Kristen Stewart’s sorry you suck: ‘I apologize to everyone for making them so angry’

Yay! Kristen Stewart has a new interview! There’s nothing like a new K-Stew interview to get the blood flowing. Kristen is promoting On the Road, of course, and she sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast/Newsweek. The piece is called “The Mad One” – a not-so-subtle reference to Kerouac, of course, but I guess it fits for Kristen. Perhaps “The Lip-Bite-y One” might have more appropriate. “The Slumpy One”? No, I’ve got it: “The Greasy One”. Because even The Daily Beast notes her “greasy reddish-brown hair”. You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

Hater and lovers don’t bother this hardcore, badass chick: “It’s not a terrible thing if you’re either loved or hated. But honestly. I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my sh-t. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention.”

Keeping busy with her promotional schedule: “Last night I was sick with the flu and couldn’t go to this On the Road screening. Normally, I wouldn’t feel too terrible about missing a press event, but I felt awful because I’d do anything for this film. It holds a special place for me.”

Before filming On the Road, she went on her own road trip: “There was a lot of skirting of little girls at rest stops. Like a volleyball team would pull up and I’d dive behind a bush,” she says with a laugh. “But we stopped at a Hooters in Amarillo, Texas, because there was this huge horse statue in front of it. We bought a lot of beef jerky. And seeing the landscapes fade from orange to green is the coolest thing.”

Being a child actor, but not booking any parts: “I decided a year after not getting any commercials, ‘F–k it. I won’t make my mom drive around Los Angeles anymore.’ I also got so nervous for every single audition. I was just dying. I had one appointment left and my mom said, ‘Have a little integrity and go to your last one.’ And it was The Safety of Objects. If I hadn’t gotten that, I would have been done.”

Media scrutiny: “It’s a little annoying having to be so compartmentalized. I go from box to box to box. Like right now, this is so crazy ’cause we’re out at a restaurant.” She pauses. “But I’m going out a lot more now. I was starting to get closed off and self-conscious, and I’m trudging forth into the world more often.”

The end of Twilight: “The only relief when it comes to Twilight is that the story is done,” she says matter-of-factly. “I start every project to finish the motherf–ker, and to extend that [mentality] over a five-year period adapting all of these treasured moments over four books, it was constantly worrying.” She pauses. “But as long as people’s perspective of me doesn’t keep me from doing what I want to do, it doesn’t matter.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Is this the right tone to have? “And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention.” Maybe? I mean, she doesn’t need to apologize to me or any of you. She needs to apologize to Sparkles and to Liberty Ross. But I kind of like the conceited, blase bitchiness of Kristen’s non-apology. She seems less twitchy too. Something about being universally scolded and reviled has made her grow up just a little bit, I think. I mean, she’s still a poseur and she still thinks she’s the baddest of the bad bitches. I think there’s a lot of truth to this: “But I’m going out a lot more now. I was starting to get closed off and self-conscious, and I’m trudging forth into the world more often.” I think she’s forcing herself to change, to be a different kind of “badass, hardcore chick” – perhaps a more open, mature woman? Is that a pipe dream?

In other K-Stew news, it’s being widely reported that Kristen is going to be getting into the charitable spirit more and more these days. Reportedly, she donated her beige-lace Zahair Murad gown (the one that made it look like she had a really hairy, shadowy biscuit) to a charity auction to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The minimum bid is $2000, so get out your credit cards, Twihards. Also, Hollywood Life says Kirsten is planning to make a donation to help the victims of Newtown and she’s going to come out for stricter gun laws too. Sure. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Photos (of Kristen in the dress she’s put up for auction) courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Megan says:

    I find that dress to be horribly tacky and offensive…. Gross

  2. Amelia says:

    “It’s not a terrible thing if you’re either loved or hated. But honestly. I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my sh-t…”
    Yeah. Sure you don’t.
    I get the feeling that Kristen would love to be seen as the most badass of actors but I’m sorry, KLewd, your recent bout of ‘playing the game’ and sucking up to the Foreign Press for a Globe nom speaks volumes.

    • Jess says:

      She said recently that she doesn’t like to be looked at, but wore sheer the entire press tour and posed for 30 magazine covers in 2011/2012 and fronted a fragrance. I swear she thinks we’re stupid. She’s not a badass, she’s just another vapid little cog in the Hollywood machine.

      • Annie says:

        That is what made me stop being a fan. Her hypocrisy. She IS dishonest, she IS a liar, she IS a fake, she is not real. She has let fame get to her head and she’s obsessed with being the biggest It Girl. At this point only her crazy fans agree. The general oublic thinks she’s a terrible actress.

        Thinking that showing your titties and moaning on film is enough to be nominated for awards is an insult to acting itself and to the true actresses that are being nominated and buzzed about: Anne (she sings, cut her her really short, dropped the lbs), Sally (two Oscars), Helen Hunt (one Oscar), Helen Mirren (one Oscar), Amy Adams (one of the most talked about performances of the year and she stole the movie). Unbelievable how highly she thinks of herself.

      • CC says:

        Definitely. Also, strange career choice if she doesn’t like to be looked at. I smell the BS across the Atlantic ocean.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Seriously, she is trying way too hard to convince ourselves she is so artsy and edgy and real unlike all the other starlets. She is the opposite of cool, a sell-out, and a crap actress.
      I don´t hate her, I am just annoyed and can´t stop rolling my eyes at her pretentious antics.

  3. marie says:

    meh, she doesn’t owe me an apology, she doesn’t owe me anything other than better acting when I pay to see her in movies..

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      If you’ve seen more than 2 of her movies you were well aware she has no acting skills. The whole fool me once comes to mind.

    • mln76 says:

      Therefore she owes me an apology for every movie of her’s I’ve watched….

    • aims says:

      No kidding. I want the time back for watching the first three twlights. What s pos she is. Go to acting school Kristen instead of screwing your way into movies.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      LOL, Marie.

      Ok I was watching Adventureland last night and I will say this, for the sake of objectivity-I don’t think she is the WORST actress per se *dodges tomatoes* but she is really hampered by her strange facial ticks/movements. There were certain moments in the movie where she’s just bouncing up and down—so, so strange. Also, I wonder how many times the director had to tell her to stop biting her lip??

      The lip-biting, the bouncing, etc just makes for a very awkward screen presence. With the right role, this might actually work for her but I found it really distracting in Adventureland.

      So yeah, overall she sucks.

  4. DanaG says:

    If she is trying to show a classy more mature young woman she couldn’t have chosen a more tacky and I’m into married men type dress. I don’t see her and aparkles lasting if they are even still together. She still seems pouty and thinks she is better then everyone else which is also why she will never be a great actress.

  5. Pandora says:

    No doubt this post will bring forth the haters, as all Stew posts do, but the interview sounds fine to me, laid back, less posturing, open. I’d be happy if this girl gets on with her life and we all hear less about her.

  6. KWM says:

    She desperately needs a new stylist. Her outfits are hideous. Hideous. They do not make her seem “bad ass” just ugly.

    She is so contrived. I have a hard time believing she and R Pattison are the real deal when she opens her mouth and talks like this. She is trying so hard to be “cool” or “hard edge” It is so unattractive.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Yeah, looking at the last thing she wore I couldn’t work out if she’d sacked the stylist, or the stylist just hated her. It failed on every level – made her body look bad, was inherently ugly, was slutty-seeming. Just a total disaster. And the two before it may have been better, but only in the way that amputation improves on evisceration.

    • Keats says:

      Yeah, this see-though panel trainwreck trend is troubling, especially since she really can wear the hell out of a sparkly or studded minidress and still play at being hardcore.

  7. Miss Kiki says:

    Euggh in general I hate apologies like this. Saying I’m sorry you got offended/angry/upset not I’m sorry for what I did is not a proper apology IMO. Winds me up no end.

  8. Honey says:

    The chin to rule them all.

    Oh she likes attention, what is she going to do when this last promo is over?
    Another affair, drugs?

  9. Vivian says:

    Wish she would take time off, go to acting school or do what needs to be done to up her skills and be less akward and better at expressing things better. It has been obvious that she’s not so smart but I can see her wanting to continue to act. Seriously, she has apologized to everyone by now and it’s time to zip! Fade away and come back better or find a better calling.

  10. Nola says:

    Maybe my reading comprehension sucks but i don’t think she was talking about the cheating apology. It seems she’s apologizing for being polarizing. Like “this is who I am, sorry you don’t like me”

  11. deb says:

    Those red carpet dresses are loaned by the designers. It’s not “her” dress to donate. The designer had already posted about donating the dress for charity. But that’s kslut, always taking the credit for what someone else has done, aided and abetted in her “rehab” campaign by bloggers willing to lap up her PR offerings. The sooner this untalented unattractive mess goes away the better.

  12. Me says:

    This bitch makes me sick. This “interview” is the same as others. Always the same crap. She needs to clean up her image post-Rupsten so she needs to seem that she helps to others. Why not before? Why do this now, after the scandal? She is hypocrite and selfish.

  13. Blue Iris says:

    I like her. She’s at least interesting enough to garner all the comments above mine. Anne Hathaway on the other hand seems as dull as cardboard.

  14. Em says:

    This ungrateful twat grates on my last nerve. Even her so-called apology comes across as a smart-assed, insincere remark. I look forward to the day that she fades back to the level of fame she experienced before Twilight.

  15. Blue says:

    “I start every project to finish the motherf–ker, and to extend that [mentality] over a five-year period adapting all of these treasured moments over four book”
    This girl swears so inappropriately. Most of the time it’s not even necessary and it sounds so awkard.

  16. Jess says:

    Does she think she’s cool because she swears so much? To me she just seems uneducated and lacking vocabulary.

  17. Elceibeno08 says:

    I love the top part of her dress. It fits her like a dream. The bottom half is way too risque. You should be sorry Kristen. Rob didn’t deserved to be cheated on. I can’t completely blame her though. That Rupert a Sanders is a hot, older, sexy man. Ibet he’s bigger than Rob.

  18. booboocita says:

    Oh, I dunno anymore. She’s quite pretty, and she has a certain presence — natural gifts most young actresses would kill to have. But she suppresses her gifts with so much attitude and snark, and with such poor grooming, that I wonder if she has a future in the industry after the last Twilight comes out on DVD.

    I notice she’s not swearing quite as much in this interview as she has in the past. She’s always struck me as someone of average intelligence, no more; however, she may have some self-awareness, or at least the ability to perceive how her behavior affects others. With any luck, she’s changing some in response to recent history and her loss of popularity in the wake of the Mini Cooper’ing. But if the next couple of movies aren’t successful, and that success directly attributable to her performance, her career’s in jeopardy. Snow White and the Huntsman were more about Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth than her, and her other movies haven’t been particularly successful so far, with the exception of the Twilight franchise. I’ll admit: I’m interested to see how she ends up — Jennifer Lawrence-land or Blake Lively-dom.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Ugh, please go away. She says she doesn’t care, but she sure spends a lot of time telling us why she’s unpleasant. Honey, if you don’t care, don’t care, but stop pretending you don’t want or seek the attention.

  20. Lulu says:

    Kaiser, you always pick the best photos. LOL

    Kristen is right – she publicly apologized to those she hurt and she really owes no more. I suppose her way of stepping out in transparent clothing is her way of ‘stepping out’ more.

    Plus she seems to understand that we are free to react to her how ever we want, instead of whining about how misunderstood she is.

    Personally, I disagree with the way she is handling things, but God bless America and free speech!

  21. Rhiannon says:

    She looked so uncomfortable at the 12-12-12 concert it was making me cringe while watching it

  22. OhDear says:

    “But honestly. I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my sh-t. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention.”

    IMO, this sounds like she’s being sarcastic and passive aggressive. However, given her (team’s) response to the whole cheating scandal, I think she’s full of crap.

  23. Ash says:

    “But we stopped at a Hooters in Amarillo, Texas, because there was this huge horse statue in front of it. We bought a lot of beef jerky. And seeing the landscapes fade from orange to green is the coolest thing.”

    Say what? This is about THE most random sentence.

  24. Annie says:

    The day she comes out with a more academic and sophisticated language, or at least stops using swear words as language croches, then I’ll believe she has matured a bit. The day an interview stops being all “I’m this not that. I would never be this just like the rest. I’m THIS.” then I’ll believe there’s been some growth and true introspection. Until then, she’s still the same uneducated, narcissistic brat who thinks she’s better than everyone else. Also, “my shit”? That’s how you talk about your work? If I didn’t know you, I’d think “finally! Some self-awareness!” but nah… You’re just that undereducated.

    The dispair to be nominated for OTR is hilarious, considering the actual contenders and their work: Sally Field, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Helen Hunt, Helen Mirren… And she thinks acting skanky on film is worthy of being in that company? Wow. Why don’t work more in your shit and then we’ll talk? Stop playing Kristen in every role and we’ll see.

    Also, that fake apology sounded like Gretchen Weiner’s “I’m sorry everyone is jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.” And then she jumped and no one caught her except Karen. Robert is her Karen. And they both looked like idiots after that.

    • Jenna says:

      Ahh, Mean Girl reference! Loved it! It was so fetch!!! :D

    • TinaM says:

      LOL – love this, you are spot on. The more interviews I read, the more uneducated she sounds. She really doesn’t have any more than a high school education, and even that I don’t think was the best quality from the sounds of it. She makes herself sound idiotic most of the time.

      • Annie says:

        I’ll be super honest here! I didn’t finish my degree. But I speak three languages and have continued my education by taking courses and classes at different schools. I read books in English and Spanish. I read the news in English, French and Spanish. I have tried to make up for it one way or the other and I always try yo learn more. My grandfather had a 4th grade education and then it was all “Fun’s over! You need to go to work!” He became a very intelligent, self-educated man by reading a lot. He read the entire newspaper in 30 minutes and could debate anyone on politics under the table.

        There’s just no excuse to be dumb or ignorant especially with her resources. Even if you don’t go to college for whatever reason you cannot stay ignorant, with a limited vocabulary, bad grammar and with a limited number of subjects to talk about: one is how real you are, the second is “your shit.” You’re almost 23.

        Most actors in Hollywood only finished high school and they’re still well spoken, elocuent, intelligent people. I highly doubt Kristen knows what’s on the news or that she even voted in these past elections. I bet she mixes up “your” and you’re” and puts apostrophes on her plurals. An uncultured, uneducated person is boring, empty, embarrassing.

    • TinaM says:

      I probably didn’t word my previous post in the best way. I know there are many many people with limited formal education that are still, as you said, well spoken, eloquent, well informed etc. I’m not trying to crap on anyone over degrees or lack thereof. I think she fronts that she is well educated, well read, etc., but she shoots herself in the foot in every interview, with how she speaks, the dumb-ass comments, the swearing, etc. etc. I don’t think anyone who is well-read, has as much trouble with vocabulary and articulating themselves as she does. Someone else said, they don’t know what Rob sees in her. I totally agree, he actually is well-spoken, articulate, humble and seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Hopefully he will see the light eventually.

    • Diana says:

      For once, I agree with you Annie. Very well put.

    • Nina W says:

      Most people who pursue acting success and fame in Hollywood give up on getting an education. As a result there’s quite a few dumb bunnies running around town. That being said, education or lack thereof is not a measure of intellect. Many people skip out on education but they don’t realize what they’re giving up. There are drop out success stories but 9 times out of 10 it’s because the individual was exceptionally talented or lucky. Education matters, not just for money making or career planning, but also for personal development and happiness.

  25. Jenna says:

    Oy. I’m getting kind of tired of her posts already. How long will the promotion for this film last? Also, she contradicted herself right away. She doesn’t care what people think and yet she apologized for making them angry? And wasn’t there a piece where she was concerned that people still hated her? O_o

  26. anneesezz says:

    Oh, she is so cool…. she used the work “f*ck.” I blame her mother for taking her to that last audition. haha! Her head is so far up her own a$$. I give her another five years. By then the rest of the world will wake up and realize she has no talent and a huge chip on her shoulder and hopefully she will just go away!

  27. Starlight says:

    Leave her alone. She is young and she made a bad mistake. Get over it. Although I fully understand Rob’s feeling too. He must be very humiliated.

    • tabasco says:

      i’ll gladly leave her alone when she stops choosing to put *herself* and her bad mistake all up in the press.

      • Michele says:

        Duh, she’s promoting a movie. Of course she is in the press more than usual lately because she is doing what every other actor does when their movies come out…they do interviews, get all dressed up in fancy designer clothing and pose for pics on the red carpets, do the talk show rounds, hopefully get a cover of a magazine, etc. She went from Twilight promo straight into OTR promo. The same thing happens to many actors who have multiple movies that come out so close to one another. Kristen is just doing what some of her peers have done in the past…promoting numerous films back to back. She was also promoting Snow White this past summer. In the last year, Kristen has promoted 3 films and 2 of them were films with huge marketing budgets. So yeah, she has been in the press alot lately.

        Don’t worry. it looks like she’s done with OTR promo. If she bothers you that much, you could always NOT click onto every article that mentions her name.

  28. tabasco says:

    she’s dumb as a rock. no, dumb as a motherf-cking rock, like, ok? if the relationship with pattinson is real, i don’t get it at all. he comes across as nice and humble and fairly normal – can’t imagine what he’d see in this trick.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I just saw her interview on the Daily Show from the other night. She seemed awkward and not very well spoken at all. These article does nothing to change that impression.

    • Relli says:

      AGH I was just goign to post something about that!

      Usually I skip these Kstew posts becuase I could care less. I am old enough now to know a chick like this in Hollywood and IRL have a short shelf life so why bother. BUT I also caught her Daily Show interview and was not impressed. Watching John Stewart handle her with kid gloves like he was interviewing a small child was weird, especially the stuff about the school she went to as a kid not being a real school. I don’t know, I get that she is “shy” but she seemed stoned and just kept talking about how much this project meant to her and love for the book, like a frat boy who just went to his first jam band festival.

      She is not going to age well.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      As someone who actively avoided anything Twilight-related for all of my life, I never truly understood why people disliked her so much. Then I saw her on a morning talk show and I got it right away.

      I’m always amazed that she’s gotten this far in an industry where ass-kissing and social skills are 75% of the game.

      She just comes across as very pissy and self-involved. She really seems to act “burdened” by her fame/fortune.

  30. bettyrose says:

    I have known SO MANY young women like her. So many. I think we all act like her a little bit when we’re 14, but I’ve known a handful of women who walk through life with this chip on their shoulder about being so unique and misunderstood that they’ve accepted the hate (which is usually just people rolling their eyes that they’re talking about their victimhood AGAIN).

    • Nina W says:

      I so agree, and the endless pity party these people want because of all the “haters” is exhausting. Her problems are all self made. Maybe if she wasn’t so obsessed with what other people think she would find it easier to get through life.

  31. Maria says:

    This bitch needs to go away like yesterday. Someone please get her of her pedestal and slap some sense into her.
    Do us all a favor and go away, take three years off, go to school, do some charity work and some acting classes then we will see.

  32. aquarius64 says:

    If she doesn’t care what her detractors say, WHY is she offering an apology again? This interview reeks of damage control. Kristen and her team know she is still perceived as a trampire, despite Rob taking her back. The LAX pap confrontation and the US Weekly cover story of her going after married director Ben Affleck are the nasty doses of reality that this is not going away. Now very public announcements of charity work? She’s never done that before. As for being taken seriously as an actress, in hindsight this role choice doesn’t look good when is looks like art is imitating life. When you do something that mounts such a public outcry like the Mini-Coopering, it’s going to take a very long time for you to get past it.

  33. Stubbylove says:

    She’s a fucking twat – end of story.

  34. kayla says:

    Kristen,please apologize for your bitch face.Your a pretty girl just lose the I smell poo sneer thanks!

  35. Starsh says:

    Sigh. I get Soo tired ofg all the KStew hating. Half the women who hate her would jump on a married man in in 5 seconds flat if they had half the chance. And her performances in indie movies are much better than you all give her credit for. In On the Road she is apparently very good and she’s great in Welcome to the Rileys. be fair.

  36. Tig says:

    Be fair? As far as what? I did watch A’land, Rileys and even The Yellow Handkerchief( new to Netflix-so shoot me)- the monotony of her performances was numbing. And to add insult to injury, even saw SWATH- more of the same. I can appreciate that any actor can be bad in a particular role- but she is always KS- you can count down as to when the tics start,regardless of the character.

    That being said, if she was the least bit not so FOS, I think folks would be willing to give her some slack.

  37. Shy says:

    Oh Kristen… She seriously thinks that Twilight was crap because it had bad script and Bella was bad character. And now that Twilight is over she will get awards nominations and praise from critics for her performance in every low-budget movie.

    Someone need to break it to her that Twilight could be a lot more bearable if Pattinson, Lautner and her would try and ACT. But they couldn’t because they are bad actors. Problem with Kristen is that she can’t honestly look at her own roles. She really believes that she belongs alongside Lawrence, Hathaway, Kunis, Portman and others. While she is more closed to Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes.

    The only way she can be in awards season is if she will be lucky to get small supporting role in some ensemble movie where her much more talented colleagues will play around her. While she will bite her lip and open mouth for 10 minutes in the movie. I bet she was sure that On The Road will be that small indie movie that will be in awards season. And then it was ignored by everybody

  38. TheWendyNerd says:

    Like pretty much everything else Twilight related, I really want her to go away.

  39. Perplexed says:

    well well
    Affleck is dropping out of project with KStew, according to Variety, citing timing that can’t be worked out