Eddie Cibrian ‘spends LeAnn’s money at an alarming rate, he doesn’t even care’

I previewed this story yesterday, and I’m so glad I waited to read/transcribe the whole thing, because it is a work of art. Maybe fiction, maybe nonfiction, who can tell? As I said yesterday, Star Magazine has an epic LeAnn Rimes story, all about how she and Eddie Cibrian are spending money like it’s going out of style, but it’s mostly just Eddie buying himself “presents” because he works so hard being “supportive” of his wife. This is a rather chilling piece of sadness, paranoia, relationship trouble and money drama, and it’s delicious.

LeAnn Rimes hasn’t had much success with buying love from her worst critics, but friends close to LeAnn say that when it comes to her husband, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn is attempting to buy his loyalty – and the bills are starting to mount!

“Eddie spends LeAnn’s money at an alarming rate!” an insider tells Star. “He acts like it’s unlimited; he doesn’t even care. He buys whatever he wants, no matter how extravagant it is. The way he sees it is, he supports LeAnn in everything she does, so it’s only fair that he gets to buy himself treats.”

Eddie’s appetite runs deep when it comes to creature comforts. Since their 2011 marriage, she’s bought him expensive vacations to Mexican resorts, Rolex and Cartier watches, and she stands idly by while he splurges not only on himself but on her – including that five-carat, $85,000 engagement ring.

“Eddie will buy LeAnn gifts with her own money, but she doesn’t care… it’s a great excuse for her to show off to everyone and act like Eddie takes care of her.”

LeAnn’s accountant has repeatedly warned her that Eddie’s spending is out of control, but she just turns a blind eye, terrified that one false move will cause Eddie to leave her for another woman – just like he did to Brandi Glanville.

“He could bring them to the brink of bankruptcy, and she still wouldn’t say anything,” the source says.

LeAnn’s erratic behavior continues to baffle those around her – the day after Christmas, while passing through LAX, she became so incensed at a photographer who asked her about her X Factor performance that she jumped into an elevator without her 9-year-old stepson.

“It was creepy,” said an eyewitness. “One second she was smiling and happy, the next she was absolutely furious.”

It was exactly that kind of outburst that may already be hurting her work. Once worth an estimated $38 million, an insider says she has “nowhere near” that now. “Her career isn’t working out the way she hoped, so she’s doing all these little shows here and there to try to raise funds,” says an insider. “She even sold her Tennessee mansion in March for $3.35 million less than it was listed for, because she needs the money.”

And what about Eddie’s career? It’s at a virtual standstill He was cast as the lead in The Playboy Club last year, only to see it quickly cancelled due to abysmal ratings; though he’s scheduled to appear in the upcoming Tyler Perry flick Single Moms Club, there’s not much else on the horizon.

With two expensive lifestyles being supported by virtually one income, there’s pressure on LeAnn to keep earning.

“Deep down, she knows she can only keep Eddie if she’s rich,” says the insider. “Once the money goes, so does he.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Sometimes these tabloid stories go just a little too far, and they creep across that line between “haha, LeAnn has issues” and “Damn, poor LeAnn, chica has issues.” The “Deep down, she knows she can only keep Eddie if she’s rich… Once the money goes, so does he” line actually made me wince. I winced because I think it’s probably true, and I winced because Eddie Cibrian is a bastard. We can harp on and on about LeAnn, but Jesus, Eddie is all kinds of wrong, isn’t he?

Speaking of LeAnn and Eddie’s money, did you know they are buying a new mansion? I only know that because Brandi Glanville tweeted this:

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  1. Cinnamon says:

    Eh…she brought this all on herself. You should never have to bribe a man to stay with you and its better to lose face/admit you made a mistake and let your heart get carried away then end up broke with a smarmy guy whose going to leave anyway.

    As for Brandi’s comment, a simple “im happy my kids have a roof over their head when they are with their father” wouldnt hurt as a response. she’s coming off as petty in that tweet. i love her but she’s gotta know when to pick her battles.

    • brin says:

      Well said, I totally agree with you.

    • Rita says:

      My interpretation of Brandi’s “mansion” tweet is that the children keep talking about it and she was just venting. Without knowing it, her sons are sprinkling a bit of salt in the wound.

      • Southernbell317 says:

        thank you Rita I couldn’t agree more… I don’t think she was complaining or meant anything bad by it… I think she was venting a bit… I guess that’s the same as complaining… but, I see complaining as going on and on and on… I see venting as just saying something to get it off your chest and then you feel better… JMO… I completely understand how she’s feels… I do think she is truly happy for them that they are so happy and exciting… but, I also understand it can be bothersome to hear all the time about LR and EC and their big new house, and we did this and we did that, etc etc… her kids a little and don’t understand that so I’m sure they ramble on and on and LR… we all know how she feels about LR and who can blame her… so, instead of telling them to shush about LR I think she just vents to us… which is MUCH better…

      • Ok says:

        I want to barf in my mouth and swallow it. Just venting from old St Brandi, eh??? No not at alll bitchy or nasty. Never bitchy or nasty from St Brandi

      • Southernbell317 says:

        never said she’s saint… she’s not… she can be caddy and bitchy… we all can… I’m talking about this comment

      • KCaia says:

        @OK, I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like excuses being made for Brandi’s recent behavior. I used to have respect for her for keeping her head high and acting like the bigger person in this mess. That respect went right out the window. It’s like she can’t shut up about Leann lately. She’s using her kids as a means to run her mouth and try to make Leann look bad, hurting them in the process by throwing them even closer to the middle of this drama. For example, oh her kid’s ate a laxative and she’s worried? Then call child protective services! Except really she just wants to tell the world that Leann takes laxatives to stay thin. That’s why she expressed her “concern” in an US magazine interview. Exactly how is that going to help anything?

      • deehunny says:

        @Southern Bell- She was just venting but it still sounds bitchy.

        And not to be catty, but it’s “catty” not “caddy.”

    • cat says:

      There goes pig Brandi obsessing over Eddie and Leann-complete with patented Brandi nastiness. She’s actually criticizing her own children here, I assume. Gee, I thought the one who was crazy was Leann but if you actually look at their Twitter feeds, it’s all Brandi obsessing over Leann, not the other way around. Brandi is pure trash.

      • Sway says:

        Brandi is a hot head. That’s all. Always has been. And yes, she’s just venting. No one’s saying she’s a saint though.

      • Ok says:

        Sway — nobody seems to be very critical of Brandi when she is out of line. When Leann makes a mistake she is crucified by a lot of commenters on this site. Can you imaging how hurt you would be if there bloggers were making these comments directed at you? OUCH.

        Reverse the situation. Brandi makes a comment about hearing about a house and barfing about it because she is sick of hearing bout it. Well Brandi is a “hot head”. Brandi is just “venting”. Poor Brandi needs to destress at the spa for a day and she will be back to her angelic self

        If Leann said she was barfing about something related to Brandi, she would be chased through the halls with torches.

        I love reading this site. I am very entertained by some of the really cute and funny and clever comments written. I have spilled, projectile snorted coffee or water laughing so hard as I read

        But I have to point out that the tilt on this site is so pro-Brandi that even when she is bogue and nasty, she gets a pass. Leann does not get the same wiggle room.

        I do feel a bit of compassion for Leann because reading these things has to be so hurtful for her.

    • Original Me says:

      Why would the kids be moving into Leann’s mansion? I don’t understand how the custody of the kids is working. So then Eddie has primary custody so the kids live with him and Brandi gets visitation? What is going on there?

  2. Baskingshark says:

    He needs to spend $10 of it on some Just-For-Men beard dye.

  3. Poink says:

    So much for the “right kind of wrong” – “Eddie is all kinds of wrong.” Bwahahaha

    • V4Real says:

      Awesome!I think Leann has channeled her inner Beyonce and these are her words to Eddie.

      “At first we started out real cool, taking me places I ain’t never been but now your getting comfortable, ain’t doing those things you did no more. Your slowly making me pay for things your money should be handling.

      “You been maxing out my cards
      Giving me bad credit buying me gifts in my own name.
      Haven’t paid the first bill but your steady heading to the mall going on shopping sprees perpetrating telling your friends that you be ballin.
      And then you use my cell phone; calling whoever that you think at home and then when the bill comes all of sudden you be acting dumb, don’t know where none of these calls came from when your mamas number there more than once.
      You trifling, good for nothing type of brother. Oh silly me why haven’t I found another. A baller, when times get hard I need someone who can help me out instead of a scrub like you who don’t know what a man’s about.

      He is definetely not paying her bills.

  4. mln76 says:

    As much as she has done wrong LeeAnn is ultimately the dupe.
    Of the three she is the only one who will enter worse than she left. Her career and reputation is unrepairable and everyone thinks of her as crazy and pathetic(she is).
    Eddie will stay with her until he bleeds the last red cent out of her and will eventually land on his feet.
    Brandi is free of the baggage of that creep and has wrung out a D-List career from the publicity and should get on her knees and thank the lord Eddie finally screwed someone with some fame she could leech off instead of another nobody who she would have ignored(because we all know he has never been faithful and never will be faithful).
    I’m not eager at all to see the end that LeeAnn will come to. And I know all you rabid LeeAnn haters will say she deserves it. I don’t know or care but I really don’t want to see how this pathetic story ends.

  5. Cecada says:

    The only thing I get out of this is ongoing confusion about how’s she’s worth that much money to begin with. Other than that, meh. Just meh. They deserve each other.

    • dovesgate says:

      Because she hit the big time when she was 13 years old with the song “Blue”. She went on to have 3 platinum albums after that one. So yeah, she has money. Or at least she did before she met Eddie.

      • HotPockets says:

        Leanne had a pretty successful career in the early 2000′s. She had that hit song in Coyote Ugly and I remember that album was popular, but for probably 5-10 years she has been phased out and replaced by a newer crop of country singers, not to mention her tarnished reputation. I don’t think she will ever bounce back and it’s a shame because at the end of the day she did have a beautiful voice, but she dug her grave and won prince charming ( or the biggest loser/cheater/d bag)ever.

    • Samigirl says:

      No iTunes back then, so if you wanted to get 1 or 2 songs, it would run you $10-13 instead of $1.29 a pop. Makes for way more $$$.

    • Jessica says:

      I think that number comes from the “peak” of her fame which was well over a decade ago. Her new singles are not selling well so not much money there to be made, her little shows didn’t sell well either for the most part, and her last record sold what, 30,000 copies? Plus rumor has it that Deane actually got an 8 figure settlement from her. So I think she was far from this 32 mil figure before she even met Eddie but he’s really helped it cut it down :/

  6. OrangeBlohan says:

    I hope he spends ALL of her money, then maybe she will have to do something besides posing in bikinis all day.

  7. brin says:

    So that’s why Mason wasn’t in the “elevator pics” (but a pap was?!)…hope Brandi knows about this.

  8. sirsnarksalot says:

    What goes around comes around and Leann knows it. No matter how much she spends on him, her fate will be the same as Brandi’s except with her fortune gone. I feel sorry for her to an extent but she brought this on herself by commiting the ultimate betrayal of her own husband and another woman (Brandi). Lay down with dogs and you’re gonna get fleas….

  9. la chica says:

    I think that Min76 meant to say that Leann will exit this situation worse off than when she entered it and with that I agree. Brandi has gotten a reality career out of it, the children are enjoying a luxurious standard of living they would never otherwise have experienced, and Eddie’s career will be as it has always been (mediocre). But Leann will lose a ton of money, her mental health already seems compromised, and her career seems utterly derailed. However this ends, she is the one who will be worse for wear. And its sad that she seems to have no one who cares enough to tell her that if you need to take your husband on vacation every other month just to keep his attention, you do not have a husband.

    • mln76 says:

      haha yes that’s what I meant exit worse than she came in…I haven’t had coffee yet.

    • Amory says:

      The lifestyle the kids are “enjoying” is not worth the hell they have been through and will continue to experience with these three. The kids are the real losers here – I could care less about the other three.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes I agree the kids are really the only completely innocent victims . And they have three horrible non adult selfish bastards in their life ruining everything for them. I hope there is someone in this situation (counselor,mentor, family member etc) who has their interests in mind because their parents/stepmom don’t.

      • candigirl says:

        Thank you for stating the most important point of this entire situation! The adults are responsible for everything wrong here: ruining two little boy’s lives. Back 3 or 4 years ago, when they were 1 and 5 yrs old or 2 and 6 yrs old, their world fell apart. Now their privacy is gone and they are shuttled back and forth between warring camps, used as props for the adults’ egos and pawns between them. Their private lives are pimped out (school info, soccer games) for the adults’ profit. Their health and lives are endangered by a mentally ill step mom and negligent parents stand by doing nothing. The whole situation is sad.

  10. elceibeno08 says:

    Wow, I bad for Leann if this story is true. Even if it’s only 50% percent true I feel terrible for her. Let’s be honest. Who pays his child support to Brandi? Leann could do what Madonna and J. Lo. do. Leann can get a young stud (Eddie is no spring rooster)for a fraction of the money Eddie squanders.
    Cut back on his spending Leann and then we’ll see if he sticks around.

    • Ok says:

      I have to take issue with your statement of how the two little boys lives are “ruined”. Are they being beaten? Likely not. Are they being sexually exploited? Likely not. Are they being forced to take drugs? Likely not. Are they locked in a cold basement to sleep? Likely not. So they have food withheld or are they being starved? Likely not.

      Leann is not perfect. But she is much better than many other women out there. Just open a paper on any given day to read about the way some people abuse and neglect their children.

      Enough with the histrionics already. Keep it in perspective

      • Ok says:

        Whoops. Reply was for candigirl. The site only displayed the reply under the box not at the top. Something if funny with the way the mobile version shows up on my iPhone It also keeps telling me the comments fail to publish but sometimes the publish regardless of the failure message

      • Elceibeno says:

        Actually I was not questioning Leann’s character. It’s Eddie spending Leann ‘s money that I question. If he is not making much money, how is he making child support payments? It’d be unfair to Leann if those funds are coming out her bank account. Is Leann penis-whipped?

      • Iyanla says:

        I agree with both of you. The boys lives are not ruined by the affair, but their chance at a normal upbringing with two bio parents underone roof was destroyed, mainly by Eddie and also Leann. I think most people agree that keeping the family together is ideal.

        Honestly, i don’t know what hope these two boys have left for a future. The example set by their lying, cheating, lazy, unemployed, womanizing father is horrible and he won’t be instilling any moral compass in them. Im sure Leann is only the first of many wacked out “step mommies” that Daddy will bring through a revolving door so I hope the kids dont get to attached to her and her money. I also think Brandi acts like a total skank in her tv show and photoshoots and twitter. I am Team Brandi but her grace period for being a pathetic mess in public is over, clean it up girl.

        I guess what I am trying to say is, who wouldn’t grow up to be f’ed up after growing up the way mason and jakr have.

  11. truthful says:

    Wish I could say I am surprised but I am not…I think I predicted this, Eddie is a kept man and he is gonna drain her crazy behind financially.

    I did read about the new “mansion” she has acquired, smdh.

  12. Talie says:

    It came from Star, which is owned by the same media company as Radar, which is the main outlet used by all the RHOBH ladies. Yeah, Brandi was the source on this.

    If a story begins in US or People…that’s LeAnn planting it.

  13. Hoya_chick says:

    I’m home sick today. These Leann posts give me life! Don’t disappoint me ladies lol. I love the comments on these posts. Karma is a bitch and it seems hers, although somewhat delayed is being served. Eddie is beyond gross. Why is he such a catch? Is is a dlist actor, a cheater and slimy to the core. I cannot believe she is ruining her life over this fool.

    That bit about Mason and the elevator is what I picture her really being like. When the cameras are around on her terms she is so fake with the happy family charade and then she turns into a psycho. When he dumps her she’ll go crazy.

    Brandi needs a filter. That tweet makes her look so bitter and jealous. That’s something you text your girlfriend not something for twitter to fan the flames.

  14. Blondie says:

    Well, I guess you get what you pay for. I have zero sympathy for Leann, she stalked Eddie, with no thought of consequences. She copies everything that Brandi does, without realizing how pathetic she looks. Eddie is a douchebag, and a poor excuse for a father. I can’t wait until they fade into the sunset. Team Brandi all the way.

  15. yuck says:

    Oh good grief. Can anyone say they were surprised by this news? The man barely works.

  16. Maria says:

    Its LeAnns fault.

    i dont see the need to bash a guy that spends the money of his wife and leaves her when its gone. women have been doing that for ages and still do it and thats kind of accepted. so why be mad at a guy if he does the same? because men should be working and be the breadwinner?

  17. Quinn says:

    No amount of money, sex or attention will make a serial cheater stop cheating…a cheater cheats. They are sociopathic- they do not feel the normal guilt associated with hurting a significant other. LeAnn is fighting a losing battle. But everyone has to learn for herself. This will not end well for her… in the battle of Sociopath vs Narcissist, LeAnn is clearly outmatched here.

  18. eileen says:

    They forgot the part about the amount he spent on his sidepieces…including their rent, until she cut off his allowance.

    • littlestar says:

      I was wondering why that wasn’t mentioned in the Star article. Maybe they didn’t want to bash Leann too hard? Who knows. If Leann cut off Eddiot’s “allowance” because of his side pieces, obviously she knows he’s cheating on her, right? And yet she stays with him.

      Why the F won’t someone, ANYONE, step in and finally get Leann the real help she needs?

      • eileen says:

        She has had people in her life try to help her. If ANYONE says anything she doesn’t want to hear they are immediately cut off. Her father, friends, family….everyone around her coddles her and kisses her ass because they know she will drop them in seconds if they say one thing that isn’t that she is perfect, amazing and God’s gift to the world.
        Everyone she has in her life is immediately given gifts, money and rent paid for. Then if they dare say one bad word, they are labeled “unloyal” and she loses it on them. “After EVERYTHING I’ve given you and am such a good friend/daughter/wife and you say such untrue things!”
        When her dad tried to protect her from herself, she sued him and cut him off, the money thing was a completely sham and she LOST in court. Her mom is smart and just agrees with everything she says.

      • littlestar says:

        Sad sad sad, but it makes complete sense. She has obvious mental health issues, and to top it all off, is surrounded by enablers, users, and moochers. It’s probably doubtful then that she’ll get the help she needs.

        And how did Leann react to finding out that Eddiot (love that name btw lol) was cheating on HER? Did she refuse to believe it was true? Or did she throw the mother of all tantrums? And what did he say to her to make her feel better? So many questions :) .

      • eileen says:

        I think she is in denial about it but I honestly don’t know.
        A friend tried to tell her that he had at least one for sure, if not a few girls on the side. Leann said that is crazy, but then immediately cut his allowance and had called her friend crying that she was sick but Ed went out anyway -so she must have some kind of suspicion.
        Of course Leann also dumped the friend so she didn’t have to be around someone who knows the truth and isn’t buying her Perfect World scenario she shoves down everyone’s throat.
        National Enquirer had a good story on one of Ed’s mistresses he was with from before they were married to a few months after, but the girl was married and wouldn’t confirm the story so they dumped it. : /

      • Sal says:

        Eileen, just curious, does that former friend go by the name D****e on twitter?

      • littlestar says:

        This will sound awful, but it would great if someone played detective and found out some real hard info on his cheating and blew it to the press. Maybe then Leann will see what a loser he is and dump him for good, and then get the help she truly needs. But like you said, she only hears what she wants to hear and prefers to live in her “perfect” world.

    • Ok says:

      Read sociopath next door. Awesome read. Scary and made me sad about the general population

      • Cazzie says:

        That book is a really good read. This:

        “Deep down, she knows she can only keep Eddie if she’s rich… Once the money goes, so does he.”

        That is the definition of a sociopath.

        For the very first time, I feel sorry for Leann. If her husband really is a sociopath, then he is sucking not only the money but the life force out of her. She will be a broken shell at the end of it, and he will have moved on like a shark to his next money source.

    • candigirl says:

      Supposedly the married/divorced mistress is Divini Rae.

  19. Samigirl says:

    Ya know, as much as I can’t stand LeAnn, I think she was just so dickmatized that she didn’t realize that’s all he wanted in the first place. When will women realize if he cheats WITH you, he will cheat ON you? Eddie has no concept of love. He’s just a selfish, sad individual. LeAnn is as well. That being said, I don’t feel sorry for her. Maybe if she wasn’t such a mean person, but…she is. So, I don’t.

    • littlestar says:

      Yep, I agree. He’s is a dirt-bag, a real piece of sh*t. He doesn’t seem to care about the unhealthy situation he is putting his children in, as long as he can be lazy, spend Leann’s money, and screw as many girls behind her back as possible. He is a LOSER.

      • Zombie Shortcake says:

        (read as a yelling chant) “Dump Him! Dump Him! Dump Him! Dump Him!”

      • Ok says:

        You know the earlier comments of him being a sociopath are rattling around in my head. I wonder.

        They say that sociopaths are never ever ever faithful. They are very charismatic. They choose the people they know they can manipulate.

        And there was a different Leann and Eddie and Brandi post a few weeks ago where someone (wish I could remember the posters screen name) said that Eddie will be with Leann until he purposely drains her money then dumps her as revenge for upsetting his lifestyle. That would be something cold, calculating, and something a sociopath would do.

        I do now wonder about the mental wiring of Eddiott.

  20. Nanz says:

    So does Leeann pay Eddie’s child support to Brandi?

    • Hoya_chick says:

      Don’t they have a 50-50 custody arrangement? If they do then doesnt child support become a moot point? Idk. Seems like that would be the case, but I’m not sure.

      • Samigirl says:

        No, because both children are to be taken care of equally in both homes. Now, what I want to know is the following:

        1) Does LeAnns “income” contribute to that? Like, is child support more because the spouse is rich?

        2) When Eddie and LeAnn divorce, will Brandi have to pay Eddie child support, as she’s the only one of all of them who has money coming in?

      • Rita says:

        Hi Sami,

        As I understand it, LeAnn’s wealth/income doesn’t “legally” figure into Eddie’s family support situation. However, he must provide for his children so LeAnn pay his bills, otherwise, he’ll have to get a regular job and LeAnn couldn’t stand being alone 8 hours per day.

      • sam says:

        no he pays her child support because she stayed home with the kids while he furthered his “career”.

      • Samigirl says:

        Thanks for clearing that up, Rita. I just don’t get how he is ok with his wife paying (what I assume is a paltry amount of) child support for him. We know HE isn’t paying it because HE doesn’t have a source of income. I don’t think I would be too fond of being a “kept” spouse.

  21. Dorothy#1 says:

    Eddie did two episodes of Hot in Cleveland, yes I watch and it’s funny!!

    Such a crazy situation! I feel bad for his kids.

  22. Luxe says:

    Oops! It kept saying my comment failed.

  23. bettyrose says:

    I think it would be sort of a challenge to spend down $38 million. I mean, it would be replenished by earning around $1-2 million in interest annually (which I could learn to live off of if I had to). Buying property isn’t really spending down because it’s an investment, unless you’ve bought something you’re unable to pay the upkeep & taxes on.

  24. Jayna says:

    I only buy part of this. Of course, she’s footing most of the bill. But their vacations aren’t extravagant. Mexico at a resort a few times a year and skiing, etc. She tweeted and linked the resort, so obviously got a deal to stay there. It’s not like she’s taking him to Fiji, etc. He stays in spending money with their pap photos. He made enough this year to pay child support. It depends on how long they stay married. It will hurt her down the road as her career stays dormant and if Eddie never gets a longer term gig.

  25. lucy2 says:

    Eddie is such a scum bag. Aside from the money and the cheating and overall sitting back and watching L & B rip each other to shreds all day long, he’s let his kids be pawns in this whole game. It’s so disgusting.

  26. Jane says:

    I would love to know where Leann gets all this money to pay for Eddie the Douche’s services. Her album sales have tanked and she plays casinos that aren’t sold out. She doesn’t have a perfume deal as many of the other singers do, doesn’t do commercials or magazine advertising for them, so no money is coming from that. She hasn’t had any acting gigs since that made for TV movie with Burt Reynolds a couple years ago so again, zero money there. She can’t possibly get loads of money from her couple appearances on Jay Leno, that horrendous performance on Ellen and Chelsea Lately. Is she getting money from all the pap pictures? I would think that she HAS to split the costs 50/50 with the photog. She sold a house, but I only heard of how much of a loss she took in the end—not the net gain. I love statistics and would have a field day auditing her. She HAS to be hemorrhaging money somewhere.

  27. Madriani's Girl says:

    How insecure can one woman be?? If I was afraid my husband would leave me because of such artificial BS, I’d never have married him in the first place. The thing is, she’s probably right. I think Cibrian (who is so smarmy-looking) married her for her money and what the publicity could do for his career.

  28. Cam S says:

    I’m not sure on the validity of this story (I’ll be buying this copy of Star for sure. Any negative story on Leann the rags will make money. They should realize this), but it would explain her bizarre over the top PDA.

    She has an unhealthy need to show the world he loves her. He is her husband! I mean, isn’t that good enough for her? Why would she care what the rest of the world thinks? I am convinced everything she does (the stalking, bikini posing, bonus Mom) is all to stick it to the ex wife. I could understand it more if Leann hadn’t cheated with Ed. Why would any normal person feel the need to punish the ex wife further? You already got the douche, let it go already. Jealous much Leann? It
    is so obvious.

    It is kinda sad that she has always had to support the men in her life: her Dad, Andrew Keegan, Dean (I don’t think he worked steadily) and now Ed. Have fun with that Leann!

  29. Rita says:

    As I’ve said many times, her initial “revenue” was about $30 mil but in those days she had a bad deal with her record lable, her father took a bunch of it as her manager, her ex-husband walked with a bunch, she sold her Nashville home at a $3 million loss, and then there are taxes, and supporting mommy as well as the rest of her cast. Now she bought a home of which Eddie owns half so I estimate her current cash worth is about $3-5 million which in Hollywood won’t feed the squirrels for a year.

    I do think LeAnn plants all these stories just to get attention/sympathy and whatever else feeds her narcasissm….but I do hope they’re true.

    • Prinny says:

      Several sites claim she has a net worth of 38 mil. I read she made $96 mil just in ’97′ alone. I wouldn’t doubt she has a good chunk of money left. I thought that’s why Leann chose to rent all these years, since any property bought after marriage would be the only real valuable thing Ed would be entitled to. Also, any earning she’s made which can’t be that much.

      • Sapphire says:

        I think there needs to be a correction-her music/concerts etc generated that amount. That’s not what goes to the artist. Like records sales back in the day and I-tunes now-only a fraction finds it way to the artist. The lion’s share goes to the label and expenses.

        Original Tiffany knows more about this, but touring is the primary money maker. And Meann’s a conspicuous fail in that department. The Internet projections aren’t even close to accurate and aren’t exactly based on tax returns.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Hey guys! SOrry, was in the midst of a move from Atlanta to Miami. (sweet)

        Touring is where the money is at, especially now. She isn’t selling much with her current ventures, her residuals are not that much now and it is hard to make money on physical music. Unless you sell like Adele’s 21. For someone with Meanne’s caliber, right now, she would have to be touring her ass off to make money. Why do you think Madonna was last year’s cash cow? Tour, just like Gaga with her big tour the year before.

        Even with smaller acts touring is where the money is at, you make more there than anywhere, it is how you pay the bills. Any monies you get as an advance goes into album production costs, there is very little if any left over. Ypu must tour to make money. I KNOW she isn’t bringing much in at this point. She can’t be. Touring brings in ticket money, promoter money, merch money (big on tour).
        Just my 2 cents…

      • Sapphire says:

        Hey, Tiff- the site won’t let me reply to your post SFP. Anyway, you confirmed the business aspect . Recorded music isn’t the money maker. Touring is and this trick is bottom of the barrel in that category.

    • Jayna says:

      No way. She has far more than that. Not 38 million, but not just three to five mlllion.

      • Prinny says:

        ITA. I think she’d be really worried if she only had 3-5 mil to her name. I think there was a tabloid story not too long ago that an outfit she was wearing was worth about $10,000. She has to be really comfortable if she spends that kind of cash on one outfit.

  30. brin says:

    She is going to lose whatever is left of her mind when “Vanderpump Rules” airs.

    • Memphis says:

      I foresee another tattoo in her future. LOL

    • Ok says:

      I saw the preview for vanderpump rules. Looks stupid.

    • Cam S says:

      @brin: Why would Leann lose her mind over Lisa’s spin off show? Am I missing something, is there a feud between her and Lisa cause she is Brandi’s friend?

      • brin says:

        No, it’s that Eddie’s other mistress Scheana is a waitress at Lisa’s restaurant and she will be on the show.

      • Ok says:

        Vanderpump rules has a situation where Saint Brandi is sitting and talking and crying with ( and I won’t spell her name right) Schaena. Schaena was with Eddiot for a couple of years. Those years spanned the time he was with Saint Brandi and when he was with Leann.

        He dumped Schaena and divorced Saint Brandi in order to be with Leann’s checking account

      • why? says:

        Eddie’s other mistress is on the show. In the previews, one of the other waitresses calls her a man stealer or something like that. In Nov 2009 Life and Style reported that Eddie had hooked up with Scheana in Oct 2009, when he was supposed to be committed to Leann. As more and more sites picked up the story, “Eddie”(aka Leann) had her lawyers threaten Life and Style with a lawsuit in which they requested that Life and Style and all media who posted about the affair remove the story and then they requested a huge amount of money(many sites were joking about how you know that Eddie is after Leann’s money because of how much they asked for in the lawsuit) for personal pain and suffering because the cheating story “hurt” Leann’s feelings. I don’t know what came of the lawsuit.

        Something about Scheana upsets Leann because the day before Scheana was to appear on RHOBH for the first time, Leann went out and got the “only one that matters” tattoo, which she SWF from an interview that Scheana gave in 2009.

    • Jayna says:

      Not really. The overlap probably bothered her back then for sure, but think about it. Eddie having other affairs proves LeAnn didn’t break up a happy marriage, in her mind. And, honestly, a lot of the casual public will probably see it that way also. LeAnn was never the first affair, just the one he married. Eddie dropped his every other Tuesday Scheana chick the minute it went public, never took another call from her as she admitted in a paid-for tell-all. In LeAnn’s mind, she won the “prize” over everybody and Eddie probably even hates Brandi worse for doing this sitdown with Scheana on national TV. His ego is huge and can’t handle it. So it drives him and LeAnn even closer as a team, them against the world, and her adoration of him works in this instance.

  31. Memphis says:

    He could bleed her dry and she will never say a word. She afraid of losing the “best she’s ever had” *rolls eyes*

    So anything she has to do to keep him there, save face and make the world believe she’s “the only one that matters” (while he bangs the ones that apparently don’t matter but are still quite bang-able) she will do.

  32. skuddles says:

    I’m sure he feels he totally deserves to spend all her money just for putting up with the constant crazy. And lets face it, she’s no looker so he probably figures the money balances out the homely factor too.

  33. Relli says:

    And the latest round of Bikini photos have already surfaced!!!

    Much better Le, and also hats off to The Lip, literally! She must have read the comments everyone posted about her dated head gear and made sure everyone knows she is not bald ;)

    and thank you for not including too much Cruddie, someone needs to hit the gym if he is going to be continuously insist being called a “heartthrob,” on the blogs.

  34. Gabriella says:

    This LeAnn person is not very famous outside the U.S., right? I’m from Brazil and I had never heard of her before these crazy news here on CB and I am almost sure none of my friends have either. I keep reading these stories about her life because I find it kind of entretaining. I know all about her homewrecking and diva antics.
    Yet, I don’t know one single song she sings. And I have no interest in knowing either.

  35. kimcheee says:

    So, LeeAnn is like Hef and Eddie is like Crystal. :D Crystal wouldn’t have found “love” with Hef if he weren’t so rich. Eddie wouldn’t have traded up if LeeAnn weren’t so rich.

  36. HotPockets says:

    I remember when Leanne and Dean were together she seemed to live such a low key life, no bikini photo ops, no bolt on’s that you could park a car between, no twitter drama? Then I found this little gem..


    Leanne and Dean’s “seven year itch party.” They had this when she was 28 it reads, so this was right before they split. I think it is safe to say that all of Leanne’s parties and public displays translate into a front for deep seeded problems, like her recent bikini photos where she is hanging onto Eddie for dear life, she is telling the world indirectly, “I am not letting him go, so I am wearing a skimpy bikini and Superglueing our hands together for eternity.”

  37. K-rock says:

    She seems to be the only that doesn’t know he’s using her for her money. I think even if she did know, it wouldn’t stop her.

  38. Betty says:

    I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her. There’s nothing more pathetic than buying someone’s love. I’ve been wondering for a long time how she lives so lavishly. Her last hit song was 15 years ago. She’s going to have an epic breakdown when Eddie leaves her – it’s just a matter of time.

  39. jessiesgirl says:

    He spends her money wildly because he secretly hates her for ruining his marriage. If she hadn’t stalked him, she wouldn’t have forced Bradi’s hand and forced her to kick Eddie to the curb. He cheats as a way to deal with his life, as sick as it is, it must have worked for him and Brandi for a long time and they’d probably be married today if it wasn’t for Leann’s Crazy.

    • SouthernGal says:

      That has been my theory since day one. I think he secretly hates her. LeAnn was only a “booty call” persay. People always say that if a man is happy he won’t cheat. Bullsh*t! I personally know of a man that is a downright whore. He’s got a beautiful sexy wife who maintains their home and business. She takes care of his every need but he can’t stay away from any stray that flash a piece of flesh. A downright dog. It sickens me that people always blame the wife when her husband cheats.

      Brandi is better off without him because she could have got an STD or heaven forbids HIV. I’ve never blamed LeAnn entirely for the affair but what I despise about her is how she conducted herself afterwards and is still doing.

      I laugh at all of staged photos in Cabo. The real celebrities stay in hiding and enjoy themselves. Her lame ass spends the entire vacation posing in bikinis and trying so hard to make us believe she is insanely happy with her bought husband. Girl please!!! Everything is on your dime even that $85,000 ring you flash. Wonder how she felt when he asked for the Black AMEX to pay for it. LMAO!!!!

  40. hatekyle says:

    In the third pic, she looks like Ms Kentucky Derby 2000.

  41. why? says:

    Didn’t Leann tweet or blog about how she had bought Eddie and her family a new house last month? So the story about the house didn’t orginate from Brandi. This just goes to show that once again Leann uses those kids to taunt their mother. She told them all that stuff about the house, just so that they could go back and tell their mother.Could Leann also be getting money from her father? She made a big point to reunite with him over the holidays. She does’t do anything unless she can get something out of it.

    How is it that Leann never ever sees the passive aggressive digs that Leann takes at Brandi on twitter?

    • Ok says:

      Responding to Why’s that Leann told them all about the house so they could go back and torment Brandi…..

      Did it ever occur to you that Leann told the boys all about the new house because they are going to be LIVING in the house ? Duhhhhhhh

      What do you want her to do? Not tell the kids anything about the house then move them in there and make them wear blindfolds so they won’t say anything to Brandi about the house?

      I guess it would save Brandi having to throw up in her mouth then swallow it.

      • why? says:

        Didn’t Leann throw a 13 year old child under the bus just to save herself? Why give Leann the benefit of the doubt when we have so much evidence supporting that she uses children just to fuel her agenda? Leann told the boys about the house for the purposes of taunting their mother, just like she threw Carly under the bus for the purposes of saving herself.

        What people want Leann to do is stop using chilren to push her agendas.That way a mother, including Carly Rose’s, won’t be reduced to throwing up in their mouths at the mention of Leann’s name.

  42. Kelly says:

    Dean & Brandi must be enjoying this. Karma’s a real bitch.

    • Jane says:

      Let’s hope Brandi’s book is a huge seller and rakes in the money. Then the Karma will be serious b!tch!

    • Jayna says:

      I think Dean looks at her thinking he gets the last laugh, thinking: When I was with you from around 19 to 27 you were considered cute and sexy in a natural kind of way. Now you hook up with Eddie and in an effort to be Brandi you became unattractive and look much older.

      My two cousins loved LeAnn. My one cousin is considered a hunk, not as hot as Eddie but still very hot. He loved her when he was in college and law school, circa the video below, and can’t believe someone would change their looks in a few years for the worst He saw her in 2008 in the Kenny Chesney tour and said she looked cute and bubbly and now just looks hard and aged. He said he can’t figure out what she did to her face.

      This is how he liked her, fresh looking, not gaunt and botoxed and weathered:


    • Ok says:

      Kelley — I think that the loss of her marriage is going to be fantastic for Brandi in the long run.

      I am calling her Saint Brandi because I am amazed at the way a lot of the comments crucify Leann and excuse away mistakes.

      But I really like Brandi’s character. She is my favorite of the Housewives. I am hoping that she is able to get a ton of money and exposure and sock away all the earnings for retirement. I hope she hooks up with a super rich good guy who will appreciate her, be faithful to her, and treat her well.

      I hope Leann comes to her senses and dumps Eddiott. I hope she finds a good non-sociopathic, non-using guy who will stabilize her.

      I hope Eddie…… Well, I don’t really want anything good for him. She is just such a nasty user.

  43. bELLA says:


  44. bELLA says:


  45. Baylor says:

    This particular story must chap at LeAnn, true or not. Why? Because every time she ever got romantically involved with someone, some article eventually came out saying they were just after her money. Even Dean. She would always issue a statement saying ” so and so has plenty of money of their own.” She gets that more than any other celeb I know.
    Then of course, Andrew Keagan really did Use her shamelessly. So, when she got with Dean at first, she was really paranoid about money and they even had a painting representing that money would never get between them. She eventually became a lot less paranoid about that . Now, with Eddie, she’s back to square one….

  46. Lulu says:

    Ever since I read this story this morning, I’ve had David Lee Roth in my head singing “I’m just a gigalo…”

  47. nomorerimes says:

    Eddie loves boats–there was a pic of him and Scheana on one during their affair. Time for LiaR to buy you a BIG boat, Eddie. Make it expensive!!

  48. nomorerimes says:

    Remember how Eddie called LR just a speedbump. Here in a town close to me they call them….speed humps! Really! That fits LR even better.

  49. charity says:

    His parents must be so proud of him. His father should have smacked him up-side the head years ago. Hope those boys grow up to treat women better than this serial cheater, gigolo, user of a man does.what a good example for his kids.

    • Jane says:

      I’m waiting for the day when the boys grow up and do some “investigating” on the net on their own, only to find out what kind of douche their father has been. How in the h*** is he going to explain all this garbage to them? Could you imagine the “values” this man so called “taught” his sons? “Yeah, boys: don’t work, swoon a chick with big bucks, tell her everything she wants to hear and make her lust for you. Then she’ll buy you cars, trips to Cabo and all you have to do is show up for cameras to make it look good. Picture Eddie taking another slug of beer. “A long standing job? Nah….who needs it. Make sure your sugar mamma foots the bill. “

      • Jayna says:

        You give the boys too much credit. Their reality is with their dad half the time and he is probably a very loving father to them and a huge presence in their lives. Brandi says he’s a good dad. Their reality isn’t a bunch of gossip and behavior on gossip sites and twitter, just like seeing their mom talk about all her sex and fuck this and fuck that and screaming drunk on RHOBH isn’t their reality. Their love will stay the same for both parents. They aren’t going to change because of stuff that happened in their early years. And there is enough junk on the internet about their mom and dad and Leann, wrong and right, and all the bashing from posters to probably make them sick of everybody.

        I know a woman whose husband was a crappy father, selfish, not around like Eddie as much, and he worked on that kid and when he hit fourteen, the age to decide, he went and lived with his father in a neighboring state. The father had plenty of money and time and could see his child often even in another state because he was a pilot. His father worked on the kid because he wanted to get rid of his child support. The father cheated on and talked horribly about the mom, told his son lies and still his son loved him. He loves his mom dearly, but as a son really wanted the father’s approval and caved to the pressuring to move with him. To say the woman was bitter is an understatement. He loves his mom and now in college they are very close and who he turns to as the nurturer, but loves his dad too. She will never get over losing him from 14 to 18 to a man she despises.
        But the son doesn’t want to be in the middle and doesn’t want to hear about their dirty laundry because he loves both.

  50. WendyNerd says:

    I can understand Brandi’s frustration. I’m willing to bet Leann has gone above and beyond to buy their love. I bet every time they come home to her, they have all new stuff and make complaints like, “Why can’t we live in a mansion like we do with Daddy and Leann? Why can’t we go to Mexico or Disney World at a moment’s notice like with Leann?” When you’ve lost your husband to someone so rich, insecure and scheming, someone so dead set on replacing you in every way, it can make you tear your hair out. Let’s face it, Leann stole the most important thing in Brandi’s life— her family— and is continuing to try and steal as much of it as possible. So she can do all the petty tweeting in the world as far as I’m concerned/

    Eddie Cibrian is such a scum-sucking asshole. It’s one thing to be a Gold Digger, and it’s one thing to be a cheater. But to be someone who is practically spending your family into bankruptcy and using threats of infidelity to get away with it is just the most vile type of behavior. Sure, Leann certainly deserves to be spent into bankruptcy. But the kids don’t. And even if they don’t go broke, what kind of message are the two of them sending to his boys? That it’s okay to two-time someone as long as it’s with someone rich enough to buy you whatever you want? How do you discipline someone in a household like that?

    Things are going to end very, very, very badly. I hope Brandi has some sort of career explosion, ends up making tons of money so that she can take care of her kids when Leann and Eddie go broke, and gets custody. It would serve Eddie and Leann right.

  51. felixe says:

    Leann must have been taken aback by the drunk accusation after the X factor performance, because in these vacation photos she’s not holding any drink, like she normally does in all other bikini photo ops.
    On another note, I listened to some of her songs on Youtube (she really is a gifted vocalist) and stumbled upon this interview she had with Robin Roberts, years ago. It’s really the same mantra she repeats, as she did recently with Couric and Rancic – “We’re in love, we didn’t want to hurt anybody”. She doesn’t seem so facially strange in that interview, but I guess her crazy was just awakening back then.

  52. Jayna says:

    LeAnn needs to get out of the sun, get rid of the fillers and stop f’ing with her lips and hire back this makeup artist pronto. I bet Dean used to hire all her makeup artists and hair stylists, etc. She needs to hire Dean back as her assistant and career and looks advisor to get her on track. LOL


  53. Rita says:

    Given her addiction to laxatives, if she comes down with a case of Montezuma’s Revenge while in Cabo, they’ll have to burn the yacht….or they won’t be able to put it out.

    The beaches will be ruined as well.

  54. lisa2 says:

    As a woman it is always interesting reading the take that women have on Men with other women. Thing is we see the situation through the eyes of a woman. We never understand what a man is thinking. Not really. People here assume that Eddie is only with Leanne because of her money and nothing more. We see may celebrity women dating, engaged too and married to men that don’t have as much money as the woman. are those men only in it for the money? I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t care one way or the other. BUT I do know enough to know that a woman’s take on this situation is not always right. Men get with women for so many reasons. And most of the time it is because of how that woman makes them feel. Yeah men care about that too. And maybe just maybe Eddie lover Leanne. Obviously something was not working with he and Brandi. Not excusing any behavior. I just think that people need to just think that maybe these people are not going to break up just because some people don’t like them. I don’t know if this is real lasting love. Nobody does.. It would be interesting if they proved everyone wrong… It has been known to happen.

    • nomorerimes says:

      “Obviously something was not working with he and Brandi.” Really??!! Not necessarily–some men (and women too) just can’t do the fidelity thing and want the challenge of getting something on the side. The marriage could be super good but he just couldn’t resist the speedhump and all the others he had on the side. If his marriage now is okay and so happy, happy, happy like LiaR implies, why is he supposedly cheating now? And I do believe he is!

    • Ming says:

      Men get with women for multiple reasons. Eddie got together with multiple women…And is more than likely still up to his antics. This is what leads people to think that eddie is just with leann for the time being. Eddie is the lowest of the lowliest types of people. No matter what a person says is going on at home, cheating on your pregnant wife with a waitress and a has been country singer is beyond low.

  55. Joanna says:

    why don’t these two stupid women get off twitter? they could pay someone to “tweet” for them, inoffensive and innocuous things that will enhance their “brand,” instead of these two idiots making themselves look bad. Don’t they have friends they can vent to? Instead of doing it to the world and making themselves look bad? that goes for both of them? why don’t we ever see Eddie’s tweets? does he not tweet, twat, whatever the f you call it? or is just not as fun to read as two catty women going back and forth with each other?

    • Sapphire says:

      Eddiot, against all expectations, has enough brains to keep his mouth shut. His Twitter account is reported run by Meann. Which means he avoids the flack his delusional wife keeps getting. IMHO, this makes him an even greater D-bag.

    • Jane says:

      Leann cannot get off of Twitter because she is addicted to it. I think Brandi uses it as bait to get people to watch her on RHWOBH. It could be a part of that “Hollywood” thing whereby people need to be on it to get as much attention as possible–for whatever reasons.

  56. oivey says:

    Eddie Cibrian has serial killer eyes. I know that sounds weird…but he creeps me out. Like in 20 years time he’ll be in the news accused to murdering people, cutting them into little pieces and burying them under his house.

  57. Jane says:

    Apparently they are back from Cabo and Leann is “sick” once again. She and Eddie had quite a paps frenzy at LAX and she didn’t want to be photographed. Perhaps she got wind of the Star article and is garnering attention so that people don’t see the situation for what it really is? Check out JJ. The pictures are interesting. Her Twitter showed her being blissfully happy–even “kissing” a fish she had just caught and now she is “miserable”.

  58. Ming says:

    Where is the blind item that has been saying this forever? ..that Eddie is cheating on leann, all the while drying out her bank account, waiting for her breakdown..as revenge for leann outing their affair to us weekly

  59. Jennifer12 says:

    Even Janet Charlton posted a piece on how Leann hires paps and was furious that they dared to take pictures when she wasn’t camera ready. Someone is getting revenge on her, and I don’t think it’s Brandi. I think she has pissed off a lot of people in high places.

  60. lindy says:

    She is truly an unattractive woman both inside and out.

  61. SageM says:

    According to Brandi, they used to live way beyond their means too. I wonder if this is just Eddie being Eddie. He’s all about instant gratification: lovers, spending money… whatever he wants he needs to have it NOW.

  62. vvvoid says:

    I think it’s obvious that Eddie hopes to drain her dry, because once the money is gone he no longer has any need for her, and would like to move onto someone more his type…ie, attractive [in a trashy way, his type], rather than unattractive in an awkward, desperately insecure way. He’s going to use up her bank account like it’s going out of style so he has no need for her anymore, because she will no longer be able to be his sugar mama. He has no use for her aside from that.

  63. Christin says:

    Last month was not exactly a “December to Remember” for Meanne. Around the time she went to Cabo with hubby, I began thinking about two things: (1) Her money situation and (2) Eddie’s current state of mind. This article and the thought-provoking comments are indeed much food for thought.

    1. By no means do I wish to suggest Meanne is broke, but her income flow is likely a trickle compared to expenses. This may seem off-topic, but Elvis died with very little cash to his name. Think of how many records he sold, and he was touring more than LA in the last months of his life. It’s the outflow of money…

    There is a juicy little December 2000 CMT Web article that summarizes the lawsuit and countersuit between Daddy and Meanne plus Mommy. Part of that suit dealt with money issues. His countersuit allegations suggest Meanne can/could really fritter away the bucks.

    2. Eddie or Eddiot could very well be trying to gather all the stuff he can and then either bolt or let her kick him to the curb. Unlikely as this sounds, what if he bolts on his own and tries to reinvent himself as a changed person who made huge mistakes? Meanne seems to be the least liked of the three, so maybe he could pull that off.

    As much as I try to have sympathy for Meanne, her problems seem to be mostly from self-inflicted drama. My gut instinct is that 2013 will not be a good year for her. In March, she is scheduled to perform a concert with three other artists in the UK, including CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Add that to Brandi’s book, the album release – lots that could further unhinge things.

    • Macey says:

      That concert should be interesting. LR has a major hard on for Carrie. I read on here she blocked someone on twitter for saying CU was the best country singer out there or something to that effect. she also commented that CU hasnt paid her dues when she won a Grammy. LR is insanely jealous of her success and probably her beauty as well. CU is gorgeous. Im not into the country scene at all but I LOVE Carrie and have her cds.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Oh, but I bet we’ll see lots of pics of LiaR and Carrie together if LiaR has her way as she will try to make it look like they are the best of friends. (All in LR’s mind, of course!) But be prepared for it. She is soooo predictable as in her pap shots at the airport trying to cover her face. This was the same pap who shot all her vacay shots. But after all the flak she got about his being with them again, I knew she would pull the “Oh, darn those paps! Can’t go anywhere without them around!)

      • Christin says:

        Another interesting twist is that Tim McGraw is also scheduled to appear. And the Faith/Carrie episode at an awards ceremony a few years back is when LA jumped in to stir the pot. Carrie is (to me) the total package for a country singer, and she has enough sense to conduct herself well. I hope she’s a little on guard around them – I envision both as catty. LA seems to take it to a whole other level, though!

  64. Deanne says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Eddie’s a man with a plan. He has cars in his name and now he’ll have a house. Before, LeAnn was paying the rent, not the mortgage. She’ll fork out the money for the down payment and her money will pay the mortgage, property taxes, etc. and he’ll be entitled to half if they split. Eddie loves living the high life and he’s basically quit the pretense of being a working actor to focus on doing that full time. If he stays around for another year or two,he can travel with LeAnn to the casinos she is now playing and gamble to his hearts content on her dime,enjoy more all expense paid vacations with his buddies Dave and Liz and a will have earned a nice stake in the “mansion” LeAnn bought him for Christmas. All this while LeAnn fawns over him and desperately tries to keep him happy. Score for the Edster. Sometimes I think that he’s the REAL sociopath in that couple and that she’s the puppet. Not that I feel sorry for her, but I still think she’s getting played in a major way.

  65. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I’ve seen this before – married man persuaded to leave by mistress and then feels entirely justified in spending the mistress’s money as in his mind it was part of the exchange … if she were to turn off the tap, he’d throw a tantrum and be out of there.

  66. nomorerimes says:

    While I hope he does drain her dry, I cannot understand why she has so much low esteem and pride to let that happen. She must realize that he is just using her–is cheating on her–and just doesn’t love her as she loves him. I wouldn’t allow any man to use me in that way but then again, we are all different and I realize that LR has mental and emotional problems. But she has to know that the amount in the piggy bank is dropping fast and when it is all gone–and she can’t pay her mommy and “bonus” daddy’s way anymore–Eddie will also be gone. Get some backbone, LeAnn, kick him out now and get on with your life.

  67. brin says:

    Today is the day….everyone tune in to RHOBH & Vanderpump Rules…watch what happens indeed!! *poor Wewe*

  68. Holden says:

    People in that position just assume it will keep coming, the next album will do well, a big movie is right around the corner, etc. I’d love to blow through $38 million though, that’s for sure.