LeAnn Rimes on the ‘Tonight Show’, talks about her 30-day treatment & Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes was a guest on the Tonight Show last night, and Jay Leno fed her softball after softball, so don’t go into this video thinking that anyone is actually trying to get at the universal truth of LeAnn Rimes. I was trying to watch the whole interview before I wrote about it, but I got stuck on the part where she discusses her “30 day treatment” and I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes and muttering “O RLY?” For the record, LeAnn might have sought treatment in some sort of facility at some point right after her 30th birthday in September. But she DID NOT stay in a facility for 30 continuous days. She took “weekends off” AND she was “done” with her program (if it was a program?) after three weeks or less. I don’t understand why she’s still pushing this story about how she went into a 30-day treatment (for anxiety and Twitter) when there’s proof that she just spent a few weeks at a rehab/spa (with weekends off).

As for LeAnn’s comments about Brandi, Jay asks her about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and LeAnn says: “There’s no ‘reality’ in reality show… Here’s the therapy coming out of me. I should feel flattered that she thinks I’m so interesting that I can be a storyline in her show.” That comment came just SECONDS after LeAnn had uncomfortably and awkwardly explained her song “Borrowed” about how she homewrecked Brandi’s marriage and how “awful” she felt about that. So, I guess the message is that we should have sympathy for LeAnn because she did something terrible and she feels bad about it and she wrote a song about it, but we should hate Brandi because she’s on a reality show in which drama is manufactured? Ugh.

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  1. Riana says:

    Seems like she’s pulling back on the PR front slightly, guessing she has something up her sleeve.

  2. Sharon says:

    Haha @ that poop face she’s making with the mic… That’s how I feel about her – tortured

  3. Theskinny says:

    Leno seemed like he was trying to bust her for that 30 day stay. Like..”sometimes I leave and come back”..It was funny. Those of us who doubt the story (as he apparently does) LOL.

  4. mln76 says:

    I think the message is that they are both sh*theads. Brandi has to keep the drama with LeeAnn to remain relevant (hence selling the story to US) . LeeAnn needs the drama to sell her album. Eddie needs the drama so he can sneak off with his sidepieces. And the Twitter dunces need this drama to wake up in the morning and none of them give a flying f-k about the kids.

  5. Blondie says:

    Hey Leeann she brings you up because you leave her no choice.
    You are an instigator, and when Brandi call you out, it’s poor me.
    I do believe there’s no reality in your life.

  6. Theskinny says:

    And let me add that Brandi must have threatened Bonus Bish with a random drug test because she is AWFULLY bloated lately. Boobs are the same size, so…. NOT PREGNANT. Just… off her meds.

    • Beppo says:

      Could be. I think going into that ‘rehab’ was a mistake. She gave credibility to any claims Brandi may make to the courts that LeAnn is mentally unfit to be alone with those kids. LeAnn is an idiot, who obviously does not take the advice of her attorneys (I’m sure she was advised to not enter treatment, but LeAnn thinks she’s infallible).

  7. EbonyS says:

    “How ‘awful’ she felt about that?”

    Huh. Let’s sample the lyrics, shall we?

    “I DON’T wanna give him baaack!
    I don’t WANNA give him baaaaack!
    He’s the best I’ll EVER haaaave!
    I don’t wanna give him baaack!!

    Do you tell her you LovE her? Like you do me? Do you make LovE to her, the way you make LovE to me?

    While I keep myself alone in case you call tonight….It’s pathetic how I lie around waiting, all the damn time. [Me: LOL!]

    It’s a short night, with a (indescernable warbling) road, every time you HAVE to goooooo!! I don’t WANNA give you baaack!”

    I can REALLY tell how “sorry” she is and how bad she felt. She didn’t WANT to give a married father back to his wife and kids. This b!tch…

  8. logan says:

    Seems that I remember years ago that this person sang? But that was before she became a professional whiner and bikini model for the anorexic.

  9. Prinny says:

    Really!?!? And wouldn’t Leann be using a 13 yr old reality star to keep herself relevant. Sorry, but xfactor is still a reality based show. I’m sure her good friend Kim will appreciate her comments on reality shows not being real. It still amazes me she manages to throw so many under the bus whenever she does interviews defending herself. Here she is on a talk show singing a song about her affair…but according to her Brandi has no right to speak about it. So sick of her self-righteous attitude!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Her face looks like the Joker from the Batman series.

    She sure doesn’t want anyone to forget about her affair as she’s constantly talking about it in interviews and now singing about it. From the beginning she has taken pride in having an affair and flaunting it in the media.

    No sympathy from me. Having an affair is one thing but harping on it over and over again after breaking up two families and taunting the ex-wife is inexcusable.

    **Side note-Brandi should feel “flattered” that Leann copies her so much and focuses so much of her attention on Brandi.

    Major PR fail-constantly linking affair with singer. I can forget about others who’ve had affairs (Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Amy Grant and Vince Gill, etc) Not Leann-she’s pure evil and dishonesty all wrapped up in one.

  11. someone says:

    I saw the show and I thought she was very polite and nice and funny. She looked good too. Beautiful song which she sang well live however it probably won’t sell much because it’s a subject not many people can relate to. 100+ people are going to do their usual and comment negatively on Leann but really she did a very good job on Leno last night. And not a swear word to be found.

  12. The Original Original says:

    I think she would be much more attractive if her eyes werent so squinty. Its like shes stoned out of her mind in most of the pics.

  13. lem says:

    Ugh. She needs to STFU. She’s a homewrecker in the truest sense of the word. How she can even discuss what she did? Many celebrities refuse to discuss certain issues with the public– she’d be wise to refuse to answer questions about her personal life. Although, let’s be realistic, the only reason she gets any press is because of her personal life.

  14. Stars and Stripes says:

    Those boys are not going to like her when they are older. They will see and understand her behavior. As far as the song- horrible. It sucked. She has a mug only her mother would love.

  15. just me says:

    She is really looking hillbilly in these photos. She makes Kesha look gorgeous in comparison.

  16. dorothy says:

    Are these things the only thing that keep her relevant? Rimes and Lohan, those are two I hope we don’t hear from again in 2013.

  17. Dee Cee says:

    You don’t trust your man, yourself.. and with good reasons.. leave her alone and go your way..

  18. Relli says:

    This whole thing is getting boring.

    But my guess is that she is trying to appear above it all because the first episode of Vanderpump Rules is a sit down between Scheana (sp) and Brandi.

    As far LeMan being a storyline, meh i guess thats probably how she sees it but to me it seems more like Brandi is playing the divorcce trying to find her feet. While that is a direct effect of LeMan’s actions admitting so would also force her to admit fault, just like Lilo she never will.

  19. erika says:

    God D*amnt this woman is relentless!!!

    SHUT THE F***K UP about Brandi! shut up about Twitter! Shut UP about Rehab! Shutup about yer ‘pay-ne’! Shut up about freaking out at losing GreasySmiles!


    Ms Rimes, all yer problems n’ stuff, stress, anxiety n’ stuff, will GO AWAY if you STOP talking about it to the freakin’ public!

    Shutup. Shutup. Go to therapy, sit on a couch, they’ll be a table next to it w/ a box of tissue, and there, you can pay someone to listen to your F****n’ problems for as long as you want. Unedited.

    then….you can go home….and….SHUTUP about it!

  20. Talie says:

    How about we just hate them both?

  21. Quinn says:

    This woman’s fame peaked around age 14, and she clearly has the arrested development that goes along with that. Just like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, etc etc etc…limited intellect mixed with never having boundaries during your formative years, does not a healthy adult make. Childhood fame does nobody any favors..it just shows up differently on each person.

  22. aloejuice says:

    I can’t get over her sesame street face.

  23. SolitaryAngel says:

    The whole time I’m watching this, I ‘m thinking–Deane must be still hurting too; sure he’s moved on and married someone else & gotten on with his life but they were married 7 years. You don’t get over that in 3 years. His wife was so eager to get all up on another man that she destroyed all these lives. She has no dignity, or remorse, or even shame. If it were me, I’d be thinking how could I have lived with and loved this hideous woman all those years and THIS is what she’s capable of and so willing to do?

    I think about Kim Smiley & her family every day too, wondering if this is the day the bitch comes to her senses and drops that ridiculous lawsuit and every day, LeAnn proves what an utter raging asshole she is. If any of you reading this are friends of Kim (I’m Kim too, lol) please tell her I’m thinking of her and wishing the best to her & her family, ok? Smh. What a complete and utter MESS.

    • eileen says:

      I talk to her often and I will pass your message to her! She has decided to put this mess to the side and truly enjoy her holidays with her kids, then pick it back up in the new year.
      Leann’s attorney is preparing to add even MORE names to he suit to try to claim there was a “conspiracy” to get Leann to call Kim. Not that LEann told her fanatic several times to call Kim and then when she did-Kim didn’t answer…then she had her fanatic text Kim and tell her to answer the phone. Yep-Kim and several others planned and tricked Leann into doing that! lol I will probably be named along with a few others. Leann is insane and won’t stop until she has anyone who called out her behavior for the last few years answering to her.

  24. Ho hum says:

    I’m a country music fan & this song is awful. It’s obvious no one could talk her out of this train wreck & again was all about her. I’m sure her label was already planning on dropping her so they went ahead & let her release this stupid song just to get rid of her. The statements about brandi on Leno just confirm how catty she really is.

  25. Jezi says:

    I didnt realize Leann was the storyline on RHOBH? I watch every episode yet missed that part. Oh well. I love that she keeps inserting her foot into her mouth. She is a hot mess.

  26. K-rock says:

    Can she talk about anything else EVER? Jeez its like the rest of her life never even happened. Only since she met Eddie. OMG lame. She just sucks the life out of the room. I can’t stand watching her anymore. She disgusts me as a human being.

  27. tabasco says:

    all of this sh*tshow over eddie loser cibrian?

    that said, at least brandi is somewhat entertaining with her crazy. leann is just annoying as hell with hers.

  28. Memphis says:

    She releases an album about making love to her step-children’s father and then being sad about having to send him home to his is WIFE and children, but it’s Brandi who needs to keep quiet.. Ok, right. She is delusional.

    Brandi was with Eddie for 13 years. If she wanted press, she could have had it. She was happy being a wife and mother, staying out of the spotlight. It’s Leann who dragged (and continues to drag) her and her children into the spotlight and then acts indignant about it.

    Yes, she’s on a reality show now to make money for herself and children ,but for 13 years she wasn’t in the spotlight so don’t try and make it seem like she was always out for drama and spotlight.

    • hmm says:

      This is just stupid – so you have to do reality shows because it is the only way to make money?? Hell no she could get a “real” job and save the money from plastic surgery – no one is making Brandi do anything – she could choose not to sell her life on tv. She is not poor – its just stupid when people use that as an argument.

      • Sapphire says:

        With all due respect, wrong. Living out of your car is not generally thought to be well off. If you believe someone who has to support two kids and herself should take the a minimum wage job rather than a lucrative offer from Bravo, I can only suggest you make that choice.

      • sam says:

        actually, she is. she couldnt even qualify to buy a car after her divorce, OR rent her house. she has no education, shes just been a stay at home mom for like a decade. Eddie was living above his means (which explains why he is such a golddigger now). Its hard to just HAVE a career that can support a family, especially in los angeles. Not to mention if she worked shed need full time child care and she only has the kids half the time. sorry, but i just can’t fault her for hustling. shed never make anywhere NEAR this much money at any other job she could reasonable expect to get, or have such flexibility to be around her kids. and she wouldnt be in this position if leann hadnt stole her man and left her for broke.

      • eileen says:

        Um-I am in the middle of a divorce and I was a stay at home mom who had just happen to decide to get a job again after all these years, then a year later is going through the divorce. I’ve never been as scared as I am right now trying to pay my bills, find enough extra for gas and food for my kids.
        With Brandi-Eddie didn’t work for 6 months living the life of luxury off his sugarmama and actually went to court and got his child support payments REDUCED-forcing Brandi to move twice in a year.
        But how DARE she take the opportunity that was given to her to pay her OWN bills. SMDH

      • Jessica says:

        No offense but your post is kinda ridiculous. What mother wouldn’t take an opportunity to make some real money to support her kids after 2 years of struggling w/very little? Brandi was studying to get her real estate license, she WAS trying to find work but that is not the easiest thing in the world for a SAHM mom to do. If I were in her shoes I would have jumped all over it. I don’t think Brandi gives two craps about being famous. She might like the perks that come along with it but trust this is a woman who was in a VERY bad financial situation and is trying to do what she can to raise her boys.

      • Memphis says:


        Well I don’t know what you think you read, but I never said doing reality TV was the only way to make money. Don’t be ridiculous.

        I said that even though she is now doing a show that focuses on drama, that she remained mostly out of the press – content with being a wife and mother- before all this. I mean did you know her name before all this? Did you know the name of her children ? Hell did anyone even know that Eddie Cibrian was married and had children? Probably not. She kept herself and her family out of the press.

        And be realistic, please… most people wouldn’t choose a “real” 9 to 5 job, spending that time away from their children (who they now only get 50% of the time), if they could get a paying gig on a television show.

      • Meh says:

        I’d just like to add that the one who needs to get a real job is EDDIE.

        He is not above a reality show himself. Too bad he has no personality, at least Brandi is funny, and I do think that she is doing her best with the hand she was dealt.

        I don’t understand it when people talk crap about how Brandi makes her money, but not a word about EC being a kept man and not working at all after breaking up his own marriage.

      • brin says:

        @meh…I agree 100%, Ediot is the worst.
        Guess it’s hard to find work under that rock he can’t crawl out from.

      • claire says:

        Yeah, and when that “normal” job happens, and she can’t afford the nicest neighborhood to live in that competes with Leann and Eddie’s, has to move even further away from the school and spends hours in traffic in LA to get them there, can’t get off work whenever she wants to for the kids, etc., what do you think would be L/E’s next step, considering he’s a douchebag and she wants to replace her in all areas: as wife, as mom, as the only person whose story gets told. Here’s a guess: Your honor, we believe it would be best for the children if they lived full-time with us during the week as it is clear their mother is unable to care for them as well as we can. We don’t think her neighborhood is safe, she works late, she couldn’t get off work to take him to the doctor last week, she was late picking him up/dropping him off at school, she hasn’t attended a PTA meeting in several months, etc., etc., etc. So, let’s see: choose the normal job where situations might arise that you know your ex and his loony wife will pounce on as an opportunity to reduce you to a weekend mom? Or choose the reality show with a lot more money and a lot more time flexibility and maybe get introduced to some new, longer-lasting career opportunities? I think in theory, this whole “normal” job thing sounds good to some people, but in reality, in coparenting with those two, that’s taking a big risk.

      • Wanda Full says:

        I think Brandi going on RHOBH is kind of like the sweetest karmic revenge.
        Falcor thought she was somehow “more of a catch” than Brandi just because she was (formerly) famous. That was the basis of her “appeal”. Then as soon as the affair happens, Brandi gets a spot on one of the most popular reality shows on TV, while LeAnn remains irrelevant and tortured by jealousy. Hell Yeah

  29. Asiyah says:

    Leann Rimes is so stupid. By her saying that the drama on the show is manufactured, she is pretty much stating that Brandi’s image of a foul-mouthed, “party” girl isn’t real, and that she just might be better than her on-screen persona after all (better person, better mother, less impetuous, etc.). So it really kind of disproves everything she’s said or alluded to about Brandi. Or maybe I’m reaching here…

    • Relli says:

      No I think you make an excellent point.

      MOST of us who have been RHW watchers for years know that about 95% of what we see is fake and/or set up. The more interesting stuff are things that happen off camera; Gretchen and her dying old man with a man on the side, Gina and her marriage to a crazy abuser, Tamara and Simon’s epic marriage meltdown, Terry G and her family of thieves, Danielle and her CRAZY past, Jill’s house of lies or Kelly’s satchels of gold. But there are still many that cite it as gospel of either the real situation or a reflection of one’s real persona.

      After Brandi joined RHW I noticed a huge shift in people who were her fans and people’s general attitude towards her and because I did not watch Season 2 (Taylor) I started asking, WHY? Not in a way to challenge their opinion but to figure out the root of the change (I get bored) and those who answered without trying to shank me often cited her behavior on RHW as their main issue with her. So I tuned in to see for myself and truthfully I think homegirl is playing the game to stay paid. Its not a great position to be in but it gets the job done and she isn’t doing anything other RHW before her haven’t already done.

      Also I did not realize she is 40, WOW she looks great!

  30. claire says:

    so before the show she was saying she was soooo sick again or something? who else thinks that was to explain away any bad vocals that might happen since she clearly can barely move her face? She better be careful, she’s moving into Jocelyn Wildenstein territory.

  31. Iyanla says:

    Leann is so vindictive. And her life looks like it sucks, even with Eddie in it. She repeatedly has said how stressfull and depressed shes been the last 3/4 yearssince she got with Eddie. Can she not connect the dots? Leann, your marriage is toxic.

    Leann has some gull to refer to Brandi, the mother of her stepsons, as “ex-wife drama”. Leann, thats exactly what you signed up for when you became a homewrecker. If you hate having the exwife hate your guts, then you should have never homewrecked Eddies marriage and married him. When will all three realize this arrangement makes everyone miserable and will never work? They are all fighting an impossible battle. They will never be happy and have a functioning blended family. Eddie, man up, dump Leann, find a normal wife that wont ruin ALL your lives.

  32. Gia says:

    I don’t recall ever hearing Leeann’s name on RHOBH…? And I’ve seen every episode. I remember Kyle saying her vow renewal was a photo-op… But I think that’s it. God this chick is delusional!! Lol. Love it that Brandi is at the forefront of this season though. It’s all about her and she’s coming off really well. The other women (other than Lisa) look like mean girls.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    In the second to last pic, she looks like a Roman gladiator

  34. hoya_chick says:

    Who does she think is going to buy her cd? She is no longer viewed as a singer but as tabloid fodder. Carrie and Taylor are the country music darlings. Leann is not relevant. I can’t believe she was even booked on the Tonight Show. Go away Leann and leave Brandi alone. You won your prize of a husband, go be happy with him and stop stalking people who support her on twitter. And how would she know she is a storyline on RHOB (she isn’t, she was mentioned once, get over yourself) unless she watches! She is obsessed with her husband’s ex. Get a life!

  35. Hahaha says:

    Her song called borrowed…how appropriate

  36. Rita says:

    So while the rest of the country is focused on family and children this holiday season, what is LeAnn focused on?

    She released a song a week before Christmas about f-cking a married man with children, promoting her homewrecking at every opportunity and is suing a family of 8 who has 4 adopted special needs children.

    Is it any wonder the whole country hates this crazy country c-nt?

    LeAnn released her soon to be failed song because Brandi and Scheanna sat down for a talk and LeAnn wants everyone to know, “I’ve got him now and we’re having sex every month!!!”

    This isn’t about selling a disgusting song. It’s about needing people to say something about her and it doesn’t matter what is being said.

  37. brin says:

    That must be some “rehab” treatment. She should get a refund because it did not help her at all. Still psycho.

  38. tabasco says:

    does eddie pay her child support or alimony? i’m sure lisa vanderpump could afford a contribution in the form of helping brandi with legal fees. eddie should have to pay and leann’s $$ should count as his income, since it is!

  39. Jayna says:

    I have no issue with LeAnn writing songs about Eddie. Alicia Keys has written defiant songs about her love for her cheating affair and now marriage. His ex once wrote an open letter to her about breaking up the marriage. She has survived the backlash. Although, she’s a far bigger star than LeAnn. She just doesn’t tweet about his kid like he’s hers.

    Brandi is writing a tell-all book, brings them up on twitter and on her reality show. She
    may have been mentally abused by both, but she is milking this for all it’s worth for ratings and selling books. Jesus, she’s even sitting down with that shank Scheana who screwed him for years just for ratings. Talk about lowering yourself. So don’t paint
    Brandi as some saint.

    LeAnn can put out her album. But the whole twitter, photos of the boys on twitter, etc
    is what is so disgusting and hurt her and downright rude and disrespectful to Brandi.

    Regarding the Leno show, her outfit looked fantastic on her. Her hair was fantastic. The fillers in her face were obvious. What is wrong with these women? Fillers are not your friend. You all look like shit using them.

    • claire says:

      Jayna, I have to say that I think the part that makes her so unlikeable(and crazy), is that she repeatedly pats herself on the back for taking the high road, never talking about it, or engaging in the drama. YET, she HAS been creating drama and HAS been talking about it, nonstop, this entire time. She HAS been painting herself as the victim in this situation from the beginning. If none of that had been going on these last few years, then she came out with her album…I think it would be considered a lot less inappropriate.

      • Jayna says:

        True, Claire. I was on my iPhone so didn’t elaborate. There’s more that has hurt her reputation than just twitter and the boys, such as your observations.

        Alicia addressed her affair in the beginning but really just lived, didn’t respond too much to all the anger. She may have pissed people off because she didn’t hide her love for him ever after the split but she wasn’t giving interviews and tweeting with the ex and posting photos of her stepson. She ignores the negative and then throws it into the music in a very defiant manner about her love for him. But she’s a great songwriter and vocalist anyway.

        Borrowed would be fine if it was just in her album, not released as a single. This was never going to be a radio hit or big iTunes single. It’s a fine-enough written song, but not great, and the word borrowed would be problematic for a hit. So where is the logic releasing this as a single? I mean, What Have I Done is a great song and it didn’t chart high as the first single. The album sounds like it could do well. Her voice is really good on it and the band and the stripped down instrumentation I think is really fantastic, not overdone, and that more bare sound could really do well for this album as far as country music fans. Not a big seller, but a reasonable seller as a B artist. But she needed a really strong single to suck people in to buy it.

        Now, here is a strong single off her 2008 (last original music album), and it was nominated for an award. I love guitars and this song is loaded with them and her live performance (on late night show also, but look at the difference to Leno last night) was so close to the original it was amazing, as it is a hard song to belt. The only thing is the album version has a whole ending with just guitars which really makes the song and was left off for this live performance. But this is the way a single should be and then putting on a brilliant performance promoting it on Letterman and a song many would like, not a niche song like Borrowed, which has the potential to offend some or just have many that can’t relate.

        Nothing Better to Do live on Letterman:

  40. candigirl says:

    Looks like she’s back on Adderall.

  41. Rita says:

    The latest ROL thread about LeAnn SWFing Brandi is a hoot, but in reality its scary.

    I’d love to see Brandi taunt LeAnn with her own version of Blue where Brandi dresses up as a smurf and singings

    “I Borrowed your song so you can keep that old dong”.

    • Deanne says:

      In another blatant example of how much LeAnn lies, a sycophant praised her for being at #28 on the itunes country chart and she claims to not have had any idea as she doesn’t follow her charting. She just makes her art and releases it into the universe without caring how well it does. Not her exact words, but you get the picture. She’s so full of it. No wonder her face looks like it is going to explode.

    • candigirl says:

      LMAO at this. Yes, the Radar Online/Star Magazine story is true. I hope they do follow up stories and go into the extreme details of Leann’s psycho stalking of Brandi. Also what about Leann having “the only one that matters” tattooed on her foot? Didn’t Eddie first say that to Scheana? I wonder if, after Scheana’s show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ comes out, we’ll see more of Leann swf-ing Scheana too.

  42. Jessica says:

    Leann is a lot of things but she is especially PREDICTABLE. Sending off tweets about being SO sick and hoping she doesn’t lose her voice = I know my voice sucks right now from all my plastic surgery so I better have an excuse ready. Then she goes on there and blows smoke up America’s ass about her “rehab” stay. Then she blows smoke up her OWN ass trying to pretend she is the real start of RHOBH. Its Leanns world, the rest of us just live in it. I just can’t with this bitch and her homewrecker anthem. And to see it selling far better than WHID on iTunes? Sickening.

  43. jenny piccolo says:

    I know you LeAnn haters might not like hearing this but I think Borrowed is actually a pretty song & her voice is amazing. It may even become a hit song. I know what she did to Brandi was wrong and weak but my Lord can that girl sing. Maybe that’s what drew Eddie to her. Some guys can’t resist that sh*t.

  44. Jessica says:

    She gives herself away when she lies. She always starts touching her hair. Started touching her hair while talking about writing the song and talking about “going away for 30 days”.

  45. Dirtnap says:

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to not give the LeAnn drama any more of my attention. I’m serious y’all. I’m not reading the stories. I’m going to do my best to avoid looking at her photos when I can. I know I’m just one person, but I’m still part of the problem – feeding The Beast. It’s an entertaining train wreck and all, but on some level I am contributing to this beyotch and that’s what she wants, and I can no longer, in good conscience, stand for that.

    LeAnn, since I won’t be able to say it in your general direction in 2013, best wishes on your epic implosion.

  46. why? says:

    I find it funny that Leann is saying that reality tv isn’t real considering that she is BFFs with Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Tori Spelling who have reality tv shows. Not only is this is a dig at Brandi, but it’s also a dig at her BFFs Kim, Khloe, and Tori! I would like to know what Kim, Khloe, and Tori think of Leann’s comment. In an attempt to insult Brandi, she also insulted Kim, Khloe, and Tori. Way to Go! So her friendship with Kim was just a publicity stunt!

    Leann also tweeted to Lisa and Kyle and posed with Taylor. She also tweeted Andy C that she wanted to go on his show. So why was she trying to befriend Lisa, Taylor, and Kyle when she thought that they were Brandi’s enemies, ifshe believes that reality TV isn’t real?

    Leann was on a reality tv show for HGTV. So then by her logic, that home show she did with Eddie and her friend wasn’t real.

  47. Sapphire says:

    Meann’s own private pity party, SSC, got a little notice that she had something very wonderful but personal happen to her last night that she might “share ” with her fans today. She was “So excited”. So, bets on preggers?

  48. april says:

    I thought LeAnn did a great job on Leno. Her voice was amazing.

  49. Louise says:

    I promised I wouldn’t write on a MeAnn post again but I wanted to get this off my chest.

    Many years ago I started a new job & mutually fell in love with a married man. I had known him at work for a few weeks & there was an instant connection. He and his wife were going thru one of many difficult periods. He explained they’d met in school and had begun to date at 15 and now he was in his early 30′s they had changed and drifted. He painted her as a woman only interested in the money he could earn, and whenever she turned up at work she certainly seemed that way. At one point they split, and he asked me out. We dated for a few weeks, and kept it quiet. I was consumed with guilt. He’d invite me to “their” house (she’d moved out with the kids to her mothers) but i refused to do so. It felt like invading her space. It just felt plain wrong. Even though I adored him & he said he felt the same & was pressurising me to become an “open” couple, I refused. I thought about it & put myself in the childrens position. I knew how devastating it would’ve been to me & my sis if our dad had gone off with someone else. I couldn’t deal with that so I told him I wanted to break up, that his place was with his wife & kids. He tried to talk me out of it, explaining his kids would love me and esp his daughter as we had the same hobbies. I didn’t buy it. Even though he was irritated and telling me I was wrong, as soon as I had dumped him he got back with her. So it just goes to show, I knew it would happen. We stayed friendly enough, and his reason for getting back with her was “better the devil you know”. (Charming!) Our workplace went bust & we didn’t speak again. 8 years passed & this last week I sought him out on facebook, didn’t add him, but it delighted me to see his timeline pic is of him and his daughter with her baby! So he’s a grandad, and his daughters posted pic after pic of the child in an open album that both his wife and he have joyfully commented on.

    I knew I did the right thing. I actually feel real JOY I didn’t break a family up, when I saw the happy family.

    I don’t feel sorry for myself, even though I’m still single. I know the right one will be along some day if that’s what’s meant to happen.

    This to me was natural, to put others well-being first, when I see what LeAnn did & continues to do, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could actively seek to destroy a family.

    Yes it was hard to walk away, but it would’ve been harder to stay. Sometimes you got to be the adult and do the right thing. It’s called having will power and respect! Something Leann clearly has NONE.

    • Rita says:

      Most people never face a true test of character but assume they will pass with flying colors when the time comes. A true test of character is very difficult to pass because it can be so subtle until one realizes they have already failed and then the excuses begin.

      One seldom finds immediate reward in passing the test because the fog and confusion that persists but there is great joy in hind sight and knowing that you truly are the person you want to be. A test of character can be a real privledge or a real mess. Good job, honey.

    • Lulu says:

      Very interesting story Louise, thanks for sharing. Gotta watch that Facebook though. When I was single, I had my own encounter with a “separated” man that I broke off 5 years ago because I knew he would never leave his wife, and she just yesterday managed to track me down to my work through his Facebook account from messages he sent me two years ago, trying to strike things back up. It was just lovely – I finally had to report the calls as malicious to my employer to get her blocked as she wouldn’t stop calling, harassing and threatening me. They’re still together, torturing each other and their two kids – it’s just grand I’m sure.

      Regarding Leann’s voice – we’ve had it reported that she’s bulimic right? Not only does that wreck your teeth, but the regurgitated stomach acid also wrecks your vocal chords.

    • Dana M says:

      Thank you for sharing. I hope Leann takes notes (she enjoys reading our comments). Good for you for taking the high road. Karma will reward you.

    • NinaS says:

      Louise…you are lovely.

      I understood that, after a brief affair and Brandi finding out, B&E reconciled and were trying to make their marriage work. LR kept stalking him, and finally set up the paps to “capture” her and E making out at a restaurant, then orchestrated the release of the video with some tabloid. At the same time, the waitress came out of the woodwork and, upon hearing that, B kicked E to the curb. I understood he went with L because he had no please else to go. Is this the correct version of events? I hear people say he left her, but I didn’t understand that to be true, and it would certainly explain L’s obsession with trying to be B.

  50. skuddles says:

    She keeps yakking about her 30 day rehab stint because she thinks it will help her win the lawsuit against the teacher. That whole thing was 100% orchestrated to make MeAnn seem like a victim.

    Wow, those lyrics to Borrowed…. pretty skanky. Homely girl gets some from the good looking married guy… throws a bunch of money at him, and voila, the mistress becomes the wife. Now that’s true love y’all.

    • emmie_a says:

      skuddles: That was my thought, that she was talking about rehab to bolster her lawsuit. But I am almost positive that she was not in a true medical facility (there is no way a medical facility would let her conduct interviews and leave on weekends, etc) – so she might just be screwing herself bc I’d assume the defense will want to see her medical records? I don’t know – but I hope the whole lawsuit thing blows up in her face and exposes her for the vindictive psycho b*tch she is.

  51. Baylor says:

    I don’t understand her logic at all. So, she thinks that by saying the affair wasn’t done “with abandon” and that it wasn’t “frivolous” and that ” of thought and hurt” were put into their decision that it going to make things better? More relatable?
    If anything, people might relate more to a drunken indescretion. The fact that they actually thought about it and talked about it, actually makes it WORSE. Having an affair was the best they could come up with ? If they were soo in love and serious about each other than why not immediately leave their spouse or want to go about it the right way? They knowingly and deliberately set out to deceive their spouse after more thought?! Ok….

  52. AmyB says:

    Why will she not shut the fuck up about this affair which trashed her image in the tabloids? So many others have done what she did and have not been racked over the coals like she has. The difference is they kept their stuff private. And this notion that she was in “rehab” for 30 days. Bitch give me a break. I have been to rehab for an eating disorder. Its not pleasant. You hate it. She talks about “loving therapy”….she is delusional. No one there likes being there but you are there to face hard truths and get better. And you dont leave on weekends or get out after three weeks. She is insulting to anyone who has ever really committed to the process like I have. It was the hardest thing I ever did but I got my life back as a result. I cried almost every day and was forced to face difficult things from my childhood. That is REAL therapy. She seriously needs to shut up about all of it. She is just making more and more people despise her. And that wont help with the record sales, now will it? No doubt she has a great voice, but what has she done with it? Nothing much other than be fodder for tabloid gossip which she continues to instigate at every chance she has. Pretty pathetic and sad….

  53. truthful says:

    she really has some issues, smdh

  54. Shannon says:

    Congratulations, you’ve pulled it off LeAnn! I thought that last pic was Brandi at first glance. Then I realized you just finally figured out how to style your hair like her’s. With the nose job and boob job done to match, you’re getting very close to becoming what you’ve always wanted- a Brandiclone!

  55. Debra says:

    After reading all of this ridiculous sh-t I realized that this was written by Brandi using a lot of different names.
    So, Brandi, No one can steal a happy husband. NO ONE!!!
    You keep writing about how ugly Lee Ann is.
    So the truth is YOU let an ugly skinny tramp steal your husband.

    And Lee Ann needs to remember that Eddie left Brandi because he was not happy.
    So Lee Ann STOP trying to look and act like Brandi.

    Be your self.
    Eddie does not want another Brandi.
    He left her.
    He wants the girl he fell in love with,
    YOU Lee Ann, YOU!!!
    If you continue to punish yourself in public you will loose him too.

    He left Brandi and if you continue to try to look and act like her he will leave you as well!!!

    Relax, stay off twitter, and out of the public eye.
    Be still!
    Let this pass!
    Do what the others that are in your position did. ( Garth Brooks, Angelina Jolie, Maranda Lambert, and looks like Jason Aldean is next)
    Stay quite!!
    No one wants to here your excuses. We are all old enough to figure it out our-self.
    Buy a nice cabin up near those Northern Lights and get back to being you.
    Right songs for others, support your husband, and forgive yourself.

    When you forgive yourself, others will forgive you as well.