Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce from Demi Moore after more than a year

More than a year after separating, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are finally formalizing it. So much for all of those rumors about their marriage not even being legitimate! I was actually surprised that they WERE legally married all of this time. Anyway, Ashton was the one to file for divorce, not Demi. According to TMZ, Ashton filed in LA last week, citing “irreconcilable differences.” “Sources” also told TMZ that Ashton waited to file (for more than a year?) because he wanted to give Demi a chance to file first. Like, he was going to allow her to play the wronged woman, which I think is a really bitchy, passive aggressive way to play it on Ashton’s part (like, he thinks Demi is such a sad mess so he was going to let her have one), but whatever. When Demi never filed (probably because she spent the past year as a damn mess), Ashton went ahead and pulled the proverbial trigger. But! Team Demi tried to shove this at TMZ right after Ashton filed:

Demi Moore planned to divorce Ashton Kutcher from the day she left him in November, 2011 … sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.

As we first reported … Ashton wanted to give Demi the chance to file herself — a whole dignity thing since he’s the one who was allegedly cheating on her — but he finally got tired of waiting after a year and filed for divorce Friday.

But our sources say Demi was not stalling … there was something going on with some sort of financial issues between the two of them that prevented her from filing … something she was trying to resolve. We’re told Demi never wavered in her resolve to get unhitched.

One final thing. Our sources say Demi is “genuinely happy” now and has no regrets about moving on.

[From TMZ]

In a later report, TMZ’s “sources” claimed that Demi wanted/wants a financial settlement from Ashton, like she got from Bruce Willis. But that’s kind of weird because Demi was and is loaded (as in rich) and although Ashton has more money than I could ever dream of, he’s still not the wealthier party. So… Demi’s story is that she didn’t file for divorce for more than a year because she wants Ashton’s money? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Meanwhile, guess where Ashton spent the Christmas holiday? He was in Iowa, his home state (I believe his mom and brother still live there), and he brought Mila Kunis with him. People Magazine reported that Ashton and Mila were seen at Fruitzen Frozen Yogurt in Cedar Rapids over the weekend. So… they’re doing holidays together officially. It’s REALLY serious between them. What’s the over/under on Mila getting pregnant?

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  1. Roxi says:

    Doesnt the law in some states say you have to be legally separated for a year before you can divorce?

    • Apsutter says:

      In some states but I highly doubt in CA considering the rate at which celebs divorce there. I highly doubt that this had anything to do with money. Demi has spent the last year in a downward spiral and I’m guessing Ashton wanted to give her time to pull herself out of it but she hasn’t. He’s clearly serious with Mila and wants t move on while Demi just wanted to live in la la land pretending its not happening.

    • I think that they will now have to wait 6 months, however if you can prove that you have been separated and both parties agree to the date of separation being more than 6 months previous that can be waived.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      In CA, your divorce will be granted in no less than six months from the date of filing, (provided your asshole ex will sign on the dotted line) unless you “Grammer it.”

      You may still file for Legal Separation (and check the “Divorce” box as an option), but that only pertains to assets and the separation thereof.

  2. brin says:

    Radar has a story that Demi was shocked by Ashton filing (after a year?).

  3. Ms Kay says:

    Well it’s about time she realized it’s time to move the F on!

  4. dcypher1 says:

    Im sure milas happy now that he finally filed. She was probably the one who made him do it. She dosent want to date a separated yet still martied man.

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    I guess Demi thought if she gave Ashton A chance to sow some wild oats, that he would get it out of his system and come back to her. I think that it was a nice move on AK part to give her the opportunity to file first. If she had filed for divorce right after he left her, everyone would have been like “good girl, divorce his cheating ass” now she looks pathetic…

  6. Lizzie says:

    How much money does Demi actually have?
    Doesn’t she have a production company or something that made her super rich?

    • Ms Kay says:

      Yes, Demi is worth about $150 million…

    • Polk8ot says:

      Demi is worth about $140M, with $90M of it coming from her divorce settlement from Bruce Willis.
      Kutcher is worth over $150M, with most of it coming from his various investments in IT companies, and a sizable chunk from ’2 and a 1/2 men’.

      In CA any marriage income is automatically community property, subject to 50/50 divisiom (and it can NOT be invalidated by infidelity since CA is a ‘no fault’ state). If there is no pre-nup, as most suspect, then ANY pre-marital assetts become community property, too.
      Demi already has a well documented history of trying to suck Bruce dry of all his assets when they divorced, so I totally can see her trying now to get her grabby death-like talons on his IT shares (he owns significant stakes in a lot of high grossing, high valued companies, and the shares will only keep going up, so there is a potential of her actually making out like a bandit if she got him to skip pre-nup).
      She might have been a bigger star when they married, but he definitely had much more income during the marriage, of which she will take half outright.

      Kutcher is a total douche and a sleazeball, but in this case I think Demi is the one trying to get a nice payday. She always struck me as a greedy, money hungry shrew, who would vindictively gladly bankrupt someone who wronged her, and she seems to be following the same script here (was just smart enough to keep it out of the press, unlike her Willis divorce fight).

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        It kind of got forgotten about after she retired to raise the kids, but in the early 90s her nickname in Hollywood was Gimme Moore.

      • d b says:

        Since CA is 50/50 anyway, and they had 3 kids together, in what way was Demi grabby with Bruce Wilis’ money? She was legally entiteld to 50 % of what he made during the marriage, right?

        Whether the same is true of her divorce from Ashton isn’t as clear – certainly he wasn’t setting the world on fire with his movie career or his commericials. Yes, he has IT blah blah, but we don’t know how Demi invested her own $ during their marriage, her properties, etc. She also does a lot behind the scenes, so may be getting a piece of whatever she’s producing or whatever. There’s an awful lot of $$ in this business that is totally behind the scenes, so it may be a wash, who knows.

        It’s not inconceivable that she has more $ than Ashton a la Roseanne or Goldie Hawn way back in the day

      • Sweetness says:

        Pre-marital property does not become community property in California unless you specifically co-mingle the assets (which I highly doubt they did). But without a pre-nup, any income and assets acquired during the marriage are 50/50, and a spouse is entitled to spousal support for 50% of the time of the marriage (so if married for 6 years, entitled to spousal support for 3 years).

  7. Lauren says:

    I really can not hate on him (anymore).. First I thought he was a real jackass for how he treated her, but after her behaviour of the last year.. I kind of understand his side a little bit (not the cheating part).. But who can blame him that he didn’t want to stay with such a mess????

  8. The Original Mia says:

    I seriously doubt he was concerned about Demi. He didn’t seem to care when he was screwing that coed on their wedding anniversary in a hot tub. More than likely, he waited until people forgot about it.

    I’m coming around Kaiser to the belief that Mila is pregnant and they are close to marriage. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  9. mln76 says:

    Man I really thought they just had a ceremony with no strings attached. I totally agree with MrsBPitt’s assessment. Demi has done the unthinkable with her immaturity and made Ashton look like the better party.

  10. Sapphire says:

    I am going to guess that some of the delay was sorting out whether the marriage was actually legally binding then disentangling the financials. Neither of these strike me as rocket scientists.

  11. Annie says:

    Mila kunis is so overrated and she’s not a good actress at all. I don’t get it. She’s a bad actress.

  12. madpoe says:

    Was she suppose to fight for him during that one year? or get her act together or was it for his benefit. I don’t recall seeing these two out and about working their marriage out.

  13. phlyfiremama says:

    That 2nd picture makes Asston look like Billy Bob Thornton in “Slingblade”… hahaha

  14. Grace says:

    Even if he filed this month the divorce won’t be final until June. In California you have to be apart six months from the filing.
    Mila deserves all of the drama that she’s about to get. Ashton was probably filing before January 1st to take advantage of tax shelters before the tax changes start so he can cut Demi out of a great deal of money.
    Demi may have the last laugh on this one; at least financially. Hopefully she gets a new man that is appropriate for her.

  15. KellyinSeattle says:

    I really can’t stand Ashton…he reminds me of a frat boy.

  16. Holden says:

    Realistically, the only reason they haven’t made it official has to be financial reasons and working out details. That’s the only thing that holds up the process in California because divorce is a money maker in this state.

  17. anne_000 says:

    I wonder if Demi was thinking that maybe she could get “Two And A Half Men” money as long as she waited long enough. I wonder if they filed a pre-nup though.

  18. Paloma says:

    I’m thinking they had a big argument and Ashton had reached his limit with her.

  19. elceibeno08 says:

    Why was money the issue here? They both have their own private fortunes which they earned separately. It is very petty that Ashton and/or Demi would want any money from each other when they were only married seven years and they have no children together.

  20. Nev says:

    Why is he allowed to act the fool with coed girls in his anniversary in a hot tub and she can’t act the fool dancing in a party?

    • SunnySide says:

      I’d say age and an expected level of maturity. She is a 50ish year old wan with three adult daughters. He doesn’t have offspring to think of and has never displayed any real maturity.

      • cr says:

        Plus she’s been acting the fool in public for well over a year now.
        It’s one thing to go out and have fun, but she does so in such a way that she looks sad and pathetic and in denial of her age.
        I’d be fine if she went out and acted like a hot 50 year old, not a 50 year old trying to act like she’s 19.
        When your behavior makes your soon-to-be-ex look less like the douche he actually is, you might want to reassess your behavior.

  21. nanster says:

    I am very disappointed in Ashton – I am originally from the same area of Iowa and I consider Iowans to be among some if the finest and most well-grounded people around. I had hoped that Ashton could get beyond the trappings of Hollywood and stay true to his roots, but evidently, that hasn’t happened. I can’t even stand to look at him anymore. Agreed – Demi Moore seems to be a train wreck, so why marry her in the first place? Their union was doomed to fail from the beginning – there were too many obstacles stacked against it. Rubbing his promiscuity in her face was downright nasty, though.

  22. skuddles says:

    Ashton is totally belching in that last pic :D

  23. janie says:

    This whole mess needs to end. He doesn’t want Demi, that’s enough for a normal woman. Who in their right mind wants someone that doesn’t want you? Demi acts like she is in high school… fine, give him back his class ring and move on.

  24. Az says:

    Mila Kunis MUST be pregnant. The only way Ashton can semi rehab his image is by playing the kid card. After all, it’s the one thing Demi cant’t provide (okay that and a semblance of sanity). My first thought when I read that he’d filed was that Mila has to be knocked up.

  25. floridaseaturtle says:

    I am actually really surprised that their marriage was a legal one. I guess someone saw the docs, I assume. And his past shenanigans aside, I wouldn’t doubt that he and MK had conversations regarding him still being a ‘married’ man, legally or not. That would be just normal. If it was/is true, that DM was holding off only for more of a settlement…well give me a royal break. If I were in her shoes, I would have walked, held held high, with not much comment in the beginning, when she made her ‘statement’ regarding how ‘some vows she held as a wife’, or something like that. Money is clearly not the issue in her case, especially with no shared biological shared children. I went through a divorce my first time myself, with children. I felt ‘wronged’ myself at the time also, but, I was quiet, and didn’t take squat. Ok, well, I take that back a little. I didn’t hire a lawyer, but I told my ex that I was asking for full legal and physical custody of the children, it worked out for me, and we moved on quietly. Zero dollars beyond filing. Anyway, I really don’t know what my point is, except that she and Bruce seemed to have an unusually amicable split relationship, that was held to an example. I am thinking she got hung up on this boytoy, that was not ready, she im-matured during the relationship/process, got hung up on secret open s-xcapades & thr3somes & available drugs, got caught up in emotions of the results of that kind of lifestyle, separated, was exposed when she spiraled, etc. AK probably did give her some time, whatever. Then when he drug his feet, MK probably felt like crap & they either talked or argued about it, so he filed. My take on it, just sayin.

  26. floridaseaturtle says:

    I too, am really surprised that (?) this union was legal. Ok, guess someone saw documents (?). I don’t think it is too far fetched that he gave her time. Considering that he ‘alegedly’ cheated, it would have been a decent gesture. He wasn’t dating MK at that time. Assuming this is all true, there is not much doubt in my mind that MK may have put her foot down, rightfully so at this timeline. As far as DM, I am not buying that she stalled for money. I think they got involved in a lifestyle that backfired tremendously, and resulted in heartbreak for her. She spiraled after, and now must put some kind of comment out there. Rumor had it that their former lifestyle included thr3somes or otherwise open-liasons and no doubt been high or drunk on ‘things’ quite often. Those things normally don’t end well when done with any regularity. I doubt she held out for some kind of settlement, really, after all she has? Much better, IMO, just to have walked away and said ‘no comment’. You would think she would understand that being a public persona, taking the high road would be worth $ with public opinion on her side. If it is true, I am just sad for her. And she should stop the crazy dancing, really. As pretty as she is, she is not good at it. That type of bad, desperate dancing with yourself, only looks good to guys at 3am.

  27. Maggi says:

    Are people here serious? Demi doesn’t dance in a cool enough fashion for the general public so therefore it’s totally LAUDABLE for her ex to file divorce papers at Christmas???? Seriously, as if he couldn’t wait another couple of weeks? Really??? There is something totally messed up with people here, as in, a serious complete lack of compassion. She was married to him for 6 years, he publicly cheats on her to get out of the marriage, and the hops right into a serious relationship which is flaunted all over the Internet and yet all people can say is ‘move on’? Easier said than done sometimes. It’s always easy to dispense advice when we are not involved. Having gone through some bad break ups I am not so keen to cast the first stone.

    • ataylor says:

      If he waited a few more weeks, he would be effectively screwing himself over tax-wise. This (IMHO) was a financial decision. Demi had all the time in the world (okay, more than a year) to file first. What was the hold up? None as far as I can see. She pulled the trigger on the divorce first with her announcement back in Nov. of ’11…after they had both gone through “Kabbalah counseling” whatever that may be/entail. It was over. Breakdown or not, one of them had to file before Dec. 31st to take advantage of certain tax breaks that I believe are supposed to be expiring soon.

      Either that or Mila is pregnant. lol.

    • ataylor says:

      Besides, why is everyone freaking out over the fact that the divorce was filed over the Xmas holidays?

      Aren’t we all forgetting something a bit essential here? Both Demi and Ashton are followers of KABBALLAH (not only that, Mila is JEWISH) None of them celebrate Christmas or the birth of Jesus.

      They celebrate HANUKKAH. And Hanukkah was already over by the time he filed…so…???

      And Hanukkah, as I was informed by an ex (a not really active Jew), is not even a major MAJOR holiday within the Jewish/Kabballah community. I was told Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover and Purim are the biggies. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong — or better yet if HE was wrong so that I can rub it in his face later.)

      Although Ashton did take Mila to Iowa over the Xmas holidays, let’s not forget that Ashton’s family (except for his sister Tausha who is very involved in Kabballah as well) is still very much Catholic and thus he would be pretty much required to celebrate the holidays with his family regardless of his personal religious beliefs.

      Family…guilt will do it every time.

  28. mimi says:

    Ashton sounds more and more like a world class A- hole.

    I do think he made much more money that she did and got ahead in his career by milking her name and the fact he is dating and marrying Demi More, so yes, in my book she definitely deserves half of his earnings and he made a lot during these years.

    I don’t think she made that much during these past years.

    I have no idea what Mila is thinking by ruining her life with this type of man.

    She can date practically any guy available on earth and she chose this cheater, and someone who disrespecs the woman he married and declared his love for in such a way.