LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian were swarmed by paps when they arrived at LAX

Here are some new photos of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes arriving at LAX on Friday after they ended their magical Cabo vacation with the paparazzi. As we discussed last week, Radar has started calling LeAnn out on her BS in a big way, which includes stories about how LeAnn arranges for paparazzi to photograph her at certain times – like, say, when she’s wearing a bikini on vacation with Eddie. So is it any surprise that upon their arrival at LAX, they were flat-out swarmed by paparazzi? I have to say – I doubt LeAnn called these guys. It’s much more likely that the paps were just staked out at the airport because lots of celebrities were due to be arriving from their holiday vacations. That didn’t stop LeAnn from tweeting about it like she’s the same as Brangelina, of course. Here’s the series of LeAnn’s tweets on Friday: “Leave it to me to catch a stomach bug and have to get the biggest shot ever! Hurt so bad!!!… Omg coming into the airport tonight was terrifying. Not fun traveling sick!!… Good times at the airport…. WTH?! Lil scary.” It’s interesting when LeAnn gets “sick” isn’t it?

Also: before she got “sick” (?) LeAnn tweeted this photo with the message “I reeled him in”. This fish looks Photoshopped, right?

And in the final piece of Budget Bermuda Triangle news, Brandi Glanville has donated her wedding gown (from her wedding to Eddie) to charity:

In the latest bizarre salvo in Brandi Glanville’s battle with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has given away her wedding gown from the ill-fated marriage!

The blonde beauty says she was making a fresh start and cleaning out her closet, ditching the strapless white symbol of the failed marriage. Glanville, whose former spouse Cibrian left her for country star Rimes, tweeted on Saturday, “I donated my wedding gown to a soon to be army wife& I still havent heard about who received it! Well I hope it make someone very happy”

As RadarOnline.com has reported, Glanville’s marriage to Cibrian didn’t make HER happy at all! And Glanville has been involved in a Twitter war for months with Rimes, whom he married in 2011.

Much of the conflict has centered around Glanville and Cibrian’s sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, who spend time in both households. Glanville has been a fierce mama bear regarding issues involving the boys. And after dropping the bomb to her Twitter followers about her wedding dress giveaway, Glanville showed how much she relished her time with them, tweeting, “Attempting to clean the old toys out of our playroom and all of a sudden the boys love toys they haven’t touched in ages!”

[From Radar]

Eh, it makes sense to me that she would donate her wedding gown. But… I’m so superstitious, I probably wouldn’t wear someone’s wedding gown where the marriage ended in a hyper-dramatic divorce… it’s just seems like bad juju. Also, I can’t wait to see LeAnn’s series of tweets about how she too is cleaning out her closets.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. hmmmpf says:

    Just popping in to say that I have stopped klicking any “K”-articles, and I suggest anyone who’s as tired as me of the fake plastic-drama do the same!

    • Mia 4S says:

      Way ahead of you. I can’t stand baby pimps and no doubt this one will be the worst. I’ve added Jessica “I’ve lost weight so I am a worthy person now” Simpson. Talentless and useless. I’ll be over reading about Jessica Chastain thanks.

      Oh so why am I reading about these two losers? Waiting for the other shoe to drop to be honest. It’s going to be hella ugly when it does. Didn’t Eddie used to be an actor or something? ;-)

    • truthful says:

      I think I’ll join in, I’m tired of the whole thing already.

      I know quite a few folks that are not participating on other forums also.

      I’ve made my last comment today on that family and I won’t be commenting on Jessica either. its becoming redundant.

      I’m not clicking

    • choppersann says:

      Agreed….won’t read a single kimye baby link…..

      But Leeann, Lindsay, and other crazy company psycho-ness? Always! :)

  2. brin says:

    Ha! Leann took video of the paps (who she called) so how sick could she be?

    Tonight is RHOBH followed by Vanderpump Rules…everybody tune in (you too, Wewe)!!

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    They love it. They love pretending they are overwhelmed and harassed by the paps because they are just soooo famous. Lol, sometimes I think these two were made for each other and are very happy in their world of delusion.

  4. MARIA says:

    hey look eddiot is preggers!

  5. Sandy says:

    I myself can never wear used clothes unless they’re my family’s – clothes have so many memories good and bad attached to them…

  6. dorothy says:

    Stop calling them and they won’t bother you. Geeze, what a moron.

  7. Samigirl says:

    “No, don’t take pictures of me, I’m fully clothed!”

  8. pinkheart says:

    do these two ever work? they both seem always on a vacation ;whats new here?

  9. Alita says:

    Eww, who would what such a tarnished wedding dress? I think this budget drama goes way beyond ‘cursed’ – !!!

  10. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    Clothes are usually donated quietly and anonymously with no fanfare. Why the need for constant validation? Leann had a GPS installed in her bolt-ons so the paps always know where to find her. Boob Lo-jack.

  11. dcypher1 says:

    That dress is cursed. I wouldnt ware that dress even if it was my dream dress. I believe in bad juju too and that dress has got to be loaded with it.

  12. Lola B says:

    Obviously Leann isn’t used to this much pap attention (hence the need to video tape it and tweet about it). Sadly, her ego is so big that she probably assumed they were really there for her. Lol. Hate to break it to you Wewe but the paps were camped out in the airport bc REAL celebrities were returning from Cabo that weekend also!

  13. Jayna says:


    LeAnn gets called out for hiring paps wherever they go. She denies it
    on twitter. They leave Cabo to fly home. There’s paparrazi there for all the celebs in Cabo, not for LeEd. Usually LeEd or at least LeAnn are smiling in airports, looking at the camera. All of a sudden, for the first time ever they have their arms up shielding their faces, all so LeAnn can post how look at us being stalked, proof I don’t hire paps.


  14. Cathy says:

    No way would I wear that wedding dress. It’s got bad luck attached to it. Go buy your own lady. You don’t want that one.

  15. Cam S says:

    Wow, so after 3 years of looking directly in the pap’s cameras, we are to believe that all of a sudden she is camera shy?

    I’ve even seen photos of her holding the youngest child’s hands and waving to the paps. I think everything this woman does is contrived and fake. I think the reason she garners such dislike is that people can not believe that she can’t see how stupid she makes herself appear. I’m in awe. She thinks the general public are as thick headed as her 3 fans.

    My wedding gown was vintage and no doubt worn before. Being superstitious of a preworn gown is dumb. Would you not buy a used car if the previous owner had been divorced or sick? Most of the diamonds in engagement rings are used and taken from old wedding sets. If women think that just because they go to Jareds and get a new setting and the diamond has never been worn, then they are naive. The jewelery industry constantly recycles diamonds as to control the industry. Girls you could be wearing a diamond from a failed marriage! Oh the horror….

  16. The Original Mia says:

    Women who can’t afford a nice wedding dress won’t care about superstitions. They’ll be grateful for having a gorgeous dress for their ceremony.

    As for LeAnn, whatever. She looks freak because this wasn’t her usual cadre of paparazzi.

    • Mrs. Ari Gold says:

      Sorry but even a poor woman wouldn’t want a wedding dress with that much bad baggage attached to it. This wasn’t just any divorce – this has been an UGLY divorce and the ugliness will be dragged out for many more years to come. He cheated on her multiple times, publicly left her for a younger woman, and now their endless public fights about their kids and custody battles – you gotta be kidding me. Having a bonfire for the dress would be more of a community service than donating it.

      • RN says:

        Following your train of thought, none of that happened the one day that she wore the dress. So what difference does it make?

        Along a similar line, where would you live if you didn’t want a house where people fought, divorced, or died? All of these things happen where people live. I find it fascinating that people are attaching such “bad spirits” to a dress that was worn once on a happy day, and yet can conveniently overlook the fact that the buildings where they live and work can be filled with toxic energy (if that is how your belief system runs).

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        Eh, it’s just a dress. If I were getting married and I could fit my @$$ into it, you bet I would. Cause I’m cheap – er, I mean ‘frugal’ – and I’m not at all superstitious (at least when it comes to clothes). :-)

  17. littlestar says:

    I love Leann’s jeans. That’s all I have to say.

  18. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Sorry but even a poor woman wouldn’t want a wedding dress with that much bad baggage attached to it. This wasn’t just any divorce – this has been an UGLY divorce and the ugliness will be dragged out for many more years to come. He cheated on her multiple times, publicly left her for a younger woman, and now they have endless public fights about their kids and custody battles – NO WOMAN no matter how poor would want that dress. Having a bonfire for it would be more of a community service than donating it.

  19. Dimebox says:

    I’m waiting for LeAnn to send out a tweet to top Brandi’s about cleaning closets…”Closets full so I just bought a new house.” And she’ll be madly thinking of trying to do something high profile for military wives, like donating bikinis.

  20. bettyrose says:

    Speaking of “hyper dramatic divorces,” is the mansion that they just bought (discussed yesterday) the first thing in the marriage that is legally 1/2 Eddie’s? If so, well played Cibrian. That’s money in the bank.

  21. Rita says:

    Okay, knowing that Brandi is donating her wedding gown to a military bride, it all makes sense.

    I couldn’t understand why LeAnn was spotted shopping at an Army Surplus store this week-end.

    Semper Fi, or in LeAnn’s case “Never fi”.

  22. judyjudy says:

    A little off topic but I’m surprised so many pap are allowed to hang out at the airport. It seems to me that loiterers would pose a significant security threat, especially at a large international airport.

  23. Dinah says:

    I call BS on the ‘stomach bug’- other medical people chime in- who needs a ‘big shot’ for a gastroenteritis?? Sure, in the case of marked dehydration, maybe you’d get an IV for fluid, but no ‘shot’ (i.e. intramuscular antibiotic) is appropriate. Unless she got a shot of penicillin for gonorrhea or something.

    I agree with the poster upthread who is personally banning KK posts. As to being here, it is endlessly entertaining to watch Rimes’s crazy unfold- especially the constant copying of BG.

  24. Sapphire says:

    LAX, every hour or so, pushes them out, but they swarm like flys. I’ve seen other celebs go through with a minimum to no fuss. You can let the airline and security know when you will arive. you are taken through security and stashed in a remote lounge. You can arange on the way back to have your luggage delivered or collected by your PAs and go from gate to limo in no time. They are either cheap, dumb or looking for exposure.

  25. Susie Q says:

    Eddie looks like he’s staring to getting a little chunky in the thigh area just like Jessica Simpsons man. Is that a characteristic of a kept man?

    • Cam S says:

      @Susie Q: Right? Usually men are very lean through thighs and hips and carry weight in the abdomen area. As a general rule. I noticed this w/Jessica’s KFed also. Very flabby thigh area on him, which is odd considering he is a former pro NFL’er. Usually those dudes’ legs are solid as a rock.

      You think it’s the ill fitting jeans they are wearing? They maybe should stick to trousers. I can’t abide flabby thighs on a man. If I gotta do squats & lunges then so does my man! :)

    • Zooyork says:

      I noticed that too about Eddiot’s thighs (and Jessica Simpson’s loser aswell, good observation!)… Yuck, and his thighs now look sort of feminine which I find very off-turning on a man. Those jeans are doing him no favor.

    • Cirque28 says:

      It must be from all the time he spends sitting down. Ediot’s got the “kept man spread.”

  26. Sway says:

    At least you gave them the right time THIS time, Leann.

  27. Holden says:

    We’re going to the airport! Everybody put on your stupid hat and glasses!

  28. skuddles says:

    Why so camera shy all the sudden MeAnn? Don’t feel like you’re looking your best? I hate to say it but…. oh never mind :)

  29. Melissa says:

    Echoing the above sentiments…. Please no more Kanye/Kardashian stories.

    Is there any way to make Beyonce and her baby disappear from gossip sites, too? Dare to dream…..

  30. why? says:

    The photos of them at the airport were first taken by AKM-GSI. The very same AKM-GSI who was responsible for taking the photos of them in Cabo the entire week. The very same AKM-GSI who took photos of Leann on Saturday,the very next day, when she, Dave, and Lizzy had a “girl’s night out”. Leann was being accused of setting up staged photo-ops at airports and beaches by Radaronline, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that she would show up at LAX covering her face and acting like she doesn’t want to be photographed. It’s damage control. She is trying to prove that she is the victim of the paps. From the looks of it, she managed to fool the media because all of them missed that the first blog to post the photos of them at the airport give the credit for these airport photos to AKM-GSI. It looks like AKM-GSI and Leann sold the airport photos to other agencies like PC and FameFlynet.

    She says that the paps broke her toenails when they “swarmed” her, yet in the photos that AKM-GSI took of her on Saturday(the very next day) her toenails look just fine.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Got it right! Mike took all the pics while they were on their vacay and at the airport. And on the girls night out. She sure likes to keep him busy!

      Do you remember a while back when she was taking flak for staged pap shots? Just a couple days later the dratted old pap caught her going shopping and she was shielding her face with her hand then too. I’m sure she was trying to make it look like those darn old paps just stalk her like crazy! (And she knows all about stalking!) She is so predicable and manipulating.

      And this morning I heard on my local country music station that LiaR IS a possibility replacement for Britney on XFactor. But they said she wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the amount Brit was. If you know anything about the show, the contestants go to the mentor’s home at one point. Is this why she is buying a “mansion”? Guess she couldn’t have them going to a regular home, huh? That’s okay because Eddie will get half the home when he splits. And if she is doing the show, that gives Eddie lots of unsupervised time without clinging vine hanging on him!

      • nomorerimes says:

        Forgot to add that there will be one less viewer for XFactor if she is on it.
        And I really liked XFactor better than AI because of the sing-off at the end of the show and the judges deciding who would stay! Oh well, won’t watch it now!

      • claire says:

        I’ve watched xfactor for a long time – the UK version then the US version when that was added. It would ruin the show for me if she joined as a judge. I don’t think I could watch. It sucked to have followed Carly all along and then have LR come on and sh*t on the show. Ugh. Anyway, I could totally see Simon choosing her though, because she’s a total trainwreck, people watch trainwrecks, and that would equal ratings. People would tune in just to see what drunk or bitchy thing she’ll do. And he can pay her a budget salary, because he’s being asked to reduce costs. So yeah – he would pick her because she’s crazy and cheap. Her fans on the other hand will assume it’s because she’s such a big *star*. HaHAHa.

        As far as the mansion though…the judge’s houses aren’t the real judge’s houses. They’re just borrowed for the show. Celebrities aren’t going to actually have all these random people know where they live. Knowing Leann, she’d probably want to use her real house though, since she thinks getting together, texting with, chatting on the phone with mentally-questionable fans is totally normal.

      • why? says:

        When I saw the articles asking why Leann and not Britney was paired with Carly for the duet(this was 2-3 days before the performance), I knew that it was because they were going to give Leann a spot on XFactor. I’m not at all surprised by what’s coming out today about Leann being on the show. Leann didn’t have any qualms about throwing a 13 yo child under the bus to save herself, so I think she is capable of anything. So you are probably right about the mansion so that it would be featured on the show.

        What happened to Leann being a judge on AGT? Did she get turned down for that?

        I also think that they are making a huge mistake by having her on the show. People see way too much of Leann. Producers tend to underestimate just how disliked Leann truly is, it’s why her singles are flopping.

      • claire says:

        She loses her sh*t on people all the time on Twitter. Even fans asking her benign questions that she perceives as not containing enough ass-kissing. Imagine Simon and Howard making snarky remarks at her, and how bitchy she would respond? She doesn’t have a self-deprecating funny bone in her body. She’s a moron for wanting to take the stage with either of those two and thinking she’d come across in a good light. On top of that, Brandi is long-time friends with Howard’s wife. I’m sure that Howard probably knows some dirt on Leann. She’s so damn desperate to compete with Brandi and get on a show, though, she probably has convinced herself that she’ll prove to her haters how awesome she (thinks) she is.

    • Prinny says:

      I’m sure the xfactor rumor is coming from her camp, just like it did last year. Simon hasn’t even said if Britney or a Demi are leaving the show. I would be really surprised if they asked her to be a judge. The public was furious with her for what she did to Carly.

      • Rita says:

        You’re exactly right in stating that the xfactor rumors were started by Rimes’ camp because if they don’t push it, nobody would even think of her.

        What Rimes’ hopes for is that her name dropping will cause Simon to smack himself on the side of the head and ask,

        “Hey, what about that chick that caused such a stir when she shot down Carly Rose?”

      • felixe says:

        Rita, I agree with you, and I also think that Simon might be considering Leann because she can cause a big enough stir.
        What I’m wondering is if Leann can contribute with constructive criticism and encouraging the contestants. She considers herself a professional, but can she really be that when there will be lots of cameras and lights on her? Her narcissism will kick in and whe will not be generous in sharing the spotlight. X Factor will be HER show, where she will finally get the chance to shine and prove all the haters wrong.

      • Christin says:

        I read that Simon has admitted he doesn’t know a lot about the country music genre. What I hope someone will explain to him is that Rimes is not popular with a large number of country fans. Her current chart position with the new single should prove something. Actually, she wasn’t doing all that well long before the homewrecking fiasco. But, she is likely desperate and would do it for lower $$$ than someone who COULD draw in viewers.

  31. judyjudy says:

    She looks stupid in that hat.

  32. Prinny says:

    Eddie needs to get a job. All play and no work. Must be nice!

  33. jilly says:

    If you haven’t already, go here to see EDDIOT as a background singer for a failed 90s band called ’3 Deep’. And now you get why he would marry a woman as deeply unattractive as Falcor. Dude has longed for money and fame for a looong time. Link from amygrindhouse.com:


    LMAO!!!!!! Actually these videos deserve their own thread. LOL!!!!!

    • RN says:

      Oh dear, I’m laughing and I’m in pain. I would love to see Kaiser skewer those videos. C’mon, Kaiser – I’ll give you the Blossom series on VHS in return, ‘kay?

    • Relli says:

      OMG LMAO!!!!!!!!!

      this is both tragic and unfortunate.

      OMG i can not stop watching Cruddie’s super sweet dance moves. OMG

    • littlestar says:

      OMG!!! I was actually thinking about this band a while ago (don’t ask me why). I remember that Joshua Morrow was the lead singer, but I had NO CLUE that Eddiot was part of the band as well!!! How hasn’t this ever been talked about on Celebitchy before?! Priceless!

      The funny thing, Joshua Morrow has way more of a career now than Eddiot has, playing Nicholas Newman on the Younger and the Restless (yes, I love that show haha).

    • Polk8dot says:

      Oh, bless your heart for posting this link. This is PRICELESS!!!

      Even in the 90′s boy-band craze, it is painfully obvious that Eddiot was only hired for the band as an eye-candy.
      With the bar already pushed soooooooo low, to still be waaaaaaay below it must have really chopped his hide. I wonder if his skirt-chasing stems from the time of these videos, with their easy access to pretty, young, eager and willing girls who’d do anything for a shot at fame, or a shot at a famous guy.

      It is so pathetic, so ridiculous; the swaying, the murmurring, the dimple-flashing… And yet it now completes the portrait of Eddiot that finally makes perfect sense. He did not ‘go bad’, he’s just managed for a tiny, shortest while, to convince everybody that he was not what he truly was. A pretty boy with ZERO TALENT, but a ton of youthful enthusiasm and complete lack of any moral compas. I ber he only married Brandi because his PR/manager told him that would be GOOD for his career.
      What a total fu@king dickwad looser.

    • Christin says:

      If the wife/bonus mom sees this, then she may demand he be part of HER act (IF she’s willing to share the stage – Carly didn’t fare too well with that setup). That way, she could keep him on a shorter leash!

      This just gets funnier by the minute! Thank you for sharing this! :)

      • David says:

        I’m betting there is a new release with her and Eddie dimple cheeks doing a duet sometime this year. I bet he’s just been begging her to get him back on stage. That’s probably another reason he is with her. His music career tanked and he saw her as a road back in. Now it all makes sense. I bet they have sing along at home all the time while starring at their selves in the mirror cheek to cheek.. Can’t you just see it?

      • Christin says:

        Spending their time singing together (LOL)…Now I’m also picturing a lovey dovey video – set on a beach, of course! Wonder what the duet song could be? Maybe remake of Huey Lewis’ 1986 song “Stuck With You”? The oft-repeated chorus (“Yes it’s true – I’m so happy to be stuck with you”) and lots of background “oohs” in that one might work for them.

      • Relli says:

        @ David – only if it just singing “yeah,” and “hey,” with a wink at the camera. Gawd i wish we could do GIFs on here because I so would. Or maybe just the hip gyrating in silk black pajamas… Hahahah omg, I cannot stop watching! This is so budget even for the era and poor 3rd unattractive dude who cant get any camera time, even on his solos.

        I was having a really bad day but these videos totally made my day!

      • Annie B says:

        Ha! Don’t diss “the third guy”! He was a Canadian and had enough clout here to count as “Canadian Content”, which all radio stations and video channels have to play from 30-50% content of on their stations.

    • claire says:

      I would want the entire internet purged of that if I was him. It’s just too embarrassing! I remember reading once that Brandi was in one of those videos, but can’t for the life of me remember which one it was. And not sure I want to torture myself to watch all them to find her. LOL.

    • Samigirl says:

      I love you so much for this! They’ve got the boy band formula down pat!

      Matching outfits styled differently? Check!
      Guy with his shirt all the way unbuttoned but still on, for no apparent reason?
      Snapping whilst dancing? (Why do people do that?!)

      Waaayyy too much arm swinging in “x” in front of body?


      Edit: omg the second video!

      Is that Dule’ Hill?!
      Like I’m really going to believe these dudes friends are sitting around, having a pillow fight, singing about that girl that got away!
      Fun fact: Eddie’s “solo” was also his vows to LeAnn!

  34. felixe says:

    I can see Simon Cowell thinking hiring Leann is a good strategy for ratings and media coverege. And I can see Leann thinking she getting hired is because someone finally recognized her talent, beauty and expert insight and opinions.

    • Libby says:

      Yes because she’s delusional like dat!

    • Christin says:

      If he thinks Britney didn’t help matters, I don’t see how this one could. I would think Britney is better perceived (and known). He’ll get more than he bargained for, that’s for sure. And it probably won’t be ratings! :)

      • felixe says:

        I don’t live in the US so I’m not sure how she is perceived by the general audience. All my knowledge is based on the big online celebrity outlets, where she is a fixture.
        I’ve noticed that Leann stories always generate lots of comments, so I guess she triggers something in people and I think that is something Simon Cowell could be interested in.

        Now, the big mistery for me is her inconsistency in image and image creating. Looking at the photos she deliberatly puts out there you get such mixted images: she’s “sweet and silly and down to earth”, but also “experienced, wise and sophisticated” at the same time as “sexy and adored by husband”. Her portaying of “sexy” isn’t sexy, is mostly embarassing and awkward (sometimes scary), while “wise and sophisticated” doesn’t match the contastant bikini posing. But foremost, “sweet and down to earth” clashes really bad with the plastic surgeries and altering of the face, combined with the constant moneyspending and embarrassing litigation against her Twitter enemies.
        She puts out mixed messages in her desperate wish to make people understand, forgive and like her.

  35. Eriella says:

    In those recent photos of Leann barefoot in a car – don’t you find her face so strange looking? I mean not just different from how she used to look, but odd in a “cheap plastic surgery” kind of way? I thought estetic surgery was supposed to make you look better, not worse.

    • Jayna says:

      Everyone is screwing up their face. LeAnn has done something weird to her face. Brandi tonight on RHOBH in many scenes looked bizarre. The cheeks were horrible. It was like a weird mask one time when she had little makeup on. The cheeks were so big that Brandi’s eyes looked like slits.

      • Eriella says:

        She probably has a goal in what she wants to look like, and she’s slowly working towards that goal, one surgery/injection at a time. She probably had a long list of face and body features she was unhappy with. But it really is strange, considering she used to look so much better before the transformation began.

  36. katherine says:

    Oh, Dear !!!

    Not only did she CALL them to meet her flight. Every single photo is from the same agency AKM-GSI.

    My recent FAVE. Last night’s suv posed photos, the pap is IN THE CAR with her.

    Her paid posters are all over the trash tabloid the Daily Mail manipulating the arrows in her favor. last night, day in England, the comments hated her.

    She so WANTS TO BE WANTED by …anyone, but also, no.

  37. Jennifer12 says:

    I’ve read that the photos were taken by GSI, so this is more of Leann’s manipulation. Now she is getting everyone to believe that she really didn’t want her picture taken and she doesn’t call the paps. And, like everything else, she is getting caught redhanded. The truth will out. She isn’t smart, she’s just a manipulative control freak. The intensity works for a time, but after a while it won’t.

  38. Zombie Shortcake says:

    What fish? She means she ‘reeled in’ Eddie. That’s she and Lizzie in one of their faux lesbian poses.

  39. GoodCapon says:

    On a shallow note, is that a Bottega Veneta bag?

  40. Jane says:

    You know you’ve hit rock bottom when a picture of you was taken “kissing” a fish and the fish is more beautiful than the person. LOL

  41. Bobby sue says:

    I haven’t clicked KK storied for months, if not a year. She’s so inane, boring, vapid, useless…as is her gross, megalomaniac baby-daddy. We just need to get to the point when everyone finally gave up on Pais Hilton too. Away with them. Enough

  42. Memphis says:

    That’s more people than usually attend her concerts. LOL

    Even though we all know they were waiting for the real celebs to come back from Cabo, in her mind they were there just for her. What a joke. When’s the last time we saw that many paps anywhere near Leann? Maybe 1991? Hell, even when the affair broke there were only like 2 paps that (she paid) who cared. LOL

  43. Blondie says:

    I watch x-factor but I won’t if she’s on it.

  44. Christin says:

    Actually, I think he might hire her. If he’s looking for crazy on the cheap, then who would be on the list? My personal opinion of her has always been that she was a bit overhyped from the start of her career, and that she’s quite spoiled. Add to that all the self-inflicted drama of recent years, and here we are. She did sell lots of records for a brief time when she was very young. But now her mixed-up image seems to overshadow any talent. I’m sure she has fans, but she has never been able to regain her relevance. As for Britney, I don’t recall people expressing happiness when she had her very public issues a few years ago. I think people accept her a bit better, and she is known by a much wider audience.

  45. Natalina says:

    Her friend always wears a hot bc she has a misshaped head

  46. lindy says:

    We’re both so sick of ALWAYS getting hounded by the paparazzi but it’s because we’re the most interesting and popular couple in Hollywood. EVERYONE loves us and wants to watch our every move.
    Those nasty ole paparazzi always seem to find us no matter where we are. Wonder how they do that?

  47. Jenna says:

    I don’t often read LeAnn’s Twitter feed, but boy, is she ever trying hard to prove how happy and in love she is right now. It’s like she’s on some sort of bender. Happy people have zero to prove and her need to let everyone know how much she loves all of “her boys” and how happy their family is, just makes the opposite seem true. The way she constantly refers to Eddie as “her man” after saying that no one owns anyone else and Brandi didn’t own Eddie makes her look really, really stupid. She’s basically married to a disgusting, serial cheater and liar and yet can’t understand why other women don’t envy her. She responds only to those who quite literally kiss her ass and blocks everyone else. LeAnn Rimes isn’t dealing with a full deck. That is one thing that I know for sure. People aren’t misjudging her when they call her disturbed. They are dead on. How scary that those two little boys are around her so much.

  48. Deanne says:

    Now LeAnn’s tweeted a picture of a candy drawer claiming that saying their house is a no sugar zone is all BS. Too bad the candy is all obviously left over Christmas candy. She is trying so hard right now. Something must be up to be making her so obviously desperate. Wonder what it is?

  49. felixe says:

    Didn’t some of you guys said that an episode of Brandi and Schaena just aired? I think that is why Leann is so active on her Twitter, she got provoked by it. Her tweets are really passive-aggressive.

  50. felixe says:

    Now the Daily Mail has new photos of Leann in work out clothes and I don’t think she approved of those! Her face looks unsettled, probably that’s why she tweeted that she had a peel, as to excuse her appereance http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2259741/LeAnn-Rimes-goes-make-free-unrecognisable-steps-scruffy-workout-gear.html

  51. Baylor says:

    To whomever says Rendee bad mouths LeAnn, what does she say?

    Also, did we ever find out which “friend” is pregnant?