Halle Berry & Olivier “still despise Gabriel & he feels the same about them”

Here are some new photos of Halley Berry picking Nahla up from school and then taking her to a friend’s house for what looks like some kind of kids’ party. I feel like we’re probably going to be seeing more and more “happy” photo ops with Nahla from both Halle and Gabriel. That’s their MO – whenever there’s some huge custodial controversy, both Halle and Gabe make sure to step out with Nahla, trying to out-do each other by looking like the best parent.

Following Gabriel’s withdrawal of any criminal complaint and restraining order against Olivier Martinez, Olivier has asked the LAPD to drop the charges against Gabriel too – because, remember, Olivier put Gabe under a “citizen’s arrest” and Gabriel was charged with battery solely on Olivier’s say-so.

Olivier Martinez has informed the LAPD that he is no longer interested in pursuing criminal charges against Gabriel Aubry, stemming from a brutal Thanksgiving brawl between the two men that ended in the Canadian-born model suffering horrific injuries, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“Olivier informed the LAPD and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office that he was no longer interested in pursuing criminal charges against Aubry,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“The LAPD had turned the case over to the Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges should be filed. However, since the complaining witness has subsequently indicated he doesn’t want to proceed, it is likely the case is dead on arrival.

“Aubry and Berry worked out a confidential settlement last week that included specific language about how none of the parties — Halle, Gabe or Olivier — would pursue criminal charges against the another. All sides managed to agree to satisfactory terms with the focus being on ending the mayhem for the sake of Halle and Gabriel’s daughter Nahla,” the source says.

[From Radar]

Before Halle and Gabe’s lawyers even reached the settlement last Thursday, sources were already saying that the DA would likely not pursue the charges against Gabriel, probably because Gabe looked like he had his ass handed to him and Olivier’s only injuries were on his hands, where his fists pummeled Gabriel. So, basically, Olivier is just formalizing the agreement that the lawyers worked out, but it doesn’t amount to much and I doubt everyone is going to stay in their separate corners. The Chicago Sun-Times has some interesting insider information about how there’s still a lot of anger and hatred in this group:

It may only be all about appearances, but it sounds like the trio of people involved in the fight over custody issues involving Halle Berry’s 4-year-old daughter Nahla finally have realized they need to, uh, act like adults.

Sources close to both the Oscar winner, her estranged lover Gabriel Aubry — Nahla’s father — and Berry’s fiancé, Olivier Martinez, say they all understand a cooling-off period is desperately needed.

“Halle and Olivier still despise Gabriel, and he feels the same about them. But by [Aubry] withdrawing his restraining order against Martinez [who recently, famously beat him up], everyone hopes things will calm down a bit,” said a Berry buddy Monday.

Apparently, all involved realize this whole battle not only could continue to be damaging to young Nahla’s psyche, but also to Berry’s once-pristine public image, and it paints both Martinez and Aubry in a bad light.

“They just need to get this settled — once and for all,” said a source close to Aubry. “They all need to compromise a bit and make a deal and stick to it.”

[From the Chicago Sun-Times]

I’m sure the Team Berry people will yell at me for this, but I really don’t think Halle gives a crap about Nahla’s psyche or what all of this controversy and custodial bickering is doing to Nahla. I really do think that Halle has just gotten it into her head that Nahla is “hers” and that she (Halle) deserves full-custody and Halle can’t move beyond that. But I do think Halle realized that she had to take a step back because this neverending drama has affected her image and her reputation. She still has friends in Hollywood – but they won’t stay her friends if she continues down this scorched-earth path of throwing everything at Gabriel.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    I was really, really hoping for no mention of Halle for awhile.

  2. kdlaf says:

    In other words..the sky is blue.

    But in all seriousness, I hope Nahla gets the counseling she will surely need after this whole debacle. She’s the real victim in this whole situation.

  3. Post-It's says:

    How long until Halle shows up crying on Oprah?

    • lem says:

      I hope Halle’s PR team knows better than for her to make any sort of public statement about this. It’s only going to damage her reputation further and there is nothing she can say against Gabe that would change people’s opinions at this point.

      • Meredith says:

        I don’t think that Halle really listens to her PR people or she would be doing things differently. So while she should stay the heck away from Oprah’s couch and let it all die down (if she really wants to get her movie career back), I’m not sure she will do it. I don’t think she can resist the “victim” spotlight she has created for herself.

    • lori says:

      Halle and OM will probably end up as Oprah reality show couple that she’s been searching for.

    • T.C. says:

      She can go crying to Oprah but Oprah will put up that picture of Gabriel for fair play. How is she going to explain that evil Gabriel was the aggressor with that beaten up face. No, she’s going to avoid the media until everyone forgets that picture.

    • mel2 says:

      Totally agree and she will be crying that she’s the victim and how Gabe is such a horrible person. Cant stand this bi**ch anymore.

    • DeAnn says:

      Uh, I am real tired of Halle crying wolf everytime she doesn’t get her way. I don’t believe the racist & abuse claims she made against Aubry. No way. She only made those claims after she got her “pretty baby” & wwanted her all to herself. Let’s see, who HASN’T abused Halle Berry? Martinez will be next. Halle is in dire need of psychiatric help. And if she doesn’t stop playing chess with her daughter, that little girl will be needing it too. I so agree with the person who said whyt would nahla want to spenbd time with someone who smashed up her dad’s face????? Martinez is just doing Halle’s dirty work. If she so hot, what is she doin with him???? He looks pretty lame to me. And probably messed up Gabes face cause he IS a hunk. All the guy was doing was bringing the little girl home. I’m sure at this point Aubry DOES hate Halle. She treats him like the “donor.” Hey fancy pants- he has rights too. We’re so over YOU & your wolf cries for help. Go do something useful & quit begging for attention. Didn’t you USED to make movies or something? Feel sorry for your daughter. You sure are messing her up big time.

  4. truthful says:

    yeah, I’m sick of this manipulator.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Did anyone honestly expect the acrimony between them to dissipate just because they made the mutually beneficial decision drop all charges?

    HB is acting like a spoilt child who refuses to share a dolly. She needs to stop.

    • emmie_a says:

      TOB: That was my thought. Everyone who has followed this story knows “amicable agreement” doesn’t mean they are BFF or that their attitudes, actions or motives have changed. It means nothing more than they reached an agreement and are moving on (from this episode).

  6. Mia 4S says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about “Team Berry” Kaiser, there are very few members.

    Team Nahla, thanks.

  7. tmbg says:

    And most of us despise you, Halle, along with your thug fiancee. I won’t be falling for another one of her sob stories again.

    • Kasey says:

      I’m starting to believe this feud is so volatile and amped up because of Olivier. It might just be that this time around in a break up there is a child involved but it went from being an amicable split to fury and fighting around the time Olivier stepped into the picture. Maybe HE promoted this vitriol, maybe Kim K alone was enough to bring Halle to this but I just wonder if Olivier’s influence is very far reaching. The irony is I can’t see her splitting with OM w/o him being abusive to her. This may be the first split where she legitimately cries abuse.

  8. mln76 says:

    I said it before I will say it again Halle is a narcisist not just a Hollywood made one but inately. This is why every relationship she has had ends with her demonizing them. Her attempt to end Nahla’s relationship with her father and replace him with Oliver is beyond selfish.
    Saying all of that I don’t believe Gabriel is a saint. My impression is that he is easily manipulated by Halle because well he is a male model with very little brain power. He needs to lawyer up and play it safe around Halle.
    My gut instinct is that this isnt the last major blow up but for Nahla’s sake I hope they can start getting along.

  9. dorothy says:

    That’s ok…I despise her too so Gabriel’s not alone.

    • DreamyK says:

      Ha! Agreed.

      Did we ever get verification that Halle did, indeed, spend 3 million and counting on her futile custody war?

      I think it’s more than 3 million overall since people won’t pay to see her movies anymore. The studios won’t pay her top dollar because she’s box office poison. Ya hear that Olly? You’re next, dude.

  10. TG says:

    Just as I have always said it is all about Halle. This woman is insufferable and I still stand by my staement she and Olivier are violent monsters. Yes, plese let these crazy people disappear for awhile. If Halle was really thinking about Nahla she wouldn’t have inserted that stupid statement about how she and OM hate GA and vice versa. Didn’t Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger finally settle down? I mean their daughter is a teen now and I think she has a relationship with both. Hope these 3 clowns do the same. Though, I understand that Gabe would have a hard time putting it behind him with Halle’s boyfriend tried to kill him.

  11. aims says:

    I cant imagine what the vibe is when Halle and Gabriel have to see each other. I would think nahla would pick up on it. No one should have to deal with that .

  12. Lulu says:

    OK, so Berry buddy feels free to speak for Gabe? I imagine he feels the same way about his crazy ex as I do. You know you can never trust them. You hope against hope that they will change for the sake of your child. But you are forced to regard them as the enemy, which breaks your heart (for your child).

    But I readily believe that Halle despises Gabe and projects her feelings onto him. Hence the ‘Berry buddy’ quotes.

  13. Talie says:

    I’m sorry, but her name is burnt. It will take years or never for her to recover. I wouldn’t be surprised if Revlon dropped her after their contract wraps.

    • so true says:

      IF revlon does not drop her, I will never buy Revlon again! She does nto deserve my money! I will never support her ever again!

      • emmie_a says:

        I’m with you guys. I stopped drinking Midori after they hired Kim K (who doesn’t even drink!) and the other day I didn’t buy my Revlon eye shadow bc I saw Halle’s beautiful face staring down at me on the in-store display.

      • Luxe says:

        Funny you say that. I was in a store yesterday and went browsing in cosmetics like I always do. Needed a nail file and purposely avoided Revlon. I’ve seen on different sites where ppl are vowing to actively boycott her endorsements. If enough people do that and it can be linked to her, they will have no choice.

      • Loulou says:

        I think personally that Revlon’s Ron Perelman is behind this. It’s his M.O. with exes all over. See the case of Patricia Duff. He fathered daughters with about 4 of his 6? wives and has managed to intimidate each one into surrendering control over to him. He’s not above playing nasty tricks, controlling the spin and hiring retired mercenaries. I’d watch my back if I were Gabriel.

  14. Madriani's Girl says:

    I think Halle loves Nahla but she hates Gabriel more than she loves the child, and that’s pathetic.

    • aims says:

      I 100000000% agree. She needs to put on her big girl panties on this one. Nahla and Gabriel have an unbreakable bond. As they should

    • Luxe says:

      Which I find horrifying. I hate to say this but unless she does a complete heel face turn, she will spill some of her Gabe hate onto their daughter. Who knows what kind of passive stuff she’s already saying. Just wait until Nahla is of age to really choose a relationship with her dad. Happens all the time.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oooh, I agree with you! And when Nahla gets older, she’s going to resent the hell out of Halle for what she’s doing to Gabe. Especially when she finds out what Mommy’s boyfriend did to Daddy’s face and ribs. (And she WILL.)

      Kids aren’t stupid. They figure out REAL QUICK who loves them and puts them first and who does not. And they figure it out at an early age, so I truly hope, for Nahla’s sake, that HB knocks this kind of sh!t off, before she alienates her daughter.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      I think she’s incapable of separating out her own interests from Nahla’s. She wants Aubrey gone from her life, so she’ll believe Nahla does. She sees him as bad news, so she’ll be certain he is for Nahla. Very few implacably hostile mothers don’t love their kids. They just see them as an extension of themselves, and their own needs as the child’s. They believe their own fantasy. Complete mess, basically.

  15. Jaxx says:

    Everyone asks why Helle didn’t just go to a sperm bank, since she clearly doesn’t want to share HER child. Well, I think Helle picked a pretty face to father her child because she wanted a pretty child as her accessory, since it of course reflects on her. She always gets her way, so she really thought she could just run Gabriel, the dumb model off. Or pay him off to go away. How did that work out for you Helle?

  16. so true says:

    She is UTTERLY DISGUSTING, she should be in prison for what she tried to do to Gabriel. She is not an actress or a mother; halle is a sick mentally deranged repulsive nutjob! I can only hope that Gabriel is safe from her and that terribly awful sidekick monkey oliver.

    She has zero talent and even more no soul to have let her daughter’s father get beat like that. She makes me VOMIT.

  17. emem says:

    i used to like halle alot but this days shes making me hate her. they’re just exposing d litle girl to d showbiz madness @ a tender age.

  18. Bowers says:

    Indifference would be better since “hate” is the flip side of “love.” Too much emotion–why is that?

  19. tabasco says:

    for all her bluster about it, halle sure doesn’t look like she’s trying very hard to keep nahla away from paps.

  20. Lisa says:

    I refuse to buy anything her face is on…..I’m tired of her being the victim in everything, its disgusting….

  21. Mmmmm says:

    ”Apparently, all involved realize this whole battle not only could continue to be damaging to young Nahla’s psyche, but also to Berry’s once-pristine public image, and it paints both Martinez and Aubry in a bad light.’


  22. Loulou says:

    The elephant in the room is that a non-citizen of the US is not entitled to make a citizen’s arrest. this is not Martinez “compromising”, it’s a big fat lie to make him look like he had any leverage whatsoever in the situation. Berry is a lost cause and Gabriel has never done anything to either Berry, Nahla and even that lowlife Martinez. But it does show something about the presumption of innocence in the US when a guy gets charged on the one-sided account of the perpetrator and the paid entourage. Sheesh

    • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

      Well said Loulou! I hate this notion that women have only come to GA’s defense because he is a good looking model (umm redundant) & are so consumed with jealousy of HB we will not support her. Yeah right!

      Look, as a woman I do feel for her. We have all kissed a few frogs – some of us more than others unfortunately – however it is a part of growing up. Hopefully OM is what she believes him to be and not this half witted brute he comes off as. I am no HB supporter in this custody battle, however she has been burnt in the past: http://www.cocoalounge.org/viewthread.php?fid=15&tid=4852&action=printable. Even though Eric B. signed a prenup before and on the day of the wedding, HB still ended up buying him and his daughter a $4M home AND paying 20K in child support (her magic number) b/c HB referred to India (his daughter) as her daughter. DARN! If this article is true, it sheds some light on her unwarranted bitterness towards GA. However I still think GA is “a man of strong integrity” (her words) than EB & probably OM. Maybe she should have had a PALIMONY agreement in place with GA. She did say she would never get married again. Anyways, I hope they can all get along for Nahla’s sake.

    • Anon says:

      Yep and with head slammed on concrete.SMH,
      GA inconvenienced them by not dying. Then HB could have really told a tale.

    • Outstandingworldcitizen says:

      Yup, OM has proven himself to be a brute. I think he may not stick. :( Let’s just hope for the best for Nahla but of course not forget the misdeeds done to GA. Take it easy. :)

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      I don’t think that’s correct, re nationality. Citizen’s arrest is a colloquial term – we have it in the UK, too. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a national, it just means you don’t have to be a cop. The California penal code just refers to “private person” ie not an officer of the law. It says “a private person”. There’s no provision as to nationality, I don’t think.

      I am really confused by the police providing outriders for Berry after the incident, though, not to mention people saying her security team are off duty LAPD. How are they even allowed to work as private security when also still serving police? Isn’t that a conflict of interest waiting to happen? Surely that has to be a mistaken belief?

  23. Violet says:

    Halle did not have a “pristine” reputation even before all this. She’s had TWO hit and run accidents.

    The woman is batsh*t crazy and has no moral compass. That’s a dangerous combination, and I think she’s going to continue doing her best to destroy the father of her child for having the audacity of wanting to be a part of Nahla’s life.

    • Meredith says:

      Halle’s reputation has been sliding for years but this last year in her “fight to the death” with Aubry has really finished her off. And I think this is the public consensus. How is she going to sell movie tickets when the blogs and the celebrity web sites are full of people calling her a crazy and evil? Bit of a turn off when it’s time to pick which movie to see IMO!

      • Violet says:

        I agree about Halle’s reputation taking a huge hit lately, Meredith. But time will tell whether this mess will have an impact on her box office appeal or endorsement deals. Case in point, Sean Penn (who’s been arrested for domestic assault) and Woody Allen (married to the half-sister of three of his children) still thrive professionally.

        The problem is that Halle is worth more than 70 million dollars, so she’s long past the point of working to pay the bills. That said, her ego probably needs attention and it might not make a difference to her whether it’s positive or negative.

        I honestly think she’s mentally unbalanced, which makes her completely unpredictable. And dangerous. Gabriel needs to make sure he has a bodyguard/witness whenever he interacts with Halle or Olivier, because Halle appears to willing to go to any lengths to get her way.

  24. skuddles says:

    I don’t think any of this situation has painted Aubry in a bad light – quite the opposite actually. It’s made Berry and Martinez look like huge assholes though. No doubt this agreement was reached so rapidly because Berry realized her public images was suffering big time (and she didn’t have a leg to stand on); I truly doubt it had anything to do with concerns for Nahla’s well being. If that were the case, she would not have spent the last two years trying to drive Nahla’s devoted Daddy out of the picture. Can you tell she completely disgusts me?? Martinez too.

  25. paranormalgirl says:

    honestly, at this point, Gabriel Aubry could kick puppies and come out looking better than Halle and Olivier.

  26. hoganbcmj says:

    You’re nothing but trash if your current fiance is beating the living crap out of the father of your child and you co-sign that behavior in any way. I’m sure there is immaturity going on from both sides, but there’s very few reasons that a beating of that severity would be justified. If Gabriel was a woman, this would be the biggest story of the year and a huge public outcry would ensue.
    No matter how much of a dick Gabriel may be, violence of this kind between two adult, supposedly civilized well-to-do celebrities is ridiculously shameful. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Grow up for the child’s sake, all three of you!

    • skuddles says:

      Not only do I think she cosigned that behavior, I think she totally instigated it. Why else would Martinez feel the need to beat Aubry into a bloody pulp? The only common factor between them is Berry. I’m certain he did it to appease her because she was in full-blown bitchface mode after the judge turned her down on France. It was what Berry wanted… to make Aubry pay for all his perceived sins against her. She’s a disgusting, lowlife POS as far as I’m concerned. And one day Nahla will know it too.

  27. Blue Cat says:

    Seriously, if GA was my daughter’s father I would be sweet as pie to him. He wants an active roll in his baby girl’s life. HB is an evil manipulator and the new pics of OM at the liquor store (again) looks like hes a homeless bum. I hope GA meets a super nice and pretty woman and gives Nahla lots of half brothers and sisters!!!! I think that would cause HB go nuclear.

    • Sam x says:

      I would do the same too, I honestly think Gabriel is over the bullsh*t and the drama now!…I think we all knew it wasn’t an amicable decision, their lawyers had to be the middle men and made them come to this decision since it was the best option for Nahla’s sake especially on Gabriel’s part and Halle & Olivier’s damaged images…I hope he does meet a nice woman (I hope she doesn’t take advantage of his niceness) and settle down with her too, however Halle ain’t gonna give this chick an easy ride at all especially if they have kids…I admire Gabriel’s tenacity in his fight to be a father to his baby girl and regardless of what has been thrown at him by Halle…I hope he stays safe and Nahla too…god knows what she will throw at him next…x

      • Dena says:

        People change. Situations change. A person (man or woman) can be one thing to you and treat you one way then turn around and be shitty toward your kids and vice versa.

        Just because GA takes great photos with his daughter (he is, afterall, a photogenic model), that doesn’t mean that he has a pleasant personality or even maintains a pleasant personality at all times.

        While it is obvious to me that Nahla enjoys his company, she also seems to enjoy the company of her mother too. Cool. That then suggests to me that HB isn’t poisioning Nahla against her father–which she could easily do–if she were as evil and as whacked as most of you paint her to be. I mean . . . really!

        The majority of the comments posted on this forum about HB are so polar. They are either “for” or “against”. Where is the sophistication, the maturity, the nuance of life and life experience reflected in these comments? Just about all the comments I have read about HB and GA all seem overly simplistic.

        Custody battles are often ugly.
        Break-ups are often ugly. Men act like d*cks all of the time and they fight each other too. It’s life. It’s happens to pretty male models just like it happens to you, me and short, fat, hobbits too.

  28. lena80 says:

    I recall GA and HB getting along just fine when the broke up and they were spotted doing joint outings with Nahla. From what I’ve read it looked like things went down hill fast when she went to Africa to do that movie with OM. GA was even present at that shoot with Nahla and then shortly after the story came out about GA petitioning the court to add his name to the birth certificate. I know a lot of people want to put 100% on HB being the manipulator, but in my opinion I think OM is manipulating HB to a degree and she’s not thinking clearly..as usual.

    • Helena says:

      If it makes you feel better to assign equal blame to HB and OM, by all means, go ahead and do that. Unfortunately, HB is a mother and her first and foremost obligation is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her child. HB was playing the victim and attempting to manipulate public opinion long before OM arrived on the scene, so if anything, in OM she has found a kindred spirit who is just as evil and crazy as she appears to be. If she wasn’t involved in this recent mess, once she saw the damage OM had done, she should have given him his walking papers, but she didn’t. It is my belief that she’s the one at the epi-center, pulling all the strings. I have a feeling that she will not be able to recover from this debacle and, as far as I’m concerned, that is her just reward.

  29. misstrishm says:

    What I would give if my son’s stupid father showed as much interest in my son as GA does with his daughter. But any man can be a father but a real man is dad and that is what GA is.

  30. la chica says:

    The only good that has come out of this nasty SH-T-uation is that anyone who ever for a moment assumed that Halle was sane now know what a nasty bi-yatch she really is. Keep on fighting Gabe. That is your daughter. You are her only hope.

  31. jessiesgirl says:

    Totally in agreement. Halle cares nothing about Nahla or the harm she is doing to her. She just wants to win at any cost. She is a monster.

  32. vvvoid says:

    Halle reminds me of a lot of girls I know of who have Borderline Personality Disorder and somehow get raped or assaulted or victimized somehow every time they don’t get their way in a relationship.
    Not to say that all women who make such repeated allegations are lying, but there is a cluster of traits I notice in these women. They are called Cluster B traits per the DSMIV, such as histrionic behavior, narcissism, antisocial features…sound familiar? Manipulation tactics all the way.
    There comes a point when their personality disorder ravages their behavior to an extent that they can no longer conceal their destructiveness and abnormality. Halle has reached that point. Possibly assisted by substance abuse, but possibly because she’s just so screwed up in the head and in such deep denial that with age it only accelerates exponentially.

  33. Kat says:

    Why is TMZ updating old news again? They wrote for the third time that cops think Aubry started the fight but it’s probably that he won’t be prosecuted… they need so bad to side with Halle?

  34. Lexy says:

    I read too the TMZ article: I think that the scenario could have been: Martinez telling Aubry that “they have to Talk” Aubry answering something like .. I don’t talk with you F*** As*** and punching him like saying… stay away from me and my daughter …Martinez answering with his boxer fist.
    If you look at Aubry face you can see that on the right side he has a big hematoma and the black eye probably not due to a punch but to the fall on the ground of Aubry or the pressure of Aubry face on the ground made by Martinez. On the left side of Aubry face instead there are the signs of the punches Martinez gave him: one under Aubry left eye and maybe the mouth, another on the nose, another on his forehead .
    NOW, I understand that Aubry shouldn’t have answered to Martinez provocations pushing him or trying to give him a punch and that’s Gabe main fault, BUT Martinez reducing his face in such a mess went well beyond his right to defend himself from a physical attack. Martinez clearly wanted to hurt Gabe and destroy his beauty.

    BUT another thing is very interesting in this TMZ article: this sentence ‘It seems (Aubry) he’s still having a hard time getting over his break up with Halle.’ meaning that AUBRY started the altercation with Martinez because he is jealous of him. Making Aubry appear like still desperately and hopeless in love with HB seems to be the next move of TeamBerry… same assumption I read in a nasty article by The National Enquirer (in that article Aubry could be likely to commit suicide because he can’t live without Helle).
    This assumption seems ridiculous but is the first step to make Aubry appear like a stalker that is using his daughter not to lose contact with his EX, awful really awful from TeamBarry this move. Aubry on his side doesn’t help to clear doubts that he might be still in love with Berry… because he renounced to have a personal life after his breakup with B. I suppose that he is scared at the idea that his personal life could be used against him (as it happened with the KK dates last year) OR simply the man is too exhausted and disgusted to engage himself in a new love story.

    From what I read about Aubry, his childhood, his character… I presume that he is quite a simple minded person, frugal because he didn’t have so much when he was young, that is able to deal better with a child rather than an adult because in a certain way he is still a child himself, that loves desperately his daughter because she means FAMILY, the family he didn’t have as a child.
    HB with Aubry maybe had found a good guy, good of heart, maybe not so much brilliant or clever (mind I don’t mean that he is dumb, not at all) , maybe not rich or able to get rich, but that could have been trustful, deeply in love, honest and devoted to her. In this couple she had the leading role, and maybe that was fair for Gabe to have such a strong woman by his side, he needed a woman like her and the three together could have been a strong and united family, because they are so complementary. But probably at the end of their story HB thought that this “lazy” boyfriend wasn’t very interesting or intriguing anymore, she needed a new love story a new rollercoaster to make her feel alive. She didn’t understand that she could have had a good loving family with Gabe and I think that if one day she will be thinking honestly about her choices she will blame herself for destroying everything instead of engaging herself to make it work.
    AS for Gabe, if HB had worked on him, his self-esteem, maybe he could have been something more than the beau getting older (he hasn’t been working in the last year, maybe in order to stay by his daughter side or maybe because he is clearly at the end of his modeling career). Sometimes even the best men need to have a strong woman by their side to find their path in the world. Thinking about what this could have been and will never be is very sad. All of them are destroying their life and not building anything, such a waste!