Taylor Swift has already started to “Yoko” Harry Styles away from One Direction

These are some photos of Harry Styles, One Direction and Taylor Swift at the Jingle Bell Ball in NYC on Friday night. Swifty and 1D performed (not together) and they all walked the red carpet (not together). How long have Harry and Swifty been together at this point? Just a few weeks, right? Like, I don’t even think it’s been a month. And they’re already doing sleepovers and he’s already “really protective” of her and she’s already folding him into her group of friends. So… you know what’s happening, right? Swifty is Yoko-ing One Direction!! Sources claim that Harry’s band mates are not happy about Harry’s involvement with Swifty.

When most people offer to pick up their date they take a car. But not Taylor Swift – who flew Harry Styles in her luxury private jet from New York to London. The One Direction star arrived at Saturday night’s Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 arena with a huge grin on his face, fuelling speculation the couple are now an official item.

18-year-old Harry ditched the rest of his bandmates to spend a few hours in the sky on the romantic transatlantic flight, while the others flew back to the UK on a domestic flight. Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik had to fight their way through the crowd of fans at Heathrow, and instead of saying hello were shoved into an awaiting car.

One Direction were joined by JLS and Cheryl Cole – who performed a duet with WILL.I.AM – at the Capital FM A-list Christmas performance on Saturday night. Taylor was secretly whisked into a VIP area to watch the band perform – out of sight of the fans.

And while Harry might seem smitten with his new romance – the increasing amount of time he has been spending canoodling with the pop star doesn’t seem to have gone down too well with the rest of the band.

A source told the Sun: ‘Her presence has stirred tensions in the band as Harry’s now spending most of his time with her, and jetted into the gig on her private jet instead of coming in with the rest of the lads.’

The loved-up pair were spotted holding hands as Harry took her out for another date in New York on Thursday. They were seen leaving Taylor’s hotel once again on their way to a romantic dinner date. Taylor, 22, seemed pretty pleased with her new man, as she donned a coy smile while the One Direction heartthrob lead the way. The couple reportedly began dating after running into each other backstage at a rehearsal for the US X Factor. And with both stars in New York for work commitments, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get to know each other even better.

They were first spotted together in public last Sunday, when they went for a romantic stroll through New York’s iconic Central Park, although they were both joined by their entourage. Since, Harry has been spotted emerging from the Love Story singer’s hotel room several times this week, making no secret of their budding love affair.

[From The Mail]

Hahaha. Swifty = Yoko Ono. And One Direction = The Beatles? Personally, I always felt like Yoko got a raw deal in that situation. I mean, obviously, John Lennon wanted Yoko around and he wanted her to be involved with every part of his life. Was Yoko “the reason” The Beatles split up? No. She was one of many reasons. But this situation with Harry and Swifty… that boy is only 18 years old. Swifty is 22. That alone makes it a lot different than the Yoko situation. Swifty will be seen as “driving a wedge” between the members of 1D, and for good reason. That’s exactly what she’s doing.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Amy625 says:

    Taylor isn’t Yoko. She’s only been around for a minute so I doubt it’s a big deal. If it is a problem it will end in a couple of months if not sooner. They’ll both be touring and Harry lives in another country. Not to mention he supposedly gets around. Harry doesn’t strike me as a one woman kind of guy.

    • Tammy says:

      I agree. This is an obvious narrative for the tabloids to write because of all the comparisons being made between One Direction and the Beatles. However, I don’t think it realistically applies here. Harry’s not the only band member to have a girlfriend and Taylor’s not the first girlfriend he’s had while he’s been in the band. Kaiser keeps saying Harry’s 18 and Taylor’s 22 as if this is a big deal for this band. It’s not. One of the 19 year old members is dating a 24 year old and they’ve been together for 2/3 years. Do the math. Not to mention that Harry’s previous girlfriend was 32.

      Besides, Taylor has her own huge career. How much is she even able to be around; coming between them? Between touring and promos and video shoots, she and Harry will barely see each other.

  2. Bowers says:

    I believe the whole relationship’s fake.

  3. marie says:

    meh, the more I read about them the less I care. It won’t last too long, she just needs new material.

  4. Amelia says:

    If Swifty does actually break up One Direction then I will make a sparkly, rainbow shrine to her.
    Go on, Swifty . . . do it for music lovers everywhere.
    Then stop singing. Kthnxbai.

  5. tmbg says:

    I didn’t know this one was only 18. What is with her and these kids? Then again, Madonna and Demi are dating guys not a lot older than ol’ Harry here, so maybe it’s a Hollywood trend.

    Either way, I think maybe she’s doing this for more PR and material to write songs with. How can you just go through relationships so quickly? Wouldn’t it take time to heal to get over the last one?

    • Tammy says:

      She swapped Conor for Harry pretty quick, but there have been rumors about her and Harry all year, so perhaps Conor was just a curly-haired substitute until she could get her hands on the real thing. ;-)

      However, there was about 18 months of singledom for Swifty between Conor and Jake.

      I don’t think the way Taylor dates is any different from most celebrities. Scarjo, Ryan Reynolds, Leo DiCaprio, Katy Perry…all these people never seem to be single for a minute. But when you’re rich and famous, you have a lot of options, so…

    • kimcheee says:

      Calvin Klein’s last boyfriend was 18 when Calvin saw him….everyone is dating young boys. Young boys are the new Pretty girls.

  6. Lee says:

    LOL. I guess Taylor has a death wish. If she breaks up the band all the one directioners will come after her.

  7. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Why another 18 tear old? She’s such a wolf in a sheep’s wool… predatory I guess. Pretending to be virginal. I wonder how he got this way.

    • Tammy says:

      She doesn’t pretend to be virginal. Just because she dresses conservatively and doesn’t post topless shots on Twitter doesn’t mean she’s pretending to be a virgin. What should she do to convince people that she’s not? Act like Rihanna?

      • kimcheee says:

        Despite her nice figure, the thought of a Swifty sex tape is just plain creepy. Kim K? Alright. Taylor? Uhhhhhhhh…no.

      • Chelley says:

        Thank you! I’m tired of people saying that Taylor wants people to think she’s virginal…she may be a bit slut-shamey but she’s not going around telling girls to remain a virgin until marriage. Just because she doesn’t wear skimpy clothes doesn’t mean she’s a prude. People judge a book by it’s cover way too much.

      • Nicole says:

        Totally agree! I don’t have many thoughts on Swifty, but the thought that a woman who is having sex must act a certain way is insane. Lots of sexually active women can continue to act girlish or demure or whatever and it’s not necessarily fake, it’s their personality. Being sexually active is only one part of that.

        Ladies are so harsh to one another.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I’m slut shaming no one. That’s what you’re reading into it. She was marketed as a sweet country girly girl that was holding onto her virginity. There was much pr over this and stories of her mother not letting her be alone with a boy well into her 20th year. So try that again.

        She’s 22 and he is legal, barely, but still legal. Why is she dating younger. And yes i know jake and john were older, but they are sketchy. And i get the same weird vibe from her as i do from older men that date younger.

        It’s not slut shaming. I never called her a slut. Just stop trying to market yourself as something you’re not.

      • Tammy says:

        @ Alexandra Bananarama – Nope. Taylor has never said she was a virgin. You can be a sweet country girl and still have sex: see Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill. I don’t know what you’re talking about with her mother not letting her be alone with a boy until she was in her 20′s! She was already dating John Mayer at 19!

    • anna says:

      She has never pretended to be virginal. In her very first single “Tim McGraw”, she says her boyfriend’s Chevy truck “had a tendency of getting stuck on back roads at night”.

      In “Treacherous”, on her new album, she says, ‘I’ll do anything you say/ If you say it with your hands”.

  8. HCS says:

    This chick is a raving pedophile in the making. There is nothing wrong with an older woman and younger man but the constant rotation of barely 18 year olds is questioning. I think she may have a thing for sexually-turning these dudes out. Taylor Swift is a FREAK, good girl my ass.

  9. Velouria says:

    I can totally see her dancing around like Demi Moore but Swifty will be doing it in her late 30s to 18 year olds.

    No matter how old she gets, they stay the same age ;)

  10. anna says:

    “How long have Harry and Swifty been together at this point? Just a few weeks, right?”

    They been dating since at least the beginning of October. At the Teen Awards in London, Aled Jones from the BBC said there was some “serious flirting” between them and The Sun reported that they cancelled a dinner reservation that night because reporters found out about it. She’s been wearing his necklace since 3 November.

    US Weekly said they first reconnected at the VMAs in September. There are fan photos of them at Katsuya in LA that night. They were with a group of friends including Ed Sheeran. Taylor broke up with Conor the following week. (She went to visit him at school once, on 16 September, and presumably broke up with him in person).

    So yeah, they’ve been dating for nearly 3 months now.

  11. Lou says:

    So we haven’t evolved from the 60′s. sexism is still alive and well. SMH. Harry is PERFECTLY able to make his own decisions, thats unless you want to continue this narrative of Taylor ‘ono’ swift and then its pretty much reiterating the frickin bible and the woman ‘tempting’ the man with the apple,cos you know- women,all we do is mess up mens lives.

  12. Lou says:

    So we haven’t evolved from the 60′s. sexism is still alive and well. SMH. Harry is PERFECTLY able to make his own decisions, thats unless you want to continue this narrative of Taylor ‘ono’ swift and then its pretty much reiterating the bible and the woman ‘tempting’ the man with the apple,cos you know- women,all we do is mess up mens lives.

  13. Eleonor says:

    Taylor isn’t Yoko, but most of all Hanry isn’t John Lennon.

  14. Penny says:

    I don’t think the author understands what “transatlantic” and “domestic” flights are.

  15. Chelley says:

    “Yoko” my @$$. Taylor will never be the reason for 1D breaking up. Their relationship won’t even last that long, and if anything breaks up 1D, it will be their desire for solo careers. Also, the slut-shaming towards her is getting ridiculous. First of all, people are acting like she’s the only 20 something year old ever who has been with a fair share of guys. She’s not, and there’s nothing wrong with that. No one meets one person and all of a sudden they’re with them forever. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Second of all, what is with the comments that are like, “She dresses so modestly yet she acts like a slut!!” Just because someone doesn’t wear sexy clothes doesn’t mean they don’t like sex and IF THEY DO, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m so sick of this stupid stud/slut double standard.

  16. hoya_chick says:

    Okay, this might be a strange/dumb question. I don’t listen to pop and I’m in my mid 20s and I cannot for the life of me keep the Wanted and 1 Direction straight. I keep mixing them up. What’s their music like? Who is more popular? I am only aware of them because of Lilo and Swifty. They all seem like one giant boy band to me. I have never heard any of their songs, maybe I am not their target audience. Am I the only one?

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    Once Harry breaks it off, she’ll have her choice of the other One Direction members; yuck.

    • Tammy says:

      Yuck? Girl, have you seen Zayn Malik?

    • Lauren says:

      Perhaps Niall Horan (although he is said to have a crush on Demi Lovato) because he is the only single member. however Zayn, Liam, and Louis all have lovely girlfriends. Zayn is dating Perrie Edwards, Liam has been dating Danielle Peazer for three years, and Louis has been dating Eleanor Calder. All of these girls are perceived to be down to earth/ fairly normal and also have strong close relationships with one another. None of those guys will be dating Taylor Swift anytime soon.

  18. JH says:

    Harry Styles…that name kills me. If ever there was a fake-a** name, this is it.

  19. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Thank you eleonor referencing the Beatles to this crap is insulting;
    And We all know, Please, that this is a pr showmance for attention, money, and Cd sales;
    Everything this fake little girl does – and her management team also – is aimed at maximum marketing.
    This isn’t about a serious relationship; it’s about a serious determined cash grab before her cutesy schtick wears thin even among her teeny bopper fans; Look when you’re lead single for your new cd is We are never ever yada yada yada etc. etc. etc. that’s not a example of quality.

  20. Scarlett says:

    These two have been dating/fauxmancing for a hot minute and I’m already sick of hearing about them. This is going to end just like all the others…with a her warbling out her heartbreak anthem. Who are we kidding? This probably won’t even make it to the song writing stage.

  21. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, damnit. JH & Kristen took the wind out of my sails! I came here to say that Harry Styles cannot possibly be anyone’s real name (& it would be a great porn name, but for some other guy) & that Harry looks 12.

    I think I would ask to see some I.D.

  22. bohemia says:

    Harry styles is his real name

  23. erika says:

    the relationship is so fake….they[re both pumping press for their new albums.

    still, oneD boys….gross! they’re all weird looking and so YOUNG. it’s gross.

    why can’t taylor provide more than one facial expression…???

  24. Shy says:

    Why Taylor agreed on this fake dating? She wanted everybody to forget her humiliation with Connor Kennedy and so that everybody would stop talking about it. It worked. Connor who?

    Why Harry agreed on this fake dating? Boy probably thinks that he is Justin Timberlake of One Direction and saw opportunity for himself. That people will talk about him more. that he will break out of being “one of the five”. I bet he will be the one “idiot of the boyband” who will think that he is Timberlake or Robbie Williams and will leave group in 2-3 years to go solo. If they will still be popular. And then he will vanish. Because obviously.

    Wasn’t this so many times before? NEW KIDS split up. None of the member succeed alone. TAKE THAT split up. Only Robbie Williams was successful. Other four? No. BACKSTREET BOYS had a little break I think. Nick tried to go solo but failed. NSYNC – only Justin managed. Other four no. O-TOWN, FIVE, BLUE split up. Brian form WESTLIFE went solo and vanished. I bet Harry thinks that he is more popular and talented of 1D and can make it solo.

  25. Annie says:

    He’s a nice looking kid but looks more like 14-15 than 18. What’s up with Taylor and all these barely legal guys? Seems like she wants someone to control.

  26. Gerri says:

    I can’t believe no one has put any real emphasis on this, but Harry Styles has been marketed as a “ladies boy” since his “contestant at the British X-Faxtor” days, when he was famously dating the X-tra Factor co-presenter Caroline Flack (one of the 32 year old women, he’s allegedly dated, also mentioned by one of you above). Harry was barely 17 back then, and everyone in the UK was “so shocked”, with all the age difference and “she’s double his age” cliches. The real reason for everyone’s shock being that Harry, even to this adult date, looks 12 to 14. And no woman (or man) could get how this kind of image could ever attract a mature and fairly descent looking 32 year old successful woman (but who in her defence still acts very ternage-y, it’s part of her brand). A couple of years later, and after a dozen alleged Harry relationships of a wide age range (but still hardly ever his age), the British public has well bought into the heartthrobe story, and is no longer shocked.
    Give Simon Cowel a US year, and you’ll all see how easy it is to keep the talking going as well as accepting any ridiculous Harry relationship, my favourite version of it being Harry and Demi Moore getting married in a kabbalah ceremony in his 21st birthday…

  27. muppet_barbershop says:

    I admire the kid for being attracted to maturer ladies with more experience than he. However, back to the issue at hand: if a little Yokoing might break up One Direction, I might support this particular instance of it.