Jude Law looks kind of filled out in Hawaii: would you hit it?

Long story short: YES I WOULD HIT IT. These are photos of Jude Law on vacation in Hawaii with what appears to be a larger group which includes his children with Sadie Frost and several adult friends. Jude was photographed on the beach, having a grand old time body-surfing and laughing with his kids and friends.

Is it just me or has Jude really gained a lot of weight? Okay, not “a lot” but all of a sudden he really looks “filled out” right? In his 20s and early 30s, he always had that whippet-thin, lean and hungry look. Model-thin, like he still had a teenager’s metabolism. But I guess it caught up with him in his late 30s…? He just turned 40 years old last weekend. Now he “looks good for 40”. Which is probably fine by him, considering he was often thought of as “too pretty” in his youth. And yes, again… I would hit it. I never mind a little paunch or a wonky hairline, just as long as the dude owns it. And Jude is kind of owning it here.

Also: The Mail says Jude has a new girlfriend named Charlie Hayes-Jones. She’s only 26 years old. You can see a photo of her here.

Most men at risk of a midlife crisis treat themselves to a flash new sports car – but not Jude Law. The Hollywood star has found himself a new girlfriend 14 years his junior – who is in California during his 40th birthday celebrations.

Jude jetted off to Los Angeles to spend his birthday in the sunshine state just at the same time as 26-year-old PR executive Charlie Hayes-Jones, who once caught the eye of Prince Harry, touched down. She has also dated Isaac Ferry, the son of crooner Bryan Ferry. It’s been an eventful few months for Jude.

It was recently revealed he was enjoying a fling with wardrobe assistant Ellen Crawshaw, 31, whom he met on the set of his upcoming film Dom Hemingway. Jude grew close to Ellen during filming in the South of France and East London. She told friends at the time that she was worried their romance would fizzle out as soon as filming stopped and earlier this month, Jude turned his attentions to Charlie.

According to spies, the pair were spotted snuggling up on a sofa at London’s Playboy Club. They were also heard discussing their holiday plans. ‘Charlie has been overheard excitedly talking about spending Christmas and New Year in Los Angeles and Las Vegas,’ says my spy. ‘They seemed really happy.’

The couple later decided to drop Las Vegas from their itinerary and Jude has been keen to point out to friends he is in LA with his children and no one else. A friend of leggy Charlie added: ‘She is in PR and so is savvy enough to know how to keep her relationship with Jude quiet but it was plain to see they were a proper couple at the club. They have also been spotted at a Mayfair club together.’

Charlie has posted updates about her trip to California on Facebook, including a picture of her feet with the caption: ‘California is for lovers.’ But she made no mention of Jude.

[From The Mail]

It’s kind of crazy that young, professional 20-something ladies view Jude Law as some kind of “catch” in which they must angle themselves correctly to make it work. I mean, he’s 40, he’s fathered 4 children already and he has moobs! I’m just saying, you don’t have to work it so hard, Charlie. You’re 26 years old, have some fun with it.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. mk yarwood says:

    Nah, he doesn’t ‘look good for 40′, he looks FINE AT FORTY. We really need to stop measuring our looks by a 20 year old…

  2. FirstTimer says:

    I’d definitely hit that.

  3. MrsBPitt says:

    I wouldn’t touch that with a hazmat suit on…the douche, std vibe is rank on this guy! But to be nice, his son is a very handsome young man!

  4. Post-It's says:

    He looks fine. But he kind of gives me the douche vibe. So no hitting here.

  5. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    From these pix he looks like he’d be a lot of fun on the dreaded ” Group Vacation.”

    And how funny are the Gigantic Crocs in the top photo–perspective is everything!

    • Amilu says:

      HAHAH! I had to go back up to see what you were talking about. I missed that at first glance. :)

      He looks like a hoot…especially in the fourth and fifth photos.

      I know he’s a cad, but I would’ve hit it 15 years ago, and I would hit it today (though perhaps with a hazmat suit, as MrsBPitt suggested).

  6. Ranunculus says:

    Yuck, never in a million years.

  7. ms. hebrides says:

    Jude just looks fantastic no matter what!

  8. Mew says:

    He looks like a real man and seems like a fun dude to be around with so yes, yes, yes.

  9. ms. hebrides says:

    Always, Jude just gets better with age. I hope those are not his crocs though!

  10. coconut says:

    glad to see he’s not manscaped or chest-waxed and that he’s not wearing huge, baggy long trunks.

  11. Christina says:

    Jude is nowhere near as breathtakingly beautiful as he was in his 20s and early 30s, but he’s still pretty fine. And he’s hardly fat, at least not by any normal standards.

  12. Julie says:

    He has nice legs. My husband was the same way, skinny (but still cute) in his twenties and thirties but now he’s filled out and looks good in his forties.

  13. INeedANap says:

    Actually, I find him a lot more attractive now. It should be noted that I am kind of repulsed by men who have that too-pretty, whip-thin look anyway. This version of Jude, with his broader shoulders, furry chest, and filled out torso and legs is giving me a case of the swoons.

  14. Joanna says:

    sleep with a guy who cheated on his SO with the nannay and doesn’t know how to use birth control? nah, I’ll pass. i’m not into hairy, balding men, either. he’s all yours, ladies, just remember to double bag it!

    • crtb says:

      ITA — I use to think he was so good looking now he looks like any other dude at the mall.

    • Abbs says:

      You mean a guy who “slept with a nanny AFTER his slag girlfriend screwed everything that moved in nightclubs on a regular basis–including Daniel Craig”, and then had the misfortune to run into a starf*cker who had been trying to get knocked up by at LEAST 4 other celebrities for an 18-year extortion fee who most likely poked holes in the condom–hence the b*stard spawn produced as a result. Ka-CHING! That’s what you ACTUALLY mean. Because THAT’S what’s happened. And you’d KNOW that if you didn’t spend all your time believing every bit of CRAP written in tabloids that you obviously base all your facts on.

      You no doubt get all of your information–like every other airheaded gossip hound–from the same erroneous crap sources that Celebitchy steals its error-filled “information”. LMAO. PLEASE. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR RAG MAG. You’re welcome. Glad to set you straight on Jude.

  15. Velouria says:

    God, yes I would. He also looks super happy and fun.

  16. NYC_girl says:

    Yes, yes, yes!! Happy New Year!!

  17. Jen says:

    Love Jude Law I would hit it over and over again.

  18. Denise says:

    Jude Law is a Sexy Beast!! Love Him.

  19. T.fanty says:

    Ohhhhhh, yes. And all the strange infections will inevitably catch will be TOTALLY worth it.

  20. T.fanty says:

    Ohhhhhh, yes. And all the strange infections I will inevitably catch will be TOTALLY worth it.

  21. Jessica says:

    Jude Law just marry me please.

  22. dee says:

    Jude is in Hawaii, I’m there.
    Kisses for you Jude.

  23. TG says:

    He is cute in movies, but I am shallow and I prefer a smooth tan chest like my husband’s. Also, on the personal side I despise a man who brings children in to the world with no intention of fathering them.

  24. EVE says:

    Jude Law shirtless in Hawaii, I’ll be all over him.

  25. Lydia says:

    We need more Jude. Thanks Kasier

  26. j.eyre says:

    I like his body, love his smile but I think I will pass on the hitting. maybe if I could watch him and RDJ banter like an old married couple for foreplay – that might do it for me.

    OK, so I am in my 40s and have not yet gotten a girlfriend 14 years younger than me – am I going to be kicked out of the club soon?

  27. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Yes, always and forever.

  28. Lauren says:

    Jude Law has beautiful eyes, he is a handsome man.

  29. Joyce says:

    Jude shout ‘I Am The Law !’ That is my fantasy. Love you Jude.

  30. jensational says:

    he doesn’t have moobs. joh travolta has moobs, jude law does not.

  31. eloisa says:

    Of course, i wish. He looks better with years, i prefer him now, manly and mature.

    About the supposed relationship with this Charlie girl, i dont think so. She is still in LA an not in Maui, she is obsessed with Nathalie Portman Closer role (creepy, see her facebook) and Hollywood, she is dumb as hell (see her instam), she is terrible PR, she is not stunning at all (not that this matter but i think she maybe put this rumor out to make it), she is best friend with Tolula Adeyemi, another woman that in the past try to use Jude’s name to be more famous. She is the same woman with Kristen Stewart in the pics the boxing day, thanks to the fandom we know who she is.

    And c’mon, is the dailymail! Perhaps casual sex but not anything more.

  32. mommak918 says:

    Not into him as a person, due to cheating…however, he does look good to me. I’m also not into thin, wispy men…so the fact he looks a bit more filled out is a nice change. I also see no ‘moobs’….

  33. Amy says:

    Jude Law has a beautiful voice I would like him to narrate my life.
    Love Jude always.

  34. RN says:

    Nope, too slutty and he has a piss-poor track record with women. I’m not into douchey men, no matter what they look like.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    I would indeed hit it. And then I would hate myself in the morning. And I would swear, “Never again!”. Then I would see him again in 6 months, and he’d just give that rakish smile and I’d melt right back into bed.

  36. SunnySide says:

    Drives me nuts when people call California the “sunshine state”. That’s FLORIDA! California is the Golden State. I should send The Mail a letter….

  37. roz says:

    Need a man like Jude Law in my life

  38. roz says:

    Jude Law is for the grown and sexy people. Love You Jude!

  39. knight says:

    My JUDE LAW, CRUSH! Squeel

  40. Jeanette says:

    He’s so sexy but it was all ruined for me when someone pointed out he looks just like my father. I feel like I’m being incestuous by even recognizing his sexiness.

  41. floridaseaturtle says:

    Ok, someone above mentioned they got an std vibe. I don’t know, and I am putting that out of my mind, who knows. Aside from that…I Would so hit that!

    I am not into hairy backs or anything, but manscaping seems so silly to me. Give me a real man any day. (yeah..lucky me, I actually have me one of those! My hubby is a little rounder in in the middle, but who cares, he is a grown-a$$ middle-aged man). Thank’s God! :)

  42. Evett says:

    I am really attracted to Jude Law he can get it day and night.

  43. clara says:

    Jude Law you have my full attenion.

  44. linda says:

    Panty Creamer Of The Day: Jude Law In Maui. Yummm

  45. nikki says:

    Jude Law wrapped up and delivered to my bedroom pleas

  46. Scavenger says:

    He is thin and does not have “moobs”. Kind of scary what the standard is, if that is what you think these pictures show.

  47. Abbs says:

    You guys never get anything right. Among a ton of other errors, Psycho Sadie Frost is NOT there. She’s in Goa, India–at least, that’s where she was during the time Jude & kids were in Maui. This is according to HER. GEEZE. I’D do better working at “Celebitchy” than you people. You REALLY need to do your homework, or at LEAST TRY and steal ACCURATE information from RELIABLE, NAMED sources, not “friends of/sources/an UNNAMED source/etc. Yada, yada, yada. Especially ones that “claim” to have “seen” two people “sitting together obviously ‘in love’”—PLEASE. 90% of the time, Jude—or whomever–is just TALKING to someone and suddenly, they’re “in love”. Give it a rest. Or like I suggested—DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

    Given all the misinformation you people constantly spew, especially about Jude, but assumedly about everyone/thing else on here, HOW do you keep your site online???? It boggles the mind…

  48. Shira says: