Jennifer Aniston didn’t get boozy or eat sushi at a party = pregnant, apparently

My goodness, this current round of “Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, for real real real REAL this time” is really happening. I have a theory to explain it, actually. Something similar happened last year around this time, and I allowed myself to be dragged into the speculation, even feeding the speculation at one point. My theory is now that Jennifer just liked to “hibernate” during the holiday season. She barely goes out, and when she does, she dressed in layers, and everyone freaks out and cries “BABY BUMP” when she’s just wearing a bulky sweater. Anyway… The Mirror (UK) claims that Jennifer has broken up with sushi and booze. Obviously, that means she’s knocked up.

Jennifer Aniston raised eyebrows at her engagement party with fiance Justin Theroux, 41, last Sunday, when she passed up on the chance to enjoy her favourite alcoholic drinks and stayed well away from the raw fish on the giant sushi platter. The actress has also cleared some of her work for next year from her schedule.

And now these pictures of Jen wrapped up in bulky clothes have emerged, many people Stateside believe she’ll be making an announcement any day now. At 43, Jen’s biological clock has been ticking louder and she will finally catchup with her old Friends Courteney Cox,48, who has an eight year old daughter, Coco, and Lisa Kudrow, 49, who has a 14-year-old son, Julian.

Jen and Justin are due to marry at the end of the year after getting engaged in August, so any potential addition can only be an added bonus.

A source said: “Jen loves a party, so it was definitely noticed at her engagement event that she was only on water. People have also been commenting on her changing her work plans for the foreseeable future – she said it was to concentrate on planning the wedding and to be closer Justin, but now it’s being suggested it’s to make way for a baby. It would be a fantastic piece of news for the couple to end the year on – she seems so happy recently.”

Jennifer pulled out of her involvement in the film Getting Rid of Matthew last month and now it’s been reported that she no longer will be appearing in Miss You Already, which was due to be filmed in London.

Jennifer has previously said she can’t wait to be a mum: “I’ll be singing from the mountain top. Let me have the moment where I get to say, yes, in fact, I’m having a baby. I just want to say, “Everybody, relax! It’s going to happen”.”

[From The Mirror]

If and when Jennifer gets pregnant, her people won’t be leaking to The Mirror. I’m just sayin’. A “well-placed source” (and that’s exactly what he’ll be called) will tell People Magazine that Jennifer is “glowing” and “she’s been looking even more beautiful lately” and that “friends wonder if something is up.” That’s the way her team writes this crap. Anyway, if she is knocked up, God bless. If she isn’t, she really needs to stop playing this f—king game.

Also, did you know that Aniston is a horrible daughter? True story, at least according to Star Magazine:

Jennifer Aniston’s mom has been in the hospital for over a month, but the former Friends actress still hasn’t found time to call or visit and see how she is feeling, according to a new report in Star magazine.

As previously reported, Nancy Dow was admitted to Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center on Nov. 6 after breaking her shoulder in a nasty fall. During surgery, the 76-year-old suffered a stroke, her second in just over a year, and she’s said to be in a very fragile state.

But, as of yet, Jennifer, 43, has reportedly shown little concern over her mother’s recovery, a source tells Star.

“She hasn’t talked to or visited Nancy once since she was admitted,” the family friend told the magazine. “She should’ve been there for the shoulder surgery alone! And the stroke is really serious. Nancy is an old lady, and she’s very sick; it’s breaking her heart that Jen is ignoring her.”

The pair had a very public and bitter falling out in 1999 after Nancy released a tell-all book about her strained relationship with her movie star daughter. Jennifer branded the memoir “a mistake” while Nancy said it was a “healing exercise.”

They were estranged for six years until Jennifer’s heartbreaking split with Brad Pitt saw them briefly reconcile.

[From Radar]

I’ve said before that I don’t think Aniston is in the wrong for keeping her mom at arm’s length. Her mom seemed like a piece of work, and Nancy’s screwed-up, Dina Lohan-esque parenting style probably still affects Jennifer to this day. I mean, of course Aniston should make more of an effort nowadays, with her mom having so many medical problems. But it’s a complicated relationship, and I’m not going to slam Aniston for it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Birdie says:

    Well, in these pics she looks quite bumpy, but every woman has the right to gain love pounds, so maybe it is nothing. It would be nice though, if she was pregnant. If she and Khloe Kardashian get pregnant (I know… don’t scream at me), my gossip baby-craving is satisfied forever.

  2. sauvage says:

    If my mom did the same thing to me that Jennifer Ansiston’s mother did to her you can be damn sure I wouldn’t want to talk to her ever again. It’s an immense violation of trust.

    • Dinah says:

      I don’t know what Aniston’s mom did to her, but I know my mother did some shitty things to me. As a result, I moved 1800 miles away & definitely keep her at emotional arm’s length. You do what you have to do to have a good and satisfying life, free of toxic people.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      What exactly ‘did’ Jen’s mother say about her that would prevent Jen from inviting the woman to her wedding or having anything to do with her when she’d nearly on her death bed?

      Man, I remember posts on this site about how selfish and cruel Angelina Jolie was when she cut her crazy a$s father off from her children. There were comments about her ‘keeping him from his grandchildren’ and ‘she’s just mad at him because he told the press how crazy she is’ … which seem far worse than anything thing Jen’s mother could have said about or did to her.

      The things people say Jen’s mother said/did to her have just never reached a ‘I’m cutting you out of my life forever and won’t even visit you on your death bed’ threshold for me.

    • Becky1 says:

      None of us has any idea how Jenifer Aniston’s mother really treated her (or Angelina Jolie’s father). I don’t think you can judge on this sort of thing without knowing the entire story. My father is an a**, was a lousy parent and continues to be a narcissistic jerk. My sister and I have both chosen to have a very limited relationship with him. I’m sure there are people out there who judge this but they didn’t grow up in my family and need to mind their own business.

  3. Jess says:

    Call me crazy, but I really think she is pregnant. She’s gained a lot of weight, and usually brides try to lose before a wedding, and we know how disciplined she is. If she’s not actually pregnant, she may be trying. I hate to say that at her age, mid 40′s, it’s getting a little late. If she has a baby that would be pretty amazing.

    • tracking says:

      Sometimes I think she just photographs oddly at some angles. Though I guess anything is possible with fertility treatments these days–didn’t Marcia Cross have twins at 44 and Elizabeth Edwards same around 50? It’s extremely hard on your body but she’s pretty healthy, so who knows.

      Her mother sounds horrible. I personally don’t think a bad parent has the right to make you miserable once you’re mature enough to make that decision and be on your own. If you have the financial resources to help if needed though, sure. Which she probably does.

    • mln76 says:

      I know Im going to get shit for this but ever think it could be (the end of)menopause? She’s a bit young but its not impossible (just as likely as pregnancy at that age)and in the last year and a half she’s gained weight and her face has ‘fallen’ a bit.

  4. manly says:

    an’t wait for the baby’s looks hehehe

  5. Brat says:

    People are always commenting on her drinking like she’s an alcoholic. I think she photographs oddly sometimes

  6. alc says:

    All this speculation based on a weird angle. Whatever. I thought Aniston said that she was fine with not having children and didn’t know if they were in her future or not. Which I read to translate as, “I really like my life this way because it is all about me!” I have finally found a man that I can pretty much order around to anything for me, even get his face jacked. Why on earth would I want to have a baby? It would just cramp my style!”. And you know what, that is fine. Not every woman wants kids for whatever reason and it is, as many people in US say, all about the woman’s right to choice. so let her choose.

  7. Agnes says:

    i mean, she’s 43 now… i wonder when the preggo rumors will stop. she’s pretty up there age-wise as far as having babies is concerned.

  8. anneesezz says:

    I have no problem with her relationship with her mom. That was a huge violation of trust just to try to cash in on her daughter’s fame. That’s pretty twisted.

  9. Joanna says:

    She looks good. She doesn’t look 43, imo.

  10. Lulu says:

    Her mom is horribly toxic. Jen is better off staying away from her. It’s awful when you realize that the one person you aught to be able to rely on the most in this world (your own mother) stabs you in the back and you realize you never really had a mother at all. Been there, done that. Will never be sucked in again.

  11. Green Is Good says:

    A little PMS bloat and the Pappz scream preggo.

  12. Janet says:

    I thought her agent already shot that rumor down for about the 15-thousandth time.

    • Kim says:

      Her publicist said rumor was crap last week.If it was true believe there would be no comment. I see she covered her stomach with purse this week sending her fans into tizzy.US tabloids didn’t bite.

      • floretta50 says:

        How soon we forget, last year at this same time we were having the same conversation about Jennifer Aniston, it’s like dejavue. Costume at the time was a huge black coat with a maternity looking blouse sticking out,or a huge hand bag or sweater covering her stomach, Oh remember this one exiting a doctors’ office sucking a lollipop and rubbing her stomach, It seems like, anytime Pitt announces something big she pulls her rabbit out of it’s hat the pregnancy act. Last year he was up and about promoting his oscar and globe nomination this time around I think it’s his wedding announcement.

  13. sillyone says:

    I am going to go with she looks a little bloated from that time of the month and possibly constipation. :)

  14. Aubra says:

    Wasn’t Marcia Cross 43/44 when she got pregnant/gave birth? It’s not TOO bad, although I think by 41 it’s a wrap…

  15. Jessica6 says:

    Why the same photos of Aniston all the time?

  16. regina says:

    a little late on this story Kaiser ;) . DM posted pics a few days ago. she looks preggo in them for sure. and she could very easily get pregnant if she was wise enough to have frozen her eggs in her 30s and even if she didn’t she can easily get pregnant with an egg donor. women can naturally have babies well into their 50s or 60s these days

  17. mln76 says:

    I just can’t with the rumors its possible of course but until its in People not going there. As for her mother its obviously a f-ed up relationship and its probably what has made her so high maintenence. I say keep her at arms legnth but at a certain point she will feel better dealing with her Mom before she passes.

  18. Stuart Horsely says:

    Oh? I’ve read more than one story about how her monther ruined her self-esteem by constantly criticizing her looks and comparing her to her father, and not in a good way. You’re making a huge assumption.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Stuart Horsely, who wrote: “Oh? I’ve read more than one story about how her monther ruined her self-esteem by constantly criticizing her looks and comparing her to her father, and not in a good way. You’re making a huge assumption.”

      Parents criticize their kids all the time. My mother criticized me for things too (she was also affected by the divorce from my father), but I was there for her at the end of her life when she needed me. Why? Because she was there for me at the beginning of ‘my’ life when I needed ‘her.’ Parents are under stress and often do or say a lot of things they wouldn’t ordinarily do or say. That’s not to excuse their behavior, but my mother was 34 when I (the youngest) was ten and she’d been divorced for 10 years. At that age, she was still young and working out issues in her life. I count myself lucky to have come to terms with emotional issues with my mother as a young adult. Because when we ‘do’ become adults, our sh$t is ‘our’ sh$t, no matter who planted the seeds.

      It sounds to me as if Jen’s own insecurity about her looks and her parents’ divorce colored her life and self-esteem more than anything her mother did or said to her. She admitted in an interview that she brought baggage from her parents’ divorce into her marriage with Brad, that she came into it thinking it wouldn’t last because her parents’ marriage failed. So let’s not be too quick to pin all of Jen’s emotional quirks on her mother.

      At some point we have to take ownership of our emotional quirks and deal with them as adults. Jen has been seeing a therapist for many, many years … but she still appears to be insecure, emotionally clingy, and needy. Mom didn’t do that to her. Those are (now) Jen’s issues.

  19. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    Yeah, it’s generally wise practice to avoid feeding sharks and wood to those with an axe to grind, but seriously: there’s celebitchiness and then beyond that, there is full-on cyberstalker insanity that is just unhealthy — to one’s self and to other posters by proximity. You’ve entered the latter territory. What did Ms. Aniston do to you? Did she ruin your favorite hair color or something?

    Speaking of drinking problems, it’s possible you’ve drank way too much of the negative publicity kool-aid. You don’t know her, you know the gossip around her. Which frankly, tends to be just as innocuous and vanilla as she generally comes across. So, she likes her drink, vacations, and doesn’t seem particularly inclined to reproduce — so what? What is really going on here? This is potentially more interesting than anything that’s actually been written about Aniston….

    • EmmaV1 says:

      Spinner you were slamming Jolie a few weeks ago for that post about her not wanting to spend christmas with Jane Pitt because Jane is super liberal and you said something like “you sometimes have to suck it up”

      Well if Jen’s mother is on her deathbed, she needs to suck it up and visit her.

    • spinner says:

      Hi Emma VI…here is what I wrote on that thread:

      but that’s not the spirit of the Holiday Season. It’s not where you’re at…it’s whom you’re with. Brad’s parents are there & would love a visit. It’s not about — but what would we do…it’s boring there. It’s about making your parents happy & letting them spend time with the Grand-kids.

      Hardly a slam to Jolie. I have never said cruel things.

      Personally, I don’t know the situation with Jen & her Mom. I am more the old-school type of you should do everything possible to make things work with your immediate family before you write them off.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Spinner I had to go back to a few JA AJ posts and you’re not mean, but you’re not nice to AJ.

      You are quick to defend Jen and give very passive veiled forms of criticism to Ang. No compliments or saying nothing or stating facts. Just mean girl tactics and +1′s to those who post ang or positively to jen.

      Don’t sidestep it. You favor 1 and dislike the other no matter what they do.

  20. Kim says:

    There is a big difference in can she get pregnant and does she want to get pregnant.Several women in their sixties have gotten pregnant.We will see.

  21. lisa2 says:

    Life is short.

    I thought her mother wrote a book about her life and mentioned Aniston. Look the woman is going through a lot. I get children and parents don’t get along. But like I said life is short.

    I don’t think she is that close with her family in general. I know she talks to her father, but you never see or hear about her family being at events or at her home when she has parties. She has said on many occasion that her friends are more important.

  22. Anna says:

    Shes more beautyfull shes glowing? Doesnt her team feel a bit ridiculous? I mean jennifer is plain ugly. The ugliest manlooking greek woman in hollywood! Place her next to another actress, nvevermind who it is and you clearly see how ugly and masculine anistons face is. Even reese w. llooks better next to her

  23. Anna says:

    Shes more beautyfull shes glowing? Doesnt her team feel a bit ridiculous? I mean jennifer is plain ugly. The ugliest manlooking greek woman in hollywood! Place her next to another actress, nevermind who it is and you clearly see how ugly and masculine anistons face is. Even reese w. llooks better next to her

  24. G says:

    Is it just me? I feel all the heat has gone out of her tabloid presence since her engagement?

  25. RobN says:

    I’m stunned at how many people seem to think that getting pregnant at 43 is akin to winning the Powerball. You all must be in your 20′s because when you’re in your 40′s like me, you know plenty of 45 year old women raising 2 year olds and laughing about missed BC pills and how they thought they were safe.

    • tracking says:

      True. I was told at 37 I would be unlikely to get pregnant without assistance. Second month of trying conceived #1. At 41 told it was extremely unlikely once more. Conceived #2 on the first try. Sometimes we old folks are surprisingly fertile (and lucky). I plan on being very careful for the next 5 years!

    • Christina says:

      I read somewhere that (in the UK) women in their 40s are statistically more likely to have an abortion than any other age group, except teenagers. So there may be something in what you say. Throughout history, women have always had babies well into their 40s. The only difference nowadays is that more women are having their first baby at that age.

    • Becky1 says:

      @ RobN-I completely agree! I’m 40 and know of a number of people who got pregnant without fertility treatments in their late 30′s through their mid 40′s. For various reasons, many seem to have a false belief that once you get past your mid 30′s getting pregnant is almost impossible without assistance. Ladies, unless you’ve been through menopause you can conceivably get pregnant.

  26. Paige says:

    Sal I feel sorry for you. To be consummed with so much hate towards someone you dont know says alot about you. Get some help. You scare me!

  27. Smaug says:

    Here’s my theory. I think Jennifer Aniston has trouble keeping her pregnancies. I think she got pregnant a few times when she was with Brad Pitt but miscarried every time. It happens. And that’s why she’s so wary and cagey about the whole pregnancy thing.

    Bottom line is, if she is pregnant- I wish her a super healthy one. And if she’s not- she’s not.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Smaug, who wrote: “Here’s my theory. I think Jennifer Aniston has trouble keeping her pregnancies. I think she got pregnant a few times when she was with Brad Pitt but miscarried every time. It happens. And that’s why she’s so wary and cagey about the whole pregnancy thing.”

      What surprises me is how Jen’s fans are just blind to any of her behavior that might shatter their opinion of her. Then they try to re-write history (and facts) on her behalf.

      When has Jen ever been ‘wary and cagey’ about the whole pregnancy thing?? In January 2004 on SNL she gamely spoofed herself getting asked ‘When are you going to have a baby, Jen?’ (which they’d starting asking her in 2001). If ‘you’ had by that date had (by your estimate) a couple of miscarriages, would ‘you’ be able to laugh at the fact that people keep asking you when you were going to have a baby??

      And let’s not forget that televised interview with Diane Sawyer during Jen’s ‘I know Brad really didn’t blindside me with all of this and it was really all over months ago, but people are buying into my victim-hood so I’m going to mike this puppy for all of the pity and free publicity I can get’ tour. During that interview she was asked about the rumors that her marriage ended because she didn’t want to have children. Jen got all Verklempt and said ‘I don’t know where that rumor started. I have never said that I don’t want children. I did, I do, I will.’

      Wouldn’t ‘that’ have been the perfect venue and opportunity for her to share with the world ‘Well you see Diane, the truth is that Brad and I ‘did’ try twice to have babies, but we lost them. Just think of all the pity points she would have gotten, and don’t think for a second that she wouldn’t have said it, either.

      • Kim says:

        A woman who has had múltiple miscarriages is not going to be making jokes or mocking pregnancy IMO That theory is BS.After Friends wrapped she signed up for mutiple films while claiming she was ready to start a family.While Pitt was crying on TV about Babies.

      • taxi says:

        On a very old SNL, one of Jen’s skits was about people asking her all the time when she was going to get pregnant. She said she was waiting, working on her career. Probably wouldn’t have played that if she’d miscarried.

      • lisa2 says:

        Why is it that her fans would rather believe that she has had multiple miscarriages then to accept that she has never been pregnant. And her supposed BFF Courteney Cox talked about her troubles getting pregnant and her many miscarriages.

        I see her fans saying this all the time. And yet she is never asked about it. And the tabloids never put that on the cover. Its one thing for her fans to spread that but if she did say it then I’m sure Brad would have something to say. This is a man that has always been vocal about wanting children. A man that is the father of 6. I don’t think he would have been silent about that nor Jennifer. I want to email some of the shows and have them ask her. Because as I said Brad would have to say something. And if he said it didn’t happen then what would her fans say then. Did she not tell her then husband.

        Gosh. the need for them to believe she was pregnant with Brad’s children is really scary.

        She is 43. I don’t care how healthy you are or rich. Having a child at that age is hard. And as a woman I wouldn’t mainly because of how old I would be when my child reached a certain age. And at that age you are set in your ways to some degree. You really aren’t use to your life being changed that way. and having a dog is not a child.

        By her actions and words she has not lost any children

      • Smaug says:

        Ah…I am not a fan at all! I totally cheer for the other party (if you know what I!). And for some reason, I thought I was the only one who thought this- especially since I don’t really read gossip on JA specifically.

    • lisa2 says:


      I’m on that other side too. My comment was more because I see so many of her fans talking about miscarriages. And she has never said she had one. NOR has Brad. I don’t get it. It just seems like her fans keep holding on to that. Just like her being close to Brad’s mother. Why they need that to be true too is a mystery to me.

      Wonder if we will ever get pics of Jennifer/Justin and his parents.

  28. anneesezz says:

    Meow. If she is pregnant I can’t wait for all the crazies to say that she planned it to steal Angeline Jolie’s thunder because she was planning to get married or something equally ridiculous. I love reading all those comments.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @anneesezz, who wrote: “Meow. If she is pregnant I can’t wait for all the crazies to say that she planned it to steal Angeline Jolie’s thunder because she was planning to get married or something equally ridiculous.”

      And if she’s NOT pregnant (again) I can’t wait for all the ‘crazies’ to once again deny that she promotes the speculation over her womb for media attention or something equally true.

  29. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think she might be pregnant. Why not? She’s rich, and as long as a woman can afford IVF, she can get pregnant at any age. Even though most older women don’t want to bother raising a child in their 50′s, celebs have the money to pay nannies, the best private schools, etc., and don’t have to worry about housework or mundane things.

    Plus, the timing is perfect. She’s getting to that age where Hollywood won’t want her to do romantic comedies anymore, and she’s not really capable of anything else (not a hater, but being honest). And she finally found the true love of her life (supposedly). So why not?

  30. Thiajoka says:

    Sorry, but no. You don’t get to f–k up your kids while they are young and/or vulnerable and then expect them to put their lives on hold just because you are now elderly and ill. Not unless you really do believe and have brainwashed your kids into believing that illogical commandment “Honor thy mother and father that thy days may be long.”

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Thiajoka, who wrote: “Sorry, but no. You don’t get to f–k up your kids while they are young and/or vulnerable and then expect them to put their lives on hold just because you are now elderly and ill. Not unless you really do believe and have brainwashed your kids into believing that illogical commandment “Honor thy mother and father that thy days may be long.”

      It’s not about the ‘Honor thy mother and father,’ it’s about owning up to your part in allowing herself to ‘remain’ fu%ked up. A therapist will tell you that it’s not always what’s said to us, but how we interpret what’s said to us. We all have different filters. I’m sure you’ve said something to someone that was taken completely the wrong way and out of context of how you meant it.

      Nope, it’s not about ‘honoring thy mother and father,’ but it ‘is’ about not waiting for them to become old and vulnerable before confronting them or passively/aggressively sticking it to them because you can (and how does that make you any different than them?). The time to confront your parents about the shite they’ve laid on you is when they’re still able to stand toe to toe with you. That’s what adults do. If you don’t like how they treated you parent to child, then tell them so adult to adult … not angry, bitter, spiteful child to old, frail, vulnerable parent.

      • Thiajoka says:

        I don’t agree with that, either. You have to learn to protect yourself if you weren’t properly taught that as a child. No one would ever suggest that it is mentally liberating for a woman who was abused by a certain man to take care of him if he’s ill because it is mentally beneficial in the long run. No sirree.

  31. skuddles says:

    JA baby bump rumor x 1 gazillion. Yawn.

  32. blonde on the dock says:

    I’ll believe this story when Aniston confirms it.

  33. val says:

    For some reason, I don’t think that JA is the motherly type. But hey, time will tell..can’t hide a pregnant belly from the prying eyes of the paps for nine months. Well then again she did say “I can and I will have a baby” or something like that, so you never know. …

  34. janie says:

    Oh please… This woman is a piece of work! She finally conned a man to marry her. Who cares if she is pregnant? If she is, she has Ivf to thank.. Her eggs have to be rotten at her age!

  35. Lisa says:

    You cannot judge a child’s relationship with her parent unless you have had one of those parents. Her mom seems like a piece of work and I remember reading one of the reasons she wrote that book was because Jen wouldn’t let her be her manager when she was doing one of her teen shows.

    The one thing a child should be able to do is trust her parent. What kind of relationship is there if you can’t even trust your own mother not to sell you out? You do something crappy to me like this and I will black list you for life. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she has to act a certain way with her parent to please certain people.
    I have been in a similar situation and it ain’t easy. You just want to move as far away as possible from such negative people. As for her dad. They seem to have a nice relationship and her dad and step mom have attended some of her important events.

    If she is also pregnant then good for her. I wonder what those who have been mean to call her barren would claim now, just saying.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Yes, you have to learn to get on with your life despite the history of your familial dynamic and not allow yourself to be put in that situation again.

      Forgiving someone is great, but first they have to want to be forgiven which involves owning up to what they have done. If they can’t do that, then why in the world would you waste more time of your life contending with the relationship that will never be resolved?

      It really chaffs me that a lot of people are not reluctant at all to judge the actions on addicts and grown-up children of abusive parents by saying that they need to accept responsibility for their own situations and not use the excuse of their addiction or past abuse as a buffer. How is there a different expectation from society for grown children of abusive parents to overlook the parents often ongoing abusive behavior?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Thiajoka, who wrote: “It really chaffs me that a lot of people are not reluctant at all to judge the actions on addicts and grown-up children of abusive parents by saying that they need to accept responsibility for their own situations and not use the excuse of their addiction or past abuse as a buffer. How is there a different expectation from society for grown children of abusive parents to overlook the parents often ongoing abusive behavior?”

        You know what ‘chaffs’ me? When people defend women who were spoiled, rich girls in a constant tiff growing up, over what they now claim as ‘emotional scarring, because their parents didn’t praise them as much or make them feel as special as they’d have liked) are compared to people who were ‘truly’ emotionally and/or physically abused during their childhood.

        Nothing Jennifer’s mother did or said to her gives her ‘victim’ status … certainly not enough to put her in the same category as physical or sexual abuse survivors.

  36. bELLA says:


  37. Onyx XV says:

    Pregnancy speculation is so pointless and boring. If there’s no factual confirmation, I don’t want to hear about it.

  38. amanda says:

    I’m so confused as to the endless speculation about the contents of her uterus. I thought she stated years ago that she didn’t want children. Not everyone wants kids so why not leave it at that. At this point I wish she would say hey guys I had my tubes tied just so I could enjoy my new man all the time without worrying about getting infected with his spawn and being sapped by it for the next 9 months. Why do people with babies wish them on every other woman. She just looks like she may be overeating and underexercising this Christmas.

  39. Rena says:

    If she had wanted to be a Mom she would be one by now. Look at all the other celebs who are Moms, either by birthing or by adoption.

    Which is OK as this is her decision, not anyone else’s.

    I don’t understand why some just insist that she wants to be a Mom when she could have been one if she wanted to be.

    43 is not too old to give birth but for most women it will be much more difficult to get pregnant as menopause looms close on their horizon.

  40. ann h says:

    She’s not knocked up people. It was only a couple of weeks ago that she slurred through her speech at the award show for Ben Stiller. She clearly struggles with alcoholism so I highly doubt that she’ll be hanging up the party hat anytime soon.

  41. Bec215 says:

    Let her be!!!! Women are allowed to be child-free withoiut explaining themselves! It annoys me to no end that she let herself be arm-twisted into publicly stating she wanted children, when nothing about her lifestyle and life choices says she wanted or wants them. All she’d have to do is let the clock run down… except then people will pester her to adopt till she’s 50, and then it will be ‘poor Jen’ all over again… <>

    • bettyrose says:

      I hope she’s not pregnant for her sake and the sake of all women around her age who DON’T WANT CHILDREN. I used to say “someday” to people who asked the rude question. Then I said “possibly adoption.” Now I find myself telling people that I can’t (somewhat true, but obviously I could still adopt if I wanted to), but I’m afraid I do play on people’s assumptions about women my age no longer being in the fertile category because I just don’t want to get asked that question any more.

  42. asdfg says:

    I’m sick of the speculation! If she wanted kids wouldn’t she have had them by now? She’s getting to that age.. Not to be age-ist or anything but she’s almost at that age where it becomes harder to conceive………. She obviously doesn’t want kids so stop with all the speculation!!

  43. Joanna says:

    wow, really, another pregnancy rumor? how f*cking ridiculous. and even more ridiculous is the people on here who act as if they know her inside and out, when they’ve never met her. you never know until you walk in someone else’s shoes. we don’t know the story about her and her mom, and we never will b/c we are not her friends or family.

  44. anom says:

    why do jenhags hang onto jane pitt? is justin’s MOTHER nothing? is the family she will be marrying into not good enough for them?

    • lisa2 says:

      I wonder the same thing. Her fans and the media are obsessed with this connection. Funny thing is when Jane’s letter was first out none of them were defending her. You never saw anyone talking about the connection until things quieted down. Now mention of Jen being upset about her views. NO it was all Angie.. I just sat back and had a laugh.

      Still waiting for the Jen and Justin’s Mom stories or his parents.. But the media and such never touch that. And that is really strange.

  45. Tinka says:

    This is the first time I’ve said this on any “omg this celeb is so pregnant” posts: she actually looks a bit pregnant in these photos. And for the mother part, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t visit my mother at a hospital. Just because you’re related to someone doesn’t mean you have to love, or even like, them.

  46. Springtime says:

    I can’t believe all the excuses for Aniston for not forgiving and speaking to her own mother! I mean what girl didn’t ever have a disagreement with her mother growing up or as an adult, My own mother has said things to me when I was young that no mother should say however most of those words came from her being mad for something stupid I did, which is probably what happened to Aniston as well. But she decided to take it personally and even after years of therapy this person is still messed up in her own head and it’s not due to her mother, it due to her not knowing how to let go. If you stop looking at the pr fed fluff and hear her incorherrant rants when interviewed or magazine articles, she has shown signs of being an insecure, undercover nasty with her words, pretentious,snobby, and self-centered woman.

    I am not saying she should be all singing kumbaya with her mom but she should forgive, go visit once in a while (not as a pr trip)and support some of her mother’s medical bills. It’s her mom, she raised and supported her little a$s and she wouldn’t be were she is today if it wasn’t for her mom or her dad! She was not abused physically, sexually, or mentally! Just told she wasn’t the most attractive kid on the block, yeah it hurts but I bet it didn’t go down that way and her mother loved her in her own way. Also, her mom wrote a book about herself not Aniston and may have said a few things in there about her but nothing damaging or unforgivable. It shows immaturity on her part. You as a grown up have to decide if you are going to be the bigger person are you’ll die or that parent dies and then you, NOT THEM, will be filled with regret and guilt for holding a stupid grudge! Hell, even people who were really, truly abused sometimes forgive their abuser so they can heal! No excuses for Aniston, excuses and coddaling is all everyone does to this woman, Oh don’t ask Aniston that, she’ll get mad, oh that say that she’ll cry. No wonder she went through so many men, no real man can deal with that rollercoaster called Aniston.

  47. blaylock says:

    jennifer Aniston once and for aLL CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN.sHE JUST CAN’T HAVE THEM.