Liv Tyler in a short skirt with red bow heels at The Hobbit NY premiere: still stunning?

These are photos from the NY premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which is out on December 14 and is sure to clean up around the holidays. I’ll probably see it, I loved the Lord of The Rings trilogy, although I found some of the movies too long to sit through. Let’s see… this film is 2 hours and 46 minutes long. WHY?!!! Please do not do this to us again, Peter Jackson. Cut some of the scenes where the merry band of travelers is hanging out around campfires and chatting while they trudge toward their destination. You know this movie is full of them. If I could just get away with skipping this film, I wouldn’t care, but I badly want to see it and I’m torn. I don’t give a three hour chunk of time to anything without multi-tasking.

Anyway everyone is focusing on the lovely Liv Tyler at the premiere, which is understandable since she’s the main female celebrity there. Cate Blanchett didn’t show up, but she was at the LA premiere so I’ll give her a pass. I would have loved to see her though. I adore Liv, and I’m giving her a pass for this bad outfit since she makes up for it by being Liv. She’s like Cate Blanchett to me in that way (not that she’s on the same level as Blanchett acting-wise, and I’m hoping I don’t offend Blanchett superfans with this declaration). Liv can wear a weird short satin skirt, a bizarre tattered ruffle shirt, a formal jacket, black pantyhose and some super fug red bow heels and not look awful. She’s wearing open-toed shoes with pantyhose, and you don’t do that Liv! Just no. I do like how she matched her lipstick to her shoes though. She’s so gorgeous. I don’t have a designer ID on that outfit but I’m betting Stella McCartney is involved somehow.

Also there was star Martin Freeman. He is so wonderful in Sherlock. I hope this is his big breakout role and that he’s cast in more movies now. I really adore him.

Elijah Wood looking like a cutie.

Sir Ian McKellen hugging Elijah. You shall not pass!

Aidan Turner. I haven’t heard much about him but I guess he’s a 29 year-old Irish actor. He’s playing a Hobbit dwarf named “Kili.” Very hot.

Gollum himself, Andy Serkis. I heard him explain that he got the inspiration for his character’s voice by hearing his cat cough up a hairball.

Lee Pace, he plays Thranduil. I love his sideburns!

Update: Richard Armitage, by request!

Update 2: Ooh VH1 morning buzz just sent us a link to an awesome interview with all of the dwarves from The Hobbit, in which they answer questions in rapid-fire. This was so much fun I had to embed it! Standouts: Graham McTavish and Dean O’Gorman.

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  1. Abby says:

    Man, Lee Pace is everywhere these days. I hadn’t seen him in anything since Pushing Daisies. Now he was in Lincoln, Breaking Dawn 2, and the Hobbit? He’s going places!

  2. aims says:

    Ive never thought liv was a knockout. She has an odd look to her. Maybe she reminds me of her father, but in my view not a knockout

  3. Rhea says:

    She’s pretty as usual, but if she could find a different skirt with a better fit/better cut she would look so much better!! Not a fan also with that combo of open-toed shoes plus tights.

  4. Jessica6 says:

    Her outfit is just all sorts of NO, but I agree that in some bizarre way, Tyler gets away with it. VERY weird crotch material work on that dress. Those shoes look like they’re straight out of a 1940′s Warner Bros. film, and were worn by either Betty Grable or one of the Andrews sisters.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in this ensemble, but, on her it gets a pass from me.

  5. Alli says:

    Can we talk about Liv’s hair? Because I need to know how/why it’s so shiny. Her hair is immaculate. And fortunately as far away from those shoes as possible.

    • megsie says:

      yes, let’s! It’s gorgeous. I’ve read several times that she uses Terax Crema as an all day leave in, rinses it in cold water, and usually allows it to air dry rather than blow dry. I also read that she will sometimes rub an ice cube down her wet hair for extra shine.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Right, this may be a really stupid question BUT a pair of ‘pantyhose’ in the States is what we call a pair of tights in Ireland/Uk right? :P

  7. Gia says:

    LOVE Liv! We have similar builds and I love her style.

    Looks like Mr. Freeman has had some work done to his nose. He looks very different from the old ‘Office’ days.

  8. E says:

    Aidan Turner is the guy in the original Being Human UK. He was crazy hot. Greasy hot, but still hot.

  9. Harpreet says:

    Cumberbitches, enlighten me, wasn’t Liv dating the ‘Batch at some point?

  10. Dee Bee says:

    … a DWARF named KILI (with 1 L). ;-)

  11. PrettyTarheel says:

    CB-Killi is a dwarf, not a hobbit.

    *slinks off in Middle Earth-dork shame to reread my tattered copy of The Hobbit for the millionth time*

  12. Samantha says:

    Liv is gorgeous but that outfit is dreadful.

    I wouldn’t mind The Hobbit being so long…if it were just one movie. I can’t imagine how you could stretch that one book out over three, three-hour movies without putting in a lot of filler. Total turn-off.

  13. RN says:

    Sorry, no pass from me here regarding her outfit. She has a stylist and she’s been in the biz WAY too long to be dressing like some freshman sorority girl at her first mixer.

  14. Jackson says:

    Did LT have some work done? Her face looks different to me. I barely recognized her on the first page.

  15. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I find it strange how a woman, who looks so much like her creepy father, can still be so beautiful. Paradox for sure. I have seen her IRL twice within the past 2 years…she is every bit as beautiful as she is in pics, maybe even more so.

  16. KellyinSeattle says:

    I just had an image of Stephen Tyler wearing that horrid outfit; must be something Freudian! It was scary; I’m glad Liv doesn’t look more like her dad. I like her because she seems pretty low key and down to earth; more than some kids who have celeb parents.

  17. Stubbylove says:

    This outfit/styling would be fug on anyone else but on Liv it works – don’t know why, it just does.

  18. Vivian says:

    Yep, she looks good but outfit and shoes are eeeeeeeeew.

  19. marie says:

    I watched the 2nd and 3rd LOTR movies, I kept falling asleep during the 1st. I like Liv Tyler, but I don’t like what she’s wearing..

    Aiden Turner is hot..

    And I have always, always had a crush on Elijah Wood.. (he’s the whole reason I even attempted to sit through LOTR)

  20. megsie says:

    yes, amazing that she manages to carry this look. She’s stunning, of course, which doesn’t hurt. Maybe because she first came to fame as a 90s alternative darling the not quite right/slighty left off center look seems fitting on her?

  21. BW says:

    1. Aidan Turner is the vampire from the original UK version of Being Human. You must go watch it. Also, he’s playing a dwarf, not a hobbit.

    2. Andy Serkis got the voice of Gollum from recordings of J.R.R. Tolkien reading the Riddles In The Dark chapter from The Hobbit on tape. I have that recording on CD. It’s available on Amazon. I had to buy it because my grandmother had it on LP, and someone else got the record.

  22. aston martin says:

    LIV!!!!! I love Liv. Total longstanding girl crush. Her face’s geometry is so off yet so lovely, and she seems to carry girlish mischief in those eyes all the time. This ensemble is not my favorite, but I can see where it was going- that fem-masc, mix of same shade in different textures, bright smacks of same color. I don’t like the second bright smack of red being those shoes, is all. Maybe it could pass if the shoes were weightier? Closed-er toe, thicker or no ankle strap. HEY!- you know what would totally work? Weirdly enough, the shoes crazy Demi was wearing at that Chanel party, only done in red.

    I don’t think she’s done anything to her face – it’s just a TON of period-style makeup to complement the hair. I hope she gets to do more appearances for this film. She’s awesome.

  23. Reece says:

    Gandalf & Frodo! I love Elijah! Ever since Radio Flyer. I’ve loved martin ever since Hitchhiker’s Guide.
    Btw, Kili is dwarf (a young one) not a hobbit CB. *tones down inner Tolkien geek*
    Love Liv. I like her hair. Nice comment. I don’t like that outfit at all it looks terrible on her. It’s not a good shade of red for her either. Not so nice comment.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    What has she done to her face? She looks really, REALLY different to me…

    J’adore Sir Ian and Andy!!

  25. Mira says:

    Jesus! Is that Liv?? Had to double check. Did not recognize her.

  26. Rll says:

    Richard Armitage please, please, please!

  27. shewolf says:

    These people still look like hobbits.

  28. Walice says:

    I think Liv Tyler is the “spot on” image of her MOTHER… not her father.

    Find a picture of Bebe when she was younger… like Liv – absolutely gorgeous.

    Thought – headline one of the ugly guys?

  29. midnightmoon says:

    A bit of mancandy trivia. Aidan Turner starred in a rather odd but sexy BOX miniseries about the pre-Raphaelites. The tone is off-kinda rock’n'roll, but the actors are hot and the humor is dry. Found it on Netflix. You’re welcome in advance, ladies.

  30. Pleasedtomeetya says:

    What I wouldn’t do for her legs, sigh.

  31. m.k. says:

    I like Martin Freeman’s characters, but…..ugh, whatever.

  32. Justyna says:

    I am a person who usually cannot watch a 1,5 hour long movie without multiple breaks, sometimes finishing a movie on DVD takes me 3 days, but I’m such a LOTR fan that I’ve watched the extended edition of every part multiple times. First one is 3 and a half hour long, the other two even longer, if I remember correctly. Over 11 hours of watching in total. Last time I watched it was about 3 months ago. I was looking for a good excuse and I found it – I had to introduce my nephew to the Middle Earth ;-) This 2 hours and 46 minutes do not seem that long.

    • midnightmoon says:

      my hobbit hubby watches all three extended versions every year on his birthday-12/22. that means, in about two and a half weeks… the onslaught begins. for a few years, i had PTSD due to the music playing itself over and over and OVER in my head. (my auto accident and traumatic brain injury did NOT help with this…). anyway, i am resigned to my fate. i sleep through most of it, and watch the romantic bits and anything with the elves or when the elf and the dwarf are foolin’ around together because that’s most of the funny for me. otherwise… ayiyiyi.

      i am sorta kinda looking forward to the Hobbit movie, but unless they give me some chickbits to enjoy like the ones in LOTR between Arwen Evenstar and ol’ whatsisname (i always forget his name-Strider/uh…), I am gonna be on strike against Hobbit movies parts II and III.

      let’s just say Peter Jackson DOES think big, but his screenwriting prowess leaves me a little underwhelmed. I am hoping he has found his storyteller’s magic, but according to the reviews, I shall be asleep within the hour.

      Hobbit Hubby, on the other hand, will watch glass melt in siberia if it has a Hobbit theme. sigh.

  33. Nev says:

    Stealing Beauty still one of my all-time favorite movies!!!!!!

  34. Nev says:

    Her shoes/ hose look is banging. Sexy seventies. Love it.

  35. lisa2 says:

    I have always like Liv.. she always had this other world quality about her

    I hate the shoes and the outfit is ill fitted.

  36. Anon73 says:

    re: you just don’t do pantyhose + open-toe shoes, THANK YOU !! looks just awful.

    if she had shoes in that same color with a closed-toe design it would already improve the outfit.

  37. JuliaGulia says:

    As midnightmoon just said – Aidan Turner. You need to watch Desperate Romantics – he plays Dante Gabriel Rosetti, leader of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood. He is hot *fans self*

  38. Melissa says:

    Am I the only one that think Liv looks pregnant here? She has a belly but nothing else – thin legs, etc. Odd.

  39. Cait says:

    Liv is so beautiful and I love that shade of lipstick she’s wearing.

  40. debsa says:

    Aiden Turner, former star of UK Series “Being Human”,about a Ghost,Werewolf and
    a Vampire… he played the Vampire

  41. Caroline says:

    *swoon* so glad you added the Richard Armitage photos, i too feel he is underappreciated as an actor – hope The Hobbit accords him the interest in his work he deserves. plus… you know… helps that he’s tall dark and handsome. oh and the voice.. ladies, it will break your biscuits.

  42. Caroline says:

    swoon! so glad you added the Richard Armitage photos, i too feel he is underappreciated as an actor – hope The Hobbit accords him the interest in his work he deserves. plus… you know… helps that he’s tall dark and handsome. oh and the voice.. ladies, it will break your biscuits.

  43. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Aidan Turner! Such a hottie.

    And YAY! to the Dean O’Gorman shout out. He’s a cute ‘pocket boyfriend’ type guy and a fun little actor.

  44. MJsinAustin says:

    the black hose kill it for me, but otherwise she’s gorgeous as usual.

  45. Claudia says:

    I don’t like her hair color, it’s got the same dark ombre thing that Drew Barrymore has right now. It washes the two of them out, and makes them look sickly pale. It looks crazy healthy and shiny though, I want to know what she uses!

  46. Aurelia says:

    Shoes are amazatron. Liv looks pregnant. She’s one of my girl crushes too. Her and Emily Blunt.

    Anyhoo, her outfit looks foul. No doubt a Stella McCartney.

    Stella’s threads are so rancid. How the hell is that woman still in bidness???

  47. Aurelia says:

    And another thing. The dwarf guys in this film are so hot in real life.

  48. lola lola says:

    AIdan Turner is amazing! He was sooooo good in Being Human. Cannot wait to watch him break out & get some bigger roles. He’s gorgeous.

  49. mimi says:

    She is beautiful, but is she pregnant?
    Her tummy has a protruding belly-button.

  50. Cookie says:

    Aww, Elijah. I love him. I’m glad he’s attending the events for The Hobbit.

    Liv looks gorgeous! But I do agree with you about the stockings and open-toed shoes. No Liv, even someone as hot as you can’t get away with that look sweetie.