LeAnn Rimes: “Eddie & I talk about having kids & I would love to be a mom”

I sort of lost the thread for this ongoing Brandi Glanville/LeAnn Rimes stuff. I think I stopped caring two nights ago, after I was trying to keep track of the back-and-forth between Camp Glanville and Camp Rimes-Cibrian in various media outlets. I really don’t understand why they can’t all stick with just one outlet, you know? Obviously, Brandi gave her big exclusive to Us Weekly, so Eddie and LeAnn countered with an exclusive to Radar, then E! News, and then… I lost the thread. Let’s see if I can appropriately summarize what’s happened since:

*Brandi unleashed on Eddie on her Twitter two nights ago, and she released her own email to Eddie: “My kids are my life.. However, ur wife is a [expletive] and addicted to laxatives that Mason got sick on… Your ‘close friends’ talk sh*t about u and ur wife ALL the time… Leann is horrid she is addicted to laxatives and aderol [sic] has severe metal issues and [redacted] who was all to ready to spill on both of you and to me lovingly refers to Leann as angelfish because she sings like an angel and drinks like a fish…. I’m a great mom and [redacted] saw nothing other than that. You want to talk narcissism??? U two are both the best examples of that. Why don’t u man up and find ur balls and get ur country c*** off twitter she is a wreck and spiraling down fast!!! The kids love her but they don’t realize she is putting them in danger!!!!!! MAN THE F**K UP eddie put the tequila down and be a proper parent.”

*On Thursday, Brandi tweeted: “I want it to go away so I can deal with it on my own. I know it seems hypocritical but can we not talk about ‘them’ anymore at least 4 today… This is about my kids not them!!!!!!!!!! Im taking email down I was in defense mode. Lets not talk of them anymore I was wrong 2 put it up.”

*Radar has a story which offers some backstory on WHY Brandi seemed to unleash on LeAnn and Eddie. Radar’s sources claim, “People around Brandi started getting vocal a few weeks back about their worries concerning her parenting of the boys… Numerous different people told Brandi that they were concerned that when she had her sons with her she wasn’t paying enough attention to them and was distracted with everything else going on in her life.” When Eddie learned about those concerns, that’s when things got bad – “when Eddie heard that people were saying that Brandi’s actions around the kids were questionable, that’s when the relationship really started to sour.”

*Surprisingly enough, LeAnn has been largely quiet on the Twitter front, at least regarding the Brandi situation. Sure, she’s retweeted some stuff that could be overanalyzed and she seems strangely happy… but we’ll see. Maybe Twee-hab did work after all.

*But! LeAnn is going to have her own E! News special airing this Sunday, and stuff from the interview is leaking out. LeAnn says in the interview, “Eddie and I talk about having kids and I would love to be a mom… I didn’t ever want to bring a child into the world without taking care of myself. And that was another reason I decided to go (into treatment).” LeAnn also reiterated the old chestnut that she was “America’s Sweetheart”: “I was America’s Sweetheart for so many years, but it was just like everyone turned.” While she might have been “Country’s Sweetheart” or something like that when she was really young, I think LeAnn is being self-aggrandizing when she consistently refers to herself as America’s Sweetheart. She never was. For real.

*More quotes from LeAnn’s interview… LeAnn on decided to get with Eddie: “No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision.” On her rehab (or whatever) stay: “I was incredibly depressed and not quite sure of who I was. People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about.” Quote from Eddie: “My heart goes out to her every single time she’s getting bashed for something. It’s unfair for her and it’s unfair for us. It (the affair) wasn’t frivolous, you know.”

And that, in the end, is one of my big problems with Brandi. Immature PR, bad crisis management. I understand her instincts to want to get “her” side out there and tell people what’s really happening, but all Brandi really has to do to look “good” (or just better than Eddie and LeAnn) is just let them talk. They always sound like a—holes.

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  1. Stars and Stripes says:

    Bitch is crazy! They will never have kids… For many reasons!

  2. Samigirl says:

    Ahh, I’ve got no pity for LR. She can dish it out but can’t take it.

    I wonder if Eddie is gonna get his vasectomy reversed?

  3. marie says:

    those kids are old enough to get online and read all that crap spewed about their parents, between their parents. do they bad mouth each other in front of their kids? all of them are immature and really need to think about putting their kids first, instead of getting in their digs.

  4. Zelda says:

    If you mashed up all three “adults” you wouldn’t have enough class to open a can of beer in a Walmart parking lot.

    And that CDAN blind about the celeb whose husband has secretly had a vasectomy and his wife can’t figure out why she’s not getting pregnant? TOTALLY about Cibrian.

  5. lisa2 says:

    Such a shame that adults act like children..NO worst then children.

    I also find it interesting that Brandie talks more positive about Eddie. I’m not a hater or against Brandie. I think she still loves him on some level. It is the case with a lot of women. They aim their attack at the woman the man is with, not him. She and Eddie are the parents. I think she really needs to ignore LeAnne. If she honesty thinks her children are in danger, then go to court. Beg, borrow or whatever the money you need to keep her away from them. Mothers that are in fear of their children being seriously hurt don’t got on twitter. they go to court. And Quick.

    • Lulu says:

      That is the one right thing she did right in that email (for the sake of coparenting and for the boys) was to call their father a GOOD father, and speak about the love her sons have for LeAnn. She needs to stick with that publicly and the rest needs to stay behind the curtains and in sealed court documents. I’m glad she’s realized she was wrong in putting that email out there.

    • Relli says:

      Eh, I don’t know but I agree with Lulu. No matter how you really feel about your child’s other parent you should NEVER speak ill of them to your child or in public. I think she was giving credit where credit is due and that was wise.

    • running says:

      In an ideal world, you are correct. Unfortunately it is way more difficult to ignore the woman your husband left you for, especially when she’s as much of a famewhore as LR. Maybe it would be different if it had been just a divorce, but add an affair into the mix and the hurt magnifies exponentially. I’m not a fan of either woman, but I can see why Brandi is having such a difficult time coping with LR and her bulls–t.

  6. Prinny says:

    I really think Brandi needs some guidance in the PR department but at the same time I totally understand her frustration. To constantly be baited by the woman who broke up your marriage. It irks me how Eddie and Leann think Brandi should be grateful that LR is in her children’s lives. Seriously!?!?

  7. mln76 says:

    Brandi started the (current) shitstorm so I have no sympathy for her. If she wanted peace in her family why sell a story to Us Weekly spreading information that while probably true is below the belt and embarrases not only LeeAnn but her own child.
    All of them are psycho trash. I really hope those kids have a decent therapist.

    • judyjudy says:

      Right? How lame to throw out huge accusations (child neglect, substance abuse), drop some nasty name calling (country c***? wow), and then say “I need to deal with this privately” when the other party responds.
      I’ve always thought Leann was crazy and felt bad for Brandi but the more I hear from her (Brandi) the more I think she’s just as crazy. She’s making me start to feel some sympathy for Leann …not good.

    • kay says:

      I agree.

      I used to have much sympathy for Brandi, but this latest makes me fed up with all of them.

  8. brin says:

    Well, better shit or get off the pot, wewe.

  9. NerdMomma says:

    LeAnn was never America’s Sweetheart. What on earth is she talking about

  10. lettylynton says:

    At least Brandi’s hindsight was mature.

  11. RTR_Girl says:

    She was about as much America’s Sweetheart as the Kartrashians are American royalty. I hope he really did have a vasectomy, b/c those two definitely shouldn’t procreate.

  12. bettyrose says:

    LOL on “America’s Sweetheart.” People who are unfamiliar with both country music and celebrity gossip have *no idea* who this girl is. I’m pretty sure there’s no threat of this girl ever trying to get pregnant, but I don’t think it’s beyond possibility that she’d hire a surrogate.

    • mln76 says:

      Well I hate to defend the idiot but I hate country music (especially the crappy pop stuff) but I remember the year in the 90s when LeeAnn was huge she definitely crossed over and was a bigger name for maybe a year. I remember because I always thought she had a creepy smile and was a little ‘off’.

      • bettyrose says:

        As a quick test, I just asked my SO if he knows who she is. His reply: “Country singer?” So she does have some name recognition, granted, but that’s a far cry from America’s Sweetheart.

      • Zelda says:

        Yep. Non country fan, all the way in Canada, over here and I definitely remember when she came out, because we were roughly the same age and my mind was blown by how famous and in demand she was back then, at “our” age.
        And I thought her smile was creepy too! It annoyed me that adults didn’t seem to see it.

      • Jayna says:

        She definitely has name recognition. That movie and crossing over in pop was big for her. And the older generation has a soft spot for her because they remember her as the young singer with the big voice. My aunt, very religious, from Georgia, actually stands up for her because she finds Brandi rough and trashy with her language and feels that’s why Eddie must have left her and that LeAnn is a sweet country girl. She doesn’t follow the internet as none of that group does, just vaguely. I think there is an older group that still roots for LeAnn.

        Does anyone notice how many times LeAnn says, I’m gonna cry and air wipes her almost tears? Someone should do a collage of video scenes on YouTube. I swear I have seen her do that breakdown I’m gonna cry scene about twenty times. Eddie must have found it sweet the first three times and now it’s like nails on a chalkboard. It’s clear to me LeAnn has very big emotional issues. Adderall is not a good thing to be on when you have issues like LeAnn. I think she is showing signs of hypermania. Remember the month-long birthday tweeting, ad nauseum bikini photos and parties, and then she crashes, depressed? Adderall is the last thing she needs.

      • claire says:

        She wasn’t America’s Sweetheart. She sounds like an idiot when she says that. She had a year or two where she was novel because of her age, but that’s not “growing up” as America’s Sweetheart.

      • Relli says:

        She definitely has a nice voice and is talented no doubt but no, not America’s sweetheart.

        In another lifetime i was a country music fan and lived in a fly over state where we have as many country music stations as we do pop. While her talent is undeniable she has never had the huge draw that say Clint Black or Brooks & Dunn or even Reba McEntire had. She was young and had voice like a aged adult, which was novel but once her contemporaries caught up she was forgotten.

        After Coyote Ugly came out I was working at a country music station and one day one of the DJ’s was refusing to play 1 of her songs. I guess one of her rabid fans kept calling and requesting her songs and he refused because he hated her crossover project and called it Country Lite. Now this probably would have been a big deal but this particular company owned 3 country music stations in a mid size market which, meant they owned all but 1 country station in the area.

        While she has some dedicated fans and appeals to a certain demographic, she definitely lacks the momentum and star power she once had…

      • brin says:

        She is more like “Baby Jane”.

    • Lady D says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Loretta Lynn America’s country music sweetheart?

    • Yamayama says:

      I am not a country fan, I don’t even listen to music because I am deaf. But I know who she is, and I remember her from the 90s. I saw her face on TV and in magazines all the time.

  13. valleymiss says:

    I hope Eddie does get his vasectomy reversed, and that he gets Leann pregnant, they have a kid, then Eddie cheats, leaves her, marries someone else, and the new BONUS MOM tweets constantly about “MY child.” That oughta complete the circle of life, eh?

  14. Elceibeno says:

    LeAnn is too self-absorbed to be a mother. All she wants is to lounge by the pool and sip on cocktails, and take pictures of herself.

  15. Darlene says:

    There was a blind item about them that he got a vasectomy before they got together and that she’ll NEVER have his baby and that he has her convinced that the problem is with her, not with him. Is it wrong that I find that HILARIOUS?

  16. Jayna says:

    Actually, at this point nobody has come out looking good. Whatever good points Brandy made, there were some making her look bitter and over the top – the sociopath remark. Most people will just roll their eyes. The filthy language used by Brandi. LeAnn smartly said nary a word on twitter. The email remarks say Eddie, whether it’s true or not. That last email to Brandi I’m sure was both of them together writing it. So to the general public I think they’re just disgusted with the lot of them and feel they need to take it to their lawyer to address issues, not the internet. I did get a crack out of Bill Bush and his cohost talking about it. They made a joke about adderall or something and he retorted back, go take a laxative, or something. I cracked up.

    Brandi repeating the Angelfish remark to Eddie and tell him to put down the Tequila and yet she’s always always drunk on the RHOBH and got a DUI and got drunk and got fake married on twitter just makes her look like a ranter. Posting that e-mail filled with mispellings didn’t really help her. I see she took it down. So to bring up a drinking remark to Eddie and LeAnn and post it is kind of funny considering we’ll see her drunk on the next show. Choose your battles, Brandi, to make your great points stick.

    Once you start going viral with a lot of attacks, whether warranted or not, expect the other side to come back against you, which they have.

    If Eddie has a vasectomy reversal and gets LeAnn pregnant he is borderline insane himself and they deserve each other. LeAnn has so many issues and being with Eddie has brought them all out. I know a ton of women on Adderall for weight and energy, so unless she’s popping more than the prescribed dose, I can’t judge. But add that to the laxatives and she obviously has an eating disorder. Though, her weight looks fne now. Adderall can make you a little mean and on edge. My friend had to get off. If LeAnn got pregnant I believe she would be nuts worrying about him straying and then I feel afterwards she would suffer one of the worst cases of postpartum ever. Heaven help us. But the sight of Eddie at home with a screaming baby and LeAnn unable to take care of it spiraling from postpartum and the two boys tugging at his legs is kind of funny. He wouldn’t have time for golf.

    Eddie is still the one I find bizarre. All of the escalation could have been stopped by LeAnn and him deciding she will rarely, rarely post photos of the kids, like twice a year maybe, and rarely tweet about them and only in generic terms. Brandi has been talking about LeAnn on her show again saying their renewal was fake and Leann has been trying to be her since the beginning, so she had to know insane LeAnn was going to be even more passive-aggressive again on twitter and how better to do it than what gets Brandi the most, the boys.

    People keep saying Eddie is being led by LeAnn. I agree with a post I saw, hell, no. He’s the mastermind. LeAnn worships the ground he walks on and does not lead that man. He’s not afraid of losing her. She’s clinging to him. So he never stops her because he enjoys sticking it to Brandi and he doesn’t have to lift a finger. Poor, stupid LeAnn is all too willing to take the brunt of it all over the internet because good ol Eddie approves. He’s a crappy first husband and, honestly, he’s a crappy second husband. To look at LeAnn with Dean pre-Eddie and the person she is now is actually shocking. Every deep-seated insecurity she ever had and neuroses has been unearthed and is in full bloom. The sad part is when he leaves, one day he will, the kids will be yet again affected. They do love LeAnn and she will have been in their lives for three, four years and their stability is yet again ripped apart. My heart goes out to these kids and the mess Eddie has made of their lives. I hate seeing them all over the internet. They aren’t famous stars who are really followed and papped and so we know they call (Eddie has to earn child support money some way, and LeAnn loves the proof of loving family)

    Eddie still out of all three of these comes out smelling like roses most of the time because he is sooooooo quiet.

    What do I wish for Brandi? That she never ever pays an ounce of attention to LeAnn’s taunts again. At some point you can become immune and never pay attention, especially when you realize they aren’t happy much as a couple. A friend can tell her something necessary to know, like the bike incident. I hope she sells a ton of books and gets financially secure. Financial independence and security is never ever to be underestimated to your happiness as a single parent and in general. I hope her clothing line does good, but it looks kind of cheap to me. I do wish that she would class up a bit. Her behavior at 40 isn’t going to help her get a really great guy. She would be wearing and an embarrassment at times. Saying F ‘king in magazine interviews and at a dinner party in a restaurant with other people around and all that stuff is not looking pretty and people at her age know better.

    My thoughts on the triangle today while drinking coffee. LOL I am going to call them Branleanddie. There must be a better term for the triangle, but I can’t come up with it.

    • mimifarrow says:

      That was a helluva post! I’m not invested in any of these people but I totally agree that Eddie is the Warlord here. Dude just gets to sit back and watch the sh-t fly.

    • Squitch says:

      This is seriously the most sensible post I’ve seen on this subject on this website. I despise the Brandi vs. Leann framing of this entire issue, and both women are to blame for that. Girl-on-girl hate, with the man getting off scot-free. Disgusting.

      I also have my own theory about why people are so obsessed with this issue and not, say, Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie or any other famous “other” woman. Besides the fact that Brandi and Leann engage with the public via Twitter, it’s really a case of Leann being pretty clumsy about the way she handled the aftermath. It’s become the PC thing not to “blame” the other woman, but she doesn’t make it easy for herself, so people just pile on. Many women are just itching for an excuse to tear the “other woman” to shreds… and she’s given them plenty of excuses. She should have just kept quiet from the beginning and this would have blown over.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      The only term I can come up for the triangle is “idiots”. I cut Brandi a little slack, though. LeAnn and Eddie; not at all. LeAnn would probably post the entire birth of her child online.

      • Deanne says:

        Well we know it would be on her SSC site for sure. Probably with Jake and Mason holding her hands while she pushed. She seems shameless. She can post all of the “take the high road” quotes she wants. It doesn’t negate her behavior. I just makes her look like more of a hypocrite.

    • Deanne says:

      For sure Eddie is the mastermind. He is the ultimate passive, aggressive douche. LeAnn does control the purse strings and he is dependent on her in that way, but he’s using her to hurt Brandi. Brandi kicked him out and LeAnn was his soft spot to land. Still, for him, Brandi must be hurt as much as possible to punish her for leaving him. Marriage isn’t a deterrent to cheating for a scum like him, so being married to LeAnn serves multiple purposes. He can cheat, his bills are paid and he gets to live in luxury. His new wife is so insecure and desperate to keep him that she’ll probably do just about anything to hang onto him and she does “love” his kids. He uses all of this to his advantage. He gets so sit back and let LeAnn make a fool of herself and take almost the entire brunt of the criticism for everything that’s going on and only steps in when he is absolutely forced to. Best of all, when he does leave LeAnn, he’ll be able to play the “she’s unstable and I have to think of the boys” card and once again, avoid taking the blame for this debacle. He’ll probably also have a nice chink of LeAnn’s teenage earnings to boot. Brandi is well rid of him as he’s no prize as a husband or as a Father. For me, dimples are nothing when they are on a man who oozes slime like Eddie Cibrian. He is such a low life.

    • shady says:

      totally agree with this! I think having someone like EC attracted to her made LR feel sexy for the first time and she needed to have him. We are the same age, and I remember she went through her awkward chubby teenage years in the spotlight kind of like Candace Cameron, and likely has had body image issues half her life, and now feels enormous pressure to be skinny and sexy which explains the emaciated look, the boob job and all the bikini shots in the last two years. That depression she talked about isn’t going to get better after three weeks of spa treatment denying her real issues, it’s going to get worse. And yes, Brandi needs to ignore the taunting, the boys know who their mom is.

    • Lisa says:

      It’s all Eddie. My friend used to watch soaps, and would keep me up to date on everything the actors were doing. She LOVED him on General Hospital, but I got the douchey vibe right off. Anything I’ve heard about him since then has made me think he is, as you said, the mastermind in every relationship. Squicked me then, squicks me now.

    • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

      What brand of coffee are you drinking?!!! :) Great post by the way.

      Admittedly, I love Brandi and back her even with latest Twitter fight. It must be tough co-parenting with Ediot. The man refuses to even attend the same the PTA meetings with the mother of his children. I refuse to believe these kids are in an information free bubble either so it might be a good thing to end this Twight.

      Instead of doing EDiot doing the mature & necessary thing he stands by idly and watches the fur fly. BG should ignore LR & address her issues in another way. Not sure if that should be certified snail mail or email.

      Ignoring the taunts and silly behavior although not the most mature thing to do ALL the time, it is clearly the best thing to do here. I apply THE WALL (aka ignore annoying folks) to anyone I can’t/won’t deal with and it works; however it can also make the obsessed/annoying trolls ratchet up their silly behavior. Just sayin’.

    • Ok says:

      @Jayna — thanks for remembering about how Leann was when she was with Dean. None of this odd drama was happening when she was with Dean. I think that there is something about the current hubby that just brings out the worst in her

    • Alana Fajina says:

      I pretty much love you for this, Jayna. Great perspective. Oddly enough, you’ve made me want to have another cup!! lol ;)

  17. Sapphire says:

    There is no way at all MeAnn is reproducing for a number of reasons-first and foremost her medication. I mean what she is taking for psoriasis, not the recreational stuff. She cannot take Remicaide (sp?) while pregnant. Is she going to risk breakouts for 9 mos? Doubt it.

    If any of her Dental Drama or other medical issues are real, this would be an impediment as well. No, dental surgery doesn’t harm pregnant women, but just not a great idea to undergo months of repeated anesthesias, anti-biotics and pain killers.

    She is also going to have to gain weight-I kind of wonder if she’s even ovulating.

    Finally, count me Team Brandi-and for all the commentators who claim it’s over identification, I am not divorced, have never had to co-parent, never cheated or was cheated on and don’t follow her on Twitter. This is a woman who was left in an economic lurch and is trying to make a buck without training or education. Bravo is paying her a lot more to bring the crazy and act like a loon than flipping burgers. We’ve never heard that she’s a loose cannon in her private life. And if she is stonewalled incommunicating with her kids father, I can see her going to the only outlet. And I really doubt she wrote that e-mail thinking it was going to be put on Twitter.

    Mediation and therapy are great ideas for blended family-didn’t Meann refuse to cooperate on previous occasions?

    And why aren’t we coming down like a load of bricks on the real trouble maker-Eddiot?

  18. natalina says:

    Of course she’s silent! She’s embarassed! Why would she say anything–any response to her is “HA HA you take laxatives”
    Dont u think if it wasnt true a defamation LAWSUIT would be coming out?

  19. Eric says:

    One of the reasons they will never have kids because Edie had a vesactomy but never bothered to tell her

  20. HCS says:

    I think Brandi should definitely get her side out. If you are not the mother why call them “your boys” especially knowing that it bothers their real mother. If she cared for those boys so much she would stop throwing subliminal shade at their mom. Leann brings the drama on herself then wants to cry and play the victim when S***T gets real. She is a delusional SOCIOPATH that attempts to make people believe she is an angel ala “America’s Sweetheart”. She is stuck in the past and believes she is still 13 and relevant. Don’t drink the KOOL-AID people!

  21. Starlight says:

    I think LeAnn should have her own kids. Why is she not trying? LeAnn don’t be bothered by those negative comments because they are from the same group that hates you. We don’t hate you. Actually, we admire you. You are beautiful and a good singer aside from being very nice. Just ignore those comments. We know that most of the gossips about you are not true.

  22. Jennifer says:

    I pity any child born from LR and EC. She is definitely no role model (and neither he is for that matter.)

    It is quite interesting to watch LR/EC and BG react to each other. LR obviously takes pleasure in trying to irritate Brandi. The more Brandi ignores LR, the more extreme LR gets in her tweets and PR (“my boys” Really??!! They are not LR’s boys)

    LR is one desperate, delusional thing. Obviously, LR can’t stand living outside the public eye.

  23. Rita says:

    LeAnn is probably unaware that “talking” about having a baby is not how you make one but it is how Eddie avoids having any more.

    This “I want a baby” is an old shtick of LeAnn’s. She was saying that several times a year when she was married to Dean. It service two purposes for her, 1) It gets her some gossip space 2) She hopes people will see her faux motherly side and think better of her.

    The loose crap in her hammster cage has gone around so many times it is now just one big ball of crap.

  24. Linda says:

    You’ll never have a baby because is Eddie is snipped. #truth

  25. claire says:

    I just personally think it’s hilarious that their E! News interview is coming out just days after they said Brandi is all about publicity and airing out their private lives. hahaha.

    Leann and Eddie need to learn that the public is not stupid.

  26. Libby says:

    I would bet a faked baby bump is coming our way next. Oh wait! She has to get through January first; you know all those free bikinis she gets will have to be paraded around for a couple months first.
    I’m sure she is already writing the script for the next 12 months. She will do what ever it takes to stay in the news. All those picture with her outside of bathrooms in her bikinis now makes sense to me. Have another skittle Margaret. LOL

  27. Stuart Horsely says:

    Quote from Eddie: “My heart goes out to her every single time she’s getting bashed for something. It’s unfair for her and it’s unfair for us. It (the affair) wasn’t frivolous, you know.”

    Everything she is bashed for is self-inflicted! They’re both assholes, end of story, and will eventually bury themselves. Brandi doesn’t need to do a thing, but I don’t blame her for speaking out. Without her reactions, however, Leann’s antics would be powerless. She is fast becoming even more annoying than Kim Kardashian.

  28. janie says:

    Bottom line….. If LeAnn could have become pregnant, she would have. Something else is going on.

  29. Skipper says:

    She tweeted the most hilarious picture of herself laughing today. Happy girl in red or something.

  30. Lisa says:

    omg, I wish she’d shut her mouth.

  31. Kellie says:

    I could not continue to deal with that type of situation like Brandi because the minute my ex and his new wife started to question my parenting I would happily drop the children off. If they think they can do it better- do it full-time. I’m off to have a vacay, a few cocktails and about 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Deuces!

  32. sam says:

    Brandi’s biggest problem is that not everyone has been following the story throughout the years. With all of leanns paid bullys attacking Brandi, calling her a drunk and a bad mom. Now Leann is shutting up because Brandi has such a huge following. Oh well in the end, Leann is the one who has to be married to EC, and frankly that seems like punishment enough. Im sure he was snipped, otherwise she would have been pregnant INSTANTLY. Does it really make sense Leann is “waiting for the right time” to have kids? No time like the present for a famewhore. I also saw this HILARIOUS comment by someone on twitter (ASU_JULIETTE) who tweets nice things to leann all day long because shes hoping to get a plane ticket out for one of Leanns infamous twitter lunches. The reviews of her performances are awful, people saying she complained the whole time, barely sang any songs and looked like she was on drugs. Im surprised that doesnt get more media coverage, because it really speaks to the huge breakdown we will undoubtably see from her. Leanns entire life is one giant lie, and at the end of the day this is all going to come crashing down on her.

    • Emily says:

      Brandi’s biggest problem is that she chose to marry a douche and have children with him. Why she thinks Eddie Cibrian would be a good ex-husband when he was a terrible husband, I have no idea. But all this sound and fury is swirling around him, caused by him, fueled by him. He smirks in the eye of the hurricane like he has nothing to do with any of it, but he loves every second of it. It keeps him central to Brandi’s life, it keeps Leann obsessed with him but not able to concentrate on how poorly he treats her, and of course everyone blames the women while acting like the man is completely helpless.

  33. Lizzie says:

    No way, she makes me want to puke calling herself America sweetheart
    Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood ARE the new queen bees of the country world

  34. Lizzie says:

    No way, she makes me want to puke calling herself America sweetheart
    Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are the queen bees of the country world

  35. CatJ says:

    Hah, the blurb of Leann’s that stuck out to me was “No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision.”..”

    Yes, Leann, you and Ediot seemed to have put a lot of thought into the hurt…..
    She doesn’t even make any sense in her ramblings…. why are they being interviewed? there is nothing to promote but their bad behaviour…..

  36. CatJ says:

    Hah, the blurb of Leann’s that stuck out to me was “No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision.”..”

    Yes, Leann, you and Ediot seemed to have put a lot of thought into the hurt…..
    She doesn’t even make any sense in her ramblings…. why are they being interviewed.. there is nothing to promote but their bad behaviour…..

  37. Memphis says:

    Quote from Eddie: “It (the affair) wasn’t frivolous, you know.”

    Oh Please, Eddie. We all know it was nothing more than a quick lay for you and then little Mrs. Bunny Boiler got a taste and would not let it go.

    You wanted to stay with your wife, you started therapy with your wife, you flat out denied having anything to do with Leann and called her a ‘speedbump’ in your marriage. That is not the actions or words of a man wanting to leave his wife for his lay.

    Everyone (including Leann) knows you only went to Leann when Brandi tossed you out. You were left with no other options… But now you want to rewrite history to make it seem like you left after being so conflicted…That’s Bullsh*t and everyone knows it.

    Why do you think Leann’s an emotional basket case? Because even she knows she was second choice. That’s why she hates Brandi.

    As for having kids with her…well, Good Luck. God knows you’re gonna need it.

    • vvvoid says:

      The idea that Eddie didn’t want to lose Brandi, but rather hoped to get off easy for his [multiple] affairs, puts things in perspective. LeAnn knows that for whatever reason, Eddie is still hung up on Brandi [probably because she had the balls to dump him for what he did and he likes to be in control] and that she herself really just serves the role of cash cow and trampoline. She knows he is in no way captivated by her. She is quaint, homely, weak, insecure…no challenge for him. Surely in Brandi he didn’t display splendid taste in women, but she knows how to push his buttons. You think it doesn’t bother him to see her sexual exploits on TV? Ouch. I bet every time he gets a little jealousy attack about Brandi, he pulls LeAnn’s strings so she’ll tweet some crap to enrage her. That way he retains plausible deniability, he preys on LeAnn’s insecurity and instability and knows it will always fall on her because he is the more sane, while probably much darker, of the two of them.
      LeAnn’s sense that Brandi still has Eddie by the balls somehow, even though she’s older, feeds into this physical transformation we’ve seen. Eddie is extremely handsome, conventially “sexy” etc., LeAnn never thought she could pull tail like that. Look at her first husband. Then to “accomplish” Eddie [in the form of him deciding to put it in her a few times and see what happened] only for him to go back to his wife, and then run to her when she dumped him…LeAnn is permanently the omega, Brandi the alpha. She looks at Brandi, who does a far better job at achieving the horrible but new-conventional look of “Hollywood babe” than LeAnn could ever do, due to her strong, weird, horsey features being harder to massacre via plastic surgery than Brandi’s, who probably started out with a prettier palette. She can’t figure out exactly what Brandi’s hold over Eddie is, so she tries to emulate the physical part, fails miserably except that she too ends up looking awful [just in a different way than Brandi]. She lives in fear of losing Eddie, who manipulates her so effectively she probably never left the puppy-love phase of her feelings for him. He got past that phase with her after the first few thrusts, probably, but remained opportunistic, that is his only interest in her. That and maybe comfort. It must be comforting to be with someone too weak to ever call you out on your character flaws.

      • Emily says:

        Eddie is extremely handsome, conventially “sexy”

        Eddie is a smarmy douche. His looks are extremely conventional — he looks like half the 30-something guys I know. Except drunker. Sexy? Hell no. I think I’d even take Ashton Kutcher over him, if forced to. (Ick to both.) Ashton just seems stupid; Eddie looks like he leaves a slime trail wherever he goes.

      • Ming Lee says:

        @vvvoid: THIS! leann will forever be runner up, insecure and looking for a way to ‘one up’ brandi in the looks/body department while eddie will still be hung up on brandi. you just don’t ‘get over’ that kind of life with someone.
        and eddie WAS conventionally good lookng, 3 years ago. he has aged so quickly, especially this past year. and his actions make him look even more unattractive and rather gross.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        @Emily: The slime trail is just Leann crawling after him, holding onto his legs. It’s a common mistake.

    • Alana Fajina says:

      Love that you ladies are saying this [@Memphis & @vvvoid.] These sounds Very accurate to me!!

    • mainland says:

      Memphis & vvvoid…. can I just marry your post. Everything both of you said is just flawless, and I think right on the money when it comes bunny boiler (I love that description) and ediot.

      • vvvoid says:

        Eh. I knew nothing about him when I first saw him in that mini series Invasion, and he’s not my type, but I was taken aback by how “typical hot” he was. I think his *extremely conventional* good looks are a part of LeAnn’s insecurity, because she is anything but conventionally attractive.

  38. aenflex says:

    Epic grammar on her part. No class, any of them.

  39. Amory says:

    I can’t imagine LeAnn be willing to gain the weight that would be required to have a child. And the possibility of stretch marks?? She just doesn’t have it in her.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      She already has stretch marks that she doesn’t appear to be ashamed of, but I agree about the weight gain.

      Perhaps she wants to lock it in with Eddie? If she has his baby she’s guaranteed, at least, 18 more years of being in proximity to Ed. Plus, the kid would be her trump car. She’d use him/her to manipulate and hurt Ed.

  40. Grace says:

    It is officially the apocalypse if this girl is pregnant with eddie’s child.

  41. Peachy says:

    Well, at least she’s used to cleaning up poop.

  42. Snowpea says:

    Oh my goodness…I would HATE to be in Brandi’s shoes.

    She must sometimes look at the carnage of her life and go…what the fu*k did I do to deserve this?

    I also have two boys and I don’t know if I could handle having a madwoman like LeAnn in my life.

    BUT…I agree with Jayna up above who said something like…at some point, you gotta be the bigger person. Ignore LeAnn. Go off Twitter. Live your life and look after your boys, be a good person and ignore the crazy.

    I do believe that LeAnn’s hatred/jealousy/envy of Brandi is what gets her outta bed in the morning. It fuels her when she gets a reaction. She knows that EVERYTHING she posts on Twitter will get back to Brandi somehow and it excites and motivates her.

    So…Brandi if ya reading, here’s what you gotta do to reclaim your life. Get off Twitter. Save your pennies. Be the best mum you can to those boys.

    And eventually those two IMBECILES will self combust.

    • claire says:

      You’re right. But I think it’s easier said than done. Leann and her cronies have been pushing the narrative forever that Brandi is always at fault, Brandi is a bad mother, Leann is an angel, etc., etc. Leann fuels the fire daily. Letting go and knowing that people are only hearing all the lies coming out of Leann’s mouth, and not saying anything to dispute them, is realllllly hard to do, I imagine. And who’s to say they ever divorce? Then Brandi has let Leann smear her reputation, unchallenged. That’s not really a great outcome either.

    • Lil says:

      I agree with what you said here SnowPea:
      “I do believe that LeAnn’s hatred/jealousy/envy of Brandi is what gets her outta bed in the morning. It fuels her when she gets a reaction. She knows that EVERYTHING she posts on Twitter will get back to Brandi somehow and it excites and motivates her.”

      She is twisted in my opinion. Dangerously twisted. Like bunny boiler twisted.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      There’s just so long anyone can go when her buttons are being pushed day after day and when your kids are being used as weapons (see Gabriel Aubry, too). But Brandi needs to just stay away from those two toxic wastes and their dump and take legal action to ensure the boys’ safety and privacy. I do not understand why no one in the media ever asks Leann questions like, If you want privacy, why do you go on about your great love affair to everyone? Why do you assume the role of co-parent to your stepsons? Why won’t you tell what’s going on with rehab since you were the one to announce it? Why do you go on Twitter to live your life if you say it caused anxiety? Why do you feel it’s appropriate to post videos and pictures of the boys almost hourly?

  43. tmbg says:

    Please, someone recommission the Space Shuttle, put these three loons into the cargo bay and launch them off of this planet. Maybe they can take over Mars or something.

  44. lynette says:

    On twitter some person told LeAnn she should consider saying “the boys” instead of “my boys” to avoid drama and LeAnn just tweeted back basically that Brandi’s feelings are not her problem. Woww

  45. Ming Lee says:


    leann just gave this interview saying,

    And you know, that’s our personal, private business. It doesn’t need to be played out in public and I try as hard as I can to refrain 90 percent of the time.

    GEEZUS! if this is only 10%, WTF else kinda crazy is going on behind the scenes. poor leann has her maths wrong.

    • claire says:

      And yet her and Eddie are doing an interview special on Sunday night, to yet again talk about their affair. My mind boggles over this one.

    • Rita says:

      I used to have my doubts about LeAnn’s delusional state of mind but I’ve come to the conclusion that her ADD is extremely severe by which I mean, she lives in the moment with no long or mid-term memory.

      One minute she’s crying that everyone should move on and that her life is private and the very next minute she produces an album about her private life, constantly brings up the affair, goes on TV to give interviews about the affair, and tweets about forgiveness, christian values, and strength of spirit just before she checks herself into rehab.

      She lives in the moment with the immediate past a complete disconnect. Like a child lying to a parent to avoid responsibility or to get what she wants.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Because no one- not one person- asks her questions like, “People seem to be more against you for your behavior after the affair. Why is it that you feel the need to place your stepsons in the spotlight? There is ample evidence of your aggression toward Eddie’s ex-wife. Could you explain this?”

  46. lady X says:

    OMG I know this is not the right thread to post this but I read that Kim Kardashian’s kitten Mercy died

  47. Sway says:

    A friend showed me this photo Leann put on her twitter yesterday, captioned “Happy girl in red”: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A9e6Q1uCcAAmy9J.jpg

    1. It’s terrifying.
    2. I’ve never been more convinced she’s crazy.
    3. It’s terrifying.

  48. Jennifer12 says:

    Baby conversation:

    “Eddie, I want to have your baby.”

    “No. I’m done with kids.”

    “Okay. Can I push Brandi out of the way so I can pretend the boys are mine?”

    “Sure. Just get me another beer first.”

    Conversation over.

  49. hairball says:

    Her face is so grotesque to me. I can’t believe he wakes up to that. And her nose is just gross.

  50. palermo says:

    Didn’t I read Eddie had the snip, and didn’t tell her? Good luck getting pregnant …

  51. Eric says:

    Yes he got snipped when he was with his wife, and never bothered telling Leean, while she goes for fertility treatments he told her the problem is with her not him,what a douchebag. I don’t get his sex appeal either,looks like stuck up a—hole.
    If she get pregnant it will be from a sperm bank.

  52. lindy loo says:

    I truly don’t think they should have kids and it’s not because I detest Falcor, the twitter queen.
    Both of them are truly squinty eyed, esp Falcor, and any child born to them would be totally blind so don’t subject an innocent child to that.

  53. Jane says:

    How coincidental that Leann wants kids seeing that Will and Kate are expecting and people from various parts of the world are sending their well wishes to the happy couple. Leann cannot STAND the fact she isn’t the center of attention and making the covers of all the rag mags–so she brings this issue up probably out of spite and jealousy. Why isn’t someone stopping this woman? I also heard that E News is doing a special on her. ON HER! …and G. Ransic is doing the interview. The same woman Leann bashed on Twitter months ago. I swear…J**us, the world has now gone to pot.

  54. Kosmos says:

    I just want her to stop tweeting about herself and about Eddie. If she wants kids, just have kids, we don’t care.