‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ teaser trailer released: OMG Benedict Cumberbatch!!!

I don’t want to oversell this or anything. It’s not like I even saw the first Star Trek reboot with Chris Pine and Eric Bana and all. But I will DEFINITELY be seeing the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. You know why? Benedict Cumberbatch. His freaky-beautiful face, his gorgeous rich voice, his villainy, his accent, his whole… Cumby-ness. Chris Pine who? Zachary Quinto what? Zoe Saldana how? It’s all about the Cumby. And I feel like the Star Trek people know that too. That’s why the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is SO MUCH CUMBERBATCH. OMG.

Good God, his voice. I’m about to be graphic here, so be forewarned: I had a little O when Cumby says, “I have returned…to have. My. Vengence.” Can you imagine Cumby saying that to you when he walks into your bedroom? Like, I would ask him to announce himself wherever he goes. “I have entered the kitchen… to have. My. Soup.” “I have returned to The Olive Garden. To. Have. My. Unlimited. Salad.”

As for the rest of it… sure. Whatever. Gravy on the hunk of man-meat that is Cumberbatch’s beautiful villainy.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. aims says:

    I honestly dont get the lust for him. Everyone has their own taste, but im really not feeling it. He has a weird face.

  2. Mia 4S says:

    Ridiculously excited about this movie! I adored the first one too though. Cumby looks badass and continues to wear excellent coats.

  3. M3l says:

    With this and his roles in second Hobbit movie, 2013 might just be the year of the Cumberbatch.

  4. Astrid says:

    I totally snorted coffee all over my keyboard – the annoucing part! hillarious. Thank you

  5. Ms Kay says:

    No worries Eve, wherever you are I’m fiercely guarding the fort!! :-D
    The Star Trek sequel looks full of potential, perhaps better that the first one… But let’s wait and see.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      @ Ms Kay-Doo

      I’ma let you finish guarding the fort, dear, but could you open the gate just for a second, so I can get in there & let Cumby know I’m there *before” Eve arrives with her array of weapons?


      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ j.eyre! I was wondering if you were up & about. I began to worry that you’d got stuck in the attic again! I feel the same way about being low on strength for The Battle — I am dying to know what kind of vitamins Kay-Doo is taking because she never seems to get tired! *What* are we doing wrong?

        But if you’re going to find me in the Cumby Suite, do be careful on the staircase! Ms Kay-Doo is very clever with the sabotage. She has her henchwomen blowing out the candles & the torches, & it’s pitch dark! I have rolled down the stairs twice now….

      • j.eyre says:

        Really EsCon? You are going to leave the thread open to a “I wonder what vitamins Kay-Doo takes?” You know d@mn well what she is going to say. Then I am left with THAT mental image as I cry into my soaked toast and sip my tepid tea.

        Alas, I shall work on my sampler as I wait for the First Mrs. Rochester to be replaced with the First Mrs. Hiddles.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ j.eyre—Oh no! There’s an awful lot of crying & wailing going on today. I’m crying because KayDoo is hitting me & you would not believe how strong she is. Vitamins!

        Don’t give up on that Sampler of the Hiddles Wedding Portrait. It’s going to be lovely. Just think of your tasty little Hiddles crumpet & you’ll feel better. ;-)

      • Eve says:


        Back from a busy schedule…thank you very much, my dear Ms Kay. I knew I could count on you to defend my Cumbyrights — or maybe that’s just good ol’ politics: making sure I stick with Cumberbatch, I won’t fight over Hiddleston. Smart. But you should never worry about that — Hiddleston annoys me more than, say, seduces me.

        Now I’m going to watch the trailer.

    • Ms Kay says:

      @ EscapedConvent I’m as loyal as a Knight of the round table dear so er… No can do! BUUUUT… how about I let you have Idris Elba for an hour or two, massage included?

    • Miss Kiki says:

      @ Mrs Kay I bet you thought you’d got rid of me but here I am hot on your heels to foil yours and Eve’s evil Cumby and Hiddles stealing plans.

      Hoenstly with the combo of Chris ‘massive head’ Pine, Zacahry Quinto and now Cumby, this film is nearly as dong-tastic as ‘The Avengers’.

      • Ms Kay says:

        Who said anything about plans? Hiddleston is mine, Cumberbatch belongs to Eve, it’s a fact. Clearly by Evil stealing plans you were talking about you? I saw you were also tailing me on Idris Elba on the other thread uh? Well that one alreet I can share a little ;-)

        Now now… Tom has been out yesterday and now he’s at home waiting for me…

        Ta Ta!

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        I love BC!!! And I thought it was me, but Pines does have a big head. So big I find it distracting. :) LOL and I’m not joking.

        Anyways BC is not well known in the states. The Star Trek franchise is the perfect intro. I find him interesting to watch. He is brilliant in Sherlock Holmes. What a beautiful complexion!

      • Eve says:

        Miss Kiki, my dear…it’s clearly you who’s trying to steal them from us. Not only that, but trying to steal TWO at once — a little greedy, aren’t we?

  6. GrandPoobah says:

    I don’t see it. He literally looks like an alien. He looks like what people would do as an alien make-up in a film. He has tiny tiny features on an enormous head.

    But I will be seeing this film. It looks as awesome as the first one.

    • katherine k says:

      ^Exactly this. He already looks like he’s an overlord from the planet Zorgon – no special effects makeup needed. It’s an interesting face, but not sexy at all.

      I’ll also be seeing it, I thought the first reboot movie was great.

    • hazeldazel says:

      when his hair is slicked back as shown in these pics here, he doesn’t look as cute. But in BBC’s Sherlock, he has his hair long and loose and around his face and it’s MUCH cuter. And I think still photographs don’t capture his hotness well.

      but different strokes for different folks and all that. :)

  7. tar says:

    Ok, don’t be mad Cumber-lovers, but I was rolling my eyes at your ecstasy over the ‘Batch’s voice, because he does nothing for me, and I don’t get it … at all.

    But then I played the clip … ok … good voice …. really, REALLY good voice.

  8. MissMary says:

    I pretty much just stared and went “unf” for the entirety of the trailer lol.

    Not gonna lie but I’m hoping he doesn’t suffer from overexposure this year and hit a low spot in his career the next since he’s in everything…

  9. Angi says:

    I’d like him to use his voice and other parts on me daily. Sweet Jesus that man is going to ruin me for sure!

  10. aud says:

    I love Zachary quinto.

    But it’s so hard to watch him in anything after the current American horror story season.

    He’s great in it. But damn. Anyone else watching it knows what I mean

  11. Birdie says:

    He is basicly the whole movie. He was also the only person on the first official poster, now he narrates the whole trailer. The producers know he is a huge draw! Btw, if you love some cumberlovin’ ( yeah I wrote that ), go to cumberbelle.tumblr.com . That is so not my tumblr :D

  12. pinns says:



    The CumberVoice is great but the man, not so much.

    This movie, on the other hand, well, I had my ‘little O’ right there!!

  13. Lipsy says:

    OH MY GOD KAISER: “I have returned to The Olive Garden. To. Have. My. Unlimited. Salad.” I almost died.

  14. Julie says:

    Whooooooo I got all goosebumpy and nipply at Benedict’s voice in the trailer. Man oh man, the movie will be FANTASTIC. How can it not be, with Benedict’s “jaguar hiding in a cello” voice?

  15. KellyinSeattle says:

    Not too interested in the movie or Benedict; yes, he looks scary/weird but I think that’s part of his sexy aura to some people…

  16. kay says:


    I cannot wait!

    i wish you had included some ZQ pics too. I like BC but… ZQ!!

  17. lem says:

    @kaiser you should really really really see the first one. not for the man meat (none of them really do it for me except Bones) but the movie is so so so so good. and I’m super excited for this one as well. I wasn’t a cumberbatch fangirl until you posted that picture of him holding a baby. my ovaries skipped a beat.

  18. lower-case deb says:

    Here be additional footage (er hand-age?)
    and voice-age.


    i’d do effin’ anything for you to be *my* family, cumbydear!

  19. Lilo says:

    He just doesn’t do it for me, but ohhhhhh that voice. The voice is spectacular, I’ll give him that. Dayum.

  20. EscapedConvent says:

    I was waiting for this news to show up here! The trailer looks *good*. Is that Cumby dropping through the skylight to wreak havoc? I can’t wait.

    Cumby is going to make an ass-kicking villain, & I guess I’ll be holding my breath a long time.

  21. MG says:

    Lol..Omg Kaiser…what is wrong with you? Lol!! You are cray-cray. Cumby cray-cray! I love it. Anywho…this looks amazing!! Didn’t see the last one until it was on video and I LOVED IT! I actually had a thing for Spock afterwards…he’s a badass.

  22. Lila says:

    So much Cumby goodness. Thanks Kaiser!

  23. RobN says:

    It appears that they’ve remade The Wrath of Khan with better special effects.

  24. Booboocita says:

    Good grief, I think I just spontaneously ovulated. And I’m in menopause.

  25. The Original Mia says:

    OMG! I need this movie like tomorrow. So excited. It looks so good.

  26. j.eyre says:

    Wow. I may have… it’s just that… when he said… (deep breath) Wow.

    I have never wanted to be a space-age piece or weaponry so badly in my life – sliding through his arms until his grip tightens around me at the last minute to keep me in place… pulling me into his chest while his fingers work my…

    That voice should be illegal.

  27. Nan209 says:

    Is it just me or does his voice sound just like Patrick Stewart ?

  28. Blue says:

    I love him. His voice is absolutely orgasmic!!!
    This movie looks awesome. I think I will wait a couple weeks after it comes out in theaters, it will be nuts.

  29. I Choose Me says:

    Not queuing up for the Cumberbatch just yet but that VOICE! He needs to read ALL the things.

  30. Christina says:

    I was absolutely certain I would see a post about the trailer. There is so much Cumberporn in it! God!!! The noises I made when I saw it were not human. And the idea of him announcing himself wherever he goes: pure brilliance! I love you for that!!!

  31. Ann says:

    Couple of points…

    On a superficial level, hey.. you know who else has an exotic face? Cilian Murphy. I actually think he has more depth and vulnerability. With Cumberbatch, it’s like he’s figured out he has an anticalophilic face and henceforth his face is a vehicle for great performances. Which is hit or miss… second season of Sherlock was way overacted and sure, it’s Sherlock – he’s a riddle wrapped in a conundrum – but Cumberbatch was off-key. As much as I enjoyed the first series, I was off-put by the latter.

    Another thing is his personality or how he comes in interviews… Too much dissing on others, too much unfiltered thoughts, too much bitching… Please, when one will feel sorry for some actor being a posh, rich brit, schooled at Harrow – that person will be rich as well or a fan. Only fans pity their favorites. And sure he was on a scholarship but if you think he won Wonka’s golden ticket, you’ll be sorry mistaken.

    He just comes off and needy for attention, even entitled to some degree. Hiddlestone’s posh too, he doesn’t go around throwing pity parties for himself and I’m not even a fan of him. Sure all this stuff can easily be fixed with a good team by his side. He might just clean his act come May next year, which honestly, will be a shame… cuz that’s nothing more hilarious than actors sounding entitled when they open their mouths. Sure at their level, 8/10 are like that, but that’s not what they sell to the masses. Fans and people alike need to buy their fairy-tales, support them wholly and at the end of the day, still want more.

    Lastly, I know it’s irrational – but d’oh what isn’t – the fanbase is a major turn off as if the rest wasn’t enough. Overall, excessive stanning tends to hurt the actor in the long haul. Lol. It’s like with Fassbender… Please, if it weren’t for X-Men all his other movies from 2011, would’ve gone unnoticed. Maybe Shame would’ve stirred some noise but not at that level. You’ve got enough gratuitous nudity in every single HBO production. Honestly, you want me to believe that people never watched naked bodies on film before Shame? Hardly. Same with Cumberbatch, he was great in Third Star and Stuart – A Life Backwards but that was when he still was low-ley. Now he’s just Cumberbatch playing Sherlock, Cumberbatch playing Kirk’s nemesis. The more commercial he is, the more he regresses.

    • cucumber says:

      agree with you in all points ;)

    • wowbagger says:

      I agree with most of your points and I sympathise, but don’t you find the anti-fandom just as tiresome, somehow?

      I know that it took me a very long time to appreciate Fassbender because of all the fangirling, but the hype cycle is so terrifyingly fast nowadays, you know?
      Used to be that hype/backlash took years. Nowadays hype, backlash, backlash-backlash and fatigue takes-what, months? Weeks? It’s exhausting.

      Bof. It’s hard, but maybe one just tries to steer clear of the fandom and hatedom and let them all tucker themselves out.

      • Ann says:

        Yeah… but fandoms and hatedoms have their own mechanics and I’m not debating on online irrational behaviors, and actually in Cumberbatch’s case, his fandom is the last thing that’s off-putting. Call me shallow but if I want to like an actor, I want to like his work as well as the person as a human being. I’m selective like that. And I’m really not dissing on him and sure, if I don’t like him, why do I read articles featuring him, but the guy just comes off as this posh douche that for me at least, annuls his compelling work. And I liked him in Third Star when it first came out, I would’ve liked that movie with or without him, I saw it at least 12 times, that’s how much I liked it. Which is why it’s not that I’m disappointed because that such a big word to use online, but I just can’t with anymore. There are better actors out there, far more underrated which I can root for. For someone so educated, he puts his foot in his mouth way too much even when talking about his friends. And afterwards he backtracks which somehow makes even more annoying.

        As for Fassbender, sure he’s good but whenever I see him, shoddy is the word that I tend to associate him with. With the exception of Chastain, I could pass on all the actors in the current hype/ It cycle. And even Jessica is wearing thin.

  32. GoodCapon says:

    If you don’t look too closely it looks like he’s wearing earrings in the thumbnail of this article ;)

  33. Victoria says:

    Mmm! All hail all that is CUMBY! I don’t have a clue about star trek but now that CUMBY”S in it? I’m ALL IN BABY! Giddy Up!

  34. melior says:

    This movie looks terrible! I might watch it for Cumby though. But seriously, I thought he wasn’t into commercial stuff.

  35. Jen Johnson says:

    The Cumby is absolutely the only choice for casting Grey in the Fifty Shades books. But it’s not a rôle for an actor of his calibre.