Is Kim Kardashian already trying to sell a possible Kanye West wedding?

These are some photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West from before Christmas that I just never got around to publishing. I was thinking about doing a “Kanye’s Very Kardashian Kristmas” thing, but… eh. For what it’s worth, Kanye and Kim did spend Christmas together from what I can see. They were in California, and Kimye even went to that Lakers game on Christmas day (the same one with Chris Brown and Rihanna). So, Kim and Kanye are still tight. They are still together, even though it’s hurting his career. But here’s a new twist – is Kanye hurting Kim’s “career” too? Star Mag says… maybe. Kim has been quietly trying to gauge the interest in a possible Kanye-Kim nuptials-sale, and no one is biting.

Kim Kardashian made a mint off of her first wedding, but an insider says the reality princess was shocked to discover that no one wants to buy in if she marries Kanye West. Kim still isn’t divorced from Kris Humphries, but she’s been quietly shopping around a potential wedding to Kanye.

Her August 2011 nuptials to Kris in Montecito, CA should have cost $6 to $10 million, experts say, but Kim parlayed her fame to get deep discounts, and the E! network paid $15 million to air that wedding. Then they split after just 72 days.

“That seemed so fake,” a source in the know says. “No one will believe it’s real this time.”

And this time, E! didn’t even make an offer.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I’m sure this is good news for those of you who hate all things Kardashian, but put on your Logic Cap for a moment. How in the world would a Kim-Kanye wedding NOT sell? I don’t care if Kim’s last wedding was a total fraud (or if it was just stupid but not fraudulent). A Kim-Kanye wedding would totally sell. The real problem isn’t that it wouldn’t sell, it’s that Kim might not want to sell it this time. For real.

Quick note: if this much of your bust is exposed while working out, you are a distraction to other gym goers AND it’s probably not good for your back or tatas.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    Um Kimmy, first you have to get a divorce from Derp Basketball before you can famewhore your next wedding.

  2. carrie says:

    finally she has divorced of her basket ball player?!

    Kanye ,you deserve better! you’re talented!

  3. Leen says:

    That sports bra looks so uncomfortable. I can’t work out like that at all. I need a good sports bra that covers ALL of my boobs so I can run in peace.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    That was not her FIRST wedding (I know, the error’s in the article) but her SECOND. Kanye, if he makes it that far, will be her THIRD.

    And having read just about everything about Kartrashians’ Guide to Fame-Whoring, I can’t see how she WOULDN’T sell out her next wedding. Or the one after that. Or the one after that…

  5. Dawn says:

    Let’s be clear here, the wedding to Kris Humphries was NOT her first marriage and although she pretended for a whole 72 (very long days I’m sure) her second marriage was a total no doubt about it fraud on her part. I wish the media would simply be truthful about this band of gypsies. They will do anything for money; nothing is too low for them IF there is a pay day. Is this a real romance, probably at least for now, but after she is married the bloom will fall off the rose and she will move on yet again because she needs to be in love and follow her heart, no matter how bleak and black her heart is. The only thing this woman needs to do is stop the continuous lies that fly out of her mouth like spit in the wind. And really IF she really wants this third marriage all she has to do is sign the papers stating that her marriage to Kris Humphries was based on fraud and be on her dirty little way. Easy peasy. Ugly couple from the inside out.

  6. Eleonor says:

    She doesn’t need a huge wedding this time (third time is the charm?) she needs to get pregnant.

    • Dragonlady Sakura says:

      She couldn’t take care of a kitten! And Allergies my ass. Kim doesn’t need a baby right now.

    • JanaInSendera says:

      Oh no – please don’t wish an innocent baby into the pitiful life of kim kardashian. She is the most self-absorbed, self-important person on the planet – she always claims to want to get pregnant – that’s just it – the idea of being pregnant is what excites her because of the attention and media $$ she thinks it would bring her, but she never considers the responsibilities involved in taking care of a baby. Would she just toss the baby to the curb when she gets bored with motherhood after 72 days? Her own sister said “kim is all about kim” when she named Khloe guardian of her children in her will instead of kim. This woman is so disgusting – I hope she NEVER gets pregnant – pity the poor infant.

      • Eleonor says:

        I agree with both of you, but Kanye is a famous musician, if she gets pregnant she could stay around for other 3-4 years. Staying relevant it’s all she cares about, so no wedding, a baby will come first, because I seriously doubt she will be able to divorce soon.

    • JenD says:

      Uh oh…heard tonight she really is pregnant. Heaven help us. We’ll probably see a new series about the pregnancy and birth.

  7. Isa says:

    I still think its all publicity. There is something odd about them and I don’t see the lust, love. Everything looks weird.

    Walking around, sometimes holding hands, walking around, going to the games, walking around.

    He should just come out if the rumors are true.

  8. Hoya_chick says:

    Hey Kaiser, it was the the LA Clippers game, not the Lakers game. Lamar plays for the Clips now so they all went. The funniest part was that Khloe, her best friend, Pimp Mama Kris and Bruce were all sitting in the front row then stunt queens Kim and Kayne showed up and Bruce and the friend had to move back a row so that they could get maximum publicity. Ha! Yuck. Bruce, where are your balls?!?

  9. JenD says:

    Does Kanye own anything other than leather pants (and skirts)? I always think they are the same, stinky pair.

  10. Hautie says:

    I am amazed, that Kim is so determined to marriage this individual.

    He has threw out all her clothes. In order to have her dressed in ugly clothes.

    As tight and over the top her normal clothes were. At least she had lots of color and textures with those clothes.

    Now it is nearly all black. And leather.

    And extremely cheap looking. Poor fitting ugly clothes. That were meant for a girl much taller and thinner.

    I will not even speak of that see through skirt she wore that showed everyone… that she really does have a lumpy ass.

    He has done nothing but make her look foolish. And I am stunned that her Mother has allowed it to taint her her top money maker.

  11. AmyLynne says:

    Kim’s dress is sort of cute actually. She looks decent.

  12. heatheradair says:

    yes, the sports bra combo is ridiculous.

    BUT: she always looks better in workout gear and a topknot than in her “street clothes.”

    Much better look, even if it’s not *real workout* appropriate.

  13. Serenity Now says:

    Please don’t let them procreate😁 I couldn’t stand another pimped out child starting with a ‘K’- Krap Krass Karastrophe

  14. swack says:

    Agree that Kim needs to get divorced before even thinking of the next wedding. Second – that “bubble” leather skirt is horrendous. My daughters wore bubble skirts in the 80′s and as children not adults. Leather is not a good material for a bubble skirt. Lastly, why is it in every picture that I see Kanye and Kim together he is NEVER smiling?

    • barb says:

      kanye never smiles cause maybe he’s not happy! is he suppose to be? I think he is in over his head! If his mother was alive he would not be with kim… she kept an eye on him kept him grounded when she died he went crazy! he has some sort of mental thing going on and she knew it!
      his closet friends don’t approve of this union and he has to know this is not the right relationship for him

  15. lassie says:

    Double side boob. Very attractive.

  16. erika says:


    -KK, KK, Uhmmmm MmmK WHY do you NOT understand how to DRESS yourself!?! I don’t get it! She dresses SOOOO against her body type every single &&#^@(#$& day! this, ‘outfit’ of hers here looks like Thumbelina: The Street Ho Hooker/Black Belt Ninja Fighter. wtf? big boobs, big ass, tiny frame does NOT equal stuffing your sausage into sizes 4 times less, and cutting up your body at the bust, waist, thighs and ankles. Forget it….why bother.

    - Honestly? and honest not just wish. I really think Kim is sliding down the jungle gym set of her own fame. it really is drawing to an end:
    tired of her look
    ” of her shenanigans
    ” of the BS rumor spins for attention
    tired of her exhausting love/kitty/divorce/baby circle of drama life

    we’re just getting tired….umkay? plus, I hear she has to call up papparazzi’s and frequent the same venus over and over just to get a photo in the blogs each day. How many times did she go to her salon last week? 3, how many times at the gym? how many times have she n’ KW gone out to lunch this week?

    it seems like that’s all she’s been doing lately, gym, hair, eating…gym, hair, eating.

  17. Jordan says:

    Remember when Kanye made music? Now he’s just a purse holder for a Kartrashian. There really must not be money in the music industry anymore. Everyone just uses it to get fame and then flees it for other projects as soon as possible.

  18. Dani says:

    She has 3 boobs on her side. What is that? Boob, second boob, random extraness?

    I do kind of sort of like her dress though. Without the hooker boots.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    That was sad when Kayne’s mom died. The surgeon who did it is a real ass.

  20. C says:

    Am I supposed to think those lips and that fake nose are attractive? She’s nasty.

  21. Nev says:

    there are plenty pics of them smiling and him smiling at her adoringly.

  22. Str8Shooter says:

    I still can’t for the life of me who in their right mind would find this tasteless, sleazy piece of trash even remotely interesting to watch.

    OH..sorry, should clarify that could be EITHER of them.

  23. Jennika says:

    She is on 14:56 of her fame. I don’t think a Kim-Kanye wedding would get good ratings. No one likes her, knows that relationship is fake, and that her second marriage was a fraud and that she is just a gold digging fame whore. Her and her family’s stock is plummeted, and I bet in a year, we will hopefully hear less about them. Not to mention this cat-killer’s looks are gone. Her face looks so jacked and scary, and she looks like a horse.

  24. Ew says:

    She’s so disgusting. I didn’t watch the first wedding or her reality show and I certainly won’t watch any next weddings that any of these trashy people host. I don’t listen to Kanye either, so hey, I’m not that broken up if he marries her. But really, these people are annoying when they pop up across internet sites.

  25. lisa2 says:

    Well I saw this on another site of here explaining about he seating arrangements makes sense I guess

    kim wrote…
    This was my first time seeing Lamar play for The Clippers! It was funny how everyone made a big deal about Bruce and my mom not sitting together, saying it was fueling these ridiculous divorce rumors. Well I got four court-side seats, so Kanye and I obviously sat in two of them and then we wanted Khloe up front too, since it’s her husband playing, and then mom joined us too. My mom got eight other seats right behind us for the family, where Bruce sat with everyone else. I started to feel a little ill (I caught the flu over the Christmas holidays!) so Kanye and I left at half time and Bruce came to the front and sat with my mom. It’s a simple as that! Not everything is as dramatic as the media make it out to be!


    Marriage talk is premature until the divorce is finalized. I think at some point Kris H has the upper hand. He is really putting her life on hold, and can wait her out if she really wants to marry KW.

  26. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Oh, probably! What makes me really, truly, ragingly sick is that some EEJIT will be willing to part with cash to watch this plastic, pretentious, no-talent manifestation of all that is wrong with this world sashay her gi-normous arse down the aisle again.

  27. LondonLady says:

    I have to say, in all recent photos I see of the two of them, he looks totally miserable. I see a breakup, not a wedding, in the near future.

  28. palermo says:

    I try and imagine their conversations and come up with zilch. They both look dumb as a box of rocks

  29. Anita says:

    I still think Kanye is gay?
    him and his leather skirts
    im sure he will pay Kim millions to keep quiet about their relationship just like he gave to baldy

  30. Stephie says:

    She is beyond pond scum….

  31. J7 says:

    Eww, she looks like she is in desperate need of a shower and de greasing.

  32. The Original Mia says:

    Wow. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s post about her pregnancy. This is gonna be good.

  33. bessy says:

    well, guess she’s got you for eighteen years now K with baby on the way!!

  34. Kim says:

    Aint saying she a gold digger….18 years

  35. Anna says:

    KIMYE IS PREGGOO!! It’s confirmed.