Ashley Judd considering a 2014 run for McConnell’s Senate seat in Kentucky

I heard about these rumors just after the election last month, but Politico had a new story a few days ago in which several sources are now confirming something awesome/terrible. Ashley Judd is actively considering a Senate run in 2014. The initial rumors had her considering a run in Tennessee or Kentucky, but Politico says that if she runs, it will definitely be in Kentucky (which is where she grew up). And if she runs in 2014, that means she’ll be running against the current Senate Minority Leader (and thorn in Pres. Obama’s side) Mitch McConnell. You can read the full Politico story here, and here are some highlights:

Ashley Judd vs. Mitch McConnell? It might not be as far-fetched as you think. The Hollywood movie star and eighth-generation Kentuckian is seriously exploring a 2014 run for the Senate to take on the powerful Republican leader, four people familiar with the matter tell POLITICO. In recent weeks, Judd has spoken with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) about the possibility of a run, has discussed a potential bid with a Democratic pollster and has begun to conduct opposition research on herself to see where she’s most vulnerable in the Bluegrass State, sources say.

Whether Judd jumps into the race remains far from certain. She’s reportedly also weighing whether to wait until 2016 to instead take on freshman Sen. Rand Paul, sources say. But if Judd does become a candidate, she would be the biggest celebrity to run for the Senate since Al Franken’s successful 2008 bid for the Minnesota seat. And her entrance would add a level of star power to a race that was already poised to be the highest-profile in the country with the Senate Republican leader up for a sixth term in 2014.

“She is doing all the things that a serious candidate exploring a race should do,” Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) told POLITICO after speaking with her. “I think there are a lot of people, and I was one of them, who wanted to let her know that her candidacy would be an exciting prospect for us. That’s what I wanted her to know. A lot of the labor unions, they were telling me that too.”

A Judd spokeswoman declined to comment beyond an earlier statement when the actress said she was “very honored” by the consideration, but didn’t shut the door on a run.

Democrats privately acknowledge that recruiting isn’t easy against McConnell, as the state’s strongest Democrats may instead run for governor in 2015 rather than face the GOP leader’s machine in a bare-knuckle Senate bid. That’s why some Democrats are calling on Judd to run — she could raise a ton of cash, energize the base and would have significant name recognition in the state. Yet other Democrats are nervous about her prospective candidacy: She’d be pegged as a liberal, out of touch with conservative Kentucky; she has no experience running for office; and she now lives outside her home state.

McConnell’s campaign is already talking about how it’s prepared to tear apart any Democrat who joins the fray.

“It’s going to sting,” Jesse Benton, McConnell’s campaign manager, warned to any candidates considering a run. “We’re going to make sure that you don’t come out with your nose clean. We’re going to drive your negatives up and very aggressively and publicly litigate your record before the citizens of Kentucky.”

“This is not a free run to prime yourself for future office in ’15,” said Benton, who declined to comment on Judd specifically.

[From Politico]

Politico goes on to discuss the causes Ashley has been involved with over the years, including AIDS research, treatment and prevention, women’s right to choose, and her criticism of mountaintop removal mining. She’s a well-known and out-spoken liberal Democrat, which will help bring money to a possible race, of course, but it doesn’t even guarantee her the Democratic nomination in Kentucky, considering the more conservative demographics.

But really… this is just further evidence (in my mind) of how out-of-touch most political operatives are about “the real world”. Anyone who has read a celebrity blog over the past year would be able to tell you this is a horrible idea. Ashley Judd should be considered an extremely flawed potential candidate for state-wide office. Her speeches would be nonsensical ramblings of “big words” thrown together, and she wouldn’t be able to handle legitimate (or off-side) criticism without throwing a massive hissy fit and calling all Kentuckians “misogynists” for failing to compliment her “flawless skin”. Can you even imagine Ashley in a debate against Sen. McConnell? Good God, that would be a mess. I guess strategically, it would make sense to run Judd against McConnell if the Dems feel like they have no chance at the seat and they just want to raise money or something. But even then, surely there are better candidates?

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  1. smartyparty says:

    She is doing everything that she can to distract from her face. The hair, the bow, the bum pose. LOL

  2. phlyfiremama says:

    She is highly educated, knowledgeable on the issues, and I think she would have no problem beating that POS Mitch McConnel. That man has caused so much damage to our country, and Kentucky, that he SHOULD be sitting in a jail but obviously he has the same lawyer as the teflon crackie. She certainly wouldn’t be WORSE than any candidate the gop could field…time to take out the rest of the trash, and bring in a new political era with more women leaders.

    • Dusty says:

      Most Kentuckians agree, she is a huge fan of UK Basketball, but other than that, she is pretty much absent from life in Kentucky. There are a lot more qualified folks to run against Mitch who have given their life to public service in the political arena. She is just grandstanding because her career is hitting the breaks.

  3. Joanna says:

    her face looks really puffy. maybe fillers? speaking of which, do any of you use botox and/or fillers? i am about to turn 37 and my face has gotten so skinny and i am really stating to show my age. i am thinking about trying botox, not sure about fillers. anybody have first hand experience with either?

    • LeslieM says:

      It really does. She commented on it a pretty long time ago. I think she said it was because of medication she was taking. Steroids maybe?

    • tmbg says:

      I just turned 37. According to the doctor I went to, I’m a “sinker, not a sagger,” meaning I lose fat in my face. I tried Botox and some fillers a couple of years ago. I’m not sure I’d do Botox again. He was very good at being conservative and leaving me with enough movement to be able to make a face and not look like Nicole Kidman, but I felt like both of my (already small) eyes looked smaller. It was nice having a smooth forehead, but I love bangs, so that problem is solved.

      Fillers were wonderful. He was also conservative with those and gave me just enough to give me a cheekbone and restore volume to my face. Once the swelling went down (a couple of days maybe), it just looked so much better. It lasted longer than I thought it would too, and I feel like my face never went back to being as “flat” as it used to be.

      The key is finding a judicious plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Do your research and interview them. Ask to see their work and see if you can get recommendations. If you go to the wrong one, then the Madonna effect happens and you get those chipmunk cheeks.

      A good magazine to read before doing this would be New Beauty. It’s a quarterly and $10, but full of good information. You can find it at Barnes & Noble. Forums like the one at Essential Day Spa are also good places to visit because the members there discuss various anti-aging techniques and their experiences with fillers, Botox, etc.

      I hope this helps! The last birthday I didn’t mind celebrating was probably 28, LOL.

    • Velouria says:

      I use both. Botox and fillers. And I am like tbmg, a “sinker” not a sagger. I use botox for forehead lines and to prevent crowsfeet and fillers for eye hollows and a few other places that have gotten too thin around my face. And VERY little in my chicken lips.

      I turned 40 over the summer and my age usually gets guessed around early 30s. Needless to say they’ve been a lifesaver for this paranoid, mid-life-crisis having lady! :D

    • Kloops says:

      Yes! It really depends on your Dr and the approach you take. I have recently gotten judicious amounts of both Botox and Juvederm. I did not tell a soul before hand (and hubby was out of town) bc the people closet to me absolutely would comment if I looked different and I wanted honest feedback.

      And I did get comments. Things like “you look pretty” “did you get a new lip gloss” “why does your skin look so good? What are you using?”

      And I’ve told all of them the truth bc I am not ashamed. It is very subtle. No trout pout and I can completely move my eyebrows. I still have laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. Done conservatively and in the hands of a good dr it is completely worth it IMO. I’m 40 and have always looked youthful so I’m not sure I’d say I look younger but I look well rested

      • tmbg says:

        Yes, me too! My dad, who thinks anyone who has any sort of procedure or plastic surgery done will turn out looking like Michael Jackson, didn’t even notice a thing.

        I didn’t get any comments from people saying something was different about me. My mom, husband and MIL knew and said I looked nice, but that was it. That’s just how I wanted it because all I was looking for was a refreshed look.

    • Joanna says:

      Thanks, guys! I was wanting some independent feedback from people who had used it, not just a dermatologist who would make money off me doing it. If you know anyone in Jacksonville, Florida area, lemme know! : )

    • Anna says:

      I am 42 and I still have the same “full” skin/face that I did in my twenties. No fillers, botox, not even an expensive night cream. Here are the tricks:

      Drink a lot of water. It rehydrates and plumps up the skin. Water is banal, but this does work. What you amy think is sinking and sagging can be dehydration.

      I consume a lot of vitamin c. This is what keeps collagen “plump” . When collagen begins to deterioriate, the skin sags

      No drinking (red wine is all right), no smoking

      Stay away from sugar. This also contributes to the breakdown of collagen.

      Eat very light and very fresh.

      Stay away from these hocus pocus treatments. I mean, look at this woman with those chipmunk cheeks. She looks matronly

  4. Aubra says:

    There aren’t many celebs I care for mixing with politics, she’s one of them…

  5. Nan209 says:

    What the heck is up with that hair? Sorry. I got distracted from the political topic by it the Bride of Frankenstein hairdo Ashley is sporting.

    Okay. Back to point. Well, it won’t hurt to have a Dem running against Mitchy-boy.

    I’m pretty sure you nailed it – McMitch will make mince meat out of Ashley. Oh, wait. They both talk in nonsensical ramblings barely laced with facts. So maybe it would just be entertaining to watch the two of them have a looney tunes face off.

    Pass the bible, pass the popcorn, and sit in the front pew for the show.

    • I have been reading the comments about Ashley Judd and I found yours particularly offensive because of your reference to the Bible. “Mitchey Boy” as you call him is a hateful racist who has done nothing but obstruct the work of congress since you sent him there. I just wonder how you can call yourself a Christian and fill yourself with hatred for the people your God created and placed on this planet, if that is what happened. You probably don’t know the first thing that is in the Bible or you would be practicing it. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Isn’t that how the saying goes? I Think you should wake up and smell the coffee. It takes a little grey matter between the ears to run a country and for some reason, I think, grey matter is what Kentucky is missing.

  6. Ms Kay says:

    Oh well let’s see what happens eh.

  7. V4Real says:

    Go for it Ashley. It worked for Reagan, Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

    But do me one favor and changed that birds nest on top of your head first.

  8. KellyinSeattle says:

    I agree about the hair. Maybe she can vote to have it not so tall. I do kind of like Ashley and think she’d do a fair/good job. I’d give her a chance. Dario is really handsome.

  9. Apples says:

    This should be magic because she’s cray-cray.
    She may be informed but, she’s certainly not mentally balanced.
    CAN NOT wait!

  10. Jen says:

    Ugh. She is an idiot. And, I know this from personal experience, a mean, hateful person.

    No thanks.

    • Aubra says:

      Yikes! I HATE hearing this about celebs, or anybody. I get that they have alot of demands on their time and what have you. At most I thought she comes off as pertentious and a bit too intense and pushy, didn’t think she was an unbearable beast!

  11. Cazzee says:


    Would love to see her run for the state senate first, or maybe as a city council member. Experience matters, and being a Senator is way more difficult than being an actress (no offense). Plus, making government policy at 35,000 feet is usually best done after time spent actually working in local/state government on the ground.

    She really needs to get some experience before running as a serious candidate. Otherwise she will indeed flame out.

  12. lucy2 says:

    After reading a few first hand accounts of people who had to deal with her, she seems like an obnoxious wackadoo. She’ll fit right in!

  13. tmbg says:

    The hair is awful, but I think she has a really pretty face. She already mentioned she had to take steroids for something, so maybe she’s still on them, which is causing the puffiness. Either way, she still looks good.

    Compared to what’s out there, I don’t think she’d do such a bad job in politics, but she might want to start off in a less prominent position to see what it’s like.

  14. RTR_Girl says:

    Go for it, Ashley. It will just be one more fantastic thing to mock you about. All the Judds need to STFU and go away.

  15. Molly says:

    She has service dogs with her at all times because of depression. Nuff said.

  16. bopit says:

    I’m a Kentuckian, and this frightens me. As much as I disagree with some of McConnell’s viewpoints, I do not see Ms. Judd as the answer to our bigger issues. She needs to stick to cheering on our Wildcats.

  17. WTF says:

    I don’t have an opinion about her political ambitions. I just came on here to say DAAAAAAAAAAMN her husband is fine!
    That’s what we need to be talking about. If she runs for office, then we will see him on the campaign trail with her all the time. I vote yes.

  18. darth says:

    Doubt she’d be any worse than McConnell, but a friend of mine once saw her at an airport using the “Don’t you know who I am?” line. I’d hate to put an entitled narcissist in any position of power. But I guess nearly all politicians are entitled narcissists :/

  19. Aubra says:

    You know what tho? As a Carolina fan, I never forgot when this bitch had the nerve to come on to our side at the basketball game in her Kentucky shirt cheering her team. I hope she gets dragged!

  20. JenD says:

    I recently read a snippet of an article (can’t remember where now) about the possible run – her grandmother was interviewed about it, and the impression I got was that her grandmother thought AJ should not run for office. Called her a “Hollywood liberal” and then supported the man AJ would be running against.

  21. holly hobby says:

    I commented on another site that she was a pretentious twit and the Repubs would really tear her apart (not good considering she had mental issues in the past). People basically told me, but she’s intelligent. Folks, every single person in Congress are educated but that doesn’t mean they can run a country. The current fiscal cliff is proof positive of that.

    I’m with Celebitchy. I think this is a terrible idea – unless Dems want to lose.

  22. flower says:

    I though Ashley was a Scientologist, wouldn’t that pretty much exclude her from gaining enough votes to win.

    Is she really a Scientologist or was that just idle gossip?

  23. Alicia says:

    I think I will call her Alvin Judd now

  24. EscapedConvent says:

    I wanted to comment on Ashley, but that was before I was dumbstruck by that supernaturally inconceivably gorgeous man in the picture.

    New words will need to be invented to describe Dario’s pretty pretty face. I’m out of ideas.