Helen Mirren in red Escada at the Palm Springs Film Festival: sexy & classy?

I always forget about the importance of the Palm Springs Film Festival! The Palm Springs Film Festival comes just ahead of the Critics Choice Awards (this Thursday) and the Golden Globes (this coming Sunday!), and it could be considered the kick-off for the major round of appearances for any would-be Oscar nominee. Usually some of the major Oscar contenders plus some of the independent actors (hoping to create more buzz) will show up in Palm Springs. I have to say… this year, the film festival seems a little dull. There weren’t any HUGE celebrity names there, but there were still some good people.

First, let’s talk about the magnificent Helen Mirren, in this red Escada. I don’t care for Escada on younger girls, just because it’s a brand I associate with older women and “the Hollywood Establishment.” So on Helen, it looks appropriate, and even sexy. I love that she’s still rocking red dresses and statement jewelry. Helen won the International Award!

Here’s Eddie Redmayne, the only Les Mis actor to show up in Palm Springs!

Diane Lane and Richard Gere – Gere was getting The Chairman’s Award, which was presented to him by Diane. Diane’s dress is Dolce & Gabbana. I love the color on her, but the lace is too fussy (for me).

Helen Hunt in boring Michael Kors. It’s flattering and age-appropriate and a complete snooze. Helen won the Spotlight Award for her work in The Sessions – she’s probably going to get an Oscar nomination too (for Best Supporting).

Naomi Watts in a pretty Roland Mouret – is that silk jersey? The color is beautiful on her, the design of the dress is kind of sack-y though. Like, Angelina Jolie would love this dress in black or grey. Naomi won the Desert Palm Achievement Award for Acting for The Impossible. She’s probably going to get a Best Actress Oscar nomination too.

Ben Affleck in Gucci. He and his Argo castmates won the Ensemble Award. Is Affleck going to win an Oscar this year? I actually have my doubts.

Bryan Cranston, looking awesome.

And finally, here’s Bradley Cooper. He won the Desert Palm Achievement Award for Acting (for Silver Linings Playbook). He’s also fresh from his breakup with Zoe Saldana. I think he looks… unwell. Physically sick, if not an emotional mess too.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Ben Afflecks suit looks amazing on him. The jacket is great, and I’m loving the bow tie!
    I think he’s gonna get nominated for Best Director, still think it’s between him and Speilberg for the win though.

    Bradley Cooper looks he’s recovering from the flu.

  2. Astrid says:

    Helen looks awesome, as usual. How does she do it?

    • justalark says:

      …And she doesn’t have cat-eyes, jutting chicken-cutlet cheekbones, or overplumped lips!

      Helen Mirren is a great example of a leading lady who is aging gracefully and elegantly. She looks gorgeous in that age-appropriate red gown, and she proves that it is possible to be mature, tasteful, and sexy at the same time!

      • Christina says:

        Exactly. The most beautiful ‘older’ women are those who actually look their age and aren’t trying to be forever 29. Now, I’m sure Helen has had work done – I simply don’t think you could be her age and have such a smooth forehead and taut jawline. However, she hasn’t gone overboard, and in no way seems to be in denial about her age – and why should she?

        And that dress is gorgeous – I love the raspberry red shade, and it’s so much more flattering than some of the D&G stuff she’s been sporting of late.

  3. Mara says:

    Helen looks great,Diane is still very beautiful.

  4. Ginger says:

    Helen looks elegant as usual! That’s why she is inspiring to me. She owns her age and her unique beauty.

  5. poppy says:

    maybe helen hunt still thinks it is the 90s.
    other helen nailed it.
    naomi’s dress looks cheaply pinned at the bust.
    dk what to make of the lace dress.

  6. Ms Kay says:

    Helen Mirren won a honorary award. Her speech was awesome she said “please DO watch films with subtitles, go watch films, all of them German, Nigerian, Hungarian, French, Russian etc.” encouraging audience to get out of the comfort zone. Amazing lady :-)

    That Gucci suit is quite popular, Tom Hiddleston was wearing it last year.

    I tend to forget that Eddie Redmayne is 31… He has such a baby face!

    And frankly best actress wise this year I think Naomi Watts has a good chance to get the golden statuette.

  7. FirstTimer says:

    Dame Helen is classy all the way! And I just love looking at Eddie…

  8. keats says:

    I want someone to explain to me why bryan cranston isn’t my uncle/mentor/friend :(

  9. spinner says:

    I love Helen Mirren. She is ageless & an extraordinary example of class all the way. Naomi Watts looks beautiful as well.
    Side-eye to B Cooper & Diane Lane.

  10. Janet says:

    Dame Helen looks drop-dead gorgeous, as per usual. I like Diane Lane’s dress a lot. The cut is very simple so the lace isn’t fussy at all.

  11. cat says:

    helen mirren and diane lane, so cool! I hope B. Cooper is okay. that being said, I think most of these are considered major stars, no? At least to me.

  12. Christina says:

    Sexy and classy?

    That’s a bit like one of your ‘would you hit it?’ questions about Alexander Skarsgard, or ‘boring and bland?’ for Emma Watson.

    This is Helen Mirren we’re talking about. The answer to the question ‘sexy and classy?’ is ALWAYS yes!

  13. KellyinSeattle says:

    I bow to Madam Helen

  14. midnightmoon says:

    I am puzzled about the fabulous Dame’s hair-is she going white naturally or did she forget to dye it? A rare misstep for a usually impeccable woman. love the dress, the necklace, the make-up.

    Diane has CLEARLY been messing with her face. She looks lopsided.

    Naomi should fire her stylist. That dress is horrid. Sorry, in what universe can it be called pretty???

    And the suit on Ben makes him look like one of the three stooges, or maybe Jerry Lewis in the 50s. All he needs is one of those ridiculous hats. Eeeeek!

    Am not agreeing with the masses on Celebitchy today. At all. And yes i have a headache, but am not feeling the least bit grumpy, so. Am open to other opinions, but these do seem like a bunch of fashion fails to me.

    Palm Springs in the winter is so awesome. They are lucky to be there. I am in the Vancouver BC area, and it has been cold and rainy for a week-normal weather for here.

    It was sunny AND snowing on New Years Day, though. Have never seen such a lovely thing in all my born days…

  15. j.eyre says:

    I think they all look good in some measure. I think Diane and Naomi look great but I don’t like their dresses that much. The Helen’s squared look good all around – IMO. I love all the men’s suits but I wish Affleck would shave.

  16. alecsma says:

    Someone please show that second photo of Helen Mirren to Courtney Cox. This is how to look beautiful as one ages.

  17. muppet_barbershop says:

    She looks amazing. I have such a boy-crush on Redmayne; good for him, representing the LM cast.

  18. Az says:

    Poor Ben Affleck. Because he totally deserves the Oscar but no way is he getting it. Spielberg and Lincoln… No way is Ben getting an Oscar. Shame.

  19. EscapedConvent says:

    Helen Mirren is a Goddess, & always has been. Doesn’t take herself seriously & it’s wonderful.

  20. Littlewood says:

    Ah, classy, beautiful, elegant woman, I think they all look great!

  21. nikolas_dmx says:

    Many stars should envy Helen! She looks amazing!