Kristen Stewart & Sparkles didn’t spend Christmas together: Twihard proof?

I wasn’t even paying attention to this when it happened, but over the holidays there was a sad, tragic moment of TWIHARD PROOF. It was the good kind of “proof” in which Kristen Stewart was clothed in Robert Pattinson’s clothes, her hair and face greasy from their post-coital Twihard love. No, this Twihard Proof was the other kind – the “proof” that there are serious cracks in Robert Pattinson and Kristen’s relationship. Rob was spotted in London on Christmas Eve, drinking at a pub with some friends with NO K-Stew. Now, Kristen and Rob have been apart for Christmas before, and in past years, they get together for New Year’s, which they spend at The Isle of Wight. Hollywood Life says that Kristen did end up flying to England after Christmas, where they had a low-key NYE at the Isle of Wight like always. But what about Christmas? Well, the tabloids have some theories:

There was no kissing under the mistletoe this year for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Though the troubled couple had initially planned to spend Christmas with Rob’s family in London, they got into an explosive fight days before the holiday.

“At the last minute, Kristen announced that she wanted to take her mom to the UK… Rob was annoyed because this trip was supposed to be about her spending more time with HIS family,” who have been wary of Kristen ever since she cheated on Rob.

So Rob “ended up going alone,” says the insider. He spent Christmas Eve in a pub with pals and one of his sisters, and before he even left for London, he blew off some steam with friends at Le Baron nightclub in NYC.

“He stayed there until the wee hours,” says a witness. “Girls were all over him.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

OK! Magazine also claims that Kristen purposefully refused to join Rob in London for Christmas because his sisters are “suspicious” of her, and his sisters were trying to “talk Rob into ditching Kristen for good.” You know what though? I kind of think Kristen wanted to spend Christmas with her family, and this might have even been the first Christmas she had to do separate Christmas celebrations with her mom and dad, considering they’ve separated. As a fellow child of a broken home, dueling Christmases are rough the first few years. Sucks for her. Now, that being said… I do think 2013 is going to bring us the long-awaited Ultimate Robsten Breakup. And it’s going to be epic, y’all.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Are we still claiming this is a real relationship? When is the DVD release date? That is when the whole sham will end poor Pattison is such a chump for going along with this.

  2. Ali says:

    Having divorced parents sucks.

  3. mina says:

    you know what’s annoying? That the break up won’t even be epic, it’s gonna be dull :/

  4. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    It’s all as good as over now.

  5. Baskingshark says:

    Sorry to be an OCD bitch but it’s Isle of Wight not Isle of Wright. Also that top photo is just about the only one I’ve ever seen of the two of them where they both actually look decent at the same time.

  6. Harpreet says:

    I don’t think it is over, I’ve said it before, Rob is way more into Kristen than he is into her. I am pretty sure if they break-up, it will be Kristen doing the dumping.

  7. Silly Girl says:

    Hardly going to be epic. Who give a crap anymore?

    • mel says:

      I loved them together..but at this point I have to agree with you.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. Don’t see what would be epic about it. Twilight is done, there is no need for any more joint promo appearances for them.

      They could very easily fade away, with noone seeing them together and them never answering the question of a breakup. It’s how she handled her break with Angarano, if I recall correctly. No announcement, he just disappeared. And with Pattinson off filming a bunch of movies overseas this year, it would be super easy to do. I don’t think too many people would be surprised, whether they think it was real or PR, after all that’s happened.

  8. Elceibeno says:

    I hope the breakup happens soon so they can both get on with their lives. Rob, for whatever reason, is not doing it for Kristen anymore.

  9. Em says:

    I thought Jules and Jon separated a couple years ago but only recently filed for divorce, so she has prob had a couple separate Christmases. I think I remember when KStew’s affair came out, people said her mother finally filed for divorce to distract from the scandal. Either way, I think Rob and Kristen are all but over.

  10. A says:

    I’m betting on a summer break up, even though I think these two have been in an open relationship the entire time. That said, I don’t necessarily think it’s weird they spent XMas apart, because of the reasons Kaiser stated and the fact they definitely (photos) spent New Year’s together. Also, this break up is going to be bland and she will do the dumping, IMO.

    • faithful says:

      Finally someone says what we have known all along. Of course they have been in an open relationship. Rob has been screwing around for years, He & Kristen used to get in fights about his filandering on twilght sets the hole time. She always ended up letting him get away with it. Could never figure out why the tabloids just ignored it.

  11. annabelle says:

    My predictions-

    His next cute, young, semi unknown co-star will be his jump off.

    She will get a girlfriend before she gets a new boyfriend.

  12. TG says:

    I can’t decide if he is goodlooking or not. He mostly looks gross with too much facial hair and pasty white skin. And ever since Lainey pointed out his mothering hips I can’t unsee them and that is also gross. How can his family tolerate her being around is what I would like to know.

    • Get a clue says:

      +1 on his appearance. Regarding his family, I ve had the impression they don’t care for KS very much, with her horrible mouth and then the cheating, of course.

    • Gorda says:

      I don’t understand his appeal either. he does have gigantic hips and is not his looks that bother me so much or that he looks like a bum most of the time. What i find unattractive is the fact that he doesn’t have a spine. He is a doormat. He acts like a 13 year old immature little boy. What’s with all the giggling. Half of the time i can’t understand a word he says.

      I don’t know about you guys but i like a man who has a strong personality, confident and very masculine. i want to be girl in the relationship and from the looks of it, it seems KStew is the guy in the relationship.

  13. Annie says:

    She’s going to dump him and then he’s going to feel like a total moron and as a result he’ll become a total a-hole in his next relationships. There’s always the one girl who ruins one man for the rest of his girlfriends. He used to be great, now he’s a jerk thanks to his romantic past and the woman who screwed him over.
    This is why I tell people that if they were wronged and betrayed, don’t be super forgiving, and especially not right away. Just walk away. You can only mend the relationship for so long. The crack is already there, it’s only a matter of time before everything starts to crumble and if they take the iniciative of dumping you after you forgave them? You’ll feel like an idiot and you’ll be bitter.

    However, with these two I feel like any extreme could happen. Breaking up/getting engaged or pregnant. I think they’ll hang on to each other longer because 1) Rob seems super codependent, 2) Kristen hates it when people talk negatively about her and she’s still trying to fix her image.

  14. CTgirl says:

    Bleh, bleh, bleh. This “relationship” is going to end by March.

  15. The Original Mia says:

    I know she’s edgy and all, but i doubt spending time with his family was high on her list. Supposedly one of Rob’s sisters made some catty comment about Kristen being a cheater on the radio. My local celebrity blogger had a post about it but l didn’t click the link.

  16. Michele says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously, every single person on this site is wishing and hoping and praying for a Robsten break up! Why do you care so much?

    News Flash! They spend every Christmas apart…she with her family and him with his. He has a tradition of meeting up with his old Harrodian mates every Christmas Eve at the pub. Last year we got sneaky pics from fans who were also there. Then Kristen flies over to London to spend New Years Eve with Rob and their friends. This year, more of Kristen’s LA friends made it over to join Rob’s Britpack. They all hang out together now. Rob and Kristen have spent every New Years Eve together since they became a couple. Nothing has changed in the past 4 years.

    They didn’t go to IOW this year. They went to the countryside instead. Actually it is rumored to be the same place where Rob and Kristen went to immediately following the end of Breaking Dawn 2 promotion. Remember their little mini-break in the English countryside back in November?

    • Jean says:

      Here is one person who totally agrees with you. I don’t see them breaking up, I actually think they will get married. I don’t think Rob would ever love another woman like he has Kristen. I actually think she is his one true love. Why else would the man forgive her and take her back…because he truly loves her. Why is that so hard for some of you to believe and as for Rob’s looks, he is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen. I am sure if he was standing in front of you, you wouldn’t be thinking of his facial hair or mothering hips..whatever ever the hell that means. His long, lanky body doesn’t have me thinking about mothering hips what Lainey got started because she hates him and loves Kristen.

      • another nina says:

        Well, he does tend to wear some very unfortunate looking jeans, which make him look like a mid-aged woman – hence “motherly hips” reference…

      • TG says:

        Well Lainey might hate him but it is still true he wears very unflattering pants that make him look like he has hips and thighs and that is not attractive in a man IMO anyway. I am sure he is good-looking but he rarely looks that way to me so I don’t see why he is always written about as being so handsome/beautiful. I guess even in the Twilight movies his body wasn’t attractive when he took his shirt off. Edward is supposed to be an adonis and Rob couldn’t be bothered to work out for the part. He does have nice flushed cheeks though, which is something I always like in a guy.

      • Dee says:

        ‘Jeez…you people still dont get it do you? It does not matter how much he loves her…she does not feel the same. If she did she would not have cheated

        Look they have been together a few years and did twilight together im sure she loves him like a best friend but I do not think she is “In love” with him….I think maybe she was at one point in the very beginning but now it faded away…Look at how she treats him, she is always insulting him and rolling her eyes at him she looks like she is always annoyed with him and treats him like he is crap.

        If she really cared so much and wanted to marry him and was head over heals in love with him then why did she cheat? There has to be problems in this relationship or she is just over it or else she would not have done what she did….She obviously felt some type of connection and attraction with Rupert because why else would she hook up with a guy who is 40 years old and married with kids when she could have a young single guy her own age? Because she found something in Rupert that she was lacking with Rob. She also does not seem like someone with respect or morals as she has shown us. Her IDGAF attitude is getting old. she comes across as a narcissistic B*tch who thinks highly of herself and whines about everything.
        Even if he wanted to marry her at one point do your think she wants to marry him? If she did she would not have had an affair. You dont cheat on someone who you love. She released that public apology to save her ass because she had no choice since she had been caught and there was proof for all to see. If she did not try to get him back or beg for forgivness it would have made her look bad because then people would say “Not only did she cheat on him but now she is not even trying to fight to get him back”…The fact that he took her back not only saved her ass just in time for promoting the last film and took a lot of stress off her….but probably made her extra smug since she got away with the one thing that all cheaters love to get away with and thats the fact that she cheated got caught and got away with it since she was taken back by him…This is saving her image in so many ways you have no idea…without Rob she is nothing…She knows this…however when she gets bored again she will dump him and move on with whatever guy she finds next who shows an interest in her…..just like she did with her ex bf who she was with for years..

      • Jess says:

        It doesn’t matter how much Rob loves Kristen. Kristen’s love for Rob is what’s in question, and has always been in question since day one if you ask me. He always seemed more into her. She at times seemed completely annoyed and unimpressed. SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM ENOUGH TO BE FAITHFUL TO HIM. They were barely together three years and she already strayed. It’s not going to last. Their foundation is cracked, and it will eventually give out. I’ve seen it too many times to count in real life. Kristen will get bored again, and se will be mature enough next time to truly walk away.

      • Michele says:

        “It’s his life, his choice.”

        Carrie, no wonder he has a t-shirt which he openly wears out in public that reads, “Get off my dick!”

      • Kate says:

        I have to say, I find the very notion of a “one true love” a bit weird. You meet all kinds of people in your life, and if you’re lucky you meet a lovely one who suits you and feels that you suit them, and as the years pass you stay close as you both change and develop and grow. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be equally, if differently, happy with someone else – nor that you wouldn’t be okay alone.

        In this instance they’re both incredibly young, and she’s already been caught looking elsewhere. Rumours abounded before this all happened that they had an open relationship (not that that justifies her having a fling with a married guy, either way).

        I do think it’s risky assuming we know anything about these people, especially when they’ve made it plain they really don’t want us to know much. But assuming people who stay together after cheating or abuse are therefore one true loves seems to ignore the possibility that they could be insecure, or co-dependent, or just not sure what they want. And it seems to be adopting the plot from the films they’re famous for and applying the characters they play to their real lives, too.

    • another nina says:

      Michele – I enjoy your fan fiction as ever! Please keep it coming.
      So, what are you planning on writing about when they are done, say, by summer? Any ideas or would you need some help?

      • Carrie says:

        It’s really not a fanfic. She flew to London to spend NYE with him. There were pics from fans and their friends to prove it. I don’t know what the future holds, but they are together in London as of now.

      • Michele says:

        Fanfic? Sorry to burst your bubble but there are actual pics of sightings and encounters from past New Years Eve celebrations to document their holidays together. Also airport pap pics of Kristen caught leaving LA for London a few days after Christmas each year for past 4 years except last year when they stayed in LA and had friends over to their LF home instead.

        Go to Rob and Kristen’s IMDB boards for proof. They usually have all the details for Rob and Kristen sightings with fan encounters & pics and also airport pap pics and videos.

        I agree Carrie when you said they are together now but who knows what will happen in the future. If their relationship was able to survive Kristen’s cheating, I think they have a good shot at making it work for the long run.

      • Annie says:

        It’s just disturbing how convinced their fans are that these are perfect people with an epic love story for the ages “his one true love, he will never love another woman like he loves her.” And they know this how? All the evidence points to a very unhealthy relationship in which one party treats the other one like crap and publicly humiliates them over and over, and the other party won’t leave because they love being a doormat and kiss ass. And to be honest, Rob probably has messed around behind her back too which is why he took her back so quickly. We take the love we think we deserve. These two don’t strike me as being in a healthy happy relationship at all.

        Seriously. All of you crazy fans need a wake up call. Stop idealizing celebrities and stop memorizing their holiday schedules and stalking her famewhore friends on Instagram, you creepy freaks. Get a life of your own, a love of your own. See for yourselves if there’s such a thing as a perfect love. Life’s too short to live it through other people.

      • Michele says:

        Who here is saying they are the epic perfect couple of all time and their relationship is unbreakable? I am a fan of both who thinks they are a cute couple together. It’s my opinion. I always find it so hilarious when Kristen haters lose their sh-t whenever someone like me expresses an opposing opinion. So what if it differs from yours and everybody else’s here.

      • Carrie says:

        I never believe there is a perfect couple or epic love. I am sure they have their own problems, who doesn’t?

        I don’t know whether he is a doormat or loves her, but I give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s his life, his choice.

      • another nina says:

        Well, she arrived to London with her gf Suzie, nobody knows whether they actually celebrated NY together with pattz, there is an “insider’s” explanation on CDAN that robsten is contractually obligated to appear on public through the contract expiration day – that’s the condition for getting their % points. Bottom line, nobody knows what’s going on in reality and truly – who cares. But I love your enthusiasm!

      • Carrie says:

        If you believe they are bound by PR or there is some kind of conspiracy, then nothing between these two will ever convince you they are in a real relationship. It does not matter anyway. Only time can tell if they last or not.

      • Michele says:

        You get your info from “insiders” on CDAN? Well there you go. THAT explains everything! pmsl

      • another nina says:

        Michele, I love reading confessions of the heavy invested delusional stans anywhere I can see you – here or on CDAN – I don’t discriminate.
        Seriously, stop all this peeing on yourself, it’s just gross.

      • Michele says:

        I’m the Kristen “stan” yet you know her non-famous close friend’s first name? From the person who is counting the minutes until Rob and Kristen’s “PR contract” expires…as per an “insider” on CDAN. Funny that!

      • another nina says:

        yup, I possess the knowledge I can’t now get rid off :) It’s a backside of having a photographic memory.

      • Michele says:

        All snark aside, possessing a photographic memory must have been great during your school years. Lucky you.

      • ORLY says:

        I agree with you, Nina. To me, nothing is more gross than “PMSL” in social media vernacular. It’s not funny, it’s not cute. It’s disgusting.

      • Gorda says:

        I agree with everything Annie said. Finally someone who tells it like it is.

      • another nina says:

        Thanks Michelle, it took me awhile to realize that not everybody got such help and to be grateful for it.

        Orly,dear, so, whom should we harrassss in 2013 now that robsten is about to go belly up?

  17. megsie says:

    If their standard procedure is to spend Christmas with their families and New Year’s Eve with each other, why is another Christmas apart cause for concern? The question is did they spend NY’s together. Did the paps find them, or is it assumed?

    Also, as stated above, Kristen’s parents have been separated for quite some time. Kristen’s mother has been living with her boyfriend.

  18. pepper says:

    For the past 5 years they have celebrated Christmas with their respective families and then they would meet for NYE. This year was no different, so that is no proof for Robsten trouble. Although she had her friend tagging along this year.

    I too hope and think their break up will be around this summer and it will be done quietly. I still think Rob is helping her out as a friend cuz if he had dumped her she (her public image, career) would be completely over. He definitely knows what he is doing and is aware of how the public sees him going by a few comments he made during BD2 promos.

    She needs “Robsten” more than he does. That’s all that is keeping her relevant these days. If she is stupid enough to dump him like some are saying, she can bid her career goodbye as she will be seen as this ungrateful bitch (which she is anyway).

    • Jess says:

      If I’m a publicist, this would be my strategy for them. Make Kristen seem in love with him and devoted to him again, and THEN have Rob do the dumping. He gets his mancard back, and she is somewhat sympathetic. BD doesn’t suffer, and they all go on with their lives. Win Win. For now, they play the game, and Rob helps Kristen out while he has projects lined up and career stability for the forseeable future. She is the one in grave career danger. I don’t think Rob wants that for her. I think he cares enough about her to help her get her career back.

      • Jenny says:

        Jess, this I can believe, it actually makes sense to me. Time will tell if you’re right.

      • Anname says:

        Why is there some big conspiracy theory around their relationship?? Couldn’t it just be that he decided he loves her enough to try again? I will never understand why people jump through hoops to make their bizarre theories fit. Too many private photos and random provable sightings to explain away if the relationship was/is not real.

        For example, explain this latest sighting to me – she went to London for New Years, and some believe they arranged to be photographed from the behind by a random stranger leaving a train, not even standing together? How is this a PR event? And no other photo ops? It’s absurd.

  19. Suze says:

    These two have been together FIVE years? This Twighlight stuff has been going on FIVE years?

  20. lola says:

    didn’t kaiser say they’d be broken up by new years?

    They’ve been together a long time. That could work in breaking them up, or it could impede a breakup too cause it makes it harder to cut ties. The likely scenario of a breakup would be too much away time while they film in different places.

    • Sandra says:

      Do you believe in everything on gossip sites? Lmao. People need to learn that not everything is true, what is written in those crapy magazine/ gossip pages. As a real fan and being on twitter you know whats really going on, not by reading every crap online and in magazines. GET REAL

  21. Sandra says:

    Makes me laugh that any crapy tabloid site thinks they were on the Isle of Wight…they were not. If people would investigate twitter and being more aware of things they would have noticed that they have been in England. Robsten fandom knows more than any tabloid crap site.

  22. Oyn says:

    So what? My spouse and I have been together for 11 years and we also did not spend Xmas together, but we did spend all of New Year’s. That doesn’t mean anything.
    I bet these two get a kick out of the weird obsession ppl seem to have with their dating status. They’re young ….and I doubt that they even date exclusively.

  23. Miss Thang says:

    Where are all these pictures everyone keeps talking about? All I’ve seen is the backs of a group of people. Not much “proof,” really.

    • oivey says:

      That’s all I’ve seen, but apparently I’m a “hater” because I think she’s an appalling actress and he’s a door mat. So I wouldn’t know. Or understand TWU WUV…

      • Mi says:

        Wonder if Liberty Ross is also a doormat for taking back her unfaithful husband?Or maybe she is a hero?LOL

      • A says:

        @Oivey. I think she’s actually a (very resentful) doormat and the IDGF is the facade…I think his “aw shucks” semi-doormat personality is also a facade. I read an interview with her where she said something along the liens of “On occasion, I don’t care for my red carpet outfits but I don’t want to offend anyone.” She needs to grow a backbone and say that she’s not wearing some hot mess, instead of worrying about offending someone…just like she worries about how the world perceives her….Meanwhile, I have a hard time believing that someone who parties with Katy Perry and her crowd, goes to nightclub/bars on a pretty regular basis, and gets on the Bieber party bus is a doormat or is truly an “aw shucks” kind of guy.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Agreed oivey. But they don’t seem averse to the cameras either, especially when one of them is in a mini-cooper…

      • Mi says:

        @oivey,why do you think he was doormat before?Because he was more into her,than she was into him?I think it’s sad,when someone decides to be with person who doesn’t love you enough or/and doesn’t respect you.I actually could say it’s a tragedy especially when you’re a public person.I only hope this relationship doesn’t influence his career in the future and Kristen will be smart enough and not create new scandal short before premiere of his next movie.

    • Carrie says:

      You probably don’t follow twitter and Instagram 24/7. There are a group of people who dedicate their time to keep track of them and their friends. I learned this recently and have seen these pics they discovered. I don’t know where these pics are now though since I don’t spend all my time on them.

      • Val5 says:

        oh, one more of their “romantic dates” with a crowd of people? boring..
        anyway as I said before, either he taked her back because he’s docile cuckold or because they are a “brand” and they should promote the film, in any case Rob is a loser. I’ve never think he was a great actor but at least I thought he had more backbone, I was wrong, presumably.

      • Michele says:

        The pic shows them posing with the staff at a restaurant they ate at. Lots of celebrity couples pose for similar pics with fans but nobody questions the authenticity of their relationship status. It’s New Years Eve. They had a meal together. Their friends were probably there as well. Are you saying REAL young couples without fake PR agendas never hang out with their friends? Especially over a holiday like ringing in the New Year?

        As for living up to their ‘brand” to sell their latest Twilight movie, it was released over a month ago. Promotion for the movie has ended. It made over $800 million worldwide at the box office so far. There’s nothing more for them to promote. If you’re referring to the DVD release, the Breaking Dawn DVD will do very very well in sales. It’s the last movie of the saga and most people will buy it whether or not Rob and Kristen are a real life couple.

        Why is Rob a “loser”? Because he forgave Kristen for making a bad mistake? He must love her very much because it looks like he decided his desire to remain with her is greater than not having her in his life due to the hurt she caused him. He made his decision. If you don’t agree with it, that’s your problem. Calling him a “loser” because he forgave her is not only ridiculous but also childish.

      • Val5 says:

        if you want to believe that there’s a kind of living fanfiction romance between them, go ahead. It’s sad, but i think they know they’re not enough talented to exist in this business without each other, they need tabloïds and any publicity to stay in the spotlight. And it’s cool for them, their shippers are too easy to satisfy and are always hungry for any bit of that supposed “epic romance”. robsten can thank the millions of middle-aged women sexually dissatisfied and immature worldwide.

      • Mi says:

        Michele,I agree with you at many points,but Kristen affair wasn’t a bad mistake,only choice;this”mistake” quote is BS spread by her PR team,and IMO it doesn’t help her to clean her image.It was a choice and we don’t know how long it would have been continued if the papz didn’t catch them.I can’t imagine what she has said to Rob,that he forgave her,honestly I don’t khow,but if he thinks that Kristen will be grateful for this IMO he is totally wrong.

      • Michele says:

        Mi, you’re right. A better description would be she made a “bad choice” concerning the cheating. The pictures showed her kissing Sanders that one time only. We don’t know the duration, the intensity, the nature or even the reason why it occurred. We do know Rob forgave her and they are together again. And Rupert and his wife are still married.

        Life seems to be moving forward for everyone directly involved. Hopefully lessons have been learned.

      • Mi says:

        @Michele,That’s the point,everyone involved(Liberty took back her husband)moved,but the tabloids and fans,didn’t.They are going to write about this over and over again.Robert leaves for Australia in a few days filming The Rover,where Kristen gonna be?Will she go with him?See?This is material for new gossip article.As long as they’re a couple this not going anywhere,Robsten sells and fans and even general public interest are the best fuel for the gossip media.

      • Carrie says:

        Even if they break up, the tabloids will still write about them. Rob with a new girl? Kristen with a new guy? How does the new girl compare to Kristen? How does the new guy compare to Rob? etc. The tabloids are not going anywhere soon, regardless if they are a couple or not.

      • Mi says:

        @Carrie,of course that the tabloids will write about Rob’s or Kristen’s private life if they’re couple or not,but they as a couple aka Robsten generate this enormous interest because of what she did.Because of this public scandal.No actress in her possition of a star of successful franchise ever have done something like that.As I said Robsten sells,and fans of it are special;they created some kind of society that is interested in ”investigate”status and dynamic of this couple.Twilight is over,but Robsten is not.And it’s difference when the tabloids write” how beautiful new Rob’s girlfriend is”,then ”will Kristen cheat on him again,when he goes to Australia?”and I don’t think his new relationship would be so interested for gossip mags,like those one with Kristen.Beside he has a very bad press(respected media)it doesn’t change even after Cosmopolis,many critics hate him and don’t treat him seriously,so being in such ”strange” relationship IMO doesn’t help him to become a serious actor.

    • pinkheart says:

      i think they r gonna stick with each other for a very long time ,but i t would be even more fun if they brought rupit to direct snowwhit 2 again

  24. DreamyK says:

    I’m looking at these pics of Rob and I’m honestly wondering why I found him attractive? Not a big fan of his acting but he does seem to be a nice guy and considering all the hoopla of the Twilight movies, he has stayed scandal free. I do hope he finds someone who shares the same morals and ethics that he has. He has very emphatically said that monogamy is his thing. It would be hard to trust Kristen again after such a public mini-coopering.

  25. Asdfg says:

    Soooo, i’m convinced they’re not a “real” couple. :P For one, They’re never photographed together other than at the airport for photo ops, for two, when they are together they never show affection. Totally weird. They don’t even smile at each other. :o NEXT!

  26. aquarius64 says:

    If any evidence of Kristen having a sexual relationship with Rupert ever come out, she’s FINISHED. Not so much for the shag but for telling the public they didn’t. Rob’s image would be torpedoed too because he would look like a colossal fool for taking her back. She denied it, but those fifty pics on the internet damage her credibility. I hope Rob didn’t believe the no-sex claim. If anything, I hope he demanded that Kristen get tested for STD’s before he took her back. No telling where Rupert, or she, has been. Living in HW doesn’t mean you’re disease-free.

    • Isabel says:

      Yes of course. they went to a secluded area to hold hands. uhuh. Everyone knows they have had sex and they are just denying it because it is hard to prove, unless we see a pic of them ‘in action’. Do u really believe every statement that is made, she is just trying to cover for herself by making it look less worse.

  27. Val5 says:

    there is no denying: robsten was the most successful product marketing ever invented. They benefited that everyone fantasized already with anyone who will play Ed and Bella, even before the release of the first film, have established this simili loving relationship , Rob and Kristen have done everything to mantain the ambiguity and vagueness around their lives and the result is : these ridiculous movies were a triumph at BO, the nonstens, robsteners and whatever, have shipped, have fought, have kept the buzz around the saga all these years, and here we are, still talking about this. Even the unexpected incident: KStew “cheating” on Rob, they were able to manage, they are very strong in Summit, bravo!