Even if Eva and Ryan aren’t having any of their own kids any time soon, it sounds like they’ll be amazing parents! Just one more reason Ryan could be the most perfect man alive.

[From Hollywood Life]

I don’t doubt that Ryan would be a good father. I do have my doubts about Eva, but we’ll see. And I am thinking that if Eva is ever going to try to get pregnant, it will be with Ryan and it will be soon, if not right now. Yeah… I don’t really get it either. They still seem like such an odd couple to me. But maybe it works for them. Sorry, Hey Girls.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lilred says:

    Sorry Hey Girls, but they would make beautiful babies.

  2. Victoria1 says:

    What is she wearing?? Pajama pants with booties??? If she plans on getting knocked up that is not the conception enticing outfit

  3. marie says:

    I see pictures of her and 85% of the time I think “WTF is she wearing”

    I don’t care if they make babies together, I just hope she’s not in charge of dressing them..

  4. Julie says:

    Is that the dog he got when he was dating Kirsten Dunst? I don’t know why I remember that.

  5. Claudia says:

    What the hell happened to her sense of style? Ever since she started dating Gosling, her wardrobe has suddenly taken on a ‘my-grandma’s-1960s-curtains’ vibe. Please, no more!!!

  6. goodquestion says:

    I would like to see one picture of Eva and George where she is looking at him, or paying an ounce of attention to him. She never seems to have any affection for him.

  7. emmie_a says:

    Does she have extensions? Look how long it is!

  8. Apples says:

    Her outfit… is again really bad. Is that purse from the 80′s?!
    I guess I could say that her sunglasses are cute and look good on her.

  9. j.eyre says:

    I don’t have anything against either of them but I agree, they have always seemed like such a strange pairing.

  10. Good_as_Gold says:

    The dog and Eva have better chemistry that Ryan and Eva do! lol

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    The only way she can make the “news” is through the dog. So boring..

  12. Nessa says:

    Lamest celebrity couple ever…

  13. hillie says:

    Why the hell would he ever have left Rachel mcadams? These two are so weird together. ..but I want his dog.

  14. Kosmos says:

    Sorry, but those are not pajama pants, just soft, wide legged pants. They look okay with the booties, and the striped sweater is also stylish. I don’t see anything wrong with her look. I think its creative, just not what every other woman is wearing, tight, sexy, over the top. I think we need a real stylist to comment here.

  15. Mazunte says:

    Eva is attractive, but she has absolutely no sense of style. The pants, the shoes and that bag are terrible. With that body she could look great.

  16. HCS says:


    Totally agree they seem like such an odd couple. But I think Ryan is more attracted to exotic women. Eva looks more Indian to me even though she is Hispanic. Strong resemblance to Bipasha Basu.