Channing Tatum announces plans to quit acting (for a year) and direct his first film

Some of you have fought The Rise of Charming Potato (name credit: Pajiba). Some of you still complain that Channing is nothing but a dumb meathead who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Some of you refuse to find him sexy in the least. Your numbers are dwindling! Because Channing Tatum is HERE and he will charm you. Charming Potato 4 Eva. After being named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive AND GQ’s Man of the Year, I do think that Channing is pretty much Establishment Hollywood at this point. He is here and he’s going to stay here, and he’s going to be making movies for a while.

What’s funny about Channing is that he’s constantly underestimated. Several years ago he started his own production company, and it was considered little more than a vanity project, an overreach by a dumb jock. Channing and his team worked hard, made some solid connections, and Channing – as he has always done – picked the right projects. Channing was a producer on both 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike (a film that originated at Channing’s production company), and he’s now established himself as a solid producer as well as an in-demand actor. So what’s next for Channing? He just told Entertainment Weekly that after The Year of Charming Potato, he’s going to be taking a year off to find a project to direct!!! Charming Potato, Director?

…After a year that saw him explode onto the A-list with a hat trick of hits — The Vow, 21 Jump Street, and Magic Mike — Channing Tatum says he’s planning on taking a break from acting next year to focus on finding a project to direct with his production partner (and Magic Mike screenwriter) Reid Carolin.

“[Reid and I] have about three to four ideas that we love that are all in the hopper. By the end of next year, we’re going to shut things down and write the first thing that we’re going to direct,” says Tatum, who has been developing a Magic Mike sequel and an Evel Knievel biopic with Carolin. “We’re going to be like, alright, no more acting parts for a minute, let’s take a few and really get caring about that section of our career.”

You can’t blame the guy for wanting a breather. Tatum earned a spot on EW’s Entertainers of the Year list for being one of 2012′s best and most tireless actors, starring in five movies in 2012. And he’s got at least another four lined up for 2013, including the medical thriller Side Effects (directed by Steven Soderbergh), the action spectacular White House Down, and the new Bennett Miller drama Foxcatcher.

“I love the steps that I’ve taken acting-wise. That has been a wild sort of exploration,” he says. “But I don’t want to just keep putting [directing] off for these fun and incredible opportunities.”

While he might not have a film school education, Tatum says he and Carolin have already spent the last few years learning the craft from the best in the business, especially Magic Mike director Soderbergh.

“I don’t think Reid and I would have the balls to try to make a movie without learning what we did from Soderbergh and [assistant director] Greg Jacobs,” he says. “It was like a crazy crash course Cliff Notes on directing and how to make movies, literally get them done. We had a Matrix-style download, like a plug in the back of the head and bloop! I know Kung Fu now.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

There are certain sayings in LA that came to be because they are universally true – everyone wants to be a producer and every actor says he really wants to direct. While it would be easy to dismiss Channing as a wannabe, or a Franco (can we start using “Franco” as a code for “pretentious douche who thinks he’s making high ART”?), Channing has been dismissed many times before and he’s always excelled. I think the world just needs to deal with certain facts: 1) Channing Tatum is not the dumb jock that everyone says he is and 2) Channing might actually be the closest thing to an “heir” for actor/producers like George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

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  1. someone says:

    call me crazy, i think he’s pretty damn charming and i usually go for the hiddleston/cumberbatch types. he really surprised me in 21 jump street (way funnier than jonah, who is supposed to be the main comedic factor in that movie). idk he’s likeable and he’s not a total douche so i don’t mind if he sticks around. also his wife is beautiful but damn she has a case of the serious bitchface.

  2. Miss Kiki says:

    Yay for Channing, he’s slowly edging himself into ‘forever dong’ territory. My love for him has been burning for about 6 years now. Mr Tatum long may you reign.

    • missiecoco says:


      he’s fantastic because he’s not full of himself and never pretends to be something he’s not. He’s a great person & he deserves all the success in the world.
      His production company produced ‘Made of Glass’ which won a Peabody Award. He & his wife are on board with lots of charities and both work their butts off.
      He’s amazing, just accept it y’all!

  3. Mia 4S says:

    Now the inevitable; Quit acting? When did he start?.

    Seriously, this is the definition of “whatever”.

  4. Isa says:

    2nd picture) so freaking hot. Why hide behind a camera 😣😏

  5. Samigirl says:

    I am SOOOOO stoked for Side Effects! I look on IMDB for news about it everrrry day!

    I really didn’t get CT’s appeal at first. I didn’t watch Dear John or The Vow or anything like that. I’d never seen Step Up, either. My husband wanted to get 21 Jump Street, so I snatched it up from Red Box, and then I had to buy it. I couldn’t believe how damn likable CT is. And now, I’ve seen everything he is in, and own most of it. You win, Channing.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Glad to see he has another convert. Welcome to the club. Aside from the fact that I think he’s really hot, CT always seems like a decent guy and he’s grafted to get where he is. I’m now willing to forgive your momentary lapse of judgement yesterday when you started lusting after My Viking.

      • Samigirl says:

        Ha. Thanks Kiki. Alex (that’s what I call him) said to tell you he’s happy we have settled our differences!

        Rose, that is SO kind of you, but, while I scour for info, I try to not watch trailers and read spoilers for movies/shows I want to see! Thank you though!

    • rose says:

      I have the script for Side effects if you want it?. Also White House down the movie were he place secret agent protecting the President(jamie foxx) Comes out next year. Pretty good

  6. Michelle says:

    Good for him! this story makes me happy, I don’t know why. Go Channing!

  7. Mirella says:

    I can’t not like the guy. I’m rooting for him.

  8. ClaireB says:

    He’s not a good actor. I don’t care how many time he apologizes for it, how charming he is in interview, or how much he tries, the results are just not there.

    Maybe he’ll be a better director.

  9. kpist says:

    4Eva and always. I agree, “franco” can be used in that way.

  10. Feebee says:

    Take a break isn’t the same as quit. Actors take breaks all the time, it’s just called not working as a actor but he’ll still be working as a director or producer.

  11. Hannah says:

    “Can we start using “Franco” as a code for “pretentious douche who thinks he’s making high ART”?”


  12. Sweet Dee says:

    I’m rooting for him. I do think he’ll be the next Clooney Establishment figure, minus the endless stream of pretty famewhores.

  13. Dana says:

    He’s bland that’s his problem, method or no method, that face is not convincing to me.. But hey, Clooney’s bland too, in three out of four movies, cuz George can do like 4 emotions on the screen and look what a movie mogul he is.

    Tatum has no range, acting wise but most of the young, hot commodities are lacking in that department too. I don’t know if the problem’s mostly with the scrips – cuz eight out of ten are either shitty or overhyped/overrated crap, with the directors or with the actors. Most of the 20-30 age generation of actors/ actress just assume that’s acting’s easy. When it’s not and if they’re under the impression that’s easy, then they’re doing it wrong. I don’t preach “go full method” cuz geez, isn’t DDL the most overrated thing out there but still… Case in point.
    Thing I mentioned before is more easily seen with the starlets but it generally goes for the guys too. Unless one’s a fan of he or she, in which case, my whole argument becomes invalid. You can’t rationally argue with fans.

    Problem is he’s already established so even though he might actually flop at some point, people are going to take it with a grain of salt, cuz, he’s the golden boy now.

    But hey unlike McAvoy, he wants to be a star and he’s got the credentials, too. He’s got a good team, sells himself short and fills the spot that was actually Gosling’s for the taking… But with Gosling being so averse to fame… well, say hello to the multilaterally developed Mister Producer, Writer-Director, Actor Prodigy Tatum… He’s here to stay!

    Geez…just think about it, he might even win an Oscar before try-hard DiCaprio.

    • LeslieM says:

      Is it just me but are all these “Method” actors the worst. Shea (sp?) being one example. I think I’ve said here before…I dated a Method actor for a long time. He was a wonderful guy and got tons of auditions, but never got the part. He would go up for a part replacing a soap opera character but refuse to watch the program A. “because it’s junk.” and B. because he was method he wanted to “become” the character. So he’d go in without knowing the context of the story or anything about the characters to the point of mispronouncing his love interests name. He was awful but made it through the Meisner school where the teach all this method stuff like having real sex to better a love scene.

      • Dana says:

        Totally. I mean, gosh, whenever DDL shoots a movie, it’s like the world has to stop spinning and award him with all the accolades in the universe. Please, his bag of tricks got old two movies ago. Like if you say method, that just makes a performance ten times better. There’s a lot of self-indulge implied in being an actor… imagine how much there is, with method. He did nothing for me in Gangs of New York or There will be blood. I actually like him in his earlier films, like A Room with a View or In the Name of the Father but now he’s more of a caricature.

        As for Shia… I think he’s less method and more tantrum. Right now, he’s in Douche Landia, digging a grave for his acquired favours. Keep with bad mouthing and the pub brawls, Shia, they’ll take you far. And I actually don’t profoundly dislike him as an actor but just because you think you have the face to pull what you think are deep roles, it doesn’t mean you actually got the chops for it. I liked A Guide to Recognizing your Saints where co-star, Tatum actually showed some potential. Look at Lawless, he was all over the place with his overacting. Not everyone’s made to be a method actor. Hardy dwells in method but Hardy doesn’t pop out everywhere in the media and he hasn’t reached the point of being overhyped.

        Anyway, sure Tatum deserves the praise for his hard work but come on, Tatum as a benchmark for success, as a reference mark for the mediocrity in Hollywood? Fine, I’m used to it. But if Tatum is the best thing out there, do you realize how low are the standards? Low in the drain, low. People praise his mediocrity as something to be coveted. And of course, why not? Mediocrity is accessible and achievable. The guy aced the media game. It’s no news that Tinsel Town does everything backwards…

  14. Sandra says:

    I adore Channing Tatum because he’s the good looking, affable lunkhead with a heart of gold type, cracking skulls and wooing the ladies with equal measure. He also has what appears to be an amazing work ethic (ambition is SEXY, no doubt) and I love that in an industry full of preening twits whining about the lack of true acting opportunities, he’s making his own good fortune. Add in the slammin’ bod, the much loved wife and a great sense of humour and he’s really kind of the total package.

    I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the guy – he seems like good people. He also seems to be good Hollywood, and the closest thing to a genuine movie star we have these days. Question his talent, if you wish (and I get the feeling that he sometimes questions it, too) but I don’t see how you can’t admire the guy for getting out there and giving it his all in an industry best known for nurturing losers and egomanics.

  15. rose says:

    love Channing But come one boy what break?. You seen his line up he will be very busy 2013- until like 2015. He has 4 movies coming out next year then he is shooting Jupiter ascending and 21 jump street 2 near the 2013 and then he has other movies line up to film.

    I dont see any break coming soon. Good for him though. he has been very busy.

  16. MixerUpper says:

    So basically, he’s saying that next year movies will be a little more tolerable?