Prince William threatens UK press: If you hound Kate “there will be hell to pay”

Duchess Kate is doing better! A rep for William and Kate told the press last night: “The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better,. She and the Duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received. She will remain in hospital at present and will continue to be treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.” So the anti-nausea medication is working and hopefully she’s not vom-ing all over the place right now. As for the other matters… I keep forgetting to wildly and irresponsibly speculate on all of the Duchess Kate Bump Drama, so let’s do that before we get into the Radar story which I want to discuss. Let’s do some bullet points:

*TWINSIES! There are rumors that Kate is so sick with hyperemesis gravidarum because she’s carrying multiple babies. Apparently, the condition occurs more often when a woman is pregnant with multiples, but it also happens often enough with single births too, so the “twins!” rumor is just that, a rumor. It’s possible that Kate and William don’t even know if they’re expecting twins, right? It’s still really early.

*GODPARENTS. Everyone says Pippa as godmother and Prince Harry as godfather. I think those are some excellent bets, but the royal family might demand that Will and Kate choose only royalty, in which case I think Zara Phillips might be the back-up choice for godmother.

*GINGER HEIR? I would love it so, so much if Kate gave birth to a ginger baby. We would have to examine the timelines very closely and there would elaborate conspiracy theories involving Prince Harry flying home for one night to make sweet, torrid love to his sister-in-law. I’m kind of glad that Harry was in Afghanistan during the conception, though. The speculation would have been fun, but I’m glad Kate kept her eye on the (royal) ball. So… the heir will probably not be a ginger. But here’s hoping!

*GIRL BABY NAMES. I feel like we’ve been discussing baby names for two years, right? I don’t think it’s a guarantee that we’ll have a “Princess Diana” if Kate has a girl, but Diana could definitely be chosen as one of the middle names. You never know with William – I think it might be kind of morbid for him to use “Diana” as a daughter’s first name, but I also thought it was kind of morbid for him to give Kate his mother’s engagement ring too. Diana is definitely on the table then, as is “Elizabeth” (for the Queen) and “Carole” (for Kate’s mum). I’m also really feeling “Charlotte” for some reason – it’s a good name in general, there’s not a long royal family history with the name, and it references William’s father, Charles. Something like Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales?

*BOY BABY NAMES. Less eventful, for sure. Royal men have long-ass names, and they’re often a litany of male royal ancestors. Expect to see: Phillip, Charles, Henry, George and maybe even Albert and definitely Michael (for Kate’s dad). I’d like to see a boy’s name that we haven’t heard in a while for the first name. Like… I’m really feeling “James”. And that’s Kate’s brother’s name too. Prince James Phillip Charles Michael of Wales.

*WILL IT BE AN RAF BABY? No. This is just wild speculation on my part, but I really do think William is going to leave the RAF at the end of the year. Even though the royal talking points are that “William is a dedicated public servant and military man,” his vacation-happy actions speak louder than words. He doesn’t have time to serve in the RAF anymore. He and Kate will be living full-time in London by January, I think.

Okay, now we can get to this Radar story. According to Radar’s “sources,” William is going to start threatening the press directly if they dare to cross the line in covering Kate’s pregnancy:

Prince William has vowed to move Heaven and Earth to shield his expectant wife and their unborn baby from the media furor created by the long awaited news of her pregnancy, is exclusively reporting.

William is “excited and happy beyond belief” about the pregnancy but determined not to allow press intrusion to cause any disruption or possible harm to the well being of Kate and their first born child, according to a well placed Brit source, who goes on to say thatWilliam has called in the big guns to ensure he acheive his aims.

“William has always had a distrust, bordering on outright loathing, for the press,” the source tells “It all stems from his childhood — watching the way his mother was built up and then torn down by the media and ultimately, he strongly believes to this day, hounded to her death by over-zealous paparazzi. He has vowed to do everything in his power to protect Kate from the media frenzy surrounding her pregnancy and Heaven help anyone who crosses the line. At William’s behest the Queen instructed Palace bigwigs to individually call all of the chiefs at the British newspapers immediately following the pregnancy announcement and warn them, in no uncertain terms, that if any lines are crossed, any intrusive paparazzi shots are purchased and published, or if Kate feels hounded in anyway there will be hell to pay.”

“William was deeply hurt and angered by the topless photo scandal Kate was forced to endure over the summer, and has made it crystal clear that, make no mistake, he will not allow his wife to be subjected to such blatant intrusion and humiliation ever again.”

“William is well aware that he leads a public life,” the source says. “And he is more than willing and accepting to dedicate his life to the British people and lead a life of public service and duty. However, as much as William accepts his responsibilities he still firmly asserts that he and his wife also have the right to demand a degree of privacy. They can not be expected to live in a fishbowl 24-7 and William is determined to make sure both he and Kate are afforded time off from public life and media scrutiny to live their lives together with at least a sprinkling of normalcy — this has just become even more of an ingrained belief since learning he is to become a father.”

[From Radar]

Protective father-to-be or a petty, petulant control-freak who doesn’t want his lifestyle to be questioned by anyone? Can it be both? Because I think it’s both. I think William is genuinely concerned, and he has good reason to be. But I think threatening newspaper editors is the wrong way to go, as is the constant placement of blame on the press for his mother’s death. It feels like William is going to be going out of his way to antagonize people rather than learning how to deal with his public (and publicly-funded) role in a mature, thoughtful and respectful way.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Well apparently the australian’s didn’t receive that memo

  2. Emma says:

    In regards to William giving up the RAF, his tour of duty with search and rescue finishes next summer. That also coincides with him and Kate moving into a newly refurbished 21 room apartment in Kensington Palace in London which used to belong to boozy ol’ Princess Margaret. Now it seems it might also coincide with the arrival of the bump, although they may have to push the move forward a bit so they’re not moving house with a newborn (not that I imagine Kate will be doing much lugging of boxes herself, but anyway). All things considered, the signs point to him becoming a full-time Royal from next summer.

    • Ellen says:

      Yes, this: William has RAF obligations through next summer. I think there’s still a chance he goes back to whichever army posting he’s been temporarily released from to do the RAF thing, too. The queen will be onboard with the whole “stay a working royal in the military” thing, Charles will not want another heir puttering around unveiling plaques (it takes focus from his work and he had a horrid time adjusting to what’s basically a long period of busy work after he left the military), and William will be perfectly happy to have reasons not to do more royal engagements himself.

  3. Lou says:

    I did not catch this royal baby fever. I hope everyone is healthy but that is the extent of my caring of this story.

  4. faun says:

    Here’s a novel thought: if you’re royal, and don’t want nudie shots, stop taking your clothes off around anyone but your partner.

    • Caity says:

      Kate WAS only with her partner. It’s hardly her fault some lowlife pap with a long range lens stalked a private holiday moment on private property

      • LAK says:

        They weren’t alone.

        Bodyguards, staff etc

        The fact is Kate and the Middletons in general don’t appear to have issues with public nudity even if other people are around.

        There are pictures of various members, including Carole, sunbathing topless with William.

        The only reason it’s a big deal this time is she’s royalty.

    • Amelia says:

      It’s a bit like the tree in the forest; if a tree falls and no-one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?
      If the paps didn’t get those photos, then no-one would know or care. It’s only because they were taken (of subjects on private property) that it becomes an issue.
      It’s not as if she’s an exhibitionist. She thought they were alone and she had no reason to believe otherwise.
      I’m quite paranoid and I’m not even comfortable walking around my own garden without at least a bikini, and I suppose there is an argument that she should be more vigilant now she’s a Royal. But even if they did recce the property, it must be extremely difficult finding every possible viewpoint/peephole.
      Wow. I’m feeling generous today.

      • Caity says:

        That’s I was trying to say. She thought they were in a secluded area, private property. If she was topless on a public beach or yacht – that’s asking for trouble.
        She obviously thought it was just her and her husband, and I’m assuming she thought the bodyguards were watching the property entrances etc

      • LAK says:

        Have you ever watched the Jonathan Dimbleby doc on Prince Charles? There is a segment on media and paps. Charles says he fully accepts that they want to intrude into his private space and will go to any lengths to do so. He continues to say that he fully expects paps to be in the trees, even at Balmoral. So he lives his life in a way that reduces any exposure he may give them.

        The doc was made at a time when there were no rules for pap intrusion, when royal T&A from various countries came with your weekly sunday paper. There are rules now, and France especially enforces them, but WK were complacent, W especially. And clearly never learnt the lessons of his father or mother. And because the press treats him with kid gloves,he really believes he can get away with a lot, including making these kinds of threats. The unfortunate truth is that the press will bite back, and it won’t be pretty. He needs to come to terms with them and learn to deal/work with them. It helped Charles in the end. Diana, not so much.

        He hasn’t learnt to deal with press he couldn’t control like Harry had to do which is why it is all coming as a shock to him and why he is behaving this way.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        William is a soon to be 1st time daddy so I expected him to ask the press for space and privacy, but he comes off as how Kaiser said. This makes me believe living with him could be hell on earth when he’s upset and that won’t translate well into being King.

      • LAK says:

        @Alexandra Bananarama – That’s exactly the problem with William.

        Since his mother’s death, unlike Harry, he has been super coddled and indulged to extent that he can’t respond reasonably to anything that doesn’t fall in line with his personal wishes.

        Not a good trait in a monarch.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        It’s just some boobs, people!
        ERMAHGERD, BRRBS!!!!

      • Chordy says:

        @trustmeonthis – but lady bodies are dirty. DRRRTYY!! And anyone walking around with one is a drrty drrty slutwhoreskank.

    • Gabrielle says:

      It’s no big deal everyone has seen boobs. However, I will say that I’m not privilaged enough to have ever been on a property large enough where I thought I could not be seen from the street, so I should just walk around naked.

    • Taylor says:

      I agree. It sucks that it happened, but they live in a fish bowl. Never ever have your guard down and nothing like this will happen. Its an unfortunate thing.

  5. Skipper says:

    I don’t think it was morbid to give her his moms ring. It was completely appropriate and a cost savings!

    • BW says:

      I don’t get why Kaiser thinks naming the baby Diana would be morbid. In Judaism, it’s an honor to name the baby after a deceased relative. Obviously, they’re not Jewish, but it’s still an honor to be named after a relative, living or dead.

      I don’t think they’ll go with Diana as a first name just because the rest of the royal family probably doesn’t want to bow to Queen Diana one day. They’ll go with a traditional royal name for the first baby.

      • LAK says:

        The press and public expectation is why it is a bad idea for any child of theirs to be given that name.

        The child would be expected to live upto the saint Diana image.

        And the same press/public would be disappointed in the child for not being or living upto the Saint Diana image.

        look at Kate….2yrs later and people/press are still calling her engagement ring Diana’s ring. Not Kate’s ring!!!! And that’s without all the other Diana comparisons.

      • Belle says:

        Totally agree with LAK. While I like Diana as one of the middle names, using it as a first name wouldn’t be morbid (in my opinion), but rather something of a burden.

        If it is a girl, I’m actually quite fond of the name mentioned…
        Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales

        I can’t even wrap my head around the crazy if Kate does happen to be pregnant with twins… LOL There are a bunch of articles out, speculating that IF she was having twins, and IF she needed a c-section, what IF it was the doctor who got to CHOOSE the firstborn, would-be King or Queen? Oh Lordy… I even saw some silly post about…. ‘what if the cords are all tangled, and it was an emergency and both babies had to be taken out at the exact same time?’ LOL Let’s get this one out of the way… in the event of a c-section, emergency or otherwise, it would be the position of the babies that would determine which was born first, NOT the doctor. Even in an emergency, they don’t just cut everything wide open, so they can scoop both babies out at once. They make the smallest incision possible… then getting to a baby, and maneuvering it out of the body actually takes some work. There will be one baby in the position of being delivered first, before they can even get to a second baby(;

  6. Saphana says:

    he lives off the taxpayers money but i can understand him perfectly. we dont need to beat around the bush, those paparazzi murdered his mother.

    • epiphany says:

      While the paps, particularly in France, can be overtly aggressive, it’s over the top to say they murdered Diana. What occurred was a foolish high speed chase, exacerbated by a drunk limo driver, that resulted in 2 people being killed – not murdered, killed. It was a terrible accident, but that’s what is was. And don’t forget, Diana courted the paps as much as she complained about them. She frequently had one of her people alert them when she was going out somewhere; like many celebrities, she became addicted to the attention. That wasn’t the case with the Paris accident, of course, but on many other occasions, her staff confirmed that the paps were called at her request.

      • LAK says:

        The paps were not close or able to get close until Diana removed her RPOs and refused to reinstate them even as her life became intolerable.

        So all this Kate is like Diana as far as paps are concerned is BS. They may have been close before engagement, but they are no where near her now she is a royal.

        If anything, it’s the public with their camera phones who are papping kate and posting it to twitter.

    • Raven says:

      Even aside from his mother’s death, his wife was seriously ill. Most of us didn’t know about this health condition unless we knew someone who had been through it. Just reading the descriptions of how sick someone with HG got was bad. Going through it with his new wife must have been a nightmare. I excuse anything he said while trying to cope with this. And it has been a circus since she entered the hospital.

  7. Ally says:

    So Radar has a royal source…lol.

  8. mel2 says:

    I am already over it. Great they are having a baby and I am happy for them but do we have to hear about it every day. Let me know when she’s giving birth. Geez, let them breathe.

    • Belle says:

      Ahhh… it’s going to be a long while(; Unfortunately, with them having to announce early, we get an extra 4-6 weeks of Royal Pregnancy. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you add it all up… this pregnancy is going to feel really long (not as long as it will feel for Kate, of course).

      So, we missed a great deal of ‘bump watch’, but traded it for what seems like a longer pregnancy.

  9. DanaG says:

    This was the same that went with the birth of William and Harry lot’s of speculation. I believe William will be a good father unlike Charles. They could go modern with the name it isn’t unheard of a new King or Queen choosing their own like the Queens father did. It is more then possible that they could have a red head, it runs in the Spencer family so you may get your ginger wish. There are some names that can’t and won’t be used and I think James is one of them it doesn’t have a good history. I like Charlotte too. Harry and Pippa are pretty much a sure bet for godparents but Royals usually have a few so Zara could still get a look in. William actually has a good relationship with the press much better then his father. Kate will probably stay indoors for the majority of her pregnancy anyway.

  10. TorontoE says:

    My niece is Charlotte Elizabeth (coincidentally my sister was sick as a dog with nausea) and I have thought for ages that would their little princess’ name too. Charlotte is Pippas middle name as well making it seem likely…

  11. GoodCapon says:

    Does anyone else think Kate might not have HG at all? I’m saying this because the Palace always puts a spin in their press releases. You seriously can’t trust whatever they’re saying at face value.

    I think it could be either of 2 things: 1) Kate is 100% fine and they’re just being extra cautious with the little a$$ kicker (thank you Daryl for that excellent quote) or 2) Kate doesn’t have HG but it’s something else and they’re trying to keep it a secret. I want to believe #1 but my gut feeling says it’s #2.

    • KG says:

      Yeah – I am doubting the HG diagnosis. Especially after the Australian phone call.

    • aims says:

      I think that’s intresting, what you said. Maybe( pure speculation at this point) she is having other issues with her pregancy. From purely a visual observation, she’s very thin. I know this sounds rude and invasive, but, I’m surprise she was able to have a period. Maybe her body is having a hard time right now.

      I understand why Will would have such a problem with paparatzi. I would too, if i were him. I also would be very protective of my spouse. The intrusive tactics these crappy people use would outrage me. He is diffrent from his dad, i think he will stand up for his family. I think he will be an amazing, loving, suportive dad. Partlty because, its who he is, but also, he had eyes growing up, im sure he saw things and was determine to do things differently. I honestly think that this is an honest to god marriage and as a husband he is protecting his family. Well done Will!!

    • Belle says:

      I posted about this yesterday (at length, so I will try to be short here!). I was thinking about this yesterday, mainly after talking to an old friend of mine about her pregnancy. She was very sick and missed a lot of work… her employer wanted a letter from her doctor, which he was happy to offer, and in the letter, stated a diagnoses of HG. He had said nothing of this to my friend… and while she was very sick early on… needed some IV fluids, and was on meds, she did improve gradually after the first trimester, and went off the meds at about 5 months. She doesn’t think she had HG. She thinks she just had some nasty morning sickness, but that her doctor mentioned HG in the note to her employer because it might be more acceptable that she would be sick enough to miss so much work if she had HG, than it would be with plain old morning sickness. Now, this sucks… but it is true. Regular morning sickness can vary a great deal, as can HG. Someone can be very sick, and need treatments, etc., and not have HG. But, a lot of people hear ‘morning sickness’ and roll their eyes.

      I do think she is sick. My theory is that if she doesn’t have HG, she was stricken with some nasty morning sickness… which she wouldn’t have wanted to tolerate for very long, if some treatment was possible. IV fluids often help a great deal if one is becoming dehydrated… and meds do help as well, even if just enough to help you function, be able to keep small amounts of food down, and stop begging people to kill you and put you out of your misery. If this is the case, and she is not just taken to the hospital for some IV fluids for hydration and possibly nausea medication, but was actually admitted so she could be watched more closely… well, if the official statement is that it was for morning sickness (which CAN be very bad, even if not HG), there would be plenty of eye-rolling and plenty of talk about how women deal with that all the time, yet Kate is hospitalized for it, being royalty and all. So, if they didn’t want that… it’s not much of a stretch to put the HG thing out there.

      Not saying this is the case… just a possibility.

      Ha! Not very short… oops(;

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Thanks for reposting this belle. I enjoyed it the 1st time you posted it and it made more sense than most peoples thoughts.

        It seems to be coming out now that this was an exaggeration to gain sympathy.

        Whatever anyone’s position is kaiser called it. Kate will have the worst pregnancy to gain sympathy and clear her work schedule until who knows. And nobody can call her out because the mom and difficult pregnancy card will trump all. Disclaimer: i mean this for only kate with nannies and vacations. Being a mom is hard and i hope no one takes this statement personally since i’m not directing it towards any of you.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I’m utterly confused as to why you and your friend DON’T think she (your friend) had HG.

        You’re saying: she had super-severe morning sickness (requiring an IV drip, anti-nausea meds and significant time off work) AND it lasted much longer than normal (but co-incidently as long as HG often lasts) AND the doctor said it was HG … but no, it couldn’t possibly have been HG.

        Huh? I really don’t understand where that conclusion came from.

        Why not go with Occam’s Razor and accept that it was HG?

    • Belle says:

      Another thing I wondered about… while morning sickness (the regular kind, or HG) can strike hard and fast, I’m not sure the actual diagnoses of HG is usually that fast (unless one has a history of it in prior pregnancies). No, we don’t have all the details… but it seemed that Kate was admitted to the hospital with the HG diagnoses, after getting very ill for what… a weekend? Maybe a few days more?

      I have great sympathy for anyone with HG, or any form of ‘morning/noon/night’ sickness. I could bawl just thinking about it, for it is truly miserable. I do think it very possible that Kate just has regular old morning sickness… nothing to scoff at if it is bad enough to need fluids and meds. Plenty would scoff though… unless the word is that she has an acute, very bad form of morning sickness… which even has a name that sounds very bad! This stops the eye-rolling mid-roll, garners a great deal of sympathy, and gives Kate some cover for her entire pregnancy. Probably a good plan(;

  12. CC says:

    I just don’t see they being that creative with names, and while Diana may be on the table since it was his mom (although I find the name horrible and unsuitable for a monarch, would do for a queen consort not born to the role, but the heir? nope), I don’t seally see they using the names on her side of the family. It’s the future monarch we’re talking here, they won’t get “creative” like that. My bet is on a solid, traditional name.

  13. marie says:

    so I’m guessing they won’t be going to France anytime soon?

    since I live in the U.S. I’m not really sure, but doesn’t the press across the pond treat them with kid gloves anyway?

  14. LAK says:

    William William William. What shall we do with William?

    Spoilt. Petulant. A royal pain. But hey, he is the heir, so he can get away with it.

    Ps: australia rules! That was funny.

  15. LeslieM says:

    Photographers stalked is mother more than anyone of all time. A photographer took a photo of his wife with a long, long lens. The courts ruled it was illegal and the photographer and paper are still awaiting a decision about jail time, the punishment under the law. Every morning news show reported the vast, vast majority of people believe her privacy was violated. Courts ruled
    Diana’s death was caused in part because photographers, especially some on motorcycles were trying to come along side of her car at high speeds. After her death, the mourning for her surpassed that for any other person in history. At twenty her husband made it clear he was in love with someone else and though she was fat. She overcame the anorexia that caused. She was the only person who was able to changed the way people felt about Aids patients. She save children from land mines and was able to help raise enormous amount of money for charity.

    William has every right to protect his wife a woman Time magizine chose as on of the most influential people. Vanity Fair calls her a fashion icon. She was among other things a web designer, clothes buyer, and wedding planner. She was thinking about trying photography, still trying to find herself. She will represent her country throughout the world.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I’m in stitches after reading your last paragraph! When did Kate become a WEDDING PLANNER?!

      As for trying photography, she did dabble in it, haven’t you seen her Borneo pics yet?

      Piss poor photos from a supposed ‘keen’ photographer. I could’ve taken those photos myself and I’m your typical “point and shoot” person.

      • LeslieM says:

        Look it up on her Internet biography. I didn’t say she was a good photographer. That really cracks you up?

      • GoodCapon says:

        You said that she was ‘thinking about trying photography’ when she’s been a photographer for a long time now.

        Your post cracks me up because I think you completely believe everything the media says about her!! I bet you also believe that she made lace famous again, that she and William made weddings ‘cool’ again, that they are a normal couple and that they live in a ‘modest’ cottage in Anglesey. But hey, whatever floats your boat ;)

      • Taylor says:

        I agree. I was not impressed at all by her photographs. I couldn’t see what was so fabulous about them. And I heard that “modest” cottage they live in has 5 bedrooms and its on the water. Thats real modest.

    • Suze says:

      I don’t think Kate was any of those things you mentioned.

      While Diana did great things for AIDs patients, and for destigmitizing AIDs at a time when it terrified people, she wasn’t the only one fighting that fight. Not by a long shot.

      Good PR for the royals, though! They may offer you a job – their own people aren’t doing such a hot job lately.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      LeslieM She bought a very nice camera. Nice cameras and going to nice locations makes taking a nice picture almost accidental.

      And let us not forget Diana invited the paps and teased them along. And her driver was wasted drunk. And she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
      That is what killed Diana.

      Harry seems well adjusted and handles the press very well with more dirty laundry being printed than William. Yet William is the one crying and making threats like a child that was just told no for the 1st time.

      And William has every right to have privacy with his wife, but making threats is just going to antagonize the photogs.

  16. PrettyTarheel says:

    The genetics can cause a ginger with both parents being non-ginger. Case in point: my gorgeous ginger son. My hair is almost black, and my husband’s is blond. If there are redheads on both sides of the family, there is a possibility the recessive gene could pop out. Anyone seen a redhead in Kate’s distant cousins?

  17. Angelic 20 says:

    William is such an entitled spoiled stubborn lazy brat , if he doesn’t want media to bother him or his wife then give up his title and go to Wales and live on the salary of an raf member but then he will not have Kate as his wife or his raf job or his vacation budget or loving Middleton family always ready to please him or a media that thinks he is amazing. he is so dumb to threaten media because they are the only reason he is still the golden prince, they have been covering his ass for such a long time.once he losses their sport there will be no coming back, his father is the best example for this. He works his ass off and do great work with his causes and yet media writes he should abdicate in favour of his son because he was successful in getting his wife pregnant. If William continues like this he will not only regret it in the future but also put the whole monarchy in danger. Rf exists only because of good press and pr, if they lose media’s support they will not survive long. At the end of the day he needs that for survival and not the other way around foolish man child.

  18. Velouria says:

    If she has twins, will everyone call IVF? hmm

    • Apples says:

      Probably because it will sell.
      But, there is now a higher incidence of naturally occurring multiple births because the age of first time mothers is getting older.
      If an older first time mother has never had a miscarriage or abortion then her chances of a natural multiple baby pregnancy shoots up. Researchers are theorizing that it is nature’s biological way of compensating for the perceived shortage of babies.

  19. Flora Kitty says:

    James is not that common of a royal baby name, but it goes back to the Stuarts (just like Anne and Charles). Also, it has been used in the recent past. The Earl and Countess of Wessex used it for their son (James, Viscount Severn).

    • Christina says:

      This baby will actually be related to the Stewarts as the Spencers were descended from them.

      • Lauren says:

        It’s spelt the “Stuarts” not the “Stewards” and both Camilla, Diana are related to that house as are and countless other aristrocrats. Many are related to the even older houses of that country and historians acknowledge that some families have a considerable more amount of claim to the throne

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


        It’s a bummer but I’m in the middle of a move and don’t have the internet right now. YouTube viewing would destroy my BlackBerry, but for it’s worth I thank you for the link and will watch it when I get the chance. Your comments on the royals make me cackle like a goon, so I’ve no doubt that you sent me something entertaining. I’ll just have to be patient and thank you again.

        Oh, snap! I meant to say that it William I who had the abcess problem and tried to drink himself thin. That story about him exploding effluvia over those poor monks trying to stuff him into his coffin, causing everyone to run off screaming into the shadows never gets old.

        Oh miasma, why don’t we have a holiday for you?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I don’t imagine they would want a future king to share a name with the most recent King James, who was overthrown. Interesting, the way that we Commonwealth-dwellers pronounce things differently from our friends across the Atlantic, isn’t it?

      They say ‘ore-GAN-o’, we say ‘o-RE-gano’
      They say ‘Him-AL-y-as’ we say ‘Hima-LAY-as’
      They say ‘Glorious Revolution’, we say, ‘Who the heck started up the whole ‘bloodless coup’ nonsense? Are you new?’

      Ah, vagaries.

      When the infamy outlives the monarch (the male ones, at least), people don’t tend to revisit that well. Have you ever heard of King Stephen II, or King John II, Richard IV, Henry IX? Frankly, I’m surprised that George made it past number four.

      As far as Williams go, what jumps out at me is that they seem to be known as rulers who weren’t popular with the people and managed to turn out kind of fugly. William IV got all fat and abcess-filled (he was eating for 100 000, after all, that’s a bad kind of ‘harrying’) and tried to slim down with a booze diet, I think Rufus was a effectively a wine barrel in a wig if physical descriptions fit, of course that would hard to know since people who got too close ended up castrated and with their eyes put out. III was a Dutch management guy, but once his wife died, he was just a foreigner who hobbled, had a kind of withered arm and a true hunchback. Shallowness isn’t a recent invention and it’s too bad Shakespeare was already long dead when this dude limped on to the scene. IV was a bit of a thickie when it came to things that weren’t naval and had the soscial graces to match. And I dare you to look at a picture of him and not see a pineapple head.

      This guy’s Tiger Beat days are long gone and while it’s understandable that he’s gun-shy and it’s admirable to want to defend his family, the execution is carried out in the manner of a child, not a man. All of those sashes and medals are increasingly just costuming as the generations go by.

  20. Talie says:

    William is kind of fascinating…he seems to carry so many issues about his mother (not surprising). I do wonder what goes on behind closed doors or what Kate has to put up with.

    • not a royal fan says:

      Diana’s his ghoulish trump card to get away from responsibility. Wee Willie Windsor loves to muzzle the press when they’re oh-so-naughty and then beckons them when they’re doing a “staged” duty of feeding the poor. (After which time they get in their private jets or limousines to be whisked back to the palace or to some other luxurious place. Did someone ever think that this is the beginning of the AntiChrist-like politics. The politicians decide what the minions can access and the start of that is William…

  21. Angelic 20 says:

    Pippa well never be this child’s God mother, no way in hell. Forget about pippa I will be surprised if Harry is chosen as a God father. It is the hire we are taking about, they are very formal about the hire. Maybe with the second child but not with this one.

  22. littlemissnaughty says:

    I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling too sympathetic when the whole naked pap shots happened, mostly because I thought “If you take your top of outside, there is ALWAYS a chance someone will see. Get over it, who cares.” and yeah, I see the other side but I couldn’t really get worked up about it.
    But come on, the man’s wife is preggers for the first time, she’s growing an heir, it’s all so much pressure and now she’s in hospital as well. Give him a break.
    Also, I don’t think that this whole “Their lavish lifestyle is funded by taxpayer money so shut up and serve us!” argument holds up. First of all, these people work hard. Maybe we envy their luxury vacations, sure but it’s not like their “lifestyle” is pure joy. Have you ever paid attention to the Queen’s or Charles’ schedule? Man. I would be TIRED. And these two will have to get with the program as well pretty soon. So no, they’re not lazy.
    And more importantly, they save the PM a lot of time, taking over representative duties. If the head of the government is also the head of state? Yeah, a lot of time will be spent … not governing. I’m not from the UK but in Germany it’s the same principle without the monarch. The Euro would probably dead by now if Merkel had to act as head of state as well.

    • Suze says:

      The Queen works hard. Princess Anne works hard. Prince Philip works hard. Charles and Camilla – eh, they work sorta hard.

      As for Kate and William? Maybe they will work hard in the future.

    • LAK says:

      As kaiser said when this story broke, a baby is PR genius. To continue to point out their lack of work will be seen as bitchy and witchy…so they win.

      The only person who has a job and job description is the Monarch.

      If Charles had taken the view that he wasn’t the monarch yet and should therefore stay private then he have 60yrs of sitting around doing nothing [or his own private activities]. ditto all his siblings and other members of the RF.

      They have all created a position/job for themselves which William and Kate have not. They are simply following what everyone else has done without thought as to how to make it work for them or try to create their own niche even as they complain about the job. I put the blame squarely on William here.

      Harry on the other hand is on the way to creating his own job. When he leaves the army, there will not be meaningless ribbon cutting for him. He is already the preferred ambassador amongst the young royals over William.

      For all this woe is me tale, William is often to be found indulging his personal whims and desires rather than doing any work.

  23. the original liv says:

    So what happens if the press doesn’t listen? He’s threatening them “or else” – or else what? Will they be beheaded? Locked in the towers? Just curious.

    Also, I know that a lot of people like Charlotte for he name, but I thought that the royal family had a bad track record with Charlottes. Also even if the first name is Diana, it doesn’t mean that there will we a queen Diana – like Charles isn’t gonna be King Charles (bad history), he’s gonna go by another name.

  24. Lucy says:

    The last Princess Charlotte of Wales died tragically, as a result of child birth gone terribly wrong. Not a good omen. Far more likely they’ll choose Victoria – who ironically only existed because of the frantic pressure on the sons of George III to procreate and create another royal heir pronto after Charlotte’s death.

  25. Kylie says:

    Then why did they announce it so early on? They could have waited until she was like 5 or 6 months and then share the news. This will be the most annoying pregnancy EVER. Day 3 and I’m already over it.

  26. Dani says:

    *GODPARENTS. Everyone says Pippa as godmother and Prince Harry as godfather. I think those are some excellent bets, but the royal family might demand that Will and Kate choose only royalty, in which case I think Zara Phillips might be the back-up choice for godmother.

    That whole thing bothers me. Why shold the Queen or some other royal dictate who the childs godparents are?? FFS Pipa is her sister, regardless of her disastrous book and constant media attention, Kate and Pipa have a good relationship and she will be this childs aunt. If Harry can be appointed godfather, and we all know his track record, Pipa should be godmother. The Palace makes me sick with their superiority complex, always thinking they’re better and above everyone.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I think they have like four or five godparents, so Pippa could still be a godmother. (Perhaps a godmother and godfather for each name, lol!)

    • Jess says:

      This is the heir to the British throne we are talking about – tradition dictates that the godparents will probably be either royal themselves or well-born. It may be something you (and others) will disagree with, but the Monarchy has the right to decide on godparents as they please. I don’t see it as a superiority complex, but rather a nod to the traditions of a royal house, which the British Monarchy is steeped in, many hundreds of years worth.

      Pippa Middleton will never be made a godparent, IMO – the palace has had a lot of trouble with her in the media. Prince Harry will have a better shot at godparent.

      Prince William is godparent to the son of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, so I really think a member of the Greek Royal Family will be in the mix, also as a nod to Prince Phillip’s house.

  27. Christina says:

    Has Wee Willie Windsor ever – even once in his life – expressed concern about the press invading the privacy of non ‘royals’? Or is only his family entitled to this, despite living off the public purse?

    Obviously I agree that Kate should not be hounded by the press, but she has far, far more protection than your ordinary celeb. William’s words would have a bit more credibility if he ever showed concern for the lower orders. But he doesn’t.

  28. HoustonGrl says:

    I loved Diana and miss her. But I think it’s unfair to blame the paparazzi for her death. She died in what was ultimately a drunk driving accident in which no one was wearing a seat belt (unless you believe all the conspiracy theories). The royal family benefits greatly from all the paparazzi coverage they receive, they know they walk that fine line.

  29. not a royal fan says:

    I find Autumn Kelly Phillips a breath of fresh air… She didn’t attend places where she knew Peter would be either – I mean, she wasn’t a stalker or out to play games to catch the crown. She didn’t even know Peter Phillips was a Royal. Now, two babies later and not a peep…

    • LeslieM says:

      Diana and Charles didn’t find each other naturally. They had barely met. He was in love with someone else he couldn’t marry. Diana was picked for him and he hated it. I think William was of his own mind when he chose Kate. It’s a different time. They were friends in school. Dated for a while, then stopped. He told the Queen after he asked to marry her and look how happy they seem together. Charles and Diana looked miserable. Remember the “Whatever love
      is” comment. Charles told the whole world he didn’t love her in his first interview about their engagement.

      • LeslieM says:

        Sorry “Not a fan”, I though I was posting to someone who said other Royals found their mates naturally and Kate and William were a set- up, but that comment is no longer there. I agree with what you said.

      • Christina says:

        I wouldn’t say Charles ‘barely knew’ Diana. He had known her since she was a child, although given how much younger she was, they couldn’t have had a friendship. For a while, it seemed as though Charles would marry one of Diana’s elder sisters, but that didn’t happen.

        I agree that it’s a generational thing. Charles was still of the mentality that ‘royals’ marry for duty, not for love. Diana’s job was to produce an heir and a spare, smile sweetly at official engagements, and turn a blind eye to his philandering. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I suppose.

      • LAK says:

        @LeslieM – i take my previous comment back. You aren’t joking with your posts. You really believe this stuff.

        The Spencers not only knew the royal family socially but actually rented a house on Sandrigham where Diana spent her early years.

        Charles dated Diana’s sister before Diana. [not concurrently of course], and Diana’s Grandmother was the Queen Mother’s Lady-in-Waiting.

        I think you’ll find they met more naturally than the Charles bashers will have you believe.

      • taxi says:

        I thought Charles “couldn’t marry” Camilla because she’d already married someone else.

      • Christina says:


        I’m not sure. I think when Charles first met Camilla she was still single. If what I’ve heard is correct, the problem was that she was not considered of sufficiently high-birth or pristine enough reputation to marry a Prince of Wales.

      • LAK says:

        @Christina – Camilla has the greatest opening chatup line ever, if we believe the legend.

  30. Dena says:

    To those of you saying that he’s being over-protective or too much in trying to shield her – we talk a lot about the changes mothers-to-be go through when pregnant, but what about Dad’s? My normally laidback, laissez faire husband got extremely protective when I became pregnant – almost overnight he didn’t want me doing things he’d never have blinked at before. He’d lose his mind if someone cut me off in traffic and were almost in an accident. Ditto for shielding me in public (it kind of drove me nuts, honestly). The thought of becoming a father completely changed him – he even started dieting and taking better care of his health because he wanted to be around.
    Now imagine if, thrown into all that, you had the press. And a difficult start to the pregnancy. I’m no royal apologist – in fact, I was ticked because their wedding was the same week my son was born & I thought everyone on FB should be paying attn to my son ;) – but I do feel for William as a man.

  31. The Original Denise says:

    Let’s hope she can at least keep her clothes on during her pregnancy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  32. Guest says:

    I guess he should inform the mighty media with regular updates about his wife; because those perfect humans in that profession has his best interest at heart.

  33. JMP says:

    Maybe its just me but she reminds me of that Duggar mother in the first picture.

  34. Jessica says:

    “[William] is more than willing and accepting to dedicate his life to the British people and lead a life of public service and duty.”<===What a f-ing joke!
    Will, get over yourself and STOP bullying the press!!!!

  35. Grace says:

    His mother got murdered by the press. He has every right to make sure his wife and child are not harmed.
    He’s doing the best he can for his family. Apparently there are a lot of crappy parents posting who would not do the same for their own kids.

    • megsie says:

      Absolutely. Considering the way he lost his mother, no wonder at all he would react so strongly. A very understandble sore spot for him I would think. He’s protecting his wife and child as any good man should and I hope he gives the press hell.

    • LAK says:

      His mother was not murdered by the press.

      She actively sort them out, teased them, promising bigger revelations.

      Also the Palace are the best protection from the press. As soon as his mother refused Palace protection and bodyguards, the press were able to hound her.

      The Palace tried to help her but she continually refused that help.

      This Diana card that William pulls is BS.

      ps:- i am not blaming her for her untimely end, and the press’s hand in it but let’s not pretend she was a victim of the press because she was not.

      Also, ultimately, we are to blame because the press only publishes stories that sell.

      If we weren’t interested in it, they would soon stop – case in point, Pippa and the repeated attempts by the press to make her a thing.

    • the original liv says:

      his mother was died because of a drunk driver (and because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt) and refusing palace protection (which he, his wife, and the fetus has). so let’s not always blame the press for everything.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I certainly understand why William & Harry would be touchy/hostile towards the press. It would be strange if they had a neutral attitude towards them.

  36. fleur says:

    Please!!!!!!!William is being a big dramaqueen.From day one he and his wife have been playing the victims of the press.The British press has given Kate all the space to go shopping and doing her hair.This baby is a way for Kate to rebrand herself and to avoid all royalduties.These two are bone idle and lazy.William should thank the press for allowing them to be playing at a ”normal” couple in Wales.

    • Raven says:

      Have you been living in a cave? Producing and heir and a spare is Catherine’s job. Not dedicating monuments or anything else. She can choose to do those things, but marrying the future king requires her to have children.

      • Jessica says:

        In order for them to continue, in this day and age, to recieve tax payer funded everything, they have a duty to the tax payer to give back/do charity/royal duties. Yes, any royal woman’s job is to have an heir, but they are expected to do SO much more than that. Considering they don’t actually work for the lifestyle they lead “dedicating monuments [and] anything else” IS their job. They can’t choose not to do charity and royal duties for too long or else people will complain that they’re living off the public’s hard earned tax money for free–which is already starting to happen. And Will and Kate are lazy and always have been-especially her. This “sickness” is just an excuse for her to not do anything for the next nine months and the public can’t complain because she’s so “sick”–other royal pregnant women have worked during their pregnancies. I’ll bet she’ll not be too “sick” to go shopping and attend any fun events, while she’ll totally be too “sick” to do any actual work.

      • Hmmm says:

        If begetting an heir and a spare is Waity’s “job” then I guess animals must be the most hard working beings on this planet. And they don’t get paid for it like she does. Puleeze. Breeding is easy.

  37. MousieBrown says:

    Charles could have married Camilla – he wasn’t ready to settle down so she got in a snit and married someone else.

  38. Elly says:

    whine, whine, whine.
    William behaves like a teenie. He is now 30, but he is only a spoilt prince. I know people praise him “Ohh Dianas poor son, he is so normal etc.” blah.

    He seems to be a miserable character unlike his brother.

  39. Kelly says:

    Seriously dislike him. Sounds like a spoiled baby.

  40. LadyConstance says:

    William has good reason to hate the press, his Mother died in a car chase, caused by the Paps.
    Henri Paul was drunk and if only Diana had been wearing her seatbelt… But that doesn’t change the fact of the matter, Paps were involved as well. They were horrible to Diana, they called her names and were very abusive.

    • LAK says:

      William clearly hasn’t learnt how to deal with the press and yet he is better protected than his brother.

      Harry also had the same trauma of watching what happened with their mother and yet he is hounded, taunted, privacy invaded ad nauseum. The paps say vile things to Harry and the ladies they assume are his girlfriends in order to get a reaction. No one calls for his protection from the press or gives him a pass for having sufferred the same trauma.

    • the original liv says:

      i don’t think it’s as simple as that. the buck doesn’t stop at the press. if there wasn’t a demand for it, would the press be hounding celebrities? so before we go blaming the press for everything (and i’m in no way absolving them of any blame), we should also acknowledge that we also contribute to the paparazzi subculture (and yes, that includes me and you).

      you know, sometimes I wonder….people always says william hates the press and all that. i wonder if it ever occurred to william that the press are the way they are in part because of the people. so maybe he really hates the press and the people. and ultimately that is why he’s so reluctant to perform his royal duties, cause he hates the people. haha…

  41. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Tried to resist, can’t stop…the…zing.

    Of course he would be fussed and nervous about the press, it must be traumatic to see people doing their jobs when he’s never had one. This is alien territory for him.

    Whew, I feel so relaxed.

  42. Ana says:

    I think Kate has had eating disorders for a while now and if indeed she is pregnant then its possible her body is in a less than ideal state to cope with it. She may very well have been dehydrated and malnourished, but I highly doubt it’s due to HG. Just my 2c.

  43. Big Jock Kent says:

    That poor(lizard) baby is going to starve !
    She’s got no tits.

  44. CM says:

    I can understand why he feels the way he does, what I don’t understand, is why he feels that voicing his anger or disapproval is going to make any difference. Paparazzi are going to hound Kate, because there are people who like the idea of ‘royalty’ and getting a glimpse into their lives, and that will result in a big paycheck for any photographer that gets the ‘money shot’. It’s this SAME interest that makes it possible for him and his family to be wealthy. So, rather than irritate the people who pay your salary, or come off like a hypocrite, whiner, or as someone who places a disproportionate amount of blame on the press for his mother’s death, it seems to me the best way to ‘win’, would be to enact some sort of legislation that makes it difficult or illegal for there to be any financial gain for candid photos that violate a reasonable expectation of privacy, and for him to admit that although his mother died as a result of a high-speed chase, her death probably would’ve been avoided had her driver not been drinking and she been wearing a seat-belt, and for him to create some PSA’s and promote awareness.

  45. Sam says:

    Ugggggh. And we thought Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy was long. She is gonna seem pregnant for like 2 years. It’s been what, a week, and I’m so sick of the story.