LeAnn Rimes tried to out-sing & steal focus from a 13-year-old on The X-Factor

I saw you guys talking about this in the previous LeAnn post, so here you go – a post devoted to LeAnn Rimes’s WTF performance last night on The X-Factor. LeAnn came out to do a duet with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar for the song “How Do I Live”. I actually forgot that “How Do I Live” is one of LeAnn’s hit songs – but she didn’t actually write, just FYI. It was written by famed songwriter Diane Warren. Still, it’s one of LeAnn’s most famous hits, and she came out to perform it with a young talent. What’s hilarious is that LeAnn thought the moment was totally about HER and not young Carly Rose. Even Carly realized that LeAnn was trying to steal her thunder, thus Carly is making some hilarious WTF baby-bitchfaces throughout the performance. A few more things to note: LeAnn is wearing those Givenchy boots that I used to like (but I can’t like them anymore). And seriously, did they rehearse this? It doesn’t feel like it.

After the odd duet, LeAnn said, “I love this girl so much, she is such an amazing talent.” Can I just say? Between LeAnn and Britney Spears and this young Carly Rose, the vibe is very… weird. Britney was a child performer. LeAnn was a child performer. And now LeAnn and Britney are working to ensure that little Carly Rose comes out the winner of The X-Factor? I wonder if both Britney and LeAnn see themselves in Carly Rose. And I wonder if that scares them. There’s always someone younger and cuter (and more talented) coming along.

Also: WTF was up with LeAnn’s makeup? YIKES.

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  1. Theskinny says:

    You can see the crazy in her eyes. Or the Don Julio. Whatever.

  2. Chrissie says:

    LeAnne’s eyes actually don’t look as squinty as they normally do.

  3. Bowers says:

    These pictures are very good.

  4. Blue says:

    Yikes, I don’t like LeAnn but she’s a better singer than that. That was bad.
    Why is she trying to out sing that little girl? Smh

  5. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    …”without you…DERP”…

    Oh LeAnn..you make me lolz

  6. Jeanette says:

    Well Britney is Carly Rose’s mentor on the show so it makes sense that she wants her to win. LeAnn may be a nut job but she is a very talented singer. Her voice is a little rough now but she sang even better than Carly Rose when she was young and that’s saying a lot.

    • CG says:

      I actually wondered if it was difficult for Britney and Demi Lovato to work with all the young kids on The X Factor, because they were child stars and they know what those kids are in for if they become even semi-successful. You’d think those two especially would be worried about 13-year-olds being used by all the adults around them and the entertainment industry and how it would affect them later. But maybe not, either.

  7. brin says:

    Way to go wewe, make it all about YOU as usual.

  8. Amelia says:

    I could barely understand what LeAnn was singing in that clip. Diction, girl, diction.
    And stealing a 13 year old’s thunder?
    Very mature.
    Out of interest, what the general consensus of the X Factor on the American side of the pond? The British version has been steadily sliding downhill and I think most people have given up on it now.

  9. Cecada says:

    Wow. First she’s stalking her husband’s ex, then she’s starving herself thin, and now she can’t stand to let a child upstage her.

    Oh I bet she’s a joy and a half to live with…

  10. Miffy says:

    1. At certain points it looked like their heads were going to explode trying to outsing each other.

    2. Those boots. Jesus. They look like wellies.

    3. Peplums need to be gathered and burned in a large ceremonial fire. If they can make a 13 year old’s hips look that wide what are adult women thinking?

  11. Buckwild says:

    Holy hell. They contoured her face like crazy and it looks like The Mask

  12. Samantha says:

    LeAnn’s voice is sounding kind of rough there, too.

  13. eileen says:

    She was clearly wasted. She couldn’t even remember her own lyrics and she BELCHED at the very beginning.
    What a huge MESS.

    • Isabel says:

      She also stumbled a couple of times, for example at 2.28. She was wasted and had a hard time keeping her balance.

      • Nolove says:

        I also noticed she has no sense of distance and kept getting oddly close to the little girl and screaming/singing. it was weird. even when she reached out to hug her she as enveloping her.

        my .02 her equilibrium is off and that is a bad sign. Nose, eyes, throat, and ears are all connected. Something is up.

    • claire says:

      I’ve been following the season since the beginning and rooting for Carly. I hadn’t seen the performance yet, and then the freaking internet BLEW UP with OMFG – is she wasted?!

      I was pissed. I couldn’t even bring myself right away to watch the video. I’m sure she’ll try to spin this with being sick. But, let’s get real, you don’t burp, stumble, have to hang on to a girl to stand, and sing like a lunatic, off-time, because you feel a cold coming on! Every article I’ve seen thus far is calling her out on seeming wasted. If her family doesn’t figure out this time that she needs a real rehab, they are the biggest pieces of low-life gold diggers out there.

  14. BeesKnees says:

    Her face and hair actually look better than they normally do. And I actually remember feeling sorry for Leann years and years ago when Trisha Yearwood won a Grammy for “How do I Live” and failed to mention Leann at all (yes I realize she didn’t write the song, but she sang it before Trisha and made it popular) in her acceptance speech and was a real b!tch about the whole thing. It’s funny how I used to think Leann was such a sweet girl and Trisha was such a b, funny how times have changed!

    • Byte Me says:

      About LeAnn’s hair..looks to me she’s totally copying Brandi’s beachy hairstyle.
      LeAnn is obviously very insecure and feels threatened by .. all women in general ?? I watched her on Leno the other night and she just seemed to me to be very nervous and extremely insecure.

    • kudzuqueen says:

      I specifically remember Trisha Yearwood and Leann singing this song. Well, they came out at just about the same time. Trishas recorded version came out and I think Leann had already recorded it. Leann released hers closely behind it. Like not long at all. They were both on the charts at the same time. Trisha’s went to number one and Leann’s did not. Leann’s version was actually better, but I remember even the radio DJs saying how shitty of Leann it was to release it. Now, all of this is MY memory…

      I also remember Leann singing it and it sounded like how do I leave, instead of how do I live..

      Sorry y’all, the dislike of her for me goes way way back, and I SO much want to like her music. I just have to refuse to contribute to her funds. She is so unlikeable on so many levels.

      Last night? I hope she was drunk. Because if not, she has NO self awareness and needs help.

      • shady says:

        According to Leann, she was promised the song, but the song was supposed to be on the Con Air soundtrack and the movie people wanted a more mature, less poppy version and went with Tricia. They released the songs within a day of each other and it was actually Leann’s version that broke records for staying on the charts as long as it did, Tricia charted too, but not like Leann.

      • kudzuqueen says:

        Shady: I guess I got that backwards. :)

        Oh, I meant to say this earlier…I am no “professional” but when I drink and sing,…I lose my balance, I do not annunciate, I hang all over people, and I totally forget my words. But goodness I think I’m great….

      • paranormalgirl says:

        LeAnn deliberately released it the same day as Trisha’s was released. Trisha’s could have surpassed LeAnn’s version but MCA pulled the Yearwood version, giving it only a limited release of 300K, which killed it. I liked Yearwood’s version so much better

  15. Alita says:

    I actually watched the clip. I didn’t see the ‘trying to out sing’ nor the ‘baby bitch face’ – I saw a pretty standard Idol/xfactor/etc song with an actual recording star and a great kid wowed at being there and experiencing it.

    To me, this is really reaching.

    • Christina B says:

      I agree, I’m generally not a Leann fan, but I didn’t see anything wrong with this performance.

    • JM says:

      I agree – they seemed very tuned into each other while singing, and I didn’t see the upstaging that others did.

    • Ok says:

      I have to agree with you Alita. I watched the clip and am wondering why the fuss. Leann’s voice sounds a little lower and more hoarse than usual, she probably has a cold. But the singing together seemed fine

    • eileen says:

      Are you listening to her sing and the background music? She didn’t stay on the beat and forgot lyrics several times. Instead of letting the girl sing and her support her, LR just sang over her. Total mess. Read all the articles out there about it-even Rolling Stone called her out.

      • Alita says:

        Hi Eileen,

        I probably didn’t listen with that keen an ear, I’m not a fan of these shows so when I watched the clip I just looked for the overall impression – obviously with the knowledge that it was something that was being pilloried by Kaiser, and by the commenters in due course. So really i viewed it looking for what could be dissed – and I just didn’t find it like you did.

        I don’t can’t pay much attention to what Rolling Stone said about a singing reality competition show (ohh Rolling Stone, thou hast sunk so low!!). I think that the internet’s critical mass against LeAnn rimes makes such things redundant anyhow as unbiased – they know what their audience wants!

        True story – a good friend of mine was staff journalist with rolling stone, the print version too, not just online. They quit after being ordered – ordered!! – to do a sycophantic piece about one of those neo-punk travesty bands (like blink 182 but not them). Integrity can sure get you into strife!

    • Macey says:

      It isnt just this site. the YouTube comments from the video are actually more critical/negative than they are here.

      some even said Simon put her with LR on purpose knowing LR would ruin the song so his protege can get thru..lol

    • claire says:

      well, you are one of the few who thought this performance was great. all the major media outlets are calling her out on seeming drunk and ruining Carly’s performance. Heck, even the morning talk shows are doing segments on it. and quite a few of her fans are saying, “i love you. but you need help.”

      • Alita says:

        Being in not-America, I rarely get a comment near the top, and it’s cool the get replies! Even if I don’t agree with them!

        @Claire, I never rated the song or singing as good, just said the performance seemed standard for this type of show. It is not my type of music, however it seemed well enough for what it is to me. My comment was that I didn’t see all the nuance of horror that was reported by Kaiser; much less did I see the other things now said in the comments – that she’s falling over drunk, and the like.

        My opinion is that some of the commenters are pretty much making things up, though I’m sure they believe them as gospel, trying to plumb new lows of LeAnn depravity in order to support their opinion that LeAnn is pretty much the most evil person ever. And the thing is if you believe that she has done all the things said of her, all those many bad things, you don’t need to make it worse by attributing other actions that are tenuous at best.

        You’ll have to forgive me – brevity is not usually a trait of mine, as I proved here.

    • Dani says:

      Alita – I watched it a couple of times actually, I don’t thinks she was purposely trying to outsing her. If anything it kind of seems like she’s very fond of Carly? I know LeAnn’s voice is always usually loud when she sings, so I don’t know. I think they both could have been better while singing together, but I don’t see much to start a fuss about. Hm.

    • Chrissie Malcolm says:

      I agree – all I could see was an under-rehearsed duet. They were not in synch and they did not harmonise well. I don’t think for a second that LeAnne was trying to outshine the child … Both performances were unpolished, that’s all.

      • Alita says:

        Is it poor form to reply to 3 comments that replies to one of mine? Probably :)

        I’m so glad people agree with me, I thought either me, or everyone else in the world, was crazy. Now that i see it’s a couple of us, chances are that I’m not seeing the world all skewiff.

        I agree with you (and dani) that it wasnt well rehearsed. And I’m so not a fan of that warbling that both of them did. Still, it’s lovely to see kid get to do something that must just blow her mind. A talented kid, I should say. So good luck to them all.

  16. truthful says:

    uhhhh, I disliked the performance.

    Leanne was horrible, Britney was looking crazy and to top it all off they threw in a paunchy faced KarTRASHian.


    good luck lil young lady, cause you are surrounded by a bunch of freaks in LaLaland.

  17. Joy says:

    Call me crazy…but I think LeAnn actually looks good! Her eyes look less squinty.

  18. Lindsey says:

    1:54 Her facial expression says “This bitch…”

  19. lem says:

    LR sounded like freaking pearl jam– you couldn’t understand a gd word she was singing.

    The baby bitchfaces Carly Rose was throwing out were totally justified. Seriously LR acted like she was trying to win the contest.

    Also, Britney’s comment “shockingly good” was a dig at LR, I think. Like, she didn’t expect LR to sing that well (and she didn’t sing well but it was still better than Britney was expecting, which I find hilariously bitchy).

  20. booboocita says:

    Those photos make Leann look like the ugly Olsen sister no-one in the Olsen family wants to talk about.

  21. daisydoodle says:

    there’s no denying that Leeann has a voice, however, I hate when singers scat and beebop to their own songs…I know you’re tired of singing it, but the audience, who pays for your lifestyle would like to hear it the way it was performed origninally.

  22. Masque says:

    Holy crap, MeAnn actually looks good here. What sorcery is this???

  23. Blondie says:

    Leeann should be ashamed of herself. This performance was supposed to showcase the contestants talent, and Leeann made it all about her. Even throwing her hair in the little girls face at the end, again making it all about her. She seemed very unstable, at one point grabbing on to Carly’s arm to balance herself. Leeann you are a mess and a has been and I hope you have one person in your life to tell you what a fool you are making of yourself. Drugs, booze, I don’t know what you were in, but if you think that we don’t know you are on something than you are only fooling yourself. Get some help girl you need it.

  24. Rita says:

    I remember when Oprah asked Celine to sing with a young Asian girl on stage. Being the gracious lady that Celine is, she throttled back her power and let the young girl shine.

    It’s the difference between a truly beautiful professional like Celine whose French album released just a month ago has already sold over 11 million copies and LeAnn whose latest single fell off the charts just days after being released.

    (Think of it, 11 million copies in less than a month. France must not be very big but I think everyone bought a copy.)

    • Masque says:

      Prince does the same thing. The man is a freaking guitar god respected by other guitar gods but he knows when to dial it down and let others shine.

      MeAnn is ….well…ME-Ann.

    • ;;;; says:

      I looked on Wikipedia and it says that Sans Attendre has sold over 500,000 copies in France – was certified Diamond in early December. No where near 11 million. It only sold 90,000 in its first week.

      • Alita says:

        I suspect the confusion is between what counts as a platinum or gold etc record in different countries. France has about 65mio people so the number should would be less than in America to achieve that benchmark. Half a million copies in a country of 65m is brilliant!

        But of course that should not get in the way of subjectively putting someone down. …

    • lucy2 says:

      I saw Kristen Chenoweth do the same thing in concert – as tiny as she is, her voice blew away her rather talented background singers when they did duets, but when she had 2 girls come up on stage and sing a song from Wicked with her, she let them shine. It was awesome. Leann is not.

    • StephanieMarie says:

      and not unlike celine dion, who really stood back and let this little girl shine…
      sooo good. she let her own the song and perfectly supported this really awesome performance!


      • emmie_a says:

        StephanieMarie: That was a perfect example. After watching Celine and how she let that girl shine, it reminds me of a comment yesterday about the lyrics of LeAnn’s new song – the comment was something about the song being the new anthem for low self-esteem… And back to Celine. She knows she’s awesome and she is a gracious woman and she knew the situation and she let that girl have the glory. That is a reflection of her healthy self-esteem. And then we have LeAnn and look what she did and how she acts and what does that show you about her self-esteem? I’m not making any excuses for LeAnn. I think she is a despicable person but it’s still an interesting comparison of the two.

      • Macey says:

        Now THATS the way its done. How amazing was Celine? she not only gave that girl her moment, she relaxed her and totally supported her. her vocals complimented the song perfectly.

        I just watched the LR one and I just cant believe how bad she sounded considering how good I know she can sing. I had no clue what she was even saying thru most of her parts, so awkward to watch. I wonder if she called her lawyer to try and get either C&D letters to all the tabs or sue the them and he told her all she can do is issue a statement since it was true its not slander..lol

      • apsutter says:

        Great example!! I’ve never really been a fan of Celine, her voice and music are way too adult contemporary for me but you can’t deny she has a huge set of pipes. Celine has always been such a class act and treats people with kindness. She really went out of her way to step back and give Charice the spotlight and give you a great memory to cherish. She complimented her perfectly at times but was completely giving all attention to Charice. That is the way a celeb should do a duet with a fan.

        Side note- How fantastic does Celine look now?! Seriously, aging has agreed with her. I think she has a genuinely happy life and it shows.

      • Sandy says:

        Wow. What an incredible thing Celine Dion did for that young girl; it speaks volumes about her. And that Leann didn’t speaks volumes about her.

  25. natalina says:

    it was so awkward-no talent anymore

  26. Kimble says:

    Whatever you think of her personally, LR has a great voice but she Christina Aguilera’d this song … Who tells these singers that vocal gymnastics makes them sound good?

    Just sing the damn song!!!

  27. Jayna says:

    Okay. Here’s my take.

    First off, LeAnn’s honey-colored hair and style and makeup has been looking good compared to Vegas. Her fillers might be relaxing, not as God awful. Still all in all looked cute, the best she’s looked in a long time.

    The performance: I can’t hate on her. She wasn’t trying to oversing out of ego. LeAnn looked out of it, unsteady on her feet Her voice was garbled at times, messed up a lyric or two or three. Timing was way off singing with Carly to the point it was noticable in one place horribly . I noticed in the beginning LeAnn’s face after she got downstairs and started to sing looked like she knew she couldn’t do it and started to do vocal acrobatics to disguise it. I cringed and knew it was only going to get worse. It did. It was sad to see this once great singer reduced to this. I am not sitting here saying she was trying to oversing or how dare she be high coming out. It’s more like how bad off is she that she couldn’t come out and do a song she knows like the back of her hand. I have true compassion for her at this point. She obviously is in far deeper trouble than I realized and needs help. This is a person that up until Eddie never had a whisper of performance issues like the last year on touring and was never seen messed up and was always poised.

    Add to her obvious true substance abuse problem that is going on is the stalking and/or taunting of Brandi. A normal person doesn’t do that and certainly doesn’t do it not hiding it on twitter, knowing she’s a famous person and it’s being noticed. It’s very bizarre and honestly sad, pathetic behavior.

    I realize now some of her behavior maybe even on twitter is because of substance abuse problems and then added to mental issues that have been brought on marrying Eddie and her deep-seated insecurities. Any sane artist would finally see that getting herself papped in bikinis to post in gossip sites or her twitter account ad nauseum isn’t helpful to a career as a true country music artist nor is going on about her bonus sons with pics helpful to recovering her image from an affair. Did her enablers just keep on encouraging just true lapses in judgment.

    She is in a spiral and where is her husband this past year in all this? Does he give a shit about LeAnn at all or has he tried to help her? Encouraging her lawsuit to this extreme, I would think not. All her yes people surrounding her that have at times encouraged her twitter behavior and done it themselves and Eddie who watched her become an anorexic, not very attractive mental mess, did he or they care or did they encourage it?

    In 2008 LeAnn was going strong, very cute, amazing vocals live and on her latest album, and stable. Cut to 2009, meeting Eddie, and watch the year by year spiraling of LeAnn to 2012 which has been so bad she couldn’t hide her issues.

    Substance abuse or alcoholism is not something to be made fun of, so I won’t make fun of this performance. Yes, her camp will say she was sick. That’s the norm for any star’s camp doing damage control. I don’t care what they say publicly as long as they behind the scenes are planning to admit her to a facility after the holidays to get her help that she obviously can’t do on her own. Or will they just ignore this and instead focus on LeAnn’s album and stay yes people because she’s their cash cow?

    LeAnn will be back on twitter acting like she is happy and life is great. I think we all know differently now, that she hasn’t gotten better.

    I am sure Brandi after seeing this must be worried about her children being in her care when maybe Eddie isn’t around. I doubt she is gloating right now, instead more like alarmed, because this is about someone under the influence who is helping to raise her children.

  28. lower-case deb says:

    the only time i enjoyed a star singing with a singing contestant was Patti LaBelle with that Frank Sinatra-sounding guy from america’s got talent.

    certainly not the best ever performance on any stage, but it’s great to see how both of them are respectful of each other and supporting each other.

    Patti LaBelle was continuously pushing the contestant (gosh can’t remember his name at the moment, i’ll google it later) into the spotlight and stepping back. while the guy was clearly trying his best to make Patti LaBelle proud.

    or at least that’s what my rose colored glasses told me. i was very happy watching that, even though the singing could be better.

  29. Angela T says:

    I missed it last night, I’ve been cheering for Carly Rose I hope she still wins even after dealing with LeAnn

  30. ramona says:

    I hate when singers overdo the warbling – when did it become illegal just to sing the tune? Particularly in a duet – two people warbling differently just makes the whole thing sound out-of-tune. Bah.

    • Jayna says:

      My take is different. I saw that LeAnn realized she was in trouble and couldn’t pull it off. She started warbling, doing garbled vocal acrobatics to try to disguise the fact she couldn’t sing the song nor hit the notes singing normally. She was drunk and/or high. She totally came in at the wrong time on one part. LeAnn is –
      was a consummate professional who would never make such mistakes on delivery and timing issues. She is clearly someone in trouble to make a fool of herself on national TV. It’s the sign of someone in severe trouble substance abuse/alcohol-wise that she couldn’t hold it together long enough to come out and do this performance. LeAnn has performed in front of huge TV audiences forever and been flawless and has done gorgeous duets, always vocally complimenting the other singer, not oversinging. To have to self-medicate for this performance is telling.

      Carly was aqequate, but not great. Wrong song for her. I thought when LeAnn came out Carly’s deficiencies in vocal tone for this song were going to be evident, because LeAnn’s voice is so gorgeous on this song – normally. That turned out not to be the case. Carly was the saving grace by the end and handled what had to be a nightmare for her with maturity.

      It was very sad seeing LeAnn reduced to this state. I called my sister (who doesn’t know much about LeAnn nor even her music nor follow gossip) and asked her to watch it. She had X Factor taped, so watched it. I said, what did you think? She said she could tell LeAnn has a great voice but that she seemed uncertain, like she was the new singer, nervous, making mistakes, and that she hated to say it but seemed high. I said, She was high.

  31. Coco says:

    100% drunk!! She kept bobbing and weaving to keep upright. Not to mention when LR was asked what she thought of Carly she could barely form a coherant thought or sentence so she instead went for the molester hug. There’s no doubt everyone hosting that show saw what a trainwreck LR was. It was so awkward watching them all pretend that it was an amazing performance.

  32. dcypher1 says:

    I dont care if leann and kim have those boots I want those shoes.

  33. Rita says:

    Just for kicks I checked the twitter comments, TMZ, and other sites to get peoples reaction to LeAnn’s performance.

    The comments are almost unanimous in concluding that LeAnn was drugged or drunk and Carly out-sang LeAnn with her own song.

    There’s something hauntingly familiar about the public’s reaction but I can’t put my finger on it. Oh yeah, it’s the same reaction the public had after Eddie’s performance on The Playboy Club and we haven’t seen him since.

  34. brin says:

    Michael K just called it “X Falcor”…bwahahahaha!

  35. Apsutter says:

    Those boots are so ugly, they’re so stuff they look like metal. I think she looks kind of pretty here but why are her eyes so glassy?! Is she high or maybe actually medicating for some of her numerous mental problems?

  36. Dinah says:

    Did anyone catch the look on LR’s face when Carly described performing w/ LR as,”one of the most amazing moments I’ve had on stage in this show” (or something similar)? Leann got major bitchface, and I’m sure the thoughts in her head went as follows: “One of the??? Bitch, I am THE most amazing experience you will EVER have!! You ungrateful little snot! I plug you, and you diss me? You’re gonna be sorry you EVER said that”.
    Hi- freakin’-larious!!!!

  37. Alicia says:

    SWF alert. Compare LR’s sad copycat version to BG’s sexy dress & boots at the 2010 Haute Living World Hunger Event. Short black mini-dress with the back cut out:check. Black knee boots: check. BG has fringe purse, LR has fringe necklace, same poses. BG=10, LR =-2.

  38. simba says:

    Does anybody think the expression on Britney’s face said it all? The only word she could use was “shockingly” because she was probably floored at the performance and how bad it was….

    Sorry, but there is no way someone could defend this performance. As soon as she hit the steps, she tripped up the words and that set the tone.

    I don’t like her antics but seriously, she needs help. No bullshit PR that she was sick.

  39. Mich says:

    That was just, um, yeah…

    Perhaps it is time for another trip to rehab?

  40. sam says:

    she LOOKS better with some weight on, she must be substituting booze for her normal speed/laxative cocktail. leann, for all her sociopath-ness IS a really good singer and this performance was SHAMEFUL. Someone on twitter said “Leann if you couldnt do the xfactor sober, you shouldnt have done it at all” and i have to agree. but this shouldnt be much of a surprise, a lot of her reviews on ticketmaster note that she seems f*ed up in most of her performances. i feel like the breakdown is coming (happening?) because the only way she can avoid it is by GOING AWAY for a little while. but with the album coming out, doesnt seem like an option. i wonder if brandi is laughing, or more scared for the saftey of her children.

  41. Memphis says:

    I’m sure her camp will start throwing out the excuses for last nights performance (sick, rotting teeth, Eddies wondering dong) but we all – even people who don’t dislike Leann- saw what a total mess she was on stage. When Britney is giving you a WTF? look of concern – you know your in deep.

    Burping, wobbling, over howling her way through a performance that means the world to Carly was both unprofessional and ignorant. Carly’s face said it all… It was a mix between baby bit*hface and an almost pleading for Leann not to ruin HER night. I felt bad for her.

    It was a bad song choice and partner for her – especially since Leann has shown that having a partner means nothing to her.

  42. Monica says:

    I was also wondering if LeAnn Rimes was drunk or on drugs during her performance last night. Didn’t seem like they had rehearsed at all. By the looks Carly was giving her, I’m guessing she was also wondering what was wrong with her. LeAnn should be ashamed at the spectacle she made of herself on such an important night of the XFactor.

  43. KellyinSeattle says:

    I can’t watch it on my crappy computer but with I could…even though I’m thankful I don’t watch any reality TV, not even Honey Boo Boo.

  44. Nolove says:

    That was such a disgrace and sad because the performance was like X-Tina doing karaoke while drunk. :/

    that just plain mean!

  45. Theresa says:

    I haven’t heard her sing live in ages. I do listen to the recording of this song and loved it in the past.

    What LR just did to that song, to her repuation, to her career with that performance… incoherent, warbly, all flash and no substance.

    I used to think she could turn this around and make it about the music again. But until she figures out the crap that is going on in her life, there is no way she can recover what was once such a promising lifelong career as a truly talented performer.

    Though, can’t wait to see how she and her “team” spin this.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Yeah I am sure they will say she was sick and od’d on cold medicine. Who knows what else she has been using–I mean taking! And someone tweeted her that it sounded like the sound system wasn’t balanced! Just plain sick performance and further proof this person needs intense mental therapy. But none of her paid puppets–hubby, mommy, agent, makeup artist(?) nor friend(s) will see to it that she gets the help she so desperately needs!

  46. Kosmos says:

    Okay, just watched the video. First, the boots were ugly. She could have worn another type of boot, and maybe it was the hair or makeup combination, but LeAnn looked a bit on the well worn side, if you know what I mean? Otherwise, I love the song they sang together and I think LeAnn was just doing the voice variations to give the song some interest, although I think we could have done with fewer long variations and it still would have worked. I don’t think she took Carly’s thunder. I’ve seen LeAnn on shows before and she gets nervous, and talks excitedly as a result, so perhaps people took this as drunkenness? I thought it was a good performance overall.

  47. kiyoshigirl says:

    Not sure I would call THAT “out singing”. IMO they both sucked big time. The young girl doesn’t have enough volume (given time she may gain some)and LeeAnn’s voice doesn’t lend well to Xtina type antics. They both sounded bloody awful.

  48. Dimebox says:

    This was pitiful…faced with a petite, pretty girl with talent, LeAnn felt threatened and fell all over herself trying to out-sing her. I just have a mental picture of her drinking all afternoon while muttering “I’ll show ‘em talent. Little bit*h thinks she can sing my song, I’ll teach her, they’re lucky to have me, I am a star…belch.”

  49. Jessica says:

    The pictures of her are an improvement, but why did she not only act like a drunken mess while performing, but LOOKED like one, too? She looks fine in these pics but when she got on stage she looked like just jogged during a hurricane! Total mess!!!

  50. Nolove says:

    stole this from youtube

    “At 3:07, Leanne is pulling Carly’s microphone away from her mouth before she shoves her hair into Carly’s face!!! Good grief! :/”

    LeAnn-Rimes-X-Factor-Drunk.jpg see this pic

    damn! this sh-t is sad. like the Britney performance with the strippers.

    I think Britney’s expression is more or less saying “i’ve seen this sh-t before and sh-t is wasted”

    • Mari says:

      Just watched that part, and wow, she really does. Shouldn’t that be mic etiquette 101?

      • Nolove says:

        I also noticed she has no sense of distance and kept getting oddly close to the little girl and screaming/singing. it was weird. even when she reached out to hug her she as enveloping her.

        my .02 her equilibrium is off and that is a bad sign. Nose, eyes, throat, and ears are all connected. Something is up.

        the more i watch it i want to take back bitchy things i said today. i want to get her off stage and hug her and get her a coffee. this is the shit britney wants to be far away from. this so horrible. Leanne is clearly “off/on” or what ever and people stills say she is just fine. :’(. GET HELP LR!!! It takes a strong person to seek treatment.

  51. lucy2 says:

    That was pretty awful. I agree she seemed drunk or something, and it was less singing lyrics, more making weird noises. Plus, don’t try to overshadow the kid. Leann was a talented girl at one point, and probably could be again, but this was bad and embarrassing.

  52. Holden says:

    When she said, “I love this girl”, Leanne was actually referring to herself. I hope she was wasted and it comes out, time for her to go away.

  53. Viv says:

    Would someone please apologize to Diane Warren for this mess? That used to be a perfectly fine song but I did not recognize whatever version LeAnn was singing. It sounded like she sang a different song. Can’t say if she was drunk or showing off or forgot how to sing that song, but it sounded mightily butchered to me.
    On another note: am I the only one surprised that Leann does not have her own reality show yet? Can’t believe Andy Cohen or Seacrest haven’t jumped at that trainwreck chance yet. She wouldn’t turn it down, would she?

  54. Mari says:

    LR should have taken the “backup vocal” route and let the little girl do her thing. By the way, to whomever mentioned the video about Katy Perry singing with Jodi…thanks a lot…now I have to go reapply my mascara.

  55. skuddles says:

    Of course she’d try to out-sing a child – did anyone actually expect her to be mature and gracious enough to tone it down and let the girl have her moment?? Not bloody likely.

    Those boots look ridiculous on her. As usual, she hasn’t got the slightest clue how to dress herself.

  56. Nolove says:

    Leann already posted it on her twitter. Her PR people must be pist. She doesnt even give them a chance to saver her ass from more bad press.


  57. Chell says:

    For a funny read, this is a link to Leann’s concert reviews. Sort them by lowest to highest. I am just posting this to confirm what so many of us on here say about her obvious substance abuse! So many of the reviews state the same thing, that she is on something, that she appears high, she forgets lyris, etc. And this is coming from her FANS!


  58. Lily says:

    That performance by Leann was just pathetic. I imagine this will take a 2 hour therapy session with her shrink just to be able to get back on a stage again. She appeared to be high/drunk as a skunk. She has to know that she totally blew it last night, or she is in some serious denial. Girl could sing at one time, but now all she does is warble. She needs some serious help and no one will step up to the plate to help her because she will cut them off. Such a shame. Also she doesn’t look a day under 40 and she’s only 30. What is she doing to age herself so much?

  59. hmm says:

    From Rolling Stone:

    “Rimes’ greasy-haired, skin and bones dumpster-diver look was a total distraction…”


    • Jayna says:

      Give me a break. Skin and bones? The girl’s arms and legs are not sticks. She is a healthy weight right now for her height. Her greasy hair? I thought her hair looks great. Typical nonsensical cuts to a woman that have no merit. I bet they wouldn’t say that about a man.

      They didn’t even mention what they should have, that was, was she under the influence, and her bad timing and garbled vocals. That was the distraction.

    • brin says:

      Tipping point….rock bottom…..donzo.

    • emmie_a says:

      Can you believe that???? Having her lawyer issue a statement saying that LeAnn was singing like she was because she had to pick up the slack for the x-factor girl? That is the epitomy of classless. Selling out an innocent 13 year old girl to cover her obvious substance abuse issues. And I totally believe she was drunk – she couldn’t even hold a plate of food.

    • Ming Lee says:

      i don’t think leann could get any lower..blaming the poor girl for her obvious faults is so sad. but it doesn’t surprise me.
      i’m more surprised leann didn’t say she was lacking the ‘right tools’ to sing with a younger vocalist..cause 13 year olds don’t know how to sing, right? and leann has never been a 13 year old singer so she would have no idea how to behave around one.. makes sense, right? *insert sarcasm here.

  60. claire says:

    This pathetic troll just threw Carly under the bus and said the performance was Carly’s fault. That Leann was trying to help her. Help her do what? Maintain focus while some trainwreck has been burps, stumbles, is all over the place with her timing and forgets the words on stage? She should be apologizing to this girl, but no, that would be beneath this lunatic.

  61. Maxx says:

    How do I live with out Leann, I want to know…..
    No, I’m serious. I want to live with out Falcor
    Please tell me how

  62. Jaxx says:

    I thought they both sounded like a couple of howling, copulating cats. Neither shined in that song.

  63. eileen says:

    Wow she just went from the gutter ALL the way into the sewer. She had her attorney release statements that it was the girl’s fault and she was just trying to help her because she was struggling!!?? People are going nuts. She is DONE.

  64. candigirl says:

    LOL and ITA with all the drunk and drugged comments!! This IS Leann now. This is why she has to cancel every other concert, why she has to sit down on the stage during the concerts, why she rambles drunkenly for long periods of time during her sets and why she slurs so badly while singing people can’t understand her songs. It’s why the fans complain after her performances and refuse to come back. It’s also why her weight fluctuates dramatically, why she is constantly being rushed to the doctor, why she has various mystery “illnesses,” it’s why her hair is falling out and her teeth are rotting out. It’s why she talks about crying constantly, why she laughs maniacally in every photo, why she hyper-tweets day and night all the weird stuff in her head, why she is constantly stalking and harassing Brandi and various other women on twitter, why she is constantly threatening legal action against anyone who calls her out on her “truth.” Leann is an out of control addict (narcissist,etc) and she is not getting treatment. Media “friends” like Darrell Brown, Guiliana R., and Katie C. are her enablers.

  65. PortiaDeFlossie says:

    This performance was horrible! She needs help NOW. What in the world is going on with her? Is Ed playing Bobby & she playing Whitney? This is such a shame. I found an old Christmas cd I had of hers from years ago and she sounded so beautiful back then. I wish she could get some legitimate help and pull her life out of the sewer.

  66. MerryHappy says:

    If she was trying to out-sing Carly, all she’d have to do was sing it the way she USED to sing it. Wtf happened to her? I never liked her, but she had a hell of a voice. I remember her singing ‘blue’ when i was like 8 or 9. She was amazing. Why is she so horrible now?! And she was adorable!
    Now her face is all bitched up, and she’s insane. Her parenting must have been horrendous. Run, Carly! Britney and Leann are foreshadowing! So is Demi! Run, girl, run fast!

  67. valleymiss says:

    OMG I just read the quote Leanna gave to TMZ. I cannot BELIEVE she’s putting this on Carly. Oh Leann, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now…

  68. Jayna says:

    I’m sure LeAnn believes it. Typical scenario of an alcoholic being in denial how they affect everyone around them.

    First off, I would have to see the video again, not that I want to relive it again. Carly did sound timid in the sound before LeAnn came out. She doesn’t have the fullness of vocals for the song. But the way I remember it is when started singing after coming down the steps it was only her singing at first and she sounded very off. After that the poor girl couldn’t get her timing right because of LeAnn. Let’s say that part was even remotely true, Carly hitting some problems, how does that excuse LeAnn’s horrible mumbled vocal acrobatic delivery?

    We’ll see what Simon says some day.

    I guess LeAnn hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Keep on enabling, Eddie. You’re doing a great job. Maybe you like LeAnn all F’d up. Easier access to her money.

    • claire says:

      I’d be nervous and timid too if I knew that the person coming out to sing in a minute was probably wasted. You could see it all over Carly’s face that she was having many WTF moments during this entire debacle. That she now would blame this mess on this little girl…SMH.

      • Jayna says:

        Carly’s vocals are too thin for this song more so in the intro part. Not the best song choice for her.

        But I mistyped above. When LeAnn came down the stairs LeAnn was singing alone — I thought — and was all garbled, messy vocal acrobatics. So how can she blame Carly for that part. It might look like i was saying Carly in my previous post

        Yes, deep into the song with LeAnn poor Carly must have felt like she was in a nightmare.. Carly actually was very poised for a 13-year-old to get through that mess and act so classy at the end.

    • Sandy says:

      Simon’s already spoken. He said he did not believe LeAnn Rimes was drunk or high. He also commented that he believed Tate deserved the win and didn’t believe Carly’s performance with LeAnn cost Carly the win. And finally, he said LeAnn is welcome on X Factor anytime she wants.

  69. K-rock says:

    OMG so many things to say where do I start???
    First off, of course HeAnn made sure to call TMZ and insist she wasn’t drunk. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much”. Second, she sounded like pure *beep* and tried to blame it on singing a duet. Which holds no water because the poor 13 year old hadn’t even opened her mouth yet. Third, how low life do you have to be to try to take the spot light from a 13 year old aspiring singer? Fourth, if you have Britney Spears looking at you cock eyed, you know your in trouble. Fifth, blaming her crap performance on “media lies” is so beyond lame I actually can’t find words to describe how lame it is.

    Good goin’ HeAnn. *SMH*

  70. brin says:

    How’s this for a comparison: Carrie Underwood recently announced she would refund her audience because her voice was not 100%. Leann blames everyone else for her disasterous performance.

  71. southernbell317 says:

    I thought the performance was horrible… I USED to Leann had a great voice… but, the last few performances I’ve seen she sounded terrible and very hard to understand… she really needs to take about 100 steps back and get it together!

  72. BELLA says:


  73. Jayna says:

    LeAnn’s reps just made a massive mistake. Carly’s huge fanbase rooting for her to win this show are going to erupt on the Internet on twitter, Facebook, etc. blasting LeAnn for blaming Carly.

  74. K-rock says:

    Update on her latest revised excuse:

    Looks like LeAnn & her PR team are trying to do damage control now – just posted on USMagazine site that she performed with Carly ‘despite being sick’ … again… http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/leann-rimes-sings-on-x-factor-despite-being-sick-20122012 not buying it….

  75. skuddles says:

    Just read that Rimes had prepared herself a plate of food before she went on stage, then proceeded to spill it all over the place. But I’m sure that was the 13 year old’s fault too.

  76. Macey says:

    LR just tweeted about the backlash and of course she’s perfect and the tabs are just making up stories. She’ll probably try to single every single one of them for this too..lol she is such a typical NPD its not funny, its scary.

    heres her tweet…

    “In my 18 years of performing, I have never been anything but professional onstage. It is a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl.

    Its funny she mentions “gossip and Lies” when that is not what ppl are talking about. She was drunk and sucked, nothing but the truth there. anyone can see that on Youtube, nothing to lie about when the world can see for themselves what she was doing.

  77. Macey says:

    omg, she even has her lawyer involved and lying for her. heres his comments..

    LeAnn’s lawyer, Larry Stein, who spoke with LeAnn a few minutes ago, tells TMZ “LeAnn was not performing the way she would normally perform, because she was on stage with a young girl.”

    LeAnn says she does not understand why people believe she was drunk. Stein has a theory: “There have been a lot of untrue things said by others and it feeds into this sort of thing.”

    do they really think that ppl are calling her out for being drunk just b/c they dont like her? omg. How odd is it for someone to have their lawyer make a statement when the world can see for themselves from the videos that she was messed up. this thing gets more pathetic every time she appears in public.

  78. jess says:

    I’ve only seen carly rose perform somewhere over the rainbow, around thanksgiving time and i loved her. after this though, I finally understand what people mean when they say people shouldn’t sing songs they can’t relate to. carly rose has never been in love, and she sounded bored (?) the whole time. totally uninspired.

  79. Audrey says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily listen to two females screaming on stage. Horrible song. Ever since Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”, ballads have turned into screaming with music. Gah!

  80. paula says:

    Leann just needs to go away for awhile and rest….she was horrible last night and its obvious she needs to move on to something new. She used to be so pretty but her looks have gone south.

  81. paula says:

    Then there is now a report she performed even though she was under the weather…..anyone would then more than likely not be gropping the poor 13 year old and in her face if she was “sick”…come on LeAnn grow up, move on. Your a has been now. Your looks have been ruined by your face changes and drastic methods.

  82. Chrissy says:

    Carly is more talented than LeAnn, and definitely more than Britney.

  83. Redheadwriter says:

    Personally, I don’t watch these shows. I thought the little girl seemed a bit “entitled” and full of herself. And LeAnn was plastered, hence the side-eyes from the little girl. Both were not impressive at all.

  84. Jayna says:

    No, LeAnne, this is professional below, one of my favorite songs of yours off your pop album, Twisted Angel. A flawless delivery and one of your best live performances. Go back and look at what you did last night (not blaming Carly for your garbled vocal histrionics because you couldn’t hit the notes.) and compare it to this. Get out of denial.


  85. Shelly says:

    I watched this last night and I just watched it again. I didn’t hear or see LeAnn forgetting the words, nor did I see any baby bitch-face from Carly, and while LeAnn didn’t sound her best I also didn’t think she was trying to out-sing Carly Rose. There were some awkward parts of the song where their voices didn’t meld together too well, but that’s all I heard and saw. That being said, Carly has an amazing voice and so does LeAnn, but neither one of them did that song justice last night. LeAnn’s original studio version of the song is by far superior.

  86. samipup says:

    Well I guess that answers the pregnancy question…

  87. anon33 says:

    I don’t usually comment on Leann stories, but damn if this bitch didn’t fall off the deep end…SMDH at her blaming this girl. EVEN IF IT IS THE TRUTH, (and I doubt it is, just sayin’) Leann, you are (supposedly) a GODDAMN ADULT and an “established” singer. You don’t blame the 13 year old contestant. Vile, stupid cow.

  88. Sonia says:

    I would give my opinion, but I’m a teacher and I don’t want to be next to be sued…

  89. brin says:

    This sounds more like an episode of Nashville than X Factor.

  90. Jayna says:

    Regarding LeAnn SWF’ing Brandi’s fillers, please stop. You looked older and so bizarre in Las Vegas and Leno like your face couldn’t move. Even Brandi. She looked great the other night on RHOBH but that was taped months ago and I saw really no fillers at all. I saw her on Wendy Williams in Novemeber promoting, which would be after the taping, and Brandi’s face was filled back with cheek fillers. Why? She looks fake and feline. Brandi, go look at Angelina Jolie. She isn’t f’ing with her cheeks and they’re flat. The same when Brandi blows her lips up too big sometimes. Just not attractive. Why does someone so pretty do that to herself.

    These Real Housewives shows are disturbing looking at these women with overuse of fillers and botox. Their faces look bad, never younger, and they can’t smile right or and their cry is like trying to smile with a mask on. Nothing moves.

    That Lisa on the Miami RH show is only in her late 20s and her face is filled with fillers and botox. It’s disturbing. The girl can’t even smile or cry without looking strange. Her lips are awful, so fake and big. The sad thing is she was naturally a very pretty girl.

  91. Nolove says:

    Damn now its gets so much worse.

    LR for the love of god get off twitter, TMZ, don’t give any quotes! the uppers, downers, and in the middlers you are on are still in full affect.

    Where the hell is Eddie!? Her mom!? Her manager!? Her “friends”?!

    Someone cut the power or internet line to her house asap!

  92. Sapphire says:

    Actually, the TMZ story is a hoot-she throws her own lawyer under the bus! Wewe never issued a statement, she wasn’t feeling well. OR what her lawyer said or her own personal posts on her private pity party-she was perfect, it’s Carly’s fault or earlier false allegations. Lie much?

  93. Rita says:

    Okay, this tears it for me. I am no longer going to buy LeAnn’s music. Now, understand that I’m not calling for a boycott or girlcott. This is a personal decision and one I feel every mother of one year old sextuplets has to make for themselves.

  94. laura says:

    The thirteen years old was very sincere and true while Leann was trying too hard, it was ridiculous…The greatest singer sing from their heart and are true to themselves ( for ex Adele…)

  95. asdfg says:

    LeAnn’s make up looks so soooo much better! Her eyes look bigger and not so squinty. :P

  96. Jaxx says:

    LeAnn sounded so bad that I wondered if I remembered her singing so much better at all. I went over to YouTube and played some of her greatest hits.

    It made me sad. That child came out and blew people away with her humility and powerful voice. Where has that talented child gone? I won’t be slinging insults anymore. This is just too sad. To see such wonderful talent buried under an avalanche of mistakes, insecurities, and apparently…addictions. God help her.

  97. Jennifer12 says:

    Everyone is saying she was wasted and threw a 13 year old under the bus. She just keeps digging deeper and deeper and she just doesn’t see it. Brandi’s classy response to someone’s inquiry? “I’m watching Miss Universe.” Oh, Eddie. Nice work there.

  98. Grace says:

    I think LeAnn has gone Single White Female for Brandi. She seems way more obsessed with Brandi than she does Eddie.

  99. candigirl says:

    Lol I think the speaks for many of us on the situation!

  100. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting tired (bored! bored! bored!) with all the “jump on the bandwagon bitchers” – does anyone have anything original to say? How easy is it to spew out all the negative, shitty, same old bile every time Leanne’s name is mentioned?

    • nomorerimes says:

      But golly gee whiz, she makes it soooo easy for us! Maybe she just needs to show some remorse about the way she is living her life–papwhoring, bashing Brandi and giving interviews while telling Brandi to just get over it–we’d have nothing bad to say. She needs to get out of the public eye for a while–go to some sort of mental health therapy–not the spa type she went to before–and then concentrate on her concerts.

      As to you getting “tired (bored! bored! bored!)” of all this, maybe you should stay away from these sites and read about someone else. Pretty simple solution, ya think!

  101. ms.steel says:

    i hate this Astro Boy boots. Carly has amazing voice. I follow her every week. its just that leeann forgot where she is. she thought it was her own concert.

  102. Tinka says:

    I haven’t seen the performance, nor do I have any intention to do so, but what about her make-up? I see no problem with it. Quite pretty, actually, I like the colour of her eyeshadow.

  103. B says:

    Y’all are killing me with the comments!
    Can’t actually bring myself to watch/listen, though. I’ve never liked Leann or her overwrought singing style and I’ll be damned if I’ll listen to any of her songs willingly. I was subjected to them enough back in the 90′s. Just reading the words “How Do I Live” makes my ears hurt.