Kim Kardashian’s too-tight dress in Bahrain: cheap & riot-inducing?

Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian in Bahrain over the weekend. She stopped in Bahrain after her promotional trip to Kuwait, and she opened up a Millions of Milkshakes in Manama, Bahrain as well. Did you know Manama is the capital of Bahrain? I didn’t know that. So, thank you, Kim Kardashian. I learned something new today.

Shall we discuss this outfit? Much like her outfit in Kuwait, I think this is inappropriate for a (primarily) Muslim country, and once again, while I am no Middle East expert, my impression is that Bahrain is more conservative than Kuwait. While Kim could “get away” with wearing a cut-out dress in Kuwait, she needed to go more conservative for Bahrain. I’m not saying she should have worn a hijab! But maybe she shouldn’t have worn a too-tight dress that makes her tits into a shelf. I do have to say, though… I wonder if that necklace is real? I wonder if some sheik gave her that as a “gift”?

Before Kim even got to Bahrain, their Parliament was trying to ban that ass. The ban didn’t go through, so upon Kim’s arrival in-country, the hardliners started a riot. That ass started a RIOT.

Hardline Islamic protesters rioted over Kim Kardashian being in their country of Bahrain on Saturday. Riot police fired tear gas into the crowd, putting down protesters holding signs that said “Kim Not Welcome,” some in Arabic and others in English.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is in Bahrain for the opening of a Millions of Milkshakes store near the capital city of Manama and had staged photo ops with many smiling locals.

As reported, Kim was in Kuwait on Wednesday for another store launch.

Her visit there was equally controversial.

“Her values clash with our traditions as a religiously committed people,” Mohammad Al Tabtabai, a Kuwaiti preacher, told the Gulf News. “Her visit could help spread vice among our youth.”

[From Radar]

I should mention that the dude who owns the Millions of Milkshakes franchise in Bahrain claims that there no protests – you have to go and read CNN’s report on the controversy because it is HILARIOUS. CNN is trying to be all proper and nail down what really happened and then halfway through they’re like, “Oh, by the way, Kim Kardashian has a sex tape.”

And finally, you should go here to see a really awful photo of Kim’s cold sore. GROSS.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. roxy750 says:

    ?? I am sure they know who KK is and everything that comes with it. They didn’t hire her for her knowledge.

  2. mojoman says:

    what in the world is happening to her upper lip? her smile looks so stretched and stiff it’s hilarious!

  3. bettyrose says:

    It is more conservative than her Kuwait dress, though, so maybe she factored in “more conservative culture” and put some fabric – albeit slight – over her cleavage.

    • LadyMTL says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s still inappropriate but miles better than the cutout disaster she wore earlier.

    • Leen says:

      ReallY? I have many Bahraini friends and all the girls dress like her. Granted she wasn’t out walking in the streets, she was in a mall, perfectly acceptable to dress like that.

      Also as for the protests, they have nothing to do with Kim Kardashian, there are alot of serious problems in Bahrain, including governmental crackdowns, lack of freedom of speech, sectarian violence, etc. And the preacher is hardly a representative of the Bahraini community.

  4. marie says:

    as much as it pains me, I’m gonna give her a pass-cause at least she was fully covered.. but dayum dude, that dress is horrific..

  5. Christine says:

    That dress reminds me of the time I wore Spanx and tried to fit into some old clothes. Those rolled fabric parts are a sign that the dress is still too tight despite the presence of Spanx.

  6. epiphany says:

    Are we sure that weren’t rioting as a protest against her catface? Why does she keep doing this to herself? Sometimes, she doesn’t even look human!

  7. Elceibeno08 says:

    Yes, her dress is too fitted specially on her bust. Dolly parton would be jealous

  8. Ms Kay says:

    Them spanx make that dress look an even more weird shape.

    Knowledge wise, I’d just like to see how it’d be like to take her to a museum or art gallery or a literature club or better yet a library one day… Just one day.

  9. Lauren says:

    You see how her hand is in the fifth picture? That’s actually how we give the finger in the Arab world..

  10. Eleonor says:

    Marilyn was wrong spanx are girls best friends.

  11. HotPockets says:

    Kim’s a$$ will endorse just about anything. No shame, no class.

  12. Dragonlady sakura says:

    My calico’s face is less kat like than Kim’s in this picture! Leave your face alone before it caves in on itself.

  13. dorothy says:

    Wow, she’s so influential and has such star power there. Opening up a milk shake shop. If she’s lucky she can move up to car wash openings, perhaps even supermarket openings. What prestige!

  14. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think the more appropriate headline would be: “Kim kardashian’s too-tight FACE in Bahrain: cheap & riot-inducing?”

  15. melca blue says:

    Whys does she keep forcing herself in too small sizes? I thought the white dress fitted her well, didn’t like the storm trooper vibe of it though. And also, that cold sore is gross!

  16. Agnes says:

    why doen’t she wear clothes that actually fit her?

    “So that’s how she got the necklace.” hahaha!

  17. kristin says:

    The second photo is SCREAMING to be used as a header pic hahaha

  18. Jenny says:

    She really needs some one to teach her how to dress for her body. She is not fat, but when you have curves like that and dress like you are skinny, it gives you a plump look.

  19. BooBooLaRue says:

    LOL. Not sure, but in some countries, giving the “thumbs up” is more like “up yours”!

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    *mumbling* Say something nice, saysomethingnice, SAYSOMETHINGNICE!!

    Her shoes are less hideous than usual. WHEW.

    Okay, now that THAT’S out of the way, one would think she’d be more…*ahem*…SENSITIVE to the reaction of the members of the country in which she’s shilling milkshakes.

    Since I find her so offensive (and I’m in the States), I cannot fathom how offensive other countries find her.

  21. Madriani's Girl says:

    Why does she insist on sausaging herself into such God-awful tight outfits??? Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could think that’s sexy.

  22. lower-case deb says:

    rather than a shelf or a chest of drawers, her boobs in that dress looks like a rolltop desk.

    like you lift it up and maybe find treasure in it. or maybe a boggart.

  23. abby says:

    there goes the goofy mouth again…uggh…those veneers have totally distorted her smile. and she is botoxed to the hilt. she used to be so beautiful naturally and now there’s no turning back! she’s f’ed her face up too much. and her hair looks like it’s thinnning. that dress–just hideous.

  24. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Does Kim have a personal seamstress that travels around with her to make sure her clothes are as tight as possible?

    I wonder if those jewels are real? I mean the choker.

  25. LeslieM says:

    Reality shows are mind poison. It makes me so sad young girls look up to her.

  26. little-red says:

    It’s sad, she used to be so naturally beautiful.

  27. truthful says:

    that tight casing dress just makes her look like a wide load, and her face.

    she’s clown like to me and me and my friends just laugh and cackle at her
    attention whoring about NOTHING

    I’m going to the mailbox
    -LOOK AT ME-

  28. Dani says:

    Maybe I’m alone on this but I hate her body. I’m not calling her fat but she’s just so awfully misshaped. She’s so wide, it actually freaks me out.

  29. oh dear says:

    her bottom lip reminds me of a slug.
    that lipstick colour doesnt suit her.

  30. aston martin says:

    I love her body shape. I don’t think it fits well with some of the couture outfits she wears now (thanks, Kanye), but her body, itself, is ridiculous.

    It will be interesting to see how she looks carrying a baby. Which you know will happen as soon as her divorce comes through. When is that even happening?? PS I have a crush on Kanye and I find it romantic that he overhauled her wardrobe and treats her like a queen. Maybe a little controlling? Guess time will tell.

    • Arabprincess says:

      If you like short and stumpy then it’s ridiculous lol. She has very strange weird shape. Her fake hips aren’t like hips are suppose to be, but square. She has the worst type of booty. It’s not round or firm. It’s droopy and square. Her arms are flabby. It’s all smokes and mirrors with this person. Trust me her pregnant will not be a pleasant sight. I love curve womanly bodies, but when they are God made, not man made

      • aston martin says:

        Wow– two different sets of eyes looking at the same photo — 100% different takes. I agree with you, though, that she’s not “all-natural” in the face. Regarding her body, she admits she has gained around 20lbs since starting to date Kanye — the love diet haha. I think she carries it really well, though. And who among us will admit to never, ever relying on a little smoke and mirrors ie spanx, contouring cheeks with bronzer to look thinner, having clothes tailored to maximize what shape we do have? She just happens to have better access to such helps.

        I have to repeat what one guy friend of mine said about her: “It’s not her fault she has a body made for sex.” I think that about sums it up. :)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        aston – So my question would be: If/since she has “better access to such helps” why are none of them encouraging her to wear clothes that are A) her actual size (fit her body); and B) more flattering?

  31. Jennifire says:

    I’m sure that preacher doesn’t speak for every person in Bahrain, and that not every person there identifies as “religiously committed” (as difficult a position as that may be). Kim can’t be held responsible for “vice” among the youth. Even though I’ve never watched her show and don’t think highly of reality stars, I resist the idea that sexuality and the female body are an embodiment of temptation and evil. Even Kim Kardashian should be able to travel and speak, unaccompanied by males, and without fear.

    • Arabprincess says:

      What are you looking at that is so different from what I said? Stumpy? Check! Short? Check! Chunky? Check! Strangely shaped? Check! Short waisted? Check! Stuffed? Check! Of course the average joe will look at huge fake boobs and ass filled with fat! I mean Pamela Anderson and Heidi montag are considered sex symbols! A beautiful natural body is that of Kelly Brooke. And what must people see are photoshopped pics of this thing. Specially her candid bikini pics. Which make her look taller and slimmer than she actual is. Most men that might think she’s hot for her looks are shallow so they’ll find pretty disgusting if they saw the real her. I have a friend that works for tabloid mag and she was at her shoots behind the scene and she this person’s ass is filled with cellute and rips and beyond sagging on the floor. No wonder good looking men of quality never go for her. She always settled for dummies and unattracive jerks.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @Jennifire – “I resist the idea that sexuality and the female body are an embodiment of temptation and evil.”

      Well said! And seconded.

  32. lena jones says:

    Bahrain is actually the least conservative country in the gulf… Even ended up on top 10 sin cities of the world

  33. Bellatrix says:

    Bahrain’s big riots have nothing to do with the Kimshake. The country’s going through some serious social trouble that is barely covered by international media.

    I worked on an event there earlier this year and I know our uniform skirts were lengthened a bit. But nothing dramatic in the end: the knees remained bare-skinned.

    Also, can someone explain how this woman is famous on what appears to be a global level? Is that show aired internationally including in Bahrain? I simply don’t understand. If it weren’t for Celebitchy, I’d be completely oblivious to this… this… well, this thing.

  34. vixo says:

    I don’t understand why she doesnt wear well fitted bra !!

  35. xxx says:

    She really needs to stop with her face it looks lopsided and uneven now

  36. Leen says:

    I actually disagree, she is dressed appropriately for a Middle Eastern gulf country. Again, it is not like she was in the streets, she’s at an event at the mall, not in the public sphere. The middle east, especially gulf countries tend to be schizophrenic in a way, you can dress whatever the hell you want in private, but you have to take care and watch waht you are wearing if you are out in the souk or in the streets.

  37. jane says:

    Say they paid her $100-200k to open a milkshake store, isn’t it just money for an outfit. Purse? Long way to go for that!
    its all relative.

  38. GiantGlohearts says:

    The real question is, did she learn about the Middle East conflict in between shake appearances? Remember she told us she would.

    Can we expect her report on CNN about it. That I would watch.

  39. KellyinSeattle says:

    No way I’ll ever try one of her manic milkshakes

  40. Grace says:

    Kanye needs to stop dressing her. Her body is going downhill fast so she’d better get a new stylist soon.

    She looks pregnant. If she’s preegnant by Kanye Kris is going to take her money and run.

  41. lassie says:

    What is she saying that would require her to have a microphone and a press conference? “Go drink milkshakes.” She looks like she is giving a TED webinar.

    God, I hate that she is famous. And that I care.

  42. Kathryn says:

    Omg, the Spanx are so obvious.
    Nothing wrong with wearing spanx, just for the love of god make sure there is not a super obvious indent where your fat spills out overtop

  43. bELLA says:


  44. Peep says:

    Hahahahahahaha! The thumbs up picture is amazing and priceless. The whole vapid, clueless being that is Kim presented in one hilarious picture.

  45. Ruyana says:

    She has never looked like a cat-face to me. More like a preying mantis.

  46. jilly says:

    She looks like she’s been living on a daily diet of milkshakes. Gross.

  47. Nev says:

    I bet all those male protesters watched the video though.

  48. Kosmos says:

    Gosh, am I the only one who doesn’t find this woman attractive? I also don’t like her vibe, her look, her anything, and yes, I think it’s utterly offensive of her to do what she did. She gets paid thousands of dollars to show up at these events. I once saw her on the Dr. Oz show and I couldn’t understand for the life of me what she was doing there?? She also wore a dress that didn’t budge. I find her to be a big fat zero.

  49. mytbean says:

    Even with the cold sore (link) – she looks so much better without all that spackle on her face.

  50. Suzie_Q says:

    I think Bahrain is actually one of the less conservative Gulf Countries, so I don’t think her outfit is offensive because of the amount of skin she is showing. I think her outfit is offensive because it doesn’t fit! It looks like a dress she bought 20 pounds ago, and tried to squeeze herself into with spanks. This make the dress look ugly and it makes her look unattractive and really tubby. And I like the dress. I think it could have worked on her and her shape, only 2 to 3 sizes up. She needs to stop pretending she can pull off the same clothing she used to until she drags that a*s into the gym.

  51. Cece says:

    The extra weight she is carrying really ages her. She is beginning to look so matronly and she hasn’t even had kids yet. The plastic in her has also completely ruined her look and aged her a decade.

  52. Lexi says:

    Her hips look huge, that is not a very flattering dress, its a nice shade of blue tho

  53. victoria1 says:

    I don’t know I enjoy her over Cracken any day. I mean, come on, without KK what would we bitch about? I like that she looks like a sausage, yes she looks bad now but when she started out I was happy to see curves! Cuz it helped me embrace mine since apparently thats what men like. But this is just… she needs a stylist who wants women to look good… ahem Kanye needs to be fired as stylist and “bf”

  54. Lvdm says:

    I live in bahrain and this visit was not well recieved.. Bahrain is also alot more liberal than other ME states, especially Kuwait (bahrain’s popoulation is 60% expatriate, there are bars, clubs, you can buy alcohol freely, unlike kuwait)
    Agree that her dress was terrible though

  55. Amy says:

    Not to change the subject, but “Manama” totally has me singing “Mahna Mahna” now…

  56. Aud says:

    She just has an odd body shape. There is no suitable dress for her. She looks weird in all of them.

  57. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Too tight dress? What about her too tight face? I seriously do not get the whole “curvy KK” obsession – she’s just got a big fat arse and saddle-bags on her thighs – it is not a nice look.