Is Chris Brown cheating on Rihanna & Karrueche Tran with a third girl? Ugh.

Rihanna posted this photo on her Instagram on Christmas Day. Because the baby Jesus wants to celebrate #ThugLife. For real! That was the hashtag she used ON CHRISTMAS. So… yeah. Chris Brown and Rihanna are truly back together. She “won” him back from Karrueche. For now. I’m sure Chris will dump Rihanna and go back to Karrueche at some point, and then this whole mess will just start up again, and it will be predictably stupid and crazy. But here’s a new wrinkle – is Chris Brown bangin’ other women besides Rihanna and Karrueche? Would that surprise you at all?

Chris Brown may have brought a third woman into the mix, if you believe a new report in Life & Style magazine. The mag claims Chris cheated on both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran by sleeping with Sommer Gargan, a 24-year-old executive assistant.

“Sommer and Chris have a mutual friend who brought her to hang out at the studio one night and that’s how they met,” an insider told the publication. “He got her number and asked her to ‘hang out’ later that week.”

The story goes on — adding that Chris and Sommer were intimate on several occasions.

“Not long after, he went on tour and left LA, so they agreed to get in touch when he gets back in town.”

While our sources connected to Chris aren’t talking about this report, it seems kind of questionable only because Chris has NEVER been the one to hide what he’s doing from Rihanna or Karrueche and has always been upfront and honest with the women in his life!

As previously reported, Chris and Rihanna started out their New Year together — in bed! The couple both posted photos of themselves in bed on New Year’s Day, and by the looks of the sheets, they were definitely together. Plus, Rihanna said they didn’t sleep!

Chris posted a photo to Instagram of himself laying in bed with the caption “mornings” on Jan. 1. The same day, RiRi also posted a photo of herself in the SAME bed (check the sheets) and wrote, “Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I’m not quite sure about the timeline for this. He was touring and doing show throughout November and December, so are we supposed to believe that he hooked up with this Sommer girl…? October or something? Why is that scandalous? He was still doing the back-and-forth between Karrueche and Rihanna, so why not add a third girl into the mix? These people are completely crazy. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of Rihanna and Chris’s Instagrams, additional pic by WENN.

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  1. Bowers says:

    And there are women who like guys who are in prison too. I don’t even want to understand.

  2. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    “Upfront” and “honest” are not the words I think of when I look at this degenerate.

  3. Maria says:

    how could chris start to understand what kind of man he is when women throw themselves at him? thats like rewarding a dog for biting someone and then wondering why he always bites people.
    its so sad that guys like that are so popular with women.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Gee I wonder what drugs they where on for them both not to ” have not slept”? Breezy will cheat on her again. It might be 2013 but its the same shit for these two!!

  5. Kaye says:

    I know he thinks he looks tough as all get out with his pants pulled down like that, but all I can do is laugh.

  6. swack says:

    Chris – PULL UP YOUR D@MN PANTS – you’re not 13 years old and you look ridiculous!

  7. Kim says:

    He would never be into that Becky Try again Team Breezy

  8. andy says:

    Can you imagine what would happen if Rihanna cheated on him?

    I hate Chris Brown.

    • poppy says:

      isn’t that what the whole beat down was about, her texting/receiving a text from a man? texting, not cheating? beat down for texting? maybe i don’t remember correctly because he was always a singing dancing doucheball. this is terrible but i hope the twatburger gets a beat down as of the first time i ever heard about it.

  9. Elceibeno says:

    Of course it is very likely Jerko McDouche aka Chris Brown will cheat on Rihanna and Karrueche with a third girl! Both girls better get used to it. Rihanna downgraded herself a couple of notches by dating Brown.

  10. Agnes says:

    Pull up your pants, you trashy douche wife-beater.

  11. 'Sup? says:

    The vicious cycle of Brezzy’s STD sharing dong…

  12. Cecada says:

    I bet they BOTH are a barrel of laughs to be around…

  13. Melissa says:

    I kinda hope he does cheat on them both with a third girl, I know its a nasty thing to say but hopefully it’ll help her wake up and kick him to the curb. Emotional abuse might be better incentive to leave? (dubious)

  14. Faye says:

    You awful people! Why don’t you just leave them alone? Don’t you know that Rihanna and Chris just want everybody to “mind their own business”?

    . . .As they’re posting pics of themselves *in bed* on Twitter . . .

    Also, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little at the site of Chris Brown’s undies. Did not need to see that, now or ever. Those things should be required to have a “biohazard” sign on them by the CDC.

  15. Betty says:

    This just makes me sad. Obviously Rhianna is a very damaged person who needs to spend some time in therapy instead of partying. And YES Chris does have a very small penis – that’s why he’s insecure and beats up women. A real man would never do that. This will end so badly – death or jail or both.

  16. Logan says:

    Is he on drugs? He’s lost a ton of weight & looks even more disgusting than normal

  17. annabelle says:

    Douche Brown gives me feelings of conflict.

    On one hand, I really wish gossip sites would just stop covering him. He doesn’t deserve any of the PR.

    And while I KNOW that I could just not click the link and go on about my business…

    On the other hand I hate him so much I am drawn to images and stories that fuel that hate. Pants down around his thighs surely does that. It feels good to hate this a$$hole so rather than ignore him I read stupid crap about him.

  18. Lulu says:

    Seriously, I am so in agreement with everyone’s bafflement over the pants falling off thing. There is a guy that rides my bus sometimes that wears his pants completely off his buns (he is always hitching at them to keep them from falling completely down). He gets off the bus and hops on his bike. We all wonder how he manages to ride his bike with his belt on his upper thigh. It can’t be easy. Ah, the price they pay for fashion.

  19. Lily says:

    Blah blah blah… I’m so over them. This love story is old and boring.

  20. andrea says:

    It’s Chris Brown. It’s more than likely he has a different girl every night when Riri and Karrueche aren’t available. UGGGGHH. How women (and men, ahaha) are still falling for his crap is baffling. You can tell every time he and Riri have a falling out, she puts an almost naked or extra-”controversial” pic of herself on the web.

    By the way, if they weren’t sleeping, it wasn’t just because they were f*cking, they were up doing all the drugs in their his-and-hers stash.

  21. LouLou says:

    Chris Brown looks the opposite of sexy in that top photo. It’s not just the pants down thing, which makes him look like a toddler who is still learning how to pull up his pants and needs Mommy’s help. That face he’s making–ugh. He looks like he has a cognitive disorder. Like a brain injury or something. Brain damaged and unable to pull up his pants is what he thinks is sexy. Okay. Next time just wear a diaper and make the derp face, thug.

  22. Jaded says:

    They’re both vile, fu*ked up people and I fervently wish for 2013 that they would just go away and stop inflicting themselves on the world.

  23. Samantha says:

    They all deserve each other.

  24. Asdfg says:

    Gross.. That’s all I have to say…

  25. NerdMomma says:

    I assume he sleeps with dozens of women. I assume Rihanna and Karrueche both know and accept this. I thought the only problem for Rihanna was that Karrueche was his new steady girl, his top girl or whatever, and that she has no problem with the revolving door of meaningless women. They’re just both fighting to be the top of the pile.

    I agree with all of the commenters who have mentioned what an ugly, nasty piece of trash Chris Brown is. I add to that description that he’s a skanky nasty man who hopefully doubles up on condoms or he’ll start his own special strain of VD.

  26. skuddles says:

    Women like this make me ashamed to have a vagina. I can sort of understand Tran’s position – she’s a nobody who has nothing so she’s clinging to Brown for the fringe benefits, but RiRi has money and power, so WTF?? She doesn’t have to put up with his sh-t, yet she chooses to be just another doormat vag for the abusive pig Brown. I think what disgusts me the most (besides Brown himself) is the shiteous example RiRi is setting for her many young female fans.

  27. Kaboom says:

    Not much to comment on. He already expressed his degree of respect for her when he punched her in the face. She already expressed her level of intelligence and self-respect when she went back to him. They are a perfect couple.

  28. @J says:

    Rihanna reminds me of Lindsay Lohan except that she is still somehow managing to be successful. She has all the money in the world, yet I just look at her and pity her. She thinks she knows what she is doing and has everything under control, but reality will hit her soon (no pun intended).

  29. Barbara says:

    I want to know why the media gives attention to the thug life…the only people buying their “so called art” are kids, not sane adults.

  30. Serenity now says:

    All I can think of is Ike and Tina, Bobby and Whitney. These two are the 3rd generation. Talented people who obviously have deep seated issues. I was once in a bad relationship (emotionally abusive) and it did take a while but I did eventually get sick of it and i left. I think the same will happen with Rhianna. Lets hope no children will ever be born of their relationship.

  31. anon33 says:

    YE GODS I HATE THIS EFFING PIECE OF TRASH. And why does he look like he’s on the Lilo crack train?!? Damn, but he looks AWFUL.

    This is EXACTLY how abusive men are: you can’t text/speak to/be friends with another man, because that’s “threatening” and “disrespectful” (hence the DOG COLLAR-SERIOUSLY RIHANNA, DO YOU NOT SEE THE CONNECTION?! WTF), but he can do pretty much whatever and whomever he wants, and if you say anything about it?

    Well, you get a face like Rihanna’s in 2009. She’s probably absolutely petrified to even raise that as in issue anymore.

  32. Holden says:

    It’s all funny until something awful happens.

  33. thatgirl says:

    She has not self respect. I don’t think she ever would have left him to begin with if it wouldn’t have been bad for her PR.

    I don’t understand girls who fight for a guy who is taken and then prance around with him, flaunting like the victor. Any guy who can be stolen (especially one who is an abuser) is NOT a prize.

    No self-respect.

    That is all..(sorry for the rant)

  34. Jolene says:

    He’s not even the least bit attractive! How does he get all these women?!

  35. Angela says:

    Dude…you’d think with all that money he could afford some pants that fit. Also, I no longer feel sorry for Rhianna. It’s obvious all she cares about is playing the game. She doesn’t care about her own dignity, self-worth, etc. When you actually get away from an abuser, and then you go straight back to them…yeah, I don’t feel sorry for ya.

  36. ShaCur says:

    The whole “thuglife” thing absolutely infuriates and sickens me. A “thug”, historically, is a violent criminal/thief, term for dangerous people that deceived others by pretending to be friendly only to attack them once their guard was lowered. Granted this was a term used in 19th century India by the British, but a “thug” was not an honorable person that was oppressed and misunderstood. This whole “its romantic because its us against the world” is so, so ridiculous. Sad, but ridiculous. Sadder that she’s promoting a lifestyle – this thuglife – and somehow that’s edgy and cool and romantic. It makes me physically ill there are young women out there that are eating this up. I get she’s not trying to be a role model but she is glamorizing violence and criminal behavior by using this term. When kids think “thuglife” I assure you they are thinking romance, solidarity and sticking it to haters by engaging in destructive behaviors. They’re not thinking self respect, kindness and humility.

  37. MichelleR says:

    I hope so. These girls need to wake up.

  38. A says:

    Blah. Oh Ri Ri, wake up, get off the drugs, and ditch the physically abusive boyfriend.

  39. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    If these women are stupid enough to put up with it, then, yes – he’s probably cheating all over the place. Wise up ladies, where is your pride?