“Rihanna’s pissed off that Chris Brown spent time with Karruche Tran” links

Rihanna pissed that Chris Brown saw Karrueche Tran over the weekend. Gurl. Oh, and does Rihanna have a “Breezy” tattoo on her neck? [Bossip]
Miley’s terrible stage outfit. WTF is with these pants?! [LaineyGossip]
Lindsay Lohan looking like a mess with Max George. [Dlisted]
Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani want you to know they’re fine. [Pop Sugar]
Michael Bay’s “passion project” looks awful. [Pajiba]
If you want to have a full-on happy-sob today, look at this post. [Buzzfeed]
Those Aussie DJs gave their first interview, and their show is canceled. [Gawker]
Cate Blanchett at another Hobbit premiere. [Go Fug Yourself]
I like that Tom Brady seems like such a hands-on dad. [A Socialite Life]
I want Sofia Vergara’s bra. What’s the brand ID? [The Blemish]
Adele could be fined for not announcing the name of her baby. [CDAN]
Kristen Stewart & Ben Affleck are officially going to work together. [Amy Grindhouse]
Cheryl Cole in cheap lace. What’s with all of the cheap lace lately? [Popoholic]
Olga Kurylenko in a weird swimsuit, with her bf Danny Huston. [Moe Jackson]
Irina Shayk in a bikini. Eh. [Celebslam]
IKEA monkey in a shearling coat!!! OMG. [OMG Blog]
I still can’t believe Kim Zolciak is getting a spinoff. [Reality Tea]
Jennifer Lopez covers Elle Canada. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Kevin Clash sued by fourth accuser. Ugh. [ICYDK]

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57 Responses to ““Rihanna’s pissed off that Chris Brown spent time with Karruche Tran” links”

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  1. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Is it okay to be laughing at this? I feel it isn’t, but I am.

    Yes I suck.

  2. bcgirl says:

    Is she making a “C” over her dyed Golden Retriever fur coat?

  3. NerdMomma says:

    Why do these girls keep saying they’re done with him when we all know they’ll never be done?

    Pleeeeeez find someone else to love you two

  4. Dhavynia says:

    WTF? Being fined for not registering your baby? I’m glad Adele has the money.

  5. Sweet Dee says:

    Then stop going back to him, idiot.

  6. marie says:

    I’m sorry, she’s shocked he’s spending time with her, really? girl, get your head out of your butt-he’s playing both of you and you’re allowing it.. idiot

    when does Lohan not look like a mess, that’s what I think you should show pictures of..

  7. Dhavynia says:

    Oh yeah and RiRi dear, he beat the crap out of you and you still took him back so stop making a bigger ass of yourself and stop the teenage rants.

  8. Samigirl says:

    Anddd I’m crying. At work. Thanks, buzzfeed.

  9. Amelia says:

    I’d love to see Jennifer Garner throw down with KStew. Jen would annihilate her with one, quick, bitch stare.

  10. Vesper Lynd says:

    Seriously Riri, what did you expect from this jerk? He is so predictable.

  11. Melissa says:

    Rihanna needs to learn that sometimes you have to love yourself, more than you love him. Until she realizes that, shell never get away from Brown.

  12. skuddles says:

    Oh cheer up RiRi – at least he’s not smashing your face in (yet). Besides, what’s a little chlamydia between friends?

  13. Leigh says:

    The buzzfeed link made my day.
    Happy sobbing all over my desk.

  14. Lucy2 says:

    Uh oh, looking at her coat…I think we know what happened to Elmo when Clash quit.

  15. keats says:

    I feel really bad for the Aussie DJs, all of the gawker commenters seem to feel the opposite though.

  16. tabasco says:

    Well, I’m pissed off that Rihanna spent time with Chris Brown, so I guess we’re even. Chris should have prison guards fighting over him, not chicks.

  17. Lauren says:

    After watching mother be abused at the hands of my father for many years I have sort of growing a cold heart towards women like her in these situations.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I have a lot of deep seeded resentment towards women who let men hit them and keep on going back. In my own mothers case,she always said she would leave and we the children always believed her. Then my one sibling died and she said that for sure she was going to leave; that she had seen the light. Seven years later she is still with my father her abuser and let him blame her for horrible things to do with the death of my one sibling that no one could possibly help.

    I got so frustrated and angry hearing her cry to all our family friends who offered her an escape. She liked to tell everyone everything he did but claimed to love him and told us to do the same. I resented her expecting us to love the man who did nothing but hurt us and I resented her for being blind to the pain abuse caused. In a way it destroyed my siblings. We were always so afraid and anxious growing up.

    I guess what I am saying is that I wished people would respect themselves more and if they can’t do that then at least respect the fact that your children deserve a chance. Once you have children it isn’t just about you anymore.

    I brought up children in this case and my own experience because I can just see a child between CB and Rihanna in the future and I can see her as a woman who would choose the man every single time since she has already chosen him over self respect right now. I used to feel bad but I just can’t anymore. Sometimes I think people really do teach others how to treat them and i am glad that once my siblings and I grew up we stroved to be relationships with respect. I am glad we decided we wanted better in life. Rihanna must not feel the same since she knows what CB is capable of.

    Anyways holy long post and probably too much information for an internet celeb blog but issues like this really hit close to home and I couldn’t resist not getting this all off my chest

  18. Starlight says:

    What can I say. Karruche is just taking back what belongs to her in the first place.

  19. Diana says:

    Let’s ignore the never ending mess Rihana is in and just rejoice in the Buzzfeed link that’s pretty much awsome!

    • cr says:

      I say this as a curmudgeonly non-marrying type-whether it’s this set of photos from Washington or other photos from other state that have legalized gay marriage-I can’t help but get a little teary.
      Some of these couples have waited literally decades to be able to do what straight couples take for granted.
      I also like watching the judges, some of them seemed to be really, honestly, thrilled to be able to do this.

  20. bns says:

    I wish Rihanna wasn’t such a twit because she is so gorgeous.

  21. Skipper says:

    I was thinking earlier today that I miss being really young and skinny because I could wear whatever I wanted. The Miley pictures remind me that’s not true.

  22. Elisabeth says:

    $10 says Rihanna can’t pronounce the other girl’s name

  23. Alarmjaguar says:

    That buzzfeed post wins the internet today. Totally made me cry, but as my kids would say, they were happy tears. That’s what you should have headlined this link section with, not the CB and RiRi mess!

  24. Enn says:

    I’m going to be completely honest, I tried to read the Bossip article but I have no idea what it said. Maybe I’m too old to understand the slang. Anyway, Rihanna is an idiot and I have no sympathy for her.

  25. aud says:

    Seeing tom brady with his kids gets my uterus excited.


  26. Riana says:

    She’s already back with him, Rihanna is an abused woman to the 10th power.

    I feel bad for her. She’s surrounded by some real ain’t isht people who don’t care if she takes a 2×4 to the skull so long as the moneys still flowing.

    She’s pretty pathetic and its clear Chris will do her dirty every single way he can because she sacrificed herself for him. If she tries to break up with him he can laugh and tel her how destroyed her rep will be taking back her abuser only to get dumped/dump him again when he was with another woman.

    She’s beyond sad and thirsty.

  27. Riana says:

    Ahh crap!


    That Buzzfeed link DESTROYED me. Totally should have lead with that Celebitchy.

    Wow…I’m so happy for those people.

    P.S. The monkey at Ikea is EVERYTHING, including its own little awesome coat.

  28. kimcheee says:

    This reminds me of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown……..Ike and Tina…..Farrah and Ryan. :(

    Rhianna may think she’s Isis on the Nile – but Denial is no river and she’s not a magical goddess. Wake up, Rhianna.

  29. Loulou says:

    If one woman manages to take the bar lower right now than Demi Moore IMO it’s Rihanna.

  30. midnightmoon says:

    It’s an addiction. A cycle. Very difficult to let go because you wanna prove that the love is real. And it IS. It is just very unhealthy and can be deadly.

    I knew when CB put out that video this was gonna happen.

    Wonder who will get pregnant first? My money’s on Karrueche.

    This is a publicity BONANZA. For all three of those wastes of space. Ok. Back out of the Bermuda love triangle. Til next disaster.

    So I have broken my word and commented. Apparently I have an addiction TOO!

  31. notforsale says:

    Please help bust illegal sex crime brothels in North Carolina

  32. Anaïs says:

    Chris Brown doing the impossible: seeing two women at once with both women knowing about each other. Kudos to him.

  33. DesertPoppy says:

    I am so excited for the Hobbit!!

    While there was probably other things going on in the nurses life that we the public will never know. Those radio hosts humiliated her on a world wide scale. They keep hiding behind it was just a prank and we had no idea this would happen but humiliating someone so publicly like that is never okay.

  34. LouLou says:

    Ugh, that red coat. It really does look like muppet scraps. Also, to quote Michael K quoting Whoopie: You in danger, girl.

  35. lucy2 says:

    Aw, that buzzfeed link is fantastic. The guys crying in line got to me.

  36. Kosmos says:

    And so the fun begins….didn’t we know this would happen? If not his ex, it will be someone else very soon…still love him dearly, Ri ?

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  39. Ally says:

    Rihanna is stunning, love her short crop but she obviously has a massive self-destruct button. I hope this is not a Whitney/Bobby Brown thing with another sad ending.

  40. jax says:

    There was a time..long long long long ago where men beating women was Actualy allowed I mean in those times a woman couldn’t even pick up a phone & call 4 help let alone leave him…that’s SOOO not tha case anymore & with that said it bothers me that ppl have so much hate towards CB ofcourse its true he truly is an arrogant overrated POS but I dislike him 4 reasons other than that incident that (btw ppl WE DO NOT HAVE THAT WHOLE STORY) Rhianna IMO is just as annoying and with her behavior sets womanhood back ALOT..I don’t even feel one ounce of sadness 4 her just the situation & that’s only bcuz they’re in the public eye…these 2 im sure laugh @ their fans..they constantly posts pics of/with each other as if 2 say “FUK U ALL,WERE 2GETHER DEAL WITH IT” Sorry 4 u all but I couldn’t possibly care less 4 these 2 idiots EQUALLY!

  41. Mo says:

    Why is Rihanna still after Chris Brown. I thought she said she was done with him.