Kristen Stewart ‘begged’ Robert Pattinson to come to NYC, but he refused

As many of you noted last week, poor Kristen Stewart failed to receive SAG or Golden Globe nominations for her role in On the Road. TWI-SOB! I’m not sure if Kristen was really in the running for a SAG nomination or anything, but I do think she was probably angling for a Globe nomination – the girl did TWO Hollywood Foreign Press events in the span of a month, you know? She was definitely angling for something. Unfortunately, the HFPA decided to recognize Nicole Kidman’s performance in The Paperboy rather than reward the wanton trampire. Sexism! Or something. Anyway, Hollywood Life’s “exclusive” sources claim that Kristen is sad that she didn’t get a Globe nomination but that she’s determined to do better next time:

Kristen Stewart may be the star of Twilight but that’s not enough for her. The actress feels her On The Road performance was snubbed because she wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe, is exclusively reporting.

“Kristen, like any actor or actress, wants their work respected and rewarded,” a source reveals to “Not being honored with a nomination has just lit a fire under her to be work even harder in the future.”

Our source, who’s an insider in the movie industry who thinks Kristen a talented actress, goes on to add that “all the [nominations] haven’t been announced for other awards shows, so she may have missed the Golden Globes, but that doesn’t mean she has missed out on everything else.”

The Snow White and the Seven Huntsman star is currently working on the new movie Focus, about a veteran grifter who takes a young, attractive woman under his wing but things get complicated when they become romantically involved.

[From Hollywood Life]

It would be easy to mock Kristen and say that she had delusions of grandeur, but honestly, I really do wish she had gotten a Globe nomination just for gossip’s sake. Plus, maybe I’m becoming jaded and cynical or something, but I’m really tired of seeing the same list of actors nominated time and time again. The HFPA, the SAGs AND the Oscars need to get better at nominating younger people and emerging talents.

Meanwhile, would you like to have a healthy dose of Twi-dramz? HL also reports that Kristen “begged” Robert Pattinson to come to NYC with her this past week (as she promoted On the Road), but he outright refused! A source says, “Of course Kristen wanted Rob to be there with her. Kristen asked Rob repeatedly to go with her, she was practically begging. They always supported each other at their respective projects. They always went to each other’s premieres, but this time was different. She was very upset about it.” So what was the big deal? Rob isn’t sure about their future, apparently: “Rob and Kristen still fight, he really doesn’t know if he can trust her. He didn’t want to make some grand gesture of showing up to her premiere and let alone walk the carpet with her if he’s not sure about their future.” And that’s not all! HL also says that Kristen was angrily texting Rob after the premiere:

Kristen Stewart attended a screening of her new film On The Road in NYC on Dec. 13. Afterwards, she spent the night with her co-stars at the Boom Boom Room in The Standard Hotel, and her iPhone was glued to her hand all night! Was she texting Robert Pattinson to guilt him for not attending the event with her? Read on to hear ALL the EXCLUSIVE details from the after party!

Kristen attended the after party in The Standard’s fancy roof top bar, and she was joined by her co-stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kirsten Dunst. However, Kristen initially chose to keep to herself.

“Kristen arrived around 11pm and she sat in the corner at a reserved table with a group of friends,” says an onlooker. “She posed for quite a few photos with fans; she seemed really nice. She was wearing boots, jeans, a vest and a black hoodie. When she went outside to smoke, she put on her leather jacket. She had a white iPhone in her back pocket, which she took out several times to check, and she seemed to be texting a lot.”

Kristen seemed to be having a pretty good time, all her personal worries aside.

“She just had one drink – Grey Goose vodka and cranberry juice,” says the onlooker. “Then, she was drinking water. She was chatting and being friendly with other people who worked on the movie, including Walter [Salles] and some crew members and Beatnik scholars.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I have several theories. One, Kristen and Rob are close to a breakup because he’s over it. Two, Rob realized that Kristen was trying to take the power back in the relationship by acting like a moody bitch, so now HE is trying to out-moody-bitch HER. Third theory: Kristen wasn’t even angrily texting Rob. She was texting some other dude. Maybe Rupert Sanders. God knows.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Maria says:

    I wonder if her texts are the same way she speaks

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    So was wearing this completely fug and classless dress her way of acting out against Rob? Haha of curse she didn’t get nominated for anything, she’s awful.

  3. Smiley says:

    Since when is showing your tits for the 100th time in a film and giving a handjob to two guys at the same time called acting?
    We’ve seen how she auditions? In public daylight.

    The idiot thinks she is an amazing talent but no one dares to tell her that she sucks and even the biggest joke of awards season the GG’s didn’t care about her.

    The showmance with Pattinson is the only thing creating stories about her. She tried it with see through dresses but it failed.

  4. Smiley says:

    Theory 4:

    The franchise is over the faking can slowly end just after the DVD in February comes out and then you won’t see them anymore.

    Then Miss I’m really Honest will need another sugardaddy, maybe Harvey Weinstein?

  5. lower-case deb says:

    i put this blame solely on Lindsay Lohan that i can now never read “drinking water” without following up with a “yeah, sure”+”roll eyes”, no matter who’s the subject.

    this is not the first time it happened today (!!)
    just this morning my aunt (who i’m really close to) texted me about how her throat-swelling’s gone down and how she’s now able to “drink water again”. i almost sent a text back saying “are you sure it’s water”. thankfully i came to my senses before i sent it.

  6. JustaGirl says:

    I like the book, but I found the movie to be really dull. I started to watch it, and it seemed to drag on forever. When I looked at my watch, only an hour had passed. One of those types of movies for me…

  7. Denise says:

    It’s not complicated…she didn’t receive nods because her performance did not stand out. It was a forgettable movie and she had a few minutes of screen time which was only her moaning during sex. Why would either award groups overlook other standout performances just to include her. No paying audience ever saw her as a good actress. She is arrogant to think she was going to receive a nod.

  8. bea says:

    While she’s thin enough to wear that abomination, she doesn’t have an “amazing” figure. Not that impressed with this look.

    Don’t care about her acting and lack of awards for it.

  9. Izzy says:

    That outfit she’s wearing in the photos is almost as awful as her acting.

  10. mln76 says:

    ‘The HFPA, the SAGs AND the Oscars need to get better at nominating younger people and emerging talents’

    In the last few years I can think of Emma Stone(Globes), Haliee Steinfield, and yes Jennifer Lawrence. To be fair I haven’t seen On The Road but I just don’t think it was seriously awards caliber. I haven’t heard any buzz from the smaller festivals or critics. If she was nominated it would be because of her name .

  11. la chica says:

    It’s a great dress for spring, not for fall or winter. Rob is busy filming.

  12. elceibeno08 says:

    Rob and Kristen have been together way too long. She was only 19yo when they became an item. She is ready to move on to other men. Rob is a very sweet boy but he should set Kristen free and let her experience other relationships. The proof of my statement is the fact that she cheated on him.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Does he have her chained up in the basement, keeping her with him?

    • Deidra says:

      She’s shamelessly using him to clean up her image. She had a good chance to get out of the relationship after the scandal broke, but she begged him back to save her image and career. I don’t see her as a victim and him as a possessive abuser. Official split would have stopped the drama for good, but she still wants to be associated with him and “keep us guessing” about their personal issues in order to stay in the spotlight.

      • kay says:

        Or maybe Robert is helping her out. Why do people always make Rob out to be a helpless victim. Robert and Kristen were a least co-stars for 5 years of a very successful franchise. They generally seem to get along. Maybe he felt sorry for her and decided to help her out.

  13. lizbet says:

    Wow, her body looks amazing and yet it is still obvious that dress too small! She would look a million times better if she went up a size.

  14. rtms says:

    I think they’ve been over for a year now and the whole scandal was a set up to drive the last movie. They dragged Saunders and family into it and made everyone else pay the price while they sat back and collected the money. These reports are going to keep coming, until the DVD release when they will announce that “sadly they have been apart for months and just can’t do it any more”. Of course they will make sure it sells big time.

  15. prim&proper says:

    If RP wasn’t there, maybe it was because
    he knew what she was going to wear….

  16. Mila says:

    I am so tired of her. Ugh, Ok we get it you are sexy, now put some clothes on and go away please.

  17. Lee says:

    Kristen is very pretty, but her acting is mediocre at best. I’ve seen a few movies that she’s been in (in the land of women, speak, welcome to the riley’s, the first twilight) and she is completely forgettable in all but speak.

    I have no problem with the award shows recognizing young and talented actresses but the problem with Kristen is she is only one those things.

  18. maria says:

    I disagree with you, the same people aren’t getting nominated over and over again and if they are is because they are very talented and deserved.

    If you want untalented crappt actors like Kristen Stewart to be nominated, they have the MTV aawards and Kids Choice Awards.

    Do not change the oscars. It will lose all the credibility it has.

  19. OhDear says:

    I thought she would consider hustling for an award nomination to be beneath her, being all “hardcore” and all.

  20. Me says:

    “if he’s not sure about their future.” The “broke up” is near finally! This PRsten show is sooo boring. I have enough of it. About her style… She is a sl** and has no class. About her perfomance is OTR… WTF? She doesn’t deserves any award. The movie is a failure and she is another failure. An award for having sex and smoking pot in 15 min? She is embarassing. Her PR team is working hard paying and saying that she will be nominated. And the producer in “Focus” is a big friend of her mum. Nepotism again!

  21. JosieJ says:

    I don’t believe any these stories. Rob took her back after she publicly humiliated him. She controls him and that relationship.

    The guy would probably take her back again even if she cheated on him again. She says jump and he responds “how high”

    Rob is the Rihanna in this relationship. He will always put up with her bulls$it because he is convinced this is true love.

    IMO, Rob has convinced himself he can’t be without her in his life.

    • Honey says:

      You have really bought into the idea they are real life Edward and Bella?

      The dynamic of their “relationship” was a PR creation to blurry the lines between fiction and reality. In return Pattinson just had to shut up and not deny any of the ridiculous tabloid stories that made him look like the doormat Edward.

      The reason why everything about their relationship always looked off and the lack of chemistry is because it was manifactured. They both got enormous amount of attention by letting the public think they are together and all they had to do is appear at “dates” together with managers, friends always in tow. Of course pretending they hate the paps.

      Or leaking so called private pics through fanblogs and twitter so that it looks like they were hacked. Bullshit.

      As fake as Taylor Swifts relationships.

      • Mi says:

        So their kissing on balcony after OTR premiere in Cannes was also PR? The video is on you tube.

      • Honey says:

        Because it’s so difficult to fake a kiss on a balcony in Cannes when half of people there are paps who stood under the balcony. OMG how did they get those ultra difficult shots?/sarcasm

        You do realize that those two loosers had to up their PR, Twilight needed attention when it was starting to loose interest from the public. Hunger Games and the Avengers have overshadowed them.

        Stewart and Pattinson both have those annoying gay rumours about them and voila she gets caught with a married man and everyone now believes she’s straight.

    • Freya Magritt says:

      @JosieJ Kinda tearjerker story! Have you ever seen Rob’s interviews? He makes an impression of a rather smart, ambitious and somewhat cynical guy, definitely not the one being manipulated or lovesick. He’s absolutely aware of the public perception of him but he keeps his mouth shut as long as it brings him bucks. As soon as Twilight Saga is irrelevant he’ll move on from the Robsten drama to a brighter future.

    • Anname says:

      How about the simplest explanation – they were in a real relationship that they unsuccessfully tried to keep private (to keep it separate from E/B and from being sold). She cheated, but he loves her enough to give it another chance, even if it hurts his public image. Not sure how this makes him a wimp. It takes a lot of balls to stay with her, I am sure he knows the bashing he was in for because of it.
      These fake relationship theories seem so absurd to me, having to come up with elaborate explanations for so many different private photos or random sightings. I wonder what the theory will be if they continue to be seen together long after the DVD?

      • JS says:

        I have to say that I agree with you, Anname. The simplest explanation by far seems exactly as you say and I don’t see why these elaborate and mutually incompatible conspiracy theories are so attractive to so many people. Hell, they both went MIA in the UK for a week after BD2 promo and arrived back in NY and then LA together. Did they really need to do that if they didn’t at least like each other’s company quite a lot? Yes, yes, it could have been a cunning very low-key set-up for their hypothetical showmance, but is that level of paranoia really necessary to explain a few tweets and one phone snap of them shopping together?

        Having said that, I do find some of Kristen’s PR a bit hard to understand these days. Was that appearance at the Sandy appeal concert really a good idea given that it would inevitably be widely seen as insincere, even if it wasn’t? And there’s the constant pushing of the sexed-up image through all the BD2 and (never-ending) OTR promo, which just keeps reminding everybody about her recent, ahem, problems. Is she getting the best advice from her people? Maybe they know what they’re doing…they are supposed to be the experts, but I’m not entirely convinced by the approach! Cosmopolis seems to be rocking the critics lists at the moment though with no PR at all! Good for Rob!

      • Anname says:

        JS, I am with you about Kristen. I liked her with Rob, but she seemed to have gone off the rails a bit since springtime – her fashion choices are baffling at times.Is she getting bad advice in general? I assume Rob knows more than we do about the real her, hope the best for them if they stay together.

        One thing though, I don’t mind her appearance at the Sandy benefit. The Django cast and the Rolling Stones were both in NY for other reasons, there were no complaints about their participation.

        Go Cosmopolis! I kinda wish Cronenberg was more willing to enter the fray in the awards season. I respect that he doesn’t, but it would have been interesting to see if Rob’s performance would have gotten a bit more attention.

      • JS says:

        Anname, I really don’t have anything against Kristen, except her cheating of course. I don’t even blame her for trying to rehabilitate herself (anyone would do the same in similar shit) and if Rob wants to help her that’s up to him. You are right that he knows the real her much better than we do and if he thinks she’s worth saving, even at some cost to his own image, then that’s his personal call and it’s not up to us, from a position of much greater ignorance, to gainsay him. Like yourself, I think more of him for doing what he thinks is right, regardless of the mood of the mob. If he’s wrong, he’s the one who’ll get hurt and I’m sure he’s well aware of that.

        For the record, I wasn’t saying I thought Kristen was wrong to do the concert, just that I wasn’t sure it was great PR, when you see the negative twitter storm she sparked, if anything amplifying the hatred for her. It’s a little like when she (or her PR people) said she didn’t have sex with RS. Maybe it was true, but most people were always going to find the claim so unbelievable that the net effect on her image was predictably negative. IMO she’d have been far better keeping her mouth shut even if she really never did more than make out with the guy. Perhaps, some things are more important to her than her image and I’d respect her for that if it were true. Or, perhaps, as we have both speculated, she’s just getting bad advice.

      • Diana says:

        Anname and JS, I agree with you both on all accounts.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Do you know Mr. Pattinson personally? Are you privy to his innermost thoughts and feelings? I suspect not. We have no idea how he feels about Miss Stewart, he could just as easily hate her guts.

      • Nina W says:

        I too wonder about his current feelings for her. I can only imagine myself in a similar situation and I can assure you I would not be in a nice and forgiving frame of mind. Moving forward from this type of betrayal would be very difficult and may not be worth it. Once the vase has been shattered, gluing it back together doesn’t exactly fix it.

  22. anon says:

    I don’t understand why this girl gets so much hate! If you don’t like her…ignore her existence. What relevence is she to your life? Why bother to take the time to spend on her and write a comment if you don’t like her?
    And if you hate her so much how do you “know” so much about her life? You’re speculating based on small amounts of most likely false information.
    And if she is a slutty, smelly, greasy, bitchy, moody bitch why is Rob even bothering with a PR relationship? He’s certainly getting enough abuse for being with her. And if you listen to any of his interviews he talks about Kristen as if she is the next Meryl Streep. He has gone on record numerous times saying “Krtisten is the best young actress around now”. How is that helping him? And what would she have over him to force him to be in a fake relationship and say stuff like that?
    And how does anyone know he hasn’t cheated on her in the past and she took him back and that’s why he got back with her? Not saying he did but maybe he’s just smarter not to do it in public. No-one who writes on blogs or forums like this knows anything about their relationship.
    And very few of the people in attendance at the event Kristen was at got GG nominations and she is rumoured to be presenting an award to Jodie Foster at the GGs so maybe that’s why she was there and not to push for a nomination. Or maybe it’s promotional work for On The Road which is out now and she has been doing a lot of press for.

    • Marigold says:

      Methinks you need to stop concerning yourself with how much other people care about Kristen and maybe care a little less about her yourself. That’s a LOT of defending of a perfect stranger. It’s a little silly to be so butthurt about a gossip site’s treatment of a celebrity.

    • Mi says:

      She gets so much hate because she did it to a good guy.He worships her saying she’s one of the best young actresses and she never said this about him,she doesn’t even think he’s a good actor.I think he didn’t cheat on her in the past,because cheating men don’t forgive when women cheat,because they think only men have this ”privilege”and women don’t.And if he doesn’t care about his image IMO he should start to care,because if his career will not be balanced to her,she will cheat on him again,if she did it when they were equal(the same fame and money from Twilight or movies at Cannes Festival)so what will she do if she gets better roles?I think it’s a toxic relationship.

    • honeybee says:

      “He has gone on record numerous times saying “Kristen is the best young actress around now”. How is that helping him? ”

      He said that way before the scandal occurred. Since then he hasn’t made a statement like that and I doubt that he will. Once he gets more exposure with other young actresses out there I am sure he will revise his opinion about KS’ acting caliber ;)

    • Amory says:

      First, this is a gossip site – people come to love and to complain both.

      Second, I think the hate comes from the fact that she comes off as very ungrateful for the success she has had. She is also constantly bashing other actors as less genuine that herself. After stating time and time again that she will not and cannot play the Hollywood game, it appears that she is doing just that. Arrogance is unattractive.

      Third, people are baffled by how she gets roles considering her mediocre acting skills; never nice to see something other than real talent being rewarded.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Sadly the hate Miss Stewart gets is all her own fault. Affair with a married man, atrocious interviews where she displays her ignorance, vulgar language and gestures in public and a display of self importance without talent to give it substance are the things that have caused her to be so reviled. If you want her image to change, then she will have to get new management because the people she has in her employ now are ruining any chance she has to rehabilitate her image and career.

  23. Isabel says:

    I personally believe the affair was only for cleaning up her image; making her more ‘sexy’, since most people can’t imagine her having sex. Now she suddenly dresses sexy, before she went to awardshows on All Stars, a hoodie and ripped jeans. It is all too convenient; from sexless tomboy to girl who sleeps with older men and goes to parties in her underwear.
    Before I believed the relationship between her and Rpatz was real and the cheating was really cheating, but now? When a girl gets caught doing something slutty she doesnt dress up like a hookah and go to a show in her underwear (not just now, but to all shows lately; belly baring dresses, legs showing etc). All of this while before she was a tomboy and somewhat of a rebel.. It is just too odd.
    I am just not sure about Rpatz..Maybe I am a fool, but he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would play along in a fake relationship.. meh..

  24. Shy says:

    Kristen Stewart = Justin Timberlake :) Remember how he was campaigning for Social Network. And some critics thought that he has chance and he believed his own hype and wanted to be nominated?

    We all laugh at Kristen who is literally worst actress in the world. But I suspect that Kristen thinks that she is descent actress. Because she has done lot of Indie movies. And some actors thinks that this means they are serious. She really believes that Twilight was bad because of bad script and story. She doesn’t know that she, Pattinson and Lautner made it impossible to watch. Because how bad they were.

    Did Kristen saw her own movies? She can’t not know about lip-biting that everybody laugh at. And that open mouth she had in Snow White. She has to know. And yet just like Justin she still believes that she is descent actress ans seriously campaigns and hopes to get nomination…

  25. Treja says:

    But why she thinks she could be nominated? I saw the movie. All that fuzz, all those appearances, red carpets… And then she has small supporting role in the movie. She has few lines but all her scenes mostly include sex.

    Like whenever Kristen appears – you know she will have sex with someone in 30 seconds. How on earth she hopes to be nominated? Actress from Man Men has 2 or 3 scenes and she was completely different from her Mad Men character. And deserves nomination more. Kirten Dunst was better. All those real actors beside Kristen were better.

    Kristen was looking little different. Script required her to smile and she did. It was more shiny, smiley and unexpectedly slutty Kristen. But still it was her. And still she was so uncomfortable to watch. Gosh, it wasn’t even fun to watch sex scenes. I just wanted uncomfortably to turn away and wait till it’s over.

    Movie was boring and long. And Kristen has small role. She just occasionally shows up and then disappears. But when you look at all those her red carpets and interviews you would think that she is lead actress in the movie.

    • booboocita says:

      Thanks for the review, Treja. I’ve been hearing from folks who’ve seen the film that it really wasn’t all that — more like a good effort without good results. I was never a Kerouac fan, and I live in a tiny town that doesn’t get many independent films, so I’ll wait until DVD or VOD for this one. In any case, I can’t say that KStew’s breasts are all that big a draw for me … and now, it appears that they’re not much of a draw for anyone.

    • Ann says:

      People don’t seem to understand that it’s not Kristen that has been pushing for award nominations. This is all part of the marketing strategy by the studio/distributors.

      They started throwing Kristen and Garrett Hedlund’s names out there when a number of the critics who viewed the movie at Cannes praised their performances (although not necessarily the movie). They are the big name stars, so of course they are featured on red carpets and in interviews. Noone in the US knows who Sam Riley is, so it’s not like they’re going to plan their marketing around him, you know?

      This is what studios do for small movies with limited budgets, that can’t afford much advertising. They try to generate buzz by featuring their stars, throwing their name in the ring for awards (even if they know they won’t win or even be nominated). It’s about the buzz for the movie, NOT the awards. I’m amazed at how many people don’t seem to get this.

  26. jessie ong says:

    oh there’s no need for us to be surprise to what kristen wears nowadays… it is the reflection of what she really is… always wearing semi-nude. it would have been a surprise for everybody the way kristen wear now if she is not involve in a scandal. i am afraid that kristen’s fans will follow her example it’s okay with almost nude dress but not with involving with a married man.

  27. Jean says:

    I can’t understand why everyone says they are finished after the DVD comes out. What has the DVD got to do with whether they are together or not. The DVD will sell millions of dollars just like the other four movies have sold. Check out box office numbers for the DVD sales of the Twilight Saga. Get real, they arae together because Rob took her back. If they stay together then it is what it is, if not, then they will go their separate ways. Then we will not have anything to discuss. Have to find a new couple to bash.

  28. Maria says:

    Robert Pattinson is a wimp. I am sick of people saying he is a victim. I don’t like Kristen Stewart either but Rob fools everyone. I see right through him, he is no victim and he is laughing all the way to the bank while stupid fans worship him. I bet he laughs at all of them. The nonstens are as bad as the robstens.

    He stayed with Kristen Stewart for the money. Don’t know if they are a couple and don’t care but maybe we should stop giving them attention so that they go away. Sick of seeing them everywhere.

    • Val5 says:

      I agree. as ex-fan of Rob, I came to the conclusion that behind this facade of nice, polite and intelligent guy, there isn’t a pretty sight …. Their relationship always seemed too bizarre and incongruous to me, a couple too mismatched and who had never looked really happy together, who cultivated an ambiguity about them to supposedly “preserve their privacy” but obviously served the purpose of mantain the buzz and the hysteria surrounding the twilight fandom. Rob is either a weak man without balls or a famewhore moved by greed and fame, there is no way for him to get up this story, he leaves it very rich of course, but that’s all.

      • Freya Magritt says:

        I’m disappointed at him too, but he couldn’t stand any chance against the studio pressure. The last promo was a bit weird – no photoshoots together like in previous years, only few joint interviews (rather awkward), dull red carpets. It would have been far more worse without staged reconciliation. Of course, it was a PR move and it brought them huge bucks, but it’s HW after all, did you really expect him to refuse to play along and to ruin the business due to his personal feelings and principles?

      • Val5 says:

        Many actors did.he should have had the courage to say no from the start. what the studio could against him if he refused? fire him? harm his career? it does not make sense. They could not fire him and his future plans have no connection with Summit. He made the choice to sell his balls and his dignity . Which eventually disappoint me were the stolen or staged photos in the pool, he as an absolute loser with a cup of coffee and a towel for KStew …. pfffff, so in addition to accepting being emasculated and ridiculed in public, he adds! for me, he can go to hell.

      • kay says:

        You couldn’t expect that Rob would sink a billion dollar movie just because he was butthurt that his girlfriend cheated on him. Putting on a good face, in this situation, was the mature responsible thing to do. It is also in his best interest to split amicably.You don’t want to be bickering back and forth with your ex in public.You are a fool to put him on a pedestal anyway he is not Edward. Everyone has their good and bad sides.

    • oivey says:

      I used to wonder if it was PR because their relationship just screams weird. There’s no…romantic vibe between them, I guess? I mean, I wouldn’t want to have a relationship if that’s what is considered love and affection. They’re not super private, despite what they claim, that much is obvious. But despite all that, how can anyone genuinely think it’s PR because who would make themselves look like such a spineless tool for money? It’s not like he’s living pay cheque to pay cheque.
      There’s two options here, really either he’s a spineless tool who think he can’t live without her or he’s a spineless tool who’ll do anything for money.

      OR potentially, he’s just afraid of twilight fans and what they’ll do to him if he ever actually does break up with her. So I guess three options.

  29. patricia says:

    I think the only premiere of Kristen where Robert attended was in Cannes anyway because he was there for Cosmopolis, KS so I think asking him to go is silly, because if it ever was before, why would he now? Can not see KS with hat in hand begging for anything, nor an indication, not for attention, shy and proud people have difficulty asking for anything.

  30. salchemist says:

    I have had the misfortune of seeing OTR. Believe me when I say this, she does not deserve an award. She has the emotional range of a potato.

  31. Shy says:

    Also I don’t get all those premiers in every town. Every day there is some screening of On The Road. That movie was so boring that I won’t be surprised that even Twilight fans will walk out of theaters after 50 minutes. On the other hand I think that they won’t even show up to watch slutty Bella. Those 15-45 years women who dream of pure innocent love with Bella and Edward will be shocked when first scene with Kristen shows her having sex and with her boobs exposed. They will close their eyes and will run from that “sin” movie, get home and re-watch Twilight again with Edward pillow in their hands…

    That movie has zero chances at the box-office. Just like Cosmopolis. They will spent more money on dresses on those red-carperts and premieres then they will get at the box-office. I don’t remember – will it have wide release? That movie will probably get limited release and will collect some 2-3 millions at the end.

  32. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    @Kaiser – I really love reading the words you create. Today’s word ‘TWI-SOB’ left me rolling on the floor laughing.

    CLAPS for Rob for out-bitch-moodying KScrew. :-)

  33. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I guess KScrew thinks that just by getting nude and doing sex scenes and exposing her breast in a movie will bag her a nomination for some prestigious award. Nah, Screw, Nah… You ain’t Kate Winslet. You can’t act.

  34. Tig says:

    To add a bit to the “wimp” discussion- Rob is young, and in HW- memories are long. We will never know what earnings projections were made to what investors re borrowing for future projects- and this not so long after lionsgate bought Summit- and then KS does her stunt. At that point LG had to reassure investors/potential lenders that all was well -or at least that everyone would play nice. And I think that’s what the public got. Compare photos of rob w/ KS last premiers with this- not even close.

    And what’s so hard to believe? How many folks smile and make nice at holidays, birthdays, etc? And billions aren’t on the line in those cases. Will agree all those staged photos were a bit much!

    • Deidra says:

      It’s an interesting discussion – could he just say NO? Was it really necessary to play cabana boy, to hold her hand in public? Wouldn’t it be enough just not to debunk reconciliation rumors?
      On the other hand – he’s not that big star to dictate what he wants, he’s just a small part of a big game, the “Robsten thing” must be written in his contract, and he couldn’t break the rules due to her cheating.

    • Perplexed says:

      @Tig +1
      However weird this couple relationship appears from the outside, Rob is a professional and behaves publicly like one and HW heavyweights take notice. And it’s not about him being greedy. This franchise has made a ton of money and it’s only logical that the lead actors get their fair share.
      Sure some say he could have said F***u to the studio, but really what actor today, let alone with a young career like his, could afford to do that. Let’s be real.

  35. peaches mcdooby says:

    …well i begged HER to go away and take her fug dress with her …..and she said no

    not a robbie fan either but “run rob run to the nearest exit”

    why oh why does this chick get under my skin like ringworm