Kanye West’s personal life is ‘overpowering his music’ & Kim Kardashian is to blame

Poor, poor Kimye. So maligned, so misunderstood. Why can’t anyone let Kimye be great?! The NYDN claims that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship is in trouble because Kim hasn’t been very good for Kanye’s brand. His new album isn’t selling well and his concerts aren’t selling out. Sources claim that Kanye’s “personal life is overpowering his music.” And Kim is getting the blame, which… I don’t know. I can hate on Kim for a lot of things (like being a cat-killer), but are we really going to put all of the blame on her for this?

Call it the Kim Kardashian Kurse. About to be struck down? Kanye West.

West’s majorly successful career as a rapper survived interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs and insulting a sitting President during a Hurricane Katrina telethon, as he had a hit with his next album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

But a source tells Confidenti@l that West’s popularity is waning and he has become tainted, with too many appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” pictures in the celebrity weeklies and a girlfriend unwelcome in the world of high fashion.

Once gracing the pages of VMAN and GQ, his face is now splattered all over whatever Kardashian is promoting.

“His personal life is overpowering his music,” an industry source says. “Every time he plays, people are wondering if Kim is going to be there. It’s not a good thing for him, especially if he wants to be taken seriously.”

Kardashian is also affecting West’s income. The rapper was offered several opportunities to host New Year’s Eve parties in Vegas and Miami — but only if he would bring Kardashian. West declined the offers.

“Kanye was actually offended by the offers,” says the source.

In the beginning of their relationship, West tried to put his foot down when it came to appearing on the Kardashian family’s shows. “He made it clear to her he doesn’t want to be on her show, but Kim gets upset so he caves in,” adds the source.

Sales for West’s upcoming show at Revel in Atlantic City are “not close to being sold out,” says one ticket broker. But the latest sign the public is turning against West was when a massive portion of the audience walked out during his performance at the Dec. 12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at Madison Square Garden — and collectively dissed his kilt.

“Literally half the audience got up to go to the bathroom and it was the talk of the men’s room,” one attendee told Confidenti@l’s Marianne Garvey.

West seems to be savvy about his haters and plans on restructuring his team soon.

“He has been meeting with top-level music executives seeking advice,” says the source. “He’s not happy with the direction things have been going.”

[From The NYDN]

Over the years, I’ve grown to enjoy Kanye West’s music more and more, but I have to say, I haven’t really been into any of the singles off of Cruel Summer. I got “Mercy” stuck in my head for a while, but “Clique” kind of blows and I never really got into “Cold”. I’m just saying – maybe it’s the album, not Kim. Maybe Kanye just made a not-so-great album and he needs to stop the collaborations and just get back to what he did really well. He needs another My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Here are some new pics of Kim out and about in Miami over the weekend. These outfits are much better than that horrible, too-small peplum disaster from the other day.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. katiebob says:

    what’s goin on with her boobs these days? she looks like she’s wearing an unsupportive sports bra..
    though, her waist is incredible

  2. Pharce says:

    Would it be so hard for her to wear clothes that are her size? The pants outfit isn’t bad, but the dress is too small.

    • happycats says:

      +1 this!
      All of her clothes are always wrinkled and bunched because they are just too tight! Yes she does promote a healthier body image but then she ruins that positive message by trying to jam herself into skin tight clothes that do not fit well.
      Also – would it kill her to go to a museum, ballet, library – anything that celebrates thinking and learning instead of more shopping, eating out, shopping, plane rides, shopping. She could send such a positive message about improving one’s mind and broadening worldview with cultural activities. She’s such a waste of space – literally and figuratively!

    • cmc says:

      Actually, I disagree on the dress. It’s really tight, but I think she looks really pretty in it. Since she’s lost her “extra” weight she’d put on in the last year or so, her body is unbelieavable again. Seriously, how is that a person? She looks like a sex cartoon.

      • Jenny says:

        It’s called spanx; she is probably wearing 5 of them. Also, in this dress, she seems to have a permanent holding in a fart face. I don’t think she can breathe!

        On the bright side, her face has been looking much less catlike. I think she looks prettier with her hair up instead of all those extensions.

      • Pharce says:

        I should clarify – the part of the dress I meant was the top, where her boobs are squashed in. Otherwise, the dress does look nice – she can pull off white really well.

      • lady X says:

        Fashion rule 1: Anytime your dress or skirt rises like that when you walk it is too small … PERIOD … She has not lost any weight … Different clothes makes you look different … Her face looks sooo fake … and it is sad because she is naturally pretty but the work she has had done is horrid … Her body is not all that I am sorry … and she makes it look worst by wearing the tight clothes… (and no I am no overweight … have never been a day in my life ) just think she is highly over rated

  3. marie says:

    I think he needs to drop her. If that’s true and he’s only getting offers if he’ll bring Kim, that’s a joke and he’s better than that..

    • Lizzie K says:

      He’ll end up thanking Kris Humphries for keeping her tied up in marriage.

    • ms. walker says:

      sue me, but when kanye started dating kim,i slowly started distancing myself with his music. to this day, i still listen to graduation, late registration and MBDTF. but this new cruel what-what.. not so much. and honestly, i somehow want to believe kim’s aura washed out his music.

      its wrong, but this is logic to me. whatever kim touches turns into the smell of a sex tape.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        Ms. Walker,
        I think you are right…the Kardashian name is tainted, and anyone associated with them is somehow diminished. Look at Kris Humphries…after his 72 day marriage with Kim was over, he was booed by fans. It wasn’t because they liked Kim, it was because they felt he sold out to the Kardashian “attention at any cost” media machine.

  4. Melissa says:

    I don’t even like Kim, but, If he’s only getting offers if he brings Kim how is it her fault? How does she have any control over that at all?

    In my opinion, Kanyes music has always been sub-par at best. If anything his arrogance and divatude is overpowering his music and that’s why he’s sinking.

  5. OhDear says:

    I’m not a fan of “blame the girlfriend” (or the flip side – “he’s performing so well ever since he started dating [person]“) – always comes off as sexist. Kanye can control his professional life, no?

  6. hayley says:

    she is so unsexy imo. she’s attractive but nothing about her says sex appeal.

  7. gg says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize his face actually moved from the pissed off trout look. I didn’t recognize him.

  8. truthful says:

    Kim was sleeping around LA waaaaay before Ray J.except she was taking gifts and money for sex.

    from Quincy Jones to Floyd Mayweather

    Her mother and mask faced Jonathan sending in ridicilous articles about them…her talking marriage and babies etc.

    He is seen as a simp, there are even inside jokes, he has loss most of his buddies, he thought it would blow over but it never will.

    Reggie may play the same but his heart is happy, he tweets about having a supportive woman at home that truly cares about him all the time.

    I’ll NEVER forget their championship, Kim and her mother pushed their way to the roundtable talk, it was rude and horrible. The players were disgusted.

  9. Starlight says:

    Reggie must be pleased to get away from Kim. He now has a normal life. Probably, thanks to his family. They advised him well.

  10. Skins says:

    I thought it was great when the Garden emptied out when he came on the other night. After all that great music and great musicians, I guess people weren’t in the mood for his stuff

  11. Naye in VA says:

    Has smiling always been that difficult for her?

  12. Word says:

    That top photo of Kim & Kanye gives me such a case of the giggles

  13. swack says:

    “He made it clear to her he doesn’t want to be on her show, but Kim gets upset so he caves in,” – kind of says it all if his personal life is interfering with his music. What I have to say is this: Put on you big boy pants and put your foot down. If you don’t want to be on the show – DON’T. That simple.

  14. Riana says:

    The problem with Kanye is few people like him, most just tolerate him because the music he puts out is incredible. The second the music starts go wane…what other use does he have?

    Dating Kim Kardashian and getting mixed up in her drama is just another addition to the long list of stupid sh-t he’s done through his career. Can’t blame her for it, blame Kanye.

  15. mln76 says:

    I think its just that he’s such a d*k that he has to have a masterpiece to overshadow his d*kness with or without Kim. This album wasn’t quite there.

  16. Chickie Baby says:

    Isn’t she always the one to blame for anything idiotic that happens? Seems to be her main talent.

  17. OXA says:

    Music???? ROFLMAO
    The noise that came from Kanye Waste ruined/ended the 12/12/12 concert for me.

  18. Joanna says:

    you can really see all the work she’s had done in the top pic. to me, looks like fillers, lip stuff (whatever you call it). i mean, she doesn’t need fillers, what is she, early 30s? can you imagine what she’ll be doing when she hits late 30s? geez

  19. littlestar says:

    I’ll admit, I’m a big fan of Kanye West’s music. I saw Kanye in concert a year ago in Vegas, for his Watch the Throne tour with Jay Z. It was incredible – Kanye is a really good performer, and I think he is a fantastic song writer. But his new album just wasn’t as good as his other albums. Something was missing. None of the songs “caught” me, if that makes sense.

    I truly despise Kim now for what she did to Mercy (I’m a cat lady, have 2 cats). So if Kanye dumps her, whatever. She milks everyone she dates for all the publicity they are worth. Kanye was no different. Just that he was probably the only person she’s dated who is more famous than she is, and she didn’t have to work as hard to wh*re out their relationship.

    • Holden says:

      I totally agree with you, and am generally a fan of Kanye’s music. I think the problem was that he really wasn’t as involved in this album, and while some of the people he collaborated with were fantastic, it seems like they weren’t used to the best of their potential…

  20. Relli says:

    I recently cuaght a documentary about Kanye on one of our cable access community channels. I live in Chicago. Based on what this little indie film said Kanye’s rise to a performer was not easy and for a long time he was just writing songs for other people. It took a lot for him to be taken seriously and be seen as someone who can actually rap and hold his own.

    If what the commenters above are saying is true, that he wasn’t that involved in this last album. Than it seems to me that he has simply lost his focus. As much as he likes to act like he is the best thing since sliced bread, he may need to step back and refocus his energies.

  21. Darth says:

    His music is VERY overrated to begin with. If Kim K. manages to kill his career then I’ll have to start actually appreciating her for something.

  22. Jayna says:

    Kim and Kanye really aren’t in everybody’s face. In fact, he barely said two words the few times he was on the Kardashian show, so much so that they show little chemistry to me, even in photos. There are photos of them attending events together but not trying to hog the media. So she’s not overpowering his career. I don’t think the media really cares about them as a couple compared to back in the JLO and P Diddy days. They were a hot, fascinating couple that had a lot of interest in them by the media probably because they sought out the media attention. Kim would probably like to do that, but I don’t think Kanye will give in to that. Good for him.

    I can’t stand Kanye, find him a bore to listen to in an interview, kind of inarticulate at communicating, which is surprising considering his background and upbringing. I loved My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and much better than 50 Cent’s last album, yet I love 50 Cent in interviews. He’s interesting and fascinating and has a keen intelligence and business sense and exudes a lot of charm, which Kanye has zero charm. I find Kanye about as interesting in an interview as Kim Kardashian. LOL But the guy is so talented and I love a lot of his music. He’ll come back on top. If he’s hitting a slump, many performers do at times. Just the nature of the business.

  23. janie says:

    I don’t think he ever recovered from his Mom’s passing. He really seems lost & I think Kim has played on that. There would be *no* kimya if she were still here.

  24. Hahahahaha says:

    But where did kelly Roland, get her a#s from?its al of a sudden HUGE!

  25. Hahahahaha says:

    She used to be with NICK CANNON to?
    Who hasnt she dated in Hollyweird?Lassy perhaps, flipper?

  26. Str8Shooter says:

    If its overpowering his crappy ‘music’then why is he going out with the biggest media WHORE (emphasis on the ‘whore’ part) in the world?

    And I’m sorry, but when has this douche-nozzle ever passed up a photo op??

  27. Elceibeno08 says:

    Kanye, just run. Run fast and don’t look back. Leave her. She is clearly neutralizing your talent. Not only Kim is devoid of any talent, she is destroying yours.

  28. Elceibeno08 says:

    Kim is showing nipples, her dress has stretch folds across the skirt. Why do her clothes never fit right? Oh and her face is evolving. She can barely smile now.

  29. apsutter says:

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was his best work IMO. I listened to that for months and months in my car. He needs to make more music like that. I think he is distracted by Kim and her nonsense and of course that is going to take away from his music.

  30. Tyler says:

    I am a big fan. People don’t realize how many songs he wrote and produced before he even released his solo album. I don’t think his last cd is his best but I agree that his name has become tainted by the kardashians. It’s become somewhat of a joke. It’s hard to see past the reality fame whoring these days and it gets in the way of the music. He needs to distance himself from that family or date someone more talented or likeable. People don’t take him seriously anymore.

  31. Jay says:

    1:The new album isn’t good, period point blank. 2: People are tired of his stunt queen antics. 3: When you hang around trash and call the biggest, urine stained piece your wife…you are the company you keep.

  32. Thiajoka says:

    To be fair to Kanye, the live audience at the concert was comprised of mostly middle-aged, upper-middle-class white men–hardly his target audience. I don’t think they specifically intended to make a statement by going off to the bathroom and/or concession during Kanye’s appearance at the concert.

  33. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Poor widdle Kanye is sooooooo deluded. He wouldn’t be getting any media attention at all if it wasn’t for KK. As for his music, sorry, when did he last produce something… long, long before he got with Kitty-Kat.

    • Tati says:

      You are misinformed Chrissie. His last two albums were commercial and critical successes. His album with Jay Z was huge. The downslide in sales does coincide with his relationship with Kim. Its not the best album but there is also a sense of over exposure. Kanye needs to decided if he wants to be a respected musician or a reality star-tabloid fixture.

  34. PinkG says:

    You sleep with dogs, you wake with fleas.

  35. e.non says:

    as repulsive as kardashian is, she is not responsible for the equally repulsive west’s ‘predicament’.

  36. Tati says:

    I love kanyes music. But these two are a horrible couple. They are the new Hedi and spencer. I really feel like this union has tainted his music for me. The last thing i wanna have when i listen to his music is images of the kim and kris jenner. UGH!

  37. Atxlyf says:

    I never understood why he would date her when it was obviously going to ruin his street credit .. Or any credit he had at being viewed as a non-commercial hence “real” rapper ..
    She’s as fake as they come .. And the only reason I see him jumping on Kim is to put down those gayfish rumors .. It’s the only thing that makes sense

  38. GeekLuva says:

    I’m sorry but how has no one mentioned how much whiter her hands are then the rest of her?!
    Especially in the white dress pics 0.o

  39. Eleonor says:

    For once I have to defend KK…if his latest album isn’t that good that’s Kanye’s fault.
    Chris Brown who is a well known rage monster, since he has beaten the hell out of Rhianna is still relevant, and people still go to his concerts.

  40. Christian says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again – Kanye needs to come out of the closet and Kim needs to go back to the escort service.

  41. why???? says:

    She has the most stale quality. A very used up and hung up to dry kind of fake family. Really sad and sort of repulsive. She has a dirty way about her in all ways. Not sexy,cuddly or loveable or even nasty fun. Just dead eyed and ugly.