Ben Affleck won’t “speculate” about how he’s totally running for a Senate seat

Last night, Rachel Maddow was doing some analysis on why it was taking so long for Pres. Obama to announce his second-term Cabinet appointments. Maddow noted that in the most modern history of second-term presidencies, Obama is taking WAY longer than everybody before him, and she wondered why that was. I have a few theories! One, David Petraeus’s withdrawal from the DCI position stunned and surprised everyone, and Obama didn’t think he would have to be filling that position too. Two, I’m not sure if Obama is going to shuffling up his Cabinet as much as people think – we’re going to get a new Secretary of State, and maybe a new SecDef, and maybe a few others, but other than that, I think Obama’s cabinet will be the same for now. Three, I think Obama is pissed off that he can’t promote his first choice, Susan Rice, to State. She was with Obama from the beginning of his presidential run, and he stood by her even when GOP senators were trying to place the entirety of the Benghazi mess at her feet, but Rice ended up withdrawing her name anyway.

So… it’s looking more and more like Sen. John Kerry will be our new Secretary of State. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I was queasy about Hilary Clinton in the beginning too, and she ended up being very effective, so maybe Kerry will work out well. As CB discussed yesterday, with Kerry’s Senate seat being as good as “up for grabs,” there is a lot of theorizing and maneuvering, and Ben Affleck’s name keeps coming up for some reason. Ben even sat down for an interview on Face the Nation (which will air on Sunday on CBS) in which he wouldn’t confirm or deny that he would run for the seat:

Ben Affleck has officially entered Alec Baldwin and George Clooney territory—he, too, is being asked if he has considered running for public office! In Washington, D.C,. to testify before Congress about the humanitarian crisis in the Congo, the Argo star and director sat down to talk politics with Bob Schieffer in an interview airing Sunday on Face the Nation.

And, like Clooney and Baldwin, Affleck appears quite comfortable playing the role of Hollywood-star-and-activist, no official title necessary.

“For one thing, the state of Massachusetts currently has two extraordinary senators, so there is no vacancy,” Affleck replied when Schieffer asked if he had thought about running for an empty seat in his home state if Sen. John Kerry was picked to be Hillary Clinton’s replacement as Secretary of State.

“There could be,” Schieffer pointed out.

“Well, one never knows,” Affleck continued. “I’m not one to get into conjecture. I have a great fondness and admiration for the political process in this country. It’s a big deal for me to come down here and be on your show…but I’m not going to get into speculation about my political future.”

“Right now,” he added, “I’m really happy being involved from the outside in government, advocating for the Congolese, taking this movie that I made, Argo, that’s really become a springboard for dialogue about our relationship with Iran, which, as Hillary Clinton said, is the most pressing foreign policy issue today, so…I got a lot on my plate.”

Not to mention, awards season is just heating up!

Argo is nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Golden Globes, including best director for Affleck. Then the Oscar noms will be announced on Jan. 10—and we’ve got a feeling he’s going to have a different kind of campaign to think about.

[From E! News]

Ugh. I guess I might be the only one who found Ben’s side-step, not-really-a-denial thing pretty basic and annoying. Ben kind of reminds me of George Clooney, and I don’t necessarily mean that as a compliment. Like, I admire George’s work and Ben’s work, but when they start talking about presidential politics, I think they come across as “actors trying to be super-serious about politics.” Like, they’re just play-acting. And they both think they’re way smarter than they actually are. That being said, I like Clooney’s shtick more because Clooney doesn’t play games about running for office. Clooney comes right out and says that he’s done too much sh-t to run for office. Ben has done too much sh-t to run for office too, but Ben thinks he’s successfully whitewashed his past (and present?) enough and that we’re all buying it. We aren’t.

Now, if Matt Damon wanted to run for the Senate seat? I WOULD BE ALL OVER IT. Matt would be a much better candidate for higher office.

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  1. lori says:

    I still can’t get the visual of him massaging J-Lo ass on the deck of yacht outta my mind.

  2. carrie says:

    after Ben saves the world in ARMAGGEDON,after Ben saves the cinema in WB’s oscar campaign this year,Ben saves the US politic because (what is his credibility yet ?)…he did one year of politic in Harvard 20 years ago!

  3. carrie says:

    and he is dapper for a guy who go to a coffee shop with his kid

  4. Mia 4S says:

    I admit I’ll be surprised if he did. I mean he and Garner have been pimping out the happy family routine for Oscar season. He’ll be nominated, but won’t win. If he wants Hollywood recognition so badly why try to take on a job that means zero time for movies?

  5. mln76 says:

    He has a big enough ego that he probably thinks he can get away with all the cheating the gambling addiction etc to be swept under the rug. Its a total insult to Kerry to replace one of the most distinguished Senators with this lightweight and I hope the Democratic Party doesn’t get starstruck.

    Also Kerry would be a great S.O.State he has always had a ton of Foriegn Policy chops.

    • Hautie says:

      I have to agree. His ego is telling him all that sh*t he pulled, will not resurface. That no one will tell on him.

      Lets be real. We only know what he couldn’t keep contained.

      But the gambling and the hookers will kill any campaign. The GOP would never let Affleck get far on this little quest. He simply has too much of a past to hide.

      And seriously. Affleck is just not that bright. Not for politics.

      But then again is he attempts this run for office. It will be an avalanche of gossip about him.

      Things that he would not want unleashed.

      Geez it took a decade to live down the relationship with Lopez.

    • Wanda Full says:

      Although I don’t exactly think that Affleck would be the greatest choice for a Senate seat, I don’t see what is so scandalous about him. Yeah, there’s speculation that he cheated on his wife. Compared to today’s politicians, who are out hiring child hookers in Thailand, impregnating campaign workers while their cancer-stricken wife sit at home, frequenting the gloryhole while rallying against gay marriage, having secret children with the nanny….yeah. He’s going to look like Mr Rogers up against that lot.

      And I don’t see why his gambling addiction would be a problem, either. He’s worth tens (maybe even hundreds?) of millions of dollars. He’s not in debt. It’s his money; he can do what he pleases with it. Besides….a chunk of the money he loses at the casinos IS going to the government after all, lol.

  6. SallyJay says:

    He is soooo hot in these photos. Pity about the rest of it!

  7. SallyJay says:

    He is so hot in these photos. Pity about the rest of it!

  8. Raven says:

    He said maybe and there is no opening. Read what the NYT had to say yesterday about Cory Booker’s ambition when a member of his own party is still occupying the senate seat that he wants. That kind of greed is what’s really ugly.

  9. Jen says:

    Don’t we have enough idiots in Congress already?

  10. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    LOL! In the third picture it looks like Matt Damon is trying to get in the car to avoid the camera, but Ben Affleck is looking at the Paps and engaging them.

    I’m so glad the Damons only lived in L.A. for the summer.

  11. erika says:

    Washed-up party guy with good hair who resents his trophy wife and cheats on her whenever he gets half a chance? Yeah, he’ll totally fit in on the hill…

  12. JRD says:

    I don’t think this is Ben’s year to win a Senate race.
    Speculation is that Scott Brown will likely run as well, and he’s a likable guy who just couldn’t overcome the Democratic party during a Presidential election year.

  13. Apples says:

    I don’t think he’s considering it in the short term. I wouldn’t rule it out 10-15 years from now.
    Am madly in love with him for pulling put of that movie when KScrew (the only ~real~ actress in Hollywood) was signed; I couldn’t stop cackling when I found out.

  14. Caroline says:

    Treasury Secretary is also going to change. There are a lot that are leaving, but I think he’s dealing with, oh, let’s just speculate …. the FISCAL CLIFF BS?? the fact that Boehner and Cantor and McConnell are holding the country hostage once again? yeah, the Cabinet will get filled when he has time.

  15. JuneBug says:

    Wow..all of the one liners zinging back and forth. Maybe he is civic minded. You all think because he had sex with Jlo that he can’t run ? You say he’s pimping his family for an Oscar ? The family can’t help that every time they open the front door the press is there. I would love to see him run, Cloony too.

  16. Phil E Stein says:

    Yeah Clooney does say he’s done too much shit to run for office. Everyone knows he’s done drugs and slept around, so I wonder what other skeletons he has in the closet?

  17. mollination says:

    Wait….what? Where are you getting your info from that Ben is fake-smart or play-acting? Or that Damon is better qualified?

  18. Feebee says:

    Honest to god if some of what the current congress probably get up to was brought to light, a little gambling, a little blow, a little JLo in the past would seem like child’s play.

    Time and time again stories come up about members of congress exploiting the system, which might be legal but totally unethical and yet it just dies with no consequences. Maybe we should evaluate, I mean Clinton fooled around but was one of the best Presidents. I know technically he could be called unethical but I’m just saying.

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare Clooney and Affleck. I see them as very different.

  19. UghInsomnia says:

    Mouth. Breather. His mouth is open in every pic. Ugh

  20. Molly says:

    I work in politics and I hate it when actors try to enter “the game”. There have been very few actors who have done it well, so I encourage them to stick to doing their advocacy efforts.