‘Man of Steel’ trailer reveals weepy, emo Superman with daddy issues

True story: I am not a comic book person. I never was into comics when I was a kid, and that’s a lifestyle choice I regret now because you can’t swing a d-ck these days without running into some comic book adaptation or reboot of an adaptation or reimagining of an origin story of a reboot of a comic book. Plus, I actually think I might enjoy the mythology that goes along with many of these comics – I love Greek mythology and I love Freudian BS, so why wouldn’t I love comics? Alas, it just never happened for me. But I was struck by the weird over-emphasis on Superman mythology and Freudian crap in the new trailer for Man of Steel. This feels… odd? It doesn’t feel like a standard superhero or comic book movie. It feels like people are trying to make Superman into some kind of Icon of Emo:

What’s with all of the crying? What’s with all of daddy issues? Why is Kevin Costner like, “Eh, maybe you should have let a bus full of kids die so no one would know you had special powers”? Why is some woman getting all accusatory like, “My kid SAW Clark save all of those kids HOW COULD HE?!?!” And on and on. I’ll admit that I thought the snippet of Diane Lane talking to Clark through the door was sweet and heartbreaking, but again: why is Clark/Superman so f—king emo? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he’s faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than 100 men put together, and weepier than the most PMS-y amongst us. I mean, this looks like a beautifully shot film full of powerful comic-mythology imagery, along with some really obvious Superman-as-Christ imagery. But there should be some action too, right?

A few more things: I’m pretty sure the music was jacked from Gladiator and we get our first look at Michael Shannon as General Zod. I LOVE MICHAEL SHANNON. His General Zod looks cray. Also: nice little snippet with Amy Adams as Lois Lane! She seems born to play the Lois Lane role.

Posters courtesy of Warner Bros/‘Man of Steel’ and pics courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mia 4S says:

    That looks fantastic actually, maybe Zach Snyder will redeem himself.

    Where are you getting that “How could he?” Isn’t it more likely she’s saying it in the context of, “my kid’s not crazy, he knows Clark is a super strong freak of nature?”. People waaaaay over analyze trailers these days, they are not even done by the director.

    Besides, Michael Shannon is Zod, all other arguments are invalid. ;-)

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Mia, did you ever see Callum Blue as Zod in Samllville?

      Michael Shannon will bring it though.

      • Mia 4S says:

        I did! I first saw Callum Blue in some ridiculous TV movie he did but he was terrific as Zod, although I don’t think nearly as scary as Shannon will be.

        I also agree with your comment below, poor Brandon Routh. He absolutely was not the problem with Superman Returns. The problem was the story (Lex again!), Bosworth, the direction, Bosworth, not enough action, Bosworth…you get the idea…

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I can tell you now that my intense dislike for Bosworth all stems from that film. Routh got a really raw deal, you’re right there was no need for Lex. The inevitable comparisons with Reeves’ Superman were always going to be there so I can’t understand why they multiplied it by adding Lex into the mix.

        I actually have really high hopes for this film because I’ve always found SM quite a bland hero however the one aspect of him that I consistently enjoyed was Clark’s conflict with his father over how to use his powers and I feel like that’s going to be at least touched upon here.

        I still think the cape is too long though.

    • LAK says:

      i hate Zack Synder with a passion because all his films are mysogynist……And i don’t get why no one calls him out on it.

  2. Miss Kiki says:

    Considering that Sypes isn’t even in my top 5 favourite super heroes, I’m really very excited about this. Although I always feel feel a twinge of sympathy for poor Brandon Routh.

    • Liv says:

      I’m so excited too! The trailer is promising, I think he’ll be great as Superman.

      But why is Amy Adams cast as his love interest? Don’t get me wrong, I actually like her and I prefer her a thousand times over a young and dumb starlet. But she looks ten years older than him! There’s no chemistry, they don’t match. Wrong choice in my opinion.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I’m going to have to respectfully dis agree with you there. I feel that all the points you’ve made are things that we won’t really be able to judge until we see the finished product. Stick around though because this time next year I could be crawling back head hung in shame saying you were totally right about her!

      • Liv says:

        Haha! We’ll see! Let’s say I can’t imagine them having any chemistry! ;-)

      • Elle says:

        Liv, I’m going to have to jump in and be another person to disagree with you here. And in all honesty, your comments about Amy Adams are troubling to me.

        First off, Amy Adams looks extremely young and I don’t think for a second she looks any older than Cavill.

        But even so–our entertainment culture barages you on a daily basis with men who are 10+ years older than their love interests and no one even blinks. No one looks at a 40 year old guy cast opposite a 25 year old woman and says, “Oh god, he’s too old for her.” It’s not even a point of conversation.

        It rings so incredibly sad and sexist to me that whenever the woman is older than her male co-star you get these awful comments about the age difference. What a sad commentary on the sexism in our culture.

        Furthermore, chemistry is entirely subjective but I sure as heck saw plenty of chemistry even in that short clip between them.

        Lois Lane and Superman is supposed to be one of the few love stories that subverts the standard gender roles.

        Lois Lane is not your typical supermodel comic book love interest. Superman doesn’t love her because she’s the ‘hottest” woman he loves her because she’s smart and good at her job and has a good heart. It’s actually an incredibly powerful message about love and acceptance in an an otherwise really shallow landscape of relationships for men and women on the screen.

        We never sit around and question why a stunningly gorgeous woman might choose to marry a man who maybe is attractive but not stunning with a huge heart so doesn’t it strike you as sad that people look at a stunning man like Superman and just assume that he’d be so shallow that he wouldn’t actually follow his heart?

        I think Adams was perfectly cast in the role as lois Lane. She’s all substance as opposed to surface and that’s who Lois Lane is. It’s actually quite beautiful if you can remove your blinders about what culture has TOLD you over the years about love and men and women and sex.

        In terms of fictional love stories…the Lois/Superman thing is way ahead of the curve in that regard.

        I’m excited for the movie. And I hope more people think about this kind of stuff.

      • Liv says:

        Sorry, Elle, but I find your comment a bit arrogant, though I’m with you on everything you said about equality and men and women.

        But you got me wrong.

        I don’t think there’s chemistry between them. And I am not like “Oh my, she’s older than him, she’s a bitch”. I don’t care how old Amy Adams is. I don’t know how to express myself, I think I can’t identify with her in the trailer or something. She seems more motherly or amicable to him than attractive. And I really liked her in The Fighter, so it’s not like I’d just hate her.

        Maybe it’s also because I still have Teri Hatcher in mind when thinking of Lois Lane. I thought she’d have dark hair in the comics.

  3. Paige says:

    Beatiful and thoughtful, what’s wrong with a more serious Superman, if you want dumb action go and watch Iron Man.

    People complain that Superman is boring and now that it looks that there is more to the story people complain.

    There is action towards the end of the trailer. The reactions on the internet are mostly positive.

    I rather watch this than the usual Thor/Captain America boredom.

  4. rose says:

    I don’t care about anything other than the flaming torso!!!

  5. Smiley says:

    Since when are darker emotions now “emo”, is it forbidden to show more negative feelings and questioning of own actions even if they are done to help others.

    Clark’s father didn’t say “let them die”, he wants to protect his son and knows the people would be afraid of his son and his abilities. Also trailers are editied that sentence is probably longer.

  6. marie says:

    I’ve always thought Superman more emotional, with the comics and previous movies I’ve never really thought different.. But I will say, he’s my least favorite superhero..

  7. Angelic 20 says:

    O really don’t care,i will be watching this movie solely because of Henry. I never liked superman as a super hero, never saw even a single superman movie. The while orange blue combination of his costume, gelled hair, everything about superman appearance feels gay to me, nothing about his appearance looks manly to me not even that body. Henry will be my sole reason for watching this movie and frankly speaking no super hero movie can be worst then green Laurelantern,i survived that I can survive Henry having Daddy issues any day.

    • Smiley says:

      Gay? This is gay to you?
      Are you sure you aren’t projecting your own prejudices onto the character of Superman?

      Please explain or show what’s manly to you.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        When did my comment showed my personal prejudice m what exactly that prejudice that I have according to you? Imo the colour combination of superman’s costume, his super styled hair and hair cut with a body that shows he is spending most of his time in gym gives a gay or I have a very non sexual reaction to his whole look. I was not dating that being gay is a bad thing but I just don’t find men who use hair product and looks like they spend most of their day in gym attractive and I am sure the makers of superman don’t aim for this. Most gay men take care of themselves more then straight guys and to me superman looks too pretty and decorative, so I get a gay vibe from him. For the record I am basing my opinions on my preference and experience and I don’t find anything wipinwrong with men who are gay or have any prejudice against them.stop reading so much into a comment,i was just voicing my opinion, chill.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        When did my comment showed my personal prejudice m what exactly that prejudice that I have according to you? Imo the colour combination of superman’s costume, his super styled hair and hair cut with a body that shows he is spending most of his time in gym gives a gay or I have a very non sexual reaction to his whole look. I was not dating that being gay is a bad thing but I just don’t find men who use hair product and looks like they spend most of their day in gym attractive and I am sure the makers of superman don’t aim for this. Most gay men take care of themselves more then straight guys and to me superman looks too pretty and decorative, so I get a gay vibe from him. For the record I am basing my opinions on my preference and experience and I don’t find anything wrong with men who are gay or have any prejudice against them.stop reading so much into a comment,i was just voicing my opinion, chill.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      It’s not orange, it’s red. And Clark has always been tidy about his appearance. Superman is built like that, it’s not tons of time at the gym. Pick up a comic? For the record.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:


        i don’t read superman’s comics because i don’t like the character , as i said i based my opinions on what i see and i said he LOOKSlike he spend most of his time in gym . i find him too decorated and gayish , geez again chil . it’s my opinion get it, you can agree to disagree with me.

  8. LadyAnne says:

    Actually this looks good ! And… well, Henry Cavill. That’s all.

  9. jinni says:

    I don’t think this is emo. It’s just darker and I really have no problem with that. I would have a problem if they turned Superman into some kind of anti-hero, dark and twisted mind kind of Batman/ Wolverine knock off, which is unfortunately what they seemed to be doing to all the boy scout/genuinely good characters in comic books the last time I read one.

  10. Samantha says:

    Didn’t Bryan Singer’s version already cover the emo-daddy-issues thing? And the Christ imagery?

    I’ll see it, but given what a mess Snyder’s Watchmen turned out to be, my hopes aren’t that high.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    Teaser looks good. I’ll be there.

  12. Brooklyn says:

    The trailer didn’t make me want to see this. Not enough action. I don’t mind the ‘emo’ thing. I think the last movie was so terrible that they wanted to go in the complete opposite direction. I’ll go see it though, I love the genre. My favs are Thor, Captain America and Dark Knight.

  13. Rux says:

    I still have lady wood for Cavill ever since the Tudors. He is still my first choice for shower imagination. So yes, I will see this.

  14. Smiley says:

    The beautiful music from the trailer is not from Gladiator but it’s the same singer.


  15. carrie says:

    god bless Nolan’s daddy issues

    • Mia 4S says:

      Haha! Well he’s the one with multiple awards and blockbusters so I guess we all love some good daddy issues. ;-)

      Comic books thrive on Daddy issues though; Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Daredevil.

      Also Superman 1978 was pretty damn emotional too. Why are people suggesting this is something new?

  16. elceibeno08 says:

    Actors who have played Superman in the past have been tall (over six feet) As handsome as Henry is, he is not tall enough for this particular role.

  17. Alison says:

    I have loved Henry Cavill since The Tudors… I think he is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen. I hope it does well just so I get to look at him more often.

    (And also, IDGAF ab comics either but I actually think the movie looks awesome and I would totally go see it. Maybe I just have a thing for emo, though.)

  18. Mandy says:

    OMG, this trailer just made my cry. LOL Superman has been the only superhero movie I ever cared about. And now that Henry Cavill is in it makes it the cherry on the top for me!

  19. Mandy says:

    Oh and I think this trailer is just being used to get the women amped up. They always do that with movies they think mostly appeal to men.

  20. j.eyre says:

    Kaiser – I, too, had no interest in comic books and only saw Superman as a child because, well, it was a Superman movie. And, like you, I have always loved mythology. I married someone who is quite knowledgeable in comic book story lines and it really has made this comic book adaptation takeover of the world more interesting for me.

    Along these lines, the original story of Superman is the story of Moses. If you know that story at all, watch the trailer again and it becomes quite intriguing, right down to Clarke saving the schoolkids from a “flood.” I know nothing more of the movie than what is in the trailer, but I am interested.

  21. cc says:

    I think the LOTR type of song is a bit too much. BUT Henry… :3

  22. Katija says:

    Terrible movies with really hot guys? Are there any other kind? :-)

  23. Dommy Dearest says:

    I’m not sure how the writer says this is emo. Of course he has daddy problems, all of the great heroes of the comics have issues that stem from their parents, Bruce Wayne anyone? I would say the level of emo is no where near the black suited Peter Parker in the third Spiderman movie– terrible those were. He deals with saving the world, knowing he can’t save everyone, and then risks a backlash against him because people have the hardest time accepting what they can’t explain– just to start. And Clark being at that age adds more to the dramatics, it’s the weight of a decision he has to make. So weepy, emo, what have you, I feel is the wrong wording. “OMGGGG I CANT SAVE THE WORLD AND BE A SPEEDING BULLET, I MUST SULK AND CRY!!” No. Emo, wrong word. Conflicted, better. Emo just gives me the image of some kid with long bangs flipping his head and wearing eyeliner and complaining about the new Iphone.

    Given Clark Kent’s history it’s full of terrible moments and it seems that some has been captured, hopefully they’re correct if they stick with the story lines from the comics. I don’t agree with the casting of Amy Adams nor did I agree with the casting of Anne Hathaway for Nolan’s Catwoman. However, the Catwoman character itself was on point and I’m hoping it will be the same for Supe’s love interest even if the face doesn’t quite go with the character.

    I’ve never been a huge Superman fan, he is powered from the sun and yet he still gets his ass handed to him– granted you always have to have some realness to the character otherwise people move on. But I’m very interested in seeing this movie, I loved the scenes with him in his costume! Hopefully they’ll stick with one of the various story lines from the comics rather than what Nolan did with his Batman trilogies instead of throwing a little bit of everything together and making it work. Though I’m not putting my all into it, Watchmen wasn’t quite on point when they made it into a movie so I’m hoping Nolan has shaped it up. Here is hoping!

    Cavill can be my Superman anyday! :D

    • Elle says:

      I agree with most of your comments but as a huge Superman fan it’s so weird to me that people are focusing on Amy’s “look” in such a negative way.

      Lois Lane has looked many ways over the years. She’s had red hair before. (Noel Neill in the Adventures of Superman series.) She’s had red hair in the comics. The original inspiration for Lois Lane (Joanne Siegel who went on to marry the creatof of Superman) was a red head. She had blond hair for a time on Smallville.

      To me, Lois is defined by her passion and her heart. If the heart is there on-screen I could really care less about what she looks like.

      To me, Lois’s qualities are about the intangible and not the outside. I’m glad they cast someone like Adams who is more substance as opposed to a drop dead gorgeous supermodel figure because that’s not Lois to me either. Superman loves Lois because of fwhat’s on the inside…not the outside.

      I don’t know. I’m a lifelong Superman lover and Adams is kind of inspired casting to me. It’s just weird to me to see people focusing on her physical appearance not fitting their vision for Lois when Lois has looked a myriad of different ways.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        I’m just not a fan of Amy to begin with. I think she is a pretty good actress, from what I’ve seen of her, though I’ll be honest and admit that it’s been one or two movies I’ve actually watched with her in it. I am one of those people who like for the character to be done in both the right play on face and acting ability, shame on me I know hahaha

        That said, I’m interested to see the dynamic between the two. I think that a canon love interest was chosen versus that Dawes character from the first two Batman movies, is awesome. I liked their love story from the comics and I am most certainly interested in seeing the translation to the screen :D

    • LAK says:

      I am with Kaiser on the notion that WTH does Superman have emo issues?

      I love my comics but it annoys me beyond reason that all these superhero films project HUMAN emotion onto alien heroes.

      Heroes like Ironman, Captain America,Spiderman, Batman, Xmen are human, so their human emotion is logical.

      Thor/Loki/Superman are alien beings. They can adjust behaviour, but why do we assume they have human reasoning and understanding?

      I loved THOR precisely because they didn’t do that. both Thor and Loki remain true to their alien origins. They can adjust their behaviour, but they don’t reason like humans. Recent Superman reboot annoyed the hell out of me for giving him human emotions. As Spock would say, ‘it’s illogocal, captain.’ Spock is a great example of an alien being who has lived amongst the humans, just like Superman, but who remains true to his Alien nature, no matter what is thrown at him. perhaps Superman is boring because his Alien nature has never been explored or explained and for the most part is treated as something to be ashamed of, to be hidden except when he is doing noble things like saving the humans.

      Sadly, because i love Henry Cavill, i won’t watch this because i loathe Zack Synder with a passion and don’t watch his films on principal so i won’t be able to judge if they do that with Superman.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        I absolutely loved Thor, Loki was my favorite and I agree with the emotions completely. I’m a little worried with Snyder given Watchmen though Nolan’s name on it kind of makes me wonder how good it’s going to be. I wonder if he’ll try to bring in elements that were in the Batman trilogies, which I’m not sure if I’m for or against. I’m going to give it a shot, the clip with him in full uniform is redeeming and it strikes my curiosity. I’ll be watching it but I swear if it’s terrible I will not watch another one of Snyder’s movies.

  24. Issa says:

    Even in the original Superman movies Superman was a bit emotional. Not Daddy issues but he defiantly became emotional over Lois. Think of all the super heroes Superman is the hero for the people, not the cause, but for the people. So it makes sense he would be somewhat sensitive. Think it looks good and will definitely see it…..and after seeing the shirtless picture of Caville I’m definitely seeing it!

  25. rep says:

    I know this Is late, but i dont care what the storyline Is, Henry Cavill Is fine. Loved him in The Tudors. Oh, i Also hate bosworth since Superman Returns, she looked like a sick rake.

  26. rep says:

    I know this Is late, but i dont care what the storyline Is, Henry Cavill Is fine. Loved him in The Tudors. Oh, i Also dislike bosworth since Superman Returns, she looked like a sick rake.

  27. Elle says:

    Superman is my favorite hero and I’m really excited for this movie. I thought the trailer was emotional and moving.

    I also think Amy Adams is perfectly cast in the film and I wish more people really had an understanding of what the Lois/Superman relationship is supposed to be about. We’ve been so tainted with shallow relationships in these narratives based only on the physical that it’s like we can’t even understand a relationship between a man and a woman that brings a different message to the table. Amy is perfectly cast here and i’m excited to see it.

  28. Jane says:

    I’m kind of worried, but I will see it regardless. I hated the movie 300, which is directed by Snyder (only movie I’ve ever walked out on; couldn’t stand all the fake CGI, bad acting and story), so that’s another reason for me to worry. I wonder why they made this movie so dark as well because Superman Returns was pretty dark. Some fans complained that Superman shouldn’t be like Batman; he’s all sunshine. lol My favorite scene from Superman Returns was when he saved the airplane and that’s how I see Supes, but it looks like they’re taking this movie into another Dark Knight-like direction.

    I’m concerned about the music too. I actually really loved the soundtrack for Superman Returns. I loved Gladiator too, but I want inspiring music, not sad music for a Superman movie. Hopefully, I will be surprised in June 2013.

  29. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    This trailer is much better than the first one. I actually want to see this movie now. And I think Henry just made it onto my ‘I’d Hit It’ list. Yum.

  30. Rick says:

    Great stuff. The trailer does the job. This isn’t going to be Superman 6. This is Superman 1 version 2.0 for a new generation of fans. I’ll miss the Williams music but if they want to go with a serious tone for the DC heroes (to avoid looking like copycats of the Avengers franchise) then more power to them.

  31. Miss M says:

    Superman has always been in conflict with his origins. He is from another planet with special powers. He struggled to fit in, he wanted to be “normal” like everyone else, but he couldn’t. His adopted parents loved him dearly, but were afraid they were going to lose him because of his special powers…

    But what do I know about Superman? :)

  32. Shy says:

    It’a amazing how every report on trailer mentions how papa Costner told “maybe kids should have die”. Producers probably already regret that they put that thing in trailer.

    I’m also sure that papa Costner and Clark had very long conversation and ward “Maybe” was used in another sentence. And producers decided that it would be cool to create some moral suspense.

  33. katie says:

    I think it actually looks really good, and even if it’s horrible, I love Henry Cavill. So, I don’t care. I’ll watch it numerous times for Henry alone.

  34. Jolene says:

    Eh.. not interested.. it looks too depressing. I don’t want to spend 8 dollars to be depressed.

  35. Lola says:

    This actually looks really good, now all I need to know is if that JGL cameo in it is true or not.

  36. Joe Shmoe says:

    Superman is an alien raised by humans, so he’s going to have human thoughts and feelings. He’s naturally going to have a conflict of emotions of who he is and where he’s from and why he’s so different despite the fact that he looks like everybody else.

    You’ll also have to consider the fact that Superman has the power to enslave all of humanity. Many people would if they were is his shoes. But Superman chooses not to.