Demi Moore’s boy toy dumped her, he ‘has worked hard to be taken seriously’

It’s been almost a year since Demi Moore has hit a red carpet with any regularity, a year in which she attended rehab after an overdose and faced life as a single woman. It’s pretty clear from the way she’s been acting lately that nothing has changed for her and that she’s probably regressed. Take this latest news, that she was too over the top in Miami for her new boyfriend to tolerate. Her new boyfriend that is all of 26. Her own daughters are shunning her, and now her boyfriend of roughly half her age couldn’t take it after a few weeks. It would be sad if Demi elicited sympathy, but she’s just making me shake my head at this point. Here’s the story, thanks to The NY Post:

Page Six can reveal Vito, 26, broke things off with Demi, 50, after she arrived in Miami last week to party with the stars at the busy art fair.

One source told us, “Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business, and doesn’t want to be seen as somebody who dates celebrities. He hated having photographers follow him around after word got out about him and Demi.”

The source continued, “And Vito wasn’t too happy that Demi flew down to party at Art Basel while he was working to build his business. It was a distraction he didn’t need while all the big collectors were in town.”

We exclusively revealed Moore and Schnabel, the dapper son of acclaimed artist Julian Schnabel, hit it off at Naomi Campbell’s lavish birthday bash for her lover Vladimir Doronin in Jodhpur, India in early November.

But things cooled off dramatically in Miami, with the pair staying apart and exchanging glances at a bash for art collectors’ Web site at Soho Beach house on Wednesday.

The breakup didn’t appear to faze Moore, who hung out with Lenny Kravitz and later headed out for a girls night at Le Baron at Jelsomino with pals including Stacy Kiebler until 3:30 a.m.

[From The NY Post]

You can check out the photos here of Demi dancing like a chicken in short shorts last week. This time, we have photos of her at creepy perv photographer Terry Richardson’s party on Friday night. Demi swapped glasses with Richardson and generally looked unhinged. Lindsay Lohan is one of Richardson’s “muses.” This is where Demi is in her recovery and career.

Radar has a related story today, about how Demi’s daughters are “mortified” by their mom’s behavior, and how they’re worried that she’s not “in a good place mentally right now.” A source tells Radar that Demi’s “bizarre and outlandish behavior” at Art Basel parties in Miami have them “increasingly concerned about her… Demi just seems absolutely desperate for attention.” So Demi flew down to Miami to hang out with her new, much-younger man, but she was too out of control for him. After he told her it was over she acted like she didn’t care and just continued partying. She probably thinks she’s handling it well since she’s not moping. She’s not going to wise up until she decides to get sober, and obviously that’s not happening at this point.

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  1. Cleveland Girl says:

    Man – she looks ridiculous

    • annaloo. says:

      TOTALLY! I feel like there should be one of those red plastic party cups in her hand. Sad, Demi, sad!

      • Jean says:

        Please tell me the fasination with these geek glasses. Do celebs think it makes them look smarter or better looking? And Stacey is making the rounds with George. He must be tired of her. I actually think he is gay for he never keeps a woman for too long and he is old school, afraid to come out. But Demi, destruction waiting to happen.

      • Outstandingworldcitizen says:

        Sorry to piggyback Annaloo but Jean I agree and feel you on the nerd glasses epidemic!!!!!!….I think there is an underground celebrity competition on who can wear the biggest nerdy/geek eye glasses. The winner gets a Maybach or the Olsen twins pill purse. Something utterly obscene…Non sequitur: I wish the Ikea monkey would wear a pair of nerdy glasses, be taught to take a photo of itself half naked in a bathroom mirror on smartphone then accidentally post the photos on Twitter or Instagram. Here is the story: That would kill two annoying trends in one fell swoop.

    • Liv says:

      Oh my, I know women like her! Being like 50 years old and behaving like little girls! This – is – not – cute!!

      Plus her glasses are ridiculous.

      Plus being Terry Richardson’s muse is NOT a good idea.

      Doesn’t she have any friends?

      • annaloo. says:

        OMG, you are totally right… this is one of those moments in life where a woman absolutely needs her friends…but she’s been hanging with her daughters’ friends!! When is the last time you saw Demi hanging with a female her own age? She’s got no one to talk her back from the ledge!

        On one hand hand, I would totally say, “you go girl! Age ain’t nothin’ but a number!”…but I don’t think that cheer is appropriate here.. she is making a clown of herself, and it isn’t cute!

    • Anne says:

      OMG – my thoughts exactly. And did she not learn anything from Ashton?

  2. says:

    I’m embarrassed by her just looking at those pictures. I can just imagine how her daughters feel about it.

    Does this woman not have god friends who will tell her to please stop dancing?

    Did she forget to apply nail polish on one her toes?

  3. Ellie66 says:

    What’s up with her sticking up her thumb? She looks ridiculous and for goodness sakes stay away from creepy “uncle terry “! Demi snap out of it!

  4. aims says:

    Demi is now on my list of losers. If lindsey makes it to her 40′s, this is how she’ll behave. God, both are so gross!

  5. Melissa says:

    I’m sorry, I’m not adverse to having a good time, but at her age she should be retireing or living quietly with a nice man her own age. Not clinging to scraps of youth partying her ass off with boys who could be her sons. It’s just really sad, and screams midlife crisis to me.

  6. lin234 says:

    When George’s latest piece looks classier than you… you just need to stop.

  7. marie says:

    that’s just pathetic and sad. she needs to stop the drugs, grow up and act her age..

    I think since her kids are grown, she’s on some misguided path to reclaim her youth..

  8. NerdMomma says:

    Demi Moore really is a beautiful woman…but in the top pic, she needs to just say NO to duck lips! Please duck lips, go away!

  9. JL says:

    She once had a nice life. Bruce and the daughters seem realitively normal, however Demi is reverting back to loaded, ridiculous, trying too hard old alcoholic trailer park woman.

    She’s not a hot cougar, she’s not classy she’s just trashy at this point. Boy does she look old these days. Her Poor girls.

  10. satty says:

    in the pics where she’s dancing, you can see Lenny Kravitz putting something in her mouth! like a little pill or something. very interesting.

  11. LisaMarie says:

    The desperation coming from her is palpable all the way here in the midwest. She looks utterly ridiculous. The outfit dress is horrible. The bolt-ons are looking wonk. The glasses are hideous. Just so much wrong going on here. And a double thumbs down for the addition of creepy uncle terry. She’s gunning to compete with la lohan.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    It’s all so cringe-worthy. I would be MORTIFIED if this was my mother. At 33, I would never date a 26-year-old. At 50, I cannot imagine what this woman could possibly have in common with someone half her age.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Agreed. I can’t imagine dating a man in his 20s and I’m in my 20s! If I were 50 I would never. To each his own I suppose.

    • RedLioness says:

      I totally understand how her daughters must be feeling: my mother is going through the same phase in her life. She’s almost 70 and she divorced my father three months ago. Less than 15 days ago, she met this 40 year old guy with that creepy gross hippie vibe that reminds me of Tim Robbins role in High Fidelity(excepts this guy is ugly, like an underfed jack sparrow). She invited him to our home with the excuse of working together (they are both sculptors) two times. On the second, they were a thing already. Yesterday was his fourth visit to our home and he already slept here (she didn’t inform us of that, I realized it from her locked door and the champagne bottle in the kitchen) .. I am mortified. She keeps calling him “her big boy”. And she keeps talking about doing plastic surgery. I’m thinking on moving out if the situation continues to deteriorate. So… I TOTALLY understand these girls.

      • QQ says:

        Red, everything about yoyr story in making me crunchy faces, I dont wanna laugh But then you said “gross Hippie” “underfed Jack Sparrow” and “big boy” and i couldnt hold off

        im Sorry, girl :(
        that is all so BEYOND horrific

      • stinky says:

        dont move out (unless you’ve been sponging or something – then ya may oughta)… but stay in this w/ your mom. you want her to be happy… let her have this for a minute before you bring her back down to earth. the last thing you wanna do it alienate yourself, cuz moms deserve more from us, right? you dont wanna give the interloper even MORE emotional leverage w/ moms.

    • jc126 says:

      At 33, you wouldn’t date a 26 year old? I would’ve, without a second thought. However, 50 and 26 is idiotic. Demi looks completely pathetic with the partying and desperate attempts to cling to youth. BTW I am not hung up on age differences, but to ONLY (apparently) go with younger guys makes her look sad. Older guys can still be fun.

  13. Riana says:

    Eeesh those photos.

    She looks so off and desperate/lonlely. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her, whether its sitting, posing or dating. I just hope eventually she wakes up, if not then I guess she’ll keep on hitting new lows on her way down.

    What a shallow boring town Hollywood is, a Terry Richardson party is a big deal.

  14. arock says:

    Seriously? Girl, take a page from ellen barkin. If your going to go young, do it well with self respect and class. You cant climb up the leg of every dude under 22, it makes you look like a desperate, haggy, rough rider who would stick a 20 spot in a surfers pants just to get felt up.
    Take off those ridiculous glasses, get rid of that Kabala friendship bracelet youve been rocking since 96, and put on some big girl panties with a crotch. youre better than this. (and youre making us look bad)

  15. Aubra says:

    I want her to win…I do! I think her late mother’s ways are rubbing off on her! And on a sidenote, at least get a guy in his mid-30s

  16. Micki says:

    I think her best self-confidence boost will be profecional success OR an influental man in her age.
    Boys that young truly cry desperation.
    It’s sad to see how she’s lost the grip on her life.

  17. Leni says:

    Demi is still very pretty and has every right to act whatever age she wants to but she does need someone with life experiences and a stable head. I realize boy toys are fashionable but she is too fragile for that. Does she not have any female friends?

  18. stellalovejoydiver says:

    “Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business,” haha
    Sit your ass down, the only reason you are working in the art business to begin with, is your influential dad.
    Also come on, it is Demi Moore, he could have known what he was getting into. In general, the reasons that he gets laid is because of his dad, his dad´s money and his dad´s social status, because it sure ain´t that face.
    Also Demi is just pathetic and Terry Richardson gross, gross, gross.

  19. Jackson says:

    She really seems rather pathetic at this point. And why, why do Hollywood women (especially) give pervy creeper Uncle Terry a free pass? He is disgusting.

  20. Mich says:

    I’ve never been a fan of this woman but she looks really sad and unwell. The ghost of Norma Desmond strikes again.

  21. Dani says:

    She makes my head hurt. My mom is like a yearish younger than her and I would literally DIE if she behaved like this.

  22. sal says:

    Does anyone else notice that her right big toe isn’t painted?? It’s KILLING me!

  23. daisydoodle says:

    Please no one attack me, but is it possible that Aston was tired of her shenanigans long before any of us knew it. I know flagrant cheating is wrong, but maybe he had had enough? Not a fan of either, but her actions speak volumes…

    • Shelly says:

      I agree with you. She had to be exhausting to be in a relationship with. Maybe he went for the bimbos because they were uncomplicated. His cheating was still wrong, but kind of understandable, in hindsight.

    • midnightmoon says:

      Exactly right. She was very likely pulling all kinds of emotional blackmail on him. When i saw the TMZ photos of them at some beach party, her clearly nuts, off-the-wall behavior indicated to me that he was her caretaker.

      I think Demi has had psychological/emotional issues, and living in the Hollyweird bubble has amplified them. Also, when you are rich, you can get away with A LOT. And much crazy behavior is pretty much the norm in Hollyweird.

      So, friends in her circle are probably either accustomed to the crazy or used to ignoring it. And even if they said anything, there are clearly no ears to hear it.

      Crash and burn takes A LONG TIME when you have that much moolah.

      Vito doesn’t GET IT. Rich older women are a really huge market. Taking him seriously might mean playing into the fantasy. He is doubly an idiot because he doesn’t realize his womanizer dad probably did this to get where he is today.

      I am surprised Julian hasn’t sat Vito’s ass down for a serious discussion. As in, ‘Seriously, son, who do you think PAYS for your spoiled-rotten life?’

      Must I explain this??? Gorsh, folks. Obvious to ME! And I’m a nobuddy.

    • emmie_a says:

      I can totally believe that Ashton was tired of her behavior. The Demi we see today isn’t the product of her marriage ending. She’s probably been unhinged for years and maybe Ashton had to work hard to keep her behavior off the radar for as long as he did?

    • Belle says:

      No attacks from me… I’ve made similar comments myself. I’ve often thought that Ashton dealt with a lot more with Demi than anyone will ever know. Why won’t we know?? Ashton, despite how much crap he has taken, does not talk about Demi and all of her crazy, not even to defend himself. I used to like Demi, for the most part. Now I just feel sorry for her… and even that is starting to wane.

  24. Justaposter says:

    Welp, Demi has jumped right in the middle of Bar Fly territory.

    And as an ex bartender at Fort Worth’s North Side, trust me, it isn’t a pretty thing to see.

  25. Shelly says:

    She looks ridiculous in those stupid hipster glasses (both her own and Terry’s). Her eyes also look completely blitzed out on some kind of upper.

  26. Pau says:

    She’s hiiiiighhhhhhhh!!!! hello?! It’s a visible M/E/coke binge for Demi, Jesus

  27. Green Is Good says:

    SOmewhere, Asston Kutcher is thanking God he dodged this crazy.

  28. Jaxx says:

    I reallly don’t understand her problem. She IS a beautiful woman, no doubt about that and no matter what her age. (Which is announced loudly every time her name is mentioned, i.e., the 50 year old woman did that, the 50 year old woman was seen doing that. Why do reporters do this?)

    I lost my point, oh, yes, Poor deluded Demi. I don’t get it. If I had her advantages I would dress in classy clothes suitable to my age and find a cause that spoke to my heart and get deeply involved in helping others. I would look like a million bucks (which she can) and hold my head high while acting like Ashton Kutcher didn’t exist.

    All my time would be spent on my girls and said charity work. I would gain back the respect my children once had for me and the world’s while I was at it. Oh, and did I mention I would look like an age appropriate CLASSY million bucks while I was doing it?

    Please Demi, don’t keep heading down the road you are on. It’s sad and embarrassing. You’re better than this, or at least I once thought so.

    • Esmom says:

      Sadly, I don’t think she has the capacity to do what you’ve described (which I love, btw). She’s not only clueless, I think she’s just not that bright. That’s been in evidence since that video of her in her soap days, when she was all over that young co-star of hers. She has not evolved, grown, matured one bit since then.

    • Maria says:

      I agree with you; that is exactly what she should do (which, of course, she won’t). She’s never been a good actor, so I don’t think she has that to fall back on, especially given how difficult it is for actresses over a certain age to get decent roles (with some notable exceptions, of course). So it’s not like she has an acting career to return to (The Scarlet Letter, anyone?). She looks sad and absurd trying to play the role of the sexy young party girl. She has said in the past that she cares about women’s issues. That’s where she should focus her attention. There’s a lot to be said for aging gracefully and maintaining one’s dignity!
      @Esmom – completely agree that Demi isn’t too sharp. Never has been, never will be.

    • Belle says:

      Plenty of beautiful women have body image issues and lack real self-confidence. I think Demi has some very deep-rooted issues that she dealt with early on by doing drugs and faking it. She has probably always been insecure, and dealt with it by compulsively dieting, exercising and anything else that would make her feel more beautiful. As she aged, this approach became more difficult and I think she simply became more focused on maintaining her ‘beauty’ and going to great lengths to assure herself that she was/is still beautiful and desirable… such as hanging with the younger crowd, and dating younger men. Back to drugs at some point as well. I think Demi’s problem has always been on the inside though… and has never been addressed to any great extent. All of the other things… just desperate attempts and quick fixes to feel better… for a while.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      She also has an ego the size of Texas. I think she truly believes the rules don’t apply to her because she is an enormously wealthy, famous, beautiful woman who is aging extremely well.
      Life has been relatively easy for Demi Moore. Yes, she had problems with her mother (who doesn’t?), but then she made a gajillion dollars and never looked back. She has no experience that would allow her to maturely deal with problems.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      While I hate to cite Sharon Stone as an example, there’s a woman who really OWNS herself.

      She has her charity stuff, her fashion show appearances, and unapologetically likes younger men.

      She is also quite capable of dressing well (when she so chooses), and well as conducting herself well (again, when she so chooses).

  29. Gia says:

    That’s one hell of a mid life crisis. Never thought I’d see the day where dating Demi Moore was a career breaker!!?? No doubt she’s always been a little loopie, but if an A lister’s PR can’t control this… you know it’s bad.

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think she kind of starting losing it a bit after she and Bruce split.

  31. The Original Mia says:

    She looks like Uncle Terry in those glasses. That’s not a compliment.

  32. Hubbahun says:

    I do not understand why any woman, no matter how f*cked up they are, allows Terry Richardson within a five hundred mile radius of them. (See also Pitbull). He is utter, utter scum. Demi, please, get some help.

  33. bns says:

    Vito actually did her a favor. He’s hideous and what does a 26 year-old have to offer a 50-year-old woman besides great sex, and that’s not even guaranteed. She needs to get it together.

    • Belle says:

      I agree, and while I know nothing about the guy… at least he was smart enough (or had someone advising him who was smart enough) to get out of this ‘thing’ with Demi before he got in deeper. Seriously, Demi needs some help. No relationship she finds right now will be good for her or the other party involved. As I posted above, I think she’s had serious issues for a long time, and they are catching up with her in a big way.

  34. sdgirl says:

    I second the poor Ashton sentiment. I think that living w/ someone like that must be exhausting.

    • JL says:

      i don’t feel sorry for Ashton. He hit it, he married a then star, soaked up the pubilicty, cozied up with Bruce Willis and all his contacts, Ashton finally grew up (using that term loosely)and when he had “made it” as an actor on his own and had the money – he dumped the sugar mama without a second thought. Calculating kid and desperate women just don’t last.
      As for Terry Richardson, is she kidding me – would she let her daughters within 100 miles of him?
      Hopefully the girls are learning some valuable life lessons from mom on what NOT to do – that’s the only good thing I can say.

  35. skuddles says:

    Oh Demi, when will you learn?? Girl’s been parting hard this last while – just a matter of time before she ends up back in the hospital or rehab. Did anyone notice in the one pic what appears to be Lenny popping a pill in Demi’s mouth? Get your shit together girl.

  36. BELLA says:


  37. RobN says:

    When you’ve started making Ashton look reasonable and mature, it’s time to take a good look at yourself. And then go out and buy yourself a really good bra. And maybe a new therapist.

  38. Cirque28 says:

    Golly. I imagine getting dumped by Julian Schnabel’s son pushed her self esteem even lower. Now she’s telling herself she wasn’t good enough for Ashton, wasn’t good enough for Schnabel… unstable childhood, substance abuse, not a relevant Hollywood player any more, the money to hide from these realities for many years… oh Demi, take a minute and ask yourself if another man (or another party or another cosmetic procedure) is really going to cure what ails you?

  39. DT says:

    There are people walking around Hollywood today who are alive because Demi Moore brought them to sobriety. Pick up the phone, Demi. Call a sober person. Let us love you until you can love yourself.

  40. dessie says:

    OMG, who is dressing her? Those are the ugliest, cheapest looking clothes I have ever seen! I’ve always thought she was self-absorbed idiot – I mean, anyone who goes to a spa in Australia to get detoxed with leeches must be pretty stupid – but this latest behavior is just disgusting. She seems to think she is one hot granny. Not.

  41. Samantha says:

    When you’re 50 and your 26 year old bf can’t take you seriously, it’s time to make some new life choices….

  42. DanaG says:

    Demi is a hot mess and seems desperate for attention. Stacy Keibler looks the same age as Demi but at least she still has an A list boyfriend. Demi did best with Bruce Willis so she needs someone closer to her own age maybe she can hook George Clooney? Seems Stacy’s time is at an end they are never together. Ashton spent 8 years with Demi maybe he grew up and she didn’t. She must be bad if even he can’t deal with her.

  43. lisa2 says:

    I guess she is trying to show the world she is OK. Funny how Ashton and Mila are having a pretty low key relationship. They seem on solid ground.

    I don’t know about dating that 26 year old guy. He keeps saying loud and clear they are not a couple. If they are then what a slap in her face. Demi talked so much of her strength as a woman. But it doesn’t look that way. Nothing wrong with having fun at any age. She just like she is trying too hard. When I saw the pictures of Lenny next to her he looked embarrassed for her too. Now that is not fun.

  44. spellman says:

    Are Demi and Ashton divorced? Were they ever legally married? Has there been any clarification of this situation? I think it is weird that Ashton/Mila are in a steady relationship and Demi is doing whatever Demi is doing, but no mention of legally dissolving the Demi/Ashton relationship is ever brought up.

  45. Dredz says:

    I think Demi miss the adoration that came with dating Ashton then. 5-6 years ago, she was the envy of women the world over. Looked freakishly young post Charlie’s Angels, won a modelling contract with Helena Rubinstein, even had a fragrance inspired by her. Now, I’m sorry to say, looking at these photos, she just looks crazy.

  46. Sugar says:

    time to grow up jules-
    demi is my age & I’m a popular with my kids friends but my kids would be mortified if I was dating or sleeping with a guy in their age
    group let alone their circle. I get invited to their social gatherings but I know my limits to make a nice entrance, visit then split.
    like Demi I face the future alone (without the love of a good man) but unlike Demi I don’t have the resources she has to chase youth (I’m not rich) but life is good.

  47. Kosmos says:

    I think “Vito” did the right thing…got out of that situation. Hey, it wasn’t really going to work out anyway…

  48. Carolyn says:

    I’m not clear on why Demi & Bruce split up…can some knowledgable bloggers please enlighten me. Was Demi unhinged during her marriage as well?

    • tracking says:

      I remember reading Bruce was a serial cheater, don’t remember a whiff about cuckoo Demi back then (could be wrong of course). She was an A lister working hard and arguably breaking new gender ground in some of her film roles, busy with three babies–until misguided choice of roles in Scarlett Letter and Striptease. Her career and marriage seemed to combust at about the same time. She still seemed pretty grounded then, moving her kids to Idaho and staying off the grid for quite a while.

      That’s why I’m inclined to feel compassion. I’ve known women to go through hell with changing hormones, marital splits, and mid life crises all at once. But she probably needs rehab to get her head on straight again.

  49. Phil E Stein says:

    I was going to write do you think Demi is aware of the public reaction to her behavior on sites like this? But once I’d typed ‘do you think Demi is aware’ I already knew the answer.